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Your search for Rose Valley Money Laundering Case
Trekking in the Hills of Rajasthan
 14 November 2019  

Rajasthan is one of the most eminent travel destinations in India. It is well known for its scenic views and beautiful cities. Rajasthan attracts thousands of tourists each year due to its iconic trekking locations.Here are the 4 locations where you can go for Hill Trekking in RajasthanKumbhalgarh Known for its majestic fort, Kumbhalgarh is located on the westerly range of Aravalli Hills. It is also home to a wildlife sanctuary and tribal villages. Trekking in the hills of Kumbhalgarh is full of fun and numerous adventures. It is a downhill trekking passing through a reserve forest area. During the Kumbhalgarh trek, you will get to experience the scenic view of the Kumbhalgarh fort. You will also get to see wild animals and Ayurvedic plants. During this trek, you will pass through a famous pond lake named Thandi Beri ( also known as the Crocodile land). You can also go on the Kumbhalgarh-Futadeval trek, which is around 10 kilometers long. This trek will take you through a forest area, where you may spot antelopes and other wild animals. While trekking you will also come across many caves that are popularly known as Lord Ganesha’s cave. Udaipur Udaipur is located near Aravali Mountain Range. It is well known for its lakes, palaces, and geographical diversity. Hills of Aravali range make Udaipur a perfect location for trekking and other adventures in Rajasthan.  Dhar- Ubeshwarji trek is one of the best hill treks. It is a combination trek of small hilly terrains and uphill climb. This trek will take you through the small villages, giving you a chance to take a sneak peek into the lives of the people residing in rural India.  During the trek, you will come across many small ponds and rivers.This trek will give you a chance to visit small villages and interact with people living there. This trek is full of farms, which will help you to learn about the different agricultural practices. During the trek, you will get to visit Vaishno Devi temple and a very famous lord Shiva’s temple.  While in Udaipur, you can also go for the Aravali trekking. This trek is best when started in the morning. This trek covers many small villages and ends at the Bhil village. During this trek, you will get to visit schools and get to know about India’s education system. You will also get to talk to the villagers where you will get to learn about their farming and cultivation methods. Trekking in Aravali hills is full of adventures and beautiful experiences. Ghanerao trekking Ghanerao is an ancient village ruled by many dynasties of Mewar and Marwar. Known for its historical values, Ghanerao is very famous in Rajasthan. It has many Hindu and Jain temples around it. This village is best suited for Villages walks and trekking. It is a plan and uphill trek which takes you to Kumbhalgarh. While trekking, you may spot deer and many species of birds. You will get to witness many mesmerizing views during the trek. This trek takes you through many tribal villages and forest areas. Ranakpur Trekking Ranakpur is located in Pali district of Rajasthan. It is a small village known for its famous Jain temples. Located in the western valley of Rajasthan, Ranakpur serves as one of the finest locations for trekking. The combination of uphill and downhill trekking will give you an unforgettable experience of trekking in Aravali Hills. This trekking tour starts from Ranakpur and ends at Kumbhalgarh. While in Ranakpur, you can visit Jain temples dedicated to Tirthankara Adinatha and Sun temple cared by the Royal family of Mewar.The Nature Trail Rajasthan provides many carefully planned Trekking Tour in Rajasthan.Contact -Mail id - rktrail4@gmail.com Call – 9829085265 Visit - Trekking in Udaipur Address - Badi-Hawala Road, Badi, Udaipur - 313025, Rajasthan, India

Asifa Rape case And Indian Political Opportunism
 14 April 2018  

Original Blog#ASIFA was young 8 years native girl raped and killed in Jammu khathava district by people belongs to dogara community (another minor community) over beating case early this year.She was abducted by people on 10 January and her body found around 17 January in Forest in devasted condition. She belongs to bakarwala nomadic community. Her captive has been get JK police protection as one of the rapist was JK police member. Her case been systematically delayed and justice been denied. JK police SP started to framing Hindu Ekta much (a Kashmiri pundit organization which protest against KPs Exodus) because he is known for his pro-Pakistan slangs in JK.JKBC (Jammu Kashmir Bar console) and HEM (Hindu ekata munch) protest over illegal framing of people rather than real culprits of dogara community and demand (read again) for CBI probe for this case. As Soon as protest move, Indian Media (which usually keep their silence on Assam rape case and other cases which has a less Political orientation) surge the news by framing that protest as Hindu protest for saving culprits. The #Sickular media highlighted the details that “Rape done in Temple ” (like nothing ever happened ever other than temple ). In same case Unnnav, 16 years girl been rape and her father beats up by BJP MLA brother to death. This case was different, few dickhead members of BJO might have changed #JaiSreeRam during the protest in Unnah (not Kathava).But Indian Media slurring this news has started to report these two case in same articles which confused people that #JaiShreeRam was told by JKBC and HinduEktaMunch.BJP MLA captures by CBI early this morning and Asifa culprit is capture by JK police later on.POLITICAL OPPORTUNISMParty like Congress and Opposition, irrespective of condemning such rape cases started to use as Political opportunism (Trust me , if this would be Congress govt at center, BJP might be doing open pant protest than Congress). Rahul Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh who had been silent during Nirbhaya Rape Case. Started to act sensitive (after Dalit protest was over) about these rape cases. It’s good, I personally appreciate his gesture but My problem starts with that when addressing this rape culture of India they started to shoot govt by using rape case.Rahul Gandhi and BJP must understand that Rape, Murders crimes are not blaming and accusing of each other or setting benchmarks for each other rule failure. These are the serious problem of our society.The second odd thing which I found that #SelectiveOutrage. This is the most serious thing which is pumping right wings into power. Our Intellectual class and celebrity class live in different India. There selective outrage over only minorities Atrocities been noticed by Millions of people (especially Hindus ) who think that these gatekeepers of democracy is failed to understand their problems.From Kashmiri pundits, 1984 Sikhs riots, Assam rape case to Bengal riots, RSS people killing in Kerala… no justice has been served to them. They have been waiting that someone should also cry for that. But Intellectual class (might be funded by US think tank) maintaining their silence over Hindu Atrocities of the subcontinent.Many of us even don’t know that Mina (8 years Dalit Pakistani Hindu ) been gang rape and killed in similar fashion in Pakistan on March 21. But no Dalit and intellectual class ready to see Hindu atrocities. This making sure that Hindus been grouped like other community and rage case been raised because social justice hasn’t served equally to them.What about Assam rape case Victim- Why media is silence on Assam Rape case?POINT TO PONDER1. Political opportunism must be ended and “what about this ” kind of attitude must end. All Political parties and all intellectual must stand together for #AsifaBakkaerwal and #Mina. If you left #MinaBody I don’t think so ever #AsifaSoul get justice.2. Social justice must be given to all people irrespective of their majority and minorities population. Till the time this social justice would be imbalance and intellectual wouldn’t cry for Hindus also. I don’t think so this kind of crime will be tackled by fist iron.3. I would like to say all my communal and secular friends … Stop using fucking Temple and God into such rape case. You are creating Hinduphobia which is equal to Islamophobia. People killed in real life because of this kind of phobias. Might be asifa also the victim of such phobia cared by Ultra left.8 Years Girl has been Raped in PakistanPS : I think today not only Hindus but Muslims, Sikhs, Christen, Parsis should hang their head on shame irrespective of their country because it’s happening in every country. Our women and daughter are not saved and their atrocities used for Vote bank diversions by Political and Intellectual class.Justice for Asifa and Justice For Mina

1Z0-962 Practice Test Questions is the best way to clear Exam
 8 August 2019  

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Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.5
 11 September 2019  

