Hello friends. Life keeps me amused at things which are amidst us but fail to attract our attention. In such a moment of pondering over complexities that life offers,  I Came across one word that my love Gibran forgot to write about:-  
Seema --limits ---or The limit!!

This is exactly what  is a mystery!! Is there 'a limit ' or are there limits ?
As the rule of nature goes, it's subjective!! But if it's subjective, how is the rule uniformly applicable to all??

Guys it's simple! It’s a simple fact that Life is complex!!
And so there is naturally nothing un-natural!!
All that could be thought of can be brought to existence!!
Limit more beautifully expressed in Hindi language --Seema ---As the legendary song says:
'Koi na jaane kahan hai Seema ulzan aan padi '!!  

It's subjective!! One's situation and nature decides where one has to stop!! Or rather wants to stop!! Sorry it could be both!!
Limits are physical,mental, spiritual,  virtual, real!!  Whoa !
Limit has no limits!!
Limit to tolerance,to speech, to kindness, to selfishness,to being good, to being bad!!! It goes on and on.

Limit applicable to all and to none!!
As stated earlier it's an enigma!!
Nature and it's creations and in turn its further creations are all an enigma!
All the virtues of nature follows this rule!! Everything has to have a limit!! But who decides what's the limit??!!  
The laws made by society makes an unsuccessful attempt to bind this natural phenomena!!
Of course unsuccessful otherwise would we have so many law breakers??  
My dear friend,  limit has no limit!!
It's a line one draws, but to be broken!! Broken my generations to come,and at times broken by the very hands that set them!
We need to be our own judge!! Please accept my  Extreme apology!! We need NOT JUDGE!! For again there is no limit to judging!! So, Lets be free to the limit that we don't cross our limits !!