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Exchange Server 2010 to 2016 Migration
 2 April 2019  

EdbMails provides an Exchange Migration tool, which is best suited for the   Exchange  2010 to 2016 Migration.Main Features of Exchange Server Migration:Migrate Exchange 2007/2010 to Exchange 2007,2010,2013,2016Migrate Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2007,2010,2013,2016Migrate Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2007,2010,2013,2016Best Exchange Server Migration Tool: Migrate exchange server to exchange server without any data loss. It maintains data integrity and there is no limitation of mailboxesTrue incremental migration: The migration is true incremental without duplicatesExclude folder option : Exclude folder option can be used  during migration.Migrating Exchange Server to Exchange Server / Office 365: EdbMails provides feature to Migrate Exchange server to Exchange Server or Office 365 directly.Demo version: You can Download and install the trial version, it’s completely free and you can recover upto 30 items from each and every mailbox folders.To the point user interface with modern elements.EdbMails  is the best software for Exchange server to Exchange server migration or Office 365 migrations.Steps to Perform Live Exchange server  to Office 365 Migration1.  Install EdbMails Application in you system2. Select the option “Live Exchange Migration”3. Login to Source Live Exchange Server Admin account4. Check the mailbox list in the window, if list is not found,  Generate the mailboxes CSV file as prompted and follow the steps,  load the generated Mailboxes CSV file and continue.5. Select the Mailboxes from which you would like to migrate6.  Click “Migrate to Destination Office 365” button7. Login to destination Office 365 Admin account8. Check the mailbox list in the window,, if list is not found,  Generate the mailboxes CSV file as prompted and follow the steps,  load the generated Mailboxes CSV file and continue.9. Use automatic mapping or manual mapping method to map source and destination mailboxes10. Click “Migrate  Live Exchange  to Office 365 ” button.Also Visit: Exchange 2010 to 2016 migrationFor more information visit : https://www.edbmails.com/pages/exchange-2010-to-2016-migration.html

How to Fix a Corrupted Hyper-V VHDX File?
 30 May 2019  

A lot of questions are asked regarding how to fix corrupted VHDX files. So in this particular blog, I am going to discuss with you some of my experience related to VHDX file corruption and what way I opt to recover files from corrupt VHDX file(Virtual Machine).Before moving ahead with the fix a Corrupted Hyper-V VHDX File; Let know what exactly a VHDX fileis and how VHDX file gets corrupted.VHDX is a Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk invented by Microsoft. It is utilized for putting storing heavy data, mostly used by Window server 2012. After VHD, VHDX came into the tech world to deal with very heavy computer data storage on Hyper-V Server like Window Server 2012 R2. There was a capacity challenge for virtual machines when a bigger remaining burden winds up as VHD. This was defeated after the revelation of the VHDX.In spite of the fact that it overcomes the storage workload but does prone to corruption. Also, Hyper-V has auto-fix defects in VHDX data. However, this isn't generally an answer. A virtual file is part of a hard drive footer that stores information about the disk, such as size and geometry, and data blocks. Furthermore, if the footer of the VHDX record gets ruined for some reasons. A sudden mistake happens: The document or registry is ruined and unreadable. To beat such error or to fix VHDX Hyper V files, watch out the technique that you may need to perform to recuperate VHDX(extract information from VHDX). 1. If data in the VHDX is corrupt, then run disk repair tools within the virtual machine (such as chk disk) and recover data.2. If you fail, you may go for another tool that SysInfoTool VHDX Recovery. However, ensuring you have a good recovery strategy in place is the best option.You may refer to more about the fix of corrupt VHDX file.

 8 August 2019  

Browsers are a basic utility for an internet user so they need to fix browser problems immediately. In case these problems are unattended, the user is unable to perform day-to-day task on a browser. There can be various problems attached to a browser and some of them can limit the functions of a browser. To begin with, let’s look into the ways to fix Chrome Window Size Problem-Right click on the right side of the browser.Choose size and click on the browser window.After you click on the browser’s window, the problem will be fixed.There can be times when a browser may muddle the font style or size. Here is how you can fix the Chrome Font Problem.Go to the Control and select the “Appearance and Personalization” option.Then click on “Display”.From there, choose the “Adjust ClearType Text” option.Check the “Turn on ClearType” option.Through this method, the font size and the appearance will be optimized.Often a person may not be able to login to their account of the browser. This problem is often related to syncing. Here is how you can fix the Chrome Signin Problems/Login problems.Click on the “Reset Sync” option and the click ok.Sign-in again.If the above method doesn’t work, clear the cookies and cache.At times the browser won’t respond and freeze. The browser can in such cases also freeze system altogether. Here are the solutions to the Chrome Not responding-This problem can be caused by the non-clearance of cookies and cache. To clear the cache follow the instructions below.Go to the ‘Settings’ on Chrome.Select the “Advanced” option.After going to “Advanced” option, go to the ‘Privacy and Security” option.From there, go to the bottom of the header and click on the “Clear history, cache, cookies” option.From there select the option to clear the cache.

How to Fix the Yellow Tint on Monitor
 1 November 2019  

If your computer display automatically changes to yellow than its usual appearance, then do not worry. It may be due to various reasons. The most prominent reason is the modification in its software settings, and sometimes it is caused due to a hardware error.Yellow Tint On MonitorIn this blog, we will discuss the Yellow color appearance of your system and the specific steps to restore to the default one.Modifying your color profile to your PC settings1. First of all, tap the “Start” menu located on the lowermost –left side panel of your window.2. Now enter “Control panel” in the search box until you see the logo appears on your screen.3. Now tap on “Control Panel” to launch.4. Now you have to choose the option that reads “Color Management.”5. Go to the device segment, select the desktop with a yellow tint option located inside the menu.6. Now mark the checkbox associated with the option which reads, “Use my settings for this device.”7. Then tap on the “Add” tab.8. Then you have to choose the “sRGB Virtual Device Model Profile” option.9. Now you have to hit the “OK” button.10. Go to the profiles associated section, which will show you various profiles linked to your PC. Then you have to choose your desired profile which you have appended to it.11. Then you have to tap the “Set as Default Profile” option.12. Once you have changed your color profile to your desired one, you will see that the yellow appearance has been removed. In case you find it that it still remains on your desktop, then proceed with other troubleshooting steps.Activating night mode on your desktop 1. Launch the Start menu.2. Then you have to hit the “Settings” tab.3. Now you have to select the “System” menu. After a while, a fresh window will show on your desktop.4. Now hit the “Display” icon present on the left-hand side panel.5. Now turn the Night Light toggle button to off.6. You may also check the night mode just by pressing the window + “A” keys simultaneously.Troubleshooting issues by updating your Video Drivers In order to update the video drivers through manual way and to remove this issue, you should follow these steps:1. Tap the right mouse button on the “Start” menu.2. Then you have to hit the “Device Manager” option.3. Now tap the arrow symbol located after the “Display adapters” option to open it.4. Just tap right-click from your mouse to select your desired video card name.5. Then you have to choose the “Update Driver” option.6. Then you have to hit the automation option related to your updated driver software.7. In case your PC finds the new updated version for your driver, it will automatically update it instantly.Then you have to resume your system as soon as possible.Checking for any Hardware related issuesIf the problem still exists, then look for any hardware issues associated with your Yellow screen tint. Follow these steps to check your system properly:First of all, check whether the Video Card is properly placed in its specified socket or not.Then you have to check your connecting cable. Make sure it has no cuts or even a small rupture. Now refer your user manual, which came with your system. Check all the hardware devices to see if they are placed properly. Check for the “Degauss” button located on your desktop. Turn it on to remove all the magnetic effects of your system. Celine Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on dell printer support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

700-150 dumps crack questions is the best way to clear Exam
 30 August 2019  

Question: 21 Which project types does the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Model use?A. waterfall, iterativeB. diagnostic, analysis, design, development, deployment, and operationC. standard, rapid, enterprise, agile, and upgradeD. diagnostic, development, and operationalAnswer: C    Explanation: The standard set of templates available using Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Model is standard, rapid, enterprise and agile.Reference: http://www.ignify.com/ERP-Implementation-Methodology.asphttp://www.tud.ttu.ee/material/enn/IDU0010/Loeng3Sure_Step/80199A_ENUS_ERP/80199A_ENUS_ERP/80199_ENUS_ERP_01.pdf (page 5)Question: 22  You are responsible for creating and managing projects in a project repository.Which two actions can you perform on existing projects in the repository? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution- Choose two.)A. clone a projectB. share a projectC. change a project typeD. delete a projectAnswer: A, D    Explanation: The project properties tab is also used to create new projects, clone projects, and delete projects.  http://blogs.msdn.com/b/project/archive/2007/02/24/deliverables.aspxQuestion: 23  You need to create a project by using the Sure Step Project Creation Wizard.Which two properties must you identify in order to proceed? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)A. engagement typeB. productC. project implementation phaseD. product versionAnswer: A, B    Explanation: 1. In the Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step main window, click the Projects tab.2. Click Project List, and then click Create New Project.3. On the Sure Step Project Creation Wizard welcome page, click Next.4. On the “Add new project data” window, choose a Solution, Product, and Engagement Type. Type your project name and optionally fill in the rest of the fields. Click Next to continue.Etc.http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ukax/archive/2012/01/10/sure-step-online-project-wizard.aspxQuestion: 24  As a project manager, you need to ascertain which human resources are involved in the project and Fit Gap documents on the Decision Accelerators.Which two Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology tree nodes provide this information for the implementation project? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)A. Solution EnvisioningB. ResourcesC. RolesD. DeliverablesE. PreferencesAnswer: B, C    Explanation: References:http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/a/c/3ac11404-03a8-4d55-9b90-f789286a4f34/Fit_Gap_Datasheet.pdfhttp://vjeko.com/blog/fit-gap-and-solution-blueprint-estimateshttp://blogs.msdn.com/b/mvpawardprogram/archive/2012/08/27/microsoft-dynamics-sure-step-methodology-revisited.aspxhttp://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa496439.aspx