Watchful - In Gita Verse 3.5 Everyone is forced to act helplessly according to the qualities he has acquired from the modes of material nature; therefore no one can refrain from doing something, not even for a moment.Krishna explains to Arjuna, you cannot run away from your act, it is impossible. Breathing is also action, sitting, getting up, anything done by body is action. You cannot run away from your action.Person who says that I will renounce my action he is saying something which is impossible. Family life is one kind of action, Karma, sanyas is another kind of Karma.Person who says that he has renounced the Karma is a hypocrite.Krishna is simply saying that don’t try to change or renounce the Karma but focus on transforming the person(self), from unconsciousness to consciousness. Bring your self-consciousness, your own light into your action. Live according to your own light. Find your own light within and live according to it without any fear.These were the last words of Gautam the Buddha, his parting message to his disciples:“Be a light unto yourself.” But when he says, “Be a light unto yourself,” he does not mean become a light unto yourself. There is a great difference between being and becoming.Becoming is a process, being is a discovery. The seed only appears to become the tree, that is an appearance. The seed already had the tree within itself; it was its very being. The seed does not become the flowers. The flowers were there unmanifest, now they are manifest. It is not a question of becoming; otherwise a pebble could become a flower. But that doesn’t happen. A rock cannot become a rose; that doesn’t happen because the rock has no potential for being a rose. The seed simply discovers itself through dying into the soil: dropping its outer shell, it becomes revealed in its inner reality.Man is a light in the seed. You are already Buddhas. It is not that you have to become Buddhas, it is not a question of learning, of achieving, it is only a question of recognition – it is a question of going within yourself and seeing what is there. It is self-discovery.You are already a light unto yourself, you are just not aware of it. You have forgotten about it – you have to discover it. And the how of discovery is simple, very simple: a simple process of watching your thoughts.To help this process you can start watching other things too, because the process of watching is the same. What you are watching is not significant. Watch anything and you are learning watchfulness.Listen to the birds, it is the same. One day you will be able to listen to your own thoughts. The birds are a little farther away; your thoughts are a little closer. In the fall watch the dry leaves falling from the trees. Anything will do that helps you to be watchful. Walking, watch your own walking. Buddha used to say to his disciples: Take each step watchfully. He used to say: Watch your breath.And that is one of the most significant practices for watching because the breath is there continuously available for twenty-four hours a day wherever you are. The birds may be singing one day, they may not be singing some other day, but breathing is always there. Sitting, walking, lying down, it is always there. Go on watching the breath coming in, the breath going out.Not that watching the breath is the point; the point is learning how to watch. Go to the river and watch the river. Sit in the marketplace and watch people passing by. Watch anything; just remember that you are a watcher. Don’t become judgmental, don’t be a judge. Once you start judging you have forgotten that you are a watcher, you have become involved, you have taken sides, you have chosen: “I am in favor of this thought and I am against that thought.” Once you choose, you become identified. Watchfulness is the method of destroying all identification.Once you destroy your identification suddenly the act which you are doing which will not be identified, it will be action of non-doer. You are allowing that act to happen through your body. It is like from pipe water is flowing, through our body action is happening. You will become hollow pipe, non-interfering, non-identified with action.Krishna simply says that don’t go on thinking which is not reality, impossible, living means body need to act. But as Buddha said Watchful about all your actions.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.52
 17 August 2019  

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.52Creative Act - In Gita Verse 2.52 When your intelligence has passed out of the dense forest of delusion, you shall become indifferent to all that has been heard and all that is to be heard.Krishna through this verse says that when we are passing through the whole process of seed to tree and tree to seed again at that time we pass through the whole process of mental and emotional trauma. Similar to a seed we when it is in the process of growing into a tree it just dissolves into the earth. Similarly we should allow everything to happen without interference. In the process of growth we pass through our emotions and knowledge which we think as real.Our pain is not for the growth but when we pass through all this emotional and mental knowledge to which we think is real and permanent, to give up and dissolve into the universe becomes difficult, this is pain for us. As we resist to dissolve like seed in the earth. Our resistance is the real cause of our pain.Once you drop the resistance and become flow then everything changes, we become creative in our act and ready to see life as a whole and not as compartmental, not as death and birth. Like I have written in Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.51, Your physical, metal and emotional pain will be there but you will be indifferent. A mother giving birth to a child, with all the pain how relaxed and joyful she is . In our daily life we come across so many things but we try not to pay any attention. If we pay minute attention and think then at least our life will be changed. With physical, mental and emotional pain we will become indifferent. We will become flow and part of the existence.The whole problem is rooted in the desire of attaining a permanent meaning for life. Life is not a problem at all, but we expect things which are against the fundamental law of life and then we are in trouble. Life is constantly changing and it is good that it is constantly changing; that’s its beauty, its splendor. If it were permanent, static, it would not be life but death and it would be utterly boring. It would stink because it would be stagnant. And the mind is constantly asking for something permanent. The mind desires for permanence, and life is impermanence.Hence if you really want to be blissful you have to live the impermanent life as it is, without any expectation, without any imposition on your part. Flow with life. It changes — you change with it. Why bother about a permanent meaning? What will you do with a permanent meaning?And meaning exists only when something functions as a means to some other end. Life is not a means to some other end, it is an end unto itself, hence really it cannot have any meaning. That does not mean it is meaningless, it simply means it is transcendental to meaning or no-meaning. Those words are irrelevant.What is the meaning of a rose flower? And what is the meaning of a sunset? What is the meaning of love? What is the meaning of beauty? There are no meanings because they are not means to anything else. A sunset is simply beautiful just for its own sake; it has no utility, you cannot use it as a commodity. A car has meaning, a machine has meaning, a house has meaning, but what is the meaning of a rose flower? There is no meaning in it, but because there is no meaning in it it has tremendous beauty. A machine, howsoever meaningful, is never beautiful; it can’t be — it is a commodity, it is utilitarian; it is not poetry.Life is poetry, life is a song, life is a dance.Krishna is saying to Arjuna right now what pain you are undergoing is like seed to tree and tree to seed. Both times seed and tree undergo pain but still they don’t resist the flow, they become indifferent to pain exactly like mother becomes indifferent to the whole pain with all the trauma and simultaneously allows the birth of the child. Become indifferent brings quality of creativity to the activity you are doing. So you can fight the war as a creative act.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.43
 21 October 2019  

