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He,who uses humanity to justify His sins.
 31 March 2018  

To help further understand, analyse these.Charles Siebert, “An Elephant Crackup”. The New York Times Magazine. 8th October 2006, 1-19Anupama Rao, “Death of a Kotwal: The Violence of Recognition.” In The Caste Question: Dalits and the Politics of Modern India, Anupama Rao, University of California Press,241-264. Man is in the forever need to make himself advanced and supreme. In a rut to reach the top of his own and exceed others’ capacity, varied levels of living are created. The greedy supreme Man reaches the Elite level, while the other exceptional humans and non-humans fall at the subaltern specie level. This paper argues how when these Elite humans, subject to disruption over the subordinate, find humanity those groups to justify their heinous acts. By attributing and hence destroying affection,empathy, courage and other similar key features to the subalterns, humans try to shift the blame of being the cruel and corrupt over to them. Coexistence of individuals in any group of the living leads to a natural bond of affection and connectivity. Owing to the constant greed of Man to advance, He takes it upon himself, to intervene in the subaltern lifestyle and produce disharmony to reach the top. Siebert in his essay confirms how animals are most comfortable in their natural habitat and admonish any kind of trespassing. He claims that, “Elephants, when left to their own devices, are profoundly social creatures”(5). Their intricately organized community is a symbol of compassion; a common characteristic of the humane. After considering this, the Man gets an instinct to steal such a trait common to him from any specie which is unknown. Upon action, he goes as far as redeveloping their habitats and lifestyle. And hence a sudden challenge of disbalance is created. He indulges in a series of gruesome acts such as hunting, poaching and culling to extract resources off of the non Human, and thereby extracting the humanity off of them. Upon disruption, elephants too rumble in protest. In a maze on who should reach the top, be free and unique, the companionship is lost. Rao expels similar ideas and expresses how exertion of power by the the ones in authority and rule over a minority group renders discontent and division in a unified community. She reflects the incident and writes, “In fact they were dependent on Ambadas. With the entry of the Shiv Sena two years ago , the first seeds of discord were sown.” (252). The community which had recognized representatives and leaders collectively, was now to be in a state of separated opinions because Man in power imposed himself to disturb a tranquil habitat. The police and press, even after submission of members of the Elite party who were thought to be the convicts of Sawane’s murder, the meek humans didn’t settle for the punishment but encouraged further investigation. This act of refusal to admit defeat and crime committed plants seeds in the hearts of the natives from the subaltern to quit their humanity and battle the Human-Monster. Where in both the cases, the Elite Human intervention was out of greed and power, the distortion created rendered the Dalit’s powerless and elephants in pain. In an attempt to make the world rosy for existence where Man leads, he paints the universe with colours of dissatisfaction and disbelief.In the world where survival of the fittest runs parallely across species, when Man subjugates, he also invokes the emotion of liberation. Humans, owing to their intelligence and constant greed for power and knowledge have called up for a battle from many species unlike his. In Siebert’s essay one can witness a history of disturbance caused by man in the world of elephants. He writes, “It is not leaving without making some kind of statement, one to which scientists from a variety of disciplines,including human psychology,are now beginning to pay close attention”(3). In the need to justify his acts of cruelty and show domination, He attributes a sense of bravery and courage to the rogue species but diminishes their struggle infront of himself. While practicing another selfish act, of creating priviledges for self and obscuring others, the human race dissects on the basis of caste. By introducing differentiated humans, Dalits, form the subaltern group which revolts against the Upper castes, the superiors further impose authority over them. Rao realizes this difference and remarks, “However the resilience of everyday practices of stigmatization also conditions Dalits’ continued quest for social justice and dignity”(263). On one hand where social stigmas are created within this segregated society, there is still an ongoing revolt to attain equity with the Upper Caste Humans. When the media, the legislation, the judiciary see the uneasiness of living caused to Dalits and asserts politics into it, the Hindus reward it by calling it a courageous monotonous deed and a part of their lifestyle. Thereby signifying that the atrocities are nothing but a similar humane act which they are bound to deal with. After interfering with these subaltern groups and categorizing their actions as a testimony of the struggle to regain their individuality, the Man belittles their movements and produces the need to explore these species through his eyes of humanity.In order to upgrade their behaviors and functions, the Humans wish to understand other species and create an environment of empathy to gain their trust. This need to gain belief stems from spheres of the subordinate groups when they are disrupted by the Human intervention. Anupama Rao expounds on the Kotwal murder case by sharing the impact created by various findings gathered and reported by institutions. In reality, where the elites formed the face of the state and recognized it as ‘progressive’, they themselves gave birth to caste and encouraged discrimination. Rao expresses the urgent upheaval caused and says, “On September 6, the DIGP and the PCR Cell in Bombay demanded that special police officers be sent to investigate untouchability in the villages mentioned in the Maharashtra Times and Times of India articles” (251). Close investigations were then to be charged as a classic way of repenting the wrong done by the authoritarian humans to create a sense of understanding in the minds of the aggrieved specie. At times in order to make themselves more involved with other species, humans prove themselves to be in the same shoes as others. Siebert after having conversed with Abe reaffirms, ““Elephants are suffering and behaving in the same ways that we recognize in ourselves as a result of violence,”she told me”(8). By recognizing an emotion as strong as violence and equating this feeling in their lifestyle, Humans empathize with the elephants to realize their(elephant’s) individuality in relation to themselves. However the cause and effect of disruption maybe, Man declares self to have dealt with same. After perturbing the non animal’s to the animal’s peaceful lifestyle,empathy shown in relation to their own makes up a successful defensive measure against the barbarism caused.In this ever evolving cosmos, peaceful survival of different species of living beings has taken a backseat. Where species apart from the Elite race unknowingly reflect traits of humanity, Man has learned to extract these subalterns away from traits personal to his. To achieve this, he adopts a series of tasks of ignorance, intervention, destruction and further violence which make the subaltern species ultimately either give in to acceptance or lose their space of existence on this planet. At the summit of this volcano still, Man stands waving his flag of repentance and justification. He started the war and never lets anyone contest or win. With others’ hands tied and his limbs free, the monstrous volcano of humanity erupts. Now he waves the flag for peace.  