How to reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold

Does your AOL Desktop Gold show hassles while installation? When users get an installation errorthat time they need to fix the problem via reinstallation. The reason for installation problem may occur due to corrupted installation. Are you getting the problem with AOL Desktop and want to reinstall it? If yes then you can get the help from customer care team for a solution. Via AOL Desktop technical support number whenever you want can reach to experts. If you want to learn the installation process then don’t worry. On this blog, you will find the way “how to reinstall AOL Desktop?” For reinstallation process first of uninstall the AOL Desktop software and then install again AOL gold desktop download software. Uninstall the previous installed AOL Desktop?To uninstall AOL Desktop you should follow the steps given here:Tap on the Start menu of the computer.Click on Control Panel.Choose the option Add or Remove Programs, Uninstall a program, or Programs and Features Now you will get a list of installed programs, click on AOL Desktop.Tap on the option Uninstall/Remove.You will ask if you want to remove or keep the personal data. Finally, the uninstallation process successfully is done. After the uninstallation process, you can process for reinstallation process. Follow the steps given below for reinstallation of AOL Desktop Gold then you can easily Install AOL Gold software. Install new AOL Desktop GoldGo to the Downloads folder on the computer.Select the AOL Desktop and click on the icon Install AOL Desktop. A Windows security window will open.Tap on option Run.The window of AOL Desktop Gold will open. Tap on Install now.Follow the prompts to install the AOL Desktop Gold and the process of reinstallation has done.Now you can use the AOL Desktop without glitches. Whatever the team of customer care is 24 X 7 available to rectify the issues related to AOL Desktop. Via AOL Desktop technical support number customers care solve all problems. The team of trained experts is always available on the call. With the help of experts, it would be easy to fix issues of AOL Desktop Gold. Read more: AOL gold downloadSource URL: How to reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold

Know-How para combinar vários arquivos PST com segurança
 21 January 2020  

A combinação de arquivos PST pode ser difícil para um usuário se ele não estiver ciente de uma maneira segura de fazê-lo. Muitos usuários procuram maneiras de combinar vários arquivos PST; no entanto, recomendamos fortemente que nossos leitores não sigam o método manual, pois pode ser longo e tedioso. Este blog discute ainda mais maneiras de combinar arquivos PST usando o método manual e uma ferramenta de terceiros. Pode tornar-se difícil gerenciar arquivos PST grandes demais e é por isso que os usuários combinam arquivos grandes e grandes demais para evitar corrupção e danos.Como combinar vários arquivos PST usando o método manual?Abaixo, mencionamos as etapas para combinar vários arquivos PST usando a abordagem manual:Etapa 1: criar um novo arquivo do Outlook● Inicie o Outlook no seu computador.● Pressione na guia Mais itens.● Agora selecione os arquivos a serem combinados e navegue no local desejado.● Clique na opção "OK".Etapa 2: Importar arquivos para um novo arquivo PST● Pressione na guia "Arquivo".● Clique duas vezes no botão "Importar".● Vá para a opção "Próximo".● Pressione na opção Importar.● Agora, selecione os arquivos PST que você precisa importar e salve-os.● Pressione a opção "Próximo".● Clique na guia "Concluir".Executando as etapas acima, os usuários podem combinar vários arquivos PST manualmente. Seguindo as etapas, os usuários podem combinar arquivos PST, no entanto, não há garantia do resultado. A abordagem manual tem muitas limitações, pois o usuário pode combinar os arquivos abaixo de 2 GB. Recomendamos que nossos leitores usem a KDETools PST Merge Tool, pois fornece aos usuários vários recursos avançados. O uso de uma ferramenta de terceiros de renome e confiável garante 100% de resultado e o usuário pode combinar qualquer tamanho de arquivo.Combine vários arquivos PST com segurança usando a ferramenta KDETools PST MergeA ferramenta KDETools PST Merger inclui uma ampla gama de recursos avançados para combinar vários arquivos PST. A ferramenta permite que os usuários combinem qualquer tamanho de arquivo, pois não há limitações. Os usuários podem combinar todos os itens da caixa de correio PST, incluindo e-mails, diários, anotações, calendários, subpastas, contatos, tarefas, pastas e etc. O usuário pode combinar arquivos PST entre duas datas usando a opção "Filtragem de mensagens". O software é compatível com todas as versões do Outlook e Windows.SumárioNeste blog, discutimos o manual e uma ferramenta de terceiros para combinar vários arquivos PST. Leia o blog e escolha uma opção confiável que garanta 100% de resultados e o usuário possa combinar facilmente qualquer tamanho de arquivo PST.Mais informações: http://www.merge-pst.com/

Know a Safe Way on How to Merge Multiple PST Files into Single One
 6 November 2019  

Still wondering how to merge multiple PST files? If yes, then continue reading the blog as we have discussed the way to combine the multiple PST files in just a few steps and in a short period. This blog further discusses how a user can merge the multiple PST files by using professional software without losing the data. We have discussed the steps of the manual method and why users should opt for automated software to merge Outlook PST files into one file.The Manual Way to Merge the Multiple PST FilesOpen Outlook and locate the PST files to be combined.Open Outlook and rename the new PST file.You can locate the new PST file and click on OK.Open the Import and Export wizard and opt for the Import from another ProgramClick on the Next button and select the files you want to import.Browse to select the file and open do not import duplicates.Select the folder and examine the include subfolders and click on finish.The above are the steps to merge the multiple PST files by using the manual process. A single wrong step can lead to loss of data or corruption of files. It is highly recommended that you opt for a more secure way to merge the multiple PST files. If you are not from a technical background, then you might end up making a mistake so opt for the right PST Merger software.Use KDETools PST Merge Software to Merge Multiple PST Files into Single OneThe PST Merger software is advanced software, which enables the user to use the latest features and merge the PST files in just a few minutes without losing any data. The user can double-check the content before merging the files and check the data before the process begins. KDETools PST Merger maintains the hierarchy of Meta Properties of an email and folders. The user can merge endless files easily. Key Features:The advanced tool merges damaged and corrupted files without losing the data.The user can use the demo version to check if the tool is worth buying or not.The user can also use the ‘Preview’ feature and check the selected files.SummaryThe manual method is quite complicated and we highly suggest you avoid using it to merge multiple PST files into a single one. Make certain that you go for a safer and faster method to merge your PST data so pick the best PST Merger tool that offers a wide range of features. More Info: https://www.kdetools.com/pst-merge.html

Learn a Safe Method on How to Split PST Data Into Smaller Parts Safely
 8 November 2019  

If you are tired of searching a reliable way to split oversized or large PST data, then read the blog as we have mentioned the steps to do it in the blog. The user can split Outlook PST data by using the manual way and opt for automated software. It is important that you go for a safe and reliable method to split PST files into smaller parts to ensure that your data is not damaged. In this blog, we will discuss in detail and make it convenient for the users tosplit PST data without any hassle.Manual Way to Split Outlook PST Data Into Smaller PartsBreak An Outlook PST File Via ‘Archive’ Open Outlook and choose the files that you want to move to a new Outlook PST file.Click on  File > Info > Cleanup from the displayed options.Opt for the ‘Archive’ tab.Click on the ‘Archive This Folder’ button.Move the files to the desired location and rename it. Click on the ‘OK’ tab.Split Outlook PST File Via ‘Import And Export’ OptionMake a new PST file and go on the ‘File’ button.Move the files to the desired location.Click on ‘OK’.Go to ‘File > Open > Import’ tab.Click on ‘Export’ from the Import and Export Wizard.Click on the ‘Next’ button.Choose the files that you want to export.Click on the finish’ tab to break an oversized PST file into smaller files.Split an Outlook PST Data Into Smaller Files Via KDETools PST SplitterThe user can skip the headache of oversized files problem if they use a PST Splitter tool. Make certain that you go for the professional Splitter that guarantees 100 % result and is safe to use. By using KDETools PST Splitter, the user can split the damaged and password-protected files. We suggest you go for a professional and secure tool instead of using the manual way. The user can split an oversized file without losing the data as there is no file size limitation and the user can split no matter how big the file size is. By using the tool, the users can securely split PST data.Summary In this blog, we have discussed in detail how a user can split a PST file into smaller parts by using the manual method and a third-party tool. Ensure that you read the blog carefully and select a method that you find it convenient to split oversized PST files, however, we strongly suggest that you opt for a reliable and safe third-party tool to split a PST file into smaller parts safely.More Details: http://www.pst-splitter.com/

