Finding that the controller is not responding to your inputs could be one of the most irritating things, especially when you’re playing your favorite game. Possibly, you would not want to go through this pain. Although the Remote Play input lag issues will not occur frequently, sadly you can face the issue. No need to worry, if you’re going through the same trouble while streaming PlayStation 4 remote play. There could be a couple of reasons for this problem. Here you’ll get the solutions to troubleshoot from start to end.

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· Check your controller’s power

· Connect controller via USB cable

· Reduce the interfering devices

· Reduce the obstacles

· Restart your PlayStation console

· Reduce the Remote play video quality

These are a few solutions that you can easily perform on your PS4 and controller to troubleshoot the remote play input lag issues. It’s always good to start from the easiest solution to get rid of the issue quickly.

Check your controller’s power

First, know when you’re playing with your controller and whether it has enough charging to run further. This is the most likely reason for the input lag issue to arise. As the DualShock or any other controller loses its power (charge), it also starts losing connectivity strength and resulting in remote play input lag. So, when you encounter the issue, check your controller’s power. It’s better to connect it to the power source and give some rest. Once your controller charged fully, reconnect it check if the problem persists.

Connect controller via USB cable

While a wireless connection is convenient and certainly you would like to use it. But, sometimes wireless connection creates the lag issue more in comparison with wired. You can try connecting the controller to your PS4 via USB cable. Doing so re-syncs the connection and may give you a better experience than earlier. If it works, then possibly the problem is the wireless connection. You can play with a wired connection, though this will not be comfortable for many users.

Reduce the interfering devices

If your console has sufficient charge and already connects via USB cable still the issue occurs, then check the devices it is surrounded by. The nearby devices interfere and disturb the connection between your PlayStation 4 and controller. Try shutting down or moving nearby devices such as mobile or laptop. After reducing disturbing components, use the remote play, and check if the issue arises.

Reduce the obstacles

Maybe the connection between both the devices is weak, and that’s why remote play input lags. In order to ensure the strongest connection your PS4 and controller, keep them close. If they are far from each other, the occurrence of input lag is possible.

Restart your PlayStation console

If doing any physical changes don’t help to troubleshoot the input lag issue in your case, might be something in your PS4, such as a program or wrong settings causing the problem. Let’s check it out and resolve it too.

1. Close the running applications before restarting your console.

2. Now, when you’re on the home screen, press the front ‘Power’ button on your console and keep pressing it for up to 7 seconds. You will see the PS4 beeps twice, it means the system is turning off.

Until your console restarts, reset your console too. To reset a PlayStation controller, you will need a paperclip or something similar. Take your controller and check its backside, use a paperclip and press the ‘Recessed’ button (nearby L2 button) for at least 5 seconds.

3. After your controller turns on, reconnect it to your PS4 through a USB.

4. Now, Start your PS4.

This will surely troubleshoot the remote play input lag issue. You can also try restarting the device you’re using Remote Play with. Even after doing this much, if the problem persists, then you should check and adjust the Remote play video quality settings.

Reduce the Remote play video quality

1. Move to the device you’re using Remote Play with.

2. And, open the ‘Remote Play’ window.

3. Open Remote Play Settings by clicking the ‘Settings’ button. This opens the PS4 Remote Play window.

4. Now, click ‘Resolution’ dropdown button in the middle.

5. And, choose ‘Standard (540p)’ or ‘Low (360p), if required.

6. Also, check and set the Frame Rate to ‘Standard.’

7. Click ‘OK.’

8. And, click ‘Start’ to start streaming.

Hopefully, you’re now playing and streaming your game without any issue.

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