AOL Desktop Gold is a desktop software that caters to providing amazing benefits to the users who install it in their device. It doesn’t only act as web browser and an internet searcher, but also allows people to surf for videos, audios, news and play online games. Acting as a search engine, this software can only be accessed when it connected to an online source. Otherwise you won’t be able to implement the usual searching and stuff with the software. If you are facing an issue with AOL Gold and not able to connect online through your AOL account, then you should resolve this matter at the earliest. The steps for the same are mentioned in the blog and you can go through the suggestions. And if they do not prove to be effective, then kindly uninstall it and download AOL desktop gold in the system from the scratch.

What can be the reasons behind AOL Desktop Gold not connecting Online?

Fir every issue there are some significant reasons. Some of them which are preventing AOL Gold to connect online are

Router or network settings- This is the most common problem which can be faced by the users on a daily basis. When the internet router fails to work or doesn’t provide proper signal, it becomes the reason for AOL Gold not connecting to the online network

System settings- Sometimes there lies some error with your computer and laptop, which can lead to the issue discussed here

Operating system compatibility- Not updating the device firmware or AOL Desktop Gold can also lead to this dilemma

What are some general ways by which you can resolve this error?

Hardware and router settings:

First of all check the errors that are associated with the Wi-Fi router or modem. If you are unable to open other programs and connect online with the network, but only AOL Gold is causing an issue, then you can move to the next step. Otherwise you must get in touch with your internet service provider and fix the issue. You should also look whether all the wires are properly intact and there are no loose ends

Update the system firmware

Next, download all the recent updates that are related to your device’s firmware and then try connecting AOL gold to online network

After that you need to enable the automatic LAN settings

  • First of all, open Google Chrome web browser
  • Click on settings and after that click on ‘Advanced’ option
  • Now open the proxy settings and click on Internet properties
  • Review the LAN settings and enable the option of ‘Automatically detect settings’ 
  • Save the changes and exit the window

The next thing that you can execute to resolve this error is to reset the TCP/IP settings or also fix the issues with the network card if any.

If none of these methods work, then just stop whatever troubleshooting method that you have applied, uninstall the software and install AOL gold desktop in the framework once again.

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