The first condition to succeed in life is to have a specific goal. After setting the goal, there is a need for hard work to reach over there. There is nothing in the world without effort. Yes, there is one thing that grow thorns in the garden without senility or hard work. But if you have to get good colorful or fragrant flowers, then you have to work hard. Plants have to water regularly, fertilize them, and the plants that grow in extra nasal have to be removed. Then some good flowers grow on the branches.

Who would be unaware of Thomas Alva Edison, who is counted among the world's greatest scientists? He has invented so many things for mankind. E.g. Lightbulb , film projector for viewing, today's CD or DVD like gramophone, record phonograph etc. How did he find all these? Hard labor. From work to the laboratory in the laboratory, I used to find something that could be helpful to mankind, and sometimes even fall into the laboratory at night - a great scientist who received hard work 1093 patents when he says

"Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work."

This is not 100 but 200 percent true when there is no substitute for exertion.

We see the shining success of successful people, but it does not appear to be hard work and sweating behind. Forbes Magazine brings out a list of world's richest people every year. Now some Indian magazines also publishes a list of 50 or 100 richest Indians in India. If you know about these rich people, you will understand that these people were not born with 'a tablespoon of silver'. (In this I only see two exceptions: 1. Jawaharlal Nehru and 2. Vikram Sarabhai) but they have proved successful themselves by constant struggle and hard work. In our Gujarat, only such people were born who had 'awakened their destiny by sprinkling perspiration on fate”. Dhirubhai Ambani was walking with a piece of cloth on his head in Junagadh's Chorwad. Today his son Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in India. It was Dhirubhai Ambani's hard work, whose foresight, hard work and passion for work made his company one of the India's largest companies. Second example is Indravadan Modi and Ramanbhai Patel of Cadila Pharmaceuticals. The two men used to sell gripe water bottles on bicycle for the children when they started their work, years ago. Then Cadila Pharmaceuticals Company was established. Today, the children of these two friends are separated and now they have become two separate companies. Zydus Cadila Pharmaceuticals and Cadila Pharmaceuticals. By selling ordinary soap ticks, the struggles of Karsanbhai Patel, founder of a big organization like Nirma University, can be inspiring to anyone else. There are many such examples. If all this is to be cited, the entire book will be written. The essence of the trick is that failure can be defeated by struggle and hard work. In today's youth, there is a small issue of complexity that hard work cannot be done by us. I ask him, many examples of drowning in the water can be seen or heard, but have there been an example that man is immersed in self-serving? We have not heard such a case till today, and probably will not even hear it. By working, those people are soon tired, who work halfheartedly or they think it as a the burden. It is said in the Jewish scripture “Talmud” 'Love thy work' means love your work. When the person works with the speed, ability and love, it increases the chances of success. Not only that, when a person adds love to his work, the quality of the work improves but there is a general conclusion that the proportion also increases and fatigue seems less.

India's "iron lady" and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's conclusion is even more interesting than this. She noted that my grandfather once said that

"There are two types of people in the world: one who works and others who take credit."

He advised me to be like the first type of people because there is very little competition. Generally politicians have other types of people (creditors). But Indira Gandhi became the first type of people to consult her grandfather’s advice. And the history is that she became a successful prime minister of Indian and rose above than other politicians.

According to Indira Gandhi's grandfather (Motilal Nehru), there are two types of men, but in general it has been seen that

There are three types of people in the world. 'Will do', 'will not do', and 'Cannot do'

First type of people complete their all works, Second kind of people show opposite attitude and third kind of people do not like to work hard. Naturally, first kind of persons gain success. To succeed, a person does not have to have a high Intelligence Quotient. The only requirement is that, be diligent, keep patience and move forward for a particular goal. Most of us have read the story of a turtle and a rabbit in our childhood. If a person always keeps this story’s moral in his mind, then he can be successful.

Moving forward at a slow but steady pace is the only way to success destination.

If you believe that there are big secrets of success, be assured there are none. It's an open Secret. Preparation, hard work and learn lessons from your failures is the only way to success. If a man has a very high intellectual intelligence or being over confident like that rabbit, who is not very much interested doing hard work andnot ready to sweat, he should not have any hope of success.

People who are idle, who are far away from work, are probably far from enjoying life. Work is also a pleasure. After completing any work, the satisfaction may be undescribable. And the mountain of money does not cost anything against such satisfaction. Thomas Carlyle said that,

"The person who got his business is happy. He does not demand for any other happiness. The person who got the job, got the purpose of working in life, he got the industry and he will do the industry. "

The man also receives happiness because of this work, that the same task can be avoided by bitter, evil thoughts and even poverty. One job and three benefits! It’s a good deal. Yet many people are not ready to grab it. Laziness keep them in check. What is the biggest enemy of the body? laziness. If you want to succeed in the battle of life, then the man has to fight against this enemy. No weapons are required for this. It requires only two hands and ten fingers and the books that bestow positive thinking for it.

The biggest advantage of physical exertion is that one can get sound and peaceful sleep. While some (rich) people needs to take sleeping pills for a good sleep!

I can’t stop myself to share a beautiful poem about hard working, somewhere I had read

The wealthy boys get inheritance in land, bricks and gold piles!

It gives a soft body that looks soft and handsome.

It does not have the courage to wear an old garment.

I think that rarely anyone would like to get such an inheritance

The wealthy boy gets worries in heritage.

The banks break, the factory burns, a single blow blows the bubble of the stock.

At that time, soft and white hands cannot stand the means of sustenance.

What does the poor boy inherit in his inheritance?

Strong muscle and forceful heart,

Build strong and stronger morale than that,

The king of two hands, with every useful industry, goes to work with art.

The king also wishes to obtain such an inheritance.

We had started this article with Thomas Edison’s quote, let's finish it with his great quote :

The three great essentials to achieve anything worthwhile are, first, hard work; second, stick-to-itiveness; third, common sense.”