In the fast-paced world, you will find an array of email applications to export folders, notes, contacts, and emails. MBOX is quite popular and supports multiple email clients such as Apple Mail, Eudora, and Mozilla Thunderbird. All email client applications are supported by different file formats and if an email client is not supported by MBOX file extension, then the user needs to convert the MBOX files into any format and export conveniently. This blog entails the details on how to import MBOX to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003 version.

Why The Users Opt For Outlook Over Other Email Client Application?

MS Outlook is used by almost everyone to export their files, save data and use email applications. Most of the users opt for Outlook over other email application due to the following reasons:

  • Most of the email client applications consist of only emails, whereas, Outlook can save notes, journals, calendar, contacts, emails, and folders.
  • The user can use MS Outlook without an internet connection to access the downloaded emails. The user can work offline if they are using Outlook.
  • The outlook is a safe platform which supports multiple email client applications and an array of languages.

Manual Ways to Export and Import MBOX Files to Outlook

Below we have discussed the manual way to export and import MBOX files to Outlook:

  • Export Mailbox Files To MBOX Through Apple Mail

1.    Open the ‘File Menu’ and import Mailboxes files.

2.    Select a file in MBOX format from the Import Dialog Box and click on continue.

3.    Import the files to the desired location.

4.    Click on ‘Done’ when the process completes.

  • Transfer All Files To MBOX Via Eudora

1.    Open Eudora and rename the MBOX file by ‘.mbx extension’.

2.    Move the file to the ‘Eudora Directory’. The default way of the file is “C: Documents and Settings<user>Application Data\Qualcomm\Eudora”.

3.    Launch Eudora and open .mbox file by double-clicking on it.

  • Export Eudora Emails To Outlook Express

1.    Open Outlook Express application and select ‘File Menu’.

2.    Click on import, then on ‘Messages’.

3.    Select Eudora from the applications list and click on ‘Next’.

4.    Browse to select the .mbx file and click on OK.

5.    Go to the ‘Next’ button and click on the ‘Finish’ button.

  • Export Files From OE To Outlook

1.    Open the Outlook Application and select ‘File Menu’.

2.    Open the import option and select Import Internet Mail and Addresses.

3.    Click on the ‘Next’ button and select Outlook Express option.

4.    Check the Import Mail option and click on the ‘Next’ button.

5.    Click on Finish.

Limitation of the Manual Method To Convert MBOX Files To Outlook PST

Below we have listed a few limitations of using the manual way to convert MBOX files to Outlook:

  • Apple Mail and Eudora support the Mac platform; however, both the email clients cannot support Windows.
  • The manual way is complex and time-consuming.
  • A wrong step can make the user lose all the information or corrupt the files.

Use an Automatic Way to Convert MBOX Files to Outlook PST

The best way to convert your MBOX files to PST safely is to opt for KDETools MBOX to PST Converter. It is a reliable and convenient way to export the files in a short span of time. The MBOX to PST converter can convert single and multiple MBOX files to PST format without installing Outlook in the system. The user can import all attachments and emails to Online Exchange Server and Office 365 quickly.

Prominent Features of the MBOX to PST Converter

  • The user can export attachments and emails to various file formats such as EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML and PDF format.
  • The advanced tool can convert Gmail to MBOX format.
  • The user can take a free preview of the content before the conversion process begins.
  • The software can filter emails by different criteria such as To, Subject, Date, From, and Attachment.

Final Words

Using an automatic way to convert the MBOX files to PST is a more convenient and safe way as opposed to the manual method. Just ensure that you opt for a reliable and efficient tool to convert the files without losing any data.