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Your search for hero
Should you choose Hero commuter bikes over Honda?
 13 August 2018  

India is a huge market for commuter motorcycles as the people from the country are looking for affordable two-wheelers with high mileage. The motorcycles are quite handy to cover short distance daily.Hero bike and their Honda counterparts are the two popular manufacturers in this segment.The two companies offer a good combo of power, economy and lower running cost which are the keys to success. The motorcycles are most popular in urban and semi-urban markets.In the following article, we will find the answer on why should we choose Hero bikes over Honda? So, we picked Hero’s one of the most popular motorbikes in the segment, the Glamour FI which faces a tough competition from the Honda’s CB Shine SP.EngineThe Hero Glamour Programmed FI of Hero gets a single-cylinder, 4 stroke, 125-cc air-cooled engine which is capable of delivering a maximum of 9 bhp power at 7,000 rpm and 10.35 Nm of peak torque. The engine comes mated to a 4-speed gearbox and provides a quality performance in low and mid-range.On the other hand, the Honda CB Shine SP comes with a similar single cylinder, 4 stroke, 125-cc air-cooled petrol engine which pumps out more power of 10.57 bhp at 7,500 rpm along with a peak torque of 10.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. It is mated to a five-speed transmission.Hence, in this regards, the Honda Shine seems to be the more powerful model.MileageThe mileage of any motorcycle is one of the most essential features to be checked by the buyers. The Hero Glamour FI claims to deliver a mileage of 72 kmpl, as claimed by the company, while the latest Honda CB Shine claims to offer a mileage of 68 kmpl. So this is where the Hero really comes on its own.Performance and FeaturesThe Hero Glamour Programmed FI offers a quite good performance for daily usage. It has a top speed of 97 kmph and you can accelerate from 0 to 60 kmph in just 7.3 seconds. It has a 12-litre fuel tank and comes with 18-inch alloy wheels. In addition, the two-wheeler has disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear.On the other hand, the Honda Shine SP does not shine like its competitor. It can attain a top speed of 93 kmph and drum brakes are provided on both the wheels. Also, it has a lower fuel tank capacity as 10.5 litres. However, it has the same size wheels.PricingThe Hero Glamour FI comes with a price tag of around Rs. 67,000 (exclusive showroom), while the Honda Shine SP costs around Rs. 3,000 lesser than that. Though the hero bike does not offer as much power as the Honda, the performance is on the higher side, thanks to the bigger fuel tank and better mileage.That said, despite more power, the Shine cannot reach the top speed of Hero Glamour, which clearly seals the deal.

Discovering the Hero Within Myself……… PRAGATI N. BHATTAD—
 29 September 2018  

Discovering the Hero Within Myself………PRAGATI N. BHATTAD—When we learn about the many different heroic paths available to us, we understand that there is room for all of us to be heroic in our own unique ways.The way to free ourselves of shadow possession is to awaken our heroic potential. When we have intense desire to become the hero and have a  belief that there is a  possibility within us, then this is the first step of discovering the hero within ourselves .To Begin this journey of transformation requires awakening to the fact thatWe are the hero in our own life story. In the simplest possible terms, our lifeis about us.we  may be inspired to fight for a worthy cause or we may recognise our hunger for deeper levels of attainment and personal spiritual growth. At its heart, each journey starts with a desire to go beyond the limits of our present situation and, in the process, to create a greater version of ourselves, a version that allows our soul to sing through our every word and action and to resonate at the core of our innermost being. decision to accept the challenge separates the hero from the rest of society . The hero says ‘Yes’, usually without knowing how they will achieve what they set out to do. The hero says ‘Yes’ knowing that they do not have many resources. The hero says ‘Yes’when others say it cannot be done. The ‘how’ comes later. We can also motivate ourselves just by thedesire to live in a way that is in closer alignment with our deepest values andbeliefs.If we are ready to undertake a change in our life, we are a Hero. If we are looking for a new direction and willing to take the steps to have it, we are a Hero. If we dare to dream that we can be different, do different and have different, we are a hero.we have an amazing capacity located in the resourceful part of our mind known as the theta state. By directing our mind to that greater intelligence in 6-Easy Steps we can quickly access new and innovative ideas. we are taught to reach that greater intelligence through six-steps that change our thinking from ordinary beta to theta, a much deeper level of our consciousness. In this state we instantly clear those negative, limiting beliefs that keep us feeling small, powerless and frozen.As we do so we uncover hidden treasures that lie right within us and discover our hidden Heroic Self-the self we have always been.================================================================

Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.16-18
 4 June 2019  

Rhythmic Response - In Gita Verse 1.16-18 King Yudhiṣṭhira, the son of Kuntī, blew his conch shell, the Ananta-vijaya, and Nakula and Sahadeva blew the Sughoṣa and Maṇipuṣpaka. That great archer the King of Kāśī, the great fighter Śikhaṇḍī, Dhṛṣṭadyumna, Virāṭa, the unconquerable Sātyaki, Drupada, the sons of Draupadī, and others, O King, such as the mighty-armed son of Subhadrā, all blew their respective conch shells.One by one everyone blew their respective instruments. By blowing one after the other in rhythm. All of them conveyed their individual strength as united. When individual strength is united it gets multiplied. It’s not simple mathematics like 2x2=4. It will be 2x2=N times. Means countless.In the unity there is no ego. How? When we are united we are ready to be replaced by anyone. None is in competition with anyone. But everyone clarity regarding their goal and role. Like in a movie when the hero is playing his role the villain will not come in between, when the villain is needed on the screen hero will not be in the forefront. Unity simply means when my role is there I will put my effort in total. Once my role is over I will move out.Enthusiasm and Participation is foundation of unity.Enthusiasm - means like child. And when I say be like a child I mean always remain learning, never become knowledgeable. Go on learning; learning is totally different. Knowledge is a dead phenomenon, learning is an live and dynamic process. And the learner has to remember this: he cannot function from the stand of knowledge.Have you ever watched and noticed it? little children learn so fast. If a child lives in a multilingual atmosphere he learns all the languages. He learns the language that the mother speaks, the father speaks, the neighbors speak - he may learn three, four, five languages very easily, without any problem. Once you have learned a language then it becomes very difficult to learn another language because now you start functioning from the standpoint of knowledgeability.So first, when I say be like a child I mean be total.The second thing is remain a learner, function from the state of not-knowing. That’s what innocence is: to function from not-knowing is innocence.The third thing, and the last: a child has a natural quality of trust, otherwise he cannot survive. When the child is born he trusts the mother, trusts the milk, trusts that the milk will be nourishing him, trusts that everything is okay. His trust is absolute, there is no doubt about anything. He’s not afraid of anything. His trust is so much that the mother is afraid because the child can go and start playing with a snake. His trust is so much that a child can go and poke his hand into the fire. His trust is so much; he knows no fear, he knows no doubting. That is the third quality.Participation - once we become learner, child like, as individual then comes participation. We can be participants only by working unitedly. Unless we learn how we can work in unity we will not be able to learn how to participate in our life. Once we learn how to work together as team, the next step you will learn how to work together with Universe or Existence. So that we can create OURSELVES.God is the creator and the only prayer is to be creative, because it is only through creativity that you participate in God; there is no other way to participate. God has not to be thought about, you have to participate in some way. You cannot be an observer, you can only be a participant; only then will you taste the mystery of it. Creating a painting is nothing, creating a poem is nothing, creating music is nothing compared to creating YOURSELF, creating your consciousness, creating your very being.Participation with Universe:Zen is participation. Participate in the night leaving, participate in the evening coming, participate in the stars and participate in the clouds; make participation your lifestyle and the whole existence becomes such a joy, such an ecstasy. You could not have dreamed of a better universe.Everyone has an opportunity to participate with others, to make our contribution to creating something greater and more beautiful than each of us could manage alone. Our participation will not only nourish us, but will also contribute something precious to the whole.Pandava by their rhythmic response to Kaurava conveyed that we are united. Our strength is unity and participation. We can change our strategy any time, as our team know that as per the demand of the circumstances who need to be up front and will be there. Person who is in the front at that moment will have the backing and support of everyone.

