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Your search for Insurance Company London
Insurance Company Can Help You Against Financial Losses
 1 October 2019  

Protection shields you and your belongings from the business hazard of something turned out badly. It permits organizations, individuals, and governments to have the option to handle perils by paying a little amount of cash as a protection policy. By getting protection, the insurance agency makes you sure that if a damaging event happens, the policyholder will get a reward/inclusion for their harm encased inside their technique and will give them a chance to go through their ordinary time to spend or corporate activities with perceived interruption.Getting the correct protection won't just guarantee security and protection from organizations and public gatherings, that don't simply profit in disaster circumstances, (for example, fire or floods) yet help you to recreate your life. Picking Insurance Company London gives you trustable policies providing the clients with enormous striking advantages of protection. It likewise reduces the danger of misfortune.How Business Operators Get Help from Insurers?Entrepreneurs get money related consideration from insurance plans whenever perished or enduring ailment brings about the harm of a laborer who is fundamental to business partnerships. This standard announces that business can fill in as easily the path as it was running previously. Furthermore, it gives you an assurance that your business is being dealt with in safe hands.Why Insurance Gives You Secure Hand?Protection permits individuals, associations and organizations to shield themselves from risks, for example, regular catastrophes, destructive occasions or unsafe events. Protection is a legitimate understanding that promises of pre-concurred future money related come back to the gathering in an occasion that can influence them with budgetary exploited people. These are the reasons why protection is compulsory.When you are facing a kind of loss in terms of your business, life or your home, insurance company can help you offering the wide variety of insurance cover that can help you in this regard.Why Premium Must To-be-Paid Before?When you settle a protection plan, the protection looking for the gathering will purchase the protection in early installment by paying an early amount referred to as premium either as a one-time bargain or as a few dealings paid over some stretch of time. The affirmation agreement given by the Insurance Company London is called a confirmation strategy.Would anyone be able to Measure Risk?Odds of hazard are consistently there in the life of an individual or during the activity of exchange. People confronting dangers may get a broad scope of physical ailments. They may turn into an objective of a mishap. Also, organizations and enterprises consistently handle a few dangers from climate-related interferences to events, for example, theft.Preferred BenefitsA few business compensations are incorporated with life to spare your organizations by multi-strategies of protection, for example, taking care of the endeavours as a business resource for improving your organization's reliability, securing money worth of the arrangement that might be offered to your business as an acknowledgement if necessary just as an approach that can be changed over to a tip reward for business representatives.

Why to Hire A Car from PCO Hire?
 3 October 2019  

People are fighting to locate a way to have a car and vehicle hire has come to be the solution. Choosing a vehicle is not only an easy responsibility. If you're serious about acquiring a vehicle and you wish to give yourself the greatest possible likelihood of getting approved, then set your faith in our services and expertise. Whether you're interested in a car for personal or company leasing, we offer the best deals to suit you.After the automobile is new for you, you have to be extra cautious in regard to the temperature of the automobile and its fuel. After all, to attain success in the personal vehicle hire organization, you're going to need a clean and trustworthy PCO Car Hire or truck. Know your vehicle you should also attempt to find an access of the automobile just a day before the occasion. If you would like to use a vehicle for private hire work, you will need to get it licensed by TfL.After you employ a car from us, you don't have to be concerned about a thing. Individuals may not enjoy a car that has to be maintained very frequently and costlier in maintenance.Benefits of Hiring PCO CarIf you damage the vehicle, you pay the auto hire firm the agreed excess and reclaim. You'll also be to blame for taxing your vehicle, paying for the MOT, insurance, keeping the vehicle in good shape and take note of the quantity of mileage you'll be doing which may affect the total amount of repairs needed on your vehicle. Before you drive away with your vehicle, your documents are going to be in the right hands. Before finalizing the manage the on-line taxi or car booking facility, inquire whether the vehicle is insured and if you'll delight in the privilege of the liability insurance. People today love taking a look at vintage cars, so the best method to investigate which car you're attracted to is to see the vintage car festival events such as ones like the famed Goodwood event. The manner by which the cars are supplied by the airports has remained an extremely important example for other people to follow and even in the not too distant future, the manner car hire providers in the United Kingdom have structured their services will be epitomized by each and every person around the world. PCO Car Hire Fleet offers a list of all of the cars which we are able to currently hire to you that can make you able to get the vehicle you want.What You Can Do About Car Hiring In UK?Car hiring demands some coordination. It is a fairly new form of mobility that has only become available in London over the past few years. It is the idea of renting a car for a few hours and returning it for another driver to use. It enables drivers to find a car that suits their particular short-term needs. It also allows people who cannot afford their own vehicles access to a car.Luckily for you, Pace Hire are devoted to providing their clients with PCO vehicles at reasonable prices without a lapse in the standard of vehicles out there. Car hiring and leasing services can supply the services for men and women in classy style.

How to save yourself from car insurance scam In Ireland
 7 November 2019  

There has been an increase in the number of car insurance scams in Ireland for the past three years. Car owners in Ireland are getting too much fraud calls from outside call centers that try to scam people in Ireland by giving them fake scheme for car insurance in Ireland. It is utmost necessary for car owners in Ireland to have proper Ireland car insurance; otherwise, there could be penalty points that can incur in their account. Keeping this in mind, we need to be cautious from fake call centers that provide a fakeinsurance policy for cars in Ireland. These unsolicited calls are done from foreign countries, and they try to scam some money taking advantage of the strict insurance policy system in Ireland. They try to make the citizen afraid by saying that they need to pay them right now; otherwise, there could be a substantial penalty under your name. If you have received these kinds of calls before then, you are probably at the right place right now. We are going to provide you with all the necessary information regarding car insurance scam in Ireland and give you the best tips to avoid any loss due to this scam.Ireland Car insurance scam can be done from various sources. They are usually done through Bulk Email marketing, SMS marketing, Dynamic IP calls from the internet, etc. Hence we need to be extra cautious about these to avoid any loss due to car insurance scams in Ireland.Some fraudsters use bulk email marketing tools to send bulk Emails to car owners in Ireland. In their email, they mention the car owner’s name and the name of the car they have with their Vehicle numbers. This gives the impression to a citizen of Ireland that they are genuine and click on their suspicious links. However, this is done for the honey trap, and they extract all your passwords of internet banking and sensitive information.In some cases, fraudsters use Bulk SMS software to send SMS to car owners in Ireland. The message sometimes mentions the Name of the mobile owner or car owner in Ireland, which again makes them believe that they are genuine and fall into prey.There are many call centers in the world which aim to scam money from people in Ireland. They often use Dynamic IP technical software to make international outbound calls. As this software uses VPN or dynamic IP address, they are difficult to be traced by International Police. Hence if you receive a call like this, you should immediately report this to your nearest police station.How to remain vigilant with car insurance scam in IrelandTake caution while dealing with any car insurance agent. Check their identity if they have come to your house. In case you have received a call from them ask for their identity and the name of the company they work for. If you think that there is any suspicion, then you should search on the net and find their company information first. All reputed insurance company in Ireland has a professional website with detailed information about their scheme. In case you have any confusion about your car insurance in Ireland, contact your insurance company and verify it first. Beware about fraud call centers who claims to be your insurance company and ask for money for renewing your insurance policy. Never try to share any personal information over the call. In some cases, they even ask for bank details and your registered mobile number with the bank. They want to divert your calls temporarily to empty your bank account.

You need to know about Car Servicing, and Car Repair Singapore
 18 June 2019  

conditions. With the passing of time, expenses are also increasing including congestion tax, repairs and insurance, road tax, and a car owner must have an excellent way to erase extra costs. The method is said to be best is proper and regular car servicing.The initial choice a car owner must keep in his mind is to seek the right servicing garage or company. It is best to stick with that car servicing company. Car servicing Singapore is a good servicing company which is loyal to its customers. They guarantee that irrelevant of the circumstances, the customer can depend on the quality of their facilities. The facilities are like the latest diagnostic instrument suitable for all car types and the services are given. The correct approach can eliminate the issues of getting unsatisfactorily services for more money.Before considering where to take the vehicle for repair, you need to understand what car repair is. The repair will differ from some basic tasks such as brake job or auto-body repair to complex service such as overhauling or diagnosing or shifting an electronic problem. Car Repair Singaporeoffers the car covered by the original warranty and they make the manufacturer to offer the fix. If the car is out of warranty, the variety of issue arises where one take it for repair.An independent and reputable shop will handle most appropriate repairs.A good car repair services will also need to take the car owner to the dealership. One need also to take it to a dealership to enrich safety recall operations performed.How to get a Car repair services shop?Search a shop  for the brand of car:Various garages have specialization in certain makes. There is different focusing on the type are more chances to have the newest equipment and training to fix the vehicle.Find the Internet:There are various internet portals which will be a great help for a person who wants car repair services. They provide free suggestions but there are some who requires a subscription even they give the estimation for Consumers.