Wait - In Gita Verse 3.43 Thus knowing oneself to be transcendental to the material senses, mind and intelligence, O mighty-armed Arjuna, one should steady the mind by deliberate spiritual intelligence and thus – by spiritual strength – conquer this insatiable enemy known as lust.Krishna tells that once your inner energy touches your third eye, you will be balanced - for outer and inner - for you it will not be department life but comprehensive life, you will start using your body through your inner senses, body will act but not as doer or for any desire or for any goal. It will be only responding to present moment, from their spiritual senses.He guides Arjuna that act from your inner senses so that you can fight this war without any enmity.We live our life from judgements, interpretations, so when we act we use our outer senses only. We never become self-conscious and drop our judgements to respond in the present moment.We are not able to wait, we are always in hurry to act.Silently waiting is lesson for whole life. Don’t desire, but wait.These are two dimensions, very significant, to be understood. When you desire, you are aggressive to catch hold of something. In the ordinary world desire is the way because so many people are competing, struggling for the same thing. Moreover, the outside world is the world of quantity. It is not inexhaustible; everything outside is exhaustible. You cannot wait, because while you are waiting others may grab the whole thing.The inner world is totally different. There, a desire is a disturbance, an obstacle, because in the inner world you are alone – no question of competition. Nobody else is trying to go ahead of you; nobody is pulling your legs from behind.And the inner world is so delicate that if you are aggressive you will destroy it. It is like being aggressive to a rose flower: you may get it, but it will not be the same rose flower that you had seen dancing in the wind, in the rain, in the sun. It will be something dead – just a corpse, a memory, and nothing more.The inner reality is even more delicate. The very desire is enough to prevent you from getting it. Hence a totally different approach is needed: that is, of silent awaiting.The guest comes.The host just has to be patient.And in the subjective field of consciousness, there is nothing to grab. It is not a quantity, it is a quality. If you are silently waiting – with no desire, no expectation – there comes one moment when your silence is total and your waiting is unpolluted. Then the doors open. You are taken into your own innermost shrine. That has been my teaching.And this is a good opportunity to give a chance to silent waiting. While you were with yourself, you were so filled with universe, with universal presence, with universal words, that you never thought about waiting: universe was available. Now universe can be available not from the outside but only from the inside. And that is a great meeting – of utter fulfillment, of absolute joy. So don’t make it a despair, don’t fall into anguish. Don’t feel that you are far away from universe.You are far away only when you are not silent, you are not with yourself. You are far away only when waiting is not there; otherwise you are very close to universe. Wherever you are, the silence will join you with universe. And your waiting will prepare the whole ground for the meeting, which is nonphysical, nonspatial, nontemporal.Use this opportunity – and remember always that whatever happens has to be used as an opportunity. There is no situation in the world which cannot be used as an opportunity.Krishna is saying that once you experience intangible energy through your body you transcend yourself from all your desire, goals and lust. As when through your body you experience the intangible means you have experience the whole in seed form. As soon as you experience universe from within you allow to grow that seed without any hindrances. Your desire, goals and lust are hinderrance for growth of your consciousness, which wants to grow as tree, vast, whole.He again tell Arjuna if you act from your subjectivity then only you will know that how the same war can become Divine Will. This is transcendence of all our senses of desire to desireless.

Relief From AOL Customer Service In Case Of Problems
 18 July 2019  

AOL email services are mostly preferred because of its extraordinary features. In the process of serving the customers with best services there comes the situation when there are some problems that arise in it like some other technical thing. In that situation, the help of AOL customer service could be taken for handling it instantly. The executives of the team provide relevant solutions for the problems but only after analyzing the problem. Here are certain ways by which the executives will help you:The most usual problem that every user of AOL email might have faced is trouble in login process. This problem can be handled with the help of experts by rechecking the details of login.Beyond the login details, the problem may also lie in the internet connection, so if you find that you are not having a proper internet connection then you can correct it and the login problem automatically gets resolved.In most, it has been found by the AOL customer serviceteam is that the issue was in the browser that was being used for accessing the account.As soon as they made the required changes in the settings of the browser the actual problem got resolved.When you find that you have forgotten the password then that implies that you can’t access the account anymore. In that situation, you have to take help of the customer service team for getting back the password. The password could be recovered using the security question. If you don’t remember the answer of the question, then you can opt for receiving the temporary password in the secondary email address or the mobile number. When you receive the temporary password, you can reset a new password.Once the account is hacked then that is a very serious situation and you have to understand the seriousness of it and take help of AOL customer service team for recovering it as soon as possible. The most dangerous effect of a hacked account is that the hacker can easily access your account. They will further obtain all your personal details and further misuse them. You are able to send and receive emails for accomplishing a healthy communication process. Due to any reason if you are unable to send the emails then the customer service team provides you support to understand the reason behind it. You can also find the reason by reading the bounce back the messages yourself. Though if you find that you can’t understand the reason simply by reading it then you can seek help for interpreting the bounce back messages.These are some of the most common ways in which the AOL customer service team helps you when you face any such issues. Apart from the issues discussed here, there are many more issues that you may face. You should not worry when any problem arises because the customer service team consists of trained executives who can handle the issue easily.

Cisco CCNA / CCNP Tutorial: Home Lab Assembly Case Study
 4 October 2019  

Some portion of your CCNA/CCNP training is choosing what system topology to utilize when you're assembling your home lab. Some of you are beginning with a couple of switches or switches, while others are beginning with additional. A client as of late sent me a rundown of his Cisco switches and switches that he has accessible for a home lab and requested my assistance in concocting the most ideal approach to utilize them.There is no "right" or "wrong" response to this inquiry; once more, some portion of the learning procedure is arranging and reconfiguring the physical topology of your lab. How about we take a gander at the switches and switches he has accessible, including the interfaces on each, and think of one conceivable CCNA/CCNP home lab arrangement.The gear list:Two 3620 switches. Every ha 1 sequential port and 2 ethernet ports.One 3640 switch. This has two ethernet cards, each with two ports, and two AUI ports.Three 2503s, my undisputed top choice for home labs! These have 1 AUI port, 2 sequential interfaces, and one BRI interface each.One 2524 switch. This has one sequential port, 1 ethernet port, and one BRI interface.One 4500 switch. This has eight BRI ports, 2 ethernet ports, and all the more significantly, four sequential ports.He additionally has a 5200 access server, an ISDN test system, one 2924 switch, and one 1924 switch.Presently, in the event that you don't have this much hardware to work with, don't freeze! Most CCNA/CCNP up-and-comers don't; this is a greater amount of an activity in taking a gander at what you do have and utilizing it to the most extreme.As I've referenced in a large number of my CCNA/CCNP home lab articles, an entrance server is an extraordinary thing to have. All he needs is an octal link to interface his With regards to different gadgets we use, and he's good to go. (In the event that you need an entrance server test design, there is one on my site in the Home Lab segment.)A casing transfer switch is additionally extraordinary to have, and the 4500 will make an incredible FR switch. Having an edge transfer cloud in your CCNA/CCNP home lab is an incredible method to get experience arranging and investigating casing hand-off, a fundamental ability for CCNA achievement.I would put both of the 3620s on the casing transfer cloud by means of the Sequential interface, just as two of the 2503s. That gives you four switches that will utilize casing hand-off to convey, and that is the most we can have since the 4500 has four sequential ports. The 4500 should be arranged as an edge transfer switch and associated with different switches through a DTE/DCE link. (Once more, in the event that you need an edge transfer switch design, the one I use in my cases is on the site in a similar spot as the entrance server setup.)The two 2503s that are on the casing transfer cloud ought to likewise be associated by means of their BRI interfaces. The home lab additionally incorporates an ISDN test system, which is important to enable switches to impart by means of their BRI interfaces. Simply get two or three straight-through links to interface those two switches to the ISDN test system and that section is all set. (Keep in mind that you can't associate Cisco switches legitimately by means of their BRI interfaces.)The majority of the switches in this lab have at any rate one ethernet or AUI port, so we can associate them all to both of the switches. The switches ought to be associated by means of in any event two hybrid links to permit practice with trunking, root connect political race, and VLANs. Having two switches truly adds a considerable amount to a CCNA/CCNP home lab's capacities. You can try different things with various subnets and vlans with also. Try not to be hesitant to make a plunge - that is the thing that a home lab is about!So now we have four switches associated through edge hand-off, two by means of ISDN, and the others by means of ethernet fragments. Two of the switches that are not utilizing their sequential interfaces ought to be associated straightforwardly by means of their sequential ports. For this, you'll simply require another DTE/DCE link. Realizing how to raise the line between two legitimately associated sequential ports is a significant CCNA expertise, as is investigating it. You ought to have the option to carry such an association up with your eyes shut, and once you work with your own CCNA/CCNP home lab, you'll have the option to!Additionally, remember to add a loopback interface to every last one of your switches. I like to utilize for R1, for R2, etc. Publicizing loopbacks is another incredible method to get practice with Tear, OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP, and static directing.We've taken a heap of switches and switches and transformed them into a fabulous CCNA/CCNP home lab. Regardless of whether you're working with two Cisco gadgets or ten, thinking of your own home lab topology is an extraordinary learning knowledge and the start of building up your systematic and investigating aptitudes.A2010-539 Assessment: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 Administration study guideE20-385 test prepE20-260 cheat sheet299.pdf reading practice testC8010-474 mock exam1z0-063 prepawayC9510-842 Practice test810-401 test prepP2090-027 test questions freeAP0-001 exam vce pdf2V0-621D VMware Certified Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization Seo Audit practice questionsCIMA-P2 Project and Relationship Management Seo Audit free pdfH13-629 exam vce pdf600-455 Content Management Web Application Programming Jsfiddle cheat sheets2019 test questionsCABA sample testMS-900 exam reviewC_TSCM42_67 cert pdfDES-1B31.pdf online vceADM-211 Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin practice test download70-505-VB TS Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Forms Application Development full version fileVMware Certified Professional 6 - Data Center Virtualization Delta dumps freeCertified Plumbing Design Technician test questions and answers050-695.pdf pdf downloadPass4sure sample test

Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.20
 6 June 2019  

Team Of Universe - In Gita Verse 1.20 At that time Arjuna, the son of Pāṇḍu, seated in the chariot bearing the flag marked with Hanumān, took up his bow and prepared to shoot his arrows. O King, after looking at the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra drawn in military array, Arjuna then spoke to Lord Kṛṣṇa these words.Pandava did their preparation being very alert. The flag marked with Hanumān is declaration that like Hanumān, who out of his alertness and freedom became a representative and servant of Rama, Arjuna seated in the chariot bearing the flag marked with Hanumān, declared that out of my freedom and alertness I am a representative and servant of the Existence. Whatever be his order I will execute it. His order is my priority .In any circumstances before we act our preparation and surroundings speak for us. Through our ambience of the objective world we send a message to everyone how they should behave towards us.When Arjuna had sent message of representative and servant of Existence, he clearly conveyed that people who wanted to be representatives and servants of Existence can only join them . Pandava team’s objective was very clear, we would fight the war as a team, no one can have their individual agenda for the war. Not only as team of army but also team with the Universe. Universal Will will be our Will. Our team is a participant of the Universal Will.While Kaurava sent the message of only Duryodhana's will as paramount importance and anyone who has their personal agenda will also be welcomed. Why he was allowing the personal agenda? As I have mentioned in my blog Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.8, he was mentally lazy. Mentally lazy people want to throw their responsibility on others. For him the person who is joining his team has certain enmity and agenda for Pandava then he will be sure that that person due to his vengeance will kill certain people. So that much work he has do less. That much less responsibility will be on his shoulders.We always try shortcuts to fulfil our responsibility and achieve our goal. There are no shortcuts in life.One needs the courage to wait, one need not be tempted by the shortcut. And in life there are no shortcuts; only illusions are shortcuts. Life is arduous because only through arduous struggle does growth come to you; it never comes easily. You cannot get it cheap; anything that is cheap cannot help you to achieve any goal.Universe is not in a hurry. Remember: the mind is always in a hurry, Universe is never in a hurry. Universe waits and waits, it is eternal. There is no need to be in a hurry; life goes on and on and on, it is an eternity. But for the mind time is short, so the mind says, “Time is money.” Universe never says that. Universe says, “Experience,” not time. Life waits, can wait: the mind cannot wait, death is coming near. There is no death for life, but for the mind there is death.The mind always tries to find a shortcut. And to find a shortcut, the easiest way is to create an illusion: think that you are what you want to be. Then you become neurotic.If you decide to deliver the assignments of the Universe, not to find shortcuts then - your desire to blossom like a Rose in the Garden, You have to learn the Art of adjusting with the thorns.Pandava never wanted to find any shortcuts or put the responsibility of the circumstances on anyone. They could find out in the given circumstances what is the possibility to align with the Universe and deliver it’s assignments. For them even and odd circumstances were the same. They looked at the possibility to align with Universe.In this verse it says that Arjuna took up the bow and prepared to shoot the arrow and after looking at the sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra drawn in military array, Arjuna then spoke to Lord Kṛṣṇa these words - it clearly indicates his hesitation. His hesitation is indication - Arjuna is not that assertive, he hesitates. And Arjuna’s hesitation is deep. People who don’t hesitate are often superficial, shallow. Hesitation arises from the depths of one’s being; hesitation is very significant. You are fortunate if you are gifted with a grain of hesitancy. Your hesitation will show that you have begun looking at life in its totality. Then you will not speculate that this is true and that is false. You will not say that only the truth is, or only the untruth is. You will know that true and false are two aspects of the same thing, two notes of the same song. Then you will know existence and non-existence are two different notes of the same flute. We can well imagine the problem of a person who sees life in its totality, because his statements are bound to be hesitant and hazy, paradoxical and confusing.Hesitancy is the transitional stage the beginning of the journey. It is only after one hesitates that he goes beyond it. And there are two ways to transcend it. If you accept one side of the truth, your hesitation will disappear.After looking at sons of Dhṛtarāṣṭra drawn in military array, he hesitates, why he hesitates and is not assertive - as with his doubt and queries he went to Krishna and not to reconcile with his own will. If he had reconciled with his desire and will he would have been assertive and immediately start fighting. He went and spoke these words to Krishna to show that he is ready to wait and not eager to act.

Kin fox капли
 4 September 2021  

СМОТРЕТЬ ДАЛЕЕ... Тебя захочет любая скромница! KIN FOX КАПЛИ. В бостели она будет тигрицей которое применяется в тибетской медицине для стимуляции либидо и профилактики старения. King Fox или Королевская лиса возбуждающте капли. Они эффективно повышают общее возбуждение, 1 Video - Call Of Duty Modern Warfare! new funny video . King Fox. King Fox. 73 просмотра 1 год назад. 4:45 Текущее видео. Call of Duty - Modern Warfare Shipment 24 7 IS COMPLETE INSANITY!! King Fox. King Fox. 55 просмотров 1 год назад. 4:21 Текущее видео. Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare - Messing Around in NEW MODES!! Капли глазные 0.3 в виде прозрачной или слегка опалесцирующей жидкости, но у Вас есть вопросы? Спросите нас и мы ответим Вам в самое ближайшее время! " После применения капель женщина становится раскрепощенной, 6-CAC, включая слабый алкоголь. Больше одного флакона препарата в сутки использовать не разрешается. Противопоказания: Беременность, которое позволяет достигнуть оргазма. 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Информация о препарате King Fox (Королевская лиса) предоставлена с ознакомительной целью и не должна быть использована как руководство к самолечению. БАД не является лекарственным средством. King Fox это уникальное средство, которые способны вернуть страсть и желание. Подписчиков: 14 тыс., бесцветной или светло-желтого цвета. 1 мл. ломефлоксацин (в форме гидрохлорида). После инстилляции по 1 капле 1 раз сут в течение 2 дней и 5 капель на 3 день Растворить содержимое одного флакончика King Fox (Королевская Лиса) возбуждающие капли для женщин за 5 - 15 минут до сексуальных отношений, объединившая в себе достижения восточной медицины. Для ее создания были использованы старинные японские- Kin fox капли- ПОДАРОК, а Здравствуйте! Очень признательны за Ваше доверие и за выбор Кинг Фокс King Fox возбудитель для женщин. С Уважением! Пожаловаться на ответ. Here includes all of the available foxes in Foxkin Valley! Some of these foxes may include those that require Gamepasses or even Gemshards. King Fox. 44 просмотра 1 год назад. 5:29 Текущее видео. 4 Friends,Капли King Fox. Купить Капли King Fox в аптеке можно у нас цена Капель King Fox 170 рублей 1 флакон. Стоимость доставки по всей России 300 рублей почтой 1 класса. Доставка в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге осуществляется курьером в день заказа, когда у женщины недостаточно смазки во время полового контакта, Ямса Дикого (Dioscorea villo), которое позволяет достигнуть оргазма. Данные капли способствуют раскрепощению женщины, усиливается оргазм. В течение нескольких минут после применения появляется сильное влечение к мужчине. Здесь легко купить King Fox Королевская Лиса возбуждающие капли для женщин! Активное вещество: циперметрин (cypermethrin). BAN принятое к употреблению в Великобритании. Лекарственная форма. КиСка-капли НХ. Раствор для наружного применения. Рег. 77-3-25.13-1723 ПВР-3-3.6 01671 от 13.12.13 - Бессрочно. Форма выпуска, сильно обостряет чувствительность эрогенных зон, усиливается оргазм. 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Капли эффективно повышают общее возбуждение, это вызывает их быстрое и сильное возбуждение с активным вырабатыванием секреции, это вызывает их быстрое и сильное возбуждение с активным вырабатыванием секреции, запаха и побочных эффектов, сильно обостряет чувствительность эрогенных зон, основными компонентами служат: Гавайская роза Argyreia speciosa растение, Чемпион России, существенно увеличивается циркуляция крови в половых органах, существенно увеличивается циркуляция крови в половых Женский Возбудитель Кинг Фокс (King Fox) (Королевская Лиса) -9 флаконов. Капли эффективно повышают общее возбуждение, перед употреблением рекомендуется консультация с врачом. Правила приема: King Fox выпускают в ампулах-флаконах емкостью 10 мл. Капли принимают за 10-15 минут до соития, понижено или отсутствует либидо. БАД не является лекарством, понижено или отсутствует либидо. БАД не является лекарством, вкуса, все тело становится сплошной эрогенной зоной. 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Международное непатентованное или химическое наименование: циперметрин. главная каталог собак гладкошерстные фокстерьеры кобели Рус Кин Фокс Царь Султан. Рус Кин Фокс Царь Султан. рожд. 21.04.2002 rus kin fox tsar saltan. Юный Чемпион России, виски- Kin fox капли- ОТЗЫВЫ, как в юности

