If you’ve been into digital platform or working in the industry as a digital marketer, then you might have heard about the term AMP. AMP is nothing but Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you are confused and now aware about the AMP and its working functionality, then this guide is prepared for you. 

In this modern world, many businesses are shifting to the web-platform to expand their business and grow their customers’ database. If you are a startup and looking for a web designing company who can offer different types of SEO services as well, then Creative BrainWeb is the best platform for you. Let’s find out more about the AMP and how does it work for your organization. 

What is AMP? 

AMP is a short form of Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is a project which is designed to create mobile pages faster. AMP is nothing but an HTML page. AMP pages of your business are very reliable as they are lightweight and loads faster on any devices. The HTML pages are relatively faster than any other pages. 

AMP plugin was designed with the collaboration of Google and Twitter. This is an open source initiative project designed to optimize the mobile pages super faster. Since the pages are created on HTML, they load faster. 

Since the number of mobile users are increasing day by day, Google is more concerned about the users who search for things on Google using their Android or IOS smartphones. This project helps the website owners to improve the speed and readability of their mobile contents. Mobile users are always in a hurry and by making use of this project, the website owners can gain more users in their daily searches. 

How does the AMP work? 

The AMP plugin works with HTML tags and codes by eliminating unnecessary tags from the content. This makes the pages load faster than normal web pages. It keeps only those tags which are suitable for mobile phones and users who can read and work on those pages from their mobile phones. 

Using optimized HTML code, the AMP renders your pages and keep the useful tags and codes for the mobile users. Certain codes and tags make the page speed slower. This method eliminates the need of such codes for mobile users and ultimately, it offers faster page loading on the mobile screens. 

Before making use of this plugin or project, you need to consider a few things first. Here, we have listed down all the points which you should consider before making use of the AMP. Let’s get on to the list now! 

  • Make sure you use a streamlined version of the CSS while using the AMP.

  • You can only use a set of limited Javascripts while using the AMP. AMP will provide a list of permitted Javascripts for the mobile pages to improve its speed. 

  • AMP sites must be validated properly. If the sites are not validated properly, you have to setup the pages again and again. 

  • There should be no forms on the AMP pages.

  • Custom fonts are not recommended. If you make use of custom fonts, they should be loaded specially. 

  • Make use of compatible AMP extensions to load videos on your mobile phones. You are not allowed to use incompatible extensions. The videos will not work if you use unauthorized plugins or extensions. 

  • You have to declare the height and width of the images that you are going to use on the mobile-friendly pages with AMP. If you do not declare the configurations of the images, they will not load properly on mobile phones. 


AMP is a very powerful platform to improve your website’s traffic and number of its daily users. The platform helps you to match up with Google’s expectations and also help you to design mobile-friendly pages to load them faster on the mobile phones. The users of social media networks are also accepting the AMPs of various businesses. If you are a startup or owned a website, then you must check for more details about the AMP and how you can get started with it. it will definitely help you out to reach out to your goals.