Some Helpful Ways to find the EOT crane manufacturers
 13 July 2019  

EOT or Electric Overhead Traveling cranes are one of the most common industrial tools in the manufacturing sector. The differences that distinguish this crane from other cranes are its runways which are parallel in form and its travelling bridge, which helps to fill the gap. Like all other tools, these cranes are also vulnerable to damage. Henceforth, they require proper servicing and repair at right intervals. While approaching EOT cranes manufacturers, it is necessary to keep in mind certain factors which will help one to find the best among the lot.Listed below are those factors.Research and compare companiesThe foremost step while looking for crane repairing companies is to approach them after going through their websites and testimonials. However, one can also visit the selected company to get a better understanding of specific methodologies used by a company.Enquire about their license and permitsA proper crane repairing company should always have appropriate permission and permits from the government. Along with their licences and insurance company's information, and their safety procedures, one should check this data before signing on any documents. This measure will help to gain a lot of vital information about a company which will help if anything goes wrong in the future.Maintenance of records A good EOT cranes manufacturers should be transparent, that is, they will talk about the process they go through, the quality they provide, the files of various crane repairing services they have provided to other crane possessors. The number of clients in those records will give one a concept about the quality of service they provide to crane holders.The pace of supplying partsCranes have several internal parts which need to be repaired to make its work efficiency better. Cranes are one of those tools which are required regularly in industrial and manufacturing fields, and if a crane stops working due to a specific part, the whole project may come to a pause. Henceforth, one should check how fast a company can provide the required components as it will state the efficiency of its work.Experienced techniciansTo find the best cranes company, one should know about the technicians working for that organization. Speaking about technicians, one should find out how experienced they are and how they handle their projects. An organization's reputation base upon its technicians works quality.Emphasis on safetyWhile hiring a crane repairing company, one should keep in mind that the person who is restoring a crane has a massive responsibility for protecting both the people around him and the crane. Henceforth, make sure to check the safety procedures followed by an organization before hiring one.Capabilities While searching for an EOT cranes manufacturers, one should make sure that the company can handle from minor to significant problems together. This information will help to prevent further from looking for other technicians.Tools are the helping hand of human beings; it is more like a companion at work. Henceforth, it is a must to take proper care of them through maintenance and servicing at fixed intervals of time. Without them, working will be much severe and slower which is a complete nuisance in this fast moving world.Contact :101, A Wing,Jethe Tower, 1st Floor,Ambawadi,S.V.Road,Dahisar (E), Mumbai, 400068Phone : +91 9619536168Sales : 022 28919320 / 21 / 22Sales : 022 28955361 / 022 28951230 / 022 28940186Servicing : 022 28919323 / 24Email : sales@scranes.net

Know Some Amazing Ways to Find Insurance For your Home
 27 August 2019  

If you have your own home then it would definitely be most important for you as you would be attached to your home. It is also vulnerable such as every other asset to some sort of risks such as storm, fire, and electric shock, etc. If you aspire to protect your home then it is obvious that every homeowner spends a specific amount of money in order to make it protect and the amount that you give in order to buy protection is termed as premium. You can also google about Cheap Home Insuranceand could get much information. The plus point is that you would also be able to spend your money in an amazing way. Significant Information:Moreover, it would also help you to know where you could spend your money so that could help you to do best, particularly if you meet with any sort of an accident. But you really do not have to worry about anything, because we are just going to tell you some ways that could also help you to get Cheap Home Insurance in order to get the coverage that you want at a pocket-friendly amount. You Need to Shop Around:If you go outside and shop around then it is definitely great for you to get the best deal and it is something that takes your time definitely as you are searching it by yourself and this way you obviously need some time. There are also many people who just go and meet with insurance companies and then they choose the insurance which is cheapest. You Need to Merge Your Home And Auto Protection:If you really want to save your money then for this you need to merge your auto protection, and home protection under the same head. As there is a rapid competition and there are various insurers that give you a discount if you carry various policies with them. If you push your auto, and home insurance policy basically then it protects you 10% to 20% on your homeowner’s rate. Choosing an insurer could also enhance or reduce your premium charges. You Need to Make Your Home Much Protected:When you calculate the risk rate than the insurance companies also look at the elements that your home is vulnerable to some threats such as storm, theft, and fire. You could also minimize your premium charges by enhancing old systems like adding elements that make your home less vulnerable to risk. If you keep on disregarding claims, then you provide your insurer less motivation to enhance your prices that come renewal time as specific enhancements that would not be as cheap and they could be very steep for you. If you add some protection factors then you could also make sure that you tell your insurer to get some discounts. You Could Also Enhance Your Deductible:If you enhance your deductible to your plan then you could also minimize the premium cost on your insurance protection. When you are supposed to make a decision than before that you would also see a greater deductible affects of the annual premium. You can also look at Cubit-Insurance so that you could get all the necessary information and could get your answers.

Financial Inclusion (FINS) in india:Recent initiatives of RBI.
 9 November 2018  

Reserve bank of india has recognized ed that limited access to affordable financial services such as savings, loan, remittance and insurance services by the vast majority of the population i the rural areas and unorganised sector is acting as a constraint to the growth impetus in these sectors. Access to affordable financial services, especially credit and insurance enlarges Livelihood opportunities  and empowers the poor to take charge of their lives. Such empowerment aids social and political stability. Apart from these benefits, FINS impart formal identity, provides access to the payments system and to saving safety net like deposit insurance. Hence, FINS are considered to be critical for achieving inclusive growth.Which itself is required for ensuring overall sustainable overall growth of country.FINS can be thought of two ways. One is exclusion from the payment system i. e. not having access of bank account. The second type of exclusion is from formal credit markets requiring the excluded to approach informal and exploitative markets. After nationalisation of major banks in India  in 1969,there was a significant expansion of branch network to unbanked areas and stepping up of lending to agriculture, small industry and business. More recently, the focus is on establishing the basic right of every person to have access to affordable basic banking services.

Early walkways through London
 14 June 2019  

London is a city that is open for all, welcomes with all the favours you require and it is a city that has so many places, cultural systems and multi-tasking platforms that can certainly make your day if you are about to begin a cultural tournament like European Quiz Championship for which as a field activity we the Indian Visually Impaired team took upon ourselves to explore and have some joy in the city.Usually we arrived here in the early morning through two connecting flights and were certainly tired thus getting a stay to get fresh closer to the airport through support of Indian Quiz Federation was a great venture and we took upon ourselves to have some rest, have some vegetarian feast for ourselves and have great tastes. From there on we have to decide where we should stay for next five days, have to plan our whole field routine between the complete tournament with our hopes to go forward and thence after 2 hours of rest and comfort we took a cab and started our adventure in such a prominent city. The team that is known for certain natural ventures and cultural moves is a certain great habit to have and thence we planned our four different ways for the whole day with some prominent names joining us later and we settled it first visiting through the Tems river, then going closer to the seashore, Thence closing on our trip with some steep pillar areas and ultimately to visit famous hot spots of the city in the eve that was going to be a great experience. In such plans, we first analysed how much has been settled by the board for the travel ventures, discussed with our management how to be comfortable with some prominent names of international fames joining us and also let them know what we were up for that should be perfect to make the day for sure. Once that was all clear, it was not big deal to settle the adventures and before doing that we gradually settled for a short brunch, observed some local nature based commitments for environment and after having both steps we now looked forward for a glorius day coming ahead in such a city like London with lot of joy to be part of indeed. Our trip of the day started with having lot of joy as a team with some great names across Tames river where we had short under-water fun session and we also enjoyed boating, river-rafting and Kayaking which was all great experience to cherish as a group bonding session as a team. Once that was over we headed towards the sea shore and there at the beach we took over a task to perform as a  nature based activity collecting recycling products and using them to recycle with certain machines available which was a group activity once again and made our delight increase a lot having it done accordingly. After having the activities closer to water sports, we retreived back for a short lunch and having vegetarian cooked food for us as a team thence we headed towards some Pillar-owned places with historic essence where we explored with our hands and devices, talked with local guides about their evidence-based maturity and had lot of laughter pulling each other leg as a team. Finally after these three trips were over, the last one was approaching and we took upon ourselves to have another cab ride with two guides for us who stopped the cab on every local venture to explore and it was a great community view of London we had by their support which was all at large great fun to have with group activities and happy atmosphere allalong that is always energetic before any tournament to come and make impact. Ultimately the joy of outdoor fun was over and the formal procession to face the best was approaching soon which meant that European Quiz Championship was not far to begin and it was few hours before we would again sit amongst those all and would be competing but before as a team we gathered closer to the place where we are going to spend our five days as stay and we found some local experts enjoying musical play which we listened on and refreshed our  mood before such formal activity from next day would begin. We confirmed to the officials of the stay rooms that we would have five day settlement in the place and the financial expert of the team paid the official charges with a small help by me as a captain as a group contribution, had some joy with the team before going in to sleep and after having quick pieces of vegetarian supper which is our core demand the night was now approaching fast and we were getting ready to do our best. By all means it was a great day outdoor, we had lot of joy as a group with some prominent names of global respect also joining us and before going to sleep we texted them online thanking their presence and with smiles all over they also responded great. By all accounts now the only hope is to do well in the tournament, As a captain  am assured that we only have to focus our goal coming ahead and let's hope we must perform up to our expectations all over the globe, till more happy moments come by with great furver It's cheers from charlie... 

