Before joining the institute it’s important to know about Big Data and Hadoop and what is the future of them in the industry? What is Big Data? A large amount of the data that is being generated by our daily uses is called Big Data. To handle this Big Data we have Hadoop technology. Big Data has three terms variety, volume, and velocity. Variety is the variation in data due to diversity, i.e. different humans are not the same. Each human behaves and reacts in a different manner. Volume is the huge data that is generated. Velocity is named, represent it’s the real-time of data.

Now understand what is Hadoop? Hadoop is an open source tool. It’s a product of Apache Software. Hadoop is scalable so that multiple nodes can be added on it, you can use it freely and the source code of Hadoop can be changed. If a node in Hadoop goes down the data can be processed through another node. It is so popular and captures 85% of the market in Big Data. So don’t worry it’s a very bright future to choose Big Data and Hadoop as a career option. For more details, you may see my article on Career in Big Data and Hadoop. You can also be a part of this Data revolution and make your successful career in the IT industry.

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The projects can be from various fields like hospitality, insurance, banking or retail etc. This helps the student to get an experience and idea about how the Big Data industry work in the real world. Technogeeks also believes placement support is an integrative term of this course and they take it in top priority.  They have already tied up with top MNC companies including Cisco, IBM, TCS and many more.