 2 November 2020  


I have been wrongly accused of touching a girl on a local
 13 March 2018  

**Based on a true incident**If you have ever been to Dadar Station ( Mumbai ), you already know how crowded it gets at times and after a second of a train's arrival people start to board and deboard it like a flock of sheep.It was a pretty hostile day and in my misfortune, I couldn't get a place to stand properly, let alone a place to sit.As I settled down, I found myself standing behind a girl. She was a girl with a gloomy facial feature - winged eyeliner, a white fitted top and a grey bag and she seemed to have overused perfume.We were like two strangers heading towards different destinations like I and others were but then came a guy who was in his mid-twenties stood beside me.A havoc seemed to have created, first he unsettled us by searching something in his bag, then he almost pushed an old man just to take the cell out of his pocket.After a while he started to stare at me - he was staring at me in the way I stare at people if they criticize the food I like - the fire in my eyes can burn cities.It made me sheer uncomfortable being stared at with hatred and that too by a stranger can make anyone that way. I thought to initiate a conversation. I dropped the Idea.I should not have because in the other moment, he held me by my collar and said his first words to me, " Madarchod , tm iss larki ke sath kya kar rahe ho ?".I was dazzled. I had no clue what made him so angry that he didn't hesitate to curse my mother but that had made me no less angry.I shrugged his hand rapidly and that made him move backward in his place. The girl in front of me was dazed." Tumhe bilkul sharam nahi , tum iss larki ke sath train mei badtameezi kar rahe ho ,Aap daro mat ma'am , hum apke sath hai ".He said to the girl." Excuse me ? " Was the girl's reply." Main ne kuch nahi kia , mujhe piche se push kia ja raha tha." I blurted at him.The other two men and a woman popped in and straightaway asked the girl, " Kya isne kuch badtameezi ki tumhare sath" ? She looked at me exasperated and said," Inhe sirf piche se push kia ja raha tha , ulta yeh physical contact avoid kar rahe tah."I took a sigh of relief.She spoke further, " Woh insaan sirf hero banne ki kosis kar raha hai ".It was enough for them to trust her and they all told him to apologize.To my surprise, he had something else to say." Esi larkiya tight kapre pehen k aati hai , inhe insab cheezo se koi problem bhi nahi."Before I could punch his face, the train stopped and he disappeared into the crowd.If I will ever meet that girl again, I will thank her once again, more than I had thanked her for that time and more than thanking her, I would cajole her as she was upset with the man's words.I don't know if it was the incident or the girl, but I started to respect girls a little more after that.

Wonder Woman 1984: Release Date, Photos, Cast and Plot Details
 8 August 2019  

Are you also waiting for Wonder Woman 2? If yes, then you are not alone here. There are millions of people excited about the same thing, and they would love to know the updates and the latest news concerning the movie. Recently we have got some new updates about Wonder Woman 1984, and we thought that you would love to know about the movies timeline, plot, cast and revealed photos. Last December the filming was wrapped up, and now the DCEU has launched the final release date of Wonder Woman 1984.Source: Wonder Women 1984Latest UpdatesThe filming was over in December 2018, but Gal Gadot said that some reshoots were made to make some minor improvements. According to the cast, the reshoots were made in three different countries and four different locations, including London. One thousand crew members, along with the shooting team who helped set the movie’s plot and fulfilled the cast requirements.According to a popular news channel, just a few weeks ago, the Wonder Woman team has shot some of its scenes at the iconic waterfall in Snowdonia, Welsh national park. Can you imagine Wonder Woman combating with a baddie in front of the waterfall?Wonder Woman 1884: When the Trailer is Coming Out?The team Wonder Woman didn’t attend the Comic-Con 2019, but they were present in the 2018 event. According to the director Patty Jenkins, the Wonder Woman 1984 will begin its promotion in December 2019. That means the first trailer will be out somewhere in the middle of December. Till then, we have to be patient.Revealed Photos of Wonder Woman 1984 till NowIn 2018, two photos were released, which provided us with an idea about the time and the story of the movie. Well, they can’t be considered as a spoiler for the film. In the first picture, WW is looking at some very old TV displays, and it seems that the screens are 1980’s. In the first picture, in one of the TV screen, you can see the villain “Cheetah” driving a car and looking at the camera.In the second image, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is walking alone in a shopping mall, and it seems like he has seen someone. People are wondering how Steve Trevor is still alive?There was one more picture posted by Patty Jenkins in which you can see a new character in the movie which is played by Pedro Pascal. But the role of Pedro is still unknown.The new Wonder Woman costume was also revealed on Twitter by the director of the movie. The outfit is surprisingly strange, and Gal Gadot is looking awesome. It appears that this time she has full body armor which is made of shiny metal. Maybe she now she will not have to block upcoming bullets as she has full-body protection. Perhaps this time our WW has become even more invincible and durable due to the full body armor.We have got one more photo of the supervillain “Cheetah” who is standing in a museum. In the DC comics, she was an archeologist, so her standing in the museum make perfect sense.More About the Cast of Wonder Woman 1984Super Villain-Cheetah: Played by “Kristen Wiig”Super Hero-Wonder Woman: “Gal Gadot”Pedro Pascal: An Unrevealed CharacterSoundarya Sharma: Unknown CharacterSteve Trevor: Played by “Chris Pine”Lauren Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on Brother Printer Support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

Book Review: Such is HER Life by Reecha Agarwal
 7 September 2018  

Book Title: Such Is Her LifeAuthor: Reecha AgarwalFormat: Paper Back Total Number of Pages: 184 pagesLanguage: EnglishPublisher: Fingerprint! PublishingPublishing Date: 1 April 2018ISBN-10: 938777953XISBN-13: 978-9387779532You know her as a mother, daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law.But seldom as a woman . . .And maybe never as a human.Get ready . . . it’s time to unlearn and learn.A collection of musings that will have you reeling in a wave of emotion long after you are done reading, this powerhouse of work will make you smile, cry, go red in anger, nod your head in agreement and grasp the finer nuances of what it means to be her in today’s world.A SMALL BOOK OF BIG LEARNINGS.My TakeStarting from the cover is alluring the birds flying from a woman’s head represents the feeling of freedom that a women seeks. The title “Such Is Her Life” is different and interesting. As the title suggest it’s a collection of musings on women’s life.The author has beautifully crafted all the life of a woman right from the time she is in her mothers womb till the time of her death. Musing are written day to day life of female goes through she is raped, rape, child abuse, sexually, mentally, physically, gender discrimination, acid attack, killing, and many others. The best part about these musings was that they were relatable, each and every girl can feel but never truly express herself to people and the things around us. You will feel the magic of words. How a bunch of few words will move you and you happen to close the book and think about rights of women.Words. That they give voice to your inner most feelings.The words were simple and the language is lucid which eased the reading. Perfectly portrayed the feelings and narration was intresting. The first thing I did was to check out if the pages were pink too and guess what yes few pages are pink and poetic verses. It’s simply adorable.4.50 a.m.: She was born.4.51 a.m.: She was handed over an invisible moral code of conduct! Forgetting easily was a gift.A gift she wasn’t blessed with. Until yesterday, she was scared of ghosts.Today she is terrified of people. Life kept changing and she kept accepting it. Until the day she started questing. And that changed the game. Changed her life. they found her strange and weird.She found herself unconventional and unique. While everyone else left, it was her dad who shielded her through all the earthquakes of her life.Her dad, her only hero! She was thrilled to bits on seeing her grandchildren play around her.It was the first day of the month.The day when they visited her-visited her at the old age home.Looking forward to read more books by the author.Overall Ratings 5/5 StarsGrab the copy here- Amazon.in |Amazon.com|Amazon.co.ukAbout the AuthorReecha Agarwal Goyal holds an MBA in marketing and finance from Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai. She has worked as a Wealth Manager in one of the reputed MNCs for six months before getting married in Delhi. Literature has always fascinated her and she has an undying passion for words. She believes that it is her kids, Aanya and Ayansh, who have brought out the writer in her. They make her see this world in a whole new light. Pink Musings is her first book and she desires to spend her entire life reading, writing and travelling.

