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What are the benefits of agile leadership training
 MindCpyress Online Education  
 22 January 2020  

What is the definition of agile? These are few questions people are asking nowadays. Agile leaders are the source of inspiration for others. They create and communicate an appealing vision or a higher purpose that motivates the entire organization and would continuously look for the better ways of working through the feedback. It’s all about being inclusive and working as a support system for the leadership journey. Agile is all about being open to new ideas, experiments and innovations which supports creativity. An agile leader is the garden to the right mindset and creates cultures based on collaboration. Being a good coach, the agile leader is a good listener.What agile leadership is about? -Agile certification carves out the Agile leader from a professional and it is not about tools, practices or methodologies, it’s an ability to look organization and mold it according to the system’s perspective and understand the system dynamics and able to get the awareness about the company’s whereabouts and understand the integral part of the system to conclude and initiate the change.New management program is all about collaboration, trust, decentralization, continuous adaption and flexibility to work in cooperation and according to teamwork. It is according to the static management in the industrial era and then we shifted to the strategic management in the last twenty years of the last century. Agile courses are known for the development of an individual to a focused professional who works for the betterment of the organization as well as the team.Agile training is like a touchstone of professional who can work for the improvisation of the teams and calculation of the upcoming expenses with the possibilities of malfunction in the system. An agile trained professional turns out to be an asset for the organization and whatsoever the situation is, agile trains the professionals to a situation handler.

Runtz Clones Los Angeles,San Diego
 alina jackson  
 7 December 2020  

Runtz delivers an electrifying and stimulate high augmented by delicious sugary tastes.Breeders silhouette this powerhouse strain to produce massive amounts of THC, a palatable terpene profile, and a satisfying yield.To achieve these desirable traits, they crossed two legendary and notoriously powerful varieties: Gelato and Zkittlez. They introduced Gelato into the mix to equipment tastes of candy, citrus, and hops. Not to mention, the Cali cultivar provides a clean and inventive high.Likewise, they were inclined to add Zkittlez for her equally scrumptious flavours, high THC levels, and warm body high. This award-winning indica casts a gentle stillness over the mind and sends a warm wave over the body.After crossing both parents and achieving a stable phenotype, Runtz emerged as a perfectly balanced strain with 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica. She offers the best of both worlds—a great choice when you’re struggling to choose between relaxation or stimulation.Her visually pleasing buds feature a dark green core flanked by purple-pink sugar leaves. These colourful flowers look pretty, but don’t underestimate them. The resin they produce packs a THC content of 27%.A few tokes later, and her indica effects will make your body feel loose but heavy. Simultaneously, an energising head high will trigger increased altertness, creativity, and euphoria. This is a fabulous strain to pair with casual outdoor activities, or with games and conversation indoors.Tastes of candy, fruits, and citrus infuse every lungful of smoke or vapour. High levels of caryophyllene, humulene, and linalool dominate her terpene profile.Runtz produces rewarding yields both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants grow to a maximum height of 130cm and produce a respectable 450–500g/m². Plants cultivated in the elements peak at a taller height of 180cm and provide up to 450g/plant. Expect to harvest Runtz after a relatively brief flowering time of 8–9 weeks.

Runtz Clones Los Angeles,San Diego,
 alina jackson  
 14 December 2020  

Runtz delivers an electrifying and stimulate high augmented by delicious sugary tastes.Breeders silhouette this powerhouse strain to produce massive amounts of THC, a palatable terpene profile, and a satisfying yield.To achieve these desirable traits, they crossed two legendary and notoriously powerful varieties: Gelato and Zkittlez. They introduced Gelato into the mix to equipment tastes of candy, citrus, and hops. Not to mention, the Cali cultivar provides a clean and inventive high.Likewise, they were inclined to add Zkittlez for her equally scrumptious flavours, high THC levels, and warm body high. This award-winning indica casts a gentle stillness over the mind and sends a warm wave over the body.After crossing both parents and achieving a stable phenotype, Runtz emerged as a perfectly balanced strain with 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica. She offers the best of both worlds—a great choice when you’re struggling to choose between relaxation or stimulation.Her visually pleasing buds feature a dark green core flanked by purple-pink sugar leaves. These colourful flowers look pretty, but don’t underestimate them. The resin they produce packs a THC content of 27%.A few tokes later, and her indica effects will make your body feel loose but heavy. Simultaneously, an energising head high will trigger increased altertness, creativity, and euphoria. This is a fabulous strain to pair with casual outdoor activities, or with games and conversation indoors.Tastes of candy, fruits, and citrus infuse every lungful of smoke or vapour. High levels of caryophyllene, humulene, and linalool dominate her terpene profile.Runtz produces rewarding yields both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants grow to a maximum height of 130cm and produce a respectable 450–500g/m². Plants cultivated in the elements peak at a taller height of 180cm and provide up to 450g/plant. Expect to harvest Runtz after a relatively brief flowering time of 8–9 weeks.

