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Your search for sbcglobal.net server settings
Strategies To Configure The ATT Email Outlook Settings
 18 July 2019  

ATT is one of the most popular email service used by a huge population of user all across the world. ATT webmail proffers a wide range of provisional features to its customers like that of high storage capacity, sending and receiving emails, connecting to people in different parts across the world. Thus, it has become more effortless, and simple to get connected to others. It is always concerned about the security of the ATT email account and also protects against the malware and virus.In this article, the experts have elaborated in brief the easy methods and steps of ATT email outlook settings. With the help of these steps, one can easily set the ATT.Net to email setup.How to set up the ATT email settings on Outlook?Here, we have mentioned below some of the easy steps to ATT email outlook settings. Are you looking for the strategies for setting up the ATT email settings? Do you want to know the SMTP and ATT.Net IMAP Settings? Then, you have to execute the following steps that are given below are as follows:From the File tab, select Add Account. •    In the Add New Account window, select the manually configured ATT email outlook settings and select next. •    If the notification appears like this: Would you like to configure an email account? Select yes, at that point select next. •    Select the POP or IMAP radio option, and afterwards select next•    In the user Information segment, enter your name and email address. •    In the Server Information area, For Account Type, select POP3, For Incoming mail server, enter inbound.att.net, For Outgoing mail (SMTP) server, and enter outbound.att.net.•    After these steps, in the login information sector, enter your details such as username and password.•    After that, select the Remember password checkbox and Snap-On ‘More settings’•    On the Outgoing Server tab, select My active server (SMTP) requires validation Use same settings as my approaching mail server. On the Advanced tab, Set Incoming server (POP 3) to port 995, Select this checkbox: This server requires a safe association (SSL), Set Outgoing server (SMTP) to port 465, For Use the accompanying kind of encrypted association, select SSL. •    Select OK, Next, and after that Finish. If you are getting issues while following the steps, then get in touch with our proficient experts for a solution. They are available round the clock to give you service.The final dictumSo as to utilize ATT email successfully, the client needs the ATT email outlook settings effectively. Consequently, it will assist the client in making the most extreme utilization of ATT email also. The previously mentioned advances are according to the rules of the ATT specialized help group specialists. In the event that you are experiencing inconvenience identifying with the ATT email service standpoint, at that point you can call us at our ATT email helpline number whenever. We are available 24*7 to control help to customers as we are glad to help you any time of time, day and night. Our team will guide you through the efficient steps of the settings.

How to set up ATT email on Outlook
 27 August 2019  

Outlook is an email client that can help you manage multiple email accounts and access emails on one platform. It is one of the most popular webmail services and has different features, such as message filters, virus scanning, folder organization, and much more. This article will give you a general idea about the steps you need to follow to set up your AT&T email account on MS Outlook. Since the setup steps may vary depending on which version of Outlook you are using, it is best that you call the att customer service number and consult a certified email expert to clarify your doubts before you begin the process to set up your account manually. AT&T Email Server SettingDepending on your account type you can use the server settings given below to set up AT&T Email on Outlook:AT&T Email Protocol: POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3)Inbound server: inbound.att.netInbound port: 995SSL: YesOutbound server: outbound.att.netOutbound port: 465AT&T Email Protocol: IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)Inbound server: imap.mail.att.netInbound port: 993SSL: YesOutbound server: smtp.mail.att.netOutbound port: 465 or 587Steps to set up AT&T email on OutlookStep to set up AT&T email on OutlookWhenever you want to set up your AT&T email account on Outlook, you need to ensure that you have the correct configuration settings to set up your account. The AT&T email configuration settings vary depending on the type of account i.e., POP3 or IMAP. You can follow the steps given below and enter the relevant account settings to complete the setup process: Step 1: Open MS Outlook on your computer and log in to your account.Step 2: Access the file section and click ‘Info’ to open your account settings.Step 3: Go to the ‘Email’ option in the list and click ‘Add new account.’Step 4: Click on the option to manually configure your AT&T account.Step 5: Enter your AT&T email address and password in the given fields.Step 6: Choose the account type (either POP3 or IMAP) and continue.Step 7: Enter the relevant incoming mail and outgoing mail server settings.Step 8: Save the settings and restart your computer to check if you can access your AT&T emails on Microsoft Outlook. Be sure to click the on the box that reads ‘This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)’ so that your account is secure. If you have any trouble setting up your email account on Outlook you can call the att technical support  and speak to a qualified email expert to resolve the error. AT&T email experts are available 24 hours a day to help you fix any technical error related to your email account.Read more: att contact numberSource URL: How to set up AT&T email on Outlook

Get The ATT Server Settings Process From Technical Experts
 11 October 2019  

Are you getting issues while setting up the ATT email server? Confronting problems with your ATT webmail account? At this time, you may need the assistance of the ATT professionals. With a view to making the right usage of the ATT webmail features, one requires to configure the ATT email server settingsin the correct possible way. Are you getting issues while configuring them? Then, dial the ATT toll-free helpline number for resolution.The ATT email support team is present to help you at all time. The AT&T email service team consists of proficient experts who are highly trained to administer resolution to users on time. They have the proper knowledge of the different technical hitches and can also solve them on time. Due to lack of knowledge, some users are unable to cope with the issues and thus, our technical experts help you to get rid of the issues quickly.How critical are ATT technical support specialists and their job? The specialized experts help you with the ATT email server settings so one can utilize the ATT email account. Attributable to the restrictive highlights of the ATT, clients from various pieces of the world use it for their expert just as close to home utilization. Issues can happen with ATT email whenever; our group consistently encourages clients to stay arranged to meet all circumstances. The ATT email server settings ought to be overseen by the specific masters. These will regulate you organize an ATT email addresses business/official purposes or for the particular field. Beginning from making a record to dealing with the password and security, the nerds will manage your specific assistance at wonderful for email settings. The help group has certain characteristics just as attributives are as per the following: The AT&T email service has a gathering of experts who serves clients with functioning goals consistently.One can without much of a stretch connect with the experts at the toll-free AT&T email service number. Complete client satisfaction is guaranteed. Instant and quality arrangements are given to clients.Obtain round the clock support from ATT professionalsATT users complain about the several problems that they encounter such as ATT email login problem, ATT hacked account and others. The existing users do not feel it difficult to solve but sometimes the amateurs encounter issues doing so. The specific division of the AT&T email service offers the best troubleshooting steps for different kind of issues. These problems may range between login issue, hacked account issue, notification error, account settings error and other settings issue.The final verdict after considering all sidesDo you have any other queries relating to the ATT email service? Do you have any questions associated with ATT email server settings? Connect with the customer support team for resolution. They will provide you with reliable solutions to fix the technical glitches that you are unable to resolve. The AT&T email service technical department consists of team techies who administer effective troubleshooting to all major and minor glitches.

Why ATT Email Server Settings Configuration Is Crucial?
 12 September 2019  

Are you in search of expert advice for your ATT email issue? Are you an ATT email user and confronting issues with ATT webmail account? Then, you will require seeking expert advice from the ATT email support professionals. In order to get the proper functions of the ATT webmail account, it has to be set up properly. The ATT email server settingsshould be configured in the right manner. If you are unable to configure them properly, then seek assistance from the ATT email support technicians for resolution.How significant are ATT tech support experts and their role?The technical professionals assist you with the ATT email server settings so that one can make the best use of the ATT email account. Owing to the exclusive features of the ATT, users from different parts of the world use it for their professional as well as personal usage. Problems can occur with ATT email at any time; our team always advises users to remain prepared to meet all situations. The ATT server settings should be managed by the particular specialists. These will oversee you orchestrate an ATT email speaks to business/official purposes or for the specific field. Starting from making an account to managing the password and security, the geeks will deal with your specialized help at phenomenal for email settings.· The support team has certain qualities as well as attributives are as follows:· The technical team has a group of professionals who serves users with an active resolution at all times. · One can easily get in touch with the specialists at the toll-free ATT support number.· Complete user satisfaction is ensured.· Instant and quality solutions are given to users.Acquire round the clock assistance from the ATT email support techiesThe technical support department of the ATT email is present round the clock to offer a complete solution to users. The particular division of ATT email client care group is continually arranged to help clients at fantastic, even at noon or late morning. Our team is opening relentlessly so even in emergency conditions, people can relate for assistance. They urge customers to turn on talk organization with the objective that the nerds can react to questions and moreover settle your issues inside reach. The customers moreover save the alternative to demand any sort of inquiries identified with the ATT email server settings. Our technical team gives relevant guidelines to the process of configuring the server.The final statement after observationWhat would be the finest thing is that the email clients who browse their emails using a single device should setup the ATT email server settings through the ATT NET POP in their device. This is among the most secure ways through which you can access your emails from any place. Are you receiving problems relating to your ATT email server? Are you unable to troubleshoot the error? Then, you must opt for a professional assistance team. The techies can be connected with the help of the toll-free ATT email helpline number for resolution.

AOL Mail Not Syncing
 19 September 2019  

AOL mail provides the users with the option of connecting their mail account with an email application to assist them in organizing and accessing emails in a more efficient manner. By syncing your emails with the phone or tablet would also allow the users to stay connected to your AOL while the user is traveling. There is also a possibility that the user would face trouble connecting with their emails, or the users can find that the AOL is not syncing. When in such a situation, the users can go through this entire blog to understand the position that they are in. The users also have the option of connecting with AOL helpline numberto seek guidance to solve this malfunction.Ways to solve the issue of AOL Mail not syncingThe solutions which the users can use to resolve this error depends completely on what has caused the malfunction in the first place. When the users accurately identify the source of this malfunction, they can then effectively implement the solution. Solutions to resolve the error is as mentioned below:Solution 1: Logout from your AOL account and then add it againThe easiest way to troubleshoot this issue of not being able to sync is by logging out and removing AOL from the application which you are using. Once the user has successfully removed their email, they can then re-add their AOL email account. This error might have occurred due to corrupted configuration settings. It is also necessary that the users update their email application before they add their AOL email account so as to sync the account without any errors.Solution 2: Check the AOL Mail server settingsOne common reason for AOL email to not sync or fetch email is because the server settings that the user has entered while configuring their account is incorrect. The users can then contact the customer service team and consult a certified expert to find the exact server settings that are needed to sync the emails.Solution 3: Review the Privacy settings of the email applicationThere are certain instances where the email client or the application that the users are using to access AOL does not have sufficient permission to sync their emails. When in such a situation, the users should open the privacy settings and then enable the ‘Let apps access my calendar’ option. Then the user can navigate to the account settings and click on AOL so that you can change the sync duration.Solution 4: Edit the settings of your security softwareSometimes the users might come across a compatibility error between your email application and your anti-virus or firewall software. This would often act as a hindrance while syncing the emails. The users can also try and disable the antivirus software temporarily and then check if the syncing issue has been resolved. The users should also edit the settings of firewall and whitelist the AOL email application to resolve the syncing or fetching emails error.If you are unable to resolve the error using the given solution, then the users have the option of contacting AOL contact number. This service is reachable on a 24-hour basis and is completely free of charge. The users would complete assistance in solving any issue which they might come across.Read More: AOL customer careSource URL: AOL Mail Not Syncing

Troubleshoot BellSouth Email Not Working Problem| +1-844-636-0656
 4 September 2019  

You can have certain BellSouth email login problems while operating your BellSouth account. These problems can come in different shape or forms. Here is a list of issues that can lead to yourBellSouth Email not working-SMTP Server Error- You can have problems if you have not enabled the POP3 server in your network settings. In this case, you are unable to set-up the email account because of a server error. Email incoming Error- In this case you are unable to receive messages from other because your inbound configuration is faulty. You need to set appropriate port values to receive messages in your inbox.Forgotten Password- If you have forgotten your password, then you need to undergo the BellSouth Email password reset. You can reset your password by going to the Forgot Password page of your BellSouth webpage. You can choose to reset the password through receiving a reset link in the inbox of your secondary email or by providing your registered phone number. Email outgoing error- You are unable to send messages from your account if your outgoing server settings are faulty. In such a case, you need to set certain values for the port configuration. Connectivity Error- If there is a network error then you are not able to access the email account. If you are a using a proxy server then it can also create problems while you are using the email. In this case, you need to set specific units for your proxy server in order to setup the email account. This is one of the common BellSouth email login problems. Forgotten User ID- You can face login issues if you have forgotten your User ID. You can retrieve the User ID by using the Forgotten User ID tool and inserting your Modem ID and registered phone number. You have the option to reset the User ID just like the BellSouth Email Password Reset. Email account hacked-In this case, you can retrieve the account by resetting the password but if your account has been sending spam messages, then the email server can block it and it can lead to your BellSouth Email not working. If your email account has been attacked by a hacker then it can blocked so that it is not completely compromised. There are various other issues that can require you to troubleshoot Bellsouth email problem. In some cases, your account can be flagged because of one reason or the other and it is difficult to access it. In other cases, you are unable to access your account because your network settings may require an overhaul. You can require external assistance to troubleshoot BellSouth email problem and use your account normally. If you are plagued by such problems, then you can call us anytime and get rid of them. We are always available to take care of your issues and promise immediate resolutions. You can avoid the hassle of going to a technician if you contact our number. 

