It is always seen that people put forcefully effort to get connected or being connected with someone specially, they want them in their life. Although it is a very bad approach to get linked with anyone who doesn't want to be in relationship anymore. One should follow a few things to keep their relationships and respect in same frame. Here are a few tips for you to maintain your respectful, healthy and excited relationships with any person-:

  1. Listen them more than you care or love This is the vital point, we always deny to accept by heart. We generally think that if we do love, do care and do worry about our dear ones, it will keep them showing that we are aware about them. But believe me...It never works so well. Take an example of a pet. We do feed it, love it, pamper it but we never pay attention towards what they want actually or in what way they want to be treated. So when we keep showing tremendous love or care, it also makes a relation dull and numb. Because you think that you are doing best in your way. So always respect about their opinions too because it really works spontaneously.
  2. Never let them show down- When we love, we actually want it back always. Less theories are fake about one sided LOVE. How is it possible to keep loving a person when he or she doesn't want to pay that thing back to you. Love always get paid frequently and naturally when it's from both ends. It doesn't mean that you would not be loved until you love back but it is very important to understand that not only loving back is a panacea for a healthy relationship but also respect is necessary for it. You are no one to get your partner feel or loved one's to show them down. You should never let them realize that you don't care about their dignity and esteem. It's the major factor being avoided in most of deepened relations. People do think that if they love, they can hurt or say anything, they know about their partner to feel them down or scum.
  3. Shouting on matters, never works- never shout on your partner in front of anyone or alone to prove yourself right. Don't you know that every person has their own thinking system? Then how it is expected from you to indulge them in your mind system. You may be right at your point but it is worthless to inflict your opinions on others.only the thing you can do is to Heart whole your partner's thoughts too. Listen and then reply ethically.
  4. It is never late to say a SORRY- When you make a mistake, it takes a long to accept it first by you then you turns to your partner to justify your mistake in an optimally way. Isn't it? Yes... You always try to hide your mistakes in front of your partner and you feel ashamed to say a SORRY. Why so?  When you can love...You can care...You can respect then it is the last but very crutial thing to do for your love life. Never feel bad to say them that " yes! I have done it wrongly and I am going to make it better again." It's that much simple. Now you have said so..Then let them open their heart for you.

Hope always for giving your best in your relations. Let them revert to you as the way..They are treated. Good luck.

Jyoti jethmalani.