Runtz Clones Modesto
 John Smith  
 8 January 2021  

Runtz Clones delivers an electrifying and stimulate high augmented by delicious sugary tastes.Breeders silhouette this powerhouse strain to produce massive amounts of THC, a palatable terpene profile, and a satisfying yield.To achieve these desirable traits, they crossed two legendary and notoriously powerful varieties: Gelato and Zkittlez. They introduced Gelato into the mix to equipment tastes of candy, citrus, and hops. Not to mention, the Cali cultivar provides a clean and inventive high.Likewise, they were inclined to add Zkittlez for her equally scrumptious flavours, high THC levels, and warm body high. This award-winning indica casts a gentle stillness over the mind and sends a warm wave over the body.After crossing both parents and achieving a stable phenotype, Runtz emerged as a perfectly balanced strain with 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica. She offers the best of both worlds—a great choice when you’re struggling to choose between relaxation or stimulation.Her visually pleasing buds feature a dark green core flanked by purple-pink sugar leaves. These colourful flowers look pretty, but don’t underestimate them. The resin they produce packs a THC content of 27%.A few tokes later, and her indica effects will make your body feel loose but heavy. Simultaneously, an energising head high will trigger increased altertness, creativity, and euphoria. This is a fabulous strain to pair with casual outdoor activities, or with games and conversation indoors.Tastes of candy, fruits, and citrus infuse every lungful of smoke or vapour. High levels of caryophyllene, humulene, and linalool dominate her terpene profile.Runtz produces rewarding yields both indoors and outdoors. Indoor plants grow to a maximum height of 130cm and produce a respectable 450–500g/m². Plants cultivated in the elements peak at a taller height of 180cm and provide up to 450g/plant. Expect to harvest Runtz after a relatively brief flowering time of 8–9 weeks.

StoryMirror in conversation with Author Richa Dixit.
 StoryMirror Feed  
 20 February 2019  

