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11 Types Of Western Jewellery Best Suited For Indian Outfits
 kk sharma  
 16 September 2019  

Who says western jewellery is meant to be paired only with western or indo-western attires? You can very well couple western jewellery as well as western earrings with a saree, salwar or even lehengas - the outfits which are absolutely Indian!Western jewellery not only consists of delicate Swarovski crystals or perfect zirconia but also of silver tribal jewellery, bohemian jewellery as well as other kinds of western tribal jewellery originating in various parts of the western world.I always prefer western tribal jewellery along with Indian tribal jewellery to create exquisite, bold and dramatic looks! Here I am enlisting 11 western jewellery that is best suited for most, if not all, kinds of Indian outfits.Long Chain Floral PendantUnlike more conventional silver tribal jewellery, a long chain floral pendant is a great option for those who wish to keep their look simple and decent. The long-chain ensures that you get the attention on yourself, whereas the floral pendant speaks volumes about your minimalist and subtle style. This type of neckpiece is suitable for stylish sarees and contemporary Indian outfits.Multi-strand Silver Tribal NecklaceWestern tribal jewellery, like Indian tribal jewellery is made to showcase your style and mirror your preferences. In order to bring out the boldness in you, the multi-strand silver tribal neckpiece is a great option. If silver neckpiece doesn’t go well with your outfit then you can also opt for gold plated or different coloured multi-strand necklace. Collar Neck NeckpieceA collar neck neckpiece is the best way to add some drama and glamour to your saree. This western jewellery can also be paired with lehengas and Anarkali dresses. A collar neck necklace is best paired with silver studs and oversized finger rings. If you want a bolder look then you can also choose to pair this neckpiece with silver drop earrings.German Silver Charm BraceletsGerman silver charm bracelets are called charm bracelets for a very justified reason! A charm bracelet adds a subtle appeal to your overall look. You can pair a german silver charm bracelet with a statement ring to create some drama. Similarly, small midi finger rings would look great with charm bracelets. Oxidized German Silver Nose PinNose pins look great on every woman. No matter the face shape or the outfit, you can always go for an oxidised german silver nose pin. This nose pin would give a completely different look than a typical gold nose pin. Apart from giving you a gothic chic look, the german silver nose pin would help you get a refreshing look.Geometric Drop EarringsGeometric drop earrings are one of the best western earrings. Available in a huge variety, these earrings go well with most kinds of outfits and suit women of all face shapes. My favourite geometric drop earrings are the one with irregular geometric shapes that are currently in vogue. Tribal Statement ChokerStatement chokers are pure love and help you create a statement drama like no other piece of jewellery can. I absolutely adore tribal statement chokers which come in a wide variety. The chandbali jhumka pendant choker, as well as a bib choker neckpiece, are your best options.Bead Tassel DanglersSimilar to Indian tribal jewellery, the bead tassel danglers are earrings with beaded tassels. These western earrings give a chic look to any outfit such as an Anarkali suit, saree or a lehenga. These earrings are long and hence can create a statement on their own. However, if you want a bolder look, then you can pair it with statement choker or multi-strand necklace.Bohemian Retro Wood NeckpieceWooden jewellery is so chic! A classic bohemian retro wood necklace is a perfect way to add charm to your saree. Since it is wood we are talking about, it would go well with each and every kind of Indian attire that exists. I say that every woman must have at least one bohemian retro wood necklace in her jewellery chest.Oxidized Midi Finger RingsThe oxidised midi finger rings have been in vogue for a considerable period and will continue to do so in the distant future as well. The midi rings fall under the category of tribal silver jewellery. They usually come in a set of 3 - 9 or more finger rings which are made of the same base material but have different looks. When you want to draw all the attention towards your delicate and beautiful hands, then the midi finger rings are your best bet.Tribal Boho AnkletsAnklets are cool and so in vogue. You can wear anklets in either one foot or both. In any case, they’re sure to look amazing and add a glam factor to your gorgeous feet! Anklets go well with outfits that have a lower which extends up to your ankles and not more than that. Tribal boho anklets can be paired with ankle-length leggings, ankle-length salwars/churidars, reverse-dhoti pants, and even three-fourth ghagras.  These were some of the trendiest and chic western jewellery which go all too well with both conventional and contemporary Indian ensembles. These pieces of tribal jewellery can be worn on several kinds of occasions. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab some attention with a bold and fierce yet absolutely adorable look with some pieces of silver tribal jewellery.Have you ever rocked the look with western tribal jewellery? Which Indian tribal jewellery do you prefer?

How to Style Tribal Jewellery In Wedding Parties
 kk sharma  
 12 March 2020  

Wearing jewellery is loved by all, but what's more important is to adorn the right kind to create a head-turning look. Amongst the different jewellery options that we have, tribal jewellery is something which has become a hot pick for many. Owing to their bold appeal, captivating designs and unique look, they are a quintessential part of every woman's wardrobe.When we talk in the content of Indian tribal jewellery, then the inspiration for the same is drawn from the tribal people and nomads. These pieces of jewellery are not intricately designed; rather, you can find unevenness, and that is the beauty of these pieces of jewellery. They are highly versatile, and you can easily don them with your Indian and western outfit. In this blog, we bring you some great ways to style the tribal pieces of jewellery for wedding parties.Style them with charm : Weddings in India are extravagant affair, everything is grand about them, the look, the attire and everything you can think about. So, one has to look different, stylish and beautiful. A good piece of jewellery can help you in achieving this, and if you are willing to showcase your bold avatar, then tribal pieces of jewellery are the best options.All you need to do is pick the right one, and you are good to go. Here are a few options that you can try:1. A statement necklaceIf you are planning to create a subtle, yet appealing impact and don't want to wear a heavy 9-yard around you, then adding a tribal statement necklace to a plain saree will do the job. With a bold necklace you can amp up your look easily.2. Chunky earringsPlanning to create a whimsical look for the wedding, then add chunky earrings to your attire. These look perfect with your Indo-wester outfit. You can find tribal jewellery online and on these portals, you can also explore various designs and patterns. Whether you are planning to wear a saree or a western outfit, the chunky earrings will be perfectly complementing the same.3. Simple and sophisticatedMost of us associate tribal pieces of jewellery with bold look, but that is not necessary. You can even find the simplistic pieces of jewellery in this. If you have to attend a day function at the wedding, then you can add simple tribal jewellery online and make yourself look charming without going over the board.4. Boho-chicwedding looks are all about being extravagant, beautiful and attractive, so why not ditch the idea of everything being idealistic and adopt an avatar that will make you look different. So, go the boho way. It's a freestyle and looks perfect if you have a daytime wedding. You can wear layered necklaces or team up a long necklace with a pendant. They will look amazing.5. Nomadic styleGot to attend a summer wedding on the beaches, then why not go for the gipsy, nomadic necklace. You can opt for suede chokers or shell chokers to complement the look.6. The conventional Indian avatarSarees are the all-time favourite when it comes to the wedding. This 9-yard of beauty can make you look charming and elegant. So, if you have to choose a complementing tribal necklace to wear along with it, then you must go for a bold tribal necklace or a beaded necklace, they will complement your wedding look perfectly. Well, dressing up is all about experimenting with your look. You don't have to spend a huge amount to look all dolled-up. If you are planning to attend a wedding, then the styling options mentioned above option will help you style like a pro.

Complete Your Ethnic Look With 9 Conventional Earrings
 kk sharma  
 5 October 2019  

Every moment is a new moment and it deserves maximum celebration. You need to look good while in celebration mood. Jewellery helps you get the desired vibrancy and dynamism in your personality. You are good looking and impressive, you should, undoubtedly, add some jewellery to make it more expressive. It is a fact that you cannot wear your exquisite collection of precious jewellery all the time. You need much needed diversity and range in your jewellery collection for all types of occasions, especially for home, market, and office. Thankfully, the rich and diversified cultural heritage of India offers you the vast range of tribal jewellery to build your unique collection.Indian tribal jewellery gives you the much needed differentiator in social circle. It is not just the elegance, but the connection with the culture that makes you look different and make a bold statement of personality. It is simple and easy to use, with no worry of maintenance and safety. Thankfully, you have a variety of options, which you could use according to the need of the moment. The moment you wear it, you can feel the attention it gets you. Here are 9 trending conventional designer earrings that you can buy and use to make a bold statement:1.  JhumkaIt is an all time favorite style of Indian women. The dangle and swing of Jhumka adds exceptional value to your gait as it syncs well with your rhythm. The exceptional and delicate design of this silver tribal jhumkas makes it perfect for semi-formal get together. It goes well with all kinds of Indic and indo-western dresses. Just try to match it with your dress and flaunt.2.  Cluster earringsThis is an epitome of traditional Indian tribal jewellery. Inspired from the temple art, these earrings give you the classical look for normal family functions. It gives you the desired vibrancy and sparkle in the known circle. It is better to check the material and contrast just to match your facial features and hair style.3.  StudsYou simply cannot avoid this all time great, because of its universality and sobriety. Your jewellery collection is incomplete without studs. You have an option to choose material and gems to make it more sparkling. It goes well with your traditional as well as western outfit. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry about your facial match as it goes well with all types of faces. 4.  Hoop earringsIf you are looking for contemporary and modern look this circular design with openness gives you the added vibrancy. It is currently the most popular in celebrity fashion circuit. It has all the ingredients to make you look elegant and classy. Depending on your feature and attire, you have the option of small hoop earrings and large hoop earrings. You can choose the traditional Indian tribal jewellery in this hoop trend as this give you an added edge of fashion with statement. The silver tribal jewellery with hoop will make you look complete.5.    Dangler earringsIf you want to add rhythm to your gait and make it visible then this dangling silver tribal jewellery is perfect for your ears. These slick and sizzling piece of Indian tribal jewellery will add vibrancy to your personality. It goes well with all types of facial features and attire.6.   Chandelier earringsWe all love the little sophistication. Stone studded tribal jewellery gives you the required shine and sophistication to stand out in a crowded space. It is known for its universal appeal as it goes well with all types of ethnic as well and indo-western outfits. However, you need to be a little careful about the weight as chandelier earrings are relatively heavier. So, choose earrings that are comfortable for your ears.7.  Drop earringsThis is all time great since time immemorial. Women of all ages love to wear this classical masterpiece. It is a perfect balance of design, style and charm. It is very simple to use and maintain. Of course you have several options of metals and gems, but do try silver tribal jewellery with some gems. It will make you stand out in your circle.8.   Huggie earringsIf you are averse to the traditional swinging and shining jewellery, this is perfect for you. It stays with your ears, giving it some filler. You will definitely love it when someone will come forward to say “it is great”. You can try the Indian tribal jewellery as this gives you an option to make a bold personality statement.9.   Ear cuffsIf you want your ear to do the talking in family function, ear cuffs are perfect jewellery for you. This covers your ear and sparkle to your personality. Those little swinging drops will make it more vibrant. The silver tribal jewellery design will make you stand out in the crowd with added elegance.Wear any tribal jewellery and you will feel the difference in response. You will love yourself and people around you will appreciate your choice. Build your collection of Indian tribal jewellery and flaunt it on all possible occasions. It’s your moment, make it great!