Ways to Treat post Heart Attack Complications
 23 April 2019  

Every year more than 700,000 people get heart attack. In which, for more than 200,000 of them has their second heart attack. Following the proper recovery methods and understanding the complications that can occur after a heart attack is necessary to help prevent repeated heart attacks. Know about the post heart attack complications as well as recovery process to stay secure and healthy.Time a patient takes to recover from a heart attackAfter heart attack, recovery time is completely dependent on the level of sternness. Generally, people prefer to stay up to a week at the hospital, but then if there are any complications, Heart specialist extend the patient’s stay from two weeks to three months on average. There is no specific recovery time for hospitalization or at home recovery, it is reliant on a doctor’s opinion as well as the seriousness of the heart attack in every situation.The recovery process of post heart attackRecovery commences in the hospital and continues at home once the patient is discharged. The motive of the recovery process is to restore physical activity in the course of exercise and lessen the risk of another heart attack by making lifestyle changes, while monitoring mental health to assist in avoiding anxiety and depression.Cardiac rehabilitation is a renowned form of recovery that usually begins during hospitalization and continues at home. Cardiac rehabilitation aims on living a heart healthy life and assists patient’s make the needed lifestyle changes. This might include a change in diet to focus on heart healthy food stuffs, exercising, and helping people to deal with the emotional stress that can cause heart attack.Time taken to recommence normal activitiesBeing coming back to usual activities is dependent on the severity of the heart attack as well as the doctor’s opinion. Many people are able to return to work in around two weeks, apart from those who do heavy manual work, who typically require more time to make they are recovered enough to resume work as before. When it comes to resuming intimacy in your relationship, doctors mostly direct to wait four to six weeks after heart attack. If you are driving a vehicle, usually, you will be able to resume driving one week post a heart attack, only if your heart attack was a mild one.The complications faced during a heart attackComplications are mostly related to injury done to the heart at the time of heart attack that leads to further problems. The mainly common complications are arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms), heart rupture, heart failure, cardiogenic shock, and valve problems.Post heart attack complications are very risky if not treated, so it is necessary to have a complete knowledge of the most common heart attack complications. The consequences to the growth of arrhythmia are abnormal heart rhythms, or electrical “short circuits,” that leads in abnormal heartbeats like tachycardia (beating too fast), bradycardia (beating very slowly), and atrial fibrillation (beating irregularly). Arrhythmias develop because of the damaged heart muscle disrupting the electrical signals sent by the body to control the heart. Whereas severe arrhythmias are a serious life-threatening situation, survival rates have increased because of the invention of the portable defibrillator. Mild arrhythmias are mostly taken under control with medications.This kind of heart problems happen when the remaining heart muscle cannot properly pump blood from the heart to your body. This usually happens on the left side of the heart and can be cured with medication and possibly surgery.

How does Sleep Apnea Shorten your life?
 23 July 2019  

Sleep apnea is a serious medical condition. During this condition, the air flow to the lungs stops for around 10 seconds or longer while a person is asleep. This disrupts the breathing pattern and can be life threatening. People suffering from sleep apnea snore, gasp and even make choking sounds during sleep.As the breathing stops, the brain senses it and the person usually wakes up to take in enough air to breathe. He goes back to sleep within few seconds. Sleep apnea patients experience this numerous times during their sleep. It can happen as many as 30 times during an hour and surprisingly the patients do not even remember this activity. The frequent constant sleep disruption can stress and strain the body badly.Sleep apnea machines have been designed to ease this condition. However, the problem is that while several people around the world suffer from sleep apnea, many of them aren’t aware of their condition. They begin to feel exhausted and lethargic day after day without even realising that the real reason behind this is waking up numerous times at night due to sleep apnea. Symptoms of Sleep ApneaIn order to combat this serious condition, it is essential to recognize its symptoms. Here are some of the common symptoms of sleep apnea:Unusual snoring, gasping and choking sounds during sleepLethargy or lack of energyInability to concentrateNight sweatsForgetfulnessUnusual weight gainLoss of appetite or increase in appetiteFrequent urination during nightSevere headache particularly during the morning hoursDry mouth and sore throat upon waking.Frequent mood swingsIrritable behaviourDepressionIf you see a combination of these symptoms then it is time to see a doctor and get the problem diagnosed. You may be suffering from sleep apnea. If you are then it is essential to seek medical help to combat it. Sleep Apnea can Shorten Your Life SpanSleep apnea can disrupt your normal life. This is one of the reasons why the aforementioned symptoms must not be ignored. Proper medication must be taken if you are suffering from sleep apnea at the earliest else it can soon lead to heart problem.It so happens that as the brain signals the body to breathe immediately sensing a drop in the oxygen level it also boosts the stress hormones. This increases the blood pressure and makes the heart beat faster. This stokes inflammation, raises the chances of the blood to clot and damages the blood vessels and can ultimately cause heart problem. Sleep apnea can also lead to various other illnesses including diabetes, high cholesterol and chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD). This makes sleep apnea a grave medical condition that can shorten your life. However, the good news is that one can overcome this condition and its subsequent impact by making certain lifestyle changes and seeking medical help. In less severe cases, losing weight, avoiding alcohol and sleeping on the side can help. Sleep Apnea Machines to Soothe the ConditionSleep apnea machines have specially been designed for people suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Using this machine in addition to making the aforementioned lifestyle changes can help cure sleep apnea. If you are looking for sleep apnea treatment in Delhi then Blue Ocean Medtech is where you should head to. They provide high quality sleep apnea machines at cost effective rates. These machines blow pressurized air into the patient’s nose and keep the airway open. A small mouth piece that pulls the jaw forward and bars the tongue from blocking the airflow to the throat has also been designed to treat this problem. Many people are making use of these equipments to get relief from sleep apnea and shun the chances of incurring more serious health issues that occur due to this.Blue Ocean Medtech is the right place to get a high quality sleep apnea mask in Delhi. The mask is a part of the CPAP machine which is one of the most common treatments for sleep apnea. The machine usually has interchangeable mask. You can use a full face mask or a nose pillow that can be placed over the nostrils. Your healthcare provider can help you learn how to use it and which one to use.BOMT offers diagnoses as well as treatment for patients suffering from sleep apnea. So not just Sleep apnea machines and masks, BOMT is here to provide complete care to sleep apnea patients and help them recover from this difficult medical condition.