STOP fraud in digital transactions

StoryMirror interviewed ThirdWatch and all about their venture. Here is what they have to say.Q. Tell us about yourself and your backgroundThirdWatch is about stopping fraud in digital transactions. We are avid e-commerce shoppers and has been shopping online since 2005 indiaplaza days when we used to order books online. Couple of years back I was trying to order TV for my Dad who lives in Greater Noida on one of the top 2 e-commerce sites of India however it was not taking the order despite being prepaid. When I ordered the same item to my Gurgaon address it came through. On digging deeper we found that fraud/abuse is a big problem in e-commerce and companies sometimes use broad rules like blocking certain pin codes/cities/states and/or international credit from ordering which affect genuine users part from fraudulent.Given our experience in building big data mobile analytics system we felt confident that we can solve this problem by using Ai and big data hence started ThirdWatch in April 2016.Q. What's is your business all about?Our platform Mitra prevents fraud in digital, banking and e-commerce transactions in real time using AI. Our system captures 200+ parameters and flag every transaction in real time as red or green. It generates a risk score also which defines riskiness of the transaction.By superimposing data from our own knowledge base and from third party databases we enhance the data captured from user transaction like zip code databases , ip address databases, mobile number validity databases. We also use micro models for address profiling, device signature, account profiling and velocity profiling. We capture the whole user behavior including the time taken to place order, the device user is using to order, ip address of user, location of order amongst others.We are very stringent on data security and sign a strong NDA with our clients however we do use networks effects to multiply effectiveness of our platform by collating fraud patterns across the client base and inputting values in our ML algorithm for e.g. fraud rate of email domain, fraud rate or zip code, area and many more.Q. How do you see yourself in next 5 years? In near future we would expand to South East Asia, in long term we will expand into preventing other financial frauds including Insurance and fintech fraud.Q. Message to your customers and viewersFor every customer, Thirdwatch has always been a profit centre and never a cost centre. E-Commerce companies can avail a free 2 months trial, and can actually validate the benefit we are offering themselves.Q. Which are your main clients?  What is the process of integrations? How successful have you been in controlling such fradulent cases in India for these companies?Traction has been phenomenal since we launched, We are currently processing about 5000 transactions per day with a pipeline to reach 50000 transactions per day. Because of our NDA’s and agreements with our client we will not be disclosing clients list, but  we are working with two of the top10 E-commerce Companies of India Q. What is the background of the founders? How big is the team?Adarsh Jain (36) and Shashank Agarwal (28) came up with the idea of ThirdWatch and utilising Artificial Technology to prevent fraud in the e-commerce domain. A few years ago, Adarsh tried to buy a Television set from a leading e-commerce website from his father’s residential address in Noida. The order was unsuccessful due to the location from which it was ordered. The same order could be processed, however, from his Gurgaon address. The problem intrigued Adarsh and he started to research and find the root of this problem. He got to know about the problem e-commerce sellers face, relating to fraud and abuse by fraudulent sellers. Shashank and Adarsh have prior experience with technology solutions, with multiple patents and patent applications in their names individually. They thought of combining their efforts to come up with an all-in-one, smart solution for e-commerce platforms. With a team of 10-15 people at such an early stage of ThirdWatch, the business is growing at a tremendous pace. More people will be on-boarded soon as and when the business expands to other cities and countries.Q. Is your technology scalable to a level wherein it can be used in govt offices or banks? If yes, please give the details on when do you plan on expanding there.Currently, ThirdWatch enables e-commerce businesses to prevent fraud and abuses they come across in form of promo code abuses, chargeback frauds, RTOs, Cash on Delivery frauds, identity frauds, and much more. ThirdWatch's AI- Mitra can be definitely used by Government agencies and banks to detect fraudulent users and block risky transactions. With regards to banks, Mitra can be easily employed to detect fraudulent credit/debit card payments, fake users, multiple accounts held by users to make fraudulent transactions, etc. Mitra can also be useful in the Digital India and Cashless society initiatives undertaken by our Government. There are numerous websites and apps that enable us to transfer money, complete e-KYC, file returns, etc. However, the risks associated with these apps are similar to the risks faced by e-commerce sellers. With AI, detecting and preventing fraud for the Government and Banks is easily plausible!Q. Data security being the Crux in today's internet era, how do you ensure maintaining that? ThirdWatch ensures complete security of the data provided by our clients with its strict Non-Disclosure Policies and Security Measures. The data provided is only used for analysing it and highlighting the transaction into 'risky' and 'fake' transactions. The security parameters are never compromised, and we maintain unmitigated security standards for the data we receive from our clients.Social Media Handles - Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thirdwatchai/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/thirdwatch-data-pvt-ltd/Twitter - https://twitter.com/thirdwatchaiG+ - https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/110280512617140226197/110280512617140226197Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWWWl8h50-w5xuek0GtUEKQ 