Q: Please give details about your initial education and forming years of lifeA: I have done my schooling and Graduation (B. Com) from my hometown, i.e. Gwalior (M.P) . And later did my Post Grad (MBA) from Lakshmangarh Jaipur (Raj.)Q:How did you get interested in literature? What inspired you to write?A: From the childhood days i used to enjoy reading & writing poetry. Words and the emotions they generate and expressing myself by ideas and words have been my passion throughout. Writing has been a soul calling for me, words have been a source of healing to my emotions and zest to find myself through words. Q: What difficulties did you have to face with respect to literary work?A: Although my family has been always supporting me in my writing passion, but still the society limits us by such creative fields to be as a career option, specially being a woman. A qualified woman in most houses are the ones who have attained degrees to get married to high earning spouse to do the dishes at end of the day, freedom of expression has always been a highly neglected zone for women. though not that case with me but still being at the shore, that ripple effect tickles your feet in some or the other way.Q: What is your view about the present-day literary work?A: Literature needs to be honored in its true sense, education system in schools and colleges and the awareness for literature subject has to be rolled out. Without creativity and those floating ideas, being a human race is undefined. Roots of literature are needed to be strengthened.Q: Do you think that the emergence of digital and social media has given a new opportunity to creative writers?A: Yes, it has served a lot and a new hope has arisen to let the light shine. Young writers are gaining there worth through this a lot, were they can showcase their talent and be recognized. Q: Please tell us something about your literary work.A: Talking about my literary work, I have been always fascinated by poetry (English, Hindi, Urdu), i really wish to rekindle the magic of poetry to world again. I have published my Hindi/Urdu poetry compilation in my two books.Q: What was your first literary work and how was it published?A: My first literary work was my online book issue (DILSOZ ALFAAZ), that was a compilation of some of my poetry work. This is what the significance of social media that has enabled me to publish my work online, with no cost involved, where in I got a good response and later decided to compile another book (lamhon ki oot se) in print media.Q: How many ways literature can contribute to society in future?A: Literature can totally define the roots of us, it holds a great contribution percentage, era has to be brought back so that art n culture, traditions can be put into flow . Literary world must be enriched with creative young passion, literature is a science and art of healing in my perspective. With our wall bounded, numbers-oriented job world, we are turning into barren souls, literature can bring the showers of peace and harmony to create a world and life worth living.Q: There do you see yourself after 5 years in the literary world?A: After 5 years I see myself as a writer figure, nurturing my soul calling and purpose, sharing with society my ideas and work that can heal and inspire others. Q: What ways would you suggest building a community for poets?A: System has to be modified from ground level, schools & colleges need to be taking participation in same so that our youth can revive the vibe of creativity and build our literature stronger, society needs young writers as the successors of our literary world. It has to be a prominent career opportunity for people who wish to pursue it, due to lack of awareness and opportunities in literary world, youth is getting brain drained towards numb career zones ending up in stress and losing one self.Q: What message would you like to give to aspiring new writers? A: I would like to share this view to aspiring new writers, that let your words say it all, no matter what follow your heart, collective efforts of all of us will make us and this literary society of ours shine and we will establish a strong foundation, they are the crucial pillars of it.Q: How was your experience of writing on StoryMirror? A: Writing on story mirror was really an amazing experience, getting my work selected at it was really a pleasure. Q: Would you like to say something about Storymirror? A: Story Mirror is a wonderful platform, I really feel blessed to come across it, they people really make our worth being notified to world out there, Great to be writing on it and felicitated by it for letting my words find their true light. Read my content on https://storymirror.com/profile/wmz2b5q5/richa-dixit/poems

Tips on how to save money
 Aishani Mahapatra  
 17 April 2020  

As they say, a penny save is a penny earn. Now saving money, especially for carefree teens, will be difficult. Here are some tips.1. Make a proper budgetMaking a budget and adhering to it is very essential. By making a budget, you know how much money you spend and don't spend more than needed.2. Calculate your expensesThis is also an important step. Pen down each expense and the reason. This will help you not to lose money and keep a track of your money.3. Have a side jobHaving a part time job helps a lot. In India, many people think that having a small side job affects your status. But it is wrong. Side jobs not only help you earn money, but also give you a chance to do what you really love. Maybe you like painting. You can give art classes and charge a certain fee for it. 3. Sell your old thingsThis not only helps you get rid of your old things but will also help you earn cash. You can post free internet ads. If you don't price them to high, then people will start buying them.4. Ride a bicycleIt is a great way to save money on travel. Places that are not to far, you can bike. It saves money, the earth and it's good for you.5. Live simpleLiving simply at these age will help you later. Don't buy things just because your friend has it. Don't eat expensive food everyday.6. DiyMake things at home if you can instead of buying. It will not only help you save money but also let you express your creativity.7. Do odd chores in your free timeDoing odd chores is a great way to earn money. Think about what you do in your free time. Probably sit and watch your phone or make tiktok videos. Instead help your neighbours and earn some money.So that's it for now. Hope this blog will help you save money. Bye!

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.42-43
 Dhwani Shah  
 8 August 2019  