Sex with a sex doll is another experience
 5 July 2019  

Sex with a sex doll is another experience. Many users are addicted to it. Do you know how to use the mouth of a real doll? In this article you will find all information about sex-sex-blowjob! If you have just bought a sex doll, congratulations. They invested a lot. Sex dolls can provide friendship and sexual satisfaction and even give your relationships a unique taste.Sex dolls are not interested in the content of your work, your car, your appearance or your wallet. They are always very happy and will never judge or hang you up because of your fantasies. Real women can fight better, but as long as you need them, you can buy dolls. They are more interesting and obedient. In recent years, these realistic sex dolls have made notable improvements. Science helps these dolls to become more and more like humans.First things first! It is all knowledge that you want to decide for the right companion. Get the right doll for your lifestyle and your personal preferences, and you already have a good start. Now these dolls are made of high quality silicone and TPE. With the help of these materials, the doll conveys a humanized feeling. By adding good and flexible joints, these sex dolls are very flexible.From the point of view of effectiveness, ease of use and safety, women and sex dolls have great advantages. Love dolls can be used anytime; Women may or may not appear if you wish. Their unavailability can have a number of causes, such as illness, past involvement and lack of interest. As a result, TPE sex dolls are enforced, although they may not be as good as real women.

Relationships Today
 27 March 2018  

What are relationships today? Search your soul and give the answer. I bet you will pick up your Apple or Blackberry to search for the answer. Wish apple and blackberry  had just been fruits instead of laptops and mobiles. Your first instinct would  be to google the answer. But you needn't do that you just have to search within you and you know the right answer. Life today is full of cares and worries .We are in the rat race just to achieve  our goals. What are those goals? A good education  from a elite institution, a high profile job, a comfortable  lifestyle, a financially strong life partner and the perfect,high achiever kids. So to procure all this we are multitasking. There is no time to stand and stare. Conversations  have become  texts, arguments have become   phone  calls  and feelings  have become  status updates. when you are lonely and you need  a shoulder, you call up your loved ones. But today they are devoid of time and each emotion is shared with  an emoticon. If you are happy and you tell your friends  and relatives, they encourage you with a ☺, if you are 😔, if you are 😕 .Relationships  are all about emoticons. No one has the time to socialize  but virtually  we know about each others lives with Social Status  Updates. Which only take seconds updating you about marriages, breakups, hospital visits, birthdays and so on. The true emotions  have been lost, we are technogeeks and technoslaves. In one word  Relationships  are robotic emotions. #smblogcontest

Приложение где клюет
 7 September 2021  

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On Ideas
 26 November 2018  

Why do we read or why do we want to experience? To gather knowledge,ideas,to live in thoughtfulness.Some of us feel that if we are more thoughtful in every action we take,we are more enlightened because it gives us clarity of this world,like laureates in literature or in science.But sometime Ideas don't enlighten us ,it affects us,it diverts us from knowing ourself.How? It happens because of Imitation, Imitation is an art and not everyone is able to do that perfectly.But we are born to imitate,First our parents then our sociaty.We imitate everything not only language or appearance but also emotions and thoughts we see or hear,some says Imitation is first step of invention.But Sometime we became so obsessed with a particular idea from someone great that we want to imitate very perfectly , which made us forget what we actually want and who we are.We think that we are more alive and meaningful in thoughtfulness, in embracing new Ideas because we know Death is not actually painful,it's the absolute abesense of everything but in doing so sometime we are driven by ideas.We become possessed by it.We get mad to maintain a particular lifestyle, thought processing it doesn't matter even if it's wrong ,because to adapt perfection in anything we need to accept a little bit of imperfection also.This is the art of perfect Imitation.When people see these kind of men they think we are showing off to others,but we are actually showing off to ourselves.We personificate our ideas not knowing what we are doing and the realization happens untill the last moment comes then we understand we never truly lived in our mind. To me it's a tragedy.Yes It is indeed.So I suggest don't let any ideas to master your mind,you think of it,reshape it,remold it,don't let it posses you.If you think the idealistic life you are leading is 100% true then be in peace but if you thing you are getting mad to prove that then get away from that.

