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Criminal Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan For Qisas Process
 Alley Sheikh  
 10 March 2020  

Qisas and Criminal Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan:Parliament should examine in depth the question of evidentiary requirements in the Holy Quran and Sunnah and consult criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan and develop principles that are fair and non- discriminatory. It should then spell these out for the courts in ways that make them clear and easy to interpret. Badal-i-sulh (Section 310) This section allows in case of qatl-i-amd for an adult, sane wali of the victim to compound his right of qisas by accepting badal-i-sulh--, but with the proviso that 'giving a female in marriage shall not be a valid badal-i-sulh' That leaves possibility of the intent of the law to be circumvented even though the word is honoured. The practice of criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan handing over a female for Badal-i-sulh may continue informally unless the law specifically prohibits this custom.Legislation to Punish the Handing Over:The Parliament may, therefore, consider legislation to punish the handing over of a female as badal- e-sulh or part of it. Recommendations: The first proviso should be amended to read: "Provided that an exchange of a female as badal-i-sulh is prohibited and shall be illegal."2. A law should be enacted providing for punishment for handing over of a female as badal-i-sulh or part of it. Right of qisas in qatl-i-amd [Section 313(2)(b)] and hurt [Section 337 O] This provides for the situation when the victim has a wali who is minor or insane. The right of qisas on his behalf, in that case, will go to his father or, if he is not alive, to his grandfather, and if he too is not alive and no guardian has been appointed by the court, to the government. There is obvious gender discrimination here. The mother and grandmother have ab initio been assumed unqualified for the right of qisas on behalf of the child, the same is true in qisas for hurt.Exploitative Manner in Some Instances:This operates in an exploitative manner in some instances. For example, where a husband kills or hurts his wife, her heirs, the minor children, will be represented by the offender himself section 313 (2)(b) the words Janer aa plural grandfather' wherever they occur should be replaced by PW grandparents' Similarly in section 337 , the words father or paternal grandfather' should be replaced by parents o grandparents ‘Value of diyat (Section 323)This section requires the court to fix the amount in each case keeping in view the financial position of both the convict and the heirs of the victim, and subject to the injunctions of Islam and a minimum amount in terms of the current value of a specified weight of silver.Council of Islamic Ideology:That still leaves a wide enough margin for the discretion of the courts and for criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. That gender may sometimes become a factor in the exercise of such discretion cannot be ruled out. The concern is particularly apposite if it is recalled that an earlier draft of the law had specified the diyat for a woman at a rate one-half that of a man and that the Council of Islamic Ideology had relied on a similar principle to recommend that the evidence of a woman should not be on the same footing as that of a man. Such discrimination will not only lead to instances of injustice to women, but it may also create wide inconsistencies in the decisions of different courts which may take years for the superior courts to settle.For Further Detail Visit the Links Below:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/legal-way-for-dissolution-of-marriage.htmlhttps://www.vingle.net/posts/2795344https://betterlesson.com/community/course/86705/online-marriage-in-pakistan?from=owner_viewhttps://blog.storymirror.com/read/h9krk4dq/rights-of-women-in-our-society-and-compainshttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/get-consult-about-short-way-for-unmarried-certificate-in-pakistan/

A Basic Guide to Legal Cases in the US
 Kevin Gardner  
 10 April 2020  

Sometimes it's hard to believe that our legal system was actually designed. The rules can seem baffling and arbitrary, especially to an outsider. There is a reason that lawyers go to school specifically to study the court system and how it works. However, on a very basic level, legal cases really aren't designed to be confusing. The main purpose isn't to frustrate but to be as fair as possible to all concerned.Types of CourtsTo simplify a complex system down to its most basic parts: there are two types of courts: state and federal. The state court system deals with local concerns, and the federal courts deal with national ones. While these courts deal with different kinds of legal questions, many of the structures are the same. There are state level supreme courts all across the nation, for example, andcourt reporters Seattle Washington as well as Washington DC.Types of CasesLooking specifically at the federal court system, there are four kinds of cases that get heard at the federal level: criminal, civil, and bankruptcy. Criminal cases are generally initiated by the government, via the US Attorney's Office, with the help of either local or national law enforcement. These are the kinds of cases you usually think of when you think of court cases: the ones where a law has been broken and someone needs to be punished. There are also civil cases, where two parties or more parties are in dispute and need legal arbitration. When someone threatens to sue, they are talking about civil cases. Bankruptcy is, as the name implies, where someone goes to declare bankruptcy and get a fresh start. There are also special cases like appeals cases, where the loser in a court case can go for a second opinion on their case. The Basic ProcessThe process varies somewhat from court to court and even from case to case, to a certain degree, but there is a general template common across all cases. First, someone has to initiate the case. In criminal cases, it will be the government, likely via a US attorney's office. In other cases, someone will file a suit, file for bankruptcy or file an appeal. After that there will be preliminaries to take care of: making sure that the case is appropriate and needs to be seen, making sure that all parties involved are prepared and all the necessary evidence is available. After that comes the trial itself, where all the evidence is presented. The actual system for doing that will vary from case to case and court to court depending on the nature of the court, but the final stage is always the decision.Special CasesThere are exemptions. For example, the defendant and the plaintiff may decide to settle without a judge's decision, the judge may declare a mistrial, or the loser may appeal the court's decision. Appeals work their way through the appellate court system, potentially as far as the US Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the land and the absolute last word. RightsNo matter what your case is or what court you are being tried in, you have certain rights guaranteed in the Constitution. If you only remember one thing from this post, remember these rights. You are protected from unreasonable search and seizure. You have the right to an attorney and a trial by a jury of your peers. You are safe from cruel and unusual punishment. You cannot be forced to incriminate yourself and you cannot be tried and punished twice for the same crime. Ideally, you will never need practical firsthand knowledge of the courts system. Hopefully you will never have to be involved in a legal case, but even if you never break the law and never witness a crime, you never know when you might be called upon for jury duty. A basic understanding of how the court system works is a vital part of your education as a citizen of the United States of America.

Know About Skills Of Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan - Get Consultancy By Advocate Jamila
 Ubaid Ali  
 16 July 2020  

Skills of a Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan:Advocate Jamila is the best lawyer in Lahore Pakistan who possesses the best skills. A trial lawyer in Lahore Pakistan possesses special skills in courtroom procedures and the presentation of evidence. Corporate lawyers are salaried employees of corporations who often specialize in legal subfields important to their employers. These subfields include labor law, patents, consumer protection, and many others. The corporate lawyer in Lahore Pakistan may or may not become involved in court cases. Among the many specialties in law, the most common in addition to those named are Negligence, Tax law, Banking, and business law, wills, estate planning, and probate Real estate  Criminal lawand Domestic relations.  What lawyer in Lahore Pakistan Do?A lawyer in Lahore Pakistan performs in many different roles to help their clients. The lawyer's principal tasks are preparing documents and agreements, negotiating out-of-court settlements of disputes, and representing clients in court and before government agencies. A lawyer in Lahore Pakistan has to develop various skills, including, Reading. Lawyers must read constantly to keep informed. This is essential not only for a general knowledge of the law, but to prepare a client's case. Writing: A lawyer's writing must be clear, comprehensive, and persuasive.  Creative thinking: A lawyer in Lahore Pakistan must be able to adapt their knowledge of the law to the particular client's needs. This may mean applying old precedents or trying to shape new ones.  Speaking: This vital skill comes into use when a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan represents clients in court or before agencies, boards, councils, commissions, and other governmental bodies.  Counseling, Clients receive legal advice that can prevent legal problems and disputes. Dealing with disputes: Lawyers must anticipate legal arguments once disputes have developed.  Negotiation: A lawyer in Lahore Pakistan tries to settle legal disputes to prevent court appearances (litigation).  Serving the public:Many lawyers try to improve the profession and engage in civic activities. Lawyers must meet certain requirements before they are permitted to practice law. A lawyer in Lahore Pakistan can advertise themselves as specialists in specific areas; they must be certified by the state.A clerkship or internship in a law office should be mandatory. While sometimes optional, this phase of training is usually required.  Passing a state bar examination and rigorous test of all areas of legal knowledge, administered and graded by personnel appointed by the Supreme Court.Membership in some bar association, usually the provincial bar association. Evidence of good character or affidavits of character from practicing lawyers or both should be mandatory.  A license to practice, upon completing all other requirements, issued by the bar council.Discipline and Ethics of Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan:Discipline and Ethics, Standards of conduct for a lawyer in Lahore Pakistan are determined both ethically and legally. Standards seek to ensure prompt, adequate, and lawful assistance to clients. Advocate Jameela possesses great skills and she is trained in all fields of law and services. She can be contacted for all cases of civil, criminal, and family nature cases. Please visit of website Jamila Law Associates.

Best Female Lawyer To Give Justice To Victims of Khula Procedure in Pakistan
 Alley Sheikh  
 12 March 2020  

Victims of Khula Procedure in Pakistan:A more disturbing recent trend is the increase in the incidence of rape of young girls and minor Rape and sexual assault on minors and young women after khula procedure in Pakistan remains one of the commonest crimes Pakistan, mostly of victims forcibly kidnapped and victimized It is difficult to assess the extent incidence since the crime is mostly not reported whether because of the social stigma or because the law and legal procedures are heavily weighted against a victim. The common assumption the incidence is thrice the number of reported cases may be an underestimation.Basic Reported Cases Alone:The estimate is that a rape after khula procedure in Pakistan occurs every three hours in Pakistan. Of the cases reported in 10 days in 1996 from just one geographical area of Punjab, 20 victims were minors, the youngest being 8 years of age; all the victims belonged to the lowest income group. Information compiled from reports of just the Lahore-based newspapers during January-July 19 indicates 226 cases of abduction and 365 cases of rape after khula procedure in Pakistan. Gang-rape, which has increased over recent years, is used as a means of revenge not only in public places but also in homes in front of male family members.Law in Pakistan for the Rape and Molestation of Women:Political, sectarian and ethnic contacts are characterized by rape and molestation of women, including at the hands of the law- enforcing agencies. It may be mentioned that of the 50 reported cases referred to above, 80 D the victims were gang-raped. However, this percentage is not likely to reflect the actual situation, since news reports cover the more horrendous incidents which come to public attention. As an acknowledgment of the seriousness of the issue, the law firm in Pakistan has recently been amended to introduce a death penalty for gang rape. Its effectiveness and impact have yet to be seen. Legislation, howsoever strong, is never sufficient in itself. It must be accompanied by devices to change the attitudes and perceptions prevalent in a patriarchal society, as well as the will to strictly implement the law.Recommendations after Khula Procedure in Pakistan:(See relevant recommendations in the Chapter on Institutionalization) Custodial Violence: Sexual and physical abuse and rape of women in the custody of the police has reached serious proportions, particularly since the promulgation of the Hudood Ordinances which have increased the law-enforcement agencies contact with a larger number of women, and thereby the opportunities for custodial violence. A 1992 report found that 70% of women in police stations were subjected to sexual or physical criminally punished for such abuse. Directives were issued in l996 disallowing a woman from being kept overnight in police custody, and some women's police stations have also been established in recent years to address this problem. However, the requirements of the directive continue to be ignored. Moreover, victims of abuse find it difficult to register complaints. Police stations tend to shield the offenders and threaten complainants with further and worse harassment if they persist. Many victims and families, therefore, have no option but to remain quiet. While sexual violence has decreased in women's police stations, other forms of verbal abuse and milder forms of violence continue, partially admitted to in one of the Commission’s visits to women's police stations.For more detail visit the given links:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/rights-of-women-and-their-violation-in.htmlhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/03/best-lawyer-in-lahore.htmlhttps://blog.storymirror.com/read/g6plg9c1/criminal-lawyer-in-lahore-pakistan-for-qisas-processhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/support-for-helpless-women-female-in-dar-ul-aman/https://vin.gl/p/2797320?wsrc=link

