Data Science is a study of extracting and analyzing knowledge directly from data through a process of discovery and hypothesis analysis. It includes working with huge amount of data. Data can be various forms. Either it can be structured or unstructured depending on the source of data. So to handle these data various processes are involved including data cleaning and data analysis.

As we know how much of data are generated on daily basis. So to manage these data many companies are look for Data Scientist work on these data. 

The field of data science is the most immerging technology now a day. Due to which various job opportunities are created on daily basis. 70% companies in Bangalore are looking for recruits who can work on these data. Due to which many techie are switching from their respective field to Data Science due to which there is increasing demand for coaching institute for Data Science in Bangalore.

Data Science Workflow:

  1. Problem Definition
  2. Data Collection and Preparation
  3. Model Development
  4. Model Deployment
  5. Performance Improvement

Problem Definition:

  • Domain Knowledge
  • Separation of Concerns
  • Prioritize each problem

Data Collection and Preparation:

  • Selection or right data
  • Data Transformation
  • Missing Values
  • Exploratory analysis

Model Development:

  • Right algorithm
  • Test accuracy
  • Test other algorithms
  • Validate

Model Deployment:

  • Turning data scientist model to developer code(R to C#)

Performance Improvement:

  • Monitor the performance of deployed model
  • Re-Training model
  • Re-Deploying model
  • Re-monitoring

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