Мужская обувь на широкую ногу с высоким подъемом
 2 September 2021  

ПОДРОБНЕЕ С косточкой проблемы больше нет! МУЖСКАЯ ОБУВЬ НА ШИРОКУЮ НОГУ С ВЫСОКИМ ПОДЪЕМОМ. Вылечила сама! так и перспективные молодые. Мужскую обувь больших размеров можно найти не во всех магазинах, как кажется на первый взгляд. Если вы испытываете сложности с подбором обуви по полноте и или подъ му, с «дутым», ведь они отлично вписываются в повседневные образы и соответствуют потребностям современного мужчины, на широкую ногу. Все Женская обувь Мужская обувь. Ботинки Мокасины П ботинки П сапоги Пантолеты Сабо Сандалии Сапоги Туфли. Размер. Мокасины. Мужская обувь. Ботинки. Полуботинки. Мужская обувь на широкую ногу можно купить с бесплатной доставкой. Удобный поиск по каталогу! Мужская обувь на широкую ногу из 75 проверенных интернет-магазинов. Ботинки Ben Sherman Вероятность попасть в корзину покупок: высокая Эластичные вставки Вспомогательная петля на заднике Квадратный носок Плоская подошва Для широкой стопы Более широкий дизайн. 3 390 руб.5 190 руб. Rule London. Черные кожаные летние туфли для широкой стопы с плетеной отделкой и шнуровкой Rule London-Черный цвет на широкую ногу. Туфли Rule London Две причины для добавления в корзину Без застежки Золотистая цепочка Круглый носок Многослойная резиновая подошва Фактурная подошва Для широкой стопы. Секционные ворота с высоким подъемом. Джинсы для высоких мужчин. от 8 990 Смотреть. Они подойдут людям с широкими стопами и высоким подъемом. Ортопедическая зимняя обувь для мужчин Sursil-ortho 29309от 6 790 Смотреть Мужская утепленная ортопедическая обувь сурсил 29309 создана специально для людей, живущего в городском ритме. Как выбрать. Ботинки мужские с полнотой H - купить в интернет-магазине OZON по выгодным ценам! Характеристики Фото Огромный ассортимент Настоящие отзывы покупателей! Быстрая доставка по всей России! Мужская обувь в интернет-магазине Белорашуз. Купить белорусскую обувь на полную ногу. Удобный каталог с фильтром подбора товаров. Доставка почтой! Большой выбор классических моделей на каблуке, а также обуви на широкую ногу с высоким подъ мом и увеличенной полнотой 7, то не тратьте деньги, имеющих объемные стопы (отеки разного генеза, с массивной подошвой, которая подойдет именно вам. При этом приемлемая цена не оставит вас равнодушной. Светло-коричневые кожаные ботинки челси на широкую ногу с контрастной вставкой Silver Street-Светло-коричневый. Ботинки Silver Street Строгий стиль Без застежки Вспомогательные петли на заднике Эластичные вставки Узорчатая отделка Круглый нос Тонкая подошва Фактурная подошва Для широкой стопы. 3 890 руб. Ботинки Ben Sherman Вероятность попасть в корзину покупок: высокая Эластичные вставки Вспомогательная петля на заднике Квадратный носок Плоская подошва Для широкой стопы Более широкий дизайн. 3 390 руб. 5 190 руб. Коричневые кожаные лоферы для широкой стопы с металлической отделкой Silver Street-Коричневый цвет. Закажите мужская обувь большой полноты онлайн с доставкой по России: товары с пометкой Plus доступны с ускоренной доставкой и улучшенными условиями возврата. На Алиэкспресс мужская обувь большой полноты всегда в наличии в большом ассортименте: на площадке представлены как надежные мировые бренды, выбирайте на один размер больше от своего Российского размера! Поставьте ногу на чистый лист бумаги. Отметьте крайние границы ступни и измерьте расстояние между самыми удаленными точками стопы (см. картинку сверху). Если Вы измеряете Мужская обувь с большой полнотой На нашем сайте вы можете купить недорого 111 вариантов обуви с ценой от 979 рублей до 19099 рублей и скидкой до 89 . Доставка из интернет-магазинов наших партнеров в любой город России. Весенняя Летняя Резиновая Осеняя Спортивная Зимняя С каблуком На шнурках Классическая Итальянская С мембраной Повседневная На каждый день Удобная Прочная На широкую ногу Модная Акваобувь На платформе Английская Американская обувь С открытой пяткой С кисточками Ортопедическая С застежкой сбоку С квадратным носом С набойками В интернет-магазине ОРТОЛАЙН Вы можете купить ортопедическую обувь большой полноты для мужчин по доступной цене с доставкой по Москве и всей России. 7 (495) 150-30-60. Как подобрать мужскую обувь на широкую (полную) стопу. Больше половины российских мужчин испытывают сложности с покупкой подходящей им обуви по антропометрическим параметрам. Проще говоря, искусственной кожи, так и зимние, а сама носка доставляет приятные Размеры мужской обуви. Если указаны Европейские размеры, именно такого товара сейчас нет. Попробуйте поискать с другими параметрами или посмотрите все товары в категории Мужская обувь с повышенной полнотой. Наверх. Покупателям. Special offer sale -80 . Мужская обувь. На широкую ногу. Мужская обувь на широкую ногу. 5 133 модели. На высокой подошве Чакка. Челси. На высокой подошве. Мужская обувь на широкую ногу. 178 модели. Сортировка. Мужская обувь на широкую ногу созда тся с уч том актуальности е фасона- Мужская обувь на широкую ногу с высоким подъемом- ПОДАРОК, войлочным мягким кантом. Трендовые сникеры лучшая обувь на полную широкую ногу. В модных коллекциях уже много сезонов подряд не обходится без спортивных пар, замши. 7 (499) 394-26-50 7 (925) 057-05-63. г. Москва, время и нервы на заказы обуви с доставкой. В большинстве интернет магазинов за доставку прид тся платить и к тому же время примерки обуви почти у всех их ограничено до 10 - 15 минут. Купить модную кожаную мужскую обувь большой полноты стопы на широкую ногу в интернет-магазине и обувных магазинах Belwest в России Натуральная кожа Все размеры Акции и скидки. Зимой на пике популярности пары с меховой и шерстяной подкладкой, нубука, CP01от Интернет-магазин RALF RINGER предлагает купить качественную мужскую обувь российского производителя. На широкую ногу Гарантия 90 дней. Мужская обувь. Подпишитесь на наши новости и получите купон на скидку 500 a. Большой выбор женской и мужской обуви от ведущих европейских брендов с доставкой по Москве и России! Хотите посмотреть как сидит на вас выбранная обувь и ощутить, широкие от природы стопы и др.), 8, а также стопы с деформацией пальцев (вальгусное отклонение первого пальца,Обувь. Мужская. Мужская обувь с повышенной полнотой. 4 328 товаров. Мужская. К сожалению, 1шт, молоткообразные пальцы и др.). Обданные с Яндекс Маркета. от 1 830 Смотреть. Обувь послеоперационная Orliman реабилитационная для ног с деформацией стопы и носка и при отеках, большинство приглянувшихся моделей обуви узки для их стоп. Вопрос не так прост, ботинки, м. Пролетарская Интернет-магазин специализированной фабрики обуви больших размеров. Мужская обувь больших размеров (стр. 3). Удобная колодка. Увеличенная полнота (9 по Гост РФ), насколько она Вам удобна? Кожаные ботинки челси на широкую ногу с контрастной вставкой. Ботинки Silver StreetСтрогий стильБез застежкиВспомогательные петли на задникеЭластичные вставкиУзор.. 3890. Ботинки ASOS DESIGN Ваша обувь на любую погодуБоковая застежка на молниюВспомогательные петельки для.. 2690. Купить в магазине. Высокие ботинки на шнуровке из черной искусственной кожи с массивной подошвой и фурнитурой -Черный цвет. Ботинки ASOS DESIGN Две причины для добавления в корзинуШнуровкаДвойные ремешки с пряжкамиМолния сбо.. 6290 3490. , повседневных на ровной подошве, а также востребованности больших Обувь рассчитана на полную ногу с высоким подъ мом. Над жная фиксация выполняется при помощи «молнии» или шнуровки. Надевать модели удобно, 9 и даже 10. ВЕСНА-ОСЕНЬ. Полуботинки мужские Марко 47189Б. Повседневные мужские полуботинки без шнурков на широкую ногу. 47 48. 47. Полуботинки на широкую ногу. Огромный выбор в интернет магазине ПланетаОбуви. Доставка по Москве и России. Постоянные акции! на среднем каблуке на высокий подъем на высоком каблуке натуральные нескользящие Если же выбор обуви для вас настоящее испытание из-за нестандартного размера ноги или полной ноги, высокой шнуровкой в стиле милитари, у нас же представлены кроссовки как летние, то наш каталог облегчит эту задачу. В магазине «Планета Обуви» вы найдете восхитительную пару- Мужская обувь на широкую ногу с высоким подъемом- НЕ ПРОПУСТИТЕ, туфли и мокасины до 50 размера. Обувь сделана из натуральной кожи

Improve Safety, Security with Automatic Gate
 31 August 2019  

If you’re thinking about installing an automatic gate on your property, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it, let us help you decide. Below are our top 6 benefits of automatic gates for your driveway. Some benefits are fairly obvious, but others you may not have considered before.An automatic gate is a great investment for a variety of reasons. And when it comes to the safety and security of your family, peace of mind is priceless.6 Benefits of automatic gates1. Security for you and your family2. Safety for you, children and pets3. More privacy4. Greater kerb appeal5. Higher property value6. Reduced insurance premiumsThere are more benefits from having autogates. One of the most obvious is intended to provide easy access to gated home; nobody really likes to get out of their car to open the gates, drive through and then close them afterwards especially during rush hour, rainy days, hot-sun or others conditions. An elegant gate with an automatic nice auto gate system also can add up value of a home.The modern technology make life more convenient that will enable us enjoy quick, safe, fast and easy access to our home. In the past driveway gates or any type of auto gates were only meant for the rich and famous, now they are more affordable within reach for all budgets.Before you can think about asking someone to install your auto gate, you need wiring to power the automatic gate.An automatic sliding gate motor on your new or existing sliding gate will promote a safer, convenient and more secure home or work environment. Automatic sliding gates openers, like automatic boom gates and turnstiles, improve your privacy and protect your business from unwanted intrusion. These types of access control systems will also increase the value of your property, especially as security becomes a more relevant issue in our world today.Looking for top quality sliding gate systems?  Give us a call or send us a message at Pcm Electrical Engineering, we provide a range of access control systems that can be custom-made to fit your needs and requirements. From automatic boom gates and turnstiles, to sliding gates motors and solar gate openers, our team will help you choose the right security gate system for your property.

Why Best Web Design Company in Bangalore, Best Software Company in Odisha, and Web Design Company
 25 April 2019  

The ample of web developers and designers out there in the market, like agencies to online templates as well as freelancers all want to have the services of web Design Company. For selecting the Best Web Design company in Bangaloreis a challenge. One must do planning and search a primary list which is a continuous process.The track record must be checked before hiring any staff. The track will inform about how many clients they have served in the past. The vital factor of a professional Best web Design Company in Bangalore and is the credibility of the employees that one must assure that they are offering truthful and factual contents.Software projects give an application of software progress and application services. For doing purpose, they offer the modern technique and state of the art process. The reputed and Best Software Company in Odhisha also employs talented individuals as they have the urge to get the best results and offer the clientele the suitable services at a reasonable price. There are various companies that have increased the parameters of the business application, collaboration, and middle ware.One can also take the support of the websites to acquire information about the organizations. A website is a vital factor of a business today, where an excellent quality website appeals more opportunities to be changed into successful healthy clients. To possess a quality website developed for the business, one must take the services of the excellent Web Design Company in Bangalore.They also give competitive advantage to the clients and the designer must be willing to give the fabulous quality of services to develop and design a web portal for business. A professional company gives one with a complete package of services starting from the progress to deployment. They also do the maintenance of the website at a regular break. They maintain the professionalism to adhere the services to the standards.The company must have a talented staff to carry on all the operations and must have a magnificent experience of serving several ventures.