9 Stellar Ways You Can Dress Up For Your Diwali Party
 kk sharma  
 30 September 2019  

With the upcoming festive season, whether you are in office or at college, Diwali feasts and parties will be the centre of your festival prep for a month now. With so much to choose from, colours all around, exquisite cuts and designs and all kinds of jewellery, it can get a lot.To help a little with that, we have put together a list of outfits you can create or try on and the accessories you can mix them up with to serve glam looks and look your very comfortable best all the way around. This season, dip in the ongoing stream and go minimal and experiment with the taste of the season like hoops, silhouettes and tribal jewellery, taking a cue from this little list.1. Out Comes The CottonWith the vibrant vibe of pujo melting into Diwali fare, it’s that time of the year to bring out your mother's old cotton beauties. Go for a broad border or printed pattern and pair it up with the nicely crafted tribal jewellery. You can go for a simple choker with a sleeveless or deep neck blouse or a hand full of silver bangles with drop down gorgeous and intricate jhumkas.2. Anarkali With Statement JhumkasIf you are the one who embraces the festive spirit in all its glories, this one's for you. Get into your unabashedly swirling anarkalis with plain simplicity mixed with gota borders or batik and pair them up with statement silver tribal jewellery like jhumkas with stones studded in them or in flattering shapes like festival favourite peacocks or try something new with long style chandelier type jhumka designs and get your dancing feet on.3. Mash Up LookIf you are not that comfortable in Indian, you can go for a semi indian vibe with your favourite Indo western dress from Westside with Indian prints and western cuts to give you an uber chic look, mix and match your clenched waist slits with intricate chokers and those spaghetti dresses with Indian tribal jewellery like toe rings and silver broad patterned anklets.4. Functional & ChicAnother one for those who are not altogether fond of flattering double layered kurtas and bound around sarees and are more likely to go for the more formal looks with short chikankari kurtis on denims and even shirts. Pair up your kurtis and shirts with Indian tribal jewellery like spiral, silver earrings and multilayered tribal necklaces or even a hand full of silver bangles.5. Subtle & SauveYou can also go for a quieter, suave look with plain kurta and palazzo and a woven shawl on the side or a handwoven dupatta like phulkari to bring life and style to your outfit. Pair this with exquisite and unique silver tribal jewellery like the wrist cuffs in German silver or silver rings with dazzling stones like ruby red or moonstone,even an anklet if it comes under your comfort radar.6. Beaded CollarsIf you are going the casual way for your Diwali party, channeling the hippie vibe with off shoulder tops with cotton shirts and beady headbands, amp it up with some tribal jewellery to add definition to the look. Go for beaded collars to draw attention and tiny studs in silver to offset this opulence of colours.7. Classic SilkFestival favourite of all times is of course this beauty right here. Pick out the choicest silk sarees from the cupboard with simple look and borders or go for an all out makhmal ka kurta quite literally, an overall silhouette of loose plazo and kurta in silk in plain or minimal embroidery and slap on some classic Indian tribal jewellery to lift up the whole look. Go all out on statement pieces like an eye catching pair of intricate earrings or anklets and toe rings and play it on.8. Shirt It UpOnce again for those with a little hippie vibe to their wardrobe, you can score this diwali party on the style board with going for a sleek shirt dress with a ethnic waist band in slim sliver setting, a quintessential part of silver tribal jewellery. Pair it up with studs or tiny jhumkas and some leather kolhapuri style sandals and there you go9. The ClassicsYou can also invest in classics for your Diwali party look , go for a Banarasi saree or for the usual A line kurtas with long skirts, just as good as anything else as long as you are comfortable in it and your absolute best. Pick up the look with some hands down gorgeous tribal jewellery, like the tribal silver jhumkas or if you have long hair, roll them up in a low bun and slap on some silver tribal hair accessory like a hair pin to bring the look together.Take these outfit choices as your style start point or a friendly advice and go on matching and mixing up fabrics and styles of all kinds to create flattering outfits. Be bold and be comfortable in what you wear and just sit back and enjoy the party.

Trending Tribal Earrings For Your Sunday Looks
 kk sharma  
 7 May 2020  

’Who What Wear’ described tribal necklaces as “the love child of a bib necklace and a futuristic metal collar.” Such is the glory of tribal jewellery that it seizes to fade away with time. Even today an endless number of women go shopping for oxidised silver jewellery although gold continues to dominate the market. Gradually, women are shifting from high-investment gold jewellery to pocket-friendly oxidised silver jewellery styles like tribal earrings, rings and necklaces. You ask, why such a change in tastes and preferences? Well, there are numerous reasons for you to choose tribal earrings or diamond polki jhumkas. First one being, the costs involved in purchasing either vary by a couple of lakhs which means only those with deeper pockets and large disposable income can buy gold jewellery. Tribal jewellery is highly-affordable and safe to wear even in the metro. Gold jewellery is delicate while German silver jewels are prone to wear and tear.Sold on the idea of buying tribal jewellery? Well, for starters in this blog we will cover some 11 odd designs of German silver earrings that will keep you ahead of the fashion curve. Check it out so you can be fashionably ready for all the Sunday brunches of summer 2020. Vintage Afghani earringsWith embellishments of red and green colour, these Afghani earrings capture your heart at first sight. The unique designs boasting of chains tied to a statement jhumka with tingling beads is one for the books. We love the fabulous artisanship that reflects so well in this pair.Jhumka upgrade earringsA fair upgrade to your everyday simple jhumkas, this pair with three tiny hanging jhumkas elongated with chains is outstanding. You simply cannot say no to these fabulous earrings that match well with your kurtas, sarees and even simple maxi dresses apt for summer. We bet even your simplest outfits would liven up with just the addition of this pair.Enameled earringsThe pretty popping colours of yellow and pink look beyond fabulous when enamelled into these edgy german silver earrings. The best part is that these can be worn with your traditional Indian as well as western outfits like crop tops and shorts. The beautiful enamelled earrings add a jolt of colour and crazy to your every OOTDs giving you all the attention at college and work.Multi-colour peacock jhumkasJhumkas are unarguably the best fashion accessory in oxidised silver metal. The beauty of jhumkas lies in their traditional yet contemporary vibe that can elevate your every day as well as event outfits. The regular germans silver jhumkas look stunning but these tri-colour fancy baubles are perfect. The intricately done peacock design exudes some traditional Indian aura making it a good choice of accessory with your solid kurtas and single-toned looks.Clip-on maroon and pearl earringsMeenakari trend has been picked up by all jewellery designers from across the world. The beauty of these pieces lies in their old-world charm and contemporary designs. We found these contrastingly beautiful maroon meenakari embellished designs with tiny pearls hangings at the bottom for all you fashionistas. If you’re not big fans of danglers, jhumkas or any of the elongated designs then these stud earrings are a good pick for you. Comfortable, stylish and versatile, these pieces have our heart swooning.Tribal earrings have a way to accentuate your neckline and face-shape. They match most of your summer looks like a t-shirt & jeans, floral dresses, pants and crop-tops and the solid colour maxi dress too. If you haven’t already stocked up on tribal silver earrings then hurry because these trending designs will go off the shelf before you know it.

Jewellery Styles For Your Dandiya Look
 kk sharma  
 23 May 2020  

Dandiya is the most famous and important occasion of Gujarat.And because it is celebrated on a large ground with hundreds of people, it is very important for each and every woman to wear the best of the clothes and jewellery on this occasion. After all, looks adorned by Gujarat women on a Dandiya night are seen as a symbol of pride in the society.Check out these 5 Jewellery styles that will help you to take your Dandiya-look up a notch. Colorful Oxidized Silver EarringsImage: oxidized earringsPairing your outfit with colourful oxidized earrings/jhumkas is one of the best ways to garner tons of compliments on the Dandiya night. Oxidized earrings lend a perfect style statement to any outfit. They are, in fact, one of the most popular styles of Gujrat jewellery adorned by women. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add this beautiful style of jewellery to your collection if you haven’t already. Tribal Maang TikkaImage: maang tikkaNowadays, everyone is constantly looking for ways to create jaw-dropping OOTDs that have been rarely worn by others, especially on festive occasions such as a Dandiya night. If you too are looking to style your Dandiya outfit in the most unique way then we have just the right type of accessory that would do the trick for you. A Tribal Maang Tikka: One of the most flattering styles of Gujrat traditional jewellery.Style your Dandiya look with a Tribal maang tikka only. Trust us, you will thank us later! Peacock JhumkasImage: jhumkasPeacock jewellery is a must-have Gujarat jewellery style for every woman. So without thinking anything, buy a pair of peacock jhumkas, a silver bracelet with peacock charms or a silver necklace with a peacock pendant if you haven’t already. Statement Oxidized Silver NecklaceImage: necklaceA statement necklace is one of the best and most famous Gujrat jewellery styles that you can style your Dandiya outfit with. Available in a plethora of designs, when paired with the right outfit, it can elevate even the drabbest of your outfits in seconds. So, go ahead and add this gorgeous style to your collection right away because trust us, it will only fetch you tons of compliments.Tribal BraceletsImage: braceletThis is another versatile style of Gujrat traditional jewellery, the one that can be paired with your Dandiya outfit as well as with your work outfit. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a beautiful tribal bracelet for yourself and turn heads.Colorful Meenakari JhumkasImage: meenakariWant to look stunning wearing your Dandiya outfit? We’ve got the most beautiful Gujrat Jewellery style that will help you to steal glances on the Dandiya night. Yepp! We’re talking about Meenakari Earrings. Intricate Meenakari work done by the Artisans makes a must-have jewellery style for every woman. So, go ahead and pair Meenakari jhumkas with a colourful chaniya-choli, a bindi and nude pout. You will surely garner tons of compliments. Which type of Gujarat traditional jewellery did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!

Different Tribes Of Rajasthan and Their Jewellery
 kk sharma  
 12 June 2020  

A nation that celebrates colour like no other, Rajasthan takes the spectrum to extremes!’The Land of Kings, beyond its blue, pink and gold cities has much more to offer, Tribal Jewellery is one of the main attractions of Rajasthan that continues to mesmerize its viewers.Rajasthani Jewellery has made its mark in the world, and today we can witness both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities walking around in these intricate ornaments. The credit for this traditional jewellery not losing their charm can primarily be attributed to Rajasthani's who have held their silver, copper and brass ornaments close to their hearts. This persistence and love for their culture lead the world to embrace Rajasthani jewellery.The traditional jewellery of Rajasthan is primarily intended to be worn as a form of beautiful adornment and is also acknowledged as a sign of one’s wealth. In Rajasthan, men and women can be seen with colourful necklaces, armlets, anklets, earrings and rings. The grandeur of Rajasthani jewellery is a statement for itself, which continues to leave everyone awestruck.However, beyond the ‘look-good’ factor, Tribal women of Rajasthan like to adorn themselves with lots of silver jewellery, which usually contain a special meaning, often signalling towards their marital status!Madaliya- These amulets have gods and goddesses engraved and are worn for good luck, peace and health, often passed down from generation to generation. Tied around the neck, it represents the divine power of the wearer.The bor or rakhdi is a circular bell-shaped maang tikka that is worn with a middle parting of the head in the front. It is spherical and bell-like in shape, which makes it different from other maang tikas. It is a sign of the marital status of a woman and is usually not worn by girls.Sheesh Phool often accompanies the Rakhdi. It is a headgear and frames the hairline. It truly boosts the elegance of the bride’s face, adding a mild youthful virtue.Ivory Bangles-They are worn by Rajasthani tribes, married women and are never removed, not even during sleep. These include about 17 bangles on the upper and lower arm and a total of 52 on both arms. They are supposed to have a magical effect that protects against the evil eye.Nath is a diamond or stone studded nose ring which is worn on the left nostril and is coupled to the ear with gold or pearl chain, also called Nathni.Aad and Timaniya is a souvenir by the groom's family to a bride. Aad is a rectangular or square-shaped necklace often called Rajputana necklace. Timaniya is also a necklace studded with numerous uncut diamonds. For a bride, it signifies that she should bow head in humbleness.Bajubandh is tied on the bride’s arm a few inches above the elbow on the day of marriage. These armlets are decked on the bride's arms to make her look effortlessly graceful.Hathphool is worn on the backside of the hand, extending to one or more fingers. It is an ancient accessory for brides. The simplicity and uniqueness make the perfect combination.A Rajasthani bride has no dearth of jewellery options, and all these with the traditional dress of Rajasthan adds on to the beauty. Rajasthani jewellery offers a wide range of designs and patterns from traditional to glamorous jewellery. The tribal jewellery is very common and popular among the Rajasthani ladies and is in huge demand. Made up of silver, and with their affordable prices and attractive looks, the tribal pieces of jewellery quickly became popular. These silver chunks have lasted for a century and given the trend, they’re not going out of fashion, anywhere in thenear future!