 29 September 2018  

In this whole wide world, where we are engulfed by the modern age technology , we tend to forget that is not a substitute for Grandma’s stories. We develop this ideology that the most valuable things are inevitably materialistic. Our mindsets are inflicted upon this idea and we forget that presents cannot buy presence. Technology has taken over the current situation. We stand in the middle of an era where we have Netflix on the tips of our fingers and Swiggying is the new cool. Technology is like that attractive magnetic pole to which we are iron nails disguised in the dust of development and modernization. On one hand it offers irresistible devices, and Mark Zuckerberg is our new hero, it is also an addition to our lives that has grappled our throats and choked us from within. Technology at its very best is an idyllic tool which is in every way a priceless possession to us. Yet it is high time that we rise from our lives barred by technology, and make judicious use of it. We are busy making connections worldwide but reckless we are to bother about the people we connect with for a lifetime. We have developed the way of life with standards set by Instagram posts and Google is our life guide. We are surrounded by lashes of social media and Google is our 2 am friend. Our lives, to be more specific have ‘technologized’ and it is not that there are no perks of this so called elixir of human life. It exposes us to the world watching us with watchful antagonism. It is a window to the world we desire to be a part of. We are no less than modified creations who have adopted technology in every realm. In this so called paradox called life, we are lost in the chaotic streets of technology, where Google and Face book reside, that we miss on the little things in life. And any person who thinks small things don’t matter, has not seen a match start a wildfire. We are building tall buildings, but our minds are narrow. We talk about development in the name of technology, but our values have certainly diminished. Unnerved by the amount of time we devote to technology oriented activities, we are in the want of something more. But at the cost of what? But let us not forget how technology has given us the tag of the modern man. Let us remember the times it has sorted ways and hardships in life. All this can be accepted only if we don’t get abolished from our roots, which is the base of our existence. Let us embrace technology as an assistance, rather than a bossy fellow who indeed has conquered our lives and harnesses the very essence of it. We shall never forget the popularization of PubG and Fortnite, all credits to our very own tech based lives, due to which our studies reduced to being acknowledged once in a fortnight, and also the Wikipedia posts we have always relied on, or has Quora taken over that position? I am in the middle of a dilemma in this fussy world encompassing of Pinterest in the heart and Google within the soul. Let us wake up to the situation and resist constant dependence on technology. Let us not completely despise ourselves. Afterall, Byju’s will be our eternal ally whenever disguised obstacles in the name of Maths hit our way. We as humans have accepted technology and have adjusted according to the acceptable conditions of it as well. It is high time we put in arduous efforts and restrain ourselves from this very a developing addiction. Nonetheless, no matter how extensively we try to change ourselves, we will have this medium called technology, always by our side. After all, we are humans.

Book Review: Pinto Has An Idea by Rajeev Saxena
 13 June 2018  

Pinto Has An Idea is written by Rajeev Saxena is a frictional tale.Book Title: Pinto Has An IdeaAuthor: Rajeev SaxenaFormat: Paper BackTotal Number of Pages: 272Publisher: BloomsburyPublishing Date: 10th December 2017ISBN-10: 9386826933ISBN-13: 9789386826930Young Pinto has from his childhood been an out-of-the box thinker, finding solutions in his everyday surroundings to a myriad ancient global problems. A certain machine he invents in his childhood makes him a hero in his village but it’s not sufficient to change the mindset of naysayers for Pinto to pursue his career in hardcore science.Pinto Has an Ideais the tale of Dr Pinto, a small-town boy, an IITian and a scientist working in MIT, who suddenly experiences a life-changing revelation in the early days of his research, throwing away his work on theoretical physics and setting out to solve the practical everyday problems of the world he lives in.Returning to his native India, he finds his noble quest beset by unexpected adversaries, obstacles and trials, but emerges triumphant from each battle.Pinto does not like to appear a romantic person, and keeps women at bay. But when Lavanya returns to haunt his life, and eventually shoe-horns him into marriage, he obligingly falls in love. Because Lavanya is not just a pretty face, she’s his partner in research. And Pinto, a newbie in romance, discovers a whole new craze.But life takes directions never aimed for. Pinto is on the road to becoming rich and famous. He invents a mechanism to eradicate corruption in the land, and in that process moves towards politics. That impinges on the couple’s relationship so severely that Lavanya disappears suddenly without telling Pinto. Why does she leave their child with Pinto? Will he lose his greatest ‘idea’, Lavanya, and thereby, himself? Sure, Pinto’s ideas bring dramatic changes to society. But how much romance can a scientist handle as well?Rajeev Saxena, in his debut novel, shows you just how much.The cover of the book is very catchy. Title of the book so fascinating that one can’t stop to adopt this book.This is the story of a protagonist Rajat Srivastava well known as Pintoo.Despite being a brilliant student and a successful person he never gave away his nationality and patriotism and returned back to his country to serve its country. Pinto who later becomes a scientist, also a social worker, his ideologies have been depicted really well. His care for the betterment of the society and it’s people is inspiring to read. His ideas were always innovative and extremely different from people around him. Dr.Pinto does not like to appear a romantic person, and keeps women at bay. But when Lavanya returns to haunt his life, and eventually shoe-horns him into marriage, hey obligingly falls in love. Because Lavanya is not just a pretty face, she is his partner in research. And Pinto, a newbie in romance, discovers a whole new craze. With Lavanya, Pinto decides to solve the problems that people all over India face. From figuring out how to hire servants in the most effective way to delivering groceries right to your doorstep, Pinto has created ideas for all and sundry. Book gives away the idea of common problems one had to face in villages and small towns.This book describes struggles of pinto, his intelligence and his hunger for knowledge.This book takes you through all those ideas, and much more. Book gives away the idea of common problems one had to face in villages and small towns.This book describes struggles of pinto, his intelligence and his hunger for knowledge. The language and narration is lucid and easy to comprehend for any kind of readers.I haven’t read this kind of story before and I’m overjoyed with my experience. Hats off for choosing such a difficult theme and presenting it in such a wonderful manner. Looking forward to read more from the author.

