Three Female Characters Who Changed My Life

The vast entertainment industry has given a large number of exceptionally powerful female characters for constantly reminding us to work hard , not surrender to our foes, and face all sorts of challenges, even if  that means indulging in a physical showdown.

Well, I love watching movies and television series, so, let me tell you about three reel women, who have inspired me the most, until now of course.

1) Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter franchise is on top of this list for obvious reasons. Portrayed by the very talented, Emma Watson, she has successfully defied all stereotypical gender roles, specifically ones degrading women. An attractive nerd, she fights fiercely alongside boys, at times much better than them,  against the Dark Lord. What I personally like about Hermione is that she is not insecure about being a muggle. Rather it makes her even more determined to become a successful witch of Hogwarts.

2)  Princess Sarah

Princess Sarah is an animated television series, which I watched in the year 2003. It provided me immense strength to cope up with demise of my Dad. Rather than being upset or angry on fate for turning her life upside down, she accepts it gracefully. After Sarah's father died and she is left all destitute, Miss Minchin, her school's principal, forces her to work in seminary as servant. Even when struggling and being constantly mistreated, Sarah never lost hope, and always remained compassionate as well as thoughtful. How many of us are actually able to do so? Its certainly a lesson worth learning.

3) Blair Waldorf

I simply adore Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, who is a complete badass, and many times believed to be an anti-hero. Performed by Leighton Meester, she does some terrible things throughout the series, but somehow you just end up falling in love with her "head over heels". While there are plenty qualities, which are worth exploring, I am going to talk about the one that appeals to nearly everybody. Blair Waldorf never pretends to be nice, she would tell you straight on your face how exactly she feels about you. In this world, where we try being diplomatic so that our ends meet, we can really use this trait of Queen B, if not always.

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