Know a Professional Solution to Convert OLM Files to PST
 17 October 2019  

A user can import from the Outlook for Mac files to Outlook but they need to convert OLM files to PST format. The user can opt for an OLM to PST converter and convert the files. If the user wants to export their data to Windows from a Mac, then OLM to PST conversion is needed. In this blog, we will discuss the steps toconvert OLM files to PST.Convert OLM files to PST format Via the Manual MethodCreate An IMAP AccountOpen your Gmail account and click on the ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Forwarding and IMAP’ tab.Make certain that you enable the ‘IMAP’ option and save the changes before shutting it down.Setup The Outlook For MacSelect the Email and enter your email address, password, and other necessary details.Enter the IMAP server and choose the SSL connection and SMTP server.Click on the ‘’Add Account’ option. Migrate Outlook For Mac EmailsOpen Outlook for Mac and choose the file you want to export.Right-click on the selected folder and move the folder.Rename the IMAP folder and click on the ‘Copy’ option.Update the IMAP folder and all the OLM files are updated.Setup The Outlook For The WindowsSetup the Outlook for the Windows and choose Mail> Email>New.Opt for the Manually configure server settings. Click on the ‘Next’ option.Enter the IMAP details and Outgoing/Incoming server details.Click on the ‘More Settings’ option. Choose the SSL connection and click on the ‘Advanced’ option. Enter 993 as the port number in your ‘IMAP’ server.Then, enter the SMTP server’s port number as ‘465’.Click on the SSL connection.Click on the ‘OK’ button. Click on ‘Finish’.The above are the steps to convert OLM to PST files manually, however it is a time-consuming process. The OLM to PST conversion is a challenging task, however, if you choose a reliable OLM to PST converter, then you can make it convenient and convert the files without facing any hassleKDETools OLM to PST Converter Convert OLM files to PST Format: A Professional SolutionKDETools OLM to PST converter is a safer option to export OLM to PST directly on Exchange Server, Apple Mail, and Office 365. The user can easily convert the OLM files to multiple file formats such as  EMLX, PDF, HTML, EML, vCard, MBOX, vCal, and etc. The user can preview the entire content before the conversion process begins. The tool maintains the folder hierarchy and Email Meta Properties. The software ensures the safety of data while transferring as it ensures a 100 % positive conversion without losing even a single file. SummaryIn this blog, we have discussed the manual way to convert OLM files to PST format, however, we have suggested a professional solution to perform a safe conversion of data without risking the safety of data so make sure you avoid using the manual approach and opt for a third-party tool.

Ways To Handle ATT Account Login Problem Easily
 25 July 2019  

You have to login the ATT email account by following few steps in a proper way. In this process you need to set a username and password for your respective account. Only by using those details you can access your account every time you want to do so. But sometimes you may have ATT account loginproblem. There are many reasons behind it but the most common one is that you are entering the wrong login credentials. Sometimes there may be problem in password of the account or issue in internet connection or the issue in the settings of the browser. Irrespective of the cause you should look out for the help of the support team who would help you to handle this issue instantly.If any such condition occurs, where you are unable to access the account then there will be breakage of whole communication process. So, it is very essential that you take steps to resolve it immediately with help of the experts. So, you have to contact the support team for solving the issues as soon as possible. They will find out the actual cause of the problem and will solve it as well make the required changes in ATT email server settings if there is some issue in the settings of the account. Here are few more cause of the sign in problem:Once you find that the account has been hacked then that simply states that you are in mid of a dangerous situation.  The hacker can misuse all your information present in your account so as soon as you find your account has been hacked. If any how the hacker changes the password, then you will not be able to complete ATT account login procedure so you have to contact the experts who will try to recover the account as soon as possible.Usually when the browser you are using does not support the ATT account then you are not allowed to login. In that situation you should always ensure that you change the browser you are using. You can make some changes in the settings of the browser and the problem will be resolved.  The professional team helps you to make appropriate changes in the ATT email server settings.If you enter wrong password, then you will not be able to sign in that situation may arise ifyou have forgotten the password that you have recently reset by seeing that notification that ATT has sent you then you are left with only one option that is recovering the password.These are are some of the major causes of att email login problem. If you find any such cause then you should instantly take steps for solving all such reasons or if you can’t understand the cause then it’s better to avail help of the expert technicians. You can always take help of our support company as our technicians will always serve you with reliable and result oriented services.

How to fix QuickBooks Error Code 12007
 4 October 2019  

If you are looking to run your business like a well-oiled machine, you need to make sure you’re the programs, and software you use are up-to-date. However, there are times when you may find it difficult to update and run QuickBooks because of issues with the internet settings. Since the program uses Internet Explorer to access the internet and download the updates, you need to make sure you are using the correct network settings. When there is an error connecting to the internet or if there is a problem updating the software, you will see an error message that reads ‘Error Code 12007.’ You can call the quickbooks customer support number and consult a trained software expert to find out exactly what you need do to resolve the issue. You can also go through the steps mentioned below to change your browser settings so that QuickBooks can connect to the internet.Steps to fix QuickBooks Error Code 12007The main reason why QuickBooks displays ‘Error Code 12007’ is that there is a problem with the Internet Explorer settings. Any discrepancy in the settings can sometimes create issues while downloading updates. You can follow the steps given below to review your Internet Explorer settings and fix Error 12007:Step 1: Close the QuickBooks Desktop program and open Internet Explorer.Step 2: Press Alt and go to the ‘Tools’ section and select ‘Internet Options.’Step 3: Open the Security tab and click on the Globe iconStep 4: See that the security level is set to a Medium-high level.Step 5: If you do not use the dial-up node select ‘Never Dial a Connection’.Step 6: Alternately, if you use dial-up node, select the correct ISP.Step 7: Open the LAN settings and select the automatically detect option.Step 8: Check whether ‘Use a Proxy Server’ checkbox is clear.Step 9: Click ‘Restore Advanced Settings’ and locate ‘Use TLS 1.2.’ to make sure it is selected.Once you verify that all the Internet Explorer settings are in place, you can close the browser and reboot your computer. Once the system is back online, you can reopen QuickBooks Desktop and check if you can complete the required updates. In case you still find it difficult to update the software, you can call quickbooks customer care number and ask for help. Some other program or software may be preventing QuickBooks from downloading the updates. Professional software experts and technicians are available 24 hours a day to give you advanced solutions to fix Error Code 12007 so that you can continue using QuickBooks.Read more: quickbooks tech supportSource URL: How to fix QuickBooks Error Code 12007

How to Solve “Facebook Images Not Loading” Problem?
 23 September 2019  

Are no images appearing on Facebook? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find out how to fix this issue. There are several reasons why images are not showing up on your Facebook account. This problem is noticed in the web browsers and even on the Android app. Facebook hasn’t released the solution for this issue officially. To solve the problem first, we should know what is causing the issue in your device. So what’s the wait? Let’s get started.Source:Quickbooks Technical Support , Solve “Facebook Images Not Loading” Problem'Factors that Cause no Image on Facebook The issues that can cause no images on the most popular social media are given below:DNS not working: Yes if your DNS server is not running as it usually does, then it can cause several issues such failures in loading images for some specific sites such as Facebook and others. DNS does a great job in troubleshooting hostnames of different platforms and requests.Poor internet connection: Check whether your internet speed is optimized or not. You can play YouTube to check whether the internet is capable of streaming videos or not. If you see that YouTube videos are not playing, then that means you need a better connection. Network cache: Network cache does an essential job in playing all applications that require the internet to work. If there is an error in the network cache, then it may affect Facebook images too. Hosts file: These files are meant to handle the hosts on your device locally. If the host file is missing proper entries for your Facebook, then it may block images to load. Now you know the basic causes of the “Facebook images not loading” error. Now you can troubleshoot this error with ease. Solution 1: Check Your Internet ConnectionIt should be the first choice to solve the images not loading problem on Facebook. Here ‘s how to check it:Connect other devices with the same internet connection and then open Facebook in the other device to check if the images are loading. If images don’t appear on the other device too, then the problem is your internet.Try to check the internet speed with a third party application or default feature if possible. If the speed seems to be very slow, then it can cause no images on Facebook. Try to play YouTube videos; if videos are playing just fine, then that means the problem is not your internet. Some settings are preventing images from loading on your device. That is how to check internet status. If your Wi-Fi is not working correctly, then restart your router to fix the connection issue. Solution 2: Checking the Browser Settings If you are using Facebook on your browser, then there is a possibility that a setting is preventing images. Here’s how to check and fix it:First of all, try to open another website on the same browser. If there are no images in the whole webpage, then it means the settings have disabled images.To enable images on your browser, go to the “Settings” and then restore all settings to defaults.By doing so, you can fix this issue. Solution 3: Setting Google’s DNS If nothing is working for you, then don’t panic and follow the instructions to get this done. However, the below process is a bit long, but it should fix the issue. See the steps given below:Navigate to the Control Panel in your computer.Once you reached there, go to the “Network and Internet” option. Head to “Network and Sharing Center.”Choose the network that you are connected to. Head to the “Properties” option located in the lower-left corner. Open the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” option by double-clicking on it. Tap the “Use the following DNS server Addresses:” and then edit the below boxes with the values that are given here.   8. Press the OK button to save your preferences. Now reboot your device to experience the changes. Celine Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on quickbooks support and many other accounting software-related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

Get the best solution for Roadrunner email not working
 29 August 2019  

Roadrunner being used widely because of its features and it is also the finest web email service providers. Roadrunner web mail service is additionally called TWC i.e. Time Warner Cable. Roadrunner Emails Support is the best platform to connect Roadrunner Email related technical issues like, Roadrunner email not working, to the best technicians. In regard to this, following are the few steps to resolve Roadrunner Email Not Working Error:1. At present no mail for the Roadrunner.2. Roadrunner mail problem login.3. The page that does not load.4. There is no service5. Send and receive the issueIf you encounter any of the above notification, it is possibly due to incorrect settings or problems with the time warner email login, so get these issues fix easily. Moving towards you can get the best possible way to recognize if your TWC Email Not Working.How to recognize if TWC Email Not Working?1. Login error in Roadrunner email: An invalid details while login may stop you to access your account. In addition, the user must check the details, including their username and password. And then make sure you enter the corresponding email address and password. If you have doubts, you can easily reset the email password and log in again. You will be logged into the respective account easily without further error.2.Roadrunner email doesn't work on smartphones: Users find it easier to login there email account in there system while it become difficult to login in there smartphones. In fact, they find it difficult to send emails also. This technical problem may be directly related to invalid user details or the address of the server. You have to check the server address for this, and then make sure you have entered the correct login credentials for this email account.Roadrunner Mail That Does Not Receive Emails:Users may also find it difficult to receive mails from Roadrunner emails and also if some of the emails are missing from folders that may be irritating. This technical problem can be related to email settings, so you need to look at email filters and mail forwarding, etc.Call Roadrunner Support To Resolve Roadrunner email not working On iPhone:If you are still getting it difficult to fix Roadrunner Email error 501 then feel free to call at our toll-free number +1 (866) 748-5444.  Our experts are available 24/7 to provide you any technical assistance.