Sex Is Energy - In Gita Verse 2.42-43 Men of small knowledge are very much attached to the flowery words of the Vedas, which recommend various fruitive activities for elevation to heavenly planets, resultant good birth, power, and so forth. Being desirous of sense gratification and opulent life, they say that there is nothing more than this.Krishna explains to Arjuna when we are stuck to the knowledge we will be fascinated and get attached to them. In that we stop our growth. We need those words of Vedas to understand our subjectivity but to act we need our own intelligence, means Vedas will become resource and nothing else. If we can use our own thinking, intelligence then the seed of consciousness we have brought with us as a human being will start growing. We can nurture the seed of consciousness only through our intelligence.Right now again I will explain to you by giving the example of waste - few decades back everyone was thinking only one thing how to get rid of waste, so in the process we have created more pollution, expenses, etc. This is because we were stuck with the waste and with all the information of waste we were not using our intelligence. But few people thought how we can use the waste instead of how to get rid of waste everything changed, they could see electricity in the waste. When this experiment was successful suddenly everything changed - pollution from the waste has reduced, income has been generated, employment was there. Just by using our own intelligence how much can change. What is required is to focus on the solutions then we will need totally our own intelligence. Till the time we focus on the problem it will be attracting misery, once the focus is shifted from problem to solution all the misery will disappear and we will find growth not only for us but for others too.As we are not using our intelligence we are stuck to the Sex as a biological need only. The people who used their intelligence they realized God within this energy, self within this energy. They started directing their sex energy towards prayers, meditations, playfulness, enthusiasm, participation etc, they transformed the same energy of the sex to superconsciousness. Exactly like from waste to electricity.When we think and utilise sex energy only for the biological purpose then all kinds of problem of rape, hatred,aggressiveness, anxiety, fulstrations, violence will be there. These are like pollution in the society. See the people who through their prayers, meditations, playfulness, enthusiasm, participation have transformed their sex energy into creating themselves are calm, non-violent and affectionate.Don’t give yourself consolation that you are prayerful, playful, meditative etc, because under this name you are cheating yourself. No one will be affected except you. You will be caught up in desire, greed, anger, with the repressed sexual energy. Unless you see in your action enthusiasm, participation and playfulness your prayer, meditation, are phoney, fake.Be authentic to yourself. To use your sex energy for biological purpose you can use for certain age only but to use your sex energy for prayers there is no age bar.See how the Aryan society was divided accordingly age our growth and creativity. Where we require our sexual energy for all the stages. Also remember that sex energy is carrying life in it. This is the reason we can produce life form of our children. This is the biggest mystery. And all our act needs that energy so the act itself become alive. As without our intelligence we use sex energy only for the biological purpose. But if we use our intelligence we can see the life into it. Unless we start seeing the life into sex energy we will not be able to transform that energy for creating ourselves - Growing In Consciousness.The life of a man in the Aryan society was divided into four stages of 25 years each, assuming that a man lived for 100 years. The first part of his life span, that is from birth till the age of 25 years was supposed to be the period of Brahmacharya (celibacy). During this period he was supposed to be busy in studies.The term ashrama means a stage in the long journey of life of a man. Bhramacharya was the first stage of life from birth to twenty five years of age. And in this period he acquired knowledge by leading the life of a student.After the education in the Gurukula, the man entered the second stage of his life that is Grihastha ashrama (householders life) till the age of fifty. During this stage a man was supposed to marry and lead a family life following a set of customs & traditions. After this he entered vanaprastha ashrama (life of service to others) till the age of seventy five. During this third period he was supposed to break the family ties and serve the community. This stage was followed by Sanyasa (a renounced life in the forest) where a person had to abandon his complete social life and devote all his time in the service of God to attain salvation.If you become prayerful then there will be kind of joy, enthusiasm, participation you will find in yourself. You don’t have to give anyone that proof. Your act will become your proof.Krishna is asking Arjuna to become self-alert and play his role through his intelligence. Use the resource of your creativity to drop all your identification. Your intelligence is with you and not in the scriptures they are just a reminder and call to use your intelligence.

25 Interesting Philosophy Essay Topics You Can Try
 Robert Smith  
 26 October 2020  

Philosophical essay writing is not an easy task. Not only do you require an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, but also detailed investigation. Assignment help service offered by the experts has really helped the students to submit their tasks on time and earn exemplary grades. However, if you wish to achieve proficiency in philosophical essay writing, you should put pen to paper right now.Mentioned below are certain essay prompts with which you can get started.1.Is being rich all about having lots of money?2.Does democracy exist in real life?3.Is truth a relative issue?4.Should you accept or ignore an opportunity if you are not 100% confident?5.Do you agree with the fact that love lives for three years only?6.Does supernatural being exist?7.Should violent and offensive content be removed from the Internet? Who should do it?8.Ethics behind cyber currency application or BitcoinIf you feel that the topics are a bit challenging, do not get worked up. There are professional experts who can craft the essay for you. If you face issues citing sources in Harvard, MLA, Vancouver online, you can buy assignments from the professional experts.9.What are the advantages and disadvantages of egoism?10.Is it possible to create an ideal state?11.What is the future of the humankind after the COVID-19 gets over?12.How can creativity be boosted?13.Animals are different from people. Comment.14.Modern life values and how important is it?15.Should humans abide by the established laws?16.What are the pros and cons of Utilitarianism?17.“Artificially designed babies” How do you feel about it?18.Is having a circus or zoo ethical?19.Organ Transplantation: Pros and cons20.Total control. What are the advantages and disadvantages?21.Which is crucial: to love or to be loved?22.Loneliness and why is it not a bad thing?23.Human nature and faith in God24.What are the positive and negative features of Machiavelli’s ideas?25.Should euthanasia be legalized or strictly prohibited?Which philosophical essay did you find captivating? Right now, you should choose one prompt and start practicing writing. This would prove to be beneficial in the long run, and in case you need assistance with assignments, avail assignment help service.