Get Professional Lawyer For Dissolution of Marriage in Pakistan - Nazia Law Associates
 Roy Peaker  
 4 March 2020  

Domestic violence and dissolution of marriage in Pakistan:Males who come from homes where wife-abuse has taken place are far more likely to repeat the pattern of violence with their wives, thereby perpetuating the vicious circle of violence. Its implications for women are far more serious since they face the threat daily within the very place which is supposed to be a sanctuary for themRecommendations.1. Specific legislation on domestic Violence by husband or in-laws should be enacted after further deliberations after dissolution of marriage in Pakistan, clearly spelling out cruelty as a criminal offense. Such a definition should include mental cruelty, continuing harassment, threats, and simple injuries, as well as the more serious forms of violence2. Immediate and clear directives should be issued to the police hat all cases of domestic violence must be registered and prosecuted. There should be a monitoring body to check on effective implementation of this directive, as well as a media campaign to inform people about it.Stove Burnings: Over the past decade, murder or attempted murder by stove burning has become more common indicative of increasing marital violence after dissolution of marriage in Pakistan and largely affecting the economically under-privileged these cases are rarely pursued, nor are there adequate medical facilities for the treatment of Victims. Data collected from just two hospitals in Rawalpindi and Islamabad over three years since 1994 reveal 739 cases of burn victims which, according to the organization, does not represent even a small percentage of the actual cases, since most of them are not even brought to hospitals. A compilation of newspaper reports from Lahore over six months in 1997 indicate an average of 15 cases a month, most of the victims being young married women According to newspaper reports in Lahore, there were 83 cases of women getting burnt between the January-April, 1997.While some cases may be due to defective oil stoves or other reasons, one of the reports does indicate that most of the victims were young married women.Victims of Stove Burning After Dissolution of Marriage:A similar observation was made by a high court judgment on the issue of stove burning after dissolution of marriage in Pakistan, which found it strange that most of the victims of stove-burning were daughters-in-law. The problem intensifies when cases are not reported by the hospitals, the police resist recording FIRs, there are no proper investigative techniques for circumstantial evidence in burn cases and cases get endlessly delayed. There are only three burn centres in hospitals in the whole of Pakistan, which are insufficient to deal with the scale of burn cases prevalent. In Lahore alone, 60-70 burn victims are struggling for their lives at any given time, at a survival rate of fewer than 10%. Many more are treated as outpatients, yet Lahore has only a 10-bed burn unit. The cost of treatment for serious burn cases is also massive, daily costs amounting to Rs. 7-8 thousand 1991 the Lahore High Court took suo moto notice of the phenomenon of stove burnings and issued several directions in this regard.Solve Out Cases for Stove Burning For Judgment:These included the direction that: the medical superintendent of the hospital where the victim of the oil stove is brought should immediately arrange for recording of the statement of the victim by any doctor on duty; that the doctor should send a copy of the statement to the concerned SHO or deliver it to the police on its arrival that I the victim is incapable of making a statement, the doctor should inform the concerned SHO to record the statement of close relatives of victim in the hospital, and in case of a married woman at least one statement each of her parents and in-laws, in case of suspicious circumstances, an FIR should be recorded after dissolution of marriage in Pakistan and an inquiry held, that the police should take possession of the oil stove to get it examined by an expert concerning its fitness and quality, and if found defective, a case should be registered against the manufacturers/distributors of the oil stove, the health department or in-charge should provide free medical aid and attention, and the provincial government should arrange prompt payment of funeral and burial expenses since families cooking on oil stoves do not have the necessary cash.For Further Information Visit These Links:https://blog.storymirror.com/read/vobskn__/online-marriage-in-lahore-pakistan-by-easy-and-simple-procedurehttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/short-procedure-of-suit-for-dissolution.htmlhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/get-professional-divorce-lawyer-for.htmlhttps://ko-fi.com/post/Best-Lawyer-For-Maintenance-of-Wife-in-Pakistan-N4N61G16Uhttps://vin.gl/p/2780250?wsrc=linkhttps://betterlesson.com/community/lesson/665016/get-know-about-the-best-khula-procedure-in-pakistan?from=owner_view

Get Concern By Professional Lawyer About Cases For Court Marriage in Lahore
 Law Service  
 11 May 2020  

Cases of court marriage in Lahore Pakistan:As reported by Advocate Nazia on cases of court marriage Lahore Pakistan she says that it was held that the High Court is only concerned with the question whether the detenue produced before it, is living of her own free will with the party against whom the allegation of illegal detention is made, and it would not go into any further question as to the validity of the court marriage in Lahore Pakistan of the detenue with the man with whom she is living. That question can be gone into only in a civil suit (PLD 1962 Kar. 725). Order by High Court handing over custody of the married daughter to her mother on mother's habeas corpus application was entertained. Leave petition filed by husband dismissed with the observation that he may seek remedy by way of suit for restitution of conjugal rights before Family Court.Muslim Family Laws Ordinance Orders For Court Marriage:Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (X of 1961), S. 6(5) (NLR 1986 Cr. LJ 36). S. 491 read with Muslim Family Laws Ordinance (VII of 1961). The contention that case having involved right to guardianship, and custody of minor and such matter shown in the schedule of Ordinance VIII of 1961 and falling within the exclusive jurisdiction of Family Court, High Court's jurisdiction under Section 491, Cr.P.C. competently outset. Held, court marriage in Lahore Pakistan between the respondent and detenu even if proved, her detention in private custody of respondent may not be termed as illegal but because of Shariat Law giving her right of exercise of option of puberty, detention of minor undoubtedly improper and against her welfare (PLD 1981 Kar. 11; PLJ 1981 CRPC. 120).Some of the Important Cases of court marriage:Detenue waiting to her Advocate by letter informing him about her restraint in the house of her ex-husband was filed in court. Advocate submitting letter before Chief Justice who treating detenues letter as habeas corpus application. Chief justice directed the office to place it for hearing in court. Order for recovery and production of detenue passed by Single Judge on detenu's letter, which was treated as a petition, was fixed for hearing by the office. Matter coming up for regular hearing before Single Judge. Contended for the respondent that there was no proper petition/s. 491 before High Court, as a letter was written by detenue, was addressed to her counsel and not to High Court. Contention repelled and objection overruled (NLR 1980 Criminal 238; PLD 19800 Lah.350).Habeas Corpus Petition by Mother was Filed for the Production:Habeas corpus petition by mother was filed for the production of her married daughter having three children from wedlock after court marriage in Lahore Pakistan. Detenue stating after production before High Court that husband- respondent maltreated her and did not permit her parents to see her and whenever they visited her he kept her in illegal detention. She expressed a desire to go with her mother. The wife was an adult so High Court allowed her to go wherever she liked (NLR1982 UC 3791). Bailiff submitting a report that he raided the respondent's house with the police and found detenue lying there in chains with both of her legs tied with an iron chain. Detenue also complaining that she was wrongfully contained by the respondent who committed rape with her several times. The case was registered accordingly.

Cases of Family Disputes After Court Marriage in Pakistan
 Levis Flem  
 16 March 2020  

Court marriage in Pakistan and family disputes:Why is it that in family disputes, the concerned girl or woman almost always finds her unable to get a fair deal from the prevailing system specially in case of court marriage in Pakistan? The same applies to other fields too. The odds are stacked against the woman incourt marriage in Pakistan. So much so that whatever the contest she has very little chance against a man. Three major commissions or committees were set up from time to time in the past to identify the areas of discrimination against Pakistani women and suggest remedial measures and changes in the existing laws for the betterment of the tragic plight of women. Although, as asked, these bodies did make various recommendations, in practical terms little was achieved.Accepting of Girl after Court Marriage:The governments concerned often lacked the will, vision or self-confidence, or all of these, to accept most of these reforms. Even the few that were accepted suffered in the implementation because the drive and seriousness were quickly spent in the face of the habits of centuries, the iron-hold of the system, and the opposition of the orthodoxy in cases of court marriage in Pakistan. Also, although most people recognized how abominable the status quo was, few felt the compulsion and the urgency to organize the effort needed to break it. Women did not have a strong enough lobby, nor were they sufficiently organized themselves to make an issue of their rights. They were inured to their status of subordination, their legacy of generations.Law for the couples who did court marriage and their families:Happily, that has been changing in recent years. And one consequence of this was that the Senate decided in late 1994 to set up a high-powered commission to go anew into the country's laws as a step towards ending the grosser iniquities against women. It was a reflection of the concern and consciousness about the issue that not a discordant voice was raised in the House and, after several supportive speeches, a resolution to that effect was unanimously passed there is a widespread misconception about the place Islam accords to women, which is not just a distortion spread in the West but it exists even among the intelligentsia in the Muslim World, including Pakistan. It is believed that Islam relegates women to an inferior status; it confines them inside the four walls of their homes, and it restrains them from taking up employment outside the homes or running their own business. This is wholly contrary to fact.Whole Gamut of Rights:Muslim scholars are agreed that Islam accords women virtually the whole gamut of rights, including the rights to property, to work and wages, to the choice of spouse, to divorce in Pakistan if the court marriage does not prosper, to education and participation in economic, social and political activity. These are guaranteed to Muslim women by Shari at. The high-status Islam gives to women is also evident from several Ahadis of Prophet (Peace Be upon Him). Paradise, he said, is under the feet of the mother. On another occasion, he said: "the best amongst you are those who are kind to their women." This Commission is submitting its Report with the hope and prayer that it will help the people and the concerned authorities to understand the problems faced by Pakistani women in a hostile atmosphere.For more detail visit the links below:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/prevention-of-zina-cases-after-court.htmlhttps://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/female-lawyer-for-suit-of-violence-of.htmlhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/trending-cases-for-victims-of-khula-procedure-in-pakistan-advocate-nazia/https://betterlesson.com/community/lesson/672160/get-consult-by-criminal-lawyer-in-lahore-pakistan-for-qisas?from=owner_viewhttps://vin.gl/p/2809951?wsrc=link

Professional Female Lawyers in Pakistan For Prevention of Honor Killing
 Levis Flem  
 20 March 2020  

