In this blog, we are going to tell users how to restore VHDX file easily. VHD, Virtual Hard Disk Drive, is a file form that can include disk partitions and file systems like a physical hard disk, which identically implements storage of file(s), folder(s) and other stuff.

A Virtual Hard Disk Drive allows the installation of several operating systems on a single host machine. This multi-OS environment lets developers to test the software application in diverse ways.

How to Recover deleted VHDX Files?

Steps to recover all your files and folders (including lost and missing data) from fraudulent virtual hard disk partitions. You can easily recover data from VHDX files after a hard disk crash, damaged storage media, RAID failure, unintentional deletion, etc

All you can Recover from VHDX files?

1. Restoration of lost, and removed files/folders from inaccessible VHDX files.

2. Data recovery from critically corrupt VHD partitions.

3. Recovery of all image files, multimedia files, database files, email files, internet files, archives, etc. from imperfect VHDX files.

4. Supporting of VHDX files generated using all Windows platforms: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT, 95, Hyper-V Server, Windows Server 2008 R2.

5. Quick searching of the particular data file type (like DOCX. PDF, XLS, etc.) from VHDX files.

6. Configure recovery settings to skip/rename/overwrite duplicate items, etc.

What is VHDX File (Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk)

VHDX is a semi-open file format and a free specification of VHD issued by Microsoft. The main advantage of exchanging to VHDX is the increased storage, earlier version i.e VHD has standard storage of 2TB whereas VHDX has the storage capacity of 64 TB. The VHDX file format is only carried by Window8 and Windows server 2012

So know I guess, you have a fair idea what is a VHDX file format. So let’s, come to the main problem i.e. How to restore VHDX File?

There may be many reasons that may cause VHDX file corruption like-

1. Deficient hard drive storage

2. Anti-virus issues

3. File transfer over a deserted network

4. It seems undesirable to retrieve these VHDX files manually, so there are various tools available online for VHDX file recovery. 

As we all know manual tricks consume a lot of time and people should have prior knowledge. And even no data security is there in the manual process. Now it is up to you either to go with the software solution of the manual process.

The one which I would recommend is VHDX Recovery Software V3.02 by Sysinfo Tools.

It is one of the most advanced tools to view, open and even recovers your damagedVHDX data as well.

Some of the features provided by the software

1. Support recovery from corrupt / damaged VHDX data

2. User-friendly design

3. Recovers maximum possible data

4. Highly support Master Boot Record and GUID Partition Table

5. Free / Demo version available


I hope, now you know how to recover VHDX files in Windows 10, 8, 9 and other versions. The application good but has some restrictions as well.

Being a blogger, I would always recommend you to use the demo version first and judge it. If everything works well then only go for the full version.

Hope this article helps.