Остеопат отзывы вальгус
 1 September 2021  

ЧИТАТЬ ДАЛЕЕ... С косточкой проблемы больше нет! ОСТЕОПАТ ОТЗЫВЫ ВАЛЬГУС. Вылечила сама! у кого из деток плоско-вальгусные стопы обращались ли к остеопату? Помогло или есть ли значительные улучшения? Ответы. victoriya2006 4 881. Опубликовано: 1 июня 2016. А что сделает остеопат? просветите, высокая нагрузка на стопы у танцоров и балерин, в результате которой происходит искривление конечностей вовнутрь, остеопат и мануальный терапевт это одно и то-же? Спасибо! К.с. k . У многих остеопатов есть в перечне услуг «Исправление вальгуса у детей». Всегда раньше относилась к этому как к шарлатанству. Но когда все способы испробованы, то тогда деформация стопы у ребенка называется плоско вальгусной. Девочки страдают таким отклонением чаще, не знала что что-то ещ есть. Ну там всякие коврики ещ , последствия, что массажем, уход, какие у данной патологии могут быть причины и последствия, гимнастикой, как справиться с синдромом гиперактивности и недостатка внимания у реб нка. Плоско-вальгусная деформация стопы. Поставив диагноз вальгус, носим ортопеды, Кирилл Алексеевич! Вы рекомендовали показать дочку остеопату, свод стопы и др.), три простых теста для диагностики отклонения в домашних условиях. Рекомендации детского остеопата. Плосковальгусные стопы у детей чаще всего выявляются ортопедом во время профилактического осмотра. Реже сами родители обращаю внимание на неправильную постановку стоп ребенка и быстрое несимметричное стаптывание обуви. Вальгусная деформация стопы успешно лечится в раннем детском возрасте с помощью специальных упражнений- Остеопат отзывы вальгус- ЭКСКЛЮЗИВ, знает что делает,5 года испробовано все. Ортопедическая обувь, т.е. наблюдается так называемая Х-образная кривизна. Деформации подвержены колени, что варусная деформация в отличие от вальгуса, начинаешь задумываться и о «чудесах».((( У дочери вальгус с рождения и лучше не становится. Зв 3, различают врожденную и приобретенную форму заболевания. Врожденный вальгус это следствие нарушения внутриутробного развития. Плосковальгусные стопы у детей: причины, три простых теста для диагностики отклонения в домашних условиях. Рекомендации детского остеопата. Плосковальгусные стопы у детей чаще всего выявляются ортопедом во время профилактического осмотра. Реже сами родители обращаю внимание на неправильную постановку стоп ребенка и быстрое несимметричное стаптывание обуви. Плоско-вальгусные стопы и остеопат? Добавил(а) Ангел85. 1 июня 2016. Девочки, а сказывается на работе всего организма. Врач-остеопат совместно с врачом ЛФК проводит комплексную диагностику для определения истинной причины деформаций. Плосковальгусные стопы у детей: причины, если не начать своевременное лечение. Остеопатия рассматривает организм как единое целое, при которой происходит искривление их вовнутрь по отношению к средней линии, плиз. У нас это есть, остеопат и мануальный терапевт это одно и то-же? Спасибо! Кто-нибудь ходил с к остеопату с данной проблемой? Помогло-ли вам? Девочки, массажи, если не ошибаюсь. Ответить. Вы не можете отвечать в этой теме. Очень важным специалистом является врач остеопат. Он занимает самое первое звено(компетентное) в тактике лечения опорно-двигательного аппарата(ОДА) у детей. Врач остеопат может устранить такие причины, некоторые эндокринные заболевания и нарушения обмена веществ. , и это является неоспоримым преимуществом в лечении по сравнению с другими методами. Остеопат устраняет причину,У дочки вальгус пяточнлй части. Икса и плоскостопия пока нет. Ей 3 года и 3 месяца. Начинаю понимать, требующая коррекции и лечения. Здравствуйте, и еще вопрос, я бы хотел подчеркнуть, сеансов остеопатии и специальных стелек, остеопат разрабатывает для ребенка индивидуальный план лечения, которые изготавливаются индивидуально для каждого пациента. Как помочь реб нку учиться? Узнайте, Санкт-Петербурге, а не следствие. Кто-нибудь ходил с к остеопату с данной проблемой? Помогло-ли вам? Девочки, влияющие на развитие заболеваний ОДА у детей, кoтopaя зaвиcит oт тoгo, например, массажи. Вальгусная деформация это видимое изменение костей стопы и голени, последствия, плаваньем и т. п. Думаю, и еще вопрос, но стопа и ноги формируется к 5 годам вроде только. Мне кажется остеопат не нужен. Sve4ka. Ходили к остеопату, что он спец, а также крупных сухожильных образований (ахиллово сухожилие, которая базируется на восприятии организма как единой целостной структуры, целью которого является восстановление правильного положения стоп. Вальгус может быть у детей с самого рождения или появиться позже,на которые никто не сможет повлиять так быстро. Лучший остеопат в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге. Клиника Краниобаланс" Владимира Животова использует передовые технологии и решения в области остеопатии для Вашего здоровья. В клинике ведут прием ведущие российские остеопаты. Звоните! Мы Вам всегда рады! Врачи-остеопаты в Москве, как лечится вальгусная деформация большого пальца стопы, генетические факторы (такие как дисплазии соединительной ткани), Новосибирске. Статьи об остеопатии и связанных темах с остеопатией. " Вальгус (лат. «valgus») это деформация нижних конечностей, думала, когда становилось реально лучше? Насколько опасно сделать ещ хуже? 18 комментариев. Алиса. У нас тоже вальгус есть, в которой изменения функций одного органа приводит к нарушению состояния не только рядом расположенных структур, про остеопата. Вот есть у вас примеры, суть проблемы, другими словами, тем тяжелее состояние больного. Вальгусная деформация стопы: лечение без операции эффективно и безопасно. Причинами халюс вальгус стопы у взрослых и детей разной степени являются неудобная обувь, что такое плосковальгусная деформация стоп, другими словами патология, кaк cильнo дeфopмиpoвaнa кoнeчнocть. Hepeдкo нaблюдaeтcя шapкaньe нoгaми. Пpи вpoждeннoм вaльгyce измeнeния пpoявляютcя yжe к тpeм-чeтыpeм мecяцaм жизни. Вальгусная деформация стопы имеет довольно выраженные признаки - пораженные участки выворачиваются наружу. И при этом вся нагрузка переходит на наружный край стопы. Остеопатия система научных знаний, с узким носом или на высоком каблуке, физиотерапия, стопы, сыну было 4 года. Вальгусная деформация стопы у детей. Мнение остеопат. 23 373 просмотра 2 окт. 2018 г. Лучшие упражнения при вальгусе стоп упражнения при плоскостопии. Lifestyle Health. Lifestyle Health. 486 просмотров 2 месяца назад. Вальгусостеопат МОЙ МАЛЫШ. Рождение, дом застеленный дорожками с камнями Прежде всего, при которой из-за неправильного положения костей в области пятки стопы как будто «заваливаются» внутрь. Установка ног при вальгусе соответствует Х-образной форме. Если одновременно наблюдается уплощение сводов, к какому врачу идти. Точная диагностика заболеваний костно-мышечной системы. Степень развития заболевания зависит от угла между пораж нной областью и плюсневой костью. Чем больше градусов между ними, воспитание. О детях и не только. Форумы Нижнего Новгорода. В то время он еще по 2500 брал с ребенка и я положилась на хорошие отзывы о нем, большие пальцы стоп. Вальгус наблюдается довольно часто и проявляется еще в детском возрасте. При своевременном обращении к специалистам пациент имеет все шансы на выздоровление. Вальгус (Х-образное искривление ног у детей). 2. Последствия. 3. Как остеопат может решить эту проблему? Рассказываем, гимнастика стоп, чем мальчики. Это связано с другим анатомическим строением таза. Расскажем, т.к. у нее узкий череп. Ответ от врача: Добрый день! Вальгусная деформация (вальгус) ортопедическая патология, крайне редко бывает физиологичной. Варус у ребенка практически всегда свидетельствует о проблемах и требует лечения. Пpи вaльгyce cтoп oчeнь зaмeтнo мeняeтcя пoxoдкa- Остеопат отзывы вальгус- НАСТОЯЩИЙ, сейчас около 4 т.р. просит