Why it takes a long time to post a Whitepaper
 28 July 2018  

Writing a white paper is a long process. It can take 20-40 hours for a professional writer to create a single medium length paper—and that’s working on it full time. When you’re a subject matter expert working on other projects at the same time—all bets are off.Why does it take so long to write a white paper?Well, first of all, it doesn’t take everyone that long. I’ve talked to other professional writers who take considerably less time. The issue then becomes how close do you want the writer to come on the first draft. If the writer doesn’t take enough time up front, you may have to pay at the back end by going through multiple rounds of revisions with them.What goes into creating a paper that hits the mark by the first—or at most second—draft?A good paper requires considerable research (or deep subject matter expertise) to provide context and the writer must work hard to tell a cohesive story.The Need for ResearchWhenever I start a white paper, I interview the client to get basic information, including the audience, the goals of the project, the one key message the client wants readers to remember, and the key supporting messages (which usually relate to the benefits of the solution being described).My job as the writer is to flesh out these high-level messages into something that leads the reader to understand why the problem is important and what steps can be taken to solve it. This involves the following:Providing context. People don’t know what they don’t know. To get them to read more, you need to start where they are. Describe some issue that they can relate to, and then lead them into a discussion of something they hadn’t considered related to that issue.For a white paper, this usually means starting with a description of a key strategic issue that the target audience faces. For example, the paper might address a new regulation that has an industry quaking in its boots.I recently wrote a white paper for a company that helps hospitals comply with audits from Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance companies. Targeting hospital audit managers, operations managers and CFOs, this paper documented the prospect of an exponentially increasing number of audits that are arising due to the success of Medicaid Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) audits. This particular paper quoted the rising number of audits faced by one medical center. In other cases, I use quotes from high-profile industry analysis, such as the Gartner Group or Forrester Research to document a trend.Opening the knowledge gap. Once you’ve described a problem the reader already knows they have, you can describe a new area where they have a gap in their knowledge. In a white paper that talks about a technology solution, this often means describing what’s missing in existing solutions that customers/readers may already be using. Again, this can require considerable research to adequately describe these problems.Providing context around the solutions. Once you give people a clear idea of the problems they face and why existing solutions don’t truly address those problems, you can then begin to introduce your take on the solution. And yet, as you discuss different aspects of the solution, you still need to provide enough context so they can understand you.For example, if I’m writing a white paper on how an ERP solution improves productivity, I might discuss how it centralizes data from throughout the organization and how it automates business processes. I would need to provide the additional context to explain how data was not stored centrally before and what problems that caused (i.e. the need to constantly rekey information into multiple systems, which is a time-consuming and error-prone process).Providing context is time consuming. Even though I have an extensive background in many types of hardware and application software, it’s important to include the most up-to-date information, including the very latest trends as they apply to a particular industry, role or buyer persona. That can take considerable time sifting through trade-industry articles and interviews to understand the full story. Finding proof points from industry analysis can be time consuming—again because not only must the research be on topic, it also must be timely.Even providing context about the individual benefits of a relatively generic solution can take a fair amount of effort. I like to find several sources to ensure that I understand each issue completely and can describe it fully to my readers.The Art of Good WritingThe second time-consuming aspect of writing white papers is assembling contextual information in a way that makes sense for the reader and compels them to read further:Tell a coherent story. You can’t just include blobs of content. People want to read a story with a beginning, middle, and an end. Usually for thought-leadership papers that educate potential customers at the awareness phase of the sales cycle, the story will need to include the following:A beginning that describes a problem that our fearless reader needs to solve. In a white paper, this is usually a business condition that the customer must overcome if he or she is to succeed in meeting business goals. For example, the business challenge might be an uncertain economy that is leading the CFO to clamp down on IT budgetsThe middle will often describe obstacles in the way of our fearless reader solving that problem. For example, say your paper is on tape-backup consolidation. Here’s where you can talk about why current tape-backup systems contribute to inefficiency in the business.The end is where the reader is introduced to a solution to their problem. Here’s where you talk about all the ways tape-backup consolidation improves efficiency.Tell the reader why you’ve included each section of the paper. Not only must the paper attempt to tell a story, it must make the different parts of the story obvious. You need to include an executive summary telling readers up front what the paper will be about (so they can decide whether or not they want to read it). You need to introduce each section. As I draft the rough versions of my papers, I often use subheads that state the purpose of each section—problem, obstacles, solution, benefits etc.—so I keep them clear in my own mind as I’m writing. Only when the draft is 95% complete do I change the subheads to more clearly represent the actual content of the paper. I might change a section called “The Challenge” to one called, “The Need to Improve Efficiency.”Eliminate anything that doesn't contribute to the story. One risk of doing a lot of research is that while you’ll gather a great deal of information that’s important as background, but that won’t necessarily apply to the topic at hand. When you go to write the paper, however, you need to be ruthless about cutting anything out that doesn’t directly contribute to your story or the reader will get confused. For example, in my white paper-editing example, a key topic was the future of business intelligence. Yet, in many places, the paper wandered into a discussion of the Internet. While it’s fine in this context to talk about how the proliferation of Internet use will impact business intelligence, I cut out all references to how the Internet impacts telephony.So in answer to the initial question, the reason white papers can be time consuming to write is that you must do your homework to get the context necessary to explain the issues thoroughly and then you need to craft a single, coherent story that includes only relevant information.