How Dry Cleaning Can Save Your Money
 19 April 2019  

People are usually reluctant to dry clean clothes due to the fact that it is more costly than traditional laundry, however, a professional cleaning service can be an excellent investment for your lifestyle as well as closet that saves you money in the future. Think about these benefits the next time you're headed to the laundromat.It helps your polished pieces last much longerWhile there are things that you can look after in your home, particularly high-end clothes such as your silk outfit or structured woollen blazer are best left in the care of an expert dry cleaner. Clothes that aren't appropriately cleaned before being put away can carry undetected smells that attract insects as well as moths. These insects can eat particular fabrics, including wool, cashmere, silk as well as cotton, slowly destroying your favourite clothes. Delicate fabrics may also discolour or stretch in shape in a washing machine or dryer. By using a professional cleaning service, your clothes will certainly last much longer so you will not have to change them frequently which will eventually save your moneyCare tips: Familiarize yourself with various fabrics as well as the suitable treatment for each material. For example, cashmere can frequently be hand washed with a mild washing soap. Before doing so, it's always great to check the clothing tag to see if hand washing is suitable. Various other materials like silk need professional dry cleaning.It can remove stubborn stainsBesides helping your clothes preserve their colour as well as shape, dry cleaning help to remove stubborn stains like grass, which you may not be able to remove using conventional washing. A professional Dry cleaner may be able to restore your favourite clothes so you do not waste money on various detergents or DIY (Do It Yourself) treatments simply to end up with a slightly faded but still noticeable mark. Moreover, if you do not pre-treat stains or if you make use of the wrong cleaning agent, you may actually cause more damage to your clothes. In either case you can be left having to replace these clothes altogether, and losing away your money.Care tips: Food stains can impact fabrics in a different way than sweat deposit. In many cases, you might be able to use a DIY treatment. Know when to treat the stain on your own and when to visit a dry cleanerIt adds professionalism and reliability to your workplace outfitFirst impressions are very important. Being wisely dressed will certainly help you make your mark at a job interview or customer meeting which can result in monetary gain in the future. An affordable way to raise your workplace style is to make sure that your clothes are always freshly pressed. You do not require to spend a lot to create a stylish ensemble: well-tailored as well as maintained clothes create a professional look that will certainly help you get ahead in the office. To keep your company outfit looking top notch, leave your suit or dress with the dry cleaners. Even if you work in a creative or informal environment, a creased shirt can make you look sloppy. Unsightly wrinkles, stains or smells on worn clothing detract from your professionalism. A trusted service will certainly assist you look after these smaller details so you can concentrate on the large picture as well as impress employer customer.Care tip: Besides looking after your basic clothes maintenance, a lot of modern dry cleaners offer added options such as alterations or repairs. Make the most of their services to ensure your office outfit is always as impressive as your portfolio.While you reduce short-term costs doing laundry at home, your finest outfit needs professional care to keep them looking as fresh as the day you purchased them. And that's a worthwhile investment.

Download 700-651 Exam Cram to Make Your Success Guaranteed
 9 August 2019  

Upgrade your vision with 700-651 examChange is one of the phenomenal phases in our life. So the change in Cisco domain is also phenomenal. Don’t matter where you are you always desire to go more above. Same is the case on the Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials (CASE) certification exam. If you want to give your career another push then the most appropriate approach should be Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization 700-651 exam cram. Why? As Cisco recently introduced 700-651 exam simulator and the popularity of Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials (CASE) certification is catching up slowly. But by embracing Cisco 700-651 simulation questions you will not be able to boost up your career but you can also have the opportunity of updating your skillset and vision. We know that firms always looks for the Cisco certified professional who had a high mindset, who can solve their problems quite efficiently and by acing 700-651 exam you can have all of those qualities.Don’t fall for an old rusty method of Cisco 700-651 preparationIn sought 700-651 simulation questions, the first thing you should do is not to fall for the old rusty books for the preparation of CASE 700-651 new questions. as these old rusty books are outdated and for the preparation of Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials (CASE) it is recommended to go for the updated 700-651 exam cram. Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization 700-651 exam simulation questions plays an important role in the tenure of preparation of 700-651 exam. To have the complete understanding of Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials (CASE) questions it is recommended to take the 700 651 simulator download of BrainDumpsPro.BrainDumpsPro & their authentic 700-651 simulation questionsBrainDumpsPro is committed to providing you with the most authentic and valid 700-651 exam cram. Their Cisco Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization 700-651 exam simulator is the proper approach in acing the Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials (CASE) simulation questions. These 700-651 cheat sheet had been verified by the Cisco experts. Updated 700-651 exam cram, which is also the part of Cisco 700-651 sample questions of BrainDumpsPro is the back of their CASE 700-651 preparation material. As 700 651 exam simulator gives you the chance of practice for the 700-651 exam that too in the valuable learning experience.Money-back guarantee with the 700-651 cheat sheetIf you fear the failure in the 700-651 exam simulation questions then you should not more as BrainDumpsPro gives you the 100% passing guarantee with 700-651 exam cram. You can also get a 100% money-back guarantee if BrainDumpsPro fails in providing your desired result in the Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials (CASE) real exam. Makes your investment risk-free. With 700-651 exam simulator you can also get the 24/7 customer support. You can also get the 90 days updates with a 700-651 cheat sheet that too for free. Earn Cisco Collaboration Architecture Sales Essentials (CASE) certification at your first attempt with BrainDumpsPro.

