If you have found the best SEO Company In Jaipur, you would see that they would treat your website as if it was their own. This basically means that each decision that is made for your site is made in such a way that it would benefit the business and bring in good results. Before any link is added or a single word is written, the site is broken down and studied from every angle possible and only then do they come up with what they think is the best strategy. This is inclusive of –

Website Structure Studies – The sites not only need to be structured according to users, but also as per the search engines. Reliable and the best Marketing Company In Jaipur look for the following – Site errors, Robots.txt, Indexed pages, Page speed, Site map as well as Meta elements.

Analysis of content – The SEO firm that you have chosen should check the already existing content and diagnose the following –

·Any duplicate content

·Pages that are missing

·Content which is ranking poorly and so much more

It is ultimately the content which would pull in visitors and make them leads. Once the existing content is studied, the SEO firm would structure further plans.

Off-Page Studies –SEO success stories do not only take place on your website. There are other places which talk about you too – industry blogs, online directories, review sites and much more. If you are famous online or have some really good reviews, you would rank well for your important keywords. If at all there are any negative reviews, the SEO firm should help you respond to them and make amends. It should be their goal to make your online presence reputable so that users can trust you. The following tools are generally used –

·Organic traffic increase

·The content is concentrated on the locality

·Unique meta descriptions and title tags for every product as well as service area

·Authentic reviews

·Directory listings which are reputable

·Making sure that the website is mobile responsive

All the above though look inconsequential, are very important towards building an online presence.

Optimization of site structure and code –

·The SEO firm needs to structure the site navigation so that people can find what they are looking for.

·Make the site fast by cleaning up the code

·Remove any errors which Google might pick up

·Addition of XML sitemap so it makes it easier for Google’s crawler

·Addition of internal links

Optimization of On-Page content – In order to bring organic traffic to the website, you have to constantly create good and new content. The SEO firm should –

·Rewrite and remove any duplicate content

·Page titles should have keywords so that Google can rank your pages

·Landing pages which are not performing well needs to have well written copies which are keyword rich

·Creation of new landing pages

Optimization of Off-Page Factors also needs to be done. More than anything there has to be a continued analysis. There is no point in making any kind of changes if the data is not analyzed and tweaks done if and when necessary.

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