Honor killing and female lawyers in Pakistan:Comprehensive, even so, certain other forms of sexual harassment do not currently fall within its purview and are therefore not specifically punishable, although this law is quite. Recommendations of female lawyers in Pakistan: The punishment is enhanced to rigorous imprisonment and extended to a term of five years. The law is expanded so that written material, photographs, and all forms of vulgar displays are made punishable. Honor killing The Commission is concerned at the practice of some courts taking a lenient view of what is, in their eyes, "honor killing. This is objectionable on two counts according to female lawyers in Pakistan.They Think Honor Killing Make Them Strong and Respectable:First, it mitigates murder. Thereby it becomes a strong encouragement to other murders of the kind. It makes them look respectable. And thus it waters down the basic judicial prohibition against anyone taking the law into his or her own hands. If customs like karo kari remain rampant in parts of the country it is because of this attitude. Secondly, it violates another fundamental tenet of justice which is that a judicial forum may never pass judgment of guilt against someone not on trial before it and someone not heard by it. Recognition of honor' killing does just that. A court's according to that recognition to what it sees as honor killing condemns the victim of the killer without having heard her, and it does that without her having been on trial before it in the first place. The attitude is impugned on two other counts. First, the practitioners of law do not bring the same consideration to bear on their judgment in the case of women - when a woman kills a man based on a similar provocation which does not directly affect her person. Finally, the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 1997 provides capital punishment as qisas for qatl-e-amd without regard to any mitigating circumstance.It Seem that Provocation is No Ground for Mitigating Circumstances:A perusal of the provisions shows that provocation is no ground for mitigating circumstances. No provocation for the act is given any Weight whatever, when imminent danger to one's person may indeed be a valid extenuating circumstance. This makes leniency towards honor killing, where there is not even a direct and present threat to one's own person, even more, unacceptable. Recommendations of female lawyers in Pakistan: The law should make it clear that honor killings will be punishable as qatl-e-amd. Code of Criminal Cases, 1898 Arrest without warrant (Section 54) Special provision should be made for medical examination of the arrested female needed, by female doctors.  Recommendation: The following proviso should he added al the end of this section: "Provided that where the arrested person is a female, her medical examination if needed, shall a Jar as practicable be performed by a registered female medical practitioner. Suspicion of cognizable offense [Section 157(1)] Special provision is again needed for the investigation of rape victims to be carried out by female police officers.Less Age Victim of Honor Killing:Victims of less than 16 years of age will need to be treated with extra consideration. Recommendation: The first proviso in this section is preceded by the following one: "Provided that concerning any offense the investigation and interrogation of women, as far as practicable, be conducted by a woman police officer regardless of whether the female is a witness or an accused. Wherever possible, the investigation or interrogation is carried out at the female’s house but always in the presence of a family member or a person chosen by the female. Provided further that if the alleged victim is less than sixteen years of age she shall be questioned only at her residence and in the presence of her parents or guardians, and the questioning shall be as brief as possible.For Further Detail Visit:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/know-about-women-laws-and-laws-firm-in.htmlhttps://ko-fi.com/post/Lawyer-For-Dissolution-of-Family-Disputes-of-Court-O5O71IAF4https://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/best-female-lawyer-in-pakistan-for-restitution-violence-of-sexual-harassment-on-women/https://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/legal-and-successive-solution-for-case-of-after-court-marriage-zina/

Find Cannabis Stores Near Me
 Rob Davis  
 30 March 2020  

Medical related Cannabis in Ca . is definitely not all that new. Instead, this point out has provided since basis for 14 other declares from the union to proactively decriminalize marijuana for medicinal usages. Because of the intensifying health care marijuana course in more, more and California people are beginning to discover how a great number of sensible medical related software programs that Ca gives. For patients who are suffering, now they also have still another optional healthcare possibility that a number of seek to offer the assistance that they are attempting to get but void of effects, adverse reactions or relationships which happens to be common with a multitude of prescription medications.Cannabis Stores Near MeIf you are not a lawyer, the laws here can be difficult to understand. However, they can be broken down to basic terms to make them easier to digress. The principles confirm that "significantly ill Californians have the authority to receive use marijuana for professional medical needs." They are supposed to make certain "that clientele plus their leading caregivers who acquire and utilize marijuana for medical activities directly on the advice of a particular personal doctor typically are not at the mercy of criminal criminal prosecution or sanctions of any type."As per the law, only patients and their state approved caregivers. Determined by Ca . legal system, all people have to be registered on the medicinal system, which can be handled through the The state of california Dept . of General population Health and wellbeing (CDPH). In order to really meet the requirements, individuals really should be looked at by using a medical professionsal and published a professional recommendation for Cannabis. They should really provide an application onto the wellbeing section with that advice that will be made a California state medical related Cannabis card.Directly on being given your California Medical Cannabis cards in a send, it will be possible buying Cannabis from all sorts of dispensaries that are to be found through the entire condition. The dispensaries only make it possible for good charge card cases to obtain entry and will make expenses (or their significant health care providers who store real greeting cards). All state possesses its own laws and regulations connected with the sum of marijuana that any persistent can purchase or include at any given time.Marijuana habit, like all other dependency, brings about modifications to a person's tendencies. Majority of the those that emerged as enslaved by cannabis have worries of anxiety and minimal self-esteem. They feel more uninhibited and their moods are also improved, by smoking cannabis. Because of the wonderful feelings associated with smoking cannabis, these people end up addicted to it.Getting to be hooked on cannabis can even be as detrimental as other addictions. After the outcomes of the herb wears from, the patient ordeals this unrestrainable need to smoke a cigarette pot all over again to get back the forfeited beginning to feel. If you are not under the cannabis' influence, soon, you will feel like you are unable to accomplish anything. You might begin the process of getting swift changes in moods, sense euphoric specific point in time and depressed yet another. Except for these, cannabis addicts also monitor tendencies like vanishing all day, lying down about in which they have got stealing and been financial wealth to choose cannabis.Managing cannabis habit entails intervention. Normally, a member of family or perhaps close friend will be the person who will arrange for anybody to travel to recovery stations. It is very rarely that these cannabis addicts would volunteer to have treatment solutions. If necessary, at the rehabilitation center, cannabis addiction is treated through counseling and medication. The drawback point is the most complex section as it is the amount of time as soon as body dividends to its typical tasks.Those who carried out medication in recovery stations for cannabis habit are most likely to relapse as their nature confirms a some weakness to the herbal compound. Except when the behaviour is replaced, you can expect a great number of everyone to get the cannabis dependence again every time they get free from rehab.

 Atul Agarwal  
 4 December 2018  

Respected Sirs,SUBJECT :- Cleaning of Society by Confession and Forgiving, Opportunity of Self Punishment or PRAYSCHIT, ReformationDHARM KI STHAPNA, is the hour of need. We are in minus, having numerous problems. How much minus? Unascertainable, endless ? Where to start to overcome these problems, no definite way is visible ? One major problem is of dishonesty. I hereby take liberty to suggest a way to overcome this problem. We may try to build a platform. We may restart our civilization. First, we declare ourselves to be on Zero. At different times, Government had launched Voluntary Disclosure of Income and Wealth Schemes (called VDS, VDIS, VIDS, Amnesty, etc.), first in 1951, second & third in 1965, fourth in 1975 and fifth in 1997. The broad objectives of all the VDSs were to unearth the undisclosed income & wealth, provide opportunity to the past evaders of tax to adopt the path of rectitude & civic responsibility, to mobilize resources and to channelise funds into priority sectors of the economy. Though the financial outcome of the VDSs of 1975 & 1997 might had been good, but, from the present scenario, you can very well visualize that, apart from collection of some earthed money (that too, of individuals own choice), none of the other objectives (in particular, returning to the path of rectitude & civic responsibility) were / have been achieved. Please introduce some more schemes. Scheme – I This time, scheme should be, not to only disclose the undisclosed income & wealth, but, a scheme of confession / declaration of every dishonesty / financial sin, including disclosure of all bad / black money / assets and surrender thereof. Percentage of surrender be fixed. Government will have to assign / designate this work to some department/s, which shall work as fast track courts in every district or even in rural areas, by taking cognizance of confession / declaration, by taking possession of surrendered money / assets, thereby implying compounding of offences, and forgiving / acquitting the declarant. However, such designated courts may have the power not to acquit such declarants, whose cases are linked with our Country’s security and integrity. This scheme be the last opportunity to us to return to the path of rectitude and civic responsibility. From the date of announcement of the scheme, dishonesty be put to strict vigil and immediate & deterrent punishment, which be continued for ever. After the closure of scheme, the non-declarants of bad / black money be searched, that money / assets be seized / disgorged and they be put for time bound trial before the fast track courts. Besides the black money in our Country, it has been reported (as read in newspapers) that the black money of over Rs.25 (some say Rs.70) Lakhs Crores of our Country was stashed in Swiss banks. This staggering amount of black money is a big hole in the national exchequer and the same can be diverted to the Country’s growth. Amazingly, each of 6 Lakhs villages in our Country would get a share of Rs.4 to Rs.10 Crores if the full amount of black money is retrieved, only from Swiss banks. Now is the time for Government to regain the black money, for which, aforesaid proposed scheme may be first used. Scheme – II In criminal cases, guilt may be divided in 5 categories e.g. negligible guilt, minor guilt, middle class guilt, major guilt and very major guilt. Cases may be discontinued / acquitted in the event of negligible guilt. Offences of minor and / or middle class guilt may be decided by consent orders by payments of expenses / costs & monetary penalties to the courts and damages / compensation to the complainants, by the accuseds. Cases of major guilt and very major guilt be decided in a maximum period of 02 years (one year at Lower Court, six months at High Court and six months at Supreme Court). Scheme – III All the civil disputes be first referred to system of jury / arbitration, where jury members / arbitrators, in each dispute, should first work towards an amicable settlement / conciliation and if the parties do not settle amicably, jury members / arbitrators will pronounce Order / Arbitration Award. Thereafter, there may be time bound court proceedings of maximum one year, upto the level of Supreme Court. This had been provided in CPC Amendment Bill of year 2000, which, probably, was put in THANDA BASTA / scrapped. Decree and Execution be clubbed. All, at least by heart, will welcome, these schemes, because they will have the opportunity for GANGA SANAN. Over 3 Crores cases are pending in courts across our Country. Clearing the backlog of cases is one of the biggest challenges. These schemes will substantially reduce the number of cases and will ease the burden of judiciary and all concerned & investigating departments of Government. Only by honesty, all plans of Government will truly reach to goal, including vision of Rural India. When honesty will prevail, there will be action (KARM) and that action will be in right direction & spirit. Government should do it. Victory is where justice reigns. With regards, Sincerely yours 

Get Know The Women Laws And Law Firms in Pakistan - Advocate Nazia
 Levis Flem  
 16 March 2020  