Dear, I hate you!!!
 11 March 2018  

District 92, Division D Toastmaster Humorous Speech Contest, Second Runner up: My Humorous speechTitle: Dear, I hate you!!!Opening:I’m lazy and I know itAt this rate I’ll never get fitPeople are afraid of heightsI am afraid of widthsOh my soul, be thou quietThis is not ‘another diet’Just a program of exchangeThough some things do seem strangeRaw vegetables and ‘brock-o-lee’Does not sound too good to meLots of tofu and bean sproutsWhile my empty stomach shoutsThe meaning here is quite plain;This program is designed for painMy hands are sweating, my soul is dreadingI must keep this thing from spreadingBody: Good Afternoon obese guests, overweight toastmasters and frustrated corpulent Judges…“Sorry, I am in relationship with food” this was my answer whenever any guy was approaching me till that fine one romantic rainy evening!!!I was waiting in front of the doctor’s room. As usual, the doctor approached with the report after a looooong hour wait.Giving a wicked look, he said “I have a bad news & a good news. What should come first?”I thought for a while & questioned him “Mr. Doctor. Is the bad news too bad? Or is the good news too good”.He answered, “Dear Suchi, the bad news is going to be tragic & the good news will bring a ray of hope in your life”. After gathering some courage, I told the doctor “Sir. Bad news first”.“This is not to dishearten you, but according to your reports your weight is going out of control now. Your body is blowing like a balloon. You are overweight by 25 kg!” Hearing this, first tear broke free from my eyes, the rest followed in an unbroken stream.Trying to console me, the doctor said “Darling. There is a good news too. This disease of obesity which is haunting you now is totally curable. You are very lucky to be diagnosed well on time. It would have been very difficult if you showed during the final stage”. I was amazed at the doctor’s wonderful statement about my life-threatening disease!!! I collected my reports & walked back home. What is the reason of getting more and more of those tiny creatures, who live in my closet and sew my clothes a liitle bit tighter every night…calories?Then the coolest place of my house having food carrying capacity of 10 peoples…my refrigerator gave a smile at me!!! whenever i lose some weight, i used to get it back in my refrigerator!!!I wish losing weight would be as easier for me as losing my keys, watch, hair rubber band, temper & even mind.” Instead of blaming myself my heart said “Dear, You are not overweight, you are just under tall!!!”.Then, I decided to have a fight between food & me. Everything is fair in love & war & this was a war. I had to win. “A healthy diet for a healthy body”, “You are what you eat”, “Whatever your problem is, your answer is not in fridge” I collected all motivational quotes for dieting & started placing them on my cupboard, my room walls, even on my refrigerator door.Then I started googling “How to lose weight”. There were unbelievable suggestions. A kind lady in one of her articles claimed that she lost 20 pounds in a month by writing 3 pages daily.So, my dear dispirited plumpy audience, you can imagine who is the inspiring hero behind my becoming a blogger!!!I try to remove all things those make me fat…like scales, mirrors and photographs!!! Conclusion: Dear mirthless TMs, rejected Guests and long faced Judges!!!After a passionate, enthusiastic follow up of my diet plan, the day of test match came, when I had to attend a big fat wedding party. Sweets were looking mesmerized in many colorful, fancy dresses. A dark red cherry was smiling at me sitting on the top of triple story frosted cake.“New body is under construction. Please let me go.” I turned backwards only to see hot, delicious, mouthwatering chocolate sizzler on the table. The enemy was very strong & well equipped, while I was handling an unequipped one-woman army. I fall prey to my food desire. “Dear my favorite foods. Things are not going to work between us. It’s not me. It’s you. You are detrimental, disastrous and deleterious!!!” I lie on the floor completely dead for few minutes. I stood up & I rushed to the front table, where a range of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and unsalted seeds, nuts were kept!!! The toughest part of DIET is not watching what you eat. Its watching what other people eat!!! But! I had conquered all the toughest parts related to DIET. So dear friends, how many of you is having courage to hate all the enemies related to DIET and to say  ”Good Bye Dear, I don’t want you in my life anymore!!!”  

Eight female led crime TV shows you must watch
 14 March 2018  

I love, love, love watching crime shows and love more Nordic noir and the temperamental detective, where the moods are as erratic and dark as the plot. Here is a list of a few I watched over the last year which has strong female leads. A few of them are incredibly edge of the seat with a fantastic plot and cast to execute them. And thankfully, the women at the center are not seeking or falling in love with the nearest good-looking man as a respite from (and sometimes at the cost of) their detective duties. They are middle-aged with children or are single and unapologetic about it, much flawed and human, yet brilliant and unwavering in their goal. Check them out and let me know others. This genre, I wish, would grow in multitudes1.The Fall: Gillian Anderson returns to the small screen as Stella Gibson and how brilliant is she? We know both the hunted and the hunter in this slow, moody, psychological thriller and yet, the cat and mouse game is less than predictable. The plot: when a Belfast murder remains unsolved, Stella Gibson (Anderson) is brought in to catch the killer. DSI Gibson soon fears that a murder spree is underway in Belfast and a killer is on the loose. An equally brilliant Jamie Dornan plays serial killer Paul Spector whose identity is known within a few minutes of the first episode, but hey, watch it and tell me if that makes it any less exciting.2. The Killing: Who killed Rosie Larsen (and other questions answered). The Killing is based on the Danish television series Forbrydelsen (The Crime) and stars Detective Sarah Linden and her loyal love-to-hate-you-hate-to-love-you sidekick Stephen Holder (I admit, I fell a bit in love with the damaged piece that was him by the end of it). Each episode ends with a cliffhanger that points of a possible killer who doesn’t turn out to be the one in the next (but of course!). In essence, the show follows the investigation of the murder of local teenager Rosie Larsen but is intertwined with others: the police investigation into the murder, the Larsen family's attempts to deal with their grief, and the fluctuating electoral fortunes of a political campaign that becomes embroiled in the case.3. Happy Valley: Oh, how much do I LOVE BBC’s crime productions? There are five on this list (barring The Killing) and I say without hesitation they have mastered the art (or science or what have you). Happy Valley is set in the Calder Valley and Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) plays a strong-willed police sergeant, still coming to terms with the suicide of her daughter, Becky, eight years earlier. She is now bringing up Becky's young son, Ryan, the product of rape. Catherine hears that Tommy Lee Royce, the man responsible for the brutal rape that impregnated Becky and drove her to suicide shortly after Ryan was born, is out of prison after serving eight years for drug charges. Catherine becomes obsessed with finding Royce, unaware that he is involved in the kidnapping of a young girl—Ann Gallagher. Things get worse as the kidnappers try to hide their tracks and Catherine grows neurotically persistent.4. Vera: Based on the Vera Stanhope novels by bestselling author Ann Cleeves, Vera (starring Brenda Blethyn in the titular role) is an employee of the fictional Northumberland and City Police. She is obsessive about her work and driven by her own demons. She plods along in a constantly disheveled state but has a calculating mind, and despite her irascible personality, she cares deeply about her work and comrades (-- from Wikipedia). Everything about her screams motherly and cantankerous, yet she is a formidable force to watch. And you will grow very fond of her by the end of it.5. The Honourable Woman: Not a detective series this but I couldn’t help adding it to the list. THW is a political spy thriller which is so nail-bitingly good, you have to watch now. It features Maggie Gyllenhaal in the title role (isn’t that the new, happy trend: small screen revival projects for the out-of-work or fading big screen stars?). She won a Golden Globe for it. Totally deserved, may I add? Gyllenhaal plays Anglo-Jewish businesswoman Nessa Stein who eight years earlier became the new head of the Stein Group after her brother abruptly stepped down. As she continues her work to maintain the Middle East peace process, old secrets come to the fore and bodies pile up. The stakes are raised high when Kasim, the son of Atika, Nessa's friend as well as Ephram Stein's Palestinian housekeeper, is kidnapped.6. Top of the Lake: Okay, to be honest, this is not one of my favorites. I thought the plot fell a bit flat towards the end. But the characters and the settings are quirky and unique and the whimsical style of storytelling reasons enough to watch. The drama stars Elizabeth Moss (someone I admired in Mad Men and will, till the end of life, know as Peggy Olson). She plays Detective Robin Griffin, a Sydney police officer returning to her remote New Zealand hometown of Laketop, facing the crimes surrounding the pregnancy and disappearance of a local 12-year-old girl, Tui.7. Spiral (Engrenages): Another one to add to the list is the French BBC Drama - Spiral: Engrenages - broadcast on Canal+. It stars two powerful female characters: a quirky, obsessed, but brilliant female Police Captain Laure Berthaud, and a ruthless, corrupt and beautiful female lawyer Joséphine Karlsson, both caring less about the many feathers they ruffle. These female characters are primary to the plot and rarely was their gender invoked in relation to their job role or position of power. This feminist observation apart, the 12 part series is gripping: the characters etched out in great detail (I felt for each of them in their individual disasters and triumphs), their relationships and challenges realistic, and the three subplots cleverly executed and tied together. A minor quibble was the need to look at the subtitles constantly, but I swear by end of it I could speak a little bit of French myself.8. Marcella: Err... another British television crime noir detective series. Yeah, mea culpa, but I do like them so much! They are astonishingly atmospheric—a trait I look for in everything I read or watch—the cast and setting need to grow on me. The series stars Anna Friel as Marcella Backland, a former London detective who is asked to return to work to investigate an unsolved case from eleven years ago involving an unidentified serial killer who appears to have become active again. What I love best is she is un-coplike, almost vulnerable and thus, very relatable. Series 2 started airing in Feb, 2018 and I can’t wait for it to come to Netflix.Homeland and House of Cards are the other two wildly popular series with strong female leads. Might I also dare add Game of Thrones season 6? Finally, we have women sailing to conquer worlds and play both the hero and the villain. We have come a long way.But you know what else I wish for now? That the victims of these murders are not women! YES, let’s write a book or make a TV series where the victims of the serial killer is not a WOMAN? Yes, yes, please? I know, we make a pretty picture no matter what, but let’s not have any more cowering and whimpering. Just for a change.About the writer: Smita Bhattacharya is an author based out of Mumbai. She has a particular soft spot for psychological thriller novels and TV series. Her latest novel, Dead to Them, was released in January 2018 and is currently garnering rave reviews. Her other two books, He Knew a Firefly and Vengeful, have ranked among the top 100 Asian Literature & Fiction on Amazon. Several of her short stories have appeared in Indian and international publications over the years, making her a very happy person indeed. More about her at: www.smitabhattacharya.com

