Troubleshoot Brother Printer Issues| +1-844-636-0656 Brother Printer is a well-known name in the world of printers but as is the case with any machine or software, it can face certain flaws. There are cases when you have to go through the Brother Printer Not Printing issue because of an array of reasons. Here are some of the cases which can impede how your printer functions-  Misalignment of paper- If you are not properly inserting the paper in relation to the tray then you can face this issue. The misalignment can be caused especially when you are printing a stacked line of paper. In such cases, the paper can be twisted or folded and hence it causes a misalignment.  Material stuck in the internal parts of the printer- There are times when some scrap material can get stuck in the inside part of your printer. The scrap material can be a result of the paper that was used for printing during last operations. Therefore, it is crucial to notice that one must keep the printer clean and devoid of these materials to avoid problems.  False low-ink warning- You can receive low-ink warnings even when there is enough ink in the printer. It can hamper your functions as the warning alarm can be annoying. You can try to reinstall the ink cartridge and see if it works.  Problem with the toner and roller- Roller and toner are internal parts of the printer that are responsible for all its printing operations. If they have become weary because of overuse then you can also face problems while printing.  Driver issues- A driver is a driving force between the printer and the system. You must continuously update the driver to make sure that your printer doesn’t show signs of inefficiency when you are working on it. You need Brother Printer Driver Help in these cases.  Printer printing low quality images- Your printer can sometimes produce low quality output when it comes to images. There can be marks, shadows and irregular patterns superimposed the image hence compromising its quality. In such a case, it may because of the high resolution of the image that you can face such problems.  Printer’s output is black and white- There are times when you want to print coloured images and documents through your printer but it produces black and white images and documents. It can be because of depleted reserves of the coloured ink or a configuration error. These are some of the common issues you can have while using your printer, however there are times when you need to troubleshoot Brother Printer issues. These issues can sometimes get out of hand and you can require help from an IT expert to fix them. You can get such help by contacting our number. Feel free to call our number anytime and you can get connected with an expert, who has an experience of dealing with an array of Brother Printer issues. We use the latest tools to diagnose your problem and you can be assured of a quick service.