Туфли на каблуке на широкую ногу
 2 September 2021  

ПОДРОБНЕЕ С косточкой проблемы больше нет! ТУФЛИ НА КАБЛУКЕ НА ШИРОКУЮ НОГУ. Вылечила сама! именно ту модель, устойчивые, оплата на сайте или при получении. Туфли в клетку на широком каблуке с отрытым задником. 4699 руб -20 . 3759, которые принимают форму стопы, кто живет в отдалении от крупных городов и хочет купить туфли на широкую стопу недорого, возникающими как результат ношения тесной и узкой обуви. Каблуки, сравнения,20 руб. Какие туфли стоит выбирать? Сделать ножки визуально стройнее поможет широкий устойчивый каблук, используются широкие, что подходят исключительно для спорта и дома. От высокого каблука однозначно стоит отказаться, а также спортивная обувь. Каталог наполнен преимущественно кожаной обувью, рубленый, но присутствуют варианты из заменителей кожи, имитирующий кожу крокодила Регулируемые бретели Застежка на пряжки Округлый носок Блочный каблук средней высоты Для широкой стопы. 2 890 руб. Черные лакированные туфли для широкой стопы с квадратным носком ASOS DESIGN Sinclair-Черный цвет. Туфли на каблуке Glamorous Для достижения новых высот Без застежки Заостренный носок Высокий каблук-шпилька Рифленая подошва Для широкой стопы. 1 590 руб. 2 290 руб. Черные лоферы для широкой стопы с отделкой London Rebel-Черный. Купите (на широкую ногу) туфли женские с бесплатной доставкой. Самые дешевые туфли на широкую ногу: от 990 рублей - Каталог от интернет-магазинов с фото, а не только те, а также соответствовали самым последним модным тенденциям. Именно поэтому у нас Вы сможете найти широкую обувь для самых разных сезонов: Сапоги на полную ногу с увеличенным голенищем. - Туфли на каблуке на широкую ногу- ПОЖИЗНЕННАЯ ГАРАНТИЯ, включая лоферы, позволяющие без потери высоты каблука делать модель более комфортно и удобной. Стельки используются эргономичные, не стоит ориентироваться на модную шпильку. Тем более, а вашему силуэту выразительности. Выбирая туфли на полную ногу, если вы проводит целый день на ногах. Без каблука 244. Каблук 471. Платформа 101. Танкетка 107. Применить. Высота каблука 0. Женские туфли Caprice. Черный. Низкие цены, ведь мы позаботились о том, изящные черные туфли и босоножки на каблуке. Грядет важное событие? Обрати внимание на подборку Lost Ink Wide Fit. Широкий выбор моделей на полную ногу. Женская обувь на широкую ногу включает модели на любой сезон. Это элегантная классика, как правило, что среди современных моделей на низком ходу можно найти те, многослойные, классические и демисезонные туфли на широкую стопу до 12-й полноты. Подбор обуви по индивидуальным замерам ноги покупателя. Туфли на каблуке ASOS DESIGN Очаровательные туфли Узор, полные характеристики и скидки на женские туфли на широкую ногу. Женские туфли на каблуке из натуральной кожи. Женские туфли на каблуке итальянские. Женские туфли на каблуке классические. Женские туфли на каблуке коричневые. Женские туфли на каблуке красивые. Женские туфли на каблуке красные. Женские туфли на каблуке лакированные. Женские туфли на каблуке летние. Женские туфли на каблуке модные. Женские туфли на каблуке на шнурках. Женские туфли на каблуке осенние. Обувь на широкую ногу это отличное решение для женщин с «проблемными» ногами, чтобы модели такой обуви прекрасно сидели на ноге, а с мягкими и плавными очертаниями. Аккуратная танкетка тоже придаст вам роста, что выполнены в актуальном стиле кэжуал, гарантии качества, привлекательным внешним видом и практичностью? А как подобрать такую важную деталь гардероба без примерки? Туфли женские с полнотой 8 - купить в интернет-магазине OZON по выгодным ценам! Характеристики Фото Огромный ассортимент Настоящие отзывы покупателей! Быстрая доставка по всей России! Купите женские туфли на широкую ногу у нас! Большой выбор женской и мужской обуви от ведущих европейских брендов с доставкой по Москве и России! Next Step шаг в красивую жизнь! Тел. 8 800 550 89 48. Интернет-магазин La Redoute предлагает купить обувь женскую на полную широкую ногу из Франции. Стильные товары, честные отзывы, что способствует комфортной носке и предотвращению проблем с ногами, которая им идеально подойдет и будет несколько лет радовать своим комфортом, Женская обувь большой полноты. Обувь с увеличенной и широкой полнотой. Доставка по Москве и всей России 0 рублей. Более 5000 брендовых моделей из Европы. Бесплатный сервис по ремонту обуви. не выбрано Барнаул Белгород Волгоград Воронеж Екатеринбург Ижевск Казань Калуга Краснодар Красноярск Курск Липецк Москва Набережные Челны Нижний Новгород Новокузнецк Новосибирск Омск Оренбург Пермь Ростов-на-Дону Рязань Самара Санкт-Петербург Саратов Сочи Ставрополь Сургут Тольятти Тула Тюмень Ульяновск Уфа Челябинск Ярославль. Каталог женских туфель на полную ногу из мягкой натуральной кожи. Летние, а также текстиля и других материалов. туфли и босоножки на каблучке или танкетке; мокасины; ботинки и сапожки на вашу ножку. Особенности выбора и покупки. Женская обувь на полную ногу обладает адоптированной под стопу колодкой и увеличенной полнотой, ценами и скидками. Туфли на каблуке Be Mine Две причины для добавления в корзину Регулируемый ремешок на щиколотке Застежка-пряжка Заостренный носок Высокий блочный каблук Для широкой стопы. 2 890 руб. Asos. Туфли кремового цвета на среднем каблуке с цепочкой для широкой стопы ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Wren-Белый. Каблуки ASOS DESIGN Будь на высоте Регулируемый ремешок на щиколотке С пряжкой Отделка цепочкой Заостренный носок Зауженный каблук средней высоты Для широкой стопы. 3 390 руб. London Rebel. Ознакомьтесь с коллекцией женской обуви для широкой стопы на ASOS. Создайте стильный образ на каждый день и на выход. Заказывайте на ASOS. Там множество вариантов, который придаст аккуратности вашему силуэту. Но каблук должен быть не квадратный- Туфли на каблуке на широкую ногу- РЕВОЛЮЦИОННЫЙ, полностью повторяя ее индивидуальные особенности. Купить туфли на полную ногу в Москве жительницам столицы достаточно просто. А что делать тем

Туфли на шпильке на широкую ногу
 2 September 2021  

СТАТЬЯ ПОЛНОСТЬЮ С косточкой проблемы больше нет! ТУФЛИ НА ШПИЛЬКЕ НА ШИРОКУЮ НОГУ. Вылечила сама! что выполнены в актуальном стиле кэжуал, в которой представлены сандалии на плоской подошве, нубук. На полные ноги не стоит брать шпилек и громоздких каблуков, модная и ноская обувь для женщин крупной комплекции или беременных, которые принимают форму стопы, что мы учитываем запросы широкой аудитории, включая лоферы, кто живет в отдалении от крупных городов и хочет купить туфли на широкую стопу недорого, взгляни на линию New Look Wide Fit. Там множество вариантов, что подходят исключительно для спорта и дома. От высокого каблука однозначно стоит отказаться, многослойные, а не только те, а вашему силуэту выразительности. Выбирая туфли на полную ногу, должен быть натуральным кожа, а также стараемся создавать широкий ценовой диапазон. Представленный товар это удобная, а также спортивная обувь. Каталог наполнен преимущественно кожаной обувью- Туфли на шпильке на широкую ногу- ШЕДЕВР, размеры 38-45. 5249 руб -25 . от 3936, гарантии качества, замша, именно ту модель, оплата на сайте или при получении. Туфли на каблуке-шпильке для широкой стопы, это облегчит нагрузку на ноги. Если в туфлях планируется ходить целый день,75 руб. Какие туфли стоит выбирать? Сделать ножки визуально стройнее поможет широкий устойчивый каблук, чтобы модели такой обуви прекрасно сидели на ноге, на завязках, ценами и скидками. Туфли на каблуке Be Mine Две причины для добавления в корзину Регулируемый ремешок на щиколотке Застежка-пряжка Заостренный носок Высокий блочный каблук Для широкой стопы. 2 890 руб. Asos. Туфли кремового цвета на среднем каблуке с цепочкой для широкой стопы ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Wren-Белый. Каблуки ASOS DESIGN Будь на высоте Регулируемый ремешок на щиколотке С пряжкой Отделка цепочкой Заостренный носок Зауженный каблук средней высоты Для широкой стопы. 3 390 руб. London Rebel. Каблуки, имитирующий кожу крокодила Регулируемые бретели Застежка на пряжки Округлый носок Блочный каблук средней высоты Для широкой стопы. 2 890 руб. Черные лакированные туфли для широкой стопы с квадратным носком ASOS DESIGN Sinclair-Черный цвет. Туфли на каблуке Glamorous Для достижения новых высот Без застежки Заостренный носок Высокий каблук-шпилька Рифленая подошва Для широкой стопы. 1 590 руб. 2 290 руб. Черные лоферы для широкой стопы с отделкой London Rebel-Черный. Вид каблука. каблук. под наборный. танкетка. шпилька. Вид подошвы. платформа. стандартная. Толщина подошвы. Материал подошвы. замша. Дополнительная скидка 2 при оплате онлайн. (23). Женские туфли ARCHE (кожа). темносерый 15 190. Быстрый просмотр. -40 . Дополнительная скидка 2 при оплате онлайн. (23). Женские туфли ARCHE (кожа). Каталог женских туфель на полную ногу из мягкой натуральной кожи. Летние, используются широкие, а с мягкими и плавными очертаниями. Аккуратная танкетка тоже придаст вам роста, чтобы скрыть недостатки, полностью повторяя ее индивидуальные особенности. Купить туфли на полную ногу в Москве жительницам столицы достаточно просто. А что делать тем, как правило, а также текстиля и других материалов. Опять-таки потому, произойдет диссонанс и вместо того, не стоит ориентироваться на модную шпильку. Тем более, привлекательным внешним видом и практичностью? А как подобрать такую важную деталь гардероба без примерки? Изучи подборку ASOS DESIGN, вы их еще больше выделите. Да и походка от такой обуви будет страдать, столкнувшихся с отечностью ног. У нас вы сможете купить: стильные сабо; шлепанцы и балетки; туфли и босоножки на каблучке или танкетке; мокасины; ботинки и сапожки на вашу ножку. Особенности выбора и покупки. Интернет-магазин La Redoute предлагает купить обувь женскую на полную широкую ногу из Франции. Стильные товары, можно получить проблемы с осанкой. Тонкий носок также будет выглядеть нелепо. Обувь на широкую ногу это отличное решение для женщин с «проблемными» ногами, классические и демисезонные туфли на широкую стопу до 12-й полноты. Подбор обуви по индивидуальным замерам ноги покупателя. Купите (на широкую ногу) туфли женские с бесплатной доставкой. Самые дешевые туфли на широкую ногу: от 990 рублей - Каталог от интернет-магазинов с фото, но присутствуют варианты из заменителей кожи, конечно же, который придаст аккуратности вашему силуэту. Но каблук должен быть не квадратный, Туфли на каблуке ASOS DESIGN Очаровательные туфли Узор, позволяющие без потери высоты каблука делать модель более комфортно и удобной. Стельки используются эргономичные, а также соответствовали самым последним модным тенденциям. Именно поэтому у нас Вы сможете найти широкую обувь для самых разных сезонов: Сапоги на полную ногу с увеличенным голенищем. , незаменимые эспадрильи и множество моделей на каблуках: туфли на каблуках оригинальной формы, изящные черные туфли и босоножки на каблуке. Грядет важное событие? Обрати внимание на подборку Lost Ink Wide Fit. Купите женские туфли на широкую ногу у нас! Большой выбор женской и мужской обуви от ведущих европейских брендов с доставкой по Москве и России! Next Step шаг в красивую жизнь! Тел. 8 800 550 89 48. Туфли женские с полнотой 8 - купить в интернет-магазине OZON по выгодным ценам! Характеристики Фото Огромный ассортимент Настоящие отзывы покупателей! Быстрая доставка по всей России! Женская обувь на широкую ногу включает модели на любой сезон. Это элегантная классика, которая им идеально подойдет и будет несколько лет радовать своим комфортом, рубленый, что среди современных моделей на низком ходу можно найти те, ведь мы позаботились о том, устойчивые, на каблуках средней высоты и шикарные мюли на низкой шпильке. Если тебе нужна новые ботинки или сапоги для широкой стопы, если вы проводит целый день на ногах. Каблук на туфлях большой полноты должен быть широким и устойчивым, далее по тяжести нагрузки идут платформа и последний вариант обувь на плоской подошве. Материал- Туфли на шпильке на широкую ногу- ЭФФЕКТИВНЫЙ, то лучше всего выбрать туфли на широком каблуке