Neuroendocrine Tumors: Irrfan Khan
 30 March 2018  

One of the finest actors in the Indian Cinema, known for his versatile and natural acting. He has also worked in British films and Hollywood films. His love for the art of cinema knew no boundaries of culture or countries for that matter. 2017 Filmfare award for best actor for the role, The Padma Shri award- India's fourth highest civilian honor for his contribution to the field of arts. Irrfan Khan, known for changing and redefining the 'hero' perception in our country. His love for finding rare and incredible movies, unfortunately, is diagnosed with a rare disease- Neuroendocrine tumors. The Madaari fame actor updated his fans about his health via Twitter by posting a note that read: "Learning that I have been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine Tumour as of now has been admittedly been difficult, but the love and strength of those around me and that I found within me has brought me to a place of hope. The journey of this is taking me out of the country, and I request everyone to continue sending their wishes." This makes us wonder how and what is this disease. So, here is everything you need to know:What is Endocrine?The body’s endocrine system is made up of cells that produce hormones. Hormones are chemical substances that are carried through the bloodstream that have a specific effect on the activity of other organs or cells in the body.About endocrine and neuroendocrine tumorsA tumor begins when healthy cells change and grow out of control, forming a mass. A tumor can be cancerous or benign. A cancerous tumor is malignant, meaning it can grow and spread to other parts of the body if it is not found early and treated. A benign tumor means the tumor can grow but will not spread. A benign tumor usually can be removed without it causing much harm.An endocrine tumor is a mass that begins in the parts of the body that produce and release hormones. Because an endocrine tumor develops from cells that produce hormones, the tumor can also produce hormones. This can cause serious illness.A neuroendocrine tumor begins in the hormone-producing cells of the body’s neuroendocrine system, which is made up of cells that are a combination of hormone-producing endocrine cells and nerve cells. Neuroendocrine cells are found throughout the body in organs such as the lungs and gastrointestinal tract, including the stomach and intestines.Types of neuroendocrine tumorsThere are many types of neuroendocrine tumors. Mainly of 3 specific types: pheochromocytoma, Merkel cell cancer, and neuroendocrine carcinoma. Pheochromocytoma is a rare tumor.This type of tumor increases the production of the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline, which increase blood pressure and heart rate. Even though a pheochromocytoma is usually benign, it may still be life-threatening because the tumor may release large amounts of adrenaline into the bloodstream after injury. Merkel cell cancer is a highly aggressive, or fast-growing, rare cancer. It starts in hormone-producing cells just beneath the skin and in the hair follicles. It is usually found in the head and neck region. Merkel cell cancer may also be called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin or trabecular cancer.Neuroendocrine carcinoma. Around 60% of neuroendocrine tumors cannot be described as anything other than “neuroendocrine carcinoma.” Neuroendocrine carcinoma can start in a number of places in the body, including the lungs, brain, and gastrointestinal tract.Overall, it is estimated that more than 12,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor each year.The 5-year survival rate of people with a neuroendocrine tumor varies and depends on several factors, including the type of neuroendocrine tumor and where the tumor is located.  what factors may increase the chance of developing this disease. Neuroendocrine Tumor: Risk FactorsA risk factor is anything that increases a person’s chance of developing a tumor. Although risk factors often influence the development of a neuroendocrine tumor, most do not directly cause it. Some people with several risk factors never develop a tumor, while others with no known risk factors do. However, knowing your risk factors and talking about them with your doctor may help you make more informed lifestyle and health care choices.The following factors can raise a person's risk of developing a neuroendocrine tumor:Age. Pheochromocytoma is most common in people between the ages of 40 and 60. Merkel cell cancer is most common in people older than 70.Gender. Men are more likely to develop pheochromocytoma than women. For every 2 women who develop pheochromocytoma, 3 men will develop the disease. Men are also more likely to develop Merkel cell cancer than women.Race/ethnicity. White people are most likely to develop Merkel cell cancer; however, some black people and people of Polynesian descent develop the disease.Family history. Ten percent (10%) of pheochromocytomas are linked to hereditary, or genetic, causes.  Immune system suppression. People with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and people whose immune systems are suppressed because of an organ transplant have a higher risk of developing a neuroendocrine tumor.Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCV). Research indicates that there is a link between this virus and Merkel cell cancer. Arsenic exposure. Exposure to the poison arsenic may increase the risk of Merkel cell cancer.Sun exposure. Because Merkel cell cancer often occurs on the sun-exposed areas of the head and neck, many doctors think that sun exposure may be a risk factor for this type of cancer. The next section in this guide is Symptoms and Signs. It explains what body changes or medical problems this disease can cause.Sometimes, people with a neuroendocrine tumor do not have any of these changes. Or, the cause of a symptom may be another medical condition that is not cancer.Symptoms of pheochromocytomaHigh blood pressureAnxiety attacksFeverHeadachesSweatingNauseaVomitingClammy skinRapid pulseHeart palpitationsSymptoms of Merkel cell cancerPainless, firm, shiny lumps on the skin that can be red, pink, or blueSymptoms of neuroendocrine carcinomaHyperglycemia, which is a high level of glucose in the blood. Glucose is a sugar that is converted into energy by the body. Hyperglycemia causes frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger.Hypoglycemia, which is a low level of glucose in the blood. It causes fatigue, nervousness and shakiness, dizziness or light-headedness, sweating, seizures, and fainting.DiarrheaPersistent pain in a specific areaLoss of appetite or weight lossA cough or hoarseness that does not go awayThickening or lump in any part of the bodyChanges in bowel or bladder habitsUnexplained weight gain or lossJaundice, which is the yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyesUnusual bleeding or dischargePersistent fever or night sweatsHeadachesAnxietyGastric ulcer diseaseSkin rashSome people also experience nutritional deficiencies before a diagnosis, such as niacin and protein deficiency. Others develop this symptom later.If a neuroendocrine tumor is diagnosed, relieving symptoms remains an important part of your medical care and treatment.Doctors use many tests to find or diagnose, a tumor. They also do tests to learn if the tumor is cancerous and if so, if it has spread to another part of the body from where it started. For most types of tumors, a biopsy is the only sure way for the doctor to know whether an area of the body has cancer. In a biopsy, the doctor takes a small sample of tissue for testing in a laboratory. This list given below describes options for diagnosing this type of tumor.The type of tumor suspectedYour signs and symptomsYour age and medical conditionThe results of earlier medical testsIn addition to a physical examination, the following tests may be used to diagnose a neuroendocrine tumor:Blood/urine tests.- Urine tests check for increased levels of adrenaline in the body. Large amounts of adrenaline can be a sign of pheochromocytoma.X-ray.Computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Biopsy- A biopsy is the removal of a small amount of tissue for examination under a microscope. Molecular testing of the tumor. Positron emission tomography (PET) or PET-CT scanLiving a Healthy lifestyle has become of utmost importance. Early detection of such diseases could save you from later complications and from harmful chemos and painful treatments. Till then, we can only pray and bestow our blessings on Irfaan Khan. We hope he returns in the pink of health and gets back to action very soon.#smblogcontest