Outlook PST Password Recovery Tool
 9 September 2019  

Passwords are specially allotted to files to preserve the data secretiveness and to protect the files from any position receiver or unauthenticated admittance. Outlook PST Files are also secured in the selfsame mode by countersign coding. email messages are real grievous for the users as they contain secret information of their commercialism and own living. It is rattling apprehended that organizations and domestic users cannot afford unauthorized availability to much semiprecious and secret mail, that's why watchword should be practical to your box folder. The CRC32 system is applied on outlook to outlet PST parole. This information generates a 32-bit hash encipher. PST file of outlook is ransomed on computer's mean as a file grouping.By default, a Microsoft outlook PST file is set at:FOR WINDOWS 7 OR VISTA "C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Microsoft outlook"FOR WINDOWS XP: "C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft outlook"Microsoft outlook allows sixfold users to accession MS outlook effort on the identical system, apiece having an separatist personalize mailbox folder.How to set word on these private folders?Open MS outlook 2010 then go to file tab and select Calculate SettingsOn Calculate Settings dialog box, penetrate on Information Files tab and then move the folder on which you necessary to a set secret.Select Settings option and then go to Difference CountersignWrite your new password.Declare the secret by typing it again. Don't superior Save this watchword tab in your countersign list canvass box if different users score to share the comparable machine.Click ok and then Close the application Window.But sometimes, you may connection that MS outlook fails to distinguish the PST password. Imagine the Express if you miscarry to refer the watchword of your outlook (PST) email address. All your arch data like- email messages, individual itemize, and contacts faculty go astray. The status may metamorphose worsened smooth when your email client is unable to service you in Thinning the unnoticed password.Sometimes your Windows salience may get seriously unsound due to a system hitting or nonstarter. Erst the system is recovered, you may notice that Windows stringiness is forfeit and outlook PST files are unavailable. You may get an error mail of 'Incorrect Password" when transferring your personal mail like- email messages and contacts from PST file to your new profile. An error substance is also change up when you add more file to oversize your PST files.But don't change up desire as there are lots of countersign deed result deliverance. These deed solutions expeditiously reprocess countersign of any length and cerebrate the choice to save it to a file or clipboard.BEST WAY TO RECOVER YOUR OUTLOOK PST PASSWORD BACK :-1.There are drawing of companies who provides numerous of PST secret recovery software's online. Much Parole effort tools also let software's to ameliorate passwords of MS SQL Server, VBA, MS Gain, NSF localized securities remover, MS Accession, MSN, IE, Windows Springy, DBX, etc. More of these parole deed tools provided are emancipated of expenditure. Its "outlook PST Secret Recovery" tool is a top rated Tool to remover your MS outlook PST word of any length. This tool steps both your ANSI and Unicode files.2. Usually it is a bit leathery for users to meliorate their password of outlook PST file. But manually you can set a new word or shift watchword assets from your PST file.3. You can also raise your PST file by spurting "PST19UPG.exe". It upgrades your outlook PST file format to succeeding variation of outlook formatting and thus, removes a word. In this way, you can access your important listing and email messages from PST file without any duty of parole. Use This.exe with SCANPST.exe in the followers precondition way :This PST19UPG.exe and clink twice on it. To experience the locating of scanpst.exe stored in your machine, virtuous read: How to Repair PST file of MS outlook?Click on the open tab then Start and Run.Now write the overlook PST19UPG.EXE followed by the PST file path and file slang and plosive on commence tab. Reproduce copy of PST file is created with the dissemination - psxNow you can rename your file .pst file.Open cmd and typewrite "exe -filename.psx" and clack participate.Now new PST file is created from this reduplicate .psxOnce  again click twice on Exe and then emit to better.Start MS outlook and unprotected your new PST file.Outlook PST Password Recovery by is a real robust and functional agency provided at a rattling low outgo. It's fashionable and straight have achieve it halt out of the near. It steps bilingual countersign, congruous with all the Windows Operative System versions and steps all versions of MS outlook till 2013. Visit here: 

Tips to Fix Roadrunner Email Not Working| Dial: +1 (866) 748-5444
 13 September 2019  

Roadrunner email is one of the widely used email accounts, the chances of getting technical issues in it is also higher. To get resolved all he technical issues of Roadrunner email you can contact at Roadrunner Emails Support. Following are the few notification that you may get while the Roadrunner Email Not Working :1. At present no mail for the Roadrunner.2. Getting roadrunner mail login problem.3. Page that does not load.4. No service5. Send and receive the issueRoadrunner web mail service is additionally called TWC i.e. Time Warner Cable. But some time there is  possibilities of getting any Time Warner Cable Login Issues. If you find difficult to login in your email account, it may be due to users invalid details. All you need to do is contact our Roadrunner Customer Support number +1(866)748-5444, our technicians who are all time available will help you whenever you want. Moving towards you can get the best possible way to recognize if your TWC Email Not Working.How to recognize if TWC Email Not Working?1. Login error in Roadrunner email: An invalid details while login may stop you to access your account. In addition, the user must check the details, including their username and password. And then make sure you enter the corresponding email address and password. If you have doubts, you can easily reset the email password and log in again. You will be logged into the respective account easily without further error.2.Roadrunner email doesn't work on smartphones: Users find it easier to login there email account in there system while it become difficult to login in there smartphones. In fact, they find it difficult to send emails also. This technical problem may be directly related to invalid user details or the address of the server. You have to check the server address for this, and then make sure you have entered the correct login credentials for this email account.Roadrunner Mail That Does Not Receive Emails:Users may also find it difficult to receive mails from Roadrunner emails and also if some of the emails are missing from folders that may be irritating. This technical problem can be related to email settings, so you need to look at email filters and mail forwarding, etc.Call Roadrunner Support To Resolve Roadrunner Email Not Working On iPhone:If you are still getting it difficult to fix Roadrunner Email error 501 then feel free to call at our toll-free number +1 (866) 748-5444.  Our experts are available 24/7 to provide you any technical assistance.

Cara Migrasi Zimbra ke PST
 23 December 2020  

Sebagian besar pengguna dari seluruh dunia menggunakan Zimbra untuk mengirim dan menyimpan email, kalender, folder, kontak, subfolder, tugas, dan lain-lain. Namun, tidak semua pengguna dapat memahami antarmuka dan fitur Zimbra karena mereka menganggapnya menantang. tugas untuk menanganinya sehingga mereka mencari cara bagaimana memigrasi Zimbra ke PST. Blog ini membahas metode cepat dan aman untuk mengimplementasikan proses migrasi dalam waktu singkat.Migrasi Zimbra ke Format PST Melalui Metode Manual:● Buka aplikasi Zimbra di komputer Anda.● Klik dua kali pada tombol 'Preferensi'.● Tekan pada opsi 'Ekspor atau Impor'.● Klik dua kali pada opsi 'Advanced Settings'.● Tekan pada tab 'Ekstrak'.● Klik dua kali pada opsi 'Simpan File'.● Klik kanan pada tab 'OK'.Yang disebutkan di atas adalah langkah-langkah rumit yang memungkinkan pengguna untuk memigrasi Zimbra ke tipe PST secara manual. Banyak ahli tidak menyarankan metode manual karena mereka menganggapnya sebagai tugas yang membosankan dan rumit karena meningkatkan kemungkinan merusak seluruh data dan menghapus item kotak surat Anda. Kami menyarankan pengguna kami untuk menggunakan Zimbra ke Outlook Converter dan memigrasi seluruh kotak surat Zimbra mereka ke jenis file PST dengan aman.Zimbra to Outlook Converter: Metode yang Mudah dan Aman untuk Memigrasi Zimbra ke Format PSTZimbra ke Outlook Converter adalah alat profesional yang memiliki banyak fitur canggih dan antarmuka sederhana untuk memigrasi item Zimbra ke format Outlook PST dalam waktu singkat. Setiap pengguna dapat menggunakan perangkat lunak untuk memigrasi item kotak surat Zimbra ke PST tanpa menghadapi kesulitan apa pun. Perangkat lunak ini memiliki berbagai fitur yang kuat, canggih, dan efisien yang membuatnya menjadi tugas yang sederhana dan tidak merepotkan bagi pengguna untuk memigrasi file Zimbra ke format file PST secara langsung. Migrator yang kuat memungkinkan pengguna untuk memigrasi Zimbra ke PST, MBOX, Gmail, MSG, EML, NSF, HTML, ICS, Office 365, Exchange Server, VCF, EMLX, PDF, dan lain-lain. Zimbra ke Outlook Converter yang canggih memfasilitasi pengguna untuk menyimpan item kotak surat Zimbra di lokasi yang diinginkan di sistem mereka.RingkasanDi blog ini, kami telah membahas metode manual untuk memigrasi Zimbra ke format file PST dan membahas secara detail semua langkahnya. Kami menyarankan alat canggih untuk memigrasi Zimbra ke PST dengan aman dan cepat tanpa menghapus dan merusak data.Baca Lebih: https://www.kdetools.com/blog/free-methods-export-zimbra-to-pst.html

So konvertieren Sie OST in PST
 30 April 2021  

Know-how zum einfachen Konvertieren von OST in das PST-FormatViele MS Outlook-Benutzer haben eine Liste mit Fragen zur einfachen Konvertierung von OST in das PST-Format im Kopf. Wenn Sie Fragen haben, lesen Sie den Blog weiter, da wir die Lösungen ausführlich besprochen haben, damit ein Benutzer eine professionelle Lösung findet. Wenn eine Person in MS Outlook im Offline-Modus arbeitet, werden die Postfachelemente im OST-Format (Offline Storage Table) gespeichert. Outlook speichert die Postfachelemente im PST-Format (Personal Storage Table), sobald die Internetverbindung verfügbar ist. Finden Sie heraus, mit welcher Methode ein Benutzer OST einfach in das PST-Format konvertieren kann.A-Liste der häufigsten Gründe, warum ein Benutzer OST in das PST-Format konvertiertIn diesem Abschnitt haben wir einige häufige Gründe aufgeführt, warum ein Benutzer OST in das PST-Format konvertieren muss:● Wenn der Exchange Server nicht funktioniert.● Plötzliches Herunterfahren des Betriebssystems.● Wenn der Exchange Server abstürzt.● Beim Sichern der Exchange Server-Postfachelemente.Erfahren Sie, wie Sie OST manuell in PST konvertierenIn diesem Abschnitt haben wir die manuellen Schritte zum Konvertieren von OST in das PST-Format ausführlich beschrieben. Lesen Sie den Blog und entdecken Sie die manuellen Schritte und finden Sie die Einschränkungen heraus, die mit dem manuellen Prozess verbunden sind:Kennen Sie die Schritte der Import- oder Exportmethode zum Konvertieren von OST in PST● Führen Sie Outlook auf Ihrem Computer aus.● Doppelklicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche "Datei".● Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die Registerkarte "Importieren / Exportieren".● Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte "In eine Datei exportieren".● Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte "Weiter".● Doppelklicken Sie auf die Option "PST".● Wechseln Sie zur Registerkarte Weiter.● Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte "Übergeordnetes Stammverzeichnis".● Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte "Unterordner einschließen".● Wechseln Sie nun zur resultierenden Datei.Kennen Sie die Schritte der Drag & Drop-Methode zum Konvertieren von OST in PSTDie Benutzer sollten eine neue PST-Datei erstellen und dann die OST-Postfachelemente auswählen, die sie in das PST-Format konvertieren müssen, und die Drag & Drop-Option verwenden, um eine neue PST-Datei zu erstellen.● Öffnen Sie MS Outlook und führen Sie es auf Ihrem Computer aus.● Erstellen Sie jetzt eine neue PST-Datei in MS Outlook.● Wählen Sie dann die OST-Postfachelemente aus, die in den PST-Typ konvertiert werden sollen.● Kopieren Sie nun alle Postfachelemente und fügen Sie sie in die neu erstellte PST-Datei ein.Kennen Sie die Schritte der Outlook-Archivierungsfunktion zum Konvertieren von OST in PSTSobald der Benutzer die Option "Archivieren" aktiviert, werden alle Postfachelemente automatisch in das PST-Format konvertiert. Nachfolgend haben wir die Schritte dazu aufgelistet:● Öffnen Sie MS Outlook und führen Sie es auf Ihrem Computer aus.● Klicken Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die Registerkarte "Datei".● Drücken Sie auf die Schaltfläche "Optionen".● Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte "Erweiterte Einstellungen".● Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche "Auto Archive Settings".● Durchsuchen Sie die Postfachelemente, um die resultierenden archivierten Elemente zu speichern.Einschränkungen der manuellen Methode zur Konvertierung von OST in PST● Die manuelle Methode garantiert keine 100% ige Konvertierung von Daten.● Es ist mit einem enormen Risiko verbunden und es besteht die Möglichkeit, dass es dazwischen hängen bleibt.● Die Benutzer können keine selektive und Stapelkonvertierung durchführen.● Es dauert viel Zeit.● Die Konvertierung beschädigter und gelöschter Elemente ist nicht möglich.Know-how zum einfachen Konvertieren von OST in das PST-Format mithilfe einer zuverlässigen und sicheren SoftwareUm die Einschränkungen der manuellen Methode zu überwinden, haben viele IT-Experten den KDETools OST-PST-Konverter empfohlen. Die Software verfügt über eine Vielzahl robuster Funktionen, mit denen ein Benutzer eine sichere und schnelle Konvertierung von OST zu PST durchführen kann. Mit dieser Software kann ein Benutzer jede Form von OST-Postfachelementen konvertieren, einschließlich gelöschter, beschädigter und beschädigter Elemente.Exklusive Funktionen von KDETools OST to PST Converter● Führen Sie eine schnelle und sichere Konvertierung von OST in 10 plus Formate wie Zimbra, Office 365, PST, MBOX, EML, Google Mail, Exchange Server, EMLX, PDF usw. durch.● Verwenden Sie die kostenlose Demoversion und konvertieren Sie bis zu 30 Elemente.● Konvertieren Sie Stapelelemente von OST in PST und schließen Sie die Konvertierung schnell ab.● Unterstützt alle Editionen von Outlook und Windows.● Konvertieren Sie OST-Postfachelemente wie Ordner, Kontakte, Aufgaben, Unterordner, Kalender usw.Zusammenfassung - In diesem Blog haben wir die manuellen Schritte ausführlich besprochen und drei manuelle Möglichkeiten zum Konvertieren von OST in PST aufgelistet. Wir haben auch die Einschränkungen der manuellen Methode erwähnt und professionelle und zuverlässige Software empfohlen, die 100% erfolgreiche Ergebnisse gewährleistet.So konvertieren Sie OST in PST