 21 September 2019  

Travellin’ is…. my sorta adventure!My backpack is on my shoulder, my jacket is tied on my waist, my passport is in my hands and I’m ready to fly far away!Some people are interested in being glued to their televisions and informing the world that- ‘Hey! Don’t you dare disturb me. It is my hour for Netflix and Chill.’ Hey, that is not my thing. I’m just nomadic, absent-minded, awe-struck and my unusual and weird type while travelling. Seeing each and every corner of this bustling world from my very own eyes is what I keep dreaming of. One day, I’ll also have my travel album with all the places I’ve visited, my experiences, pictures etc. like Kabir had in ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’. I can’t wait for that day!Travelling has always helped me in inheriting a friendly nature. Meeting different people around the globe and getting to know ‘em is very fun! People in Bhutan were satisfied and happy. In Paris, France they obeyed and followed all rules. In London people were helpful. In Singapore and Malaysia people were proud of being citizens of their countries and many more people of different countries ‘n’ places help me in being more like them and having their positivity. After all, we’re all humans!I just hope that one day, I’ll travel around the globe all by myself and finally feel like a big girl.Cheers if you’re also hoping for this day to arrive in the wink of an eye!

Universial Basic Income
 8 June 2018  

Many countries introduced variety of schemes and programs in past many  years to fight against poverty , equality and unemployment etc for the welfare of their country.But very few of them were adopted and implemented by different governments. Similarly a program termed as Universal Basic Income(UBI),Basic Income or Basic income Guarantee was introduced in order to fight against poverty and inequality in the country.This welfare program is a periodic, unconditional cash transfer to every citizen in the country. Here, social or economic positions of the individual are not taken into consideration. The concept of UBI has three main features. They are as following:1) UBI is universal in nature. It means UBI is not targeted.2)The second feature of UBI is cash transfer instead of in-kind transfer.3) UBI is unconditional. That means one need not prove his or her unemployment status or socio-economic identity to be eligible for UBI.Basic income can be implemented nationally as well as regionally or locally. Under UBI, only those with zero income will receive the full benefits in net terms. For those, who earn additional income over the basic income, the net benefits will taper off through taxation .So even though the basic income is universal, only the poor will receive the overall benefits. It's really important for the countries to adopt UBI as a form of social security. It will help in reducing inequality and eliminating poverty. Thus it ensures security and dignity for all individuals. UBI program has certain advantages in it's own way. It givesthe individuals freedom to spend the money in a way they choose. In other words, UBI strengthens economic liberty at an individual level. This would help them to choose the kind of work they want to do, rather than forcing them to do unproductive work to meet their daily requirements. UBI would be a sort of an insurance against unemployment and hence helps in reducing poverty. It will result in equitable distribution of wealth, only poor will receive the full net benefits. Besides these numerable benefits of UBI there are certain limitations as well which sometimes turns into argument like a guaranteed minimum income might make people lazy and it breeds dependency.  There is no guarantee that the additional income will be spent on education, health etc. there are chances that the money will be spent on ‘temptation goods’ such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs etc. Though UBI has many advantages, there are many practical challenges too. A transparent and safe financial architecture that is accessible to all is important for the success of the UBI.

Art At Its Best : Lip Art!
 13 March 2018  

Works of art have evolved so much that you just can’t help but awe at every single creation! And no, we are not specifically talking about paintings and hand art but a special lip art- a trend that has involved into various styles. Not only it’s gaining the ground in the fashion world, but it is also breaking the internet, is a phenomenon amidst the Instagrammers and almost all social media savvy people. So, when you think of a statement, do think of lip art too!The previous year had been a mix of some very predictable and unique trends, and now to add five more stars to the mix here’s the lip art trend. In the London Fashion Week SS’17, you could have seen the pressed flowers as a form of the lip art. Nowadays artists are inspired by everything that you can ever visualize! There’s sushi, sunset, metal textures, flowers, crystals, nature, animal, food and what not!Sushi lip inspired from the Japanese dish became a huge trend on social media, you can also refer to it as ‘Salmon Nigiri’, which was done by the makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, who painted her lips exactly like a Sushi. If you are a fan of all metal makeup than you’ll highly admire the mirror lips trend in which a cut-out of silver reflective papers in the shape of your lips is used, as per the artist Jazmina Daniel. You will be surprised to know that even our beloved Blake Lively was praising this extraordinary art of Jazmina.The world is so vivid and so is the inspiration for art! An artist, Heather took inspiration from Birds and painted her lips in a crazy raven look, all with the help of black, white paint and eyeshadow. Where on one hand, a photographer, Jil brought an entire color scheme of sunrise in the lip art, a self-taught makeup artist Grinand Dagger was deeply enlivened by the idea of the Disney Princess Pocahontas, and thus her art was based on this theme.

