A bedroom is a place where we spend almost 8 to 9 hours at least for rest and peaceful sleep. So we must take care of the surrounding environment of the bedroom as the environment plays a very important role in relieving the stress and helps a lot for a peaceful sleep. You need to remove negative energies from your bedroom in order to get sound sleep and a happy life. You can take feng shui consultation to improve your bedroom. 


Here are some basic tips of Feng Shui for the bedroom:

  1. Color Scheme: It is always recommended to choose wall colors that are skin tones like off white, chocolate brown and peach color. These are the soothing color schemes. These colors promote peaceful vibes. Follow a combination of colors like if you have peach-coloured walls then use pillows of white or any other color combination.
  2. Position your bed: The next thing is to place your bed in the right position. Keep your bed in command position which means that the bed faces the door but is not in line with the door. This promotes harmony and relaxation. Avoid placing your bed underneath a beam or window.
  3. Pair everything: No matter whether you are single or married you should keep everything in pair. For example, 2 pillows, 2 lamps, 2 nightstands, etc. This promotes love and harmonious energy.
  4. Get a headboard: Make sure you have a headboard in your bed. This represents strength and support in a relationship. The headboard should be solid and should not contain any hole or pattern of piercing or bars. Fasten your headboard to the wall.
  5. Clean underneath your bed: Cleaning the trash and clutter from your surroundings provide a better environment which flows positive energy. Make sure that you also clean underneath your bed. It is recommended not to store anything underneath the bed.
  6. Artwork: Use family or couple images in your bedroom. Do not hang any single image in the bedroom and even artwork should include pairs.
  7. Fewer Books: Books are an integral part of our life but if you are facing any trouble while sleeping then move the stack of books out of your room. The stacks of books are active energy and they stimulate our minds.
  8. Paintings above the bed: The paintings and large photographs above the bed are considered to be a source of threatening energy. It is suggested hanging a light instead.
  9. Mirrors: If you are keeping the mirror in your bedroom then make sure either it is round or oval. Also, make sure that you position the mirror in such a way that you cannot see your reflection while lying on the bed.

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