 kk sharma  
 31 July 2020  

We understand the needs of the beautiful women in the world and to cater to them, yourfavourite online jewellery store has something special in-store.The Globox is a unique proposition offered by Zerokaata. The aim behind globox is to providebeautiful women in the world with a specially curated jewellery box for their varying needs.About 3 to 4 unique pieces of jewellery are put together in the box as per the customer's needs.These jewellery pieces provide one with the right solutions to their accessorizing problems.And the best part- EACH BOX IS UNIQUEThis means that the globox you get is a single unit. These Myntra seller boxes are something thatwill always remain personal to you, the reason being that once the box is sold out, it will neverbe restocked again!Themes curated keeping ‘YOU’ in mind.The 4 major product lines that sell with Myntra are-1. URBAN LACEFor the marvellous Contemporary Jewellery.The above image shows that this myntra seller box contains a set of contemporary choker, 1adjustable ring and a pair of flower earrings.If you want accessories to match with all your modern and contemporary needs then you shouldseriously consider making Urban Lace by Globox as your new friend. This box contains delicate,statement, modern and Urbanic pieces to ensure you ‘WOW’ everyone with your style.2. Four SoulsFor the love of Stylish Earrings.The above box contains 4 different styles of earrings- ethnic, drops, brass and dangle-drops.These pieces are perfect if you want to stand out in a crowd and make everyone’s jaw drop withyour fashionable earrings.Styling Tip: These earrings are sure to stun everyone and can be paired with your ethnic,contemporary and western outfits. These statement pieces ensure that you make the heads turnand make you a trendsetter.3. MUDRIKAFor the love of Silver Jewellery.The above-shown myntra seller box contains a gorgeous necklace and two pairs of silvergemstone earrings. These pieces are the right choice if you want to wear a minimalistic yetelegant design.4. TRIBAL TRINKETSFor the quirky Tribal Jewellery.The above box contains a tribal necklace, pair of earrings and an eccentric bracelet. The Myntraseller ‘Tribal Trinkets’ box contains magnificent pieces such as chunky silver necklaces,oxidized silver rings, adjustable oxidized silver bracelets and German silver earrings.STILL NOT CONVINCED?If you still need reasons to ensure that you are taking the right call by buying our boxes that sellwith Myntra, then check out the pointers below. They are sure to change your mind!5 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY THE MYNTRA SELLER GLOBOX:We know you believe in looking 24*7 fabulous but that does not mean that you should exposeyour skin to jewellery that causes rash, itch and redness. The Glowbox jewellery is perfect foryou if you have sensitive skin and are looking for skin-friendly jewellery pieces.2. VOCAL FOR LOCALZeroKaata is a brand that is made for Indians by the Indians. All pieces of jewellery here arecrafted by Indian artisans with utmost care and precision. We strongly support India’s goal ofbecoming self-reliant and we try every bit from our end to make that vision a reality and that iswhy all jewellery pieces supplied by us are either handmade or handcrafted by Indian Artisans.3. DIVERSE COLLECTION AT AFFORDABLE RATESExtraordinaire in your Budgets!Jewellery these days is very expensive and sometimes dig a big hole in your pockets. If you aresomeone who loves collecting jewellery, however, does not want to give up on half yourpaycheck because of it, then try going for these myntra seller globox jewellery pieces. The totalworth of the jewellery pieces in every Globox is much more than the total cost of the box.The box that is as unique as your personality!The most beautiful women in the world deserve the most wonderful gifts and trust us when wesay this, you cannot find anything better than these boxes!Nothing speaks as loud as your jewellery and so, you just have to get your hands on this box.STOCK UP RIGHT NOW and share the box you liked the most in the comments below.Happy Styling!

How to match Necklaces with different Necklines
 kk sharma  
 22 November 2019  

Check out our style guide that will help you to choose a perfect necklace for different types of necklines.Boat necklinesThe boat neck has a wide shape that runs horizontally across your collarbone. It is one of the most elegant necklines that can be adorned for semi formal and formal occasions. Long pearls, as well as a princess necklace, work really well with boat necklines. Such styles complement the elegant and classic look of the boat neck. You can also wear a long tribal necklace with a boat neck.Don’t wear: Statement necklaces because they will make you look messy. V NecklinesV-Necklines come in a variety of styles such as slight, deep, wide and narrow. Such necklines push the entire attention towards your chest which means that your necklace should do the same. V necklaces are a great option because they complement the shape of the V neckline. You can also go for short V necklaces. V-necks look good in both casual and formal occasions.Don’t wear: Statement necklaces, heavy German silver necklace and chokers because such styles will make your neckline look shorter. Turtle NecklinesTurtlenecks are one of the most adorned styles in winters. They fold around the neckline which means that there’s a lot of space for you to style your necklaces easily. Long necklaces work best with turtlenecks. You can wear anything from a Matinee necklace to an opera necklace and even multi-strand necklaces with turtle neckline. Don’t wear: Chokers/collared necklaces and short necklaces because such styles will make your neckline look shorter.Strapless NecklinesStrapless dresses help you to flaunt your collar bone; therefore, it is important to wear a type of necklace that doesn't pull away all the attention. Strapless necklines work well with shorter necklaces.The best options include thin chokers (this is, in fact, a very trending style) and oxidized silver necklace with shorter pendants. Such styles will accentuate your neckline without taking all the attention away from your skin and collar bone. Don’t wear: Heavy Chokers and wide pendantsScoop NecklinesScoop necklines feature a deep curve which means that you can wear anything with it (because there is a lot of neckline space to work with). They are in fact one of the easiest necklines that you can pair your necklaces with.If you want to make the best of it then pair heavy necklaces such as a chunky silver necklace or a necklace with multiple layers or strands with a scoop neckline. Don’t wear: Chokers that leave a lot of space untouched on your necklineWhich of these necklines do you already have in your closet and which type of necklaces do you wear with your necklines? Tell us in the comments!Till then,Happy Shopping Fellas!

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 26 May 2020  

The beautiful pair ofethnic earrings can add finishing and glamour to any outfit be it western or ethnic attire. There are a variety of women earrings that suit different outfits and face shape. If you want to stand out of the crowd, you have to choose earrings that not only look gorgeous on your face but also match your outfit.A lot of questions were raised on the versatility of ethnic earrings. The fact that they can be adorned with traditional outfits and not so much with your western wear. But now there are multiple ways to style ethnic earrings with western outfits too.Few tips on how to style ethnic earrings with your outfits:1. STUD EARRINGSThese are the type of women earrings that do not go beyond your ear lobes and they are embedded with a single stone or a simple design. It gives a classy and elegant look to your charming face. They work well with long and oval face, mostly when the face is narrow and forehead is wide.You can wear them with every outfit, formal or semi-formal. Go for pearl studs or classic stones for an everyday look. You can also choose one design that goes with your dresses.2. HOOP EARRINGSThese type of western earrings are made up of a variety of widths and circumference. They are circular in shape whether big or small. They are easy to carry because of their lightweight. They look best with heart-shaped, oval or diamond face and thus enhances your jawline.You can pair heavy ethnic hoop earrings with salwar-kameez that gives elegant and Indian look to you. You can also pair them with a boat neck, off-shoulder or strapless necklines. Shop this type of ethnic earring online.3. CHANDELIER EARRINGSThese earrings are made up of a combination of stud and drop earrings. They are simple, elegant and looks amazing on traditional outfits. They start from one small stud and becomes wider at the end, just like a shape of the chandelier.They go well with any simple outfit or you can adorn them with sarees to make you look enchanting. You can also wear them with Anarkalis and A-line suits. If you are looking to flaunt them with your casuals, opt for contrasting coloured outfit to compliment it more. You can easily shop this earring online with better choices and fewer prices.4. JHUMKASJhumkas are stapled jewellery piece for every woman of India. Even the Bollywood beauties love to adorn them with their Indian ethnic wear. They complement every type of attire to oomph up your look. You will find multiple types of jhumkis such as embossed ones, silver ones and with layers of latkans to match almost every kind of attire.They go along well with chikankari or silk Kurtis and also with vibrant colored sarees. You can also adorn oxidized jhumkas with your black Kurti to look Proper patola for your special occasions. They are must-have for every Indian woman.5. UTTARIKSHIN EARRINGSThese type of ethnic earrings are an amalgamation of elegant Gulabi Meenakari with the boldness of gold coins. These earrings are made up of a combination of various styles and colours to give you a distinct look.Wear Uttarikshini earrings with your all-black outfit as these earrings will stand out on their own.6. FLORAL CHANDBALISThese type of ethnic earrings is a wardrobe must-have. They come with various designs and patterns but floral ones sizzle your look.Pair Floral Chandbalis with a long summer dress for a bohemian look, or with any other floral dress to create a day with a touch of elegant gold.Which style did you love the most? Tell us in the comments below.

10 Ways To Style Your Jhumkas to Office
 kk sharma  
 17 March 2020  

Women often struggle with styling their work looks. Everything said and done office wear looks aren’t so easy to style in general. There is always a fear of looking over-the-top or too flashy at the corporate workplace. Women usually stick to the basics of clothing and jewellery, which is acceptable but is it exciting enough? Well. Not so much! If you’re a fun girl who likes to spice up her look with accessories in general then you shouldn’t keep away from doing the same with your office looks. Throw in some fun office wear jewellery to spice up your outfit. You can add a pair of earrings of stack some bracelets for that added glam provided you are good-enough with styling.For others, here are some ways to style your beautiful jhumkas to office. Read on!KurtiPair your ethnic or semi-ethnic Kurtis with oxidized silver jhumkas. This look is a no-brainer but also very impactful at the same time. The beauty of silver jhumkas is that can elevate even the simplest of looks. Try it and thank us later!Monochrome sareeSarees have become a staple at Indian workplaces. You can surely take your cotton sarees for a spin to the office on special occasions like Diwali, Independence Day and Word Ethnic Day. Try these beautiful double-layer oxidized silver jhumkas for a fantastic look.Jeans and t-shirtAdd a jolt of Indian drama to your everyday basic t-shirt and jeans look with a pair of these meenakari jhumkas that have our heart. We love the pop of colour this pair adds to the casual look.Formal shirt & trousersWho said your formal attire has to look boring? We believe that you can very-well style your formal trouser and shirt with statement jhumkas to keep that desi diva alive in you. Something like this pair would look stunning.Indo-western tunicsWith summers approaching, tunics are going to be your best friends. You can style your indo-western tunics with statement necklaces and matching jhumkas that add oodles of Indian glam to your corporate look.Now, there’s also a list of don’ts that you should abide by when styling jhumkas for work. Take a look.Too much is too muchDon’t go overboard with accessorizing. Keep your office style minimal but very creative as you don’t want to look like a walking jewellery shop amongst all those poised ladies at the office.Experiment but sensiblyBe stylish and fabulous but don’t get too experimental with your office looks. Remember to either wear jhumkas or rings or pachelis – Don’t go overboard!Colour ruleWhen earing jhumkas be careful about the colour of the jewellery and the outfit. Match your neutrals with gold jhumkas and popping coloured outfits with german silver jhumkas.Size mattersStrictly refrain from wearing your jhumkas with ear chains or elongated chains that sit behind the ears. Keep your jhumkas sizes in check before you head out for work. Do not add any extra elements to your jhumkas as you do not want to catch unwanted attention. Match your jewelleryTo avoid looking like a fashion disaster, stick to a single colour scheme for your jewellery. Follow the tone of your outfits and accessorize n h same colour family for a killer look. This would keep your entire look balanced and sealed together.A lot of women enjoy accessorizing with necklaces, bangles, earrings, bracelets and rings but they usually do nothing to enhance their look. Instead, too much of accessorizing kills the vibe of the look which would have easily been a head-turner. The right kind of accessories can level-up your look but the wrong choices can make you look like a clown. To avoid any fashion faux pas, follow our list and buy jhumkas from online jewellery store with enough variety of office wear jewellery.