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.38
 16 October 2019  

Thin Silver Layer - In Gita Verse 3.38 As fire is covered by smoke, as a mirror is covered by dust, or as the embryo is covered by the womb, the living entity is similarly covered by different degrees of this lust.Krishna gives example to not only to Arjuna, but to us also. Many times that we are not able to see the real as it is covered with others, for example the fire if is is covered by smoke, due to smoke the we are not able to see the light. Same way when there is dust on the mirror, we will not be able to see anything in the mirror except the dust.Similarly, when our consciousness is covered by unconsciousness we will not be able to see your own Godliness, your own divinity.Let me tell you one story to explain this verse:Thin Silver Layer:A rich Jew went to a Hassid mystic and said, “I want to pray, but however much I try my desires don’t leave me alone. I want to give, I want to donate to charity, but even behind this charity my greed is present, my desire to gain is present. I can forfeit, but that too is bargain, a hope to get something, a hope to get even more; then I can forfeit. And however much I close my eyes; I don’t see any God. I remain full of my ‘I’. What should I do? And what is the reason for all this trouble?”The mystic said, “You come with me.” Then he lead the rich man to a window. There was clear glass on the window; outside there were trees, birds, white herons flying in the sky; the sun was shining and a few clouds were also floating in the sky. He said, “Look outside. Do you see everything?”The rich man said, “I do, the glass on the window is so clear and transparent.”Then the mystic took the man to another wall by which a mirror was hanging. He asked the man, “Do you see any difference between this glass and the previous one?”The rich man stood in front of the mirror and nothing except his own figure was visible in the glass.“Both are glass,” said the mystic. “What is the difference?”The rich man started laughing. He said, “I get it! The difference is of a thin silver layer. On that glass there is no silver layer, this glass has a silver layer at the back. Because of that layer nothing is seen through it, only my figure is seen in it. I get it! A silver layer is all around me. This is why whenever I look, nothing, no God, no Brahma is seen; only I am seen.”This silver can be of many kinds. It can be worldly; it can be spiritual. But as long as there is any layer of desire on you – that is the silver – you are surrounded by yourself.Self-consciousness never arises out of the mind. Self-consciousness arises only when the mind has been discarded. When the mind has been put aside, Self-consciousness arises. Mind is blocking the fountain of Self-consciousness like a rock. Mind is always mediocre; mind is always stupid, Self-unconscious. To be in the mind is to be Self-unconscious. To be beyond the mind is to be Self-consciousness. Self-consciousness is not the quality of the mind at all.All meditation is the search for this Self-consciousness - how to drop learning, how to drop knowledge, how to drop all your accumulated past. Once it is accumulated it becomes more and more difficult to drop it, and every day it becomes bigger. The load goes on growing. The weight on your back goes on growing every single moment. It is not age that kills you, it is the weight.A man who lives in no-mind lives without death - because he dies every moment. He never collects, he never looks back, he never looks ahead; he is just here. He is just here with this cry of the cuckoo; he is just here. His being is in this moment. He flows with the moment. He is not rigid, not confined by the past. In fact, he has no biography and he has no dreams for the future. He lives as it comes.Krishna through Arjuna tells all of us Thin Silver Layer, which is not allowing us to have clarity of the whole. Who we are. When we are standing in front of Self-unconsciousness we see only our own image but when we look from Self-consciousness we can see the whole. Our unconsciousness is the influence of others on us. When we are self-unconscious it becomes silver layer. Because of this silver layer we will not be able to see our own Godliness.

Автоматизированное решение для экспорта Mac Outlook OLM в формат EML
 11 December 2020  

Клиенты Macintosh Outlook, когда переходят на Window Live Mail, им необходимо использовать Betavare OLM для EML Exporter Tool. В любом случае, из-за недоступности правильного расположения клиентам приходится сталкиваться с многочисленными проблемами при обмене сообщений Mac Outlook на EML. Если вы один из тех, кто застрял в этой проблеме, на этом этапе вы можете перейти в этот блог и получить механизированный ответ для быстрого экспорта Outlook Mac OLM в EML.СКАЧАТЬ СЕЙЧАСЗнать Outlook Mac OLM и Window Live MailOutlook Mac - это этап, используемый для обмена сообщениями, контактов с руководителями, задач совета директоров и различных администраций. Он хранит всю информацию в дизайне записи OLM. Опять же, EML - это бесплатный клиент электронной почты, который использует документ EML, чтобы сохранить все свои сообщения и соединения.Мотивы для экспорта из Outlook для Mac в EMLВажной целью экспорта записей Outlook Mac в EML является рабочий переключатель, из-за которого для получения сообщений Mac Outlook в EML необходимо экспортировать OLM в дизайн документа EML. Без экспорта дизайна записей OLM в EML клиенты не смогут отправлять документы Outlook Mac клиентам электронной почты EML. Точно так же клиенты могут отправлять OLM в EML, поскольку дизайн документа EML поддерживается бесчисленным количеством клиентов электронной почты из рабочих областей Windows и Mac. Клиенты, несомненно, могут перейти с его помощью на EML и множество других почтовых клиентов.Роботизированное решение для экспорта Mac Outlook OLM в дизайн EMLВместо того, чтобы тратить силы на ручные настройки, мы рекомендуем клиентам выбирать проницательные и мгновенные ответы для отправки информации Mac Outlook в дизайн документа EML. Программа легко конвертирует OLM в дизайн документа EML за пару минут. 100% информационная безопасность обеспечивается на протяжении всего цикла изменений.Шаги по экспорту OLM в дизайн EML -Загрузите и установите Betavare OLM в EML Exporter.Добавьте документ OLM на доску продукта.Предварительно просмотрите документ Mac Outlook OLM и выберите все, что нужно, для отправки.Выберите расположение EML и область для документа EML выхода.Нажмите Convert Now catch, и это заменит сообщения OLM на дизайн EML.Почему стоит выбрать Betavare OLM для EML Exporter?Позвольте нам понять, почему мы выбрали этот продукт. Мы объясним вам причины с помощью основных моментов, предлагаемых продуктом -С продуктом легко справиться с его самовыражением.Плавно конвертируйте любой OLM колоссального размера в дизайн EML.Преобразование сообщений OLM в EML со связанными подключениямиПоддержка записи OLM для Mac Outlook 2019, 2016 и 2011Windows 10, 8, 7 и другие поддерживаются для запуска этого устройстваПодробный обзор документов Mac Outlook OLMСохранение частей электронной почты и организации электронной почтыБесплатная демонстрационная форма для ознакомления с работой продуктаВыбранные вещи отправляют из информации OLM в дизайн EMLУделите пару минут, чтобы разыграть тариф за 4 простых шагаЗаключениеВ этом блоге есть удобный ответ для клиентов по экспорту Outlook Mac OLM в дизайн записи EML. Все клиенты могут грамотно работать с инструментом без проблем. Кроме того, это гарантирует 100% безопасность и отправку жиров. В случае любого беспорядка клиенты могут связаться с нашей группой помощи.

How to Know If You Need a Root Canal Treatment or Not
 20 May 2019  

What is Root Canal?Root Canal Treatmentto fix and spare a seriously harmed or contaminated tooth as opposed to evacuating it. The method includes evacuating the harmed region of the tooth (the mash) and cleaning and sanitizing it, at that point filling and fixing it. The normal causes influencing the mash are a broken tooth, a profound cavity, rehashed dental treatment to the tooth or injury to it. The articulation "root channel" starts from cleaning of the channels inside the tooth's root.     Root Canal SymptomsSerious tooth torment when biting or with connected weightDifficult, waiting affectability to hot or cold temperaturesA persevering or repeating white, yellow, or red pimple on the gumsStaining or obscuring of the toothSwelling and delicacy in adjacent gumsRoot Canal PainThe most widely recognized inquiry among patients who discover they need Root Canal Treatment is, "how much will this hurt?" Dental medical procedures and techniques can cause a great deal of pressure and stress, particularly for first-time patients. In any case, the objective of your dental specialist or endodontic is to make the system as agreeable and agony free as could be expected under the circumstances. The neighborhood sedative used to numb your mouth will guarantee that you don't feel any of the boring amid the strategy. Applying the desensitizing jam additionally diminishes the inconvenience when your dental specialist or endodontic infuses the prescription.A few patients choose to be quieted for the system. Dental sedation includes a few strategies used to loosen up a patient and set them up for different dental methods, including root trenches. Nitrous oxide is particularly regular in dental workplaces, albeit different choices are accessible also. You should keep your mouth open for as long as a few hours, which can cause some jaw soreness and solidness. A dental dam will be put around the influenced tooth, keeping the territory spotless and simple to get to. You may likewise get an elastic square that can help hold your jaw open all the more serenely. You could feel some affectability or delicacy in the zone for a couple of days after the system. Contingent upon the seriousness of your treatment, your dental specialist or endodontic may endorse torment prescription, albeit most patients can control their torment with over-the-counter agony relievers.Best Cosmetic Dentist in UdaipurHow is a Root Canal Procedure Performed?To affirm that a tooth does in reality require Root Canal Treatment, the dental specialist will take a X-ray of the root and may play out a mash essentialness test. Most mash tests include setting a chilly boost on the tooth to check for a sound reaction. Many teeth will be tested to compare the responses. In the event that the test affirms the requirement for root waterway treatment, it will be finished in it is possible that a couple of arrangements. The dental specialist will decide if the root waterway will be treated in a couple of arrangements dependent on the size and length of a ulcer and different variables. A tooth is probably going to be treated in two arrangements in the event that it is getting a retreatment (being dealt with a second time). Patients are frequently inquisitive to what extent a root waterway takes to wrap up. They can by and large expect a couple of arrangements of around an hour and a half each. An endodontist, and some broad dental specialists, will regularly perform root channel treatment utilizing a magnifying lens that connects to the divider and hangs over the patient's mouth. This gives amplification that enables the treatment supplier to find and treat all the important life systems inside the tooth. Before beginning the root trench, the dental specialist will numb the tooth with nearby anesthesia to guarantee persistent solace. At the point when the tooth has turned out to be adequately numb, the dental specialist will put an elastic dam over the tooth. The elastic dam comprises of a metal brace that holds a latex sheet set up around the tooth so it can stay spotless and disengaged from salivation and contaminants.Advantage and Disadvantage of Root Canal Treatment –AdvantageAt the point when treatment is done, a patient will never again feel torment and have no compelling reason to take painkillers to kill toothaches brought about by the issue tooth.Because of scratching microbes as a piece of root canal treatment, the spread of any inward contamination is anticipated.This sort of treatment helps stop the arrangement of canker around the tip of the issue tooth.A root canal will have no negative effect on your sensation or gnawing power. The issue tooth will require just a couple of days to recuperate.Such a treatment enables you to spare your own tooth and keep your regular biting capacities.Applying root canal treatment enables you to shield neighboring teeth from strain.Sparing your own tooth encourages you abstain from burning through cash on costly fake tooth crowns and embeds, or being embarrassed about any missing teeth.DisadvantageAfter root canal treatment, a patient can feel awkward or even experience a little agony amid the initial couple of days. Torment relievers can enable the adapting to process.The treatment can prompt staining of the issue tooth.Directly after the treatment, the tooth is powerless, which is the reason activities, for example, biting ought to be stayed away from for this tooth, until it is completely reestablished by a dental specialist.Sadly, the treated tooth will never again have its unique robustness and quality after the contamination and coming about treatment.Mumbai Dental Clinic guarantee you to give Best Dental Treatment Services in Udaipur , We have all the most recent innovations. Dr. Siddharth Jain and Dr.Mahak Jain are very qualified and prestigious expert dental specialists. They routinely perform entangled careful, stylish and therapeutic strategies separated from the standard dental treatment.Call us- +91-8107259893Visit - http://www.mumbaidentalclinics.com/

