Love Of My Life by Rohit Sharma is the Story of Virat Singh Rajput, an Ex-Major who accepts the guilt of the murder of three people. Vaishnavi Pandit, Criminal Defense Lawyer who was keen to know the facts of the case, dug the deeper layers of Virat’s heart by mentioning the name of his love Pratishthato know the motive behind these murders. What made a sincere army officer turn to be a brutal murderer? What was the motive behind these murders? What is the motive of Vaishnavi to make Virat acquitted? To know more about this journey of love, romance, patriotism, agony, envy, revenge, give it read guys. The story and narrative style made my reading smooth and easy. The title and cover are quite apt to the plot. Characterization is clean and perfect. The author did a fabulous job.