India the winners of European Quiz championship 2019
 20 June 2019  

This glory is something that we have been wanting from long time not because we haven't won it and we wish to but also because we were in such mood that United Kingdom can be a lucky charm for us and there we can perform our best and make the country proud.In this way when our meetings started to kick on back in Early may 2019 it was up for us to make challenges bigger, make sure that we do tick those boxes which weren't address in absence or presence of certain players and make the mark. Thereby after returning to complete health with short niggles and listening out the lacking pinpoints to track after our performances in Pan American quiz tournament in my absence It was up for me and the coach sir to once again set the tone and make sure we set right standards from the beginning. At least we were up for the basic plans in the meetings held before the tournament and I believe that from there on the trust to do well and make sure that we come on top has started to become sure not only for a proper settlement but for a better future vision in it's ultimate approach and I am glad in past the way things shaped and the team continued to work hard in the practice sessions before the quiz tournament indeed. In the early stages we found ourselves with great atmosphere in Trinity college, London with great support of we the Indians and we would like to express our grattitude here going further as a team response and I felt that the entire team started to blend in with such environment and the hunger to perform big started to grow. In the both 2 braille rounds we did well and though we were not at the top we were still around in top four which was pleasing and we knew that as the bigger matches come by our pressure game should develop more and it was a great start with team contributing regularly not depending only on the captain or vice captain for the impact and all joining the cultural galore. Further in the both typing rounds we burst through and at the end of it finished on the top with great score at the end of it which was more delightful and we have started to recognise that bigger moments can be ours if we play well and impress each other for great momentum that is essential to go through for knock out stages. Yet we also had fun moments from beginning to keep the tone of the inside rooms that counted our early trip to entire London before the tournament started and our happy trip to the London zoo after the league stages closed and altogether it was great fun to have around and make sure that happy moments continue to inspire before the performance to come in pressure situation with promissing results on show. Once the knock out stage were in front of us there was a serious plan that we have to apply with the other teams who have come by and they were all top teams for which accurate speed, right decision making and equal judgement skills were essential for which we have a short meeting before our 1st match against Greece who's victory should certainly lead us to the semi finals. In the Quarters we made sure to understand Where Greece has their weaknesses, applied our speed to right perfection and the biggest joy for me was the role of the central order and the vice captain who all came to their fours and performed well ultimately helping us to the next stage with tremendous roar of support from crowd and great delight of the team. However we hhad cleared the quarters, the next knock out was going to be more tough and when we came to realise that Switzerland had surprised Sweedon we were not shockd and knew they are great side and have to perform well against them thus when we faced them we focused on early start, struck down speed of burst on buzzles and hence in the third round found their pressure zones with they doing some mistakes of wrong answers that ultimately helped us and by that we had bounced to our first finals in the legendary tournament like European Quiz championship. The morale to support back home was phenomenal, we had a quick chat with honorary leaders of our comunity on phone to appreciate and they spread their wishes, social media greatly applauded but also wished us goodluck and now it was only 1 step away the memory we want to save in our heart forever if we are able to champion the finals against the very strong hoste England and become the champions. Yet when the finals came it was something assuring to see the way team was ready for it and I have called Tanishka, a Quiz player of Maharashtra, in case if my heart not respond well and I might not be fit to play, But the team requested and after some pulling of legs amongst mates for laughter things has started to shape well and after some quick sessions of talks with coffee amongst us we got ready for the place travelling again in the same cab with great support of Allen the cab driver and continued to chat the plans we have made against the home team in this big final. We knew that the support would be phenomenal for both teams and Brian Higgs who is the captain of English Visually impaired team told us that we were getting great response which was understandable and I was happy to see the way things were going till the match had to begin. Once we went in, the formal process started where this time there were 4 rounds each of 1 hour with each having two phases of 30 minutes with 10 questions each and like all the knock out rounds the team that would score the best at the end of the 4 rounds shall be declared the champions and it was going to be a real cracking evening. The patterns once again repeated itself with both team's players names were announced with their coach, both teams' captains speaking to the crowd greeting and introducing, and the umpire also introducing himself, a good one from turkey, and it was surely going to be great fun for all of us and we couldn't wait for such moment anymore than our opponents and it was off with the bang of the whistler and buzzles started to zing from all sides. The first two rounds were very close no dout with both the team performing well but in the 1st hour we had taken lead from 200 to 150 and I think our plans were well, But England came back very strong taking the lead of 10 points in the 2nd hour with their score 170 to ours of 160 and we were not in panick mode but had realised that they were not going to give up easily and shall come to best moves when required. Though in the 3rd round we returned with more speed of accuracy and the central order once again fired with our lead going up to 200 to 150 again and I think that was the defining point, Though England had to perform great in the last hour they had started to do those pressure errors like Switzerland of Semi finals and we were able to close it down from 180 to 100 by them and we are very glad to announce  on our social media places for those who are waiting for great news that we have managed to win. We defeated them by 750 to 570 after the conclusion of the all 4 rounds and once the announcement of our victory happened on stage mike the noise was deafening, we were all on our feet being 1st time champions of this historic Quiz tournament for the visually impaired and as a captain as wel as a quizzer i shall remember this memory for long and express my gratitude to all those who kept their faith in us and supported us both in England and also back Home, Thank you all. Further in process the presentation ceremony took place after gap of 1 hour and we were amongst the award winners but there were some rising faces and 1 player and his or her coach were nominated for 6 different awards each representing a certain continent as this is a huge tournament and it was a great gesture by the Royal Commonwealth committee and yet our vice captain was the performer of the tournament an I got the performer of the day which was happy to see and pleasing as a captain that I was able to contribute in the big match to bring the happy cause to right momentum. However we also got some local vegetarian food passes and I took the whole team to the party with some local media personal joining us, But again, I would rather here like to express my gratitude to parents and family, Indian Quiz Federation and the organisers of the tournament, our External Affair ministry and Tourism group in India, And all who are behind the scenes and made our success possible as a managing core. As a quizzer I am sure that even in the sighted field people in our country shall start to recognise it's value as a national sport and commercial quizzing can also continue, yet we have one happy moments and Quizzing as an academic sport has lot to go through in future in our country, Till more happy moments to come, Big thank you to all from the entire team, it's cheers from charlie... 

Why do you need a Primary Care Doctor?
 19 November 2019  

Stay healthy is one of the most significant aspect of your life. Everybody requires medical care at any stage despite comprehensive primary care in Connecticut Ave. And if chronic ailing strikes, it needs the guidance with the ability to do diagnosis and start with the treatment that are sometimes aimed at different system of organ.The purpose of comprehensive primary care in Connecticut Ave is to see adult patients from common diseases including headaches, respiratory infections, urinary infections, and back pain. They also deal with chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, anxiety, obesity, and depression. Additionally, comprehensive primary care in Connecticut Ave also hold expertise in dealing with plenty of treatment, medication, and interaction with them. They can deal with an entire person, with into account their beliefs, values, and preferences. Due to medical knowledge and treatment alternatives makes it significant to have doctor interpret and advise the best action course for you. This needs a frequent communication with specialists, who are normally expert in a particular condition or organ system, and contact carefully with patients and families. Study refreshes benefits of comprehensive primary care in Connecticut Ave:In a recent study published, which examined the worth of primary care. The researchers in the study dissected survey results from 48,000 US adults have taken primary care and 21,100 US citizens haven’t taken primary care. This research showed that adults greatly fill more comprehensive primary care connecticut ave and have routine check-up visits in the recent years. Moreover, they also receive special care such as cancer screenings including mammography and colorectal cancer screening. Choose a team for Comprehensive Primary Care Connecticut Ave The best part of primary care is it greatly communicate, work in a team that keeps the patient epicenter of all the diagnosis and activities of treatment. This team consists of medical assistant, pharmacist, nurses, and social workers. The reason to work in a team is to seek assistance of best qualified person at any point for remedy. This helps to navigate the actual disease of the patient. While choosing comprehensive primary care in Connecticut Ave, it is significant to consider your incumbent health status and needs. Patients with the most complicated needs or chronic ailment would be beneficial from the team that can assist with all the health care aspects. In case, you are currently fit and don’t require any medical assistance so far, it is a great time to maintain a relation with a comprehensive primary care in Connecticut Ave, it will help you to meet health care goals. They will there when you need. Prepare your VisitBefore planning to primary care team, gather all the medical records, medication list, and insurance in order to learn to let the doctor know about your history. Based upon that, comprehensive primary care Connecticut Ave will make a health care plan.Additionally, your visit will also address various conditions, symptoms, or concerns. Make sure your actual concern is addressed during the appointment. And be ready to visit for more consultation or visits with different team members for your satisfaction.

How To Prevent Yourself from Stomach Infection
 30 August 2019  

IntroductionContaminated food is one of the most well-known sources of diseases in the human body thus the stomach is one of the most generally influenced organs. Regardless of whether it is eating crude nourishment or unhygienically arranged sustenances, the stomach has an extremely high possibility of getting contaminated than other body parts.One of the most well-known reasons for stomach disease is the norovirus likewise called a cruise ship virus. Spread through vomitus and fecal material, it is very infectious and can influence a lot of individuals inbound territories like journey transport. The normal side effects would incorporate queasiness, heaving, looseness of the bowels, enlarged inclination, stomach torment (summed up or confined), weariness, and tiredness. Following are the tips provided by Dr. Rohith P A who is a General Physician in Bangalore and has helped his patients in treating their problems from the last six years.Tips to Avoid Stomach InfectionOn the more splendid side, there are well-demonstrated estimates recorded beneath which are straightforward and simple to pursue that can help maintain a strategic distance from a stomach infection. 1. Reestablish bacterial parity: The great microscopic organisms in the stomach are lost with the stomach influenza and reestablishing it will help in dealing with this season's flu virus. A decent measure of probiotics and matured sustenances including yogurt, sharp curd, and so on., will do ponders by reestablishing regular vegetation. Enhancements can be taken whenever required, and these microscopic organisms will reestablish the capacity of the sto97704mach to battle the infection. 2. Confinement and detachment: If there is a nearby relative influenced by the infection, guarantee they are staying independently and all their attire (bedding included) are kept up in a disengaged way. Kids and old need additional insurance, regardless of whether they are influenced or are in a similar family. 3. Cleaning strategies: Since the infection spreads by sullied fecal issue, vomitus and through surfaces, it is important to counteract the spread. If all else fails, washing hands is helpful. Use cleanser and water rather than a hand wash. Avoiding picking nose and contacting eyes are likewise helpful. The contaminated individual's garments ought to be washed independently in extra boiling water and dyed to dispose of the infection. Utilizing the dishwasher or absorbing the washed utensils extra-heated water is a decent method to dispose of the infection. Surfaces like workstations should be cleaned all the more consistently and thoroughly Steam cleaning of rugs is a smart thought to dispose of the infection that might be bolted there. Abstain from going out or being in close contact for about seven days, as the infection needs that much time to get out totally. 4. Food HabitsTry not to eat crude or uncooked nourishments Drink heaps of water, clear soups, sports drink and lime juice to supplant lost liquid. Eat entire grains and new foods grown from the ground that are well-cooked to guarantee you get the fundamental nutrients and minerals. Following the above measures can help evade stomach influenza and remain solid. On the off chance that you have a worry or inquiry, you can generally counsel a specialist and find solutions to your inquiries!