Konwertuj MBOX na format PST za pomocą konwertera MBOX na PST
 8 March 2021  

Nadal szukasz sposobu na konwersję MBOX do formatu PST? Jeśli tak, to czytaj dalej bloga, ponieważ omówiliśmy kroki umożliwiające przeprowadzenie procesu przesyłania bez niszczenia danych. MBOX to popularna aplikacja klienta poczty e-mail kompatybilna z Evolution, Apple Mail, Turnpike, Eudora, Pocomail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape, Spicebird i innymi. Większość z nas nie wie, jak przesyłać pliki MBOX bez utraty lub uszkodzenia danych, jednak nie martw się, ponieważ na tym blogu poprowadzimy Cię, jak przenieść pliki MBOX do formatu pliku PST za pomocą narzędzi innych firm i metod ręcznych.Ręczna metoda przesyłania MBOX do plików PSTPoniżej omówiliśmy ręczną metodę przesyłania plików MBOX do formatu pliku PST:● Przesyłanie plików MBOX przez EudoraUruchom Eudorę i zmień nazwę pliku MBOX.Przenieś plik MBOX do „Eudora Directory”.Domyślną metodą pliku MBOX jest „C: Documents and Settings <użytkownik> Dane aplikacji \ Qualcomm \ Eudora”.Uruchom Eudorę i otwórz plik MBOX.● Przesyłanie wiadomości e-mail Eudora do programu Outlook ExpressUruchom aplikację Outlook Express w systemie.Stuknij kartę „Menu plików”.Przejdź do importu, a następnie dotknij „Wiadomości”.Wybierz Eudorę z aplikacji i naciśnij „Dalej”.Wybierz plik MBOX.Kliknij przycisk „Dalej” i stuknij kartę „Zakończ”.● Przesyłanie plików z OE do OutlookaUruchom aplikację Outlook.Stuknij w przycisk „Menu Plik”.Kliknij kartę importu i naciśnij kartę „Importuj pocztę i adresy internetowe”.Wybierz kartę „Outlook Express”.Stuknij opcję „Importuj pocztę”.Kliknij kartę „Dalej”.Kliknij kartę „Gotowe”.Użyj konwertera MBOX na PST, aby przesłać pliki MBOX do formatu PSTNajlepszym sposobem na przeniesienie plików MBOX do formatu PST jest użycie konwertera MBOX na PST. Unikaj stosowania metod ręcznych, ponieważ są one zbyt ryzykowne i trwale usuniesz swoje pliki. Jest to bezpieczna metoda błyskawicznego przesyłania plików MBOX do formatu PST. Konwerter MBOX na PST obsługuje funkcję „Batch Conversion”, która pomaga użytkownikom wybrać wiele plików jednocześnie. To narzędzie umożliwia użytkownikom przesyłanie jednego i kilku plików MBOX do formatu PST bez instalowania programu Outlook w systemie operacyjnym. Użytkownicy mogą bezpośrednio przesyłać pliki MBOX i załączniki do Exchange Server Online i Office 365.PodsumowanieNa tym blogu wspomnieliśmy o dwóch sposobach konwersji pliku MBOX do formatu PST, więc upewnij się, że przeczytałeś cały blog w obie strony. Zalecamy wybranie profesjonalnego rozwiązania do przenoszenia MBOX do plików PST, ponieważ zapewnia 100% konwersję danych bez utraty danych.CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ: https://www.kdetools.com/mbox-to-pst-converter.html

Cisco CCNA / CCNP Exam Tutorial: Five Debugs You Must Know
 5 October 2019  

To breeze through the BSCI test and draw one stage nearer to CCNP accreditation achievement, you must know how and when to utilize investigate directions to investigate and confirm arrange tasks. While you ought to never practice troubleshoot directions on a creation arrange, it's critical to get a few hands-on involvement with them and not depend on "switch test systems" and books to find out about them.With regards to Tear, "troubleshoot ip tear" is the essential investigate to utilize. This troubleshoot will demonstrate to you the substance of the steering update parcels, and is crucial in diagnosing Tear adaptation crisscrosses and directing update verification issues.You realize how to utilize the change direction to arrange inconsistent cost load-offering to IGRP, however IGRP has no topology table that will give you the plausible successor measurements you need. With IGRP, you have to utilize the "investigate ip igrp exchanges" direction to get these indispensable measurements.A few elements are considered by OSPF-empowered switches with regards to framing adjacencies, including hi and dead clock settings. On the off chance that a contiguousness doesn't shape when you figure it should, run "investigate ip ospf adj". The explanation the nearness isn't framing is normally observed rapidly with this current direction's yield.How about we not disregard Layer Two! In the event that casing hand-off mappings are not shaping as per your design, run "investigate outline lmi". This investigate will enable you to rapidly analyze and address any LMI confuses.With regards to PPP, it tends to be extremely disappointing to attempt to detect an issue with a secret key or username. Rather than gazing at the design for 10 minutes, run "troubleshoot ppp arrangement" and send a ping over the connection. This order will enable you to detect the switch with the misconfigured username or secret key, also sparing you a ton of time!Viably utilizing investigates during your CCNA and CCNP test study will help you genuinely comprehend what's happening "behind the direction" - and it will truly prove to be useful on that day when your generation arrange simply isn't doing what you (think) you told it to do!650-042.pdf reading practice testE20-020.pdf cert pdf70-333 Core Solutions of Microsoft Skype for Business 2015 Seo Audit mock examC_PO_75 exam help500-007.pdf practice test downloadTop vce exam collectionCAT-500 prepaway117-201 exam review642-164 study guide1z0-347 Oracle Order Management Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials online testFree cbtP8010-004 free pdf70-516-VB recent dump fileH11-851 HCNA-VC (Huawei Certified Network Associate - Video Conference) Jsfiddle certkiller98-366 study guide2019 cert killer1V0-603 braindumpsC2090-305 kill examA2010-578 test questionsCHA premium dumpsAvaya IP Office� Platform Configuration and Maintenance recent dump file70-462 Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Databases Jsfiddle essay questions70-538 cheat sheets70-765 vce exam simulator 2019300-475 free practice test

Aplicación Outlook PST Password Recovery
 18 September 2019  

Las contraseñas se asignan específicamente a los archivos para mantener la confidencialidad de los datos y proteger los archivos del acceso posicional o no autenticado. Los archivos PST de Outlook también se respaldan en el mismo modo mediante la codificación de caracteres del contador. Los mensajes de correo electrónico son muy amenazantes para los usuarios, ya que contienen información secreta sobre sus negocios y sus vidas. Es inquietante ver que las organizaciones y los usuarios domésticos no pueden permitirse la disponibilidad no autorizada de mucho correo semiprecioso y secreto. Por esta razón, la palabra clave para la carpeta de su buzón debe ser útil. El sistema CRC32 se aplica a Outlook para activar el período de prueba PST. Esta información genera cifrado hash de 32 bits.De manera predeterminada, un archivo PST de Microsoft Outlook está configurado de la siguiente manera:PARA WINDOWS 7 O VISTA "C: \ Users \\ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft Outlook"PARA WINDOWS XP: "C: \ Documents and Settings \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft Outlook"Microsoft Outlook permite que seis usuarios se unan a MS Outlook en el mismo sistema, porque cada vez hay una carpeta separada para personalizar los buzones.¿Cómo puedo establecer una palabra para estas carpetas privadas?Abra MS Outlook 2010 y en la pestaña "Archivo" seleccione "Calcular configuración"En el cuadro de diálogo Calcular configuración, abra la pestaña Archivos de información y mueva la carpeta que necesita a un secreto establecido.Seleccione la opción Configuración y luego vaya al Contador de diferenciasEscribe tu nueva contraseña.Explica el secreto escribiéndolo nuevamente. No piense Guarde esta pestaña de palabras clave en su campo de contador cuando diferentes usuarios obtengan puntos para compartir la máquina equivalente.Haga clic en Aceptar y cierre la ventana de la aplicación.Sin embargo, a veces, cuando se conecta a MS Outlook, no se reconoce la contraseña PST. Imagine el Express si no usa la palabra clave de su dirección de correo electrónico de Outlook (PST). Todos sus datos de arco, como mensajes de correo electrónico, artículos individuales y contactos, son engañosos. El estado puede deteriorarse ligeramente si su cliente de correo electrónico no puede ayudarlo a diluir la contraseña no reconocida.A veces, su rendimiento de Windows puede verse afectado significativamente por daños en el sistema o por falta de arranque. Solo cuando se restaura el sistema, puede ver que el recuento de subprocesos de Windows caduca y los archivos PST de Outlook no están disponibles. Cuando transfiere sus mensajes de correo electrónico personales y contactos desde el archivo .pst a su nuevo perfil, puede aparecer el mensaje de error "Contraseña incorrecta". También se produce un error cuando agrega más archivos para aumentar el tamaño de sus archivos PST.Pero no cambie su deseo, porque hay muchos dibujos contrarios. Estas soluciones de archivo vuelven a procesar rápidamente los contra-dibujos de cualquier longitud y crean la decisión de guardarlos en un archivo o en un portapapeles.MEJOR PARA RESTAURAR SU CONTRASEÑA DE PERSPECTIVA PST: -1. Hay dibujos de compañías que ofrecen numerosos programas secretos de recuperación PST en línea. Con muchas herramientas para mantener una contraseña, las contraseñas de MS SQL Server, VBA, MS Gain, NSF, MS Accession, MSN, Internet Explorer, Windows Springy, DBX, etc. también se pueden mejorar a través del software. La herramienta "Outlook PST Secret Recovery" es una herramienta de primera clase para eliminar palabras de MS Outlook PST de cualquier longitud. Esta herramienta ejecuta sus archivos ANSI y Unicode.Segundo: Normalmente, es algo complicado para los usuarios cambiar la contraseña del archivo PST de Outlook. Sin embargo, puede establecer manualmente una nueva palabra o mover las palabras clave de su archivo PST.3. También puede aumentar su archivo PST escribiendo "PST19UPG.exe". Actualiza su formato de archivo PST de Outlook a un cambio exitoso en el formato de Outlook y, por lo tanto, elimina una palabra. De esta manera, puede acceder a entradas importantes y mensajes de correo electrónico desde el archivo PST sin tener que ser un período de prueba. Use This.exe con SCANPST.exe en las siguientes condiciones:Este PST19UPG.exe y clink dos veces. Para saber dónde se almacena scanpst.exe en su computadora, lea virtualmente: ¿Cómo reparar un archivo PST desde MS Outlook?Haga clic en la pestaña abierta y luego en Iniciar y ejecutar.Ahora escriba el archivo PST19UPG.EXE seguido de la ruta del archivo PST y el archivo coloquial y plosivo en la pestaña Inicio. La reproducción de una copia del archivo PST se realiza con el spread - psxAhora puede cambiar el nombre de su archivo PST.Abra cmd y escriba "exe -filename.psx" y únase. Ahora se creará un nuevo archivo PST a partir de este archivo de reducción .psxHaga clic en Exe dos veces más, luego gaste mejor.Inicie MS Outlook y abra el nuevo archivo PST.Outlook PST Password Recovery es una agencia realmente robusta y funcional que cuenta con un esfuerzo extremadamente bajo. Está de moda y lo hizo de cerca. Se creará un contador bilingüe que coincidirá con todas las versiones del sistema operativo Windows, y todas las versiones de MS Outlook serán revisadas para 2013.Visitar aquí: http://www.osttopstapp.com/pst-password-recovery.html

How to Listen to eBook on your iPhone or iPad
 14 October 2019  

Want to listen to your eBook before sleeping, or while traveling, or exercising? If you love to read books, then possibly sometimes, you want your device to read them for you. This is possible, but you have to do a little setup on your iPhone or iPad to do so. First of all, Speak Screen feature should be enabled on your device. After that, you need to set up the Speak screen feature to read eBooks for you. It might seem a bit complicated, but you don’t need to worry about the procedure. This article will help you from start to end.Listen ebook on your iphoneHow to enable Speak Screen feature in iPhone or iPadIn order to set your iOS device to read eBooks aloud, you’ve to enable Speak Screen on it. It is an accessibility feature, which you can easily get in the Accessibility section of your iPhone or iPad Settings. Here are the steps to locate and enable the Speak Screen feature on an iOS device.Unlock your iPhone or iPad.Open ‘Settings’ by touching the Settings icon on the home screen.When the Settings will open, touch on ‘General.’ You will need to scroll down to get it, and touching on it will open the General settings options on the screen.Now, look for the ‘Accessibility’ option under General settings and touch it.Scroll down to the ‘VISION’ section and select ‘Speech’ from it. Settings for Speech will open your screen. Here you’ll also see the ‘Speak Screen’ feature with a toggle switch and a little info about it.Touch the toggle switch of ‘Speak Screen’ to turn it on. Touching the switch will turn it into the green.Once you make the Speak Screen’s button green, your iPhone or iPad will be ready to read your eBooks. If Siri is not reading in the way you want, then you can use the slider to adjust the speaking rate. Tap and drag the slider toward the rabbit icon to fast it or toward the turtle icon to slow it down. You can also use the ‘Pronunciations’ option given at the bottom of the page to add specific pronunciations.How to setup Speak Screen feature to read your eBooksSpeak Screen feature reads the text on the screen. If the screen is off or locked, it will not work. Therefore, you need to make sure that the screen will not lock automatically when Siri is reading your eBook.Steps to turn off Auto-Lock on your iOS device:Open ‘Settings’ by touching on the Settings icon on the home screen.Scroll down on the screen, and touch on ‘Display & Brightness.’Select ‘Auto-Lock.’And then select ‘Never.’Now, your device will not lock automatically. After disabling Auto-Lock, connect your iOS device to the power outlet and let it charge fully as listening to eBooks drains the battery fast.How to listen to eBooks on your iPhone or iPadSo, you’re all set to tell your iOS device to read an eBook for you. Here is how to do so.Open your preferred eBook reader app, iBooks, Kindle app, or any other.Now, locate the eBook you want to listen to and open it.When the eBook will open, go to the page, you want to begin listening with.Now, swipe down on the page with your two fingers. As you do so, Siri will start reading the page of your eBook. Don’t worry about changing the page, Siri will do it itself.You’ll also get the Speak Screen panel on your screen to adjust the settings for speaking rate, pause/play reading, to move back and forth the block.When you’re done listening, touch the ‘X’ button at the upper right corner of the Speak Screen panel, stop Siri and close the Speak Screen feature.To read more articles: How to enable Speak Screen feature in iPhone or iPad