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 14 July 2020  

Jewellery has always been an important part of the bridal outfit in almost all cultures and religions in India. But in Rajasthan, jewellery is like an outfit within itself. With its honored history of Rajputs, endowed with glorious forts and palaces, invincible architecture and lot more, Rajasthan is known as the land of kingdoms and royalty.But did you know that in previous times in Rajasthan, due to a combative environment and continuous warfare, the people started to invest in precious jewellery and gold to secure their future?The warriors of Rajasthan state made lavish use of the jewellery encrusted weapons that symbolized the holiness of their caste and enhanced the social status.Rajasthani jewelleryis known for its exquisite and beautiful designs. Whenever anybody thinks about the beauty of Rajasthan, traditional jewellery of Rajasthan comes into mind. The charm and beauty of Rajasthan jewellery are unbeatable. The jewellery looks breathtaking with Ghagra, Choli and Odhni which are the traditional dress of Rajasthan.Here we are listing different types of Rajasthan jewellery on brides.1. SILVER JEWELLERYThe tribal community of Rajasthan adorn silver tribal ornaments made up of heavy ornaments, embellished with coins, shells, beads and metallic mesh which look them exquisite at very first glance.Also, the Banjara tribes of Rajasthan love to adorn silver jewellery with embellished belts around their waists to complement their tribal Banjara look.Silver jewellery adorned by Rajasthani women includes everything from upper armlet, hansuli, mandliya, heavily layered belt, single waist chain and toe rings.2. LAC JEWELLERYThis is the type of traditional jewellery of Rajasthan which is called the common man’s gold. Lac jewellery is a perfect mix of fashion and tradition which is found in a plethora of colourful and vibrant patterns.The making of Lac jewellery requires lacquered work that is done on either silver or gold with coloured glass pieces which are done by pro artists of Rajasthan. Plain Lac jewellery is used in a lot of rituals and ceremonies. It symbolizes marriage and therefore it is adorned by married women of Rajasthan.3. KUNDAN JEWELLERYKundan-Judau work is extremely popular in Rajasthan. People often tend to get confused between Kundan and Judau jewellery. Kundan is a type of stone and Judau is an art of embedding Kundan and Polki stones into the metal surface.In the world of precious and semi-precious stones, Kundan jewellery serves the elite and aristocrat with embellished and engraved stones to personify the beauty and charm with a blend of flamboyance and royalty.This bride chose to wear heavy kundan jewellery that looks extremely gorgeous on her.4. MEENAKARI JEWELLERYMeenakari jewellery is very popular in Rajasthan and required great detailing work and skilled artistry. In Meenakari, the metal surface is beautifully designed by fusing it with different colours and engraving it with precious or semi-precious stones.This jewellery is originated in Jaipur and it is exceptionally known for its vibrant colours and patterns. It is made by engraving the outlines of winged animals, fishes and blossoms. They are in huge demand nowadays for their nature-based themes like parrots, peacock, blossoms and elephants.This meenakari choker on red dress elevates the look of Rajasthani bride.                                                 5. THEWA JEWELLERYThis Rajasthan jewellery is known by the name of Thewa art. It has a coloured glass on the base and enamel work in done on both gold and silver. Making of this jewellery piece generally takes one month to complete to get beautiful and elegant design.6. CHOKER AND RAANI HAARChoker and Raani Haar are made up of precious multi-coloured gemstones. Raani Haar touches the navel and choker covers the neckline heavily. This piece of ornament has an appealing look with its uncut diamond and gold.Which of this Rajasthani jewellery did you like the most? Tell us in comments below.

Famous tribes of Rajasthan and their jewellery styles
 kk sharma  
 19 June 2020  

Rajasthan is an epitome of rich culture, varied heritage and diversity. This state is a perfect combination of ethnicity, culture, traditions, rituals and customs. Rajasthan is known for its majestic royal palaces, mesmerizing folk dance forms, mouth-watering cuisines, and the melodies of its music. What makes it more magnificent are it’s folk dances forms like Ghoomar and Kalbelia, and its puppet show that is famous all over the world.                                   The traditional dress of Rajasthan and Rajasthani jewellery also adds a spark and has made a vital and notable space in the fashion industry worldwide. These pieces of jewellery derive its inspiration from various tribes of the state that use these to accessorize themselves. Each of the tribes of Rajasthan can be identified by their own culture, customs, trade, fairs, festivals, beliefs and practices. The traditional jewellery of Rajasthan depicts the spiritual belief of a particular group of tribes, their wealth, occupation and the way they live their lives.Though there are numerous styles of jewellery of Rajasthan that are used by women to adorn themselves like Kundan and Jadau necklaces, Karanphul, long jhumkas, chokers, Raani haars etc. but the tribal jewellery of this land is a bit different from other types of jewellery pieces. The tribes generally make the use of silver to make ornaments that are embellished with beads and stones to add a pop of colour.Bhils:- Bhil tribes use astonishing pieces of jewellery that match with their dress and ethnicity. The popular ornaments of this community include bichiya (toe rings), pejania (anklets), tagdi (waist belt), hansli (solid necklace) etc. that goes well with the unique and specific dressing style that differentiates them from other tribes. They make use of white metal and silver brass in making these ornaments. Mina Tribe:- Hansli (solid necklace), nath (nose ring), and bajuband (armlet) is worn by tribal women of this community. Lac bangles are commonly worn by married women and this culture has been adopted by most of the Indian women. Pajeb and kadi are worn on feet. Neck and head ornaments are made of silver while feet ornaments are made from brass. Lohars:- Women of Lohar tribe accessorise themselves with toe rings, nose ring, ivory bangles and anklets. Silver coined jewellery is also among one of the most worn ornaments of this tribe. Lohar men wear Kada or silver bangle and silver anklets.Garasias:- Costumes and jewellery of Garasia tribe are unique and exclusive. A wide range of silver and bronze jewellery is worn by this tribe. Colourful neck ornaments made of silver or glass beads, shells and stones are used to ornate themselves. Haathphool, a kind of hand bracelet covering the backside of the hand and feet adorning ornaments such as silver anklets and toe rings are popular among the tribal women while men wear copper and silver anklet and armlet.Gujjars:- Forehead jewellery like bor with jhela and ramnami (gold amulet) is worn on the neck, feet ornaments are also worn by the Gujjar tribe.The nomadic Banjara tribe of Rajasthan is known for their heavy and wide range of silver jewellery. Their exquisite jewellery is undoubtedly a statement piece in itself. The big silver jhumkas, coined necklaces, hansli, kardhani, big and large shaped bangles, rings, hand and ear cuffs call for everyone’s attention. These dazzling jewellery completes the ensemble of the traditional dress of Rajasthan and gives a stylish and spellbinding look when paired with Indian or western apparel. Though having traditional roots, the spectacular Rajasthani jewellery still embraces today’s modern fashion industry and will always be an inevitable part of it.

9 Office Wear Jewellery Types That Are A Must In Every Minimalist's Closet
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 28 December 2019  

Whether heading for a party or to the office, women want to put forward their fashionable best. Fairly enough, you need to pick office wear jewellery after careful consideration lest you should distract your co-workers with accessories such as loud bangles or flashy jewels. Thus, the general rule is to go with minimal jewellery. That way, you can look stylish and maintain the office decorum too.For accessorizing formal outfits, pearls and diamond jewellery have been popular over the years. However, you have a wider choice in work wear jewellery. Here, we have chosen 9 must-have designs for complementing your formal look.1. Smart Stud EarringsStuds or small hoops are a good choice in office wear jewellery if your job entails attending phone calls. The rose gold stud earrings with overlapping solid stones (especially the light-colored ones) are ideal when you are adorning a white or beige color shirt with a dark-colored pencil skirt. 2. Fashionable DanglersAs part of your work wear jewellery, if choosing danglers, always go for the lightweight ones. With the diamond-embedded varieties, you can look simple yet elegant. Also, tie your hair in high ponytails and put on your favourite pumps to seem your fashionable best.3. Subtle NeckpiecesBig necklaces are a no-no for wearing to the office. Rather opt for light gold chains with diamond pendants. Even so, you can choose diamond necklaces with fine designs. They impart an elegant touch and do not draw much attention. Go on and pair your formal shirt and pencil skirts or pants with diamond pendants for an understated yet fashionable look.4. Elegant Chain BraceletWith large-sized bracelets, typing and other office duties may get difficult. Rather the small-size ones make for smart office wear jewellery.Even so, when making presentations, your hand movements are vital to make the desired impact. Thus, avoid bracelets with tinkling bells as they can cause disturbance. Instead, with a subtle and elegant bracelet, you can be sure of catching all your colleagues’ attention when on the dias. Also, many people do not wear jewels to office because they may lose them. Though, you can opt for the diamond chain bracelets that are secured with lobster clasps to keep your mind free of worry about your expensive jewels.5. Elusive RingsRings having simple designs are other popular picks among office-going women. Either you can wear plain ones or go for the varieties with small diamonds or other precious stones. Notwithstanding your outfit for the day, delicate rings are perfect for your office wear jewellery - to impart a sophisticated look. Browse through a variety of online jewellery store and opt for the ones that catch your fancy. However, make sure you have a couple of rings and in different colors and designs to have a good selection.6. Chic BandsIf you are a fan of finger rings, then go for the single stackable diamond rings. The spiral-shaped or stackable designs come with diamonds embedded on them and make for a fashionable you. You can pair them with simple bracelets or wristwatches as well.7. Classic SolitairesUplift your office attire with solitaire diamond jewellery. Whether rings or earrings or pendants, you have an array of designs in these jewels to choose from. They are a worthwhile investment and can match many outfits.8. Modish Silver JewelleryYou must invest in varied jewellery types. Surely, pearls and diamonds and gold jewels are good to have in your wardrobe. Though, silver tribal jewellery are other wardrobe must-haves for teaming with your office and casual wear.9. Stylish Semi-precious StonesAdd some color to your office wear with adorning rings or pendants with semi-precious stones. Available in different hues, make sure to have a variety of jewels with semi-precious stones for an enviable collection.So, if you are a minimalist, keep up with the trend with these investment pieces and flaunt your effortless style confidently.

Trekking in the Hills of Rajasthan
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 14 November 2019  

Rajasthan is one of the most eminent travel destinations in India. It is well known for its scenic views and beautiful cities. Rajasthan attracts thousands of tourists each year due to its iconic trekking locations.Here are the 4 locations where you can go for Hill Trekking in RajasthanKumbhalgarh Known for its majestic fort, Kumbhalgarh is located on the westerly range of Aravalli Hills. It is also home to a wildlife sanctuary and tribal villages. Trekking in the hills of Kumbhalgarh is full of fun and numerous adventures. It is a downhill trekking passing through a reserve forest area. During the Kumbhalgarh trek, you will get to experience the scenic view of the Kumbhalgarh fort. You will also get to see wild animals and Ayurvedic plants. During this trek, you will pass through a famous pond lake named Thandi Beri ( also known as the Crocodile land). You can also go on the Kumbhalgarh-Futadeval trek, which is around 10 kilometers long. This trek will take you through a forest area, where you may spot antelopes and other wild animals. While trekking you will also come across many caves that are popularly known as Lord Ganesha’s cave. Udaipur Udaipur is located near Aravali Mountain Range. It is well known for its lakes, palaces, and geographical diversity. Hills of Aravali range make Udaipur a perfect location for trekking and other adventures in Rajasthan.  Dhar- Ubeshwarji trek is one of the best hill treks. It is a combination trek of small hilly terrains and uphill climb. This trek will take you through the small villages, giving you a chance to take a sneak peek into the lives of the people residing in rural India.  During the trek, you will come across many small ponds and rivers.This trek will give you a chance to visit small villages and interact with people living there. This trek is full of farms, which will help you to learn about the different agricultural practices. During the trek, you will get to visit Vaishno Devi temple and a very famous lord Shiva’s temple.  While in Udaipur, you can also go for the Aravali trekking. This trek is best when started in the morning. This trek covers many small villages and ends at the Bhil village. During this trek, you will get to visit schools and get to know about India’s education system. You will also get to talk to the villagers where you will get to learn about their farming and cultivation methods. Trekking in Aravali hills is full of adventures and beautiful experiences. Ghanerao trekking Ghanerao is an ancient village ruled by many dynasties of Mewar and Marwar. Known for its historical values, Ghanerao is very famous in Rajasthan. It has many Hindu and Jain temples around it. This village is best suited for Villages walks and trekking. It is a plan and uphill trek which takes you to Kumbhalgarh. While trekking, you may spot deer and many species of birds. You will get to witness many mesmerizing views during the trek. This trek takes you through many tribal villages and forest areas. Ranakpur Trekking Ranakpur is located in Pali district of Rajasthan. It is a small village known for its famous Jain temples. Located in the western valley of Rajasthan, Ranakpur serves as one of the finest locations for trekking. The combination of uphill and downhill trekking will give you an unforgettable experience of trekking in Aravali Hills. This trekking tour starts from Ranakpur and ends at Kumbhalgarh. While in Ranakpur, you can visit Jain temples dedicated to Tirthankara Adinatha and Sun temple cared by the Royal family of Mewar.The Nature Trail Rajasthan provides many carefully planned Trekking Tour in Rajasthan.Contact -Mail id - rktrail4@gmail.com Call – 9829085265 Visit - Trekking in Udaipur Address - Badi-Hawala Road, Badi, Udaipur - 313025, Rajasthan, India

Traditional Jewellery of West Bengal
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 5 June 2020  