Women laws and law firms in Pakistan:According to the law firms in Pakistan the family planning is un-Islamic is quite contrary to the actual position comprehensive study (schedule to this report) has discussed the Islamic viewpoint on family planning thoroughly it concludes that family planning is permissible on the authority of the Holy Quran itself, from various traditions and opinions of various Islamic jurists and scholars. Several law firms in Pakistan hold that family planning is not only permissible but desirable. The reasons cited for it include avoidance of labor pains, an excessive number of woman's fear that her beauty may get affected. The night of deciding to control fertility rests with each of the spouses. Where termination of pregnancy or abortion is concerned, a substantial body of jurists has held that a woman is free to have an abortion until 120 days of her pregnancy, even without the consent of the husband. Recommendations of law firms in Pakistan:The educational and health needs of women should be given top priority.All governmental schemes programs must be geared towards removing all gender-disparities in education facilities; all existing schemes or programs should be immediately converted into programs for girls; ill parity is achieved incentives of food, scholarships, etc. should be introduced for lower-income families. Mechanisms should be developed for enforcing compulsory primary education and law firms in Pakistan should participate in it.The financial allocations for education should be enhanced to 4% from the existing.At least 50 ó of the entire education and training budget at all levels should be for girls and women.Provision should be made for opportunities for women in new technologiesAllocations to the health and population sectors sector should be graduallyAn outreach of all health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation programs should be training based on market needs increased to 6 % of GDP, in keeping with the WHO philosophy extended with a particular focus on rural women, urban slums, squatter settlements and women with disabilities. Regulations should be amended to ensuring women the right to avail of tubal ligation without the husband's permission and law firms in Pakistan should be consulted.Women's right to obtain an abortion by her choice within the first 120 days.Pregnancy is unambiguously declared an absolute legal right.Women's right to obtain an abortion beyond the 120 days be made permissible only in the event of pregnancy due to rape, in the case of seriously disabled girls and women, in case of danger to the woman's life or serious threat to her health, and in the case of any exposure to disease or other hazards which may result in abnormality of the child.Serious attention should be given towards providing reproductive and maternal health care facilities, according to several recommendations made earlier, along with sufficient financial allocations.Family planning programs should be to target men both as user’s ad forwardness-raising. Information on any disseminated highlighting the fact that a vasectomy for a male is a far less serious operation than tubal ligation forewoman.Media should play a more constructive role in raising awareness about women's reproductive health issues.Tax or other incentives for families with three or fewer children should be considered. While it is difficult to go into exhaustive details about the provision of basic facilities, it is necessary to highlight some which are necessary for view of the increasing number of women entering the labor market and assuming more responsibilities in the public sphere.For more detail visit the links below:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/prevention-of-zina-cases-after-court.htmlhttps://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/female-lawyer-for-suit-of-violence-of.htmlhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/trending-cases-for-victims-of-khula-procedure-in-pakistan-advocate-nazia/https://betterlesson.com/community/lesson/672160/get-consult-by-criminal-lawyer-in-lahore-pakistan-for-qisas?from=owner_viewhttps://vin.gl/p/2809951?wsrc=link

Best Ethical Hacking Course In India
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 8 May 2020  

Ethical hacking is the process of breaking through or intruding into a computer procedure for security assessing. Hackers who execute Ethical hacking are chosen by establishments to carry out penetration testing. These hackers are medical experts in computer security, simply because they enjoy a crucial section in ensuring that a company's IT platform security. If you want to pursue a career in Ethical hacking, you have to be knowledgeable in social engineering techniques and you must be able to properly identify the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of IT systems so that necessary measures may be taken to properly secure them.Ethical hackers must explore different hacking methods to check if a company's IT system can be penetrated using any of these methods. Their process is basically to mimic the measures for a hacker and exhaust all potential hacking choices to hinder criminal hacking. Going after a job in Ethical hacking can be a very rewarding and profitable endeavor, as Ethical hackers are usually paid out plenty. You need to have adequate knowledge and experience in networking and programming, before you can become an Ethical hacker. You should also have a good grab of most accessible os as a way to well expect hacking processes.ethical hacking course BangaloreIf you want to become a licensed Ethical hacker, then a course that is related to cyber security and IT is a prerequisite. You must also be experienced with the hardware and software needed for prohibited hacking. hacking is seen as a really serious Cyberspace criminal offense that you can do by anyone who has ever a good amount of training on how to permeate a computer product. This knowledge is usually continuously misused to get access to confidential resources most notably personal data, capital resources and also other those confidentialities. Criminal hacking is quite often second-hand just like a technique for thievery. Increasing security actions needs to be employed to protect computer devices with this heinous criminal offense. A job in Ethical hacking is extremely successful because there is an escalating requirement for Ethical hackers.Since Ethical hacking takes a lot of skill, necessary training is important before you can become licensed as an Ethical hacker. Furthermore you will really need to be educated from the Ethical element of hacking. You will be able to enter confidential systems that contain hundreds of vital information, as a hacker. You will have to be briefed when it comes to the Ethical aspect of the business, before you can pursue a career in Ethical hacking. You will also need to earn this trust, it takes a certain degree of trust before you can be hired as an Ethical hacker so aside from having all the necessary skills.

Read-Out About Legal Ground for Dissolution of Marriage in Pakistan
 Haroon Butt  
 9 June 2020  

Legal Grounds for Dissolution of Marriage in Pakistan:Nazia Law Associates in Lahore Pakistan is an expert law firm dealing with divorce cases or cases of dissolution of marriage in Pakistan. The detailed system of courts for implementing personal law and other parts of the law according to the Islamic legal system will be discussed here. Family matters are adjudicated under the West Pakistan Family Court's Act, 1964. Rules made under this law are called the West Pakistan Family Courts Rules, 1965. The Act requires at least one family court in each district and at least one woman judge in each district. The purpose of this law was "to make provision for the establishment of Family Courts for the expeditious settlement and disposal of disputes relating to marriages and dissolution of marriage in Pakistan and for matters connected therewith. The courts have jurisdictions over the following matters:>Dissolution of marriage in Pakistan including khula>Dower>Maintenance>Restitution of conjugal rights.>Custody of children,>The visitation rights of parents to meet them.>Jactitation of marriage.>Dowry which includes personal property and belongings of a Wife.The courts also have jurisdiction to try offenses related to the above matters; namely, cases falling under SS337A) (shajah khafifah), 337F(a) (damiyah), 341 (wrongful restraint), 342 (wrongful confinement), 343 (wrongful confinement for more than three days), 344 (for more than ten days), 345 (when writ exists), 346 (wrongful confinement in secret), 352 (criminal force other than on grave provocation) and 509 (insulting modesty of woman with gestures) of the Pakistan Penal Code.Suits for dissolution of marriage in Pakistan under Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 and of the Dissolution of the Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 provides that the marriage for a woman may be dissolved on the following grounds:(i) Where the whereabouts of the husband have not been known for four years.(ii) Failure of the husband, or neglect, to provide maintenance to the wife for two years.(iii) Where the husband has taken an additional wife in contravention of the provisions of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961. This ground is not recognized in Islamic law.(iv) Where the husband has been sentenced to imprisonment for seven years or upwards. This ground is not recognized in Hanafi law,(v) Where the husband has failed to perform, without reasonable cause, his marital obligations for three years. It is not clear what marital obligations mean here.(vi) Where the husband was impotent at the time of the marriage and continues to be so.(vi) Where the husband has been insane for two years or is suffering from leprosy or virulent venereal disease. There is no ruling in traditional law on this count, but it may be justified based on endangering the life and health of the wife.(viii) Where a minor, having been given in marriage by her father or another guardian before she attained the age of sixteen years, repudiated the marriage before attaining the age of eighteen years. It is to be noted that this provision violates traditional Hanafī law because this option is only available when marriage was concluded other than my father or grandfather.(ix) Where the husband treats her with cruelty. The section describes different forms in which cruelty may manifest itself. According to traditional Islamic law, the initial remedy is that the court should discipline the husband even if it means sending him to prison. Nevertheless, some of the forms of cruelty may appear sound(a) Habitually assaults her or makes her life miserable by cruelty of conduct even if such conduct does not amount to physical ill-treatment,(b) Associates with women of evil repute or leads an infamous life;(c) Attempts to force her to lead an immoral life;(d) Disposes of her property or prevents her from exercising her legal rights over it; practice, or accordance with the injunctions of the Quran.(e) Obstructs her in the observance of her religious profession or f) If he has more wives than one, does not treat her equitably in g) Any other ground which is recognized as valid for the dissolution of marriage in Pakistan under Muslim Law.Jactitation of Marriage:A suit for jactitation of marriage is filed in cases where one person Claims that he or she is married to another person and the other person denies such marriage. The court will declare whether a marriage does or does not exist. This type of suit is recognized in traditional Islamic law. Other suits and complaints that is possible. There are important matters that are not covered by statutes nor are suits filed by parties. For example, the maintenance of the wife by the husband is recognized by both statutes and courts, but the maintenance of other relatives is not. It is suggested that lawyers should file suits on behalf of their clients pursuing maintenance claims, like a poor father or mother seeking maintenance from his rich son who fails to provide him funds for subsistence. If suits can be filed for tort claims based on English common law, there is no reason why they cannot be filed based on the Islamic "common" law, that is, traditional Islamic law. The courts, on the other hand, must start entertaining such claims. This is just like the provision above where the dissolution of marriage in Pakistan can be sought on "any other ground which is recognized as valid for the dissolution of marriages under Muslim Law."