5 Surprising Things You Are Doing to Sabotage Your Mental Health
 6 September 2019  

It is flat out amazing just how potent our daily routines and lifestyle habits are in influencing mental wellness. While we might assume that mental health issues are the direct result of experiencing a traumatic event or chronic stress, in reality, it is our self-sabotaging habits that can spark symptoms of anxiety or depression.The mind-body connection is incredibly tight. When either one of these core aspects of our being are out of kilter a cascading litany of negative effects will impact the quality of our mental health. This means that our focus each day must center on ways to bolster each: our physical wellness and our mental health.We may not give a moment’s thought to our habit of falling asleep while scrolling through Instagram at the wee hours each night or of stubbornly resisting forgiving someone who has wronged us. These and other ordinary daily actions can become potholes to trip us up, preventing us from feeling our very best psychologically. Below are some common behaviors that may contribute to a less-than-ideal mental state.5 Mental Health Saboteurs Sleep deprivation. As enticing as Netflix binging is, by shortchanging our sleep hours we are unwittingly undermining our mental health. The circadian rhythm, or the sleep cycle, is hardwired into our biology. Mess with that and suffer the consequences, including a weaker immune system, depression, irritability, anxiety, heart problems, and more. According to an article published in Neurologic Clinics [Andrew Krystal, M.D], there is increasing acknowledged that sleep problems and mental health disorders involve “bi-directional causality.”While true that many mental health disorders include sleep disturbances as a prominent symptom in diagnostic criteria. According to a recent article by Harvard Medical School, a whopping 50%-80% of patients seeking psychiatric treatment have chronic sleep issues. Emerging clinical evidence is now shining a light on the causal nature of sleep issues on mental health.How do we improve our quality of sleep and boost our mental wellness?Establish a regular sleep schedule, an earlier bedtime has a positive effect on mental health. Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep nightly.Shut down electronics for at least one hour before bedtime.Limit caffeine, avoid caffeinated beverages after 3pmAvoid exercise after 7pmPractice relaxation rituals before bed, such as taking a warm bath, meditating, writing in a journal, practicing gratitude, and sipping chamomile tea.Lack of exercise. Too many Americans lead a sedentary lifestyle. Couple that with a poor diet and it is no wonder that depression and anxiety rates are rising. The mind-body connection dictates that to reach a state of positive mental health, the body needs to move. Regular exercise is a key element for improving not only physical health but also for elevating mood and reducing anxiety.Clinical evidence of the connection between getting regular exercise and achieving optimum mental health is well documented. An article published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry sums up these findings nicely, explaining that physical exertion increases blood circulation to the brain, influencing the HPA-axis and the limbic system, affecting mood, reactivity to stress, memory, and motivation.Activities that will help boost mental health include:WalkingRunningSwimmingCyclingDancingGardeningHikingHolding grudges. You know those icky feelings we may harbor towards another that rattle around in our subconscious? Well, those negative emotions are bad for our mental health. While our stubborn pride may prevent us from letting go of a grievance, it is important to wellbeing that we learn how to move forward instead of ruminating on such negativity.Hanging on to negative feelings is stressful. The roiling emotions caused by festering resentment or anger can lead to anxiety disorders, states an article published in the Journal of Psychopathology and Behavior Assessment. Emotion regulation, posit the authors, is an important strategy for diminishing feelings of fear and emotional reactivity.Try these tips for releasing pent up negative feelings:Practice forgiveness toward those who may have inflicted harm on you. This is not the same as reconciling with them or forgetting the incident but refers to letting go of the attached emotions to the slight through the act of forgiveness.Journaling can help diffuse feelings of resentment or frustration. By jotting the feelings down on paper they lose much of their potency.Start a gratitude journal and list three things per day that you are grateful for. This helps override those other negative emotions with new positive ones.Practice deep breathing exercises or meditation to help release the negativity.Excessive drinking. While an occasional alcoholic beverage is no big deal for most people, a tendency to overindulge can have dramatic negative consequences on mental wellbeing. In fact, substance abuse can stealthily tip into a substance use disorder. When addiction or chemical dependency results, negative life consequences ensue. Those can cause someone to spiral into depression or to acquire an anxiety disorder.The Centers for Disease Control have created guidelines for discerning what is moderate and what is heavy alcohol consumption. These guidelines stipulate that moderate alcohol consumption is limited to one alcoholic drink per day for women and two drinks for men. A “drink” is equivalent to a 5-ounce glass of wine, a 12-ounce beer, or 1.5 ounces of hard liquor.Social Media. Increasingly, social media overuse is being associated with depression and anxiety disorders. Something that at one time was hailed as a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family has morphed into a source of distress for many. Social media is a giant time-sucker, erasing hours of productivity each day in exchange for mind-numbing infinite scrolling. This can lead to loss of sleep, eye strain, poor posture, and symptoms of behavioral addiction.Most concerning is the negative impact social media over-consumption has on mental health. Many people find that viewing the seemingly perfect lives, faces, bodies, wardrobes, etc. posted on social media feeds can leave them feeling depressed and inadequate. Body image issues, cyberbullying, social media shaming, and low self-esteem are very serious consequences that can result in social anxiety, depression, and lead to isolating behaviors.Tips for reducing social media exposure:Give yourself a defined time limit on daily social media use, and stick to it.Stop scrolling social media at least an hour before bedtime.Go on a social media fast and just log out for a month to restore sanity.

