I accustomed be a shy guy, existing in fear and pressure of what the future witnesses. I used to chat much less and had been ably articulated myself undoubtedly. I always stimulated with the choice’s others prepared and that’s why individuals took me as granted and throw away. I was persecuted, nonetheless, still, I kept silent. Nevertheless, one day why I was crying, upended by the window by the stairway. There was a young and generous sir whom we used share our delinquent for the reason that we saw him as a companion. Besides the conversation trails:

SIR: What happen? Why are you sniffling?

ME: My best friend made fun of me, and instructor reprimanded me for speaking in class and reproved me.

SIR: (Took me with him to the outdoor play area with the consent of my class-teacher and we have fun playing cricket, and this made me ambience good).

Afterwards, he was settled down beside me and, in a talk, said which I remember till date word by word, as mentioned, “Keep approaching yourself. Do not be scared to articulate yourself. Decide what is significant for you and do not let others do it for you. For the life is yours’ and you have only one fate to live. Have the bravery to live a life true to yourself, not the life others anticipate of you.”

I never realized then that what he said, however, I do now.