Conversion de MBOX à fichier PST
 11 May 2020  

Vous pensez toujours comment convertir MBOX au format PST? Si oui, continuez à lire le blog car nous avons discuté des étapes pour exécuter le processus de transfert sans endommager les données. MBOX est une application cliente de messagerie populaire compatible avec Evolution, Apple Mail, Turnpike, Eudora, Pocomail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape, Spicebird, etc. La plupart d'entre nous ne savent pas comment transférer des fichiers MBOX sans perdre ni corrompre les données, Cependant, ne vous inquiétez pas car dans ce blog, nous vous guiderons sur la façon de transférer des fichiers MBOX au format de fichier PST en utilisant un outil tiers et la méthode manuelle.Méthodes manuelles pour transférer des fichiers MBOX vers PSTCi-dessous, nous avons discuté de la méthode manuelle pour transférer des fichiers MBOX au format de fichier PST:● Transférer des fichiers MBOX via Eudora1. Lancez Eudora et renommez le fichier MBOX.2. Transférez les fichiers MBOX dans le «répertoire Eudora».3. La méthode par défaut du fichier MBOX est «C: Documents and Settings <user> Application Data \ Qualcomm \ Eudora».4. Démarrez Eudora et ouvrez le fichier MBOX.● Transférer les e-mails Eudora vers Outlook Express1. Lancez l'application Outlook Express sur le système.2. Appuyez sur l'onglet «Menu Fichier».3. Allez à l’importation, puis appuyez sur ‘Messages’.4. Choisissez Eudora dans les applications et appuyez sur «Suivant».5. Choisissez le fichier MBOX.6. Cliquez sur le bouton "Suivant" et appuyez sur l'onglet "Terminer".● Transférer des fichiers d'OE vers Outlook1. Démarrez l'application Outlook.2. Appuyez sur le bouton «Menu Fichier».3. Cliquez sur l'onglet d'importation et appuyez sur l'onglet «Importer la messagerie Internet et les adresses».4. Sélectionnez l'onglet «Outlook Express».5. Appuyez sur l’option «Importer le courrier».6. Cliquez sur l'onglet «Suivant».7. Cliquez sur l'onglet «Terminer».Utilisez MBOX to PST Converter pour transférer des fichiers MBOX au format PSTLa meilleure façon de transférer des fichiers MBOX au format PST est d'utiliser MBOX en PST Convertisseur. Évitez d'utiliser la méthode manuelle car elle est trop risquée et vous supprimerez définitivement vos fichiers. Il s'agit d'une méthode sûre pour transférer des fichiers MBOX au format PST dans un court laps de temps. Le convertisseur MBOX vers PST prend en charge la fonction de «conversion par lots» qui aide l’utilisateur à sélectionner plusieurs fichiers à la fois. L'outil permet à l'utilisateur de transférer un ou plusieurs fichiers MBOX au format PST sans installer Outlook sur le système d'exploitation. L'utilisateur peut transférer directement des fichiers MBOX et des pièces jointes vers Online Exchange Server et Office 365.SommaireDans ce blog, nous avons mentionné deux façons de convertir des fichiers MBOX au format PST, alors assurez-vous de lire l'intégralité du blog pour découvrir les deux façons. Nous vous suggérons d'opter pour une solution professionnelle pour transférer des fichiers MBOX vers PST car elle garantit une conversion à 100% des données sans perdre les données.Lire la suite: https://gust.com/programs/how-to-move-mbox-to-pst-file-format

Fix: iPhone X Running iOS 13 Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi Networks
 12 September 2019  

There can be plenty of reasons behind internet connection problems in iPhone X iOS 13. With the help of this blog, you shall be able to troubleshoot such problems quickly. Simply follow the fixes mentioned below:Method 1: Reboot the iPhoneFirstly, do a long press on the side switch or else the Volume switch till the Power off slide gets displayed on the screen.Next, move the slider for turning off your phone.Then, wait for half a minute.Next, do a long press till the Side button until the symbol of Apple gets displayed on the screen.After that, as soon as your iPhone gets a reboot, again connect the phone to Wi-Fi.Lastly, check whether the problem is persisting or not.Method 2: Switch Wi-Fi on and offFirstly, press on Settings from the Home screen.Then, press on Wi-Fi.After that, push the toggle for switching off the Wi-Fi.Next, wait for half a minute.Lastly, press the toggle one more time for switching on the Wi-Fi.Source:iPhone X Running iOS 13 Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi Networks , Brother Printer SupportMethod 3: Go for Airplane trickFirstly, go to the Settings application.Then, navigate and press on Airplane Mode menu.After that, turn on the Airplane mode by clicking on its switch. Resultantly, it shall turn off the iPhone’s wireless radios and Wi-Fi features.After the iPhone is done with booting up, require returning to Settings and press the Airplane mode so that you can turn off the feature.Method 4: Look for update carrier settings, if presentFirstly, you need to connect your phone with the PC by USB cable/Lightning cable.Then, go to iTunes on the device.After that, give some time to the syncing process for getting over.Next, click on the iPad Pro symbol. It shall be in the left-hand section of the display.Then, go to the Summary part and press the Shift key of your keyboard.Next, press the Check for Update.After that, modify the file kind to iPhone Carrier Configuration File (*.ipcc).Then, choose the location wherever you would wish to save the file.Lastly, switch off your iPhone after you are done switch it on one more time.Method 5: Resetting network settings on the iPhoneFirstly, go to the Home screen.Then, press on Settings.After that, press on Reset.Next, choose the option of ‘Reset network settings.’Then, put the PassCode if asked.Lastly, click for confirming you wish to reset network settings on the iPhone.Congratulations! Your iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi properly like earlier.Lauren Smithis an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on hp printer support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working Issue in Galaxy Note 8
 22 August 2019  

Unable to access the internet through mobile data on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device? Although, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is just as awesome as other Samsung’s high range Note Smartphones. But lastly, it’s a machine which can have a problem anytime. Several Note 8 users found that they are not able to use internet services with their mobile data. However, all other internet connectivity utilities are working perfectly, such as Wi-Fi and portable hotspot. Don’t worry if you’re also facing the same issue in your Note 8, here are some fixes that may possibly help you to overcome this issue.Source:Fix Mobile Data Not Working IssueSolutions to fix mobile data not working issue in Galaxy Note 8:· Restart your Galaxy Note 8· Check your internet speed· Reinsert the SIM card· Toggle Airplane mode· Switch network modeThese are very basic settings that are required to be done correctly to access the internet service on an Android device. You can check and correct these settings in your device to fix the issue you’re meeting.Restart your Galaxy Note 8It doesn’t look like an effective solution, but it really works many times. Most of the Smartphone problems can quickly be resolved with a simple restart. Restarting a device refreshes the device functions as well as stops the unnecessary background running programs. If there is anything like that which caused the trouble, then restarting will fix it.However, restarting isn’t so tricky. Users restart their device usually, and they know its process very well. There are different types of restart other than that simple one. To restart your Galaxy Note 8, press and hold the ‘Power’ + ‘Volume Down’ button simultaneously. Keep holding for at least 7-8 seconds and then wait for your Note 8 to restart. After your phone restarts, you can check if you’re able to use the internet with mobile data.Don’t forget to turn on mobile data and also make sure the right SIM card is selected for mobile data.Check your internet speedMany times, a slow internet speed seems like no internet connection. It also depends on the apps you’re running, some applications require a good internet speed to run smoothly. You can see the difference in the official Facebook app and Facebook Lite. If you’ve turned on mobile data and the data indicator in the top notification bar is showing the network lower than your selected one, then possibly the network isn’t so good at your location.There are a few other techniques to verify internet speed. You can check your network signal, as well as use speed tester tools or websites to know your download speed. The sites like speedtest.net or fast.com tell the download speed online for free.Reinsert the SIM cardIn some devices, SIM card ports are also responsible for the network. And reinserting the SIM card also troubleshoots several network-related issues. You can also try this fix in your Note 8. First, turn off your Note 8 as usual, and remove the SIM card from the port. Reinsert the SIM in the port you want and wait for at least one minute before restarting your device. After doing this all, turn on mobile data and try accessing the internet. You should be able to surf the net with your mobile data.Toggle Airplane modeToggling Airplane mode somewhat works as rebooting a device, but instead of the complete device, it only refreshes or clears the network bugs. Also, toggling Airplane mode is simple, and you can do this from the device settings as well as the top notification bar. Open your Note 8 Settings, and go to the ‘Connections’ settings, then select and enable ‘Airplane Mode.’ As you turn it on, all the connectivity functions will disable in your phone. Leave it enabled for at least one or two minutes, and then turn the Airplane mode off. Now, check whether you’re able to access the internet with mobile data.Switch network modeWhen you change the network modes (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE) in any Android device, the network settings for it will also be applied. Therefore, switching the network mode will force the network settings to change and apply the better. To do so, you need to open your Note 8 Settings and go to ‘Connections’ settings. After that, select ‘Mobile Networks’ and jump into ‘Network Mode.’These fixes will surely help you to fix mobile data not working issue in Galaxy Note 8. Unfortunately, if you’re also facing the same problem, check the APN settings.Celine Williamsis a technology buff, IT expert and works in a leading printer manufacturing company. She loves to read and write about the latest technology concerning major printer brands and researches on the solutions related to Dell printer support, brother, epson, canon etc.

Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped Working
 26 July 2019  

Have you encountered problems like Google Play Store stopped working or Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped working?. Something like Google Play Store not working error or Google Play Store Services has stopped as well as Google Play Store keeps crashing messages? Read on to find out the solution!Google Play Store is Google’s official store and portal for apps and content on the Android mobile operating system in smartphones and tablets. Just as Apple has its own store – App Store. Until March 2012 the store was called Android Marketplace. Google offers software applications, music, movies, and books available for purchases and downloads through the store. Most of them are offered as freeware.At some point, we’ve all experienced a Google Play Store problem, whether it’s an error message when downloading apps or error on updating apps. We have the solutions for Google Play Store not workingor Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped working.To get started in Google Play, all need is your Google Account, and if you want to buy apps and media you’ll need to have a credit card or Google Play Gift Card balance. Once you login or register, you’ll be off and discovering millions of great apps and content choices.Google Play Store not working? How to fix it?What do you do when your device keeps on displaying “Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped working”? Well, no worries at some point in time most of Android users experience or face this problem, we will provide some solutions to this problem.If Play Store app stops working then almost everything else stops working because it is the digital store or channel through which we install and runs all other android applications. This might often occur due to updates. Follow the tips and tricks carefully, you will surely get out of this problem and things go well in your Android Smartphone.Turning on or off Airplane modeFirst, let us start with the least complicated tricks. Sometimes turning the Airplane Mode On or Off do the tricks in some malfunctioning of certain apps or intermittent crashes and this might work in Google Play Store as well.Toggle Wi-FiTry restarting your Wi-Fi router or switching Wi-Fi connection off and On. Sometimes Google Play Store issues can also be triggered by connection problems.Restart or Reboot your Phone.In most cases restarting the phone or rebooting does tricks for some errors. There is no harm in trying this, as restarting or rebooting the phone is quite simple.Clearing the cacheLike web pages, smartphones are designed to store frequently used data in cache memory, in order to increase loading speed and processing time and also reduce CPU and data usage. Over time, these accumulated data are pile up and can lead to memory conflicts on your phone. Clearing the cache frequently can be a good idea.To clear the cache just head over to Settings, choose Apps and then select Google Play Store from the list by tapping on it. Now, tap the Clear cache button which is available at the App’s information page.Just in case, if you don’t know where to start:Go to Settings> Apps> All> Google Play Store> clear cacheAfter clearing the cache, check whether your Google Play store is working or not. If the problem still persists please proceed to the next step.Delete Play Store Data If the previous tip didn’t help, then you try deleting the data from the Play Store. Please note that clearing Play Store Data takes the app back to square one and gets rid of your saved information, in some cases including whatever glitchy data was causing the problem. You will have to sign in again when you access the Google Play Store.Like in the first tip, Go to Settings > Apps > All> Google Play Store> Clear Data. This time tap on Clear Data.Uninstall Play Store UpdatesSometimes an update to your Play store versions may create problems in your android device. If you think that’s the case, it makes sense to uninstall the updates. Before uninstalling make sure you backed up that Play store version. Uninstalling updates revert back to older version of the Play Store app you can always update it again afterward when the problem is solved, so don’t worry – this is a safe procedure.Go to: Settings >Apps > Al l>Google Play Store > Uninstall Updates. Tap on Uninstall Play store updates” button.Clear Google Play Services Cache and DataIf the above tips don’t work, then the issue could be with the Google Play Services. Now let us concentrate on Google Play Services and see what it can be done. Google Play Services is the heart of Apps, all the apps installed are powered by the Google Play Services. Like any other applications, this Google Play Services can fail at times, you head over to Google Play Services through the settings.Like Google Play Store Google Play Services are also known to cause intermittent issues with older apps as their cache starts piling up over time. So, it is a good practice to clear up the cache and data.Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services then tap the Clear Cache. If the problem still exists, tap on Clear Data button.Enable Download ManagerWhen disabled Download Manager it often causes various problems, sometimes the Download Manager turns itself off without notice. If the Download Manager is off, the Play Store will automatically stop working and as a result of downloading and updating apps is disabled as well. Check whether your Download Manager is disabled you’ll see a button marked “Enable”. Simply tap this button to switch Download Manager back on.Go to Settings > Apps > All > Download Manager.Remove Google Account and Add it back onAt this stage, if your app still isn’t working, then you may need to reset your Google account. Some users report that resetting Google account has helped them to fix Play Store issues. All you have to do is to remove the present Gmail account, and then add it back.Go to Settings > Accounts> GoogleSelect the Google account that you are using for the Google Play Store app.Tap the menu icon (three dots) at the top right and tap Remove. Do this for every Google account on your device. ‘Remove Account’. Confirm your choice and reboot your smartphone.Now after restarting device Next, go to Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google and follow the on-screen steps to re-add your accountCheck Date and Time SettingsIncorrect date and time settings could often cause issues with Google Play Store servers, as there is a mismatch Google’s servers might have a problem in syncing with date/time settings on your phone. Just check your device date and time this might help.Disable Proxy or VPN SettingsThere has been a report that many VPN and Proxy users have been affected with Google Play Store issues. Disabling or deactivating Proxy settings seems to be the only viable solution to this problem.To access these Settings, long-tap on your router name, click on Advanced and select Wi-Fi.While VPN settings are under Wireless and Networks category and look for “More”Phone Factory Data Reset After having tried all of the above tips, then you may have little choice but to do a factory reset. This is the last resort or the only way out of Google Play misery. Please note that all of your data will be erased, so perform a complete backup beforehand. Once you reset data, your smartphone will be revert back to how it was when you first started using or bought it.To perform this task:Go to Settings > Backup & Reset> Factory reset DataTap the Factory data reset button at the bottom. Wait for the reset process to finish, the phone will switch off itself and back on. This method might fix the problem.For Rooted Devices: edit hosts fileIf your phone rooted, then you just need to edit hosts file by navigating to system/etc/hosts and select the Edit option.Root Directory » Local system/etc/hosts » Adding #Add a hashtag (#) to the front of the second set of numbers and save your changes (i.e. change from to # Reboot or restart your device, and again add your Google account as mention above.Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped WorkingAdobe Flash Player Not Working on Chrome ErrorWhy My Facebook Not Working On ChromeAOL Account Recovery TipsHow to Temporary error 8 in the YahooHOW TO RECOVER YAHOO PASSWORD WITHOUT PHONE NUMBER AND ALTERNATE EMAILAn Update is Required To Use Mobile Data on This iPhone 5sYahoo mail not sending Email How to fix

How to Fix the Chrome YouTube Fullscreen Glitch?
 14 August 2019  

Most people use Google Chrome as their default web browser. Sometimes, users may notice that they are unable to play YouTube videos on the fullscreen mode in Chrome. If you are one of them, then read on and apply the solutions mentioned below.Source:Chrome YouTube Fullscreen Glitch , Brother Printer Support NumberAttempt Quick FixesIf you want to fix the Chrome YouTube fullscreen glitch, then you can try some quick fixes. You need to follow the steps given below.Firstly, you have to open YouTube on your device.In some very rare situations, YouTube will not load properly. So, you have to “Refresh” the page.If the Google Chrome is not maximized, then you should try the fullscreen mode.After that, you should press F11 on the fullscreen mode of Google Chrome.You can also try restarting the browser.If still, you are facing the same issue, then you have to reboot your computer.Uninstall ThemesYou can fix the Google Chrome YouTube fullscreen glitch by uninstalling themes. Here are the instructions are given below.Firstly, you have to launch Google Chrome on your device.After that, you should click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon.Then you have to click on Settings from the dropdown menu.Thereafter, you should move down to the “Appearance” section.Later, you have to click on “Reset to default.”Now, you should try YouTube’s full-screen mode.Disable ExtensionsYou can fix the Chrome YouTube fullscreen glitch by disabling extensions. You need to follow the steps given below.Firstly, you have to launch Google Chrome on your device.After that, you should click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon.Then, you have to choose “More tools.”Thereafter, you should click on “Extensions.”Later, you have to switch the toggle of “Grammarly for Chrome” to the “On” position.Now, you have to try YouTube’s fullscreen mode.Disabling Hardware AccelerationYou can fix the Google Chrome YouTube fullscreen glitch by disabling hardware acceleration. Here are the instructions are given below.Firstly, you have to launch Google Chrome on your device.After that, you should click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon.Then you should click on Settings from the drop-down menu.Thereafter, you have to move down and click on “Advanced.”Later, you should move down to the system’s section.Now, you have to switch the toggle of “Use hardware acceleration when available” to the “On” position.After that, you should try to full-screen mode on YouTube.Update or Reset ChromeYou can try to fix the Chrome YouTube fullscreen glitch by installing an update or resetting Chrome. You need to follow the steps given below.Firstly, you have to launch Google Chrome on your desktop.After that, you should click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon.Then you have to click on “Help” from the drop-down menu.Thereafter, you should click on “About Google Chrome.”When your Google Chrome update is available, you have to click on “Update Google Chrome.”You have to wait to finish the update installation.If possible, then you should relaunch Google Chrome.Now, you have to try to the full-screen mode of YouTube.If you are still facing the same issue, then you have to reset your Chrome to default settings by the following steps.You should click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon.Then you have to select Settings from the drop-down menu.You should move down and click on “Advanced.”Thereafter, you have to click on “Restore settings to their original defaults.”When the prompt comes, click on “Reset settings.”After that, still if the issue is not solved, then you have to reinstall Google Chrome.Lauren Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on Brother Printer Support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

How to Fix Android Camera Issues
 5 August 2019  

A camera error in an Android device is one of the most usual problems a smartphone user runs into. There can be a variety of reasons as to why your camera is not working correctly. Here are some of the most common reasons:It could be because of the low device storage.Camera application incompatibility can be one of the reasons.Low RAM can cause the camera to malfunction.Even third-party apps mess up with the device software.The damage could also be physical.So here are some fixes that you can apply to work your phone camera properly.’Fix 1 – Restart the Android DeviceThe first and the most straightforward process that can fix the camera is restarting your device. It is listed below: Press the power button of the device for two to three seconds.A pop-up bar will appear on your screen.Tap on the Reboot/Restart option.After the device restarts, check whether the camera is fixed or not. If not, then move to the next step.Fix 2 – Remove the BatteryIf your device has a detachable battery, then you can try to remove it from the back and clear up the lens. It works as a pseudo reset and does not result in any data loss. It will close any running app in the background, and if there is a smudge on the lens, then you can clean it.Fix 3- Force Stop the App To force stop the application:Go to the settings section.Go to the applications or manage applications.Tap on the camera app icon.Press Force Stop and then disable the App.Restart your device afterward without opening the app to check whether the camera is fixed or not, otherwise, go to next step.Fix – 4 Clear Cache and App PreferencesClearing the temporary cache and app data can fix the camera. Do the following:Open Settings and find app section.Locate the camera app you are using.Tap clear cache and app preferences.After that, reboot the device without opening the app and see if the camera issue has been resolved. If not, then go to the next step.Fix – 5 Uninstall third-party camera appsBe it any camera app you have installed, remove it. Either long-press on the app or go to the settings section to remove it from the device. Again reboot the device to check whether the app is working or not. If not, then try the next step.Fix – 6 Boot into Safe ModeSafe mode allows your device to run on factory settings and disables all third-party apps. Do not worry; they will start working afterward. To boot into safe mode.Long press the power button.Then on the pop-up bar long-press, the shutdown button.The device will ask whether you want to boot into safe mode or not. Tap yes.After the device boots, check the App.If not working, then clear the app data while in safe mode and reboot the device.This will most likely fix the app. If not, then try the next step.Fix – 7 Reset Factory Settings                                                                                                            This option will remove all the data from your device, so make sure you make a back up of it.Go to the Settings section.Locate personal and find Backup and Reset option.Tap Factory reset and select confirmYou can also shut down your device. Here’s how: Long press Power button with Volume up/down button.Navigate through Volume buttons and locate factory reset.Tap and confirm.If this does not fix the problem, then the malfunction is most likely physical.Source:How to Fix Android Camera Issues, Hp printer Support 

contact help support
 30 October 2019  

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How to Block Pop-up Ads on Your Android Device
 2 September 2019  

If you want to get rid of pop-up ads on your Android phone, then you have come to the right place. Pop-up ads are not only frustrating, but sometimes they can make your device unresponsive. Some pop-up ads are capable of transferring Trojan viruses into your device. In this article, you will learn some practical ways to block these kinds of ads from your device while surfing the internet.There are three basic types of pop-up ads on Android: 1. Pop-ups while surfing the internet2. In-apps pop-up ads3. Notification adsLet's see how to stop these pop-up. Here we go.Source:Block Pop-up Ads on How Do I Stop Pop up Ads on My Android Phone? If you want to make your internet surfing experience better on your smartphone, then you must disable or turn off these ads. Below are some methods to do just that: Using Chrome In-built Popup Blocker Chrome is the built-in browser in most of the Android phones, and it is also one of the most used browsers in the world. It is the most significant source of the pop-up ads and it means that disabling it will make you free from most of the pop-up ads. So our first step is to disable pop-up ads on your chrome browser. Google Chrome provides a built-in pop-up ad blocker in its Android browser. Here's how to disable pop up ads on your Chrome Android browser: 1. Open your Chrome browser on your Android phone. 2. Now head to the three dots appeared at the top of your screen. 3. Thereafter pressing the Settings from the list. 4. Now go to "Site Settings." 5. Head to "Pop-ups and redirects" option on your device. 6. Ensure that the slider toggle button located next to the "Popup and redirects" is turned off ( It will appear grey colored after disabling). 7. Now from now on your pop up ads will be blocked in the Chrome. Under Site settings, you can also go to the "Ads" settings to prevent third-party ads. Under "Ads" ensure that the toggle switch is turned off. You will still see Google ads because these ads are not misleading or bad for your device. One can also turn on the Data Saver in the Chrome browser because it prevents to load some irrelevant part of a webpage to save data. With this feature, you can also get rid of some ads and pop-up ads. To do that, see the guide below: 1. Head to three dots on the top-right corner of the Chrome. 2. Next, select settings. 3. Go to Data Saver. 4. Toggle the switch to turn on the feature. Now you are all done and ready to browse the internet without any issue. How to Block In-Apps Pop Up Ads on Android? Now the pop-up issue while surfing the internet is resolved and won't quickly appear. But, how to stop in-app pop-up ads on your device? It is impossible to stop this kind of pop-up ads because ads are the primary way to earn money for developers. To get rid of these ads, you will have to buy the pro version of that app. Most of the developers offer that kind of feature, but not everyone does that. You have to stop using the app, which is showing you more pop-up ads. You can also switch off the data connection, which will also prevent ads from loading. However, turning off data is not a wise decision when the app or game uses the internet to run. How to Block Notification Pop up ads on Android? These ads are not pop-ups when it comes to the theory, but they are annoying just as a regular pop up advertisements. Only have to tap a few times on your screen to disable these frustrating pop-up. Follow the instructions given below to turn them off: 1. First of all, find out what app is causing the notification such as Chrome, or any other third party apps like Share-it. 2. Then head to the Settings app on your smartphone. 3. Go to Apps and notifications. 4. After that, go to the "All Apps" option. (These options may vary according to the device you are using) 5. Now select the app which is showing the notifications and then hit the "Block all" toggle switch to turn off notifications for that particular app. This way, you will be able to get rid of notification ads on your device. Emily Watson is an employee at a top email service provider company in the day, and a technical writer at night. She is passionate about writing troubleshooting tips, beginner’s guides, news, and other articles on varied topics. She has written majorly on Printer customer support, brother printer and epson printer etc.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft Outlook
 19 June 2019  