How to Access and Cancel your Meetings in Outlook
 14 October 2019  

In this busy schedule, Outlook keep you updated about your future meetings. You can set up your meetings in Outlook so that you don’t forget about them. But, sometimes plans will change or get canceled. These times you would want to cancel your scheduled meetings from Outlook. You can reschedule as well as cancel your meetings in Outlook, whenever you want.Access and Cancel Meeting in OutlookAccessing and canceling Outlook meetingsAn Outlook meeting can only be canceled by the person who created it or sent the meeting request. Before going ahead to cancel a meeting remember that, it will be removed from the Outlook calendar and attachments for it will also be deleted from Outlook. The process for deleting an Outlook meeting is simple,Go to your desktop and start the ‘Outlook’ app.Now, navigate to the ‘View Switcher’ and find the calendar in which the meeting is scheduled.Open the calendar and look for the meeting scheduled into it.Double click on the meeting you want to cancel.Now, open the ‘Meeting’ tab from the top meeting invitation screen.Then click on the ‘Cancel Meeting.’ It will be the first button under the Meeting tab from the left side. Doing so changes the meeting invitation into the meeting cancellation.Now, you have to enter the reason for canceling your meeting into the meeting cancellation.Type a message explaining the purpose of canceling the meeting.And, click ‘Send Cancellation.’Doing so sends a message to the attendees about the cancellation of the meeting, and remove it from your Outlook calendar.Canceling a future recurring meetingsIf you’ve scheduled a series of meetings in Outlook, which recurs in the future until the selected data, and want to cancel them, it is not so complicated. Here are the instructions to cancel future recurring meetings in Outlook.Start the ‘Outlook’ app.Now, navigate to the ‘View Switcher’ and find the calendar in which the meeting is scheduled.Open the calendar.And, double click a meeting of the series you want to cancel as you’ll do so, the open Recurring Item window will pop-up on the screen.Click the radio button of ‘The entire series’ option.Then, click ‘OK.’Go to the meeting invitation screen, and click on the ‘Meeting Series’ tab at the top.Look for the ‘Recurrence’ option in the Meeting Series option and click on it. Now, the Appointment Recurrence window will pop-up on the screen.Click on the ‘End by’ option.Now, select a date.Then click on ‘OK.’Type a message explaining the purpose of the canceling of future meetings in the message field.And, click ‘Send Update.’Doing so sends a message to the attendees about the changes in the meeting, and removes the recurring meetings after your selected date from the Outlook calendar.To read similar articles:How to Accessing and canceling Outlook meetings

Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst file and .ost file)
 25 July 2019  

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients, and this tool is used by millions of users. And this is some of the rules and limitations of the application, according to the version of Outlook such as File Size Limitation, Exchange OST File Do not replace original account, etc.What is OST File & PST Fie?When users use Microsoft Outlook and users configures an email client to choose three Method option as Microsoft Exchange Server or Compatible Service, Outlook.com or Exchange ActiveSync Compatible Service and Pop or IMAP Options. When users choose IMAP or POP option to Create PST File and other two options to create.OST files.OST file is just connected to an Exchange Server account type to Access emails, Contacts, calendars, task and Voice Mails, etc. OST (Offline Storage Table) file is a very sensitive type of file to replace, virus attack, system failure, and Server Shutdown, etc to files is breakdown (breakdown means the file is damaged, corrupted or unreadable, etc.) Create two types of Outlook files. And Second Crate PST file. PST file is Personal Storage table to store emails, contact, calendars, etc. and more one thinks this file is moved one system to another system.Why Convert OST file into PST file.When OST file is corrupted then users need to OST file data and this OST file is not accessed into Outlook then users one option to export or Convert OST file to another file like PST, EML, MSG, EMLX and MBOX, etc types to use user data to another email client. If you want to use OST file into Outlook to only one option Convert OST to PST file.How to Convert OST file to PST File.There are an available free and paid method to Convert Exchange OST file to PST file. Explain this free and paid method…How to work free manual method:There are available two types of free Method such as Import & Export Methods and freeware tool scanpst.exe or Scanost.exe methods.Import & Export Methods: Import Export method only work at when OST file is connected Outlook. Follow some steps to Export OST file to PST file format.•    Open MS-Outlook and click to the file tab.•    In the file tab menu to select OPEN & Export.•    After Select OPEN & Expert then you choose Import & Export option.•    After Select, Import & Export then Select Export to a file Option then Click NEXT.•    Create a NEW file option to Select Outlook Data a File (.PST) then click NEXT.•    Select To Mailbox to Export in PST Format then Click NEXT and allocate Save PST Location.•    Click to finish. Process Complete.Use Microsoft Outlook Provide freeware tool scanost.exe or scanpst.exe.You can use the Outlook file repair tool (SCANPST.EXE) to diagnose and repair errors in your Outlook data file. This freeware Repair tool monitors your Outlook data files on your computer to see if they're in excellent appearance.Repair PST & OST File fined Software in your system location64-bit Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10•    drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE16•    drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE15•    drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14•    drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE1232-bit Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10•    drive:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office16•    drive:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15•    drive:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14•    drive:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12Double-click the scanpst.exe file to open the program.Click Browse to locate the corrupted .pst fileBy default the .pst files can be located in the following folders:Using Third-Party tool to Convert OST to PST file.Many third-party tools are available in the market which is designed to recover the corrupted Outlook mailbox caused by many situations like malware attack, hard drive crashes, oversize of a file. System failure and server break down etc.  I am sharing information top 5 best OST to PST Converter to convert OST file to PST file.1.    ATS OST to PST Converter:ATS OST to PST Converter software is designed to work without MS Outlook dependency. This application smoothly scans all flaw data from damaged OST file then instantly repair, recover and convert all repair data into newly created PST file and other formats such as EMLX, MBOX, MSG, vCal, vCard, EML include with Mailbox item. It gives 100% Affiance to the users that all items migrate directly into cloud-based application Office 365 & live Exchange server and it also supports window server 2003, 2007, 2007 R2, 2008, 2008 R2 up to 2016. Read More...2.    InQuit OST to PST ConverterInQuit OST to PST Converter is a very professional and safe application to export OST file data into PST data file. It supportable MS Outlook version 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and the version of MS Exchange Server up to 2016. OST Recovery Software is capable to migrate OST database directly into Live Exchange server and Office 365. So it helps the users to store the OST data on the cloud-based application for future use. Read More...3.    OST4 OST to PST ConverterOST4 OST converter tool is perfect & wonderful software to repair corrupted OST File data such as emails, Contacts, Calendars, and archive file and convert into Outlook PST File. This software can convert OST file to EML, EMLX, MBOX, MSG, vCal, vCard and HTML file with export cloud base application office365, Outlook.Com and Live Exchange Server. Read More4.    SysVita Exchange OST Recoveryif your OST files get corrupted and you are in misery how to get back your lost OST files? Here is the Sysvita Exchange  OST recovery tool to repair, recover and convert your orphan OST file into PST and another file format such as EMLX, MSG, MBOX, vCal, vCard, and HTML. It is very simple to migrate data including Emails, draft, inbox, calendar, sent-items, delete-items, task, attachment and metadata properties such as cc, bcc, to, date and time. With the help of this application, you can divide your large OST file into multiple PST file. You can try the demo version of the software that converts 30 emails per folder in any format without the penny.Read More5.    Vartika OST To PST ConverterVartika OST to PST Converter Software is an amazing tool to easily repair & recover OST file into Outlook PST file. This software convert OST file to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, NSF file. This software can export offline OST file to office365 & Live Exchange Server. Read More

Canon Printer does not Work with Windows 10
 24 August 2019  

canon printer supportCanon Printers are one of the largest printer manufacturers currently functioning the market. They have been active in the market for several years now, and this enabled them with a clear understanding of what exactly is the requirement of the users. There are various amazing features that the users get once they start using Canon printers. One common issue which the user faces while working on Canon printer is when they upgrade their system to Windows 10. It is often seen that Canon printer doesn’t work with Windows 10 systems. When the user comes across this issue, it would completely disrupt their printing needs. This is an issue which the users can handle on their own. Even if they come across the need for additional assistance, they have the option of connecting with canon printer customer care number. Some of the most promising ways in which the users can solve this issue has been mentioned in this blog. It is the issues with the operating system which doesn’t include the drivers which are compatible with the old printers.Ways to troubleshooting issue of Canon Printer not working on Windows 10There are various ways in which the users can solve the problem of their Canon printer not working in Windows 10. Some of the most effective techniques have been provided below using which the users can easily overcome this issue:Step 1: Access Printer’s Control PanelThe very first steps that the users must take in order to troubleshoot this issue is by using Windows 10’s troubleshooting tools. The users can then search for printers in the Windows 10 search box and then select the option of ‘Devices and Printers’ from the list of option that would be provided to you. This would then open the Devices and Printers window.Step 2: Troubleshoot the connected printerOnce the window is open, the users should search for the Canon Printer, and it might be in the list of Printers or Unspecified. If you do find your printer in the list, then you right-click on it and choose the option of Troubleshoot from the menu that would appear. Further, follow all the on-screen instructions that would be provided to you for troubleshooting the printer.Step 3: Examine whether your printer is installed on the systemIf you couldn’t solve the issue using the above-given step, then it might be because Windows 10 hasn’t detected your printer. So the next step that you would have to take up is access the Printers and Scanners option that is available on the Control Panel. If you don’t find your printer in the list of the main window, you would then have to click on the option to ‘Add a Printer or Scanner’ and wait while the system tries to detect your printer device. You have to make sure that the printer is ON.Step 4: Install the printer manuallyIf you come across no success in the earliest steps, then you would have to install the printer manually, and you would need the appropriate driver that would suit your printer device. Once you find the best suitable printer driver, download and install it on your system.If there is any other issue that you come across while incorporating the steps given above, then you can promptly connect with canon printer tech support. By doing so, the users would be connected with highly trained professionals who would efficiently guide you through the process of solving the issue that you are facing.Source URL: Canon Printer Doesn’t Work With Windows 10