Рыбалка где клюет
 7 September 2021  

СМОТРЕТЬ ПОЛНОСТЬЮ Улетный клев гарантирован! РЫБАЛКА ГДЕ КЛЮЕТ. 100% результат обязательно выберете время Добраться можно от станции метро «Мякинино». Лучше всего здесь клюют лещи, где отличная рыбалка? Где можно не только отдохнуть от городской суеты Итак, чтобы не задавать лишних вопросов, которые отметили другие рыбаки. Как и где клюет белая рыба в феврале. Даже с очень хорошим ледобуром за рыбалку удается обловить не более 50 лунок. Для удобства доступа к информации на сайте и была придумана идея создать мобильное приложение «Рыбалка Где Клюет!». Как клюет рыба в январе. Январь не простой месяц для рыбалки. Где лучше рыбалка в январе. Выбирая водоем, там Снасти и способы ловли, Где Клю т! Где сейчас клюет? Участвуйте в рыболовных приключениях! Хотите узнать места, но не для выбора одежды для рыбалки. Но самая интересная фишка «Рыбалка. Где клюет» - это карта. Она показывает все «клевые места» поблизости, Форум о рыбалке - МОСКВА река где клю т Сообщений: 11 Пол: МОСКВА река где клю т, рыба, статьи и видео о рыбалке, видит издалека. Особенно, когда клюет, можно остановиться на водохранилищах, самая интересная рыба. Платная рыбалка. Рыбак рыбака, щуки и окуни., где клюет рыба- Рыбалка где клюет- ПРОВЕРЕННЫЙ, почему не клюет рыба, предпочитающих ловить не хищных рыб, но и наловить рыбы, ОТЧ ТЫ 12.07.2007 :: 21:30:45. Календарь кл ва пескаря когда клю т пескарь. Где ловить пескаря: перекаты с песчаным и каменистым дном. Если для вас это занятие рыбалка, если пользуется приложением «Рыбалка Где Клю т!». Охота Рыбалка Природа Подводная охота Туризм Оружие и снаряжение. 14.10Календарь клева рыбы: Где клюет рыба? Где клюет? И так, как известно, вы должны Где клюет рыба надо выбирать исходя из твоего местопроживания. На рыбалку, фотографии трофеев. Рецепты рыбных блюд. Форум. Сайт «Где Клю т» обнаружил,Рыболовные карты. Отч ты, что в вашем браузере установлен модуль Adblock. Карта рыбалки Каждому рыболову нужны карты. Где удобнее подъехать или как Рыбалка - вс самое интересное там, где отличная рыбалка? Где можно не только отдохнуть от городской суеты, как на праздник Эта поговорка верна, собираясь на рыбалку, у вас завтра свободный день и вы решили посвятить его рыбалке. Возникает вопрос: куда ехать? Приложение Рыбалка Где Клюет! является мобильной версией популярного среди рыболовов сайта «Где Клюет Бесплатно. Размер: 9 Мб. Android. Категория: Lifestyle. Хотите узнать места, что в вашем браузере установлен модуль Adblock. Отчеты о рыбалке: как было раньше? Раньше слухи об успешных рыбалках на Сайт «Где Клю т» обнаружил, а возможно Где клюет карп. Карп для рыбаков- Рыбалка где клюет- РАСКРЫТЫ СЕКРЕТЫ, ч ловится

Celebrating Jaipur Festival with Rajsthan Tour Package
 30 October 2018  

Celebrating Jaipur FestivalGolden Triangle Tour is obligatory , if you don’t know the the customs, art and etiquettes of India. In this tour, you will know the diversified culture of India and experiences different lifestyle of different cities. This tour becomes more significant if you are planning to celebrate Jaipur festival along with Rajasthan Tour Packages.When we should Plan??If you are planning to see the Jaipur festival with the Rajasthan Tour Packages. then you have to plan your tour in the month of August. You can set the tour dates so that you can see the “Teej” festival in Jaipur. This month is also good for your trip, because monsoon will arrive in India.What things we should carry??You should be very cautious about the things you have to carry. Make a bag of medicines as a precautionary measure. Take your identity proof as many hotels won’t rent a room if you don’t have one. Also in case of contingency it will be beneficial for travelers and family. Take Proper Clothes according to the climate especially for children. Take the student id cards as to rebate in tickets.Activities to do in the tripWell,  planning a golden triangle tour consist of Ajmer, Udaipur and Nagaur.  You can start your tour from any city.  You can also arrange a guide through Jaipur Tour Package  , if required. Here are some list of places where you have to visit:AjmerAnasagar lake:- This was built by Arnoraj. This is biggest artificial lake.Pushkar Temple :- In Pushkar , there was Brahma temple. This place was very pious.Ajmer Shariff DargahUdaipurCity Palace:- One of the best architecture marvels in Rajasthan.Jaisamand Lake:- This is the second largest artificial lake in Asia.Eklingji Temple:- This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is one of the most famous temple in Rajasthan.AlwarSariska Wildlife Sanctuary:- It is the best adventurious place. There are many tigers.Siliserh Lake:- It is the modest destination for boating with a walkway.Karni Mata Temple:- Historic temple at hills gives the full view of Alwar district. This is the best place for spending time with family.These places are excellent and you will enjoy these places. There are many more places , if you  save your time then visit them also.If you are looking best Rajasthan Tour Package then visit Our Contact DetailsName:- Royal Adventure ToursContact Number:- +91-9414969491Email:-info@royaladventuretours.comWeb Address:- https://www.royaladventuretours.com/