Nowadays, all the applications have their dark mode feature, and Microsoft Outlook is not excluded. In this article, you will get to know how to enable dark mode on Microsoft Outlook.Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft OutlookSteps to Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft Outlook Through Web BrowserIn case you are using the Outlook to enable dark mode on the default internet browser, then go through the steps mentioned below:• Go to the Outlook on the internet browser.• Press on the Settings option located on the upper right-hand side of the display.• Now, you will get a new window on the screen.• Find the Dark Mode option.• After getting it, enable dark mode on Microsoft Outlook.• Now, the Outlook enabled the dark mode feature.• You can’t use another theme when you are in the dark mode window.• In case you want to get the dark color screen, then choose only a dark theme.Steps to Change Microsoft Outlook to the Dark Theme• Press on the Settings option located on the upper right-hand side of the display.• You need to check that the dark mode should be not disabled.• In case the dark mode is enabled, then you can select any theme.• After pressing on the Settings option, you will get the settings menu on display.• You will get various theme under the “Quick search” box.• Find the theme which resembles a black rectangle.• In case you are not able to get the black rectangle, press on the View All option.• It will switch the theme into the black color background.Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft Office 365• Go to Microsoft Office 365.• Open the File option located on the menu list.• Press on the Options button by going to the pull-down list.• Now, you will get the new window on display.• Choose the General option by going to the menu list located on the left-hand side of the display.• Search for the Personalize your Copy of Microsoft Office column.• Press on the Office Theme option.• Select the Black option by going to the pull-down list.• Now you will get the user interface of the Microsoft Office 365 on the screen.• Go to Office 365.• Now, you will notice that the dark mode is enabled.• In case you wish to go back to the previous theme or want to choose any other theme, then you have to follow all the steps as mentioned above.Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft Outlook Older Version• Go to the Office application.• Press on the File option.• Choose the Account by going to the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen.• Press on the box under the Office Theme for opening the pull-down list.• Choose the Dark Gray option.Source:Enable Dark Mode on Microsoft Outlook Older Version |   Hp printer support

How to Split PST file using Practice Techniques?
 19 August 2019  

We all are knowledgeable that the exploding situation of PST may travel to perverse or fragmented files. This is the think, umpteen users are hunting for a way to division PST file by appointment in outlook 2016 or any new version. It is also due to the vast popularity of Microsoft outlook among users as surface as organizations.DOWNLOAD NOWNonetheless, it is not a duty to get a faithful attack to city PST file. Therefore, we fuck move up with this blog; here we are going to see two top fermentable steps to harm outlook 2016 PST file. Let us act with a recitation workaround to achieve this file without wasting the case.Surmount PST file Using AutoArchive Settings in outlook 2016You can alter set the outlook archives settings. Once you do that, all the old items will get archived on a frequent base. For convert the settings, you require to rise these steps as mentioned in the below music:For This, go to file >> OptionsNow, in Late cut, you necessity to click on AutoArchive Settings…, this buttonThen, superior AutoArchive options you like or do not wish. Here, you can release off AutoArchive or modifies its oftenness, draw how the old portion has to be preceding to archived, and put old items to be distant rather than heartwarming to a collect PST.Finally, hit on OK and book the changes you person through.Split PST File by Meeting in MS outlook 2016 - ManuallyIt does not matter that you have upset on the AutoArchive in outlook or not, you can even escape PST file using a drilling strategy as good. Now, to perform this extend manually, you need to develop these steps as explicit:To Expresssman the machine, go to File>>InfoThen, occlusive on Profits Tools, which is accessible next to Box Position & choose Archive…Erst it is finished, select the folder you greeting to deposit. MS outlook gift store the folder along with the subfolder nowadays internal it. In housing, you select "outlook", then all the items of outlook will be transferred to an uncured information file.After this, strike your repository options, same component companion. Now, you can Convert the settings that up to when previous files requisite to be biramous or archived. Moreover, you can exhibit a secern PST file.Eventually, hit on OK & MS outlook leave begin archiving your emails along with new items, based on the folder you have elite.You can easily depository the emails in outlook whenever you greet and migrate the archived PST to an apart propulsion for protection the grapheme. At the abstraction, you want to accession the old emails; you retributive need to undetermined PST file. Nonetheless, this practice whitener is not rich to action and thence, instead of effort for a manual step you collect a position band way.Note: It is rattling weighty to decide a trusted creation to keeps the data riskless and to get surgical results.Outlook PST Labourer: A Certain ProgrammeThe software has been mature for splitting oversized PST files into smaller parts. This program performs the thoroughgoing extend in both rich clicks and comes up with different options to increase PST into sextuple files. The program of the inferior is real simple and smooth to way. Moreover, it ensures the country of the mail. The tool can metropolis PST by size, gathering, comrade, and folder. Here, we are focusing on the split PST file by meeting in outlook. Let us go through the steps, users someone to takeMetropolis by EngagementFirstborn, you pauperization to pose PST Divider in your toolAfter this, add the PST files you salutation to transmigrateNow, Express on Injured PST file by Day choice, which is followed by a hit on NextThen, penetrate on Pasture to decide the thing PSTHit on AgazeSuperior Fellow format to tame PST and hit on PastureSelect an end location for storing the outcome PSTAs shortly as it is through, Express on CloseYou leave to get the finished substance on your concealment. clack on DisseverSucceeding, the Latest Status present be showed on your blockErstwhile the outgrowth is realized, a pane faculty be showedThe software creates a study in CSV format. You can use it to attain scrutiny between finish and old outlook PSTTo swear the prove, you essential to go to the positioning where you possess regenerate the finished file.To Wrap It UpAs we somebody discussed that immense PST can effort degradation in outlook, thence it is principal to rive PST file into unshared segments. Considering the necessary of users to injury PST files, we soul discussed recitation as fortunate as an automatic solution to dissever PST file by meeting in outlook 2016. Users can go for any of these steps. Withal, it is suggested to use an ordinal lot tool.

Conheça os métodos livres para converter Mac OLM para o formato PST
 7 October 2020  

A maioria de vocês já sabe que o Outlook é compatível com os formatos de arquivo OST e PST, enquanto o Outlook para Mac salva dados no tipo de arquivo OLM. A maioria dos usuários procura um método gratuito para converter o Mac OLM para o formato PST, no entanto, a maioria dos especialistas avisa os usuários para evitar o uso do método gratuito e optar por um Mac OLM Converter confiável. Usar uma ferramenta confiável de terceiros é altamente recomendável, pois garante uma conversão sem complicações de Mac OLM para PST. Este blog lista ainda as etapas manuais e recomenda um conversor profissional para Mac OLM.Uma lista de motivos comuns pelos quais os usuários convertem Mac OLM em PST● Quando um usuário migra do sistema operacional Mac para o Windows. O usuário precisa converter Mac OLM em PST.● No caso de mudança de escritório, o usuário precisa converter o Mac OLM para operar os itens da caixa de correio.● Se um usuário mudar sua máquina operacional, ele converterá Mac OLM em PST.Conheça o Método Livre para Mac OLM para PST: A Solução Manual● Crie uma conta IMAP em seu sistema● Agora, clique em Gmail e vá para a opção ‘Configurações’.● Pressione o botão ‘POP / IMAP’.● Agora, ative o IMAP no sistema.● Configurar MS Outlook com conta IMAP● Execute e inicie o MS Open Outlook para Mac em sua máquina.● Clique no botão ‘Navegar’.● Agora. vá para a guia ‘Contas’.● Preencha seu ID de e-mail e senha corretamente.● Envie o servidor IMAP.● Selecione a conexão SSL e clique na guia ‘Servidor SMTP’.● Preencha '465' como o número da porta.● Clique com o botão direito na guia ‘Adicionar conta’.●Mover e-mails do MS Outlook para uma conta IMAP● Inicie o MS Open Outlook.● Pressione a guia ‘Copiar para pasta’.● Pesquise a pasta IMAP.● Pressione a guia ‘Copiar’.● Agora, atualize a pasta IMAP e seus e-mails do Mac OLM serão migrados para a conta IMAP.● Configure a mesma conta IMAP● Clique com o botão direito na guia ‘Painel de controle’.● Vá para a guia Correio e abra sua conta de e-mail.● Pressione a guia ‘Novo’.● Clique duas vezes na guia ‘Configure Server Settings.● Pressione a guia ‘Próximo’.● Clique com o botão direito no botão IMAP / POP.● Envie corretamente os detalhes da sua conta IMAP.● Clique duas vezes na guia "Mais configurações".● Pressione a opção ‘Avançado’● Preencha o número da porta 993 no servidor IMAP.● Selecione a guia ‘Conexão SSL’.● Preencha '465' como o número da porta de um 'Servidor SMTP'.● Pressione a guia ‘Concluir’.As etapas acima o ajudarão a converter Mac OLM em PST usando o método gratuito. No entanto, recomendamos fortemente que nossos leitores evitem completamente o uso do método manual para converter Mac OLM em PST, pois envolve vários riscos, e opte por um Mac OLM Converter profissional.Uma maneira direta de converter Mac OLM em PST: Mac OLM ConverterExistem tantos Mac OLM Converter disponíveis no mercado, no entanto, muitos especialistas em TI sugerem o KDETools Mac OLM Converter, pois é bem equipado com uma ampla gama de recursos poderosos que garantem uma conversão direta de Mac OLM em PST sem complicações. A ferramenta poderosa inclui a opção "Conversão em lote" que permite aos usuários converter itens OLM Mac em massa de uma só vez. A ferramenta possui a guia ‘Message Filteration’ que permite aos usuários converter Mac OLM entre duas datas. O software suporta todas as versões do Mac para que os usuários não enfrentem nenhum problema. A ferramenta verificada tem uma interface simples e recursos avançados para que qualquer usuário possa usá-la sem enfrentar problemas.ResumoEste blog discute o método gratuito para converter Mac OLM em PST e sugere um Mac OLM Converter confiável. Descubra uma maneira direta e segura de converter Mac OLM em PST sem excluir nenhum item da caixa de correio.Consulte Mais informação: https://www.kdetools.com/mac/olm/

Passing The CCNA and CCNP Exams: Setup Mode
 4 October 2019  

CCNA and CCNP up-and-comers need to thoroughly understand Arrangement Mode, why a switch goes into that mode, and as you'll see, how to escape that mode. Rehearsing Arrangement Mode at work is a decent method to get terminated, however, so you have to rehearse this on your CCNA/CCNP home lab or rack rental. In this article, we'll investigate a Cisco 2500 switch going into arrangement mode and a couple of tips that will enable you to breeze through the tests and exceed expectations at your specific employment.To start with, for what reason does a switch go into Arrangement Mode in any case? At the point when a Cisco switch boots up, the switch investigates Non-Unpredictable Slam (NVRAM) for the startup arrangement document. On the off chance that such a record isn't found, and the switch has not been customized to seek a TFTP server for this document, the switch enters arrangement mode.The most well-known purpose behind a switch not to have a startup design document is that the record's been eradicated. We will currently delete this record on our 2500 switch. As you'll see, the Cisco switch cautions us about eradicating NVRAM and settles on us affirm this decision, which it recognizes with the alright message.R1#write eradicateEradicating the nvram filesystem will evacuate all documents! Proceed? [confirm][OK]Eradicate of nvram: completeR1#The switch will presently be reloaded. There is a somewhat deceptive message shown during reboot:R1#reloadContinue with reload? [confirm]00:15:21: %SYS-5-RELOAD: Reload mentionedFramework Bootstrap, Adaptation 11.0(10c)XB1, Stage Explicit Discharge Programming (fc1)Copyright (c) 1986-1997 by cisco Frameworks2500 processor with 14336 Kbytes of primary memoryNotice: NVRAM invalid, conceivably due to compose delete.That notice doesn't mean the NVRAM is degenerate or unusable; this message methods the NVRAM doesn't have a startup design document.The switch will proceed for sure lastly present you with this brief:- Framework Setup Discourse -Okay prefer to enter the underlying setup exchange? [yes/no]:Pretty much every WAN specialist I know answers "no" to this inquiry, since Arrangement Mode is a long, ungainly approach to set up a switch (as I would see it). We will answer "yes" so as to see this mode in real life.- Framework Design Exchange -OK prefer to enter the underlying design discourse? [yes/no]: yAnytime you may enter a question mark '?' for assistance.Use ctrl-c to prematurely end design exchange at any brief.Default settings are in square sections '[]'.Essential administration arrangement designs just enough availabilityfor the executives of the framework, expanded arrangement will ask youto design every interface on the frameworkOkay prefer to enter essential administration arrangement? [yes/no]: yDesigning worldwide parameters:Enter host name [Router]: R1The empower mystery is a secret key used to secure access tospecial Executive and arrangement modes. This secret key, afterentered, moves toward becoming encoded in the arrangement.Enter empower mystery:% No defaulting permittedEnter empower mystery:As of now, there is something in particular about Arrangement Mode that you probably won't care for. This mode constrains you to set an empower secret key and an empower mystery secret key. As you proceed in this mode, you'll see this mode ask you inquiries about each and every interface on the switch, regardless of whether you're not wanting to utilize that interface. Utilizing Arrangement Mode truly gets very old sooner or later, again as I would see it.A most significant aspect concerning Arrangement Mode is realizing how to receive in return without sparing the design. One path is at the finish of this mode, where you can answer "no" to "Would you like to spare this arrangement?" I for one never make it that far! Rather than holding up until the finish of Arrangement Mode, we can utilize the CTRL-C key mix to prematurely end this mode and overlook the changes.Setup prematurely ended, no progressions made.Press Come back to begin!Arrangement Mode isn't a mode that CCNA and CCNP competitors get a lot of training with, however you will be tried on your insight about it both in the test room and at work. Furthermore, when you start arranging a switch with this mode, you'll be happy you realize how to receive in return!MOS-OXP exam cram640-875 Practice Test600-199.pdf cheat sheetASTQB braindumpsCMAA entrance exam1z0-468 fullversion pdf650-175 SMBAM SMB Specialization for Account Managers exam pass assurance300-560 Cisco Network Programmability Developer Specialist study guide70-673 exam vce pdf1z0-140 test prepC_HANAIMP_13 actual test pdfPR2F boot campTrending cheat sheetsMB2-706 prepawayHPE2-T33 HPE OneView Seo Audit sample testTawk brain dumps7230X.pdf new dumpsHPE0-S49 exam pdf answersC2090-600 IBM DB2 11.1 DBA for LUW online testMAC-16A free test onlineielts exam training test prepPass4sure test answersC9520-427 sample testBAS-013 bootcampC2180-273 test pdf answers