Outlook PST Converter converte molti file
 9 October 2019  

Una guida completa su come convertire un file PSTL'utente può archiviare i propri dati personali come contatti, messaggi, indirizzi e allegati in Outlook con estensione .PST. Utilizzando un convertitore, l'utente può dividere file PST di grandi dimensioni in un piccolo file PST. Il convertitore di file PST analizza i file PST e mostra i tuoi dati e converte il file pst di Outlook e può anche recuperare i file protetti corrotti e danneggiati utilizzando lo strumento. Questo blog discuterà ulteriormente come esportare il file pst di Outlook.Il convertitore di file PST di Outlook può anche creare un nuovo file e l'utente può esportare i file selezionati utilizzando la funzione "Esportazione di dati di file PST". Utilizzando la funzione, l'utente può trasferire le cartelle selezionate e saltare le cartelle irrilevanti durante l'invio. Abbiamo discusso dell'approccio manuale di conversione dei dati del file PST.L'approccio manuale per l'esportazione dei dati dei file PSTDi seguito è riportato un elenco di alcuni passaggi per esportare la cartella PST selezionata:● Fai clic su "Outlook"● Aprire il menu File e fare clic sull'opzione di esportazione e importazione. Se non trovi l'opzione di menu sul tuo sistema, puoi spostare il puntatore nella parte inferiore del menu e quindi fare clic sull'opzione "Esporta / Importa".● Ora fai clic sull'opzione "Esporta in file" e seleziona "Avanti".● Quindi, fai doppio clic sull'opzione "File delle cartelle personali".● Premere su "Avanti".● Ora, fare clic su Sfoglia e selezionare la posizione desiderata in cui si desidera salvare il nuovo file PST.● Dopo aver salvato i file, fare clic su "Fine".Quanto sopra sono alcuni metodi per convertire un file PST usando il metodo manuale. Tuttavia, se si incontra un problema durante la conversione dei file PST, lo si fa con un approccio automatizzato. Assicurati solo di utilizzare uno strumento affidabile ed efficiente che converta i file senza perdere alcun dato.Come utilizzare l'approccio automatico per esportare i file PST?Se non riesci a convertire manualmente i file PST, ti consigliamo vivamente di utilizzare un convertitore PST di KDETools. Utilizzando il convertitore PST di Outlook, l'utente può convertire e salvare i dati in più formati come MBOX, EML, EMLX, HTML, PDF e PST. Il convertitore PST può convertire il file PST altamente crittografato e protetto da password senza perdere alcuna informazione. Non ci sono limiti alle dimensioni dei file e l'utente può convertire file PST di grandi dimensioni semplicemente seguendo alcuni semplici passaggi. Il convertitore PST di KDETools può dividere agevolmente file PST di grandi dimensioni da 1 GB a 25 GB. Il convertitore supporta tutte le versioni di Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server e Microsoft Windows. Se i tuoi file PST vengono gravemente danneggiati o danneggiati, ti consigliamo vivamente di optare per il software KDETools in quanto ripristinerà i file PST protetti da password corrotti e potrai salvarli in più formati. Non dovrai affrontare alcun problema durante il processo di conversione e assicurarti un ripristino senza problemi dei file PST senza perdere alcun dato.

Una guida su come unire i file di dati di Outlook
 7 November 2019  

Stai ancora cercando un modo per unire i file di dati di Outlook in modo sicuro? Se la tua risposta è sì, continua a leggere il blog poiché abbiamo discusso di una soluzione affidabile per unire i file di dati di Outlook in modo sicuro. Questo blog contiene anche i dettagli su come unire i file PST di Outlook ed eliminare i file duplicati. Abbiamo menzionato ulteriormente i motivi per cui l'utente deve unire i file di dati di Outlook e il modo manuale per convertire i file PST.Perché l'utente unisce il file di dati di Outlook?● Quando vengono compilati più file PST di Outlook e l'utente non è in grado di accedere ai file delle cassette postali in esso memorizzati.● Richiede molto tempo quando l'utente non unisce i file di dati di Outlook.● Quando è presente più di un file PST di Outlook e l'utente incontra un problema nella gestione dei file.● Quando vengono compilati i file PST di Outlook, può essere una vera sfida gestire i file.● Quando l'utente elimina accidentalmente i file di Outlook.Come può un utente unire i file di dati di Outlook usando il modo manuale?Crea un nuovo file di dati di Outlook1. Apri Outlook e fai clic su "Nuovi elementi" e seleziona l'opzione "Altri elementi".2. Selezionare il file di dati e la posizione desiderata in cui si desidera salvare il nuovo file PST.3. Rinomina il file e fai clic sul pulsante "OK".Unire il vecchio file di dati di Outlook in un nuovo file di dati di Outlook1. Apri Outlook e vai alla scheda "File" e fai clic sul pulsante "Apri".2. Optare per l'opzione "Importa" e fare clic su Import-Export Wizard.3. Ora, fai clic sul pulsante "Avanti" e scegli il file di dati di Outlook da cui importare.4. Quindi, selezionare la posizione in cui è necessario importare il file.5. Abilitare il pulsante "Non importare duplicati".6. Fare clic sul pulsante "Avanti", quindi selezionare la cartella in cui si desidera importare i file.7. Fai clic su "Fine".Usa il software di fusione PST di Kdetools per unire i file di dati di OutlookLa fusione PST di KDETools è affidabile per unire in sicurezza i file di dati di Outlook. La fusione PST è un'opzione sicura per unire i file di Outlook in un breve lasso di tempo. L'utente può unire file di Outlook come sottocartelle, note, attività, cartelle, calendari, e-mail, contatti e diari senza perdere nemmeno un singolo file. L'utente può prendere un'anteprima gratuita del contenuto prima che inizi il processo di fusione.SommarioUnire i file di dati di Outlook può essere un compito difficile, tuttavia, con una piccola guida, l'utente può unire i file di dati di Outlook in pochissimo tempo senza affrontare alcun ostacolo. Se l'utente non è in grado di unire i file PST, selezionare il software di fusione PST professionale e affidabile per unire il file di dati di Outlook.Ulteriori informazioni: http://www.merge-pst.com/

Una guida dettagliata su come combinare più file PST
 9 November 2019  

Ti stai ancora chiedendo come combinare più file PST? Se sì, continua a leggere il blog poiché abbiamo discusso del modo di combinare più file PST in pochi passaggi e in un breve periodo. Questo blog discute inoltre come un utente può combinare più file PST utilizzando software professionale senza perdere i dati. Assicurati di leggere l'intero blog per scoprire come combinare più file PST manualmente e utilizzando uno strumento di terze parti.Scopri un modo sicuro su come combinare manualmente più file PST● Aprire Outlook e individuare i file PST da combinare.● Aprire Outlook e rinominare il nuovo file PST.● È possibile individuare il nuovo file PST e fare clic su OK.● Aprire la procedura guidata di importazione ed esportazione e optare per l'importazione da un altro programma● Fare clic sul pulsante Avanti e selezionare i file che si desidera importare.● Sfoglia per selezionare il file e aprire Non importare duplicati.● Selezionare la cartella ed esaminare le sottocartelle Includi e fare clic su Fine.Quanto sopra sono i passaggi per combinare più file PST utilizzando il processo manuale. Un singolo passaggio errato può portare alla perdita di dati o al danneggiamento dei file. Si consiglia vivamente di optare per un modo più sicuro di combinare più file PST. Se non provieni da un background tecnico, potresti finire per fare un errore, quindi scegli il software di fusione PST giusto.Usa il software PST Merge di KDETools per combinare più file PSTIl software PST Merger è un software avanzato, che consente all'utente di utilizzare le ultime funzionalità e combinare i file PST in pochi minuti senza perdere alcun dato. L'utente può ricontrollare il contenuto prima di unire i file e controllare i dati prima dell'inizio del processo. KDETools PST Merger mantiene la gerarchia di Meta Properties di una e-mail e cartelle. L'utente può combinare facilmente file di grandi dimensioni e di grandi dimensioni. La fusione PST è lo strumento giusto per combinare più file PST in modo sicuro senza perdere nemmeno un singolo file.SommarioIn questo blog, abbiamo discusso del modo manuale e suggerito uno strumento di terze parti per combinare più file PST. Leggi il blog per scoprire un metodo sicuro e professionale su come combinare in modo sicuro vari file PST. Abbiamo discusso del metodo manuale su come combinare numerosi file PST in uno in questo blog.Ulteriori informazioni:http://www.thunderbird2outlook.com/pst-merge/

