School life one of the best and most hilarious life which we experience in our childhood. We all remember those stupid moments when we feel low and really want someone to talk about on those days. When we graduate from our high school and are heading towards college, we somehow shut all are high school doors, so we can focus on our college and life after that. This is what happened with me when I got admission in a well-known university of India known as “Delhi University”. I avoided every single friend who always stood for me and fought for me when I was in school. And I was not the only one, even my all besties and group mates were totally busy in their life and focusing on their future which is a good thing. Well, I remember one silly incident between my best friend and me which occurred when we were in 8th standard.

My friend had a crush on our class topper from the day he entered in the senior secondary wing. I didn’t know when all these things happened, but he was totally mad about her, even he didn’t like when someone tried to touch or talk to her closely. She didn’t even know about all those feelings of my noble friend. Even she didn’t like him because she thought that he was a cheap person who was obsessed with girls. To be very honest I was really amused when she avoided my friend. After a long hesitation, he decided to ask her out for an ice-cream. But whenever he tried to approach her, she tried to ignore him. I was very excited to know her answer but she has been taking too much time for that. I just can’t control my patience so I decided to ask her that did she really wanted to go out with him or not. Just tried to help my friend and to know the relationship status of my “Bhabhi (Brother’s Partner)”

After having a long conversation with her I got to know that she likes me and not my friend. Believe me or not but at that time I was not sad for my friend. I don’t(didn’t) know how to react? and what to say to her? I just wanted to tell her that my friend really liked her and he wanted to go out for a coffee with her. But these simple words could not come out of my mouth instead of feeling sorry I was like “Ojasvi your relationship status is about to change, So, it’s a Yes or No”. I simply said, “I can’t say anything right now, it’s also a new experience for me and I need time” and here my conversation ended. I told everything to my friend in a very exciting way and he has just killed me 100 times in 100 different ways in his mind, I concluded this above statement from his look. He just said “So, what did you say? Yes or no” and I replied I didn’t say anything to her till then because I was waiting for his advice. He said, “Okay, let’s go to the washroom and then we will decide what to say”. I was like what the hell, his crush likes me and totally rejected his proposal and he was just giving this normal look like nothing happened. We went to the washroom, then he asked “Okay, so what you gonna do now. As she likes you and wanted to be in a relationship with you.” To be honest I am gonna say “No” to her but just to see my friend’s reaction. I said, dude if you are fine with our relationship then definitely “Yes”. I don’t know what got into his mind, he just punched me on my face and started fighting with me like an enemy. Just for protection, I retaliated and grasped his hair and threw his face on the wall. We were fighting like a hell. Somehow, someone came and stopped us from tearing each other apart. That fight totally ended our friendship and now when we see each other in a metro or anywhere else, we ignore each other like we never existed. Whenever I see him, I just wanna apologize and tell him that I was just kidding at that time to see his reaction. I lost my best friend because of a stupid joke because I never understood his feelings for her that is why I took everything very lightly.