The Lich King was an entity that existed before Arthas Menethil. The Lich King was created by the Burning Legion as a representative power of Kil'jaeden on Azeroth. The first Lich King was the former orcish shaman Ner'zhul. His body was torn and locked in the Frost Throne to power his power over the undead hordes. My personal experience with WoW begins from my youth when I was a regular WoW player and WoW Gold seller. I also read many books, so I have many experiences about World of Warcraft.

Although Ner'zhul was under the control of the Burning Legion, he was always looking for a way to take revenge. The demons have finally torn his body. He found his opportunity to control young Prince Arthas Menethil.

Who was Arthas Menethil?

Arthas Menethil was the son of King Terenas Menethil II and the Crown Prince of Lordaeron. He was considered one of the best swordsmen of Lordaeron and was recorded under Uther the Lightbringer, as a Paladin of the Silver Hand.

After the ceremony, during which he was included in the Paladin Order, he met, the young King Varian Wrynn and his newborn son Anduin. The daughter of Admiral Prachtmeer, Jaina, he saw here since his childhood for the first time again.

Since then, Jaina and Arthas have become friends and a few years later a couple. Arthas even spent some time in Dalaran, the city of magicians, just to be with Jaina. In doing so, he gained the grudge of Elven Kael'thas Sunstrider, who also wooed Jaina.

The WoW character has always been a confident and fearless warrior but had to pass his toughest test during an attack on Lordaeron. The land was infested by hordes of orcs and at the same time a strange plague.

This disease was the first outbreak of the plague of undeath, the disease that the Lich King spreads to kill and subdue the living. Arthas found the cause of this eruption in Andorhal, the necromancer Kel'thuzad. This had already contaminated the granaries of the country.

As a result, Arthas could only contain the damage. He traveled to Stratholme, where the contaminated grain had already landed. He saw as the only means of protection to kill every citizen of the city. A decision that turned Uther and Jaina away from him, making it one of the most exciting WoW character storylines.

What are Arthas' biggest crimes?

The purge of Stratholme is presumably Arthas's greatest crime, though it can be argued that he acted for the best if fanatical, faith. He was still himself at that time and the decision was only the Seine.

Immediately after his return from Northrend, he was welcomed by his people as a hero celebrated. He stepped in front of his father Terenas and pushed through his heart in the legendary scene Frostgram. Arthas and the Lich King are hardly distinguishable here

Arthas continued to pursue his goal of resurrecting Kel'thuzad. He succeeded through the power of the Sunwell, which, however, was corrupted by this process. The High Elves were thus cut off from their source of magic and finally to the blood elves.

Later, after Arthas finally unites with the Lich King, he repeatedly sent the undead Scourge against the Horde and the Alliance. He revived the fallen and continued his war until he finally found an end in Icecrown.