Seek Advise About Cases of Nadra Divorce Certificate Pakistan By Experts - Advocate Jamila
 Sheikh Imran  
 17 July 2020  

Cases of Nadra divorce Certificate Pakistan:Advocate Nazia in Lahore is an expert in getting your nadra divorce certificate Pakistan. Petitioner had sought recovery of detenues contending that one of the detenues was married to him and others to his brother without obtaining a nadra divorce certificate. Father of detenues had produced in Court copies of F.I.R. registered by him against petitioner under Sell of Offence of Zina (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance 1979. Copies of the order of Judicial Magistrate had also been produced in the Court regarding statements allegedly made by both detenues under S. 164. Cr.P.C. High Court directed that the detenue be produced in the Court with nadra divorce certificate on a specified date so that Court should satisfy itself that the alleged statement had been Voluntarily made by the detenues and that they had repudiated Nikah with petitioner and her brother but despite direction, detenues were not produced in the court with a nadra divorce certificate. Respondents had taken shelter behind technicalities to avoid the production of the detenues in the Court with a nadra divorce certificate. Respondents were again directed by the High Court to produce the detenues in the court(2002 MLD 1147). Habeas corpus proceedings before High Court in a case where the petitioner is accused as abductor in a case under S. 11 Zina (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance 1979 registered against him.Whether it Would-be Maintainable?Whether the assumption of habeas corpus jurisdiction by High Court in such a case would amount to putting a premium upon fraud committed by petitioner/abductor instead of punishing him? Supreme Court granting leave appeal to consider these questions.Click For More Details; https://www.familycaselawyer.com/nadra-divorce-certificate-pakistan-nazia-law-associates/Supreme Court also recalling pre-arrest bail granted by the High Court to abductor/petitioner (NLR 2002 Criminal 419). Habeas corpus petition, Detenus were found confined in the lockup of the police station. No entry about their arrest was made in the Daily Dairy of the police station nor their remand was obtained from the Court concerned Detenues were consequently set at liberty High Court ordinarily does not consider the bail plea in proceedings under S.491. Cr.P.C but given the peculiar facts and circumstances of the caser one detenue was released on his requisition bond who was nominated as accused in the F.I.R. registered under S.7C of Surrender of Illicit Arms Act 1991. S.H.O. of the police station concerned responsible for the said episode had tendered unconditional apology and placed himself at the mercy of the Court. The apology was accepted with a warning to the S.H.O, to be careful in the future (2002 MLD 48). If you have any issue regarding nadra divorce certificate Pakistan you can search Nazia Law Associates on google and contact us.See Our YouTube Video for More Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91CxaIy0dAI

Female Lawyers in Pakistan To Stop Violence For Women Sexual Harassment
 Levis Flem  
 14 March 2020  

Sexual harassment and female lawyer in Pakistan:The provision leads in almost every case of rape or attempted rape to the woman's character becoming the accused first line of defense. The woman thus becomes a Victim twice over -- first of rape or attempted rape, a second time of determined, hair-splitting bid to somehow find and blow up immorality in her background. The provision is thus a source of much legalistic viciousness and is a major deterrent against women taking their complaint to the courts through female lawyer in Pakistan. Recommendations of female lawyer in Pakistan Advocate Nazia: The provision should be repealed. The criminal justice system around the world has been recognizing the unfairness of it. There is no support for it in Islam either.Violence against Women:Violence against women and girls has been described as the most pervasive violation of human rights. It has become a major area of concern in Pakistan in recent years as more information about its incidence and impact has become available, and particular forms of violence appear to have been on the increase. Violence against women occurs at all levels of society and has diverse forms. It ranges from the more covert acts (e.g. abusive language, and coercion in marriage) and goes on to include the more explicit forms of violence (wife-beating, torture, marital rape custodial violence, 'honour killings, burning of women, acid throwing, mutilation, incest, gang- rape, public stripping of women, trafficking and forced prostitution, and sexual harassment in the street and workplace, etc.).While recent governments have taken some steps to address the issue, these have been ad-hoc and inadequate. Violence against women is not an easy issue to deal with by a female lawyer in Pakistan.Prevention of Harassment Incidents in Pakistan:Many forms of it are so entrenched in our culture that they are ignored, condoned or not even recognized as violence by the larger sections of our society. These social biases, attitudes, and inequities that perpetuate violence have also become so firmly embedded in our institutions that dealing with it will require not merely punishing the perpetrators, but changing the perception that violence against women is permissible because they have less value as human beings. This calls for strong political regardless of the uncompromising legislative reform and decisive action, commitment, controversies that may arise. Violence against women is not peculiar to Pakistan.Recently Written Article by a Feminist:A recent article by a feminist writer depicts the situation most poignantly: "- Opening the door on the subject of violence against the world’s females is like standing at the threshold of an immense dark chamber vibrating with collective anguish, but with the sounds of protest throttled back to a murmur. Where there should be outrage aimed at an intolerable status quo there is instead denial and a largely passive acceptance of 'the way things are. However, after many years of struggle by the women's movement at different levels and on different fronts, the efforts have finally begun to show some results According to a recent report of a female lawyer in Pakistan, legislation against domestic violence has been enacted in 44 countries around the world, 17 countries have made marital rape a criminal offense and 27 have passed laws on sexual harassment.For further detail visit the below links:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/female-lawyers-in-pakistan-know-joining.htmlhttps://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/get-know-proxy-marriage-law-in-pakistan.htmlhttps://blog.storymirror.com/read/g6plg9c1/criminal-lawyer-in-lahore-pakistan-for-qisas-processhttp://www.24article.com/service-for-females-in-dar-ul-aman-in-lahore-orphans-female.htmlhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/get-help-in-restoring-womens-rights-through-a-professional-lawyer-in-lahore/

Marital rape
 Rajabala Tripathy  
 1 April 2019  

**Marital Rape**it refers to unwanted intercourse by a man with his wife obtained by force, threat of force, or physical violence, or when she is unable to give consent. It is a non-consensual act of violent perversion by a husband against the wife where she is physically and sexually abused. Approximations have quoted that every 6 hours; a young married woman is burnt or beaten to death, or driven to suicide from emotional abuse by her husband. The UN Population Fund states that more than 2/3rds of married women in India, aged between 15 to 49 have been beaten, raped or forced to provide sex. In 2005, 6787 cases were recorded of women murdered by their husbands or their husbands’ families. 56% of Indian women believed occasional wife-beating to be justified.While marital rape gets documented in hospitals, cases are rarely registered, since it is excluded from the India Penal Code’s (IPC) definition of rape, says an analysis by Dilaasa, a counselling centre based out of K.B. Bhabha Hospital in Bandra. “Very rarely do patients tell us about marital rape. In a few cases, we see injuries and probe them. They are not aware this is wrong There is a pattern to the silence: women stay quiet about the assault when young, but are willing to report it at a later stage.’In the present day, studies indicate that between 10 and 14% of married women are raped by their husbands. Sexual assault by one’s spouse accounts for approximately 25% of rapes committed. Of the 664 cases, 159 cases were marital rape in 2015 at NGO Sneha’s crisis counselling centre in Dharavi. At Sneha’s counselling centres at KEM and Sion hospitals, of 218 cases of domestic violence received in 2015, 64 women said they had faced marital rape. Dilaasa analysed 13 cases of sexual violence from the emergency rooms of two of Mumbai’s public hospitals, Rajawadi in Ghatkopar, and Bhabha between 2011 and 2014 and found that only in five instances did the police register a case, mostly under Section 498 (A) (domestic violence), or the contentious Section 377 (unnatural offences). Dilaasa’s domestic violence data shows 60% married women report sexual violence, forced sex being its most common form. Dilaasa notes, “In almost all the cases, the police delay the collection of medical evidence from these hospitals and also do not wish to record an FIR. Union Minister Maneka Gandhi said that even if there was a law against marital rape, women won’t report it. According to the latest National Health and Family Survey (NFHS-4) for 2015-16, 5.4% women have experienced marital rape, under this category. But while the data on marital rape in India exists, marital rape as a crime, “does not exist”. And yet 5.4% of married Indian women say they have experienced marital rape. The figure recorded by NFHS-3 for 2005-6 was 9.5%. Sexual violence of course gets progressively worse if the husband is an alcoholic – 66% of married women experienced physical or sexual violence when “husband gets drunk often”. But only 10% of married victims of sexual violence seek help.The situation is worst in Manipur, 55% of married Manipuri women have been victims to these kinds of violence. Sikkim has the lowest number of victims at 3.5%. The National Health and Family Survey records both sexual and non sexual violence. The survey has looked at married women in the age group of 15-49. The highest form of non-sexual violence comes from men slapping women – 25% of women surveyed said they have been slapped. In all, 12% of married women said they have been pushed, shaken and have had things thrown at them. 10% said the husbands have pulled their arms or hair. Another 7.5% said they have been punched with fists or objects and 7% said they have been kicked, dragged and beaten up. More so, 1.5% said they have been choked or burnt and 0.8% said they have been threatened or attacked with guns, knives and other weapons.👉Marital rape may be broadly classified into following two categories:1.Sexual coercion by non-physical means– this form of coercion involves social coercion in which the wife is compelled to enter into sexual intercourse by reminding her of her duties as a wife. This form of coercion entails applying non-physical techniques and tactics like verbal pressure  like include making false promises, threatening to end the marital relationship, lies, not conforming to the victim’s protests to stop, etc.2. Forced sex– this involves the use of physical force to enter into sexual intercourse with an unwilling woman. It can be further classified into the following three categories:i. Battering Rape- this form of marital rape involves the use of aggression and force against the wife. The women are either battered during the sexual act itself or face a violent aggression after the coerced sexual intercourse. The beating may also occur before the sexual assault so as to compel her into sexual intercourse.ii. Force Only Rape- in this form of rape, the husband does not necessarily batter the wife, but uses as much force as is necessary to enter into sexual intercourse with the unwilling wife.iii. Obsessive Rape- this form of rape involves the use of force in sexual assault compiled with perverse acts against the wife. It involves a kind of sexual sadistic pleasure enjoyed by the husband.👉*Marital rape is illegal in 18 American States, 3 Australian States, New Zealand, Canada, Israel, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Soviet Union, Poland and Czechoslovakia. In India, a marriage is a bond of trust and that of affection. A husband exercising sexual superiority, by getting it on demand and through any means possible, is not part of the institution. Legislators use results of research studies as an excuse against making marital rape an offence, which indicates that many survivors of marital rape, report flash back, sexual dysfunction, emotional pain, even years out of the violence and worse, they sometimes continue living with the abuser. For these reasons, even the latest report of the Law Commission has preferred to adhere to its earlier opinion of non-recognition of “rape within the bonds of marriage” as such a provision may amount top excessive interference wit the marital relationship. Rape in any form is an act of utter humiliation, degradation and violation rather than an outdated concept of penile/vaginal penetration. Restricting an understanding of rape reaffirms the view that rapists treat rape as sex and not violence and hence, condone such behavior in India. The importance of consent for every individual decision cannot be over emphasized. A woman can protect her right to life and liberty, but not her body, within her marriage, which is just ironical. Women so far have had recourse only to section 498-A of the IPC, dealing with cruelty, to protect themselves against “perverse sexual conduct by the husband”. But, where is the standard of measure or interpretation for the courts, of ‘perversion’ or ‘unnatural’, the definitions within intimate spousal relations? Is excessive demand for sex perverse? Isn’t consent a sine qua non? Is marriage a license to rape? There is no answer, because the judiciary and the legislature have been silent.👉*India’s parliamentarians just could not find it in them to treat married and unmarried women equally, on matters of rape. “Married women only have the option of using section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, which lays down provisions on cruelty, if they need to allege sexual violence against their husbands,” says Kavita Krishnan, secretary of the All India Progressive Women’s Association.And although Section 377 is known as the law which prohibits “gay sex,” it in fact prohibits “unnatural sex,” an act which can take place between straight people as well. “Sometimes women have used Section 377 if they want to press charges of rape against their husbands,” says Krishnan.Section 375, the provision of rape in the Indian Penal Code (IPC), has echoing very archaic sentiments, mentioned as its exception clause- “Sexual intercourse by  man with his own wife, the wife not being under 15 years of age, is not rape.” Criminal charges of sexual assault may be triggered by other acts, which may include genital contact with the mouth or anus or the insertion of objects into the vagina or the anus, all without the consent of the victim. It is a conscious process of intimidation and assertion of the superiority of men over women.👉*There are many reasons such as husband believe in the superiority of men over women; some domestic issues, demand of women for her right in a marital relationship etc. Therefore, the main reason of this marital menace is a wide spread of gender inequality prevailing in our society. The male-dominated system of social norms where woman whether married or unmarried does not have the equal rights in any which way. It is the biggest weapon in hands of man to exploit the women. The role of traditionally assigned to married women in the society. Indian married women are considered as pativratastri means pure, faithful and obliging women. Thus married women have to follow her husband and fulfil all his requirements. The sexual relationship has been considered as an important part of the marriage, it is a woman’s duty towards her husband and she is not supposed to deny that to him. Her rile must be of submission and surrender. Economic dependence on her husband and in-laws is the reason that married women are unable to protect her from frequent practice of marital rape and she is forced to bear it. There must be strict laws for marital rape and the government should make some rules to reduce this problem.Rajabala