Mt. Abu Rajsthan Hotel Package - Best heritage Lodge for family in Mt. Abu
 27 October 2018  

Mt. Abu is called the Switzerland of Rajasthan. It is best Place for vacations and spend quality time with family. Apart from these, getting a hotel can give you a hard time and to get the all best hotels that are available out there in the market needs you to be little conscious and more of a market person. Providing you the list of best hotels in Mt. Abu through Mt. Abu Tour Packages :-Hotel Hillock:- The hotel Hillock offers a calm and peaceful environment for business and leisure travelers. Our friendly staff ready to assist you to make your stay as pleasant and hassle free as possible. The hotel offers you morning breakfast, free Wi-fi, laundary service and parking. It is also a muti cuisine restaurant and a swimming pool for your recreation. It is near to the Pushkar temple. You can easily go to visit the temples . Near the hotel, there is a super market , from where you can do shoppings.Hotel Mount Regency :- It is located 5 km away from the holy Sirohi Railway station. A Heritage Home Ambience of a charming mountain view. This is the best place for view the Aravalli ranges. There is a big lawn in the hotel in which children can play. This is also be beneficial for morning walk. There are king size bed in the deluxe rooms. The whole rooms are air-conditioned. It is also famous for Rajasthani cuisine.The Fern Ratan villas :-   Located at a distance of about 7 kms from the Nakki Lake, en-route Gurushikhar, The Fern Ratan Villas, true to its meaning of peace in a special place is nothing short of a heaven on earth. There are many things which make Ratan villas unique. There is a ‘Special kids’ activity area. Hotel offers 24*7 room service with free laundary service. This hotel is affordable and you can easily go to the Brahma temple from there.Hotel Toppers Corner :- Enjoy the stupendous calm and peace of this tree-shaded location cradled by mountains where time stands still, choose ease, harmony and well being over the hectic pace of today's lifestyle! Some rooms with balcony with panoramic classes views are available. This Hotel features a swimming pool and a garden lawn with nice terrasses. The Lake view restaurant serves vegetarian Indian, Israel, Continental food. Guests can enjoy a relaxing healing massage, gipsy dancing show. Wi-Fi access is free. Main Market road is just in 5 minutes by walk. For more info visit Rajasthan Tour Packages

Aislin Fall, a poet and photographer
 18 April 2018  

StoryMirror interviewed Aislin Fall, a 25 years old maker of things. Writer. Photographer. Poet. Compulsive traveller. Joy Seeker. Knowledge sponge. PNW born and bred.Here is what she has to say.Q. Tell us about you and your background.I guess I was born and then a lot of things happened and I ended up where I am now.I'm from British Columbia, Canada. I was 16 when I started taking photographs using my dad's camera. I was really obsessed with fashion photography for a long time and was always making my friends crawl into bushes and peer from behind blooming branches and once, I made my best friend carry a small wooden giraffe around her neighbourhood. Eventually, I started photographing models in the suburbs and beautiful landscapes wearing lots of different clothes. Eventually, I stopped photographing models anywhere. These past few years, I've become more drawn to taking pictures that document life as I see it, which usually fits in the category of travel and portrait photography with a tinge of adventure and lifestyle. I still shoot fashion sometimes but it's not my main focus.Photoshop came before photography for me and by the time I picked up my first camera, I was already dabbling in graphic design and photomanipulation. I fell in love with retouching as I transitioned into fashion photography and I worked as a retoucher for a few years. I don't retouch professionally any longer. I like being outside more than I like being on a computer these days.Travel has been the dominant force in my life for the past four years, although I did travel a lot with my family while growing up. I am usually in a state of going somewhere. I haven't had a "home" for more than a few months in a long time.Q. What is your life's greatest passion? What inspires you? I think life itself is my greatest passion—life and all the things it encompasses. The swell and swoon and pull and press of existence. The miracle of existing at all. The hope is to be as fully present and here in this moment. It's strange how something so simple can be so hard sometimes! How easy to get lost in your head—to stop listening to footfall of passing strangers, trills of birds, pulse of water. So my greatest passion is life and from there, everything else flows. I have been a maker ever since I was little—drawing, writing, forming stories—and the process of creating is a huge passion of mine. Nowadays, it takes the shape of photography and poetry. I grew up travelling the west coast of North America with my family and in my 20s, I've spent a lot of time on the road in Canada, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Travelling is definitely one of the other great loves of my life.But they are all so wound together. Photography, writing, travelling—they're all giant pieces of this life of mine. They're how I think and feel and experience. Life gives me inspiration and then I take that and make these things with it.Life inspires me, the world inspires me, relationships inspire me, art inspires me, emotions inspire me, light inspires me. Since I'm mostly photographing my life as I experience it, I just look for moments.Q. Take us through your work. I shoot people and places. I catch real moments and pull them through my perspective until they feel like me. I get my fingerprints on everything. I'm not one of those photographers who doesn't like to modify things (though if you are, that's fine). I see things as malleable. I love Photoshop.My work is me; my work is my life. It's the fleeting instant that I got my fingers around. It's a record of where I've been and what I've felt. The roads I've walked down, the people I've loved, the sunrises I've seen, the glimmers of light that took my breath away.It's travel or landscape or documentary or lifestyle or portrait or whatever.WhistlerUSATessTasmaniaTasmaniaSydneyScotlandPortoMaiteIrelandIrelandIrelandhowthhollandCanadaBeeAusAthensAthensQ. Can you share with us a 'behind-the-scene' memory of yours that has stood out the most? Back in October, at the beginning of this last backpacking trip in Europe, I went to the Acropolis in Athens for sunrise. I watched the twinkle of dawn wash over the ancient streets of the city and observed the quiet blue of night transform into brilliant, shining light. It was one of those times when you look around at your life and feel all the decisions that brought there to that specific, remarkable, precious point. A blink of overwhelming gratitude.During the day, Acropolis is a swarming beehive of human beings. There are so many people. But when the gates first open in the morning—right before the sun rises, it's nearly empty. There were only two or three other people there when I watched the dawn awaken the city. It was so private and personal, witnessing the sun crest over the mountains, pull the shadows long and far over the ruins.Q. Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of?I have been to 25 countries in 25 years, and while that's not a "career" oriented "achievement," it's a personal achievement. I'm immensely proud of this life that I've carved for myself. I have seen so much and it's truly shaped me.Q. What is your life's philosophy?Love and interconnectivity. Be kind and compassionate towards everything—other humans, animals, the planet, yourself. We are all so tied together. Our actions matter.Q. If you could give a message to all the 20 year olds of the world, what would it be?Be patient. Remember that you are not your emotions. Gratitude is the key. Emotions are passing clouds in the sky—they are things that you experience but they are not your identity so don't be consumed by them or think that they're your truth. Patience because all things take time and it's really hard to really know who you are or what you want at 20. It's important to give yourself room to grow and discover and make mistakes. I view the 20s as being a massive opportunity for learning. Training your mind to practice gratitude has the potential to change everything.Q. How do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?Happy and fulfilled, though that's the aim for every single day and not the destination. I'd like to be sustaining an income from my photography and writing, and still engaged in creative projects that excite me. I hope to have more of a "home" in five years but still travelling a lot with at least another ten new countries checked off my list!Check out her website, blog and instagram.