How Often Do We Say - Thank You!
 14 August 2018  

How often do we say thank you and really mean it?To God, to people who serve us or to mother nature...How often do we thank God for the eyes we open in the morning? For there are many who couldn't see the brightness of the sun today.How often do we thank God for the air we breathe? For there are many, who are putting a lot of efforts to breathe and there are many again, who just took their last breath.How often do we thank God for the people around us? For there are many who are alone and fighting depression.How often do we thank God for the home we live in? For there are many who have no roof.How often do we thank God for our job? For there are many educated unemployed.How often do we thank our maids, our help and other service providers? For there are many who are in dire need of help but have to manage all by themselves.We are busy complaining and comparing and forgoing happiness ourselves.Today it has been scientifically proven that expressing gratitude makes you a happier person.With this follows my third story "Faith" which was published in Dreamz Anthology last year. Although a fiction, it has been inspired by real life events.FaithAfter collecting their bags, Rishabh and Daman went to hire a taxi while Tania and Disha waited near the exit with luggage by their side. When the boys were approaching their girls, Rishabh could effortlessly notice the contrasting personalities of the two females standing a few steps away.Rishabh and Tania had been together since their first year while Disha and Daman, already in a relationship, had met the duo during their internship. Their night duties and a zest for clubs and night life had brought them together.Tania was soft, plump and fair skinned with hazel eyes, almost like the furry overcoat in her hands. With her chubby cheeks, dimply smile and a compassionate heart she had been the spirit of the hospital. Disha, on the other hand had a vivid sex appeal. She too, wore jegging with nude peep toes; her white translucent shirt with a tiny golden heart shaped pendant hanging just above the cleavage made her look sensual.Within an hour they were in their pre-booked private beach resort in Phuket. Tania had booked it after an intensive search for a quite beach resort within their budget for their weeklong holiday.The resort was truly a paradise for the couples. With their cottage doors and windows opening to the sea on one side and pool on the other, the couples were already thrilled.“The lunch is ready so please freshen up and join at the restaurant,” said the manager handing over the keys to their porter.“I really want to take out my clothes and swim,” said Disha, gaping at the Europeans enjoying in the pool bar.“Me too Honey! But let’s have our lunch first,” said Daman putting his arms around her waist while Disha’s eyes were on Rishabh who was looking around with Tania just a few steps ahead.The moment they stepped into the room, Tania kissed Rishabh, who was still brooding over Disha’s changing behavior. Rishabh also kissed her in reciprocation and then rushed to washroom.Tania took out her diary and started scribbling, with a gentle smile on her face.“What are you doing now? I guess we are on a vacation, right!” asked Rishabh, the moment he came out.“Ofcourse! We certainly are! You know, how much I have yearned for these holidays,” said Tania with a beam and got up with her diary folded in her right hand to kiss her beau.“This is my gratitude journal and before I forget, I want to write all those things, I am grateful for. I am just trying to remember the magic of the day till now”.“Magic!” Rishabh wondered.“Daddy’s permission for a trip with friends, riding an airplane which is a wonder in itself, a power nap refreshing me for the day, safe landing, a sunny day after cold foggy days of Delhi, a pre-nuptial honeymoon with the most handsome doc, a beautiful silent beach resort within our budget, an awesome cottage by the sea, all four of us together….in Phuket. I have already counted ten blessings, which are no less than magic for me,” said Tania with a smile and coiled to the writing desk behind to put down her diary.“Hmm! U know your attitude is what pulls me like a magnet to you. But everyone today, wants to have fun and so work on their goals to go for vacations,” said Rishabh.“Wrong! Not every girl is getting a permission from her parents, planes can crash any time, many can’t even see or experience the sun, there are many who can’t sleep properly where as I managed a great sleep in the plane, many love stories end up before they are born, many can’t afford even a budget resort forget the sea view or pool view,” said Tania asserting herself. “I am more grateful when I talk about it and you are also one of the manifestations for me.”Rishabh came from a small town of Uttarakhand and was living in a hostel.His extremely fair complexion behind the black beard and an athlete built up with ever shining inquisitive eyes had always made him stand out in the college group.Tania, on the other hand, had been a day-scholar. Her mom was very fond of Rishabh ever since Rishabh had saved Tania from an accident. Rishabh’s family was also under the magical spell of Tania although they met on rare occasions.Suddenly the phone bell rang.“Are you both ready?” asked Daman.“Oh yes! We will be out in a few more minutes,” replied Rishabh and kept the phone.While Tania changed, Rishabh found himself sandwiching between a nymph and a desirable seductress.Soon four of them were in the restaurant. They occupied a table near the portico with floral climbers till the square open roof tops. It was a breath taking view. The pool had umpteen Europeans swimming in it to tan their bodies. They were all basking under the sun and happy escaping the severe winters of their respective countries.  At the brim of the pool were the sculptures of mermaids, painted in pink, blue and golden, pouring water into the pool from the pitchers in their hands. Just behind the pool, they could only see the huge serene and clear blue and green sea. The beach in between was not visible from the partly open restaurant. Tania and Daman were enjoying every bit of the picturesque scenery while Disha creeped her chair just opposite to Rishabh.Rishabh, now felt trapped almost like a monkey with its fist in the trap which can’t come out unless he releases the bananas or the nuts inside. Disha’s oomph factor, quite visible in her red strappy dress with blood red lipstick and penetrating eyes were, no doubt pulling him.Suddenly, Daman clenched his hand onto the table with his eyes still stuck to the vast sea and said, “Guys I am going to buy some vodka and wine and enjoy the evening here inside the pool. What say? No sightseeing, no clubbing. Let’s celebrate here for tonight.” All the three immediately agreed with a “wow” and so after the lunch, Daman went out for some liquor shopping while Tania ran and jumped into the hammock on the beach.“I don’t want to tan my body. I am going to my room guys!” said Disha while Rishabh’s eyes silently chased Disha although he chose to relax on the wooden recliners at close quarters with Tania.Tania was basking under the sun and enjoying the gentle touch of sea breeze. She was thankful for her dream of the sea on one side and Rishabh on the other. Soon, she was asleep. Rishabh was waiting for this; he suddenly got up and sneaked to Disha’s room.Disha was relaxing right there on the bay window. Her smooth, saucy legs turned Rishabh on. He didn’t want to waste the time. He jumped right from the window.“I was waiting for you,” she said in a husky voice into her ears while Rishabh hushed her and kissed. The moment he was to open the zip of her dress, the door bell rang. Rishabh stealthily jumped out of the window.Can’t believe it! You were waiting for me….curtains closed, much wavy locks, sensuous foot rub? What a beautiful kick! Incredible Phuket!” shouted Daman throwing his bag.“Oh you and your gratitude journal! Looks like we’re on your gratitude trip!” said Rishabh irritatingly, the moment he entered the room.“Look who is talking! I looked out for you on the beach and when I didn’t find you, I came back,” said Tania with a shock in her eyes. “By the way, I was thanking God for our beautiful future!”“Which has not even set in!” Rishabh said spitefully.“Why?” Tania gets surprised. “We are already in our honeymoon. What else do you need to start? Come here and sit,” she flipped her pages without enquiring further.“See just six months back, I had thanked God for my dream trip to Thailand and to a private beach resort in Phuket. Isn’t it a dream come true?” she showed her diary to Rishabh with date.Rishabh read her journal and couldn’t believe his eyes. Tania was right and then she showed her a few of her dreams manifested in the past one year, her mother’s health, her brother’s dream job and her results.“Believe me! God has abundance for all of us. You just need to have faith,” said Tania with a smile.Rishabh gazed at her in awe. He was certainly learning more about Tania, huddled over her dairy, in her denim shorts, red puff sleeved top and long straight tresses, she was definitely a fusion. Her thoughts on couple’s compatibility before marriage appeared strange in front of her deep faith like a good old granny.“Her aura always touches my soul. How can I ignore such a beautiful personality, inside out?” said Rishabh to himself.In the evening four of them sat together in the pool bar and enjoyed the cocktails, mock tails, pizza and swimming too. Rishabh tried to ignore the seductress in the string bikini, revealing her petite body.“Daman my back is burning. Can you please check?” said Disha with her eyes again on Rishabh.“There’s nothing honey. Let me rub some ice,” replied Daman and picked an ice cube to rub at her smooth dripping bony back. “You are tantalizing me!” he said in a low voice.“Let me enjoy the weather,” said Tania and swam towards the other end of the pool which meandered till the corner of the vast resort. Rishabh followed Tania.After the Christmas and New Year bash filled with music, dance, drum, wine, beer, fun, food and frolic they were all ready to leave Phuket. Rishabh still ….a pendulum.Their return tickets were booked from Bangkok. The taxi was booked and they happily bid Phuket a goodbye. As they drove their way, the darkness slowly covered the blue and orange sky and the stars slowly took over their positions, the four travelers were enjoying the music.Onthe Phuket- Bangkok Highway near Suratthani, the driver requested them to put some holy chants in his broken english.“Why?” asked Tania.“Madaame, this is accident zone and pirits….you know gosts…. stop caar causing accidents. I am Buddhist, I want to put …chanting,” replied the cab driver.“Are you mad!” giggled Rishabh“Don’t make fun!” said Tania pinching his arm.“Let the music run. We are doctors and don’t believe in ghosts,” said Rishabh reproachfully.“I don’t understand why do you like this metal?” saidTania in a teasing tone. “Let him put chanting for some time.”The moment Rishabh turned to reply; the taxi took a blind turn in order to save a creature crossing over and toppled upside down.Unable to open the doors and windows, they all shouted but in vain. The breathlessness suddenly increased. The three doctors tried their best while Tania prayed for help and imagined that help had arrived, thanking God for the same, repeatedly deep inside her heart.Driver and Disha had already fainted. Daman and Rishabh had also started losing hope when two men on a bike crossed the overturned car. They stopped and drooped to peep inside.Tania gesticulated forrescue.None of them could believe that they had survived a fatal accident. They thanked the good Samaritans who left almost like a bubble. While Tania and Rishabh brought Disha and driver back to their senses, Daman checked the car. The magic was still in the air or the angelic touch, the car turned on.Daman drove the car now with driver by his side; Rishabh took his window seat with Tania by her side. But this time, holding each other’s hand firmly with faith multiplied. The near death experience had turned everyone grateful for their magical retrieval.“Thank You Tania!” Rishabh mumbled in the ears of his lady of faith and felt fleshed out with love and faith. 