How to Fix Internet Explorer Won’t Open
 26 June 2019  

Mostly, the Internet Explorer browser works well, but sometimes it starts showing the Internet Explorer won’t open error. This can be because of many reasons, but you should choose the easiest solution first then move forward to the difficult ones. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix this issue on your computer.        Here are some of the common fixes of Internet Explorer Won’t Open• You have to right-click on the toolbar.• Choose the Task Manager option.• Search for the Internet Explorer browser provided on the Processes option.• Start the system again.Go through the Default Web Browser• Choose the Sart option.• Enter Internet Options in the search bar.• Choose Internet Options.• Choose the Programs option.• Below the Internet Explorer column, you need to choose the Make Internet Explorer the default browser option.• It will open the Default apps option on the screen.• Go down to the internet browser column.• In case you have not created an Internet Explorer as your default browser, then choose the internet browser.• You will get the menu list of all the internet browsers which are already downloading on the system located in the context menu.• After that, choose the Internet Explorer browser.Change the Web File Association to Internet Explorer browser• Go through the steps as mentioned above to go to the Default apps option.• Go down and click on the Choose default apps by file type button.• Go down to the web files such as .htm or .html.• Choose the internet browser you are currently using.• Choose the Internet Explorer browser by going to the menu list.• It will change into HTM or HTML files with the default internet browser which is Internet Explorer.• You need to start the Internet Explorer again.• All the URLs open in the Internet Explorer browser.Stop Add-Ons to fix Internet Explorer Won’t Open• Choose the Start option.• Enter CMD in the search bar.• Choose the Command Prompt Desktop application.• Enter cd/ and click on the Enter option.• After that, enter “c\program files\ Internet explorer\iexplore.exe” -extoff and after that, click on the Enter option.• It will launch the Internet Explorer browser after turning off the add-ons.• In case the Internet Explorer browser launches in the add-ons mode, then the major reason for this problem is add-ons.Turn On Internet Explorer Add-Ons• Go to the Internet Explorer by following the steps mentioned above.• After that, choose the gear symbol located at the top right-hand side of the screen.• Choose the Manage add-ons option.• You have to right-click on the add-ons provided in the Add-On Manager window.• Choose the Enable option.• You have to turn on required add-ons.Reset the Settings of Your Internet Explorer Browser• Choose the Start option.• Enter the Control Panel in the search bar.• Choose the Control Panel menu.• Click on the Internet Options button.• Choose the Advanced option located in the Internet Options menu.• Choose the Advanced option given below the Reset Internet Explorer settings column.• Click on the Reset button.• Turn on the Delete personal settings option located on the Reset Internet Explorer Settings menu.• Choose the Reset button to complete the reset procedure of the Internet Explorer browser.• After resetting the Internet Explorer, start the system again.• Check that you have successfully fixed Internet Explorer won’t open issue.To read more about articles:Fixes of Internet Explorer Won’t Open ,  Hp printer support

How To Transfer Images From iPhone To iPad Using iCloud
 17 September 2019  

Images and pictures play an important role to display any information faster than written work. They work to transfer information to the viewer directly. iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad come with inbuilt cameras and users tend to store a lot of images in these devices.In this blog, we will discuss how to move photos from the iPhone to iPad quickly.Transfer Photos using iCloud1. Go to the iPhone’s Settings- a gear-shaped gray app basically situated on the home screen page of your iPhone.2. Tap on the topmost section under the Settings menu icon and then hit on your Apple ID that holds your name and photo you have provided in it. In case you aren’t logged in, click on the “Sign In,” then type all the required information the device asks you like your specific Apple ID and password. Then click on the “Sign In” button to open your account.Source:Transfer Images From iPhone To iPad Using iCloud ,  Lexmark Printer Support NumberYou are not required to sign into your account if you are using an older version of iOS.3. Hit on the “iCloud” button- the second part of the menu option.4. Then touch on the “Photos” button at the upper part of the “APPS USING ICLOUD” segment.5. Now slide the “iCloud Photo Library” bar to “On” mode. Now the bar-button gets green in color. This means that all the saved images and will be saved to your iCloud Photo Library. If you wish to save your device storage space, press on the ” Optimize iPhone Storage” option to keep the stock of smaller form images on your gadget.6. Then slide the bar of “Upload to My Photo Stream” to “On” mode. This allows syncing of all the photos that you captured using your device to all the devices you have logged in providing your ID when they get connected to Wi-Fi.7. Now go to your iPad’s Settings and open it- A gray geared shaped app icon present usually on the home screen of the device.8. Now hit on your “Apple ID” option located in the topmost part of the settings menu option. In case you haven’t signed in to your phone, provide all the important details related to your account and then hit on “Sign In’ option to Log In. In case you are using an older form of iOS, this step is not required.9. Touch on the “iCloud” option present under the second segment of the menu.10. Hit on the “Photos” button.11. Slide up the “iCloud Photo Library” bar to the “On” mode.12. Tap the Home screen button- a circular shaped button present on the front part of your iPad device just at the base of your display.13. Now go to the multi-colored “Photos” app and touch it to open.14. Touch on the “Albums” menu option lies at the base of your iPhone screen.15. Now hit on the ” All Photos” album section basically located in the top-left edge of the page. All your photos will start appearing in this album after syncing your device and iPad through iCloud.Emily Watson is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on lexmark printer support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

How to Change or Reset User Account Password in Linux
 16 September 2019  

If you like to use commands to do anything in your system, then possibly you’ll want to use a Linux operating system on your computer. Or maybe your system is already running on Linux. Many users, especially programmers like to use Linux over Windows, Macintosh, or other operating systems. It has been said that the Linux operating system is more powerful than another operating system. And this is also one of the main reasons why anyone likes to use it.Just like Windows and Mac, Linux also allows its users to share a system with multiple users through a user account. You can create user accounts for multiple users on your system and work separately. Along with this, users can also set a password to keep their data secure. Changing or resetting a user account password on Linux is pretty simple. As well as Linux allows you to do it through using the command line or GUI (graphical user interface).Source:Reset User Account Password in Linux ,  Brother Printer Support NumberHere is how to change or reset user account password on LinuxChanging the user account password using the command on LinuxUsing commands for changing a user account password is much simpler and straightforward than GUI. You just have to run some commands and its done. Moreover, this method for changing the user account password will work on most version or distribution of Linux. Here is which command you’ve to run.1. Start your Linux system and sign in to your user account.2. Now, launch ‘Terminal.’3. Type the command ‘sudo passwd’ in the terminal window and run it. The change password command will run and ask you for the user password you’re using currently.4. When prompted, input the password you’re using currently to access your user account.5. After that, you’ll have to enter a new password.6. Insert the new password again to verify it.7. Now, exit the ‘Terminal.’Once you run all these commands on your Linux, the password of your user account will be replaced with the new one. Now, you don’t need to do anything else. Your user account will now unlock with the new password only.Resetting a user account password using the command on LinuxThe above method is for changing the password of a user account you have access. But, what if you don’t have access to a user account, such as of other users on your system. You can change the password of another user account also in your Linux easily by running a few commands in the terminal. Before you proceed to do so, make sure that the user account is not logged in to the system. Here is how to reset a user account password in Linux through the terminal.1. Start your Linux system and sign in to your user account.2. Launch ‘Terminal.’3. Type the command ‘sudo passwd [USERNAME]’ in the terminal window and run it. In the command, you have to change the word [USERNAME] with the name of the user account whose password you are resetting.4. Input your user password and proceed.5. Now, you can set a new password for that user account. Enter the new password when asked for it.6. Insert the new password again when ask for verifying.Once you run all these commands on your Linux, the password for the entered user account name will be reset and changed with the new one. Now, the user needs to use the new (changed) password to access their account.Changing the user account password using Linux Settings (GUI)If are not so strong with terminal or just want to see how to change a user account password in Linux from the graphical user interface, then you need to go to the settings on your Linux. The procedure for accessing settings tool varies in different Linux. Here is how to change the password from the GUI in GNOME desktop.1. Start your Linux and go to its ‘Settings.’2. Click on ‘Details’ in the left menu at the bottom.3. Then, select ‘Users’ from the options.4. After that, click on the ‘Unlock’ button.5. When prompted, input the password you’re using currently to access your user account.6. Then, click on the ‘Password’ text field.7. Insert and verify your new password, when prompted.The password for the chosen user account will be changed. Now, you can close the settings and try accessing the account with the new password. This procedure for changing password will be very similar in other Linux desktop. If you didn’t get the exact instructions for your desktop, you could try it once. Hope this procedure will help you too.Lauren Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on brother printer support and many other related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

How to Use Assistive Touch on Your iPhone and iPad
 19 June 2019  

Assistive Touch is a virtual Home button which permits you to control the iDevice and also helps you to create gestures such as 3D Touch, pinch, multi-finger swipe, and many others. You can customize gestures and top level menu with the Assistive Touch feature. In this article, you will get to know how to use Assitance Touch on your iPhone and iPad.    Use Assistive Touch on Your iPhoneSteps to Turn On Assistive Touch•    Go the Settings option by going to the home screen.•    Press on the General option.•    Press on the Accessibility option.•    Click on the Assistive Touch option.•    Click on the switch given near the Assistive Touch to turning it on.Steps to Use Assistive Touch on Your iPhone and iPad•    Press on the shortcut of the Assistive Touch given on display.•    Press on any of the options which are mentioned below:1.    Custom. This option permits to insert gestures such as zooming.2.    Notification Center.  It will open the Notification Center so that you do not need to slide down from the upper side of the display.3.    Siri. This option helps you to activate Siri to use Assistive Touch on your iPhone and iPad.4.    Control Center. It opens the Control Center rather than you need to slide up from the end of the display.5.    Device. This option permits you to use many features such as placing a lock on display, adjusting the volume and moving the display on the upward or downward direction and many other options.6.    Home. It opens the home screen, and you don’t need to click on the Home button.Steps for Adding Custom Gestures to Assistive Touch on Your iPhone and iPad•    Open the Settings tab by going to the home screen.•    Press on the General option.•    Click on the Accessibility option.•    Press on the Assistive Touch button.•    Press on the Create New Gesture option.•    Slide to create a new gesture option.•    Press on the Stop option located at the end right-hand side after completing the adding process of gesture.•    Press on the Play option to go to your created gesture.•    Click on the Record option for recording it again.•    Press on the Save option located in the upper right-hand side of the display for saving the created gesture.•    Give a title to the created gesture.•    Press on the Save option.Steps for Customizing the Top Level Menu in Assistive Touch in Your iPhone and iPad•    Open the Settings option by going to the Home screen.•    Press on the General option.•    Press on the Accessibility option.•    Click on the Assistive Touch button.•    Press on the Customize Top Level Menu option.•    Press on the add buttons option.•    Otherwise, click on the existing symbol.•    Click on the function or action option•    Click on the Done button located in the upper right-hand side of the display.•    Click on the plus and minus options given on the end right-hand side for adding or subtracting the options.Steps for Using Custom Actions on your iPhone and iPad•    Go to the Settings tab located on the home screen.•    Press on the General option.•    Press on the Accessibility option.•    Click on the Assistive Touch option.•    Press on the Single Tap, Double Tap or Long Press button for customizing every action.•    Press on the Options button.•    Now, you have completed all the steps to know how to use Assistive Touch on your iPhone and iPad.Source:  Use Assistive Touch on Your iPhone and iPad      |    Dell printer support