Gold has extreme sentimental value in Indian culture, tradition and religious practices. It is considered as auspicious in many parts of the country, especially in West Bengal, where weddings and religious ceremonies are incomplete without it. Thetraditional jewellery of West Bengal is made from gold, precious stone, silver and brass by the jeweller caste who are locally known as swarnakars. These swarnakars are involved in making the rich and variety of beautiful ornaments including precious gold jewellery and tribal ornaments. Bowbazar, Baghbazar, Kalighat and Bhawanipur areas are the centres where these jewelleries are made. West Bengal jewellery is elaborate, highly ornamented and precious and is made with utmost care and precision by the traditional craftsmen who have worked extremely hard in order to keep the legacy alive. Most common piece of jewellery includes bangles, earrings, necklaces, armlets and anklets. Gold is still an integral part of jewellery piece but nowadays, lighter ornaments are preferred because of which costume jewellery with minimal semi-precious stones and tribal designs are more in demand. Bengali Jewellery has undergone a lot of modifications from the past but it still has intricate patterns and essential elements of a traditional piece. Here are some of the most important pieces that form an integral part of Bengali Jewellery:TIKLI:A tikli is an important piece of jewellery similar to Maang tikka, mostly worn by brides in the middle parting of the hair. Studded with precious stone or gold, Tikli is embellished with floral designs with delicate chains hanging from it. It often has precious stones beautifully crafted along with gold to make it look grander and exquisite.KAAN:Also known as Kaan Bala, these are gold earrings in the shape of the human ear, and have a look of chandelier earrings with diamond and other precious stones embedded on it.  This piece of ornament is beautiful and forms an integral part of the traditional jewellery of West Bengal. CHIK:Chik is similar to choker, worn around the neck, by the women. These are around an inch wide, made of gold and studded with diamond and other precious stone to give an add-on effect. A chik has an intricate design that portrays the subtle and delicate craftsmanship of traditional swarnakars.RATANCHUR:Another important and unique piece of Bengali Jewellery is Ratanchur, which is made of gold and silver. It comes in many patterns but the most common one consists of five finger rings that are attached through individual chains to reach the armlet. This was introduced to India by the Mughals and quite common among the brides.PATTI HAAR:Patti haar is a heavy studded necklace mostly worn by affluent Bengali women during weddings and religious ceremonies. This extremely elegant and exquisite piece is created with immaculate precision to make it convenient to wear.TIARA:Another main element West Bengal Jewellery is Tiara, which is mostly worn in Bengali weddings and shows the magnificence of Bengali bridal jewellery. Influenced by British tiaras, this gives the bride a look of a queen and also helps her in holding her veil in place. It adds an element of elegance to the bridal look.GOLD BAUTI:Most commonly worn by married women, bauti is a bangle made of gold. It is a half-cut bangle which is ideal for everyday use and has an elegant design.BOKUL MAALA:This is a Bengali gold necklace, or gold chain that is inspired by a flower called ‘Bokul’. Bokul mala is available in single and multiple layers and is mostly worn by Bengali married women on a regular basis.Are we missing any of the important pieces? Let us know in comments!

When and Where is Gambling Legal in the United States?
 Dennis Hung  
 26 March 2020  

People have enjoyed gambling since before records began. The first pack of playing cards was accounted for in the ninth century, and there are historical documents tracing gambling back to Japan in the 14thcentury. Gambling has a troubled past in America. Crime-lords saw it as an easy way in which to hide underhand activity, and it became a mask for moving large amounts of money around undetected. By the early 20th century, gambling had been declared illegal across almost the whole of the United States; however, as more stringent policies were introduced, the laws were relaxed and rewritten to provide better protection to participants. Today, you can legally place bets in America, but the laws vary from state-to-state, and so do the terms and conditions. Here are five places where gambling is legal and the rules in place.Commercial CasinosThere are two types of casino: commercial and tribal. Commercial casinos are run by private companies and are built on non-Native American land. Tribal casinos, on the other hand, are run by Native Americans. In America today, there are around 450 commercial casinos, spread over 23 states. Every state enforces its own laws around gambling statutes, and many allow gamblers to pay in quite flexible ways, including items (such as cars or jewelry) in lieu of cash or promissory note form (a formal, legally enforceable IOU).RacetrackOnly 25 states allow racetrack betting, but interestingly, interstate horse racing gambling is legal nationwide. It wasn’t always so. In a law passed in the 70s, it was only lawful if both the state hosting the race, and the state in which the punter placed the bet allowed off-track betting (meaning you don’t have to be at the racetrack to place a bet). With the internet having such an influence on the horse racing scene, it soon became legal for residents in any state to place an off-track wager, providing the state hosting the race allows interstate betting.LotteryA lottery is a game in which each contestant is randomly allocated a sequence of numbers. The state lottery commission draws the winning numbers, and, depending on what you have on your ticket, you may win none, all or part of the prize money. All except six states run state-sponsored and multi-state lotteries, and you don’t have to be a resident of a state to play or even win it. If you’re a non-resident, however, it may affect how much you are taxed.OnlineThe laws of online gambling in America are clear: it is illegal to place a bet on a United States-based website. However – and this is where it gets complicated – you can place a bet on a website that is not based in the United States, even if you are in the United States at the time. Confused? You’re about to get more so. American residents may only place bets on casino and poker wagers; they must never bet on a sports event or scenario, regardless of whether the website they are using offers it. And, Americans may only place their bets through the website. An international site must never accept a phone bet placed from American soil; it is always illegal.Sports BettingUp until as recently as 2018, all sports betting was illegal in America. However, new legislation passed in 2017 has opened the doors to states allowing it. Not all states have done so, and some intend to make it legal, but either haven’t yet implemented it, or it’s not yet effective because it takes some time to set up the infrastructure. However, there is sure to be a lot of change in this area over the next few years, so don’t get caught out. The laws around gambling are ever-changing. If you’re planning on placing a bet, always make sure you’re up to date on the current laws for the state you’re in, whether you live there or not.

The Path of Exile: Brand, Campaign Explained, Gained Changes in Two-Handed Weapons
 huan tong  
 18 June 2020  

"Grinding Gear Games" in "Path of Exile: Harvest" explained the balance of the game in detail, including the modification of two-handed weapons and slow attacks, wars, branding and so on."In "Path of Exile: Harvest", we focused most of our balance on branding, warfare, and two-handed weapons. Since Delirium became the core, we also used POE Currency to balance clustered jewelry and its value in jewelry They wrote that we have been working hard to improve the slow-handed two-handed weapons by comprehensively improving these investment options."Two-handed weapons are gaining some affection and regaining their place on the top of the power meter, while retaining the risks associated with using them on the path of exile. A slow and heavy blow will now cause enough damage to stun the most powerful boss, regardless of the stun mechanism.The entire two-handed melee arsenal on the path of exile has been readjusted to provide ideal base damage for almost all types of players. In addition, most weapon types have implicit mods for specific mechanisms.These changes increase the functionality and functions of the passive skill tree, such as Tribal Fury or the increased total life recovery rate per second. The brands of "Path of Exile" are becoming more and more annoying because they allow a boring but very effective way of playing, where the dead are everywhere.GGG wrote: "When the enemies connected to it are killed, the brand will fall to its original or recalled position. This prevents them from being repeatedly restrained by the player and killing monsters who have not yet had a chance to meet the player."Now, Warcries are more powerful, but they use longer, cool down longer, and are no longer shared between Warcries. Path of Exile: Harvest adds more Warcry passive clusters for cooling recovery, faster use time, use multiple Warcry, etc.The developer wrote: "The goal of these changes is to hope that Buy POE Currency will have a greater impact on the battle, and to bear the huge reward for taking risks while standing still and using skills when surrounded."

Some updates on the latest path of exile
 huan tong  
 15 June 2020  

The war has erupted in full. Frightening crying can now be used as POE Currency, but not through items. It can double your next attack. Ancestor’s cry is a brand new skill that will make your next strikes target nearby enemies. Earthquake Shout is another new feature that can make your slamming effect have a greater range of effects.The summoning sound now grants nearby allies a buff, giving them a certain percentage of weapon damage as additional damage, and enhancing the next few attacks. Tears of Hell is the call of a new bottomless abyss, now enemies nearby are covered with ashes, causing them to explode upon death. Finally, the general’s cry is another new skill that can be associated with melee attacks. When used, it will generate ghosts. These ghosts will use this skill once before dissipating, similar to the way the Savior works.Obviously a lot of new things are coming, I can’t wait to try them. Hope you guys can test everything as excitedly as I do!As always, the change in the skill tree is the biggest. There are many such versions this time, and many changes come from the eternal trapezoidal stones, some of which have become the core of the tree, and have also been replaced by brand new trapezoidal stones in jewelry.In jewelry, it will be replaced by a new trapezoid. New significant clusters have also been added around the tree. As usual, they are very powerful and have a new reputation, which can make Elusive have a strong lethality, a stronger brand, and even Tribal Fury are the natural popularity of the tree-no longer need to be oiled! In all respects, these are powerful tools that enhance various functions and can realize more functions. And there are many more!So far, my personal favorite new jewelry is the timeless jewelry cornerstone, called Supreme Ostentation. The content is to ignore the attribute requirements. There is no inherent reward from attributes. Temporary clothing can be used right away, and if possible, this may be the best item in the game. However, it can also simplify adjustments that are less concerned with the construction of statistical data.This largely means that buildings with energy shielding or statistical information stacks can benefit from it. In particular, the entire Shadow category will benefit from a major aspect, because they have a shorter lifespan, less ES, and will not expand flexibility in the way of Buy POE Currency. I am very happy to see Garb with short hair shot up to 100ex!

Best Destinations in Rajasthan for Trekking Tour
 kishan sharma  
 10 September 2019  

Rajasthan is a magnificent place blessed with the oldest and most beautiful mountain range of India: Aravali. Rajasthan is home to lovely villages, stunning views, fascinating tribes, cultures and society, magnificent flora and fauna, amazing wildlife. Due to a glorifying cultural and geographical diversity, Rajasthan serves as the perfect destination for trekking tour. Trekking in Rajasthan is the best way to understand its cultures and witness its true beauty. Here is the Best Destinations in Rajasthan for Trekking TourUdaipur Trekking in Udaipur is a wonderful experience as the city is surrounded by the beautiful Aravali Mountain Range. Udaipur is full of easy, moderate & tough trekking places. Udaipur has many big and small lakes, small villages and tribal villages. While trekking in and around Udaipur, you will come across many points where you will see mesmerizing views of lakes. Udaipur, popularly known as the City of Lakes is one of the best cities of Rajasthan as well as India. The city is the epitome of rich culture and heritage. Not just the lakes but the city also has picturesque countryside; these exquisite locations will take you one step closer to the real essence of India.  Nature Trail Rajasthan offers the most wonderful Trekking & Bicycling Tours in Udaipur (Rajasthan).RanakpurRanakpur is a village located in Pali Tehsil of Rajasthan in a western valley of Aravali Mountain Range. The mountains of the Aravalli range are perfect for trekking. Every year, thousands of tourists come to Rajasthan for Trekking in Ranakpur.  Ranakpur is known for its famous marble temple, which serves as a religious shrine to the Jain community. Ranakpur is also home to the famous Sun Temple managed by a Royal Family. The natural diversity and flora and fauna of Ranakpur is a major attraction to the tourists. Kumbhalgarh Kumbhalgarh is one of the finest places for trekking in the Aravali range and has unmatched flora and fauna. Trekking in  Kumbhalgarh are mostly downhill and takes you through the reserved forest areas. While trekking there you can spot many wild animals and Ayurvedic plants. Kumbhalgarh has an ancient fort, if you are interested in historical monuments, you can visit the fort. Kumbhalgarh fort, built by the founder of Udaipur city is home to more than 300 Hindu and Jain temples. From the fort, you can enjoy mesmerizing views. Ghanerao Ghanerao is a small town located 140 km away from Udaipur. It serves as an epitome of heritage, wildlife, and landscapes. Trekking in Ghanerao will give you a worth remembering experience due to its location on the edge of the Aravali range. Ghanerao is also close to Kumbhalgarh National Park. It serves as a complete package of adventure and nature lovers. Ghanerao has good road network which connects it to big cities like Udaipur and Jodhpur.Nature Trail Rajasthan, one of the leading travel groups in Rajasthan provides well-planned itineraries for trekking in the above mentioned places. It has organized hundreds of trekking tours in Udaipur, Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh,  and Ghanerao. Nature Trail Rajasthan makes sure that you have a wonderful experience while Trekking in Rajasthan. 