Mac Outlook OLM для PST Migrator
 14 December 2019  

Электронные письма стали неотъемлемой частью жизни каждого человека. С развитием платформы электронной почты выбор устройств электронной почты также улучшился среди клиентов и пользователей. Пользователи продолжают менять свое почтовое приложение для одного почтового клиента на другой, чтобы получать более качественные услуги и возможности подключения. Однако каждый почтовый клиент сохраняет свои данные в форме различных форматов, которые определены почтовыми клиентами. Поэтому в таких условиях возникают ситуации, из-за которых требуется перенос одного формата в другой.Mac Outlook - одно из самых распространенных имен среди почтовых клиентов и пользователей. Таким образом, Mac предлагает два невероятных почтовых клиента для Window OS, то есть Window Live Mails и Outlook. Но оба этих почтовых клиента поддерживают разные форматы файлов. Поддержка Outlook в формате PST и OLM поддерживается Mac Outlook, но в первую очередь это связано. Прежде чем двигаться дальше, давайте рассмотрим, что такое форматы OLM и PST?                            СКАЧАТЬ OLM ПРОГРАММНОЕ ОБЕСПЕЧЕНИЕ PSTOLM to PST Migrator - это, как правило, расширение файла для сообщения электронной почты, сохраняемого в файлы в стандартном формате сообщений Mac для электронной почты Mac. Он также может содержать файл с вложением электронной почты и может быть экспортирован с целью архивирования и хранения или сканирования для Mac. Принимая во внимание, что PST - это, в основном, расширение файла в Microsoft Outlook, что означает, что это открытый формат файла восстановления, используемый для хранения копий электронных писем, сообщений, календарей, вложений и т. Д. Эти файлы PST могут храниться в любом месте на компьютере, который их делает. проще сохранить резервную копию файлов PST.Для чего нужно конвертировать OLM в формат PST или конвертер OLM?В определенных условиях при исправлении файлов OLM их можно легко сохранить в формате PST, но единственная проблема, возникающая при этом, заключается в том, что MS Outlook не поддерживает формат OLM для сохранения файлов. Следовательно, чтобы получить доступ к файлам OLM в Microsoft Outlook, пользователям необходимо перенести OLM в PST для большей осуществимости. Ошибка также может возникнуть при доступе к данным OLM в почтовых клиентах MS Outlook. Поэтому возникает необходимость конвертировать OLM в PST, а затем к нему можно получить доступ в Outlook.Как мы знаем, OLM - это простой формат файла, который не может защитить данные, тогда как PST, с другой стороны, безопасен. Таким образом, для повышения безопасности файлов пользователям необходимо преобразовать OLM в PST.Преобразование OLM в PSTСуществует два метода преобразования OLM в PST: ручной метод и сторонние методы. Ручной метод требует технических знаний для переноса одного почтового клиента на другой почтовый клиент и не гарантирует полного преобразования OLM в PST. Всегда существует риск потери данных и повреждения. Таким образом, для преодоления таких ограничений профессионалы рекомендуют использовать сторонние программные средства.Сторонние программные средства являются эффективным источником для преобразования OLM в PST. Средство, предлагаемое такими инструментами, помогает обеспечить целостность и полноту данных даже до их сохранения. Они представляют собой удобное программное обеспечение и удобны в использовании для нетехнических пользователей с более легким доступом. Они обеспечивают более легкий доступ к пользователю и предотвращают любую потерю или повреждение данных. Они действуют как надежная панель между клиентами и пользователями и не занимают много времени пользователяКонвертировать OLM в PST с помощью стороннего программного обеспеченияСтороннее программное обеспечение - это самый простой и быстрый способ преобразования формата OLM в формат PST. Они могут импортировать OLM в Office 365, сервер Live Exchange, PST, используя три простых шага:Установка программного обеспечения. Пользователю рекомендуется загрузить и установить программное обеспечение в своей системе и запускать программу установки до ее завершения.Поиск в папке и файлах OLM. Второй шаг сторонних программных инструментов включает добавление и поиск нужных файлов OLM для преобразования в файлы PST с помощью браузера.Экспорт OLM в PST: на этом этапе пользователь может экспортировать файлы OLM в Outlook PST. После экспорта файла OLM в формат PST с соблюдением различных упомянутых критериев начнется процесс экспорта, который эффективно преобразует OLM в PST без изменения его исходных данных.Преимущества использования сторонних программных инструментовКонвертер OLM использует высоконадежный алгоритм для передачи данных OLM в PST вместе с вложением и метаданными.Они допускают многократную передачу данных OLM без потери свойств OLM-файлов и без изменения каких-либо оригинальных файлов и элементов.OLM конвертер может сдвигать пользовательские данные OLM в несколько форматов файлов, таких как PST, EML, MBOX и MSG.Следовательно, сторонний инструмент изменения OLM в PST является важной услугой, когда рассматривается преобразование OLM. Они обеспечивают безопасный доступ для пользователя посредством простого преобразования файлов OLM в PST и не занимают много времени пользователя.

Connect With Experts At Gmail Customer Service Number For Help
 3 October 2019  

Nowadays, email services have gained popularity in the global industry. With the passing of time, technological innovations have improved and with it advanced the email communiqué. Gmail is one of the significant webmail services which is adopted and used by a large number of people throughout the world. The various salient features have Google+, Google Drive, calendar, docs, sheets, and email communiqué. Just as other email services, it is not free from technical glitches. Various technical glitches such as Gmail login issue, Gmail hacked account error, Gmail password resetting, and many more. All these problems can be resolved easily, provided the steps are followed properly. In case of difficulty, give us a call at the Gmail Customer Service Numberfor resolution. Connect with the professionals for resolution.How Gmail support team is essential for users?The Gmail customer service team comprises expert individuals who are available 24 hours of 365 days to offer a complete resolution to users. They have the actual knowledge of the Gmail technical glitches such as that of login issue, password recovery, password resetting and so on. They are selected from distinct technical backgrounds to proffer complete troubleshooting steps to users. Herein, we are mentioning the different qualities and attributives of the Gmail technical support team. The Gmail support teams are focused towards administering proper resolutions to all the main targeted issues. These main targeted problems are already mentioned above. The Gmail technical support team offers a Gmail helpline number to users. The number is free of any charges so users can call at any time for resolution. This number will directly lead you to the technical executives for troubleshooting.Our pros are available and present all day every day of 365 days so may it be early afternoon or early afternoon with the objective that the customers search for an answer of experts at whatever point they feel it basic to search for assistance and arrangement. At whatever point you go facing any issue you need to simply give in Gmail technical support number and our nerds will help you in specific seconds. The expert authorities who can understand every sort of issues identified with Gmail. Two or three issues like an issue of hacked account require strength which they have.The final verdict after considering all prospectsIt will, in general, be contemplated that all innovations are presented to explicit deformities and this is unavoidable. To comprehend this master contact or help ends up central. You can get dynamic assistance from Gmail specialized help authorities gathering. In order to pick up help from the assistance team, call us at our toll-free Gmail Customer Service Number or visit with our particular authorities. They will control your premium quality projection and give the organization until the point that the issue is thumped out. Talk to the tech executives directly and ask for effective resolution of all the Gmail problems that you are encountering. Don’t hesitate to connect with the techies even in emergency situations.

Complete guide about Stainless Steel Flange and Stainless Steel Pipes
 21 August 2019  

The Flanges are made of stainless steel 304 (A2) or 316 (A4). The main use of this type of clamps is cable ties. The strap enters parallel to the head, being blocked by the ball retention system. The available tools PG-338 or PG-2065 can be tensioned and cut to the predetermined tension.Propertiesof 304 Stainless SteelThe Stainless Steel Flangerange provides effective solutions for most fixing needs for cables and hoses. With high resistance to various corrosive agents such as acids, alkalis, ultraviolet rays, and moisture, stainless steel flanges can be used in all environments, including indoor, outdoor, heavy industry, underground, and other hostile environments. The characteristics of high tensile strength and non-flammability make 304 stainless steel flanges ideal for high-temperature applications. These flanges are also good for traffic signal fixation solutions and outdoor decorations due to their resistance to ultraviolet UV rays and the weather. Due to its resistance to chemicals and saline environments, 316 stainless steel flanges become the best fixing solution for extreme environments such as mining, shipbuilding, and coastal places.Advantages of coated flangesBetter protection against corrosion between different metals.Superior insulation between the flange and the subject material.Better behavior in chemical environments.Safer against possible scratches.PipesThe stainless steel rolled pipe, also known as serpentine pipe, is the Stainless Steel Pipe that adopted the cold drawing method of the winding core head to reduce the thickness of the wall and the rolled coil. The process will form a uniform wall thickness, smooth appearance without welds on the steel tube. In the manufacturing process, the cleaning that circulates inside the pipe makes the pipe free of oil stains and the heat treatment of the gas protection shines brightly to make the surface free of adhesion of rust. The seamless flexible tube is rolled up after cold stretching the billet, then degreasing and bright annealing are used to make the finished products with a glossy surface inside and outside the tube. The safe and reliable performance makes it widely used in the chemical, oil and gas industry, ship manufacturing industries such as tracking pipe, gas pipe, instrument pipe, heat exchange plumbing fixtures. Its main advantages include:Installation costs significantly reduced: The spiral design causes the number of pipes to be reduced during the installation process and significantly reduce costs. The installation of continuous-length seamless CNG tubes is more convenient and takes much less time than the welding rod tubes.Improved system security and reliability: To reduce the risk of system leaks in the hydraulic system, the flexible pipe is a good option. In comparison to the straight tube in general, the exposed area of the tube is greatly reduced. Stainless steel tube coils offer superior corrosion resistance. Restricted tolerance controls produce superior sealing performance and the use of a continuous pipe section eliminates possible leakage points.

