Bitdefender Antivirus Tech Support
Bitdefender is a cyber-security product that protects your computer from threats like malware. Here, you will see the method to setup/install Bitdefender antivirus. Bitdefender acts as a deterrent if your computer is being attacked by spam emails, viruses and other harmful software. It can help you to avoid threats like hacking and protect your computer from various other threats. Bitdefender acts like a shield against malicious software and keep highly problematic software and files away from your computer through scanning and identifying threats.  Bitdefender has many variants but no matter which version of Bitdefender you buy, this is the process to install the software-

  • You need a Bitdefender account to carry out any activities related to the software. You can go to the official website of Bitdefender and create your account. To create an account, you to enter your full name, email address and create a new password. After you confirm these essentials and move forward, you will get a Login which will be useful.
  • Use you Bitdefender login to enter the Bitdefender account.The screen will then show you certain options. You need to go to the top of right and click on the option named as “Install Software”.
  • In the subsequent window, you will be asked to make a choice from two options. One option is “Protect this Device” and the other is “Install protection on another device”. If you want to install the antivirus on the system you are using, then you need to click on “Protect this Device”. If you choose the second option, Bitdefender will send the download link to a different system. 
  • Once you click on the “Protect this device” option, you will be then redirected to a new window where your download will start. This download will be for the file through which you can initiate the installation. After the download is finished, click on the .pkg file that you just downloaded. 
  • After you click on the downloaded file, an Installer will appear on your screen. The first part of the installation will be termed as “introduction”, which simply tells you which version of Bitdefender you are going to install. 
  • Then, click on “Continue”. As you click on it, you will be then taken to a new section. This section contains the Software License Agreement, which lays down the terms and conditions set by the company. You will be given a list of languages in which you can read the agreement. Choose the language in which you want to read the agreement, after you read the content in the Agreement, you will be asked if you agree with them. To continue with installation, click on “Agree”.
  • As you are finished with the Agreement part, you will then be taken to a new screen where you have to specify the location of your download. You can choose the location which you think is right for the whole process to take place. 
  • In the next window, you will be asked to enter your email and password associated with your Bitdefender account. After confirming the credentials, you need to click on the “install software” option. 
  • After you choose the “install software” option, the installation process will start on the screen. During the installation, Bitdefender will load the files on the system that are associated with the program. The installation process will last for some time. You just have to wait for it to finish and once it is completed, you can launch the program. 

Users may also look for the ways to enter the product activation key after they have learned how to setup/install Bitdefender on Mac. If you want to confirm your purchase of the Bitdefender product then you need to insert your Security Product Key.  Here is how you can insert the Product key and confirm your product purchase-

  • First, visit the Bitdefender account by entering your email and the password related to your Bitdefender account.
  • As you enter the account. You can go to the left hand side of the screen and click on the drop down menu. From the drop down menu, select the My Subscriptions which is placed just above the Parental Control settings. 
  • Once you click on the My Subscriptions option, you can see an option on the right side of the screen named as Activate Subscription, click on the option.
  • As you click on the option, the screen will display a space in the center, where you can enter your product activation key. 
  • Carefully insert the activation key in the blank space and then click on the Activate option just below the box.
  • If you have entered the correct key then your purchase will be legitimized and you can use all the functions related to your Bitdefender product. 

You can face some problems with the activation code; these can be the errors that can occur-

  • Key regarded as invalid. The screen can show you that your product key is invalid. It can be because of duplication or the software may not accept the key because of security reasons.
  • Key not accepted because of the region. Sometimes the key you are entering can be for a Bitdefender product that is related to some other country or region. 

These are the problems with the product key that you can face while using Bitdefender, however, there can be other problems while you install Bitdefender on Mac. There can be problems related to the installation of Bitdefender and it may get hampered because of an array of reasons. In such cases, a user requires help and looks for outside assistance. If you want such kind of assistance, you can simply call our Bitdefender Support. Our Support aids customers if their product is caught in a glitch and isn’t performing to its full capabilities. We have assembled a team of IT experts, which can diagnose any issue related to your product and can provide you with speedy solutions. When you are caught in such situations, you can call us at any hour and we will be available for help.