The Imperial China
 Sujatha Jagannathan  
 22 December 2019  

Imperialism in cases

PCSA V8 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 Dumps - Pega Certified System Architect
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 26 February 2020  

PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 Pega Certified System Architect exam is for Pega CSA 8 certification,if you want to pass this PCSA V8 exam in your first attempt. The latest and valid Pega CSA 8.0 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 Dumpsfrom Passcert must be your best choice, it contains real Q&As for you to practice and ensure to help you pass your PCSA exam.Pega Certified System ArchitectThis certification exam is intended for System Architects and Application Developers who are directly involved in the design and construction of applications built on Pega. The Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) Professional Certification Path is for developers and technical staff members who want to learn how to develop Pega applications. This certification provides a baseline measurement on your knowledge of Pega Platform.The PCSA Version 8 exam includes scenario and multiple choice questions and drag/drop items.PCSA (Pega Certified System Architect) Version 8 Certification Path:Exam Code: PEGAPCSA80V1_2019Type of Exam: 60 question examLength: 90 minutesPassing Grade: 65%Languages: English, Japanese, and French.Pega Certified System Architect V8 Exam TopicsPega Platform (5%)Case Management (26%)Data Modeling (20%)Validation (7%)Information Exchange (15%)User Interface (12%)Application Development (7%)Reporting (8%)Free Share PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 Exam Dumps1.With Pega’s Situational Layer CakeTM approach, how do you configure a regional variation for Human Resources (HR) time off cases?A. Create a rule for the variation and add the rule to the common layer of the application.B. Create a rule for the variation and add it to a secondary common application layer.C. Create a rule for the variation and add the rule to the layer for the region.D. Create a rule for the variation and replace the existing HR time off rule in the application common layer.Answer: B2.An organization has two lines of business: selling books for children and reselling college textbooks. The division selling books for children can use the same basic user interface (UI) as the division reselling textbooks with the exception of the payment methods.How do you apply the Situational Layer CakeTM in this scenario?A. Place the UI rules in the base layer, and create a new layer for the payment rules for both lines of business.B. Place the UI rules and generic payment method rules in the base layer, and create a new layer for the division-specific payment rules.C. Place the UI rules in the base layer, and create a parallel base layer for the payments rules.D. Place the UI rules in the base layer, and create a new layer for the payment rule for each division.Answer: B3.An order fulfillment case type allows a customer to update user profile information during the order placement stage.The user profile consists of the following three pages:- Account ID and password- Customer contact information- A list of open orders with status of each orderHow do you configure the case type to allow customers to update any of the user profile pages at any time during case processing?A. Add a set of optional actions to the case workflow.B. Add an alternate stage to the case life cycle.C. Add an optional process to the case workflow.D. Add a button for each profile page to each assignment.Answer: A4.A development team plans to enhance functionality of an existing application by changing several user interface rules. The team would like to pilot the enhancements to a small group of users before rolling the changes out to the entire user base.What approach maximizes reuse and maintainability?A. Place the updated rules into a new minor version of the ruleset and include the new ruleset version in a new application.B. Place the updated rules into a new ruleset and include the new ruleset in a new application.C. Place the updated rules into a new ruleset and include the new ruleset in a new version of the application.D. Place the updated rules into a new minor version of the ruleset and include the new ruleset version in a new version of the application.Answer: A5.You are creating a case type to process job applications for a large corporation. Job applications for security positions require a physical assessment in addition to the standard criminal background check. The physical assessment can occur before or after the background check.How do you configure a case type to achieve the required behavior?A. Create a process for the physical assessment that is followed by a process for the background check.B. Create a process for the physical assessment that is parallel to the background check process.C. Create a process on one stage for the background check and a process on another stage for the physical assessment.D. Create a process for the background check and an optional process for the physical assessment.Answer: A

Cool Ipad Cases And Covers For Excellent Prices
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 31 July 2020  

You can listen to more than simply music on your iPod; you can also listen to podcasts, audiobooks, taped radio shows, and even particular publications and newspapers read-aloud for your listening enjoyment. And if you have actually got a color-screen iPod (including the Nano), you can up your multimedia arsenal even further due to the fact that you can utilize your iPod to look at digital pictures on the go. If you have one of those video-enabled iPods, you can enjoy the video, animated shorts, and TV shows from the iTunes Store, plus movie trailers, house movies, and other digital videos in your collection. This short article checks out the iPod's other deals with your ears and eyes.Use pumped up balloons for the type of the apple. Mix flour and water together and dip paper strips into the mix. Use the strips to cover the balloon in its whole. After the balloons are dry have the young children paint and decorate the apples.I am happy you asked that point, thinking about that I have an exceedingly easy action for you! The only thing you have actually got to do is generally to swallow 2 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar prior to every lunch! I should caution you however, it tastes ghastly not to discuss smells revolting! However, you'll be able to add the apple cider vinegar with a good 8oz bottle of drinking water. You can together with that put some honey to ease the flavor.The additional features in it include calendars, contacts, world clock, stopwatch and a screen lock that appears in the Extras menu, in addition to a few more helpful products.IOS 6.1 boasts Siri improvements with particular quotes like "three tickets to see Toy Story 3" which would be acted on stainless steel wholesale watch bands without any problem. The voice assistant will comply quickly and use the Fandango app for taking the user to the purchase menu. Not all theaters are supported through the app but will soon determine compatible theaters with small motion picture tickets.Design and design: As I discussed earlier, Apple done a really fantastic task on the feels and look of this light and cool weighted gadget. It actually looks like a sci-fi computer that we normally see in Hollywood films, plus with the included touch screen center makes the whole procedure really simple and futuristic!The second issue you may come across is when the apple logo design is where it is supposed to be. If you pop on the iPod and the welcome screen triggers and you see the logo, so far so great, right? Not so fast. The logo may be counterfeited. To determine this takes a bit more understanding of the apple logo design in basic. If you are not an apple logo and font expert as most of us are not, read more then you need to compare the logo on the iPod in concern to an image of one that is genuine. If the logo design does not compare information for information with the authentic logo, then that is a major red flag.Reliable and however fast results can likewise be achieved by this approach. All you have to do is pair the consumption of the option with regular workout. Drink at least 8 liters of water a day and likewise increase the amount of potassium in your diet plan. More potassium can be attained in your diet plan by a simple increase in the intake of fruits and green vegetables. Do this and simply lay back and watch as you grow in shape and into shape in no time. The apple cider vinegar weight-loss diet certainly works.

The Procedure of Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan - Get Consult By Lawyer
 Mujahid Aleem  
 27 June 2020  

The Procedure of Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan:Advocate Nazia from Lahore Pakistan is famous for sending the victims to Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan through the court. In one the leading case leaves to appeal was granted to the petitioner by Supreme Court in circumstances and the impugned order was suspended. High Court using the impugned order passed in a habeas corpus petition directed the petitioner to be lodged in Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan. The contention was that the FIR registered against the petitioner had been discharged and her liberty would be affected by Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan who was in advanced stage to pregnancy. Leave to appeal was granted to the petitioner by the Supreme Court in circumstances and the impugned order was suspended. Controversy about the age of detenue was in issue.Inquiries Required For Dar ul Aman in Lahore:Matter needs factual inquiry which is not the High Court both parties to seek their proper remedy before proper Court detente sent toDar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan from where police may conduct investigation and age, both, parties shall obey that order. Expenditure of darkly amen shall be borne by both parties half and half. Detente not sent with her parents as she apprehends death at their hands. Dispute relating to the age of detente, a factor of her alleged marriage with one of respondents validity of marriage registration of a criminal case under duos Ordinance and the unwillingness of alleged détente to go with her parent High Court in peculiar facts and circumstances of case tentative directed delaine to remain in Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan till such time that order was passed for her custody by Court of law Court also directed that expenses for health care to be detuned in charge of darkly amen was also directed to arrange for the safe production of detente for purpose of investigation/civil or criminal trial. Detente female was aged about 18/19 years. Detente was aged lodged in Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan so that she could compose herself and make a statement without being influenced and pressurized by anyone.Back To Dar ul Aman in Lahore Pakistan:Detent made a statement In the Court that she did not want to go back to Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan. The custody of detente was not handed over to the petitioner. Detente being major was set at liberty in circumstances. Detente being more than 20 years old was a major and as such, no question as to entrusting her to the custody of one person or the other could custody of one person or the other could arise. Detente did not wish to stay in Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan anymore and her detention would be without her consent. Such detention to prevent/the detents from indulging in immorality amount to preventive detention. Order of indefinite detention of the detente in darkly amen based on vague apprehension founded upon nothing except the fact of her being a female particularly by a Court charged with the duty to enforce fundamental rights of citizens to be released from custody in these circumstances. Detenue a young lady of 18/19 years, when produced in the court, refused to go with any of her relatives and she was sent to Dar ul Aman Lahore Pakistan.