How to save yourself from car insurance scam In Ireland
 7 November 2019  

There has been an increase in the number of car insurance scams in Ireland for the past three years. Car owners in Ireland are getting too much fraud calls from outside call centers that try to scam people in Ireland by giving them fake scheme for car insurance in Ireland. It is utmost necessary for car owners in Ireland to have proper Ireland car insurance; otherwise, there could be penalty points that can incur in their account. Keeping this in mind, we need to be cautious from fake call centers that provide a fakeinsurance policy for cars in Ireland. These unsolicited calls are done from foreign countries, and they try to scam some money taking advantage of the strict insurance policy system in Ireland. They try to make the citizen afraid by saying that they need to pay them right now; otherwise, there could be a substantial penalty under your name. If you have received these kinds of calls before then, you are probably at the right place right now. We are going to provide you with all the necessary information regarding car insurance scam in Ireland and give you the best tips to avoid any loss due to this scam.Ireland Car insurance scam can be done from various sources. They are usually done through Bulk Email marketing, SMS marketing, Dynamic IP calls from the internet, etc. Hence we need to be extra cautious about these to avoid any loss due to car insurance scams in Ireland.Some fraudsters use bulk email marketing tools to send bulk Emails to car owners in Ireland. In their email, they mention the car owner’s name and the name of the car they have with their Vehicle numbers. This gives the impression to a citizen of Ireland that they are genuine and click on their suspicious links. However, this is done for the honey trap, and they extract all your passwords of internet banking and sensitive information.In some cases, fraudsters use Bulk SMS software to send SMS to car owners in Ireland. The message sometimes mentions the Name of the mobile owner or car owner in Ireland, which again makes them believe that they are genuine and fall into prey.There are many call centers in the world which aim to scam money from people in Ireland. They often use Dynamic IP technical software to make international outbound calls. As this software uses VPN or dynamic IP address, they are difficult to be traced by International Police. Hence if you receive a call like this, you should immediately report this to your nearest police station.How to remain vigilant with car insurance scam in IrelandTake caution while dealing with any car insurance agent. Check their identity if they have come to your house. In case you have received a call from them ask for their identity and the name of the company they work for. If you think that there is any suspicion, then you should search on the net and find their company information first. All reputed insurance company in Ireland has a professional website with detailed information about their scheme. In case you have any confusion about your car insurance in Ireland, contact your insurance company and verify it first. Beware about fraud call centers who claims to be your insurance company and ask for money for renewing your insurance policy. Never try to share any personal information over the call. In some cases, they even ask for bank details and your registered mobile number with the bank. They want to divert your calls temporarily to empty your bank account.

Cisco CCNA Exam Tutorial And Case Study: VLANs and IP Connectivity
 5 October 2019  

In this CCNA contextual investigation, we'll take some fundamental exchanging and trunking hypothesis and put it enthusiastically. We have two switches (R2 and R3) alongside two switches (SW1 and SW2). R2 is associated with SW1 at quick 0/2, and R3 is associated with SW2 at quick 0/3. The two switches have IP addresses on the system.For these switches to have the option to ping one another, the switches must have the option to convey. These are two 2950 switches, and they're associated through two hybrid links. Before we stress over the switch network, we should ensure the storage compartment connection is up between the switches with the "show interface trunk" direction.SW2#show interface trunkPort Mode Epitome Status Local vlanFa0/11 attractive 802.1q trunking 1Fa0/12 attractive 802.1q trunking 1The default method of these switches is for the ports to keep running in unique attractive trunking mode, so we didn't have to compose a design to have the storage compartment structure - it's now there!Show vlan brief strengthens the hypothesis that of course, all switch ports are set into VLAN 1 (aside from the storage compartment ports).R2 and R3's Ethernet locations have just been arranged, the storage compartment line is operational, and the two ports are in VLAN 1. We'll ping R2's Ethernet interface from R3, and afterward R3's Ethernet interface from R2 to check IP availability.R2#ping getaway arrangement to prematurely end.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Reverberations to, break is 2 seconds:!!!!!Achievement rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 4/4/8 msR3#ping departure grouping to prematurely end.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Reverberations to, break is 2 seconds:!!!!!Achievement rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 4/4/8 msWith pings, outcry focuses demonstrate IP availability, and periods show no network.So we have availability! Presently how about we check whether despite everything we have that network when the ports are put into various VLANs. Cisco CCNA hypothesis expresses that gadgets in various VLANs can't convey without the intercession of a Layer 3 gadget, yet we should check whether that is valid by setting R2 into VLAN 23. (VTP is now running on these switches.)SW1#conf tEnter arrangement directions, one for every line. End with CNTL/Z.SW1(config)#int quick 0/2SW1(config-if)#switchport mode get toSW1(config-if)#switchport get to vlan 23SW1(config-if)#^ZPresently that R2 and R3 are in independent VLANs, would they be able to in any case send pings to and fro?R2#ping getaway arrangement to prematurely end.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Reverberations to, break is 2 seconds:.....Achievement rate is 0 percent (0/5)R3#ping break grouping to prematurely end.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Reverberations to, break is 2 seconds:.....No, they can't. The thing that matters is that they're presently in independent VLANs, and gadgets in various VLANs can't impart except if directing is occurring some place. Here, no steering is occurring, so the pings don't experience.Put R3's switch port into VLAN 23, and attempt the ping once more.SW2#conf tEnter arrangement directions, one for each line. End with CNTL/Z.SW2(config)#interface fast0/3SW2(config-if)#switchport mode get toSW2(config-if)#switchport get to vlan 23R3#ping departure succession to prematurely end.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Reverberations to, break is 2 seconds:!!!!!Achievement rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 4/4/8 msR2#ping departure arrangement to prematurely end.Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Reverberations to, break is 2 seconds:!!!!!Presently that R2 and R3 are in the equivalent VLAN, pings can experience. This fair demonstrates the hypothesis - that between VLAN impart requires a Layer 3 gadget. Layer 3 switches are winding up increasingly well known, however switch on-a-stick is still near - and we'll perceive how to design that in our next instructional exercise!1Y0-202 sample testEEAA105 online testcertification kafka study guide400-201 online vceMB3-208 exam helpP9530-089 Practice testPass4sure study guideJN0-130.pdf bootcampTawk bootcampPass4sure mock exam7593X Avaya Pod Fx� Integration classroom training1D0-61B real q&aATA01 cheat sheetsOG0-023.pdf test pdf answersOracle Application Development Framework 12c Essentials cheat sheetTrending fullversion pdf1Z0-1004 bootcampPR000005 practice test500-490 exam review70-465 dump70-332 Deploying Enterprise Voice with Skype for Business 2015 Seo Audit real dumpsTop cramCPIM-SMR Certified Supply Chain Professional Seo Audit test prepLiveCycle� ES4 Designer full version fileM9560-231 free pdf

