Getting yourself emotionally attached to something that is not into existence anymore creates a void in your life. This void is taken up depression. Though, it is common among the population, but if neglected may lead to complications. There are symptoms that help you to know if you or someone you know is a sufferer. Here are a few:

•    Feeling guilty and insignificant all the time

•    Low concentration makes you hesitant

•    Your hobbies aren’t enjoyable anymore

•    Surrounded by the blues, dull and low energy

•    A sudden change in either gain or loss of bodyweight

•    You may also get suicidal thoughts

If you are having even half of the above mentioned thoughts, it is time to you need to start looking for a solution. The best solution to fight depression is to indulge yourself in yoga. The following article will disclose a few yoga poses that are taught in yoga teacher training in Delhi to overcome or prevent depression.

  1. Surya namaskara (Sun salutation): As the name suggests “Surya”, this pose must be practiced early in the morning for enhanced results. It certainly helps in reducing stress and anxiety and improves mental as well as physical health. You can say that it benefits the overall health of the body. It stretches the upper, middle and the lower body to the fullest and increases flexibility and improves posture. It is also beneficial for weight loss, improves digestion and appetite and cures constipation. With regular practice one can witness better results in the functioning of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous system.
  2. SethuBandhasana (Bridge pose): This pose is also one of those poses that help in the overall health of the body. Apart from reducing depression, anxiety, stress and calming the brain, it also removes stress from the back, spine and chest. It improves the functioning of the digestive system as well as respiratory organs. It aids in treating diseases such as thyroid, insomnia, osteoporosis and even high blood pressure. Practicing this pose on a daily basis also improves the circulation of blood, lymphatics and oxygen.
  3. ViparitaKarani (Inverted lake pose): This pose is considered as one of the best poses to soothe and calm the mind. Therefore, it is recommended to practice early in the morning. It stretches the back, neck, legs and even front of the torso. It also helps in curing tired and cramped feet and even the legs. Regular practice of ViparitaKarani also has healing benefits on insomnia, migraine, arthritis, varicose veins, premenstrual syndrome, menopause etc. 
  4. Bhujangasana (Cobra pose): This pose is most beneficial to those who have gained weight during depression as it helps in weight loss. It is also useful for those suffering from asthma. Practicing this pose regularly brings flexibility in the upper and middle body and relieves back pain, spondylitis and even slipped disc. It is also believed to improve the functions of the reproductive system. Besides, it strengthens the spinal cord and keeps away fatigue. 
  5. Pranayama (Deep breathing): Incorporating pranayama in your daily routine will not only help you overcome depression but give you a myriad of benefits too. Practicing pranayama helps you regulate blood pressure, cures mental disorders, relieves stress and anxiety, and enhances the functioning of liver, kidneys, pancreas and even the heart. It boosts overall immunity, energy and positivity of the body. If it isn’t feasible for you to practice all types of pranayama, you may start with Anulom Vilom and Bhastrik pranayama. These poses will work best at the end of your practice session as they will act as a healer for the whole body.

You may start practicing the above yoga poses if you wish to overcome or prevent depression. Even if it is the beginning of the problem; the poses will help you keep depression at bay. You may either practice these poses by yourself or you may enrol for a yoga course. A yoga studio in Gurgaon is your best bet if you are resident of Delhi-NCR. If you wish you may also enrol for yoga teacher training in Delhi for a certified yoga course.