At What Price should I sell Mobile Phone Cases?
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 14 May 2019  

If you dedicate yourself to the personalized mobile back cover, the price is one of the key factors that will have a direct effect on your sales and the success of your business. When deciding the sale price of any product, it is advisable to conduct a small market study on the sales prices of your competition. It's as easy as visiting the online stores of similar products and even the nearby physical stores. After analyzing this information, you have the last word and you can even offer a lower price than the competition. You send in your business. However, the price war is not the right strategy to ensure a stable business. We have carried out a small market study, and in this post, we want to offer you our conclusions about the sale price of personalized covers and to come up with ideas on some strategies that can help you increase the sales of personalized covers.The custom phone cases is a very simple product, so the competition analysis does not require much time. We have visited the main online stores of personalized covers and although we have found small differences in price, we can conclude a sale price margin.At what price should you sell the carcasses?According to a study conducted by Zepper, the approximate price is INR199 to INR550. There are many shops selling these printed mobile covers in shopping centers with prices below INR199, but these are not personalized. Sure you find decorated cases even for INR149, but it is another business different from yours. You are offering the client the possibility of incorporating a special photograph, a phrase or personalized message and even his own design. For this reason, the value of your product is higher and this also translates into the price.Once you have decided on the individual sale price per personalized housing, you can make an additional offer: why not offer a second mobile cover with a discount? If the sale price of a case is INR299, you can offer a second case for INR249, and even a third case for INR199. Or you can offer a second housing with a 50% discount. With these offers, you will be encouraging your customers to think about giving away more than one case. It is a simple marketing strategy that can easily increase your sales.Surely you can come up with other commercial strategies. Why do not you share them with us?Other tipsAlthough the personalization of mobile back covers allows you to include your own photograph, more than half of the clients prefer to incorporate an original design and fun phrases. In this case, you must offer several design proposals to your clients. But be careful, do not offer too many options because the bigger the range you offer, the harder it is to choose!There are customizable housings composed of a structure that incorporates a customizable metal plate and 3D phone case that allow you to customize the entire surface of the casing including the edges. Although the phone case with the metallic plate is easier to personalize, more and more the 3D cases are preferred because of their better visual effect and maximum adaptability to the phone. 3D customization requires using a 3D oven, a specific mold for each phone model and cooling of the casing immediately after sublimation can become a delicate process, to prevent the casing from deforming and not adapting perfectly to the mobile. This small problem is being solved with improvements in the composition of the cases, the use of molds and a special cooling of the custom casing.The mobile covers offer more protection to the mobile phone by covering both the back and the front of the phone, being able to customize both sides of the case.Customers want a specific casing for their phone model and you should have covers for classic mobile models: iPhone, Samsung, etc. And you must also be aware of consumer trends in this sector. You can not neglect the new models of companies like Xiaomi or Honor, which have achieved very important sales figures.It is impossible to have such a complete offer and the universal cases are a great solution for those less popular models.If you are starting in the world of personalized covers, this information can be your starting point. And if you already dedicate yourself to this niche of personalization, your experience is very valuable. Write to us and share with us at what price you sell your custom cases and what type of design is most popular.

Let Know About Case Procedure For ZIna After Court Marriage in Pakistan
 Levis Flem  
 14 March 2020  

Zina and Court marriage in Pakistan:The court observed that the accused was subjected to rape and was a victim, "never a consenting party" to Zina after court marriage in Pakistan. Legal assistance to women prisoners is rare, even where they are granted bail by the courts; they are handicapped by not being able to come up with the required surety. At times, courts have also ruled that surety can only be furnished by a close male relative of the prisoner. This virtually deprives her of the right to bail particularly where the pursuers are family members. For criminal liability under qazf, Zina, and rape a girl is considered an adult at the age of 16 or when she attains puberty, which can be as early as 10 or 11 years old for court marriage in Pakistan. For boys, the age is fixed at 1o or when puberty.Offences against Property Ordinance and the Prohibition Order:Under the Offences against Property Ordinance and the Prohibition Order, the age for an adult is 18 or puberty. Since a female child attains puberty at an earlier age, she becomes criminally liable sooner than a male child, this is ironic. The evidence of a woman is not accepted for awarding hadd punishment because a woman is considered deficient in the comprehension of such matters, yet for the undergoing of punishment herself, even a 10 or 11-year-old is considered grown up enough to receive the full measure of it. Even otherwise, physical maturity has no nexus with mental development a double standard is thus observed only to ensure that gender discrimination operates adversely for the woman in each case. While the ordinary penal provisions in the law make exemptions for offenses committed by children, the Hudood Ordinances have no such provision.According to Section 82 of the Pakistan Penal Code 1860:Section 82 of the Pakistan Penal Code 1860 states that nothing would be an offense if it is done by a child under seven years of age. Section 83 of the Code provides immunity to children between the ages of 7 and 12 years if they do not have sufficient maturity of understanding" of the nature and consequences of their conduct. Besides, in the past, all children fewer than 14 suffering sexual abuse were presumed to have been raped since any consent of the victim in such a matter, even if pleaded, was considered immaterial in the case of a child.Possible Efforts to Curb the Zina Cases:Now children of any age can be convicted of rape or Zina after court marriage in Pakistan. And "consent can be used both in mitigation of the offender's crime and to charge the child victim with the crime of Zina. However, there has been a fortunate recent development where the Supreme Court has held that "consent" can only be covered if given by a person who is capable to give such consent by this definition of Zina-bil-jabr." In the case referred, the victim of rape was 12 years of age. It is yet to be seen what minimum age the superior courts will deem appropriate for legally recognized consent for court marriage in Pakistan. Therefore, sexual intercourse committed with a non-adult girl shall always be covered. The Pakistan Penal Code had provided for punishment of a husband for having sex with a minor wife. His punishment in case of a wife less than 12 years of age was transportation or 10 years of imprisonment and a fine, and in case of a wife above that age it was imprisonment for two years The Zina Ordinance does not recognize that offense any longer.For further detail visit the below links:https://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/female-lawyers-in-pakistan-know-joining.htmlhttps://legallawassociates.blogspot.com/2020/03/get-know-proxy-marriage-law-in-pakistan.htmlhttps://blog.storymirror.com/read/g6plg9c1/criminal-lawyer-in-lahore-pakistan-for-qisas-processhttp://www.24article.com/service-for-females-in-dar-ul-aman-in-lahore-orphans-female.htmlhttps://bitarticles.com/attorny-and-lawyer-articles/get-help-in-restoring-womens-rights-through-a-professional-lawyer-in-lahore/

Get Consult About Legal Khula Procedure in Pakistan
 Roy Peaker  
 3 March 2020  

Minorities and khula process in Pakistan:These proposals of khula process in Pakistan should be circulated amongst members of the minority communities so that a broad enough consensus is reached to bring their laws in conformity with the principles of gender equality. Both the task force and the discussions must include women from minority communities. Reforms in this area must keep in mind the basic principles of gender equality and that all citizens of Pakistan must be equal. Thus the disparity between the rights of Muslim and non-Muslim women should be bridged. The rights that Muslim women enjoy are bound to grow over time. It is imperative that non-Muslim women not be left behind. On the one hand, the Commission is mindful of the fact that any minority group would find its identity threatened by changes made to their laws regarding khula process in Pakistan without their active participation and support.Member of Minority Groups:On the other hand, the Commission recognizes that women who are members of minority groups feel doubly exposed and isolated. Thus, they can hardly be expected to spearhead the movement for reforms within their community and bear the brunt of members of their community as well as the general adverse social atmosphere against which they wish to struggle. The disadvantages suffered by these women are not only detrimental to them but retard the progress of the entire nation. Progressive and successful nations are particularly careful to ensure that minorities keep pace with the dominant group. Pakistan should not do otherwise. Recommendations regarding khula process in Pakistan: The Government should immediately set up a task force to prepare proposals for reforms in the area of family laws for non-Muslims; representative both along with gender and along minority group lines. This task force must be the proposals for reforms must be discussed with the minority groups; particularly the women within those groups. The legislature should give absolute priority in implementing the recommendations of the task force.Muslims Law Regarding Khula:Laws Regarding Muslims the time of independence, the only codified laws affecting Muslim marriages were the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939, the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890, and the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929. Besides, the law laid down the principle that matters of Muslim Family disputes shall be settled according to the personal laws of the parties. Enough, however, while applying personal law, the inheritance regarding the agricultural property was let out which was solely passed on to male heirs or ought into the law. Subsequently, the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 was promulgated and the West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1964 was enacted. The latter Act applies to all conveniently the area of agricultural land was gradually citizens.Report of the Commission on Marriage:The Report of the Commission on Marriage and Family Laws appointed by the Government suggested, among others, the following measure prescribed nikahnama be enforced Women be given delegated right of divorce and khula process in Pakistan Sale of brides be treated as a criminal offence Legislative effect be given so that divorces can be registered and conciliation be attempted before the marriage is terminated Khula as a form of divorce be recognized in law polygamy be restricted and permission for it be granted by the matrimonial Courts and that the courts ensure that the wives are maintained in an equal financial status and that the courts should also fix adequate maintenance for the existing wives and their children Courts should grant maintenance "executable in a summary manner Section 488 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 regarding maintenance be strengthened.For Further Detail Visit:https://bitarticles.com/other-articles/get-consult-for-dissolution-of-marriage-in-pakistan-by-experienced-lawyer/https://www.reddit.com/user/davidroy33/comments/f79pnu/get_know_about_procedure_of_divorce_for_overseas/https://blog.storymirror.com/read/u4ynvho_/best-divorce-lawyer-for-maintenance-of-wife-in-pakistanhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/get-know-legal-procedure-for.htmlhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/get-know-about-your-legal-suit.htmlhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/best-lawyer-for-solving-suit-for-power.htmlhttps://family-case-lawyer.blogspot.com/2020/02/get-consult-for-latest-procedure-of.html

Buy hydrocodone online
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Addiction to Hydrocodone is very common and enhanced usage is being noted as a growing trend. This is on a large scale due to the easy availability of this drug. It is often consumed with other drugs that are not harshly restricted and these mixtures usually come in the form of pain killers that are prescribed by doctors. Some of the basic preparations that are used are Vicodin and Lortab. Medications Inclusive Hydrocodone can come in tablet, capsule or syrup forms and all preparations are taken orally. In its pure form, it is very hard to attain, because of its addictive nature. The Indication of addiction is anxiousness to take the drug and the need to take more of the drug to get the intended effect. To feed their addiction, many addicts go from doctor to doctor faking the severity of a condition in order to receive the medication. Some resort to criminal behavior Like this as breaking into pharmacies to steal the medication or forging a prescription. After prolonged usage, Hydrocodone begins to control the brain to make itself the highest primacy. This makes the Addictive compelled to use the drug to gain Enjoyment from it.order here>>>>>Buy hydrocodone onlineclick here>>>>>>Buy hydrocodone overnightHydrocodone addiction is a physical knack as well as a psychological habit. It is scarce that an addict can quit this addiction on his or her own. In order to attain help, an addict must seek treatment from a medical professional. Treatment for addicts consists first of detoxification to deliverance the body of the drug. Once this is accomplished, the patient can be given treatments such as methadone and LAAM.Get more info click here>>>>https://getbestpleasure.com/hydrocodone-p4.aspx Buy hydrocodone  online