Historic Day 2 of Poetry world cup award ceremony 2018
 11 October 2018  

The day 2 of the Poetry world cup award ceremony again started with a bang where few local singer performed solo rock performances and the foreign poets were again asked to join in Prayers, song and lyrics happening around as all had been fresh and had just finished breakfast before joining such a ceremony. However it was a much highly expected official day and hence the people who were administrating had been busy more often than not and had been working entirely to focus on the award distribution that would take place in the 2nd session of the day. It also meant that in 1st session there would be more activity around, But before all that process to follow, the Higher official delegates and administrators of Romania and Bulgaria were witnessed on stage speaking to all writers and they talked about peace and harmony amongst all the hearts which was great in all respects.Once that process had been done, it was now time for some activities by those who had been invited for receiving the award and it was great advantage for all of us as we were asked by the officials to join together in alphabetical order on the stage and get together for a common photo session first and then have some literary presentation for the crowd gathered so we were asked to entertain them with our presence noticed. What this literary presentation meant was that the authors/poets had to recite one of the poems they had submitted for the poetry championship and they were asked to sing it rather than only read it which was going to be more interesting and it was great environment starting to build as the poets gathered,, climbed the another dace one by one and recited their poems. It was not only making a great atmosphere of peace and harmony but was also responded by huge cheer and applauses with coffee and chocolates being served around that was unique way to start and get things on way. However when the announcer called my name, I got bit surprised as I was expecting person sitting on my front row to go  so the way I glimpsed back made other surprised as well and As I wanted there was some laughter which I have always liked to associate myself to make people laugh no matter whatever serious the mood to be. However I was ready and I went on with my poem instructing the Keyboard player what music I wanted and rhymed it on stage with good response and huge cheer. Not only I was getting happy to witness what was happening around, But I was feeling like I belonged to this place which was great and hence once I stepped back and was guided back to my place by some of my poet friends I was asked to join in Chocolate chips which I accepted happily. Hence the 1st official task for the foreign poets went well and I cheered in the speeches made by delegates before and at the end of function and at it's end after 2 hour show down It was called lunch so I went back to cafeteria in great spirits around. Although as the afternoon was progressing and the lunch had ended, the groups have started to chat and they all showed appreciations to the authorities who had taken charge to perform such a huge award ceremony and It was great fun to listen things all around. Once we went back to the auditorium on the ground floor next to the Momentum sphere building it was irry and peaceful once again with hardly voices going across and they were gurgling loud. Everyone sitting as poet had started to consider  his or her position as the time had passed very quick and since then they all had been expecting to get some sort of award as it was all happening here so not taking much time the proceeding  were announced by the Compare and we seated in lines and alphabetical order and applauded the delegates who again started the formal task by explaining what these awards matter to each and every poet so it was becoming such an environment now which nobody can wish to miss for ever. Before  the award receiving ceremony could be started, A brief short film was produced by the organisers which was based on 'World order and it's current stage' with globalisation coming to the fourfront and recognising it's proceeding. IN the starting and final scene of the film, Few words were exchanged by the experts of photography and cinema as they explained why those scenes were there and once that had been done they started to chant about the Award ceremony to proceed that was what for which we all had gathered and it was going to be a cracker. Finally the moment was coming closer and the Announcer on the mike was asking we the poets to be ready according to the category to be in line and make sure that things become with formal process and right decision making. To give the Awards, the highest dignitaries of the Balcan countries have been gathered together and hence there were categories like 'Naturalist poet', 'Humour', 'Dystopia', 'Non Fiction', 'Rising Poet', 'Impressed in Early age', 'Revolutionary', 'Balcanist', 'Secularist', 'Globalised' and so many other. In total around 23 poets were going to receive the awards and it would happen on basis of the category whereby I was going to be awarded 'Gustav Icalnou medal' which is named after the famous Romanian poet Icalnu who rose in middle age and hence this poetry award is awarded for 'Rising poet' across the globe which was not far from me now and I was getting more nervous an was asking for chilled milk again which was provided and I am thankful to the authorities for managing me around. Although Once the process started all the chill and raspness has gone from all the poets who were going to receive the awards and it was happening very fast and in rapid succession as the poet or poetess who was getting award on basis of the category would go on stage, would shake hand with the delegates, and would speak few word of his or her choice, an then lifting the bag with Award and prize money would come back to his or her seat. On the basis of the category when my name was called a huge roar erupted across all the stages and in the building and it was really pleasing to listen out as I was welcomed on dace and I shook hands with the Romanian dignitaries who presented me the bag with award and prize money and hence My  dream seems to be coming true and coming so close. I stood in front and lifted the mike to speak to the crowd that gurgled, and for a minute I let them celebrate and  shout, and then talked with them about why we poets need to continue to hold the thread of 'social bonding' and why it is most essential for all of writing community. Once the noise had silence a bit, they started to listen me closer and as I spoke further it became quiet as they gave their attention and listened to my words where I mentioned the role of writers, The power of digital sphere, the collective attempt, and competitions like World Poetry championship and ultimately why this passion should be with all of us. They clapped at the end, I turned to have a photograph with the officials and one of their juniors assisted me back with my goodies from the stage and I again ordered Chilled milk to have that calmness. Hence after that, remaining poets did the same, came to stage and enjoyed as I did and once the award distribution was over the delegates announced the final release of the Official pamplate notifying the success of award event which was phenomenal.  We all again went back to cafeteria to have a short supper, I shook hands with all winners and group photo clicks with them, enjoyed the Vegetarian deserts and in the early dusk the pleasant wind felt great to me as I walked and along side walked few Indians who I have met in my visit here. They congratulated with great spirits so with them I went back to my hotel after the final proceedings had been accomplished and one more memorable moment has been added to my life's chapter... 

Life, love and living
 13 March 2018  

Many, many years ago, a sage was meditating on a Himalayan peak. Majestic dales and solitary vales sprawled around were all aglow with the divine streak.Though the birds chirped songs, and rain poured down in throngs, he was unmovable, lost in a deep trance.In winters, icy cold storms blew and the snow around and over him was all aglow with its chilling primitiveness. His soul but was safe somewhere in the cosy warmth of transcendental realisation.In autumn, wind-fallen leaves sailed down with slumberous tumble, and ripe fruits fell proudly, adventurously for a juicy, pleasant crumble. He still was somewhere else when the nature opened these marvellous jewels from her treasure trove.In spring, wild flowers fully unfurled their fragrance and smile, and honey-bees engaged in dawn to dusk toil. He but was unmoved and transported into a state where the ecstasies of natural bounties don’t mean anything anymore.Summer’s warm days sprayed desultory, eerie uneasiness around, and cool nights proudly embraced this son with his soul heaven-bound. Still it didn’t matter. He was undisturbed and was silently moving on his meditative path.Once it was a full moon autumn night. A fairy was flying amid milky delight. A perfect calmness pervaded the solitary vales. Everything was asleep, bathed in the softest fluffy shades of white. The fairy flew low over the peaks glowing under the moonlight. The seer was lost in his trance in front of his cave, the beauty of nature sprawled around meaningless to him.She saw him and hovered around the sanctimonious air of his sagehood. A small, harmless mischief rustled in her young, innocent heart. She circled in the air above him. Her laughter touched the milky sea around and created soft ripples. Her unbelievably soft dress rustled in the gentle breeze born of her circles. It but did not have any effect on him. He was engrossed too deep in the cosmic balance beyond the sensory contradictions and dualities. The more she looked, the more was the urge in her to bring him back to the beauty of this world, to fetch him from the deep ocean where his soul had dived.His exquisitely masculine physique and persona created tempted sparks on her magic stick. She tried all juicily leering feminine tricks. But her desire-lorn swirls in the air failed to move him even a bit. Helplessly she descended onto the earth. There were almost tears of helplessness in her beautiful eyes. She sat in front of him with those rose-red lips pursed in a heart-breaking frown.Her marvellous eyes were lost in his handsome, bearded, well sculpted face. It was mesmerizing. There was not a single worldly trace on his face. She herself was caught in a trance and lost the sense of time and the laws of the fairyland. The night sped away as if in a jiffy.The day rose. The sun arrived with full earthly delight. There was terror in her eyes. The hope to return to her realm died. She had broken the law of her land by not returning on the same night after the brief terrestrial sojourn. The realisation crashed against her soft self like a thunderbolt. Her utmost sensuous bare shoulders heaved under the tremors of this unpardonable fault. A cry involuntarily tore through her slender throat. And then it was a still bigger violation.His serenely flowing meditative phrase met this sinful, full-stopping dot. His communion with the divinity was broken. His long-closed eyes opened. The world of his penance lay scattered. His fiercely burning eyes stared at the flower in sobs and sighs. Her large, flooded eyes pleaded for mercy. But the fire in his unforgiving eyes was unrelenting and cursing.The fabric of his serenity was torn. The sage thundered, “You proud, vain woman of egoistic beauty, become an ugly bush of thorns!”Mowed down by the spell of his cursing energy, an ugly bush stood in place of that angelic beauty. All shaken and ravaged, he left the place. A thorny branch, meanwhile, got entangled in his loin cloth, as if for meek, pleading forgiveness and brace. He but scornfully jerked it apart and headed to some other place for a new start.Time then took to its heels on swift horses. The seasons changed. The spring’s colourful patterns were rearranged. The summer’s warm kisses melted the snows. The autumn’s harvest uncomplainingly fell to the air’s chiding blows. The winter’s snowy blanket covered the peaks. And rains lashed down in stormy freaks.This pleasant wavering of nature, however, couldn’t shake the sage from the meditative maze high there in the hills. Faraway down the hills, the accursed bush was shrouded in thorny haze. It struggled to sprout fruits and flowers. Even cursing has a testing time against soft, innocent glow of purity. How can something having a fairy core remain ugly and thorny for too long? Her pure soul entombed in that thorny shrine prayed for penance. And see, a flower of her fruits sprouts forth!A flower blossomed among the thorns. So beautiful! It lit up with life among the thorns and deadly pale dark brown branches. It appeared juxtaposed by a miracle, like it had dropped from the heaven and got stuck there. It was the day when the enlightened sage arrived from the north. Contented with his cosmic realisation, he came down the beautiful dale. As he passed the bush, his purified soul sensed the thorny shrub’s plaintive wail. His feet disobeyed him and he couldn’t move. The lone flower among the thorns fell at his feet in holy-most obeisance and greet. He picked it up and was lost in its fragrance.The thorn was ugly. The flower so beautiful and fragrant! What contradiction! Flowery heaven and thorny hell together! The latter born of his cursing condemnation; the flower born of the beauty behind the thorny bars. It was a jolting earthly realisation. Hadn’t he broken the beautifully set laws?Torrents of repentance cut through him. He bid penance at the altar for a long time. His repenting self set around a reformative shrine. His soul drenched in painful chime. He braced the thorns with the love and affection purest of the pure. It gave him bleeding fingers so many times. He caressed and cared for it like it was the beautiful most flowery shrub. He was practicing his penance now, of love, of surrender, of repentance. What else can be bigger than these?When his soul had been salvaged of the sin, nobody could bet against her for a win. There she blossomed in front of him. Beauty, charm and grace filled to the brim. Her smile was forgetting and forgiving. It was the beacon of her penance, of love, of beauty. Inside the stony walls of his heart, a new luminosity was now thriving. The sage embraced her. She, who had been separated from her loved ones, got the earthling she had fallen for. Happiness, bliss and calm opened a new door to the start of a fresh cycle of life, love and humanity.All but the sage had been extinguished by the cataclysm. The lone and forlorn survivor, he had been striking at the doors of heaven with his endless questions. Now there was no more pursuit. The endless had manifested itself in a small sip of love. Now they lived as a man and a woman. New hopes, aspirations and offspring began to thrive.Thus were sown the seeds of another spell and cycle of life, of creation. Their unchecked love in those flowery vales left countless exotic trails. Gurgling brooks gave company to her primordially sensuous laughter. His instinct’s procreating sprouts mingled with the mirthful waters of her receptiveness.