Are You in a Creative Rut? Here Are Three Ideas on How to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
 rosie joy  
 6 July 2020  

Whether you’re a sculptor or a musician, every artist experiences a creative rut at one point or another in their career. At times, this could be triggered by a negative occurrence in one’s life while in other instances, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious cause. Regardless of your unique situation, be encouraged that it is indeed possible to overcome your creative rut and get back on track within a short time. Here are some great ideas on how to get your creative juices flowing once more:1. Find a new muse or iconA muse refers to a person or situation that inspires new art. On the other hand, an icon is an established artist who you admire and desire to emulate. Go ahead and conduct some research to discover a new muse or icon who will inspire you to get creative. Your muse could be a new love interest, a family member or even a major event that changes your perspective on life. When searching for an icon, you could research on artists of the past so as to get more insight into what made them successful.2. Enrol for a training courseAt times, your creative rut could be triggered by a deficit in your personal development. This means that there might be underlying notions or beliefs that are affecting your creativity. To help you uncover these truths, Landmark worldwide has a stellar personal development course that enables you to gain a better sense of self expression and peace of mind. Landmark forum reviews show that thousands of people have enrolled for the Landmarkworldwide course and seen a tremendous improvement in their productivity in all aspects of life. You can read more about their stories by checking out Landmark forum reviews submitted by former students.3. Take a hiatusFatigue and constant stress can cause a creative rut. Hence, why not try and take a short hiatus to enable you to rejuvenate your spirits? Many people shy away from this idea with the false belief that they can’t afford to take a holiday. However, the reality is that a hiatus doesn’t need to be an exotic vacation to a remote island. Rather, you can simply take some days off in your home or apartment and be intentional about reconnecting with your creative side.

Things to check when hiring a web designer
 jason roy  
 6 August 2020  

Do you want to augment your business? Then why you should not go with an official website? Well, this is probably one of the best options to meet the level of your competitors and to take your business to the next level. For this purpose you will definitely need to hire a professional web designer who is capable enough to deliver your company’s message in the best possible way.A web designer is a person who is able to make different websites in the most appealing way like either it is WordPress website, custom PHP website or whatsoever.  If you are willing to make a website for your brand then you should coordinate with the best website design company in Dubai to get the most skillful and professional web designers. But before hiring any web designer, make sure that you are checking all the following qualities in him.Portfolio It is not mandatory to hire an experienced web designer for your website as some newbies are comparatively more talented. But still it is recommended to not take any risk and prefer the experienced one as in this case you will have a complete portfolio of that respective web designer which will help you a lot in checking all his skills and talents. This portfolio will tell you about his creativity and work, on the other hand you will also be able to verify that either he is suitable for your project or not.Budget capacityDifferent web designers demand different payment as according to the nature of work but in some cases the web designers goes beyond your range because of their extensive skills and expansive portfolio. In such situation it is better to set an affordable range so that you can hire a web designer as according to it. Secondly don’t forget to make a reasonable contract between you and your web designer to avoid any inconvenience later on.Offered servicesBefore hiring a professional web designer, make sure that whether he is offering all the required services or not. Like in some cases you will need web designing along with content creation, social media campaign and much more. In such scenario you must choose a web designer who is capable to offer multiple services so that you would not have to hire several people for a single project.

