All of a sudden he came home to silence... All her stuff was gone
Not even one blue hair in the sink or on his sweater
Like nothing had ever happened and it was all a dream.

...Was it?
Smoke filled the room and that 5 pm sunray that she loved so much burst through it and landed right on the corner of his couch where she would always plant that tight little ass of hers as soon as she came in...

Definitely not a dream...

He laid his head down there and turned on the TV. A huge 11 appeared on the screen and he automatically pressed pause. She used to say that 11 is a powerful master number, and she wanted a picture everytime "the master" revealed itself to her.
He couldn't tell himself whether or not that habit would ever die. Maybe he will be pausing the screen when he sees an 11 on the TV for the rest of his life.

His back felt so awfully naked. No more tiny little hands, scratchy little nails, dancing on the tender nerves of his back like a slow ballet. Making him spasm like an epileptic. And laugh like a child bathing in candy. She didn't even need one day to find his tender spots, it's like she smelled them from afar on the moment they first met.

All of a sudden he finds his heart glowing. Such a peculiar feeling.
Reassuring, tender and warm. Like she had never left. Could she be thinking about him right now? Would she be thinking about him at all? His head just drives him crazy. If she's not doing anything with him, he didn't even want to know.
Cause he was just there on his couch, naked, staring at an 11 on a paused screen while he smokes his cigarette.

His kingdom had become an empty nest.