Bharat Bandh- Dalit OutRage
 Suraj Kumar  
 4 April 2018  

At least nine persons were killed and scores injured Monday as Dalit anger exploded on the streets in different parts of the country on the day the Centre filed a petition in the Supreme Court, asking it to review its March 20 order that called for changes in the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.Protesting this alleged dilution of the law, Dalits tried to enforce a Bharat Bandh and its impact was felt most in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Punjab. They repeatedly clashed with police and blocked rail and road traffic at several places. In the violence that followed, vehicles and public properties, including police posts, were torched.Places in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana witnessed buses being set on fire, trains stopped, curfews imposed and internet services restricted, even as police cane-charged protesters. The Centre has already filed a review petition against the changes made to the Act by the SC to "prevent its misuse", and Union Law MinisterRavi Shankar Prasad on Monday said the government will argue the matter with “full authority”.But the protests we are witnessing across most of the country are not just over the Act. They are born of an anger that has been gathering momentum over the years — sparked by various incidents and allowed to fester, even aggravated, by an insensitive government.According to the latest available National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, crimes against SCs went up by 5.5 percent in 2016 (40,801) over 2015 (38,670). Crimes against Scheduled Tribes saw a spike of 4.7 percent, (6,568 in 2016 over 6,276 in 2015). According to a study of the same data, in India, a crime is committed against Dalits every 15 minutes, and six Dalit women are raped every day.Of these thousands of incidents, some emerged as flashpoints over the past two-three years, witnessing a coming together of Dalits and the emergence of a younger, vocal leadership.Dalit groups across the country have taken to the streets, declaring a “Bharat Bandh” in response to the alleged “dilution” of the Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989, after the Supreme Court on March 20, 2018, banned automatic arrests and registration of criminal cases under the legislation which seeks to protect members of scheduled castes and tribes against discrimination and abuse.On the one hand, Union law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, under pressure from both the Opposition and within the NDA announced that the government does not agree with the Supreme Court's decision and has filed a strong, comprehensive review petition. (Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi had said, “It is in the DNA of the RSS/BJP to keep Dalits at the lowest level in Indian society. Anyone who challenges this thought is crushed with violence. Our Dalit brothers and sisters are today on the streets demanding protection of their rights from the Modi Government. We salute them.”)On the other hand, the agitations on the street have taken a turn for the violent.Madhya PradeshAs per reports, the protests have left four dead in Madhya Pradesh's Morena, adding that curfew had been imposed in the area. In Madhya Pradesh, curfew was also imposed in parts of Gwalior and Section 144 (prohibiting assembly of more than four people in the area) in Sagar. Madhya Pradesh's Bhind also witnessed stone pelting and vandalism. Shots were also fired during protests in Gwalior.PunjabIn Punjab, the Amarinder Singh government has stepped up security measures, including deferring the CBSE Class 10 and Class 12 examinations. "Taking cognizance of the letter of the director general (school education), the CBSE decided to postpone all class 12 and 10 examinations scheduled for April 2, 2018, in the state of Punjab," it said in a statement issued late in last night. The Punjab government also ordered the suspension of bus services and mobile internet services.Delhi and Uttar PradeshAs per a PTI report, Dalit protesters squatted on tracks in several places outside Delhi, stopping trains, including the Dehradun Express and the Ranchi Rajdhani, as part of their agitation. Many trains, such as Saptakranti Express, Utkal Express and the Bhubaneswar and Ranchi Rajdhani as well as the Kanpur Shatabdi, were stopped ahead of Ghaziabad in Meerut and Modinagar.Clashes also broke out between the protesters and the police in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Mobs also disrupted trains at the Hapur station, where the movement of many goods trains was affected.Other statesAnd not just MP, things are far from calm across the country. In Jaipur, Rajasthan, a showroom was vandalized. In addition, clashes between the protestors and the police broke out in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Protestors in Odisha's Sambalpur blocked the movement of trains. As violence remains unchecked, reports suggest that at least three people, including two policemen, were injured during a “lathi charge” in Ajmer, Rajasthan after the protestors attacked first with stones.Reports also suggest that a youth died in police firing in Alwar and internet services have been suspended in the area. While there has been criticism for the arson, the vandalism, and the violence, the “Bharat Bandh” in general has received the support of many. After all, atrocities against Dalits, Bahujans, and Adivasis in the country have certainly seen a spike — it is hard to deny this sad reality considering the year began with mass violence against Dalits in Bhima-Koregaon.The merits, demerits and the inconveniences of a countrywide “bandh” can debate all day long. What is, however, more important, is to understand the potential harm caused by the Supreme Court in its attempt to “prevent misuse of law”.The SC/ST Act remains in place because of millennia of systemic oppression that continues to make its presence felt even in this supposed “post-caste” India of 2018. 

Pega CSA 8.0 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 study guide
 cinder tan  
 12 March 2020  

PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 is an Pegasystems certification exam, so PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 is the first step to set foot on the road of Pegasystems certification. PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 certification exam become more and more fiery and more and more people participate in PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 exam, but passing rate of PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 certification exam is not very high.When you select PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 exam, do you want to choose an exam training courses?Passcert Spring Sale Promotion 2020 - Save 26% OFF On PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 ExamFree Download Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 8 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 dumps, 100% Pass In Your First Attempt.To pass an exam with great ease and comfort you can prepare this by using Pega CSA 8.0 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 study guide. These Pega CSA 8.0 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 study guides are located on countless websites on the Internet but Passcert provides the right practice test and PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 exam answers. Passcert is well known for providing Pega CSA 8.0 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 study guide. Pegasystems Certification PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 Exam success begins at Passcert, your exclusive IT Certification Training Partner. Pegasystems Pega CSA 8.0 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 study guide help you pass your Pegasystems PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 Certification Exam in your first attempt.Share some Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) 8 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 exam questions and answers below.An organization has two lines of business: selling books for children and reselling college textbooks. The division selling books for children can use the same basic user interface (UI) as the division reselling textbooks with the exception of the payment methods.How do you apply the Situational Layer CakeTM in this scenario? A. Place the UI rules in the base layer, and create a new layer for the payment rules for both lines of business. B. Place the UI rules and generic payment method rules in the base layer, and create a new layer for the division-specific payment rules. C. Place the UI rules in the base layer, and create a parallel base layer for the payments rules. D. Place the UI rules in the base layer, and create a new layer for the payment rule for each division. Answer: BWith Pega’s Situational Layer CakeTM approach, how do you configure a regional variation for Human Resources (HR) time off cases? A. Create a rule for the variation and add the rule to the common layer of the application. B. Create a rule for the variation and add it to a secondary common application layer. C. Create a rule for the variation and add the rule to the layer for the region. D. Create a rule for the variation and replace the existing HR time off rule in the application common layer. Answer: BA development team plans to enhance functionality of an existing application by changing several user interface rules. The team would like to pilot the enhancements to a small group of users before rolling the changes out to the entire user base. What approach maximizes reuse and maintainability? A. Place the updated rules into a new minor version of the ruleset and include the new ruleset version in a new application. B. Place the updated rules into a new ruleset and include the new ruleset in a new application. C. Place the updated rules into a new ruleset and include the new ruleset in a new version of the application. D. Place the updated rules into a new minor version of the ruleset and include the new ruleset version in a new version of the application. Answer: AYou are creating a case type to process job applications for a large corporation. Job applications for security positions require a physical assessment in addition to the standard criminal background check. The physical assessment can occur before or after the background check. How do you configure a case type to achieve the required behavior? A. Create a process for the physical assessment that is followed by a process for the background check. B. Create a process for the physical assessment that is parallel to the background check process. C. Create a process on one stage for the background check and a process on another stage for the physical assessment. D. Create a process for the background check and an optional process for the physical assessment. Answer: AAn order fulfillment case type allows a customer to update user profile information during the order placement stage. The user profile consists of the following three pages: - Account ID and password - Customer contact information - A list of open orders with status of each order How do you configure the case type to allow customers to update any of the user profile pages at any time during case processing? A. Add a set of optional actions to the case workflow. B. Add an alternate stage to the case life cycle. C. Add an optional process to the case workflow. D. Add a button for each profile page to each assignment. Answer: A100% pass Pegasystems PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 Exam with Passcert valid PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 dumpsPega CSA 8.0 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 study guide available at Passcert has developed by PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 certified professionals by much hard work. Pega CSA 8.0 PEGAPCSA80V1_2019 study guide available in most popular PDF format so that you can download and study offline. Candidates can learn all the questions and answers in an easy way; start from PDF and end with Test Software. 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How can i recover outlook PST password?
 grandhome colin  
 6 February 2020  

PST password deed is all you need if you've thoughtful PST file password. Without straight parole, you righteous can't make or yawn your outlook mail file. In specified states, you bed two options: whether you can disappear PST file watchword to unlock PST file, or you can try an authority PST Countersign Effort software to restore PST word. In this blog, you'll mature the practice answer as good as a jock way to unlock PST file.Download NowThe computer data section is one of the most severe issues for most organizations and level for the individuals. These machine files contain really essential mail nigh an administration or several. But if its waters into the criminal guardianship, it becomes real severe and a frustrating status for them. In much an indispensable status, you moldiness protect your computer files by applying passwords to them. Secret imposition provides protection to your machine mail and files against any unlicensed or usage or thieving.In these days email has got the hottest business for computer users to reverse or assets pivotal substance from one view to another. MS Outlook is one of the general email applications that help users broadcast and have email messages. Added than sending and receiving email messages, it also supports aggregate features equivalent calendaring, lense direction, strain direction, notation action, book activity, and web browsing.All the mailbox items of MS outlook are found into an outlook Information file, which is titled PST or Individualised Store Fare. outlook mailbox is rattling important for outlook users as it contains determining emails and other mailbox items. Your PST file can be easily accessed by any unaccredited person if it is not weatherproof or your Windows assets feature of Microsoft outlook.If the above resolution doesn't apply due to any sanity, or you tally a Unicode PST file, then you should try an authority PST watchword retrieval set. The software offers a modern solvent titled as PST Password Recovery Tool, to return PST word of outlook information files. It supports all common versions of MS outlook and recovers parole of both ANSI and Unicode PST files. To bang author almost this software, satisfy travel website and download the disengage present variation of this software.

How IT Forensic Services Empower Organizations!
 Scott Crary  
 30 June 2020  

When it comes to IT Forensic Services Australia,these services are becoming one of the most reliable methods of exploring cybercrimes through legal procedures. In this day and age, each and every single transaction and association depends on cell phone devices as well as computers. Consequently, cyber forensics can be utilized for distinguishing security penetrates and different crimes. The famous electronic revelation method can be utilized for uncovering and deciding criminal proof. The legal investigation process frequently includes electronic information storage extraction. While the cyber forensic procedure is still especially in its underlying stage, it is picking up notoriety as a practical method of deciphering proof.Reasons for taking cyber forensics services:Cybercrimes are growing at a wide range. From downloading copyrighted works for unapproved dispersion to email tricks, the explanation for these cybercrimes is advanced by the ability to gain benefits from the private data or a third party's intellectual property.The objective of cyber forensics is to complete an organized investigation while following a lot of systems and documenting all the accessible proof to arrive at a determination with respect to a cyber security break. The strategy can discover the subtleties dependent on the included specialized gadgets, individuals, and their particular objectives. The expert cyber forensic experts regularly observe standard strategies to finish the investigation task. This incorporates genuinely disconnecting the included device to see whether it has been incidentally tainted. The experts additionally make a few duplicates of media after which, it is archived and made sure about in a safe facility for updated maintenance. The whole investigation depends on a digital copy.With the development in security breaks as of late, the role of cyber forensics has also developed famously. Specialists use diverse legal forensics programming applications and different methods to inspect the copies, look through concealed envelopes, and search unallocated plate spaces for copies and documents that were harmed, scrambled, or erased.For organizations, it is very basic to offer premium quality IT Professional Services Australia to engage the enterprise groups to do the examination in case of an information breach.