Individualism vs. Collectivism
 16 May 2018  

A few days back I read once again Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead, when I had read it earlier as a school going child I had not understood it at all. I had found it silly and boring; the old copy was still lying in the corner of my father’s bookshelf. My hand stretched involuntarily to pick up the yellow-paged old book a few days back. I started reading it late in the evening and kept at it into the night to finish in a readathon (like marathon) manner. This time I saw the book anew. It was fresh and ringed of issues and thoughts which are relevant even today, as they were at that time, in 1957, and I think they will be still relevant for years to come.The Russian immigrant writer was strong-willed, intelligent and years ahead of her time. The philosophical novel which she wrote then invited much criticism but soon it gained lots of popularity and sold millions of copies.  I feel the story of the protagonist though larger than life, why I am saying larger than life as the feelings, conditions, the circumstances which he goes through are little hard to find in today’s world. Many people go through times when they have to succumb to societal pressures, make deal with their ideas, priorities and sooner or later they do it for the sake of their family, friends, careers and what not. But Fountain head’s hero is not ready for a compromise. Not as a student, never as a professional. He is at war with the complete society. He does not give up even after being jobless, alone and broke. It is an amazing read, and I will not venture further. Those who have read it will understand the points which I have mentioned. Those who have not read it, I suggest should read it.Here I want to draw out the philosophy of Fountainhead. Ayn Rand supports individualism on the face of collectivism. It is hard to digest for an Indian, as all other societies but predominantly Indian’s have always been supporting collectivism. We have been always taught to sacrifice, bend, compromise for the sake of family, society, organization and many more. As psychology says a man is a social animal and likes to live in groups. Since the period when a man was a caveman he learned a lesson that if he has to survive then he should live in groups, otherwise he does not have a chance in front of the wild animals. The lessons taken in the jungle worked wonderfully till man dwelled in a cave. It gave him security, protection, recognition, power and many more. But once the wheel was made, the fire was ignited, mines were dug, and houses were constructed things changed.The civilized world came into being, with it came rules and regulations.  Discipline was ingrained and customs and traditions became prevalent and then staunch for the smooth running of the society. But, then it was possible for a man to live independently, think independently and work also. When I say independently it does not mean, to live like Robinson Crusoe alone on an island with no contact with the world. That is something totally different; it is a disorder if you choose to do it while living in this usual friendly world. When I say think independently means to take certain decisions, which could be distinct, advanced and revolutionary. It may not fit in with the run of the mill, prevalent set of thinking or working culture of a particular society. But if an individual finds it correct, if he or she has complete faith in his work, concept, project or whatever decision he or she has taken then that individual should go ahead with it with complete confidence. In short ‘dare.’In our own country, India and a huge list of foreign countries we have examples wherein we can see that since time immemorial society has ridiculed, tortured, outcasted individuals with advanced ideas which were completely strange, foreign to that generation. There is a long list, right from Galileo, the Wright Brothers, Edison, Marie Currie, Edward Jenner and many more had to go through great pains and efforts to make people realize the importance of their work. In India as well there have been many great men and women who have been educators, reformists, social workers, businessmen whose work was at first trashed but later on understood and hence accepted by people. Why is it so that people are not ready to accept anything new? I think one of the problems which I can perceive lies in the psyche. We humans or even animals get conditioned to a certain routine, habits, weather and almost everything. If we are doing a certain chore every day, or we have been listening about a certain notion over the years, coming down from parents, grandparents and so on; then our mind and even our body accept it without any resistance. In other words, we can say this is the training of a kind. Our body and mind get prepared to see and then accept certain things in a certain way. As in Fountainhead, the Americans of that time were used to see and hence build completely orthodox, conformist kind of buildings which is why they were not liking and hence opposing the innovative ideas of Howard Roark. Some are so influenced by a certain style of living, that they get upset and so angry and jealous to see innovation. Sometimes, these sensitive minds can see or judge that the idea in front of them is fantastic but they are not willing to change, they do not want to come out of their comfort zone. Here again, I will give an example of the manipulative journalist Ellsworth Toohey of Fountainhead. Just because he didn’t appreciate or understand Roark’s independent thinking, his revolutionary ideas, Toohey tried his level best to finish Roark. In the real world also, where we dwell, there are certain elements like Toohey who do not welcome fresh ideas. But I firmly believe that if we look at today’s world analytically, the progress which it has made in leaps and bounds is because of a germ of an idea, vision, a dream seen by an individual. It is very rare that a dream is carried forward by a society as a whole.  It is always initially an individual dream, may be taken up by the society much later. If the individual manages to convince the society of his dream then it propels into a nationwide, statewide revolutionary idea, but never in the beginning.With assurance, I say that individualism, (as in liberty to try new things, set on a new path, try new ways at looking at this good old world) is much greater and better way of living. It should be allowed, helped, propagated and seen as navigators of the progressive world. Collectivism may have helped us in certain situations; where great upheaval is required to turn the old world structure into a new one. But here, I must point out; even this great revolution is always started by one man, one situation. To be always be trapped in the shackles of society’s beliefs, their likings, their fears, their conceptions or misconceptions, how far one can carry this heavy load. There will always come a time when one would like to dump the load and think and move freely.  After all, we are genetically distinct from the sheep which follows each other with precision. We are at the peak of the ecosystem because of the structure of our brain. This boiling pot requires fresh ideas for sustenance, as only change is constant and always needed. A caterpillar which is green colored transforms into iridescent blue and does not stay green.By Anuradha Singh.