Gifting Guide: 5 Affordable Necklace Gift Ideas for HER
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 15 October 2019  

Gifting isn’t always about roses or a box of chocolate. In fact, it is (and should be) about something that she can cherish for longer time like a handmade choker necklace or a delicate pendant necklace. After all, picking a perfect gift for any woman comes with a lot of expectations.Feeling confused?Well, don’t be because we are here to help you! Check out these 5 Necklace Styles that any woman would love as a gift!Boho Necklace:Boho necklaces are meant to add a quirky vibe to even the simplest of the outfits. There is a wide range of designs available online but if you’re looking for the best ones then nothing’s better than a chunky silver necklace. It looks extravagant but is comfortable to wear at the same time. So, don’t wait and shop for boho necklaces online. To add a personal touch to your gift, give her a handwritten note along with the necklace. Pendant Necklace:A Pendant necklace is not just a necklace but a way to impress any woman (in seconds). Don't confuse the basic look of a Pendant necklace with boring appeal. It is, in fact, a sure-fire way to win any woman's heart and here's why:The very first appealing thing about a pendant necklace is that it can be paired with ethnics, westerns and indo-westerns alike. The second thing is that looks classy and is comfortable to wear as well. If we talk about the third thing (and the most important factor), it is the fact that a pendant necklace comes with an affordable price tag.So, what are you waiting for? Go to any online jewellery store and grab the best looking designs at affordable prices. Threaded Necklace:A Threaded necklace will give a classy update to her jewellery collection. Available in a variety of designs, a threaded necklace would make for an amazing gift for any woman.Since there a plethora of designs available online, it might be a bit confusing for you to pick one design for her. If you ask us, you should go for Indian tribal necklace crafted in monochrome (single-colored) threads tied in knots.Such styles will surely win her heart. Choker Necklace:Unlike every guy's expectations, a choker necklace is super comfortable to wear. You can gift her an oxidized silver necklace with a chunky appeal or a delicate choker necklace that will look good with her work wear outfits.Choker necklaces are easily available online. To make it a complete gift you can club it with a pair of oxidized silver earrings or Meenakari jhumkas.  Layered Necklace:Next up on our list is a Layered necklace and let us tell you one thing, you can never go wrong with layered necklaces. They can give a playful spin to any look. The best part is that they are in trend and work well with a wide range of western, ethnic, indo-western as well as work outfits. The best styles feature double-stranded necklaces that are perfect for a standalone look as well as the single-chain necklaces that can be layered with other necklaces from her collection.  Which of these necklaces styles will you give her? Tell us in the comments below!

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 11 July 2020  

The red vein Maeng Da Kratom is one of the many color variant of kratom existing in the market and it provides users the many benefits of kratom use. But if you want to try out this product and enjoy maximum benefits, it is only wise that you have a substantial knowledge of the product so you know exactly what you are dealing with.The Maeng Da KratomThe Maeng Da Kratom is not a major kratom strain on its own but is made from a combination of two or more kratom strains, commonly done using an agricultural process known as “Grafting”.Grafting is a method that requires joining different young kratom tree (commonly known as the Mitragyna speciosa tree) stems together, preferably with a cloth, until both stems are fused and heal as one. In most cases, the tree stems used are very carefully picked from the different strains of Kratom trees existing to produce trees with the best qualities and this is why often times the Maeng Da Kratom is of a more superior quality than other strains.The Maeng Da is specially made with the purpose of producing kratom with popularly desired alkaloid composition. As a matter of fact, the name is translated to mean “pimp grade” or “best grade” in English, reflecting a very impressive alkaloid composition that is believed to be up to 30 variants of alkaloids.The Red Maeng Da KratomThe Maeng Da Kratom comes in different color variants like other strains of kratom, even though it is more like an artificial strain. It exists in green, which is the vein color for the young trees, evolves into a white color as the trees grow and eventually, a maroon shade of red at full maturity.The Red Maeng Da Kratom like other red variants usually contains the highest alkaloid composition, because this color is attained after the kratom tree is fully grown. The best red leaves are collected from the topmost past of the tree and are usually of a higher quality than kratom produced from the other trees. It also has a tribal significance among the locals and is often presented to the chief of the tribe to show respect and honor.Red Maeng Da Kratom is sold in the kratom market in powder, extracts and pills, according to your preference. The quality and freshness of the Red Maend Da Kratom is best preserved in powder and pill.Buying top quality Red Vein Maeng Da from Kratom DistributorsThe Red Vein Maeng Da is not a scarce commodity in the market; it can easily be purchased from many of the kratom stores over the internet and in physical locations. However, one important thing you want to put in mind when buying the red-veined maeng da is ensuring you are getting original quality from your supplier. Having a trusted supplier is very relevant especially when you consider the process of planting the Maeng Da Kratom tree.This red variant is very popular and in high demand in the kratom market, especially in the West, as a result of which it comes with a high likelihood of fake versions. If you are not careful you might get in return for your money, red maeng da mixed with some other variants or other chemicals for higher quantities.The only way to ensure you get the best quality red vein maeng da kratom is to find a supplier or distributor whose source you can trust, like  the Buy Kratom Bulk USA; a kratom distributor offering kratom for sale in retail and bulk quantities.

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 27 June 2020  

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and everyone is in a full festive mood. Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that is full of sentiments, love and care. This festival is a symbol of the unbreakable bond between brother and sister. Brother takes the responsibility of the sister and promises her to be with her in all her good and bad times and sister prays for the long life and health of her brother.Sisters pick the best Rakhi in stores for their beloved brother and so do brothers wish to surprise their sisters with the best gift they can give her to celebrate the festival in full fervour. The nature of gifts has changed over the years but the essence is still the same.Jewellery is one of the evergreen gifts that has its place in the list of various options of gift items. Though the style of the jewellery to be gifted has changed, earlier gold was widely used in making jewellery but with the changing trend, many other options are available. Now there are diverse jewellery alternatives that are trendy and budget-friendly. If you are also planning to gift your sister a jewellery piece this Raksha Bandhan, we've some amazing suggestions for you to check out.Here are some of the jewellery ideas that are worth to explore:Charm Bracelet: Charm bracelets come in silver, gold-plated and rose gold-plated colour. You can find Buddha, butterfly, owl, elephant, leaves and such other designs that are suited to one’s aesthetic. These can be worn with any outfit. This funky piece of jewellery will be adored by everyone.Chains and Pendant necklace: Dainty and sleek chains are best for a sophisticated and classy look. Knot chains, a chain with a heart, stars, constellation necklace, infinite loop pendant, layered chains are some of the styles of these kinds of accessory. You can find a diverse range of these pendant necklaces online and can get a great deal on these ornaments as the rakhi jewellery sale is on.Oxidised earrings: Oxidised German earrings are in vogue these days. These earrings are made of sterling silver that has been oxidized over a long period to give it a tarnished look. You can find studs, jhumkas, layered earrings, enamel earrings, embellished earrings and a lot more styles. These earrings can dazzle up any attire.Wooden jewellery: Wooden jewellery has a very funky and earthy feel to it. These jewellery are biodegradable, light-weight and stylish. Wooden bangles come in various shapes and sizes with beautiful designs and sketches carved on them. The wooden tribal bangle has made its place in various world level fashion shows. You can also find wooden earrings of different shapes and so do pendants. Chokers: Beaded, oxidized, fringe and numerous other styles of chokers you can find online. Chokers are a statement piece and are an accessory that can instantly seek attention. Cocktail rings: If your sister is one who has a quirky sense of style, Cocktail rings are a perfect gift for her. This piece of jewellery is a chic and budget-friendly option as a gift.You can also check for boho earrings, statement necklaces, cuffs, bohemian finger bracelet or slave bracelet, barefoot sandals. You can easily find these accessories on online stores and since these stores are having Rakshabandhan jewellery sale so you can get a huge discount and offers on your purchase. These stunning pieces of jewellery will make great Rakshabandhan gifts for sister under 500 so do check them out and celebrate this festival with full zeal with your loved ones.

Mental Health and The Food And Nutrition Guidelines 2020
 Rob Davis  
 6 May 2020  

Food and Nutrition is among premier, most needed market sectors from any federal worldwide. The supply and demand of food services is critical in a overall economy, a lot less in virtually any wholesome and growing regional community.The problem of food and Nutrition is considered as among the most fundamental parts of a profitable online community since it produces up virtually all of a person's daily living. America knows this, which is why it consists of built a few government organizations which are tasked exclusively to back up and combine food and Nutrition-similar problems.Onto the list will be the State Institution of food and Agriculture, referred to as NIFA. Developed in 2008, the agency was developed to consolidate all federally-backed agricultural groundwork, and will also be subordinate with the Work group of Agriculture.The goal of a NIFA is always "energize and account the studies and electronic advancements which could raise American agriculture to make it extra useful and ecologically environmentally friendly whilst making certain the market viability of agriculture and production."And it goals to accomplish this by giving a variety of programs and initiatives like food Basic safety Getting to know Middle Method which is meant to maintain and create a federal, world-wide-web-focused clearinghouse of information on town food basic safety pertains to and normal town complications associated with the underlying reasons that generate poverty and hunger, and this includes the decline of farms and ranches, rural poverty, well beinghunger and dependency, and food acquire troubles.Meanwhile, there also is out there the usa food and Nutrition Business, alternatively categorised as the FNS. The agency operates according to the United Section of Agriculture is actually in charge of administering the country's domestic Nutrition support initiatives and programs.The agency has generated numerous grant and projects packages to attain their principal organization objective, for instance the Advanced food Safety Program (IFDP) which specifically looks for to produce food defense applications and strategies which might be successfully duplicated which enables it to absolutely supplement, aid in the progress of, or boost local, territorial, state and tribal food protection solutions.food and nutrition activitiesThe food solutions trade apart from healthcare has the chance to market and brand their merchandise ahead of acquisition. Accompanied by a captive customer base in medical care, the opportunity and the discretion of this food and Nutrition dept . could design an experience that surpasses the basic concern of healthcare facility food.The reality of healthcare food services is that there is an enormous opportunity to surpass the expectations of the customers. The expectancy of the calm confessed to a clinic is the food is unpleasant and bland. Another realization is that there was never a time an individual just wanted to go to a hospital for the meals.The process for food and Nutrition managing teams would be to set in place the requirements and educate the customer just before made daily meals giving or support. The sophistication of food help does not start off and finish while using cooking and helping associated with the lunch. The meals assistance course of action can be a teams hobby, when the over-all service has to be involved in the meals process and realize that all people user can be an interracial section of the healthy meal progression. The client needs to have some number of influence within the purchasing his or her dish however with almost all of the employees in your kitchen, fielding feed-back and connecting the dislikes and likes of your persistent to food service is the standard conflicts for virtually every medical center.

Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure Odor Eliminator Real Energy
 John Peter  
 23 November 2019  

The stagnant economy has reduced demand for gasoline, diesel and electricity. People drove less, bought less items and, as a result, consumed less energy. Greenhouse gas production - carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases - peaked at 2.752 billion tonnes in 2007, falling to 6.608 billion in 2009, before a strong "recovery" of 6.821 billion in 2010. Was available last year. Number of Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure Odor Eliminator.These and other exciting facts can be found in the US Environmental Protection Agency's 2012 GHG Inventory. While it may seem encouraging, a fierce glance shows that consumers, businesses and the United States government have still proven to be overwhelmingly hungry for fossil fuels.Bad wind to get upCombustion of fossil fuels only increased greenhouse gas production (such as cars and electricity) in 2010 to 5.388 billion tonnes, up 13.7 percent from 1990. The culprit? Electricity production accounted for 34 percent, transport for 27 percent and industry for 20 percent. The rest comes from agricultural, commercial, residential and other sources. For the simplified approach, average cars produce 5.2 metric tons of greenhouse gas each year.This detail is not good. In addition to the irony of heaven, the EPA decided in 2009 that greenhouse gases were the main cause of climate change. It causes, among other things, high temperatures and prolonged heat waves, which endanger American health. The increase in ground-level ozone pollution caused by chemical reactions between NOx and VOCs is associated with asthma and other respiratory diseases.Expectations in the 1960sInformation is not new. The forecast can be found in the original Broadway record "Hair." The song "Vayu" is now as real as it was at the time: "Welcome to sulfur dioxide, welcome to carbon monoxide. Air, air is everywhere. Breathe deeply, breathe deeply while you sleep with Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure Odor Eliminator." And so on. The words are finally shaken to me by my first record.It is strange to think of the Broadway movie "Hair: The American Tribal Love and Rock Musical" coming out in October 1967. Looks like it was yesterday. I joke Seriously, I tried to fit in with my boyfriend Calvin's art, which is now my first year at Seattle University and is interested in sounds.Reason for helpThe biggest plan is to think about them in the air. Facts and figures don't do much to inspire most people, but add an effective story of how it affects someone, and interest can be increased geometrically. This is what we found out in newspaper work. A good photo, an amazing story that people can call and writers and photographers can fill a place in the city council.But I am no longer a journalist and I will never appear in newspapers. Nevertheless, the axiom holds. I'm very attentive to what the San Joaquin Valley can relate to: On hot sunny days, the depths of summer often seem to be covered with a thin layer of soil. Sierra's views of cities and valley farms that were once crystalline and alive are not there. And the air tastes like dirt.The solution is clear. We should reduce the country's greenhouse gas production. It is better not to think of an opportunity. Of course, we may experience macroeconomic collapse. For example, Spain has reported unemployment, which accounts for a quarter of its workforce. This is one way. But hardly optimal.One building at a timeA different approach has been adopted by many colleges, government agencies and private sector organizations. This includes reducing the climate footprint. This can be done relatively painlessly through policies such as retrofitting buildings, policies such as measuring energy consumption and reducing water and waste, and promoting electricity.California Governor Jerry Brown has stepped down in issuing an executive order requiring government agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 10 percent by 2015 and 20 percent by 2020. All the new government buildings and major renovations were completed after a year. Built to meet 2025 requirements and zero net capability. This means that they produce as much energy as they consume Breathe Green Plug N’ Pure Odor Eliminator.Brown's order also states that by 2020, half of new installations should meet net zero requirements and national agencies should comply if half have their existing installations. This includes reducing water consumption, plugging in electric vehicles and other changes."All we need is new laws to deal with the growing threat of global warming. We should lead by example," Brown said in a statement. "The destruction of public buildings will reduce our environmental footprint and save taxpayers millions of dollars."