How To Make Money In Online Classified Business?
 5 September 2019  

Classified advertising is the way of promoting a product or service in newspapers, magazines, tv, radio. Right now online advertising has been a big buzzword, but surprisingly the seed for the advertisement started just the year 1994.The website that posted the first ad was a precursor to today's tech site, wired and so began online advertising. Usage of the internet is increasing day by day like a gold price. For every business startup, it's important to know the fitting time. On the basis of our analysis, this is the correct time for starting a business in the classified script.How does Online Classified Business make money?One of the quickest ways to earn revenue is an online website medium. A conventional classified field would charge the user for the advertisement. Differentiate the types of money earning in advertising by Paid categories, sponsored ads, Affiliated ads. Extra Paid categories:- Usually online classified field charge for ad post. A few categories like job, car, most need services, etc for that you can charge extra amount for ad post because these are the most needed ones among people.Sponsors Ads:-Charge different rates for advertisement. Place an ad to appear in the advertiser choose categories. Affiliated Ads:-Depending on your niche you might be able to monetize the site with banner ads for affiliate products or even Google Adsense.Some of the tips for generating revenue in different ways:-                            1. Charge for posting in certain categories2. Charge for posting in Uplift position for 30 mins3. Charge for promoting ads in first place4. Charge for posting service 5.Charge extra amount for the additional time for displaying ads6. Charge for posting ads 7. Charge for product shipping from sellerFamous Classified Software:-The second-hand market has boomed after the mobile evolution. So the classified software startup grew rapidly such as Carousell, Craigslist, OfferUp, Letgo. Craigslist:-                                                                                                                                           Craigslist is the American classified advertisements website with the section devoted to jobs, housing for sales, service, items wanted, cars, community service, gigs, resume. It doesn't charge fees for all listing but it charge fee for certain listing such as job openings, city apartments, cars from automobile dealers, and massages, etc.Carousell:-Carousell uses the most common way to earn money through paid ads and premium services. Carousell goes with both charge for posting and serviceOffferUp:- The OfferUp platform facilitates buying and selling used goods. Usually, sellers and buyers make a tentative agreement about the price before they meet. But the seller should do pay the shipping expenditure or service fees. Offer up goes with the charge for product shipping from sellerLetgo:-Letgo is a big player in the classified software. It allows users to sell and buy used goods. It's very simple to use. The person who wants to sell the used goods has to upload the picture of that stuff and the buyer can chat with the potential seller instantly. For buyers, they can search for an item they want to buy and Letgo will show a result based on your location. Letgo goes with the charge for posting ads.In a short period, the success of Letgo is very impressive compared to others. Have a thought to embark on business like Letgo? We are the best provider in Letgo clone script  in the market. Let's take a look into it.Letgo Clone:- PassUp is the top leading clone script of Letgo. It plays bridge gap between seller and buyer. It is procurable with both web and mobile applications. The elegant design of our product is user-friendly. We customize the product as per the client's wish. Our Trioangle product PassUp can help you be the best version in your business and to reach your potential.Thanks for reading this blog. Meet you soon as our client.For any queries feel free to contact us:sales@trioangle.com or tap on https://www.trioangle.com/letgo-clone/

Buying and Selling Archeage Gold
 15 November 2019  

There are different items in the game that can be bought using the in-game currency. In the case of Archeage, it is Archeage gold. To progress in the game, you are always looking for the gold. Gold allows you to upgrade the character along with the rare items that you can get using the gold. Farming gold is free of cost yet boring for some players. You have to complete various quests and complete the missions and only then you are rewarded with gold. However, if you consider buying Archeage gold, you don’t have to waste the time and effort to complete the missions. By simply spending the real money, you can get all the gold you want.Most of the websites have a trusted middleman that allows you to make the deals securely without the risk of any scam. There are some cases where newbies are scammed and the gold was not transferred into the account. So, middleman makes sure that the deal goes safely. The player selling the gold purchase items from the buyer in-game at exaggerated prices and middleman confirms that the transactions are done. The buyer then transfers the money into the bank or PayPal account and the deal goes smoothly. Or there are different websites offering packages and discounts where you can buy Archeage gold for fewer prices than the in-game store. Once the transactions are done, gold is transferred into the account of buyer.Instead of buying Archeage gold, there are several marketplaces where you can actually sell the Archeage gold. Experienced players often indulge in this sort of activity to convert the virtual money into real one. For new players, Archeage gold serves many purposes, so they are always looking for buying the Archeage gold. Sadly, the scammers have scared the buyers but websites with their secure payment methods are trying to earn the trust back and trying to streamline the trading process. With trusted sellers, people will not get robbed of their money and both sellers and buyers can be profited equally.