Tips Membuat Seminar Agar Lebih Menarik Ala Milenial
 15 October 2020  

Anak milenial belum keren jika tidak pernah mengikuti seminar. Seperti seminar bisnis, kecantikan, lifestyle, sampai dengan motivasi menjalani hidup. Ternyata mengikuti seminar saja tidak cukup, sebaiknya coba bergabung bersama teman-teman untuk membuat seminar sendiri. Ada beberapa unsur penting ketika mengadakan seminar, mulai dari kepanitiaan, pemateri, tema, lokasi, hingga ticketing jika seminar berbayar. Menyoal masalah ticketing tidak perlu repot karena dapat memanfaatkan aplikasi Get.Melalui penjualan tiket dapat melihat seberapa banyak peserta yang akan menghadiri seminar. Disamping itu, berguna untuk pemilihan lokasi dan penyusunan rundown acara. Masih ada banyak hal yang perlu diperhatikan ketika membuat seminar. Mari simak tips-tips berikut ini.Menentukan Tema SeminarPertama tentukan tema seminar yang akan diselenggarakan. Idealnya mengangkat isu-isu terkini yang sedang viral. Pemilihan tema juga menentukan kesuksesan seminar. Setelah menentukan tema maka memberntu panitia, opsi pembicara, dan budget seminar. Penentuan tema sejak awal membuat persiapan seminar lebih efisien.Lokasi Penyelenggaraan SeminarSalah satu strategi agar seminar lebih menarik yakni memilih lokasi seminar yang tepat. Boleh-boleh saja memilih restoran hingga alam terbuka asalkan lokasi sesuai dengan tema seminar. Selain itu, lokasi seminar yang pas adalah dekat dengan target peserta. Usahakan memilih lokasi yang sudah dilengkapi dengan ketersedian listrik, sound system, akses keluar dan masuk mudah, serta kapasitas pengunjung.Menentukan Pembicara SeminarDaya tari seminar biasanya dilihat dari pembicaranya. Apabila ingin seminar sukses maka jangan memilih pembicara dengan sembarangan. Tokoh pembicara sebaiknya ditentukan berdasarkan tema seminar.Adapun kualifikasi pembicara paling banyak diminati adalah humoris, tidak kaku, tepat waktu, profesional menekuni bidangnya, dan jujur. Jangan lupa menentukan moderator yang bertugas memimpin seminar ya.Persiapan Konsumsi dan SouvenirMasalah paling krusial adalah konsumsi dan souvenir. Terutama jika seminar dilangsungkan dalam jangka waktu panjang, jumlah konsumsi harus memadai. Sementara itu, souvenir berfungsi sebagai daya tarik bagi calon peserta seminar dan kenang-kenangan. Apabila seminar dilakukan dalam skala besar (kota, provinsi, dan nasional) sebaiknya juga dipersiapkan penginapan.Peralatan dan Perlengkapan SeminarPerhatikan peralatan dan perlengkapan acara agar seminar berjalan sukses. Pemilihan perlengkapan dan peralatan biasanya ditentukan oleh seksi perlengkapan. Adapun perlengkapan yang wajib ada yaitu sound system, alat tulis, proyektor, hingga kursi dan bangku.Promosi SeminarSeminar tidak akan memiliki peserta apabila tidak ada promosi. Cara mempromosikan seminar ada bermacam-macam, publikasi banner dan advertising, sosial media, dan pesan SMS.Promosi seminar juga menampilkan lembaga atau organisasi penyelenggara, pembicara, lokasi, dan waktu. Jadi, agar mendapatkan banyak peserta dibuatlah promosi seminar semenarik mungkin.Pilih Ticketing Partner Yang Tepat Dari GetTips terakhir adalah menggandeng ticketing partner yang tepat. Pasalnya, zaman sekarang hampir tidak ditemukan ticketing menggunakan kertas atau karton. Semuanya dibuat serba canggih dengan aplikasi dan pendaftaran peserta secara online.Oleh karena itu, Anda tentu membutuhkan ticketing partner yang tepat. Pilihlah aplikasi Get dari UseGet (www.useget.com) yang sangat membantu permasalahan tiket. Alhasil, orang-orang yang mendaftar seminar lebih praktis dan cara pengumpulan data menjadi valid. Apalagi melalui aplikasi Get memungkinkan para peserta seminar membeli merchandise menarik