Tourist places to Visit in Meghalaya
 Rhea Alex  
 29 July 2020  

Just when you think you’ve experienced the greatest of travels, one comes across a region that’s most often looked over by many frequent travellers. Located in the northeastern region of India resides, ‘Meghalaya,’ a land that is abundant in beauty and heritage.Once a part of Assam, the entire region is truly a stunning area, filled with the most unexpected of things. Popularly referred to as the ‘Abode of the Clouds,’ Meghalaya has been commonly recognised as the wettest region in the whole world.If you’re someone who loves the rains and can’t wait for the showers to pour down, ‘ Meghalaya,’ has got to be the place you’ve been missing out on. So if you’re looking for a monsoon travel destination, what better itinerary than to make your way to a region that’s filled with dense rainfall.Tourists travelling to the region for the first time, are fortunate enough to witness the states tribal population - that makes up for a majority part of the state. The Pnars, Garos and Khasis, are the prominent tribes in Meghalaya and make most of their earnings through the cultivation of the lands. The entire state is filled with about three major hills that account for most of the tourist attractions in the state. The Jaintia Hills on the eastern side, the  Khasi Hills in the central region and the Garo Hills on the western parts of the land.Find some of the most visited tourist places to visit in Meghalaya right here. Tourist places to Visit in MeghalayaThough there are a plethora of attractions across the entire state, we’ve given you a comprehensive view of some of the popular tourist places to visit in Meghalaya.1. Living Root Bridges2. Mawlynnong3. Dawki–Shnongpdeng4. Krang Suri FallsLiving Root BridgesImage Credit - Wikimedia CommonsThe ‘Living Root Bridges,’ widely recognised as one of the most sought after and famous attractions in Meghalaya, is a definite try for first-time tourists. Found located in the midst of dense tropical forests, and shrouded in rain almost all through the year, the ‘Living Root Bridges,’ is a man-made wonder that’s truly remarkable.It was first invented by the locals from the ‘Khasi tribe,’ years ago. The folks of the tribe owe complete credit for having grown the tree, right from its very roots. MawlynnongImage Credit - Wikimedia CommonsThe ‘Mawlynnong village,’ is located in very close proximity to the ‘living root bridge,’ and is very much accessible with much ease. The ‘‘Mawlynnong village,’ is known to be the ‘Cleanest Village in Asia,’ and has been widely acclaimed for its cleanliness over the years.The village isn’t just a serene attraction to explore but has also gone one step ahead, with the construction of the ‘Sky View platform.’ This is a platform, located at a height of about 80 feet up from wherein tourists can witness some breathtaking views. Dawki–ShnongpdengImage Credit - PixabaySituated in the ‘ West Jaintia Hills,’ the ‘Dawki–Shnongpdeng,’ finds itself located just about an hour to the eastern side of the Mawlynnong village. This little border town gives tourists an opportunity to explore the ‘Umngot River,’ a pristine emerald in the midst of this quaint town.What’s strikingly alarming is the lack of security in the town, given the fact that it has been regarded as the ‘International Radcliffe Line border,’ between the countries of India and Bangladesh. Krang Suri FallsImage Credit - Wikimedia CommonsMeghalaya has been renowned for a great number of attractions and activities over the years. Though most tourists head over to explore some of the most talked-about adventures, the ‘Krang Suri,’ is a rather unexplored and less talked about waterfall in the region.Located in the Jowai region, this truly stunning waterfall is situated just about three hours away from the southeastern part of Shillong, alongside the West Jaintia Hills. The distance is about an hours travel from the northeastern part of Dawki and also involves a hike of about 20 minutes, to make it all the way to the waterfall. If this is your first-time visit to Meghalaya, the ‘‘Krang Suri,’ could just be an experience of a lifetime. Tourists will have to venture out on a trail of steps to actually make it to the spot. The view to the waterfall comes along with an entry ticket, that is priced at a cost of 50 rupees and is subject to change. Tourists can enjoy an amazing swim, through the waters of this splendid waterfall.It truly is a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, that you wouldn’t want to trade for the world. Tourists need to keep in mind that they'll have to abide by the rules - wearing a life-jacket, using the stipulated changing rooms and restrooms provided while in the region.We hope this blog has gotten you excited and thinking about your Meghalaya vacation plans! We recommend you reach out to expert travel planners like Pickyourtrail, who provide some of the best Meghalaya tour packages, that are entirely customisable. Book your dream vacation today!

Inside The Leader
 Shubha Kamat  
 4 July 2020  

Hope everyone knows about this story, for those who don’t know let me give quick recap in my own words, there is a small incident narration in Mahabharata which goes like this:Once Dhronacharya takes his all students to forest for archery practice, while they practicing they get disturb by a dog barking loudly. Dhronacharya gets irritated and tells his students to point the dog's mouth and stop the barking without hurting it. Arjuna is expert in archery among all of them. Everyone starts pointing towards dog mouth and misses one by one, even Arjuna fails to point the dog's mouth. After some time dog barking stops, curious Dhronacharya go search for the dog and surprised to see the bow exactly on dog's mouth in such a way that doesn’t hurt dog. Curious Dhronacharya start searching for the person who pointed so exactly, he found one boy holding bow and standing silently behind the tree, very curiously Dhronacharya ask the boy “is this done by you?”, the boy nods. Surprisingly Dhronacharya ask him “what’s your name?” “who is your guru?” boy replies “my name is Ekalavya and You are my guru”, shocked dhronacharya ask him again I don’t know you at all how come I become your guru, boy explains as follows: I belongs to tribal community, I am very much interested in Archery, I used to follow you and learn while you teaching your students. I have made your sculpture out of mud and practice in front of that, this is how I learnt till now, can you please accept me as your shishya and teach me further?, I am very curious to learn all techniques. Dronacharya impressed by the boy's story, feels happy and scared at the same time. He thinks for a while and replies angrily, I am a Raja guru how dare you asking me to consider you as my student and teach archery? Whatever you did is against the Rules of Majesty. Well, you consider me as guru right then give me Gurudakshina. Ekalavya very happily asks Dhronacharya, “Acharya ask me whatever you want, I can do anything for you".Dhronacharya replies “Well, Gift me your right hand thumb”, Ekalavya shockingly looks at acharya being aware of the thing that he can’t practice archery ever after, still being happy by guru asking for gurudakshina cuts his thumb and keep it in Dhronacharya's hand and do sastang namaskara. So this is how Dronacharya puts full stop to the ekalavya story to follow the rules of majesty. Now, I would like to put my views on this story, there are different angles to look at this story, let me start with Ekalavya point of view: Shocked by the Dhronacharya's demand, with great respect on Dhronacharya without putting second thought ekalavya gets ready to cut his finger, but in his mind thinking, I would have given my life instead of my thumb, how can I live without archery, I never thought anything other than archery. While taking out knife, his hands were shivering, without any option left, he cuts his finger and put it in Dhronacharya’s hand. More than the physical pain, he was suffering from mental pain, he lost his consciousness, after few hours he gets up, still in the same pain he goes back home, he took long time to come out of this shock. Many a time he thinks of ending his life but his family members faces and the situations keep him alive. Daily 1 thought run in his head that why God did this to me?Few months passed like this, One day he observe a bird trying to fly with single wing, by keep watching it more closely, he observes it’s damaged wing, but that bird trying to fly and falling down again and again. That moment brings some changes in him, he starts thinking, I can also try practicing, I have lost only one finger not the hand. New era of his life starts from that moment, again he starts practicing with great energy and passion, first few days looks like impossible but it’s gets better day by day. Slowly he gets comfortable and start practicing the technique he learnt before. One day he saw some kids from his own community playing game of war, where in 2 Raja's with their army fighting each other with their hand made archery toys. This makes him to ask them are you guys interested in archery, kids replies: “yes we are very much interested”. That makes him think it’s not only he who wants to learn archery, so he decides to teach those kids who are interested, he offer those kids to teach the techniques he learnt. He teach them starting from making the archery to the great techniques he learnt in his journey. After seeing his potential in archery duryodhana maintained good friendship with ekalavya from the beginning, later he participated in Kurukshetra with his small army with kauravas.Now let’s look at the same story from Dhronacharya's point of view: After listening to the story from Ekalavya, Dhronacharya felt happy to see a great student and amazed by his dedication, at the same time he knows being a Rajaguru he can’t allow anyone being great archery practitioner outside Raja family. In this case Ekalavya considers Dhronacharya as his guru, which is very dangerous for both of them. So he thought of punishing him and closing the chapter without bringing it in front of majesty. Now the point is why Dhronacharya ask for thumb even after knowing about the fact that he can’t practice archery any more, it would kill Ekalavya alive. But after seeing his dedication towards archery Dronacharya's gut feeling was telling Ekalavya will find a way to practice. This will be an ideal punishment so that his talent will not get highlight anywhere and his life will be safer. Dhronacharya being a great leader takes this tough decision behalf of ekalavya for his betterment. Even he remember his promise to his favorite student Arjuna to make him master in archery. This solution even safeguard his team at the same time.My point of view about a great leader: I heard this dialogue in one of the web-series and I quote “there is no right or wrong thing in this position, few things looks right from this side, which looks wrong from other side, same way few things looks right from other side looks wrong from this side, sometimes you can’t judge things right or wrong and just forced to do it”. Being a great leader is not easy thing, I was in the assumption that leader traits can be learned by anybody who has interest to learn, I myself learnt a lot of things working with many great leaders I met in my life. I have sensed the pain inside a leader very closely, it’s not easy for a leader to take tough decision in some situation. Especially convincing others about that decision when they themselves are not sure about the result.Most of the time leader's decision will make or break others life. Sometime negative result of their decision will impact on themselves very badly, coming out of that emotional impact and convincing themselves is not at all easy task. May be this is the reason everybody can’t become a great leader. Leadership is one thing never lost its worth over generations. Every position has it’s own plus and minus, no job is easy in the world. I am putting full stop for my thoughts with due respect on each and every leaders for their self struggled emotional life. 