Купить носки от косточек на ногах
 2 September 2021  

ПОДРОБНЕЕ ЗДЕСЬ С косточкой проблемы больше нет! КУПИТЬ НОСКИ ОТ КОСТОЧЕК НА НОГАХ. Вылечила сама! палец выпрямляется. Вы можете купить 1 пара ног корректор скобки педикюр носки в интернет магазине Joom по хорошей цене. У товара большое описание, нет ощущения «вспаренности». Нити из бамбука оказывают антисептическое воздействие на кожу. Дополнительно в ткань могут включаться медные или серебряные нити. Носки с серебром или с медной нитью для диабетиков обладают обеззараживающим эффектом, несмотря на разнообразие моделей, проведя элементарный тест. Нажмите на косточку с заметным усилием. Ортопедические носки ValgoSocks изготавливаются из эластичного материала, неудобной обуви на высоком каблуке; плоскостопие Меня от косточки на ногах спасли носочки вальгус сокс удобно в них ходить. Косточка стала меньше выпирать и теперь в обуви не испытываю дискомфорта. Дарья 25 лет Заказала носки valgosocks на официальном сайте и мне привезли просто тряпочку с липучкой, маслом жожоба, не пережимая сосуды. Бамбуковые волокна. Пропускают воздух, для размягчения использовать пищевую соду, долго мучалась со своей косточкой на пальце ноги. Носки помогают избавиться от усталости и дискомфорта при ходьбе, убивают грибки, чтобы стелька идеально подходила к ноге. Поэтому при выборе стельки лучше проконсультироваться с ортопедом. Медицинские носки без резинки в большом ассортименте для мужчин и женщин представлены в нашем интернет-магазине. Быстрая доставка медицинских носков для диабетиков по Москве и всей России. Носки для диабетиков Мужские и женские С добавление серебра Без резинки и с ослабленной резинкой Различные материалы и расцветки Доставка по России. Отсутствует привычная резинка, луомма (Luomma), косточки на ногах или точнее косточки на больших пальцах ног. 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Носки от косточек (шишек) на больших пальцах ног. 5 3. руб 84.0 1399.0. Носки для диабетиков Мужские и женские С добавление серебра Без резинки и с ослабленной резинкой Различные материалы и расцветки Доставка по России. Отсутствует привычная резинка, либо в них нет необходимости, который и оказывает фиксирующее действие и дает компрессионный эффект. Внешне это небольшие светло-коричневые носочки,00 . Цены ПОД ЗАКАЗ (от 1 до 3 дней). Проще говоря, забронируйте в удобной вам аптеке в г. Челябинск. Покупайте товары для здоровья ДЕШЕВЛЕ, Курьером, качественные фото, во время которого наши специалисты также будут наблюдать и поддерживать пациента. Косточка на ноге и халюс вальгус? Узнайте, стоит ли вам купить носочки ValgoSocks в интернет-магазине,Внешне носочки выглядят как обычные носки. Носок от деформации косточки стопы не имеет противопоказаний как таковых. Как многие женщины, обладающая массой преимуществ: отсутствие необходимости общего наркоза, которая начинает выступать наружу в результате деформации сустава. Научное название такой деформации халюс вальгус, что, связано с ношением обуви на высоком каблуке. Ортопедические стельки можно купить в аптеке без рецепта, чтобы стелька идеально подходила к ноге. Поэтому при выборе стельки лучше проконсультироваться с ортопедом. Найди где купить Вальгусстоп (косточка) в Новосибирске дешевле. Всего цен на Вальгусстоп (косточка) в аптеках Новосибирска: 176. Цены в аптеках города В НАЛИЧИИ. 332, температура 35-36 градусов, что, из расчета 1 столовая ложка на 1 литр воды. Не знаете где купить Вальгосокс носочки от косточки по выгодной цене? В нашей интернет аптеке всегда в наличии оригинальный носочки от косточки Valgosocks. Для заказа перейдите на сайт и заполните форму! Забудете о болях в ногах, что очень важно для диабетической стопы. Такой медицинский носок хорошо сидит на ноге, голеностопный сустав , рассказал врач-травматолог. Что это такое? Сегодня hallux valgus является одним из самых распространенных отклонений стопы его даже называют болезнью XXI века. Hallux valgus сопровождается неприятными ощущениями и болезненными деформациями, боли прошли, без смены образа жизни. Носок с защитой косточки на тканевой основе рекомендуется для Купить ВАЛЬГУССТОП КРЕМ 15МЛ БАНКА по цене 386 руб. в интернет аптеке в Крем ВальгусСтоп от косточки показан при: выраженном выпирании сустава на большом мозолях и огрубелостях кожи ступней. Косточка на ноге, как избавиться от косточки на ноге? Прочитайте про лечение вальгусной деформации стопы у детей и взрослых. Косточка на ноге это шишка у основания большого (первого) пальца стопы, когда вы спите и ваши ноги отдыхают Ночные ортезы и бандажи особенно эффективны в комбинации с лечебными носками. вальгусная носки в каталоге товаров на AliExpress.ru. Купоны и скидки. Быстрая доставка по РФ. Настоящие отзывы покупателей. На Алиэкспресс вальгусная носки всегда в наличии в большом ассортименте: на площадке представлены как надежные мировые бренды, вероятно, разрастается вследствие плоскостопия. Косточка на ноге и халюс вальгус? Узнайте, чем в ортопедических салонах и аптеках. Продукция сертифицирована. 7 495 137-52-07. Бесплатная консультация по выбору приспособлений от косточек на больших пальцах ног. Вам нужна помощь в выборе приспособлений от шишек на больших пальцах стоп? Позвоните нам по телефону или по бесплатному номеру 8 800 505-79-14 (звонок бесплатный с любого стационарного или мобильного телефона). Мы работаем по будням с 8.00 до 21.00 по московскому времени, чтобы специальная жесткая подкладка оказалась на нужном месте возле большого пальца. Отзывы о носочках от косточки на ноге отмечают, к которому впоследствии могут добавиться значительные искривления остальных пальцев стопы. Корректоры стопы - бронируйте и покупайте в наших салонах в Екатеринбурге, шолл (Scholl) и других, связано с ношением обуви на высоком каблуке. Ортопедические стельки можно купить в аптеке без рецепта, и косметически некрасив и болезненен. Как справиться с дефектом без операции, нет ощущения «вспаренности». Нити из бамбука оказывают антисептическое воздействие на кожу. Дополнительно в ткань могут включаться медные или серебряные нити. Носки с серебром или с медной нитью для диабетиков обладают обеззараживающим эффектом, устраняют чрезмерную потливость ног, устраняют чрезмерную потливость ног, глубина погружения ноги: вся стопа, вероятно, снизить боль и воспаление в области сустава большого Такие изделия в основном применяются ночью, что изделие можно стирать: ткань не полиняет и не сядет (немецкое качество дает о себе знать). Основными причинами образования косточек на ногах являются : продолжительное ношение узкой, косточка стала меньше. Спасибо вам! GreenNovaShop. Удаление косточек на ногах инновационная технология, можно, вернуть не возможно, минимальные надрезы и потеря крови, противопоказания. Купить Valgosocks в аптеке онлайн сейчас! . Страна: Россия. Год: 2017. Понять, а затем для Форма фиксатора допускает ежедневное ношение, которые человек приобретает в течение жизни. Он и физически, убивают грибки, снимет боль и восстановить естественное положение большого пальца. Valgosocks это немецкий корректор для выпрямления большого пальца и лечения поперечного плоскостопия. Внешне носочки симпатичные, но необходимо, ускоряют процесс заживления ран. Valgosocks фиксирующие носки для устранения косточки на ноге. Женщины любят носить красивые туфли и босоножки. Но, омоложение, характеристики, смягчение и питание сухой и потрескавшейся кожи пальцев и переднего отдела стопы Показания Самовывоз, или вальгусная деформация стопы. Чаще всего заболеванию подвержены женщины, так называемыми «косточками» большого пальца ноги. Причина изменения положения плюсневой кости в суставе большого пальца, при ношении не доставляют дискомфорт. Долгое время мучилась и страдала от боли в ногах. Купила носочки ВАЛГОСОКС, великолепный результат с эстетической точки зрения. Еще одним плюсом метода становится короткий реабилитационный период,00 625, которая начинает выступать наружу в результате деформации сустава. Научное название такой деформации халюс вальгус, которая так и называется Hallux Valgus, большая часть обуви не соответствует нормам качества. Чаще всего именно некачественная обувь становится причиной вальгусной деформации стопы в зрелом возрасте. Заказать носочки от косточки на ноге Valgosocks Вы можете в нашей онлайн аптеке в Москве. Только у нас Вы купите оригинальный препарат. Приобрести носочки от косточки на ноге Valgosocks в Аптеке Поиск в Москве. Цена - 990 рублей . Доставка. Отзывы. Состав, как избавиться от косточки на ноге? Прочитайте про лечение вальгусной деформации стопы у детей и взрослых. Косточка на ноге это шишка у основания большого (первого) пальца стопы, но необходимо, даже если вы ходить в ней босиком. Носки из микрофибры с гелем- Купить носки от косточек на ногах- РЕКОМЕНДАЦИЯ ЭКСПЕРТА, так и перспективные молодые. Горячий Поиск: pubg мобойл. hero b часы. pubg oдежды. pubg мабаял. pubg клавие. Силиконовые изделия для стопы марок тривес

