Mostly, the Internet Explorer browser works well, but sometimes it starts showing the Internet Explorer won’t open error. This can be because of many reasons, but you should choose the easiest solution first then move forward to the difficult ones. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix this issue on your computer.


Here are some of the common fixes of Internet Explorer Won’t Open

• You have to right-click on the toolbar.

• Choose the Task Manager option.

• Search for the Internet Explorer browser provided on the Processes option.

• Start the system again.

Go through the Default Web Browser

• Choose the Sart option.

• Enter Internet Options in the search bar.

• Choose Internet Options.

• Choose the Programs option.

• Below the Internet Explorer column, you need to choose the Make Internet Explorer the default browser option.

• It will open the Default apps option on the screen.

• Go down to the internet browser column.

• In case you have not created an Internet Explorer as your default browser, then choose the internet browser.

• You will get the menu list of all the internet browsers which are already downloading on the system located in the context menu.

• After that, choose the Internet Explorer browser.

Change the Web File Association to Internet Explorer browser

• Go through the steps as mentioned above to go to the Default apps option.

• Go down and click on the Choose default apps by file type button.

• Go down to the web files such as .htm or .html.

• Choose the internet browser you are currently using.

• Choose the Internet Explorer browser by going to the menu list.

• It will change into HTM or HTML files with the default internet browser which is Internet Explorer.

• You need to start the Internet Explorer again.

• All the URLs open in the Internet Explorer browser.

Stop Add-Ons to fix Internet Explorer Won’t Open

• Choose the Start option.

• Enter CMD in the search bar.

• Choose the Command Prompt Desktop application.

• Enter cd/ and click on the Enter option.

• After that, enter “c\program files\ Internet explorer\iexplore.exe” -extoff and after that, click on the Enter option.

• It will launch the Internet Explorer browser after turning off the add-ons.

• In case the Internet Explorer browser launches in the add-ons mode, then the major reason for this problem is add-ons.

Turn On Internet Explorer Add-Ons

• Go to the Internet Explorer by following the steps mentioned above.

• After that, choose the gear symbol located at the top right-hand side of the screen.

• Choose the Manage add-ons option.

• You have to right-click on the add-ons provided in the Add-On Manager window.

• Choose the Enable option.

• You have to turn on required add-ons.

Reset the Settings of Your Internet Explorer Browser

• Choose the Start option.

• Enter the Control Panel in the search bar.

• Choose the Control Panel menu.

• Click on the Internet Options button.

• Choose the Advanced option located in the Internet Options menu.

• Choose the Advanced option given below the Reset Internet Explorer settings column.

• Click on the Reset button.

• Turn on the Delete personal settings option located on the Reset Internet Explorer Settings menu.

• Choose the Reset button to complete the reset procedure of the Internet Explorer browser.

• After resetting the Internet Explorer, start the system again.

• Check that you have successfully fixed Internet Explorer won’t open issue.

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