Softaken OST to PST Exporter Is A Simple Yet Advance Converter for Your Outlook Data
 29 June 2019  

For some people, Outlook is an email application. If you are using MS Outlook every day for professional purpose, you will come to know that it is much more than an email app. MS Outlook has been designed to perform multiple tasks. From time to time, Microsoft has updated MS Outlook. You can use MS Outlook to manage nearly every type of official work. Its performance is unmatchable. If you compare MS Outlook with Thunderbird, WLM or Entourage, MS Outlook will outperform everyone. It allows users to manage emails, contacts, messages, appointments, journals and much more. The email application has lots of other features.Even MS Outlook in advance, it has some downsides. The utility doesn't allow users to exchange data in its own file formats. Both OST and PST are file formats of MS Outlook, but there is no direct way to convert OST to PST. It has some technical steps which are time-consuming and risky to follow. In this case, taking help from a third conversion app is the best solution. Therefore, Softaken OST to PST exporter has been introduced in the technical market. It has made the conversion so easy like never before. With the use of the app, you will face zero difficulties to export OST to PST and several other major email clients. Isn't it exciting? Let's know more about the software.What is Softaken OST Converter?If your aim is to work beyond MS Outlook or to switch from OST to PST, Softaken OST converter will meet your needs. OST is an offline storage table that allows users to work offline. When the Exchange server becomes active, it exports data to the server automatically. Sometimes, exchange server failure or deleting the Exchange account accidentally can make OST files inaccessible. Here comes the role of OST to PST exporter of Softaken. It exports OST files to PST in an effortless manner. The self-descriptive app makes conversion accurate. Its performance can go far beyond imagination. The tool converts OST to MSG, OST to EML and OST to MBOX. Get Details of Features & PricingIn addition to PST conversion, Softaken OST exporter supports export to a variety of different formats. As it is earlier said, it exports OST to PST, OST to EML and OST to MBOX. The app also supports conversion of OST to HTML file format. All important contacts of OST are exported safely to VCF so that users can access MS Outlook contacts in different file formats. The OST to ICS conversion support of the app allows users to access MS Outlook Calendars in various other platforms. The MS Outlook exporter exports emails, contacts, notes, journals, events, and deleted items. It has the flexibility to export only required folders of an OST file. There is an optional feature to remove empty folders. During conversion, the utility retains the original structure of emails by exporting all components like CC, BCC, To, From and all attachments. The self-descriptive app is easy to operate. No external tool is required to run the program. It works alone. One of the best things about the app is exporting all OST files regardless of whatever MS Outlook version you are using. It supports MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. It is a Windows application.It converts OST to PST without OutlookPricingIf you want to install the app on a single system, you can opt for the personal license which is cheaper than the corporate license. The enterprise or corporate license allows users to install the app in multiple Windows operating systems. Both personal and corporate license is easy to order, but the pricing is different.Softaken offers special discounts on its products along with the money back offer. Download the application today.Using Softaken OST to PST ExporterOnce you install the app, open it by clicking its icon. The tool will display two windows- the small window carries the Browse tab to click.Click the 'Browse' tab to access the folder or the drive where a specific OST file is uploaded. As you select the required OST file, the utility automatically uploads itAs the desired OST file is uploaded, it shows the preview of the following file in a tabular format. Each item of each folder can be seen separately. Later, click “Export” tab which displays a small window carried multiple conversion options.Select the desired option like OST to PST, OST to MSG, OST to EML, OST to MBOX, OST to EMLX, OST to HTML, OST to ICS and OST to VCF. At a time, you can click only one option of conversion. Optional option ‘ignore empty folders’ available to mark it if you feel necessaryPress ‘Browse’ option to locate a specific location in the system to save newly converted data. Finally, press the tab ‘Convert Now’ to start the conversionVisit here:- https://www.softaken.com/ost-file-exporter

OST to PST Converter for Outlook 2013- Softaken OST Exporter
 5 July 2019  

Can OST to PST conversion easy? Yes, it is. Many organizations are looking for an easy and safe way to migrate OST to PST. MS Outlook offers manual conversion that is time taking and risky for novice users. Therefore, third conversion apps have been introduced by many organizations. A third app offers conversion of OST to PST along with several other advanced features. Softaken OST to PST converter is one of the most competitive tools in the technical market. Its performance is impeccable. Many popular technical websites have published a review of Softaken OST to PST. Their positive reviews give users satisfaction.Why do You Need OST to PST Conversion?There are multiple reasons when users have to switch from OST to PST. Both OST and PST are file formats of MS Outlook. Both have the capability to store multiple files including inbox, outbox, contacts, messages, journals and so on. While users save data in the OST format, Exchange Server account is created. PST doesn't need the server account.  When the Exchange Server gets corruption or having synchronization error, an OST file can become inaccessible. In this case, the conversion is the only way.When users are planning to switch from one system to others, the OST files saved in the system one cannot be accessed to a new system until conversion of OST to PST takes place.Hardware issues can also corrupt your offline storage table.A virus attack can also harm your OST file qualityHow does Softaken OST to PST Export Different from Other OST to PST Tools?If you are looking for an easy and trustworthy way to convert OST to PST in Outlook 2013, 2010 or other lower versions, Softaken OST to PST Conversion can be one of the best investments. The application has been designed to export OST to PST in less difficulty and high speed. No data is corrupted. Let's take a look at prominent features. Allow users to convert entire OST databases to PST including emails, calendars, tasks, address books, journals, contacts and so onSupport multiple conversion by exporting OST to PST, OST to MSG, OST to EML and OST to MBOXSupport access of OST databases in HTML file formatSharing of contacts of MS Outlook is easy with OST to VCF conversionEnable users to transfer important calendars of OST to ICSGive a clean preview of the uploaded OST file Make conversion of OST to PST in just three simple stepsSupport MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and all below editionsUsing Softaken OST to PST ExporterOnce you install the app, open it by clicking its icon. The tool will display two windows- the small window carries the Browse tab to click.Click the 'Browse' tab to access the folder or the drive where a specific OST file is uploaded. As you select the required OST file, the utility automatically uploads itAs the desired OST file is uploaded, it shows the preview of the following file in a tabular format. Each item of each folder can be seen separately. Later, click “Export” tab which displays a small window carried multiple conversion options.Select the desired option like OST to PST, OST to MSG, OST to EML, OST to MBOX, OST to EMLX, OST to HTML, OST to ICS and OST to VCF. At a time, you can click only one option of conversion. Optional option ‘ignore empty folders’ available to mark it if you feel necessaryPress ‘Browse’ option to locate a specific location in the system to save newly converted data. Finally, press the tab ‘Convert Now’ to start the conversionSystem Specification for the UtilityIf you have made your mind to purchase the Softaken OST to PST converter, make sure your system meets some requirements. Supportive Processors- Any Pentium class processor. Operating Systems- Support latest Windows Operating Systems 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP and Vista. RAM- Occupy just a few MB, 512 MB of RAM is enough, if  RAM is 1 GB it would be betterHard Disk Space- 100 MB of free space for software installationSupported Editions- MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2016Conclusion Softaken OST to PSt export tool is all in one application for personal and commercial purpose. The app makes the export process easy like never before. There are only three steps of conversion. Once you hit the final tab of conversion, take a peace of mind because the software is now responsible for the conversion. The OST to PST transport takes place safely because of the app exports all email components including attachments. Export results will please you. It retains file quality. There is no OST to PST difference, both are file formats of MS Outlook. Both support all MS Outlook versions. Both are capable of carrying a variety of folders. Still, OST to PST conversion is difficult. Therefore, taking help from a third application is the best solution. Softaken OST to PST exporter will help you out.Visit here:- https://www.softaken.com/ost-file-exporter

How to Troubleshoot PlayStation 4 Remote Play Input Lag Issues
 22 August 2019  

Finding that the controller is not responding to your inputs could be one of the most irritating things, especially when you’re playing your favorite game. Possibly, you would not want to go through this pain. Although the Remote Play input lag issues will not occur frequently, sadly you can face the issue. No need to worry, if you’re going through the same trouble while streaming PlayStation 4 remote play. There could be a couple of reasons for this problem. Here you’ll get the solutions to troubleshoot from start to end.Source:PlayStation 4 Remote Play,Brother Printer SupportSolutions:· Check your controller’s power· Connect controller via USB cable· Reduce the interfering devices· Reduce the obstacles· Restart your PlayStation console· Reduce the Remote play video qualityThese are a few solutions that you can easily perform on your PS4 and controller to troubleshoot the remote play input lag issues. It’s always good to start from the easiest solution to get rid of the issue quickly.Check your controller’s powerFirst, know when you’re playing with your controller and whether it has enough charging to run further. This is the most likely reason for the input lag issue to arise. As the DualShock or any other controller loses its power (charge), it also starts losing connectivity strength and resulting in remote play input lag. So, when you encounter the issue, check your controller’s power. It’s better to connect it to the power source and give some rest. Once your controller charged fully, reconnect it check if the problem persists.Connect controller via USB cableWhile a wireless connection is convenient and certainly you would like to use it. But, sometimes wireless connection creates the lag issue more in comparison with wired. You can try connecting the controller to your PS4 via USB cable. Doing so re-syncs the connection and may give you a better experience than earlier. If it works, then possibly the problem is the wireless connection. You can play with a wired connection, though this will not be comfortable for many users.Reduce the interfering devicesIf your console has sufficient charge and already connects via USB cable still the issue occurs, then check the devices it is surrounded by. The nearby devices interfere and disturb the connection between your PlayStation 4 and controller. Try shutting down or moving nearby devices such as mobile or laptop. After reducing disturbing components, use the remote play, and check if the issue arises.Reduce the obstaclesMaybe the connection between both the devices is weak, and that’s why remote play input lags. In order to ensure the strongest connection your PS4 and controller, keep them close. If they are far from each other, the occurrence of input lag is possible.Restart your PlayStation consoleIf doing any physical changes don’t help to troubleshoot the input lag issue in your case, might be something in your PS4, such as a program or wrong settings causing the problem. Let’s check it out and resolve it too.1. Close the running applications before restarting your console.2. Now, when you’re on the home screen, press the front ‘Power’ button on your console and keep pressing it for up to 7 seconds. You will see the PS4 beeps twice, it means the system is turning off.Until your console restarts, reset your console too. To reset a PlayStation controller, you will need a paperclip or something similar. Take your controller and check its backside, use a paperclip and press the ‘Recessed’ button (nearby L2 button) for at least 5 seconds.3. After your controller turns on, reconnect it to your PS4 through a USB.4. Now, Start your PS4.This will surely troubleshoot the remote play input lag issue. You can also try restarting the device you’re using Remote Play with. Even after doing this much, if the problem persists, then you should check and adjust the Remote play video quality settings.Reduce the Remote play video quality1. Move to the device you’re using Remote Play with.2. And, open the ‘Remote Play’ window.3. Open Remote Play Settings by clicking the ‘Settings’ button. This opens the PS4 Remote Play window.4. Now, click ‘Resolution’ dropdown button in the middle.5. And, choose ‘Standard (540p)’ or ‘Low (360p), if required.6. Also, check and set the Frame Rate to ‘Standard.’7. Click ‘OK.’8. And, click ‘Start’ to start streaming.Hopefully, you’re now playing and streaming your game without any issue.Lauren Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on Brother Printer Support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

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 8 October 2019  

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