Everyone is familiar with all social networking sites and it is becoming a piece of our spirit. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and some new additions like Pinterest and Tumblr are catching an eye. We grow so much over there that we can’t stop scrolling the mobile screen having high-speed internet and a smartphone and you will take the entire world at your fingertips. You will get numerous posts to laugh, cry, even it will give you all those inspirational feeds which will motivate you sometimes inspire you. With all those trending hashtags over it. ‘Yes!’ We are well socialized, aren’t we? 

   No, the reality is we are not totally social. You will say that ‘Everyone has their own definition of Being Social!’ but the definition will be up to you and no one else and with each definition, there will be some similarities and I agree with you're each and every point. No one, even I am not going to judge you with your opinion. We live in Democratic Nation and we know what democracy is still I will recall you, “For the People, by the people, of the people.” See we did learn our lessons properly in childhood. Am I forgetting something? Oh! Yes ‘Freedom of Expression’ both things are not much related, but this is what we do when it comes to ‘Being Social’ you all know that saying ‘Coin has two Faces’ my point is about the other side of your definition and the main question is, are we socialized? 

   Why this question when many of you know the answer with a proper explanation well my dear readers this question came every time in my mind while watching, reading all those disastrous incidences happing all over the world like Depression, Suicide, Harming our human souls and as per my knowledge the meaning of ‘Social’ in the dictionary is ‘A Society’ and the meaning of ‘Socialized’ is to meet, greet to share joys, woes with other human and much more and there is nothing written like we can do whatever we want wherever we want and whenever we want and yes I am happy that we raise our voice when we see any injustice going on but we need to do much more for that. We don’t just have to raise our voices, we have to take a stand for it and we need to dismantle its seeds before it’s sown and how we are going to do it by coming together. Yes! Becoming social in both ways the real and the reel on.

   I don’t understand how this thing could come to anyone’s mind? How these cruel thoughts can ever be the option to anyone?  Suicide! Seriously! I am damn sure that if it is said that, “Nothing is Impossible.” Then it is also said that “Every problem has its solution”. Even if we can’t find the solution there will be at least something which will calm us down, but we cannot stick to the problem, Do we? And I assure you that new day will rise and with each rising day there will be new beginnings with the new destination and of course new opportunities.

   Being on social media is the way of you communicating with everyone. Talk, share, laugh for starters take a selfie and upload it and see how your friends are going to react to it. But don’t you dare give up! 

   Giving up isn’t the solution it is just an ill thought created in our minds. Don’t even go to it. Don’t even think. You are a friend to everyone if you don’t know each other that’s ok! From somewhere we need to start! Try to talk, try to share what is on your mind. You will also have besties who will keep your secrets. If you don’t find this social media good enough to talk or to share then call your friends in real and you will have tons of talk and all your worries will get a solution itself. If you still don’t think talking on the phone is not going to create any change then meet your friends in real life. Go to your favorite places for instance and then talk. You just have to talk! Don’t keep it with you. Friends can have a joke to laugh up on. Then why not the serious talks too! You can even talk to your parents, they are the two best friends you will always have. You just have to find somebody whom you can share whatever you need.

   Being here getting socialized just for humor will not be enough! We’ve to help someone who is in need. Help doesn’t always mean ‘by money!’ Talks are what some people will need. We cannot be alone, not when we actually need someone. Friendship is not just meant to share your happiness, it is also meant to share your sadness. Just remember not give up. 

   In case after reading this if you feel like you should talk, then your friend is just a ‘Hi’ text away! Or a call whichever is preferable. PEACE! 

Mrunaal Gawhande