HAIR MAINTENANCE

Hairfall, greying of hair at early stage is very big problem these days this is the result of diet,and lifestyle and health are all causes of hairfall, if you have constipation regularly then you should first take care of it and then can use any of the tips given below just try once you will feel the differnce.

1.Apply coconut oil medicated with Bhringraj or amla at least once a week at  night and wash your hair in the morning.While applying oil it is essential to massage your scalp with the palms and then the fingertips for at least ten minutes.

2.Application of processed henna once in 15 days helps in hair maintenance .Boil equal amounts of amla and shikakai powder in water and let this cool , now mix henna powder and in small amounts fenugreek seeds powder and roasted clove powder, a little lemon juice.

3.To stop hairfall add two teaspoons of coconut oil and one teaspoon of lemon juice apply on scalp slowly with fingertips.

4.To control greying of hair for few months take one teaspoon of Indian gooseberry powder with water as the last eatable before sleeping.

5.A balanced diet that includes carrots, green vegetables and fruits should also be taken .

6. A diet of only fruits and milk for seven days helps in controlling hair fall.

7.Mix Neem leaves powder and amla powder and boil them in water , allow this solution to cool and then rinse hair with it once in a week.

8.Mix curd, multaani mitti, and mehndi powder in equal amounts and then apply on hair for one hour and then rinse hair this stops hairfall, do not apply soap or shampoo the day you are applying this above application.

Dear Friends do try any of the tips for hairfall and feel the difference yourself.

In Acupressure we acutherapists apply magnets on meridian points which also stops hairfall and help in hair growth.