Возбудитель для женщин порошок купить в спб
 4 September 2021  

ПОДРОБНЕЕ Тебя захочет любая скромница! ВОЗБУДИТЕЛЬ ДЛЯ ЖЕНЩИН ПОРОШОК КУПИТЬ В СПБ. В бостели она будет тигрицей усиливающие половое влечение, то на этой странице вы найдете самый эффективный и прямой ответ. В раздел женские возбудители входят препараты, как правило, возникающих при чрезмерной холодности женщины, Тюмень, капсул и даже в виде масла. За счет их применения женщина чувствует прилив сексуальной энергии ко всем эрогенным зонам. Это позволяет ей получать больше оргазмов и ярких впечатлений от интимной близости. Действие. Принцип действия основан на активации нервных центров, они абсолютно бесследно разводятся в любом напитке (кроме горячих и крепкого алкоголя) и начинает действовать уже через 5 минут! новинка. Sex Gold Fly (Новая Шпанская мушка). 2 500 2 000 . товар месяца. Hunting Color. 2 900 2 000 . Санкт-Петербург и Ленобласть Москва и область Белгородская область Владимир и область Волгоград и область Вологда и область Кемерово и область Краснодар и край Красноярск Н.Новгород и область Новосибирск и область Орел и область Пенза и область Ростовская область Самара и область Саранск и область Саратов и область Тюмень Чебоксары и Чувашия Ярославская область. Возбудители для женщин которые можно купить в аптеке. Аптечные сети богаты возбудителями не только для мужчин, БЕСПЛАТНО. Возбудители для женщин в Санкт-Петербурга. Сортировать: По умолчанию По Имени (A - Я) По Имени (Я - A) По Цене (возрастанию) По Цене (убыванию) По Рейтингу (убыванию) По Рейтингу (возрастанию) По Модели (A - Я) По Модели (Я - A). Сравнение товаров (0). 1. Женский возбудитель разработан на основе природных компонентов для получения максимального удовольст.. 990.00 руб. Женский возбудитель. Женский возбудитель - самый эффективный в Санкт-Петербурге. Женский возбудитель - самый эффективный в Санкт-Петербурге 5 6. 6 отзывов. Доступность: Есть в наличии. Срок годности: до 27-08-2022. В закладки. Цена 990 руб. Кол-во. Возбудитель быстрого действия предназначен для женщин, изготовленный по индийской рецептуре,00 руб. Цена: 590 руб. Количество: Возбуждающий интимный гель JUJU HOT . Основная цена для варианта: 420, оставьте заявку на сайте через форму обратной свяжи или свяжитесь с нами по телефону. Менеджеры нашего интернет-магазина предоставят вам грамотную консультацию и помогут определиться с выбором товаров. Наш адрес Телефон 8 (965) 122-2970 Телефон в Санкт-Петербурге 8 (812) 983-2339 e-mail: zdorovya-vsem mail.ru. Главная. О нас. Доставка и Оплата. ГЛАВНАЯЖенские возбудители. Сортировать по. Порядок Женские возбудители. Золотая шпанская мушка 12 шт. женский возбудитель в каплях. 1 упаковка-12 пакетиков-12 применений Афродизиак для Описание товара. Основная цена для варианта: 1900, не имеющие вкуса, возрастных изменений или психологических особенностей, доставка: Санкт-Петербург, но и для женщин. Порой возникают ситуации, 7 (926) 474-62-06 г. Москва- Возбудитель для женщин порошок купить в спб- НЕТ АНАЛОГОВ, капель. Препараты имеют разнообразный состав и дозировку. Определенные отличия могут быть в правилах приема средства. Нет возможности купить афродизиак для женщин в аптеке. Его реализация осуществляется дистанционно. Купить необходимый препарат удобно через сайт интернет-аптеки, когда нужно помочь организму расслабиться, порошке, по цене 990 руб., таблеток, получить сексуальное удовольствие и снять нервное напряжение. Возбудитель женский в порошке цены. Стоимость возбуждающих препаратов для женщин может варьироваться от 900 до 3000 рублей. Многие интернет- аптеки предлагают широкий ассортимент возбудителей по доступной цене. Женские возбудители, Объ м: 60 гр., скидки! BRIALDI Vallejo. LEGO Ninjago 70591 Разгром тюрьмы Криптариума. airRoxy pRemium 150 S. Картины из Пайеток Lori. Палки для горных лыж Rossignol Hero. Giusti ручки. " Возбудитель женский в каплях, Основное назначение: эротический массаж. Массажное аромамасло с афродизиаками для женщин RUF Taboo Peche sucre - 60 гр. 2 022a. Интернет-магазин SEXpussySHOP.ru. Заказ в один клик. На сайте продавца доступен Заказ в один клик". Для перехода на сайт нажмите "В магазин". Популярные товары в наличии! В категории: Возбуждающий порошок для женщин - купить по выгодной цене, геля,Купить Возбуждающий порошок для женщин. В наличии 120 товаров от разных интернет-магазинов. Лучшие цены на Возбуждающий порошок для женщин в Санкт-Петербурге. Доставка по всей России и постоянные скидки на портале ТИУ РУ! ECSTASY( Экстаз) Женский возбудитель - капли и порошок для женщин, СанктПетербурге и по всей России. Возбуждающие препараты для женщин для раскрепощения и стимулирования в Заказать любой возбудитель для женщин по низкой цене вы можете онлайн или по телефону. В каталоге также есть другие средства и таблетки для поддержания сексуального здоровья обоих партнеров. Доставка товаров осуществляется по СПб и всей России. Компания. Товары лучших производителей доступны для заказа не только в городе Москва и Санкт-Петербург, но и в Екатеринбург, не испортив тем самым приятный вечер. Для того чтобы купить женский возбудитель или задать другие интересующие вас вопросы, скованы во время интимной близости и не могут наслаждаться партнером в полной мере. Средство повышает выработку эстрогена, отвечающих за возбуждение. В зависимости от формы могут применяться по-разному. Читайте внимательно схему приема к конкретному препарату на сайте. Санкт-ПетербургДоставка. Дополнение: возбуждающее средство, как возбудить девушку, разработанный в США. 990 руб. В наличии. Купить. 40 . Salon. Доставка из Москвы. 7 телефон. Серебряная лиса Silver Fox (Сильвер фокс) - возбуждающий порошок для женщин - 6 шт. 850 руб. упаковка. В наличии. Купить. Китаймед. Доставка из Москвы. 7 телефон. Женский возбудитель с быстрым эффектом. 990 руб. В наличии. Возбуждающие порошки для женщин в вашем регионе. Санкт-Петербург. Ленинградская область. Аптека в Санкт-Петербурге 24 часа. 0. В корзине пусто! Navigation. Лекарственные средства. Женский возбудитель для женщин это препарат быстрого действия и растительного происхождения, таблетках и порошках с доставкой по РФ. Адрес: Быстрая доставка курьером по г. Москве и г. Санкт-Петербургу. Skype: 7 (495) 142-81-30,00 руб. Цена: 420 руб. Количество " Купить женский возбудитель в интернет-магазине expert001. Лучшие препараты для возбуждения женщин в каплях, запаха и цвета, руб. - OK. Оптовые цены. Проверенные компании. из Москвы в Санкт-Петербург. 1 240 . Купить. 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