10 Online To-Do List Apps to Watch in 2020 (Free and Paid)
 sravya Malli  
 9 March 2020  

Originally Published at Troop Messenger When was the last time you forgot to do animportant task? And, when was the last time you decided to create online to-do lists, but never kept up to it-because obviously, who has the time to pull out a pen and paper to note everything down? Well, you are not alone. It’s a human tendency to forget things, and later regret not being efficient at task management. Having a to-do-list app is not only about organizing the daily tasks but also keeping track of the progress, and completing them to meet goals. Do we even need to explain why everyone should have to-do-list applications on their smartphones? There are over hundreds of to-do-list applications with a great many features and specifications. These applications have been around for a long time. But, here’s something: Not all the applications fit the user requirement. Keeping track of tasks and daily work is an intensely personal thing, and users will switch off from any application that doesn’t meet their needs. Let’s face it. Finding the right to-do-list application can be an overwhelming (and equally disappointing) task. That’s why we conducted exhaustive research on the top-rated applications reviewed each of them on the basis of their features, ease of use, pricing, and supported platform. We have written this article after spending a lot of time during feature analysis and unbiased comparison. And finally, we present to you what we believe is the best to-do list apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, and macOS.  Best To-Do List App in 2019 1. Microsoft To-Do2. Wunderlist3. Todoist4. TickTick5. Things6. Keep & Share7. Any Do8. Toodle Do9. OmniFocus10. Notion  Microsoft To-Do ( The Office user’s To-Do list app)  Supported Platforms: Android, Windows, and iOS Pricing: Free From office task management to daily life events, Microsoft To-Do can be your go-to application for recording everything you need to get done, every single day. To-Do by Microsoft empowers the users to accomplish more by adding a new task, tracking the on-going work, removing the to-do once it is completed. With access to your daily list, you can review tasks due, set reminders to complete them on time, streamline your activities, and eliminate all confusion. Highlights: Microsoft To-Do has a very clean and user-friendly interface. The app assures great flexibility with the standard UI and UX.The deep integration with Microsoft tools is a standout feature. If you are using Outlook and wish to sync your task to your mobile phone, the Microsoft To-Do makes it possible with one-click.Adding to-dos has never been easier. For this application, Windows and iPhone users can also use voice command service.For example, if you are using Windows, you can ask Cortana to add a new task to your specific to-do list.It is cloud-based and so it can be integrated with Office 365. What’s Missing: The tools lack task management and collaboration feature.MacOS version is still unavailable and hence Microsoft To-Do needs to work on the collaboration front. Best Suited For: Both Personal and Professional needs. If you want a personal space to create and track your tasks, Microsoft To-do is the best. It’s not for those who want to work collaboratively with colleagues on the same project.  Wunderlist (The daily planner To-Do list app)   Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire and the Web  Pricing: Free With Wunderlist, you get the flexibility to get stuff done with ease. Whether you have plans to meet a friend, deliver a project, contact a client, or plan a business party, Wunderlist is the perfect solution for ticking off all your professional and personal to-dos. Highlights: The app makes it super easy to create, organize, and share the to-do on the go. You can also group the related list in one folder.It allows the users to assign to-dos and tasks irrespective of geographical locations, set reminders, and accomplish tasks within the due date.The tool allows users to work collaboratively. With Wunderlist, teamwork can be very flexible since you can share tasks and work together. It’s also a perfect app where you can host all communications together.With Wunderlist, you can print the to-do with one click.  What’s Missing: The application is not suitable for advanced task management. It doesn’t support a native calendar view and built-in time tracking feature, which can be a hindrance for task management. Best Suited For: Basic level task management. As long as you need standard task management features in a to-do list app, Wunderlist comes in really handy.For advanced task management, this online to-do list tool is not the best choice.  Todoist (The To-do task manager list app)   Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, and the Web  Pricing: Free Version Available   Millions of people are using this application to streamline daily tasks and activities. The tool lets the user keep track of all their tasks, and in that way, helps them enjoy peace of mind. With Todoist, you can efficiently add the tasks, set reminders, never worry about forgetting urgent things. It works anywhere, anytime, and across all devices. Highlights: It keeps all the tasks in one place and gives users confidence that all the activities and to-dos are well organized.Where ‘Quick add’ allows users to capture and manage tasks, the ‘Reminder feature’ helps them build habits and remember approaching deadlines.The prioritization feature facilitates prioritizing tasks, highlighting what’s more important, and mapping out project goalsThe application can be integrated with dozens of third-party applications like Dropbox, Zapier, IFTTT, AmazonAlexa, GoogleCalendar, and others.  What’s Missing: Built-in time management and tracking feature are missing. Todoist lacks a dedicated module for meeting management. Best Suited For: Todoist is best for those people who want to meet productivity goals. The Todoist Karma points, streaks, and levels are some of the features they can use to see tangible progress of your project.This feature lets you measure the progress through beautiful visualization and graphs.  TickTick  (The Productive To-Do list app)   Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, and the Web  Pricing: Free Version Available  Paid Plan Starts at : $2.4/month  As the name implies, this tool lets the user make checklists (to-do lists), organize them in the order of priority, and then tick them off after completing the tasks. Millions of people use this to-do list template to capture, organize, and prioritize tasks and make the most of their working days. Highlights: The in-built calendar facilitates reminder setting so you never miss an important meeting, a client’s project delivery, or an important phone call.The flexible calendar view helps a user check their schedule and manage it according to their convenience.Those who want to work collaboratively, can assign tasks, share the to-do list, check project progress, and stay productive togetherTickTick can be synced across multiple platforms. The tool supports voice input, Siri commands, and it can also convert emails into tasks.TickTick also has Pomo Timer, which is based on the Pomodoro Technique that helps the user to stay focused and play white noise in the background.  What’sMissing: TickTick doesn’t support integration with other project management apps, which hinders workflow. Best Suited For: It’s perfect for everyone who wants to increase their daily productivity. The PomoTimer is a great feature that can be used to enhance focus and eliminate distraction.With TickTick, Organization is simple. You can organize tasks into lists, tasks, subtasks, and folders.Furthermore, all these can be sorted in accordance with priority, tags, and custom lists.  Things (The award-winning To-Do list app)   Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch  Pricing: 15-Day Free Trial Available  MacOS: $49.99  iPad: $19.99  iPhone & Apple Watch: $9.99  Things is an award-winning, and critically acclaimed personal task manager, specially designed for iPhone and Mac users. It's got powerful features, all-new design, and a great many interactions. It has no shortage of functionalities, and yet all features are provided in a manner they never feel cluttered. Things are the best to-do list apps for the iPhone. Highlights: Easy drag and drop UI that allows users to rearrange the task in order of priority.Headings feature for creating categories within the task and forming structure to streamline the workflow.Calendar view with start and end date of the task.Push notifications for reminders, advanced search filters, and focus mode for essential tasks.Visual aids like a pie chart that allows project tracking and progress monitoring over time.  What’s Missing: The tools lack collaboration feature. The lists cannot be shared with others and so, co-working through Things is not feasible. It's more of a personal task manager.The app is available only for Apple device users. Best Suited For: Apple Device users who want to sync their to-dos across all the devices, and review, edit, and organize the personal tasks. Things are mainly recommended for personal use.  Keep & Share (The easiest To-Do list app)  Supported Platforms: iPhone, Android, and Windows.  Pricing: Free Plan for individual use is available with 500 calendar entries  Paid Plan: For personal use is available at $9 per month with 3000 calendar entries  Multi-User plan: starts at :$19 per month with 3000 calendar entries Have you ever wanted to have a personalized calendar that marks all your important dates, meetings, schedules, and upcoming tasks? In short, your virtual time management assistant. Keep & Share is one such application that offers a secure and customizable calendar which you can review, edit, and access anytime, anywhere. These calendars are shareable, which makes office collaboration very simple and secure. Highlights: As soon as an admin makes any changes in the schedules, all team members get instant notifications by text message and emails.Keep & Share can be used to assign tasks, jobs, and schedule appointments with team members and also in their personal calendars.All the individual calendars can be grouped later to create a master calendar.The tool tagging and variant coloring options, which makes the organization very simple. Using the tags, you can filter the calendar to find just what you need.You can divide events between different team members, add extra details in grids, and compare schedules through the side-by-side view. What’s Missing?  The tool lacks a dedicated subtask management feature and the time-tracking option. One can share the calendar with team members, but cannot integrate it with other task management applications. Best Suited For: Office and Team Work. If you want to manage a big project by keeping all the team members on the same page, Keep & Share is a perfect choice.The tool will keep all the employees on track of what's happening and what has been changed in the plan.  Any Do (The Freemium To-Do list app)   Supported Platforms: Android and Windows.  Pricing:  Free Plan with basic features is Available  Paid plan with advanced features starts at : $2.99 per month  Your busy life needs an application that can streamline all your tasks and help you become a more organized and productive person. Any-Do is one such application with extensive task management features. It is used by millions of people to get more things done. Highlights: The tool’s basic functionality is organization. You can organize your lists, tasks, and events, and set reminders for each.The application seamlessly syncs with all types of devices and operating systems, which makes your to-dos accessible anytime, anywhere.With beautiful calendars and the turbo-charged features, the users can keep track of all their projects, save time, and make every day productive.The app has a one time, recurring, custom, and location-based reminder settings, which assures that you never miss out on what’s important.  What’s Missing:  Any Do doesn't support advanced task management for the free plan. For example, you cannot share the list or integrate it with third-party tools in the free version.The premium plan, however, offers both communication and collaboration features. Best Suited For: Both personal and professional needs, especially users who want to complete tasks based on their geographical locations. The location-based notification features are a great way of getting things done just where you want.  Toodle Do (The multi-functional To-Do list app)   Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Web browsers, and Windows.  Pricing: Free Plan with basic features is Available  Paid plan with advanced features starts at : $2.99 per month  With Toodle Do, Task management is easy, efficient, and productive. If you want a To-Do application with great many task management features, Toodle Do has to be the final pick. It has got everything you need to streamline workflow, organize tasks, and boost productivity. Highlights: It is a powerful application with features like Due Dates, Reminders, Schedule, and Folders management.You can quickly sort all the lists with the easy search, filter option, and tags.The Status features allow users to keep track of the tasks, and the Batch Edit can be used to make changes to the group.Prioritize the tasks and to-dos by adding stars, setting goals, and adding priority levels.The tool has a wide variety of options like exporting, importing, and data backup. What’s Missing: The tool lacks a dedicated customer care support or issues management module.Both the collaboration and advanced task management features are missing in the free plan. Best Suited For: Office teams on tight-schedules and deadlines. The collaboration features, tasks addition via email, full history, and priority support are some of the features that can make task management efficient for professionals.  OmniFocus (The feature-stack To-Do list app)   Supported Platforms: iPhone and Mac Computers Pricing: 14-Day Free Trial Available OmniFocus : 3 license is available at $49.99  This is a To-do list application with the most refreshing design. OmniFocus is built with a fresh design and interactive UI, which makes it an appealing platform to work on. With all the powerful features like Quick entry, forecast, view options, perspectives, syncing, and light and dark mode, you can take complete control of the daily tasks. Highlights: You can add actions through Siri Voice Command, and the reminder setting to make sure you never forget anything important.The actions can be grouped into tasks, and then into projects. This way, you and your team can work collaboratively. For better search results, add tags, set priority, importance level, and location.There is a perspective feature that can be used for OmniFocus users to plan their day and do things on their lists. Online syncing assures that all your data are always up-to-date on all your devices.Mac users can opt for a pro plan where they use features like custom sidebar, focus mode, custom perspective, and apple script. What’s Missing? The application is not available for Android and Windows users.For beginners, OmniFocus can be too complicated. Many options can be overwhelming to understand at first. Best Suited For: iPhone mobile and Mac computer users who want to follow to-dos and streamline workflow in both personal and professional aspects of their lives.It's an excellent tool for users who follow the GTD approach as it has a dedicated functionality to help get everything done faster.  Notion (The All-in-one To-Do list app)    Supported Platforms: Web, Mobile, Mac, Windows  Pricing: Free Version is Available  Personal plan is available at : $4 per month  Team plan is available at  : $8 per month  Enterprise plan is available at : $8 per month  This new to-do list tool is designed for writing, collaborating, planning, and organizing purposes. With Notion, you get to do a lot more than setting up tasks and reminders. It's a one-in-all tool with a great many features. Highlights: The application supports over 30 media types, and lets you have a simple and comfortable writing experience.It works like GiHubWiki by turning a user’s tribal information into the easy-to-look answers.You can add tasks, assign teams, and roles. You can create checklists and roadmaps to accomplish the assigned roles through Kanban board, list view, and Calendar.This tool lets you keep a record of all the critical information through spreadsheets and databases.It works offline too and syncs with your devices in real-time. What’s Missing? It lacks communication features and real-time discussion with the team membersThe time tracking feature is not available. Best Suited For: Notion is the perfect solution for ticking off all your professional to-dos and managing tasks at an advanced level.The project management is more accessible with Notion, but you'll have to use a separate application for communicating with the team members. Conclusion: Finding the best task management software system can be overwhelming. More the options, the more confusing it gets. Hence, we have done your homework and presented you with the top-rated tools to pick from. If you are an android user, TickTick and Todoist can be a great pick. Windows users can easily rely on Microsoft To-Do, and Apple users can go with Things and OmniFocus. And if you want a tool that works across all platforms, Wuderlist, Toodle Do, and Keep & Share can be the safest (and the smartest) pick. This marks the end of the best to-do list app available. What do you think will work best for your task management needs? Let us know in the comments below.