Online Digital Marketing Certification Workshop ,Mindcypre
 MindCpyress Online Education  
 2 December 2019  

Digital Marketing Certification Workshop| Online Digital Marketing Certification Workshop ,MindcypressUniversal Approach of Digital MarketingDigital Marketing Certification Workshop When it comes to the digital marketing, the term creates a kind of confusion in the mind of Digital Marketing Certification Workshop those professionals who aren’t acquainted with this new branch of marketing. Earlier, to advertise or introduce any new innovation or product, the marketing team had to spend a major chunk of their budget in their department, which further creates no scope for any new innovation or production for the whole year. Digital Marketing Certification Workshop Imagine the actual raw material and labor cost of a coca cola bottle is $0.01575 for a 355ml (12flounces). Now, we will calculate the remaining cost on the profit. But, the calculation will be completely incorrect, because sales, marketing and promotion eats up the major chunk of profit margin which came as a grave concern for the other departments of the company because they were not able to perform because of lack of budget. Digital Marketing Certification WorkshopDigital Marketing Certification Workshop Here comes the revolutionary role of Digital Marketing.You just need a 30sec to 1min interesting video of the product with crisp and laughable content which will be shared as a topic of Digital Marketing Certification Workshop amusement on social media websites and messengers. The people who are sharing your content just for the Good Morning wishes or Christmas Wishes they are working for you from their internet data, from their smart phone and your logo and product is being advertised among the masses without any hurdle. Digital Marketing Certification WorkshopDigital Marketing Certification Workshop Secondly, you don’t need big personalities or faces on Social Media or Digital Marketing to advertise your product, a harmless Pug breed dog can attract your audience if content is shareable. Digital Marketing Certification Workshop Earlier, the marketing team had to approach any big celebrity, ask for the dates, prepare the costume and sets which incurred a huge amount of wealth but now, you just need good content which is considered as the king in the digital marketing. Digital Marketing Certification WorkshopDigital Marketing Certification Workshop Remember, if you have creativity and a good team with you, you can operate in a small office with Digital Marketing Certification Workshop your creative team. Nowadays, what matters is the content which can be shared and which is ideated with universal thought. For example, it should be like Potato, which is available in most of the countries with the power of substituting itself even when it is boiled or fried! Digital Marketing Certification Workshophttps://www.blog.mindcypress.com/universal-approach-of-digital-marketing/

4 Types of English Assignments You May Have to Solve
 Simon Kirby  
 30 April 2020  

English is the subject that fascinates students most. But most of the time, it has been noticed that students hireEnglish assignment help as they feel they lack creative writing skills. The best thing about English as a subject is that it has a variety of work of art that you will get to explore and different kinds of assignments to write.Here is the list of English pieces that you will be assigned to write when you take up English Literature:vPoetry-One of the most loved assignments in English is of poetry. It helps you convey your story without saying anything yet saying more than what you feel. Poetry is the only assignment in which everyone wants to try their luck, but a few only can succeed. So, if poem writing is not your cup of tea and you have to score well, you can ask experts for Plagiarism free assignment  help.vShort stories-Short stories are the best way to draw your imagination with the help of words on a piece of paper. Short stories can be fictional or can be inspired by true stories that you want to share. You have to add a touch of connection so that your readers can relate to what you are saying. A story, when appropriately written, has the power to transport you from the real world to the world of imagination.vEssays-Essays are more like argument-based assignments. It gives you the space to express your views and present arguments and take a stand. While writing an essay, you should make sure that the piece has enough facts and sources. The language should also be formal. You can go through the samples of essays available on the websites of English assignment writingservices online for inspiration.vSingle sentence story-One of the most interesting assignments in English is to write a single sentence story. You will be provided with a sentence, and then you have to complete a story with it. You will need both imagination and effort to submit a well-written assignment. Go through examples of English assignments online to form an idea.These are some of the assignments that you will be assigned if you are pursuing English. Be ready to use these assignments to show your creativity and score well in class. All the best!Reference Blog: https://telegra.ph/4-Types-of-English-Assignments-You-May-Have-to-Solve-04-3

Benefits of Learning Musical Instruments for your Child.
 Rock City Church Corpus Christi  
 2 May 2020  

Music gives you the peace of your mind. It plays a vital role in growing kids. However, those benefits don’t come from sitting in music class and nodding along kids has to engage with music actively. Corpus Christi Church is a place where we try to spread natural and spiritual climates all over the world through our singing.Here are 10 of the benefits you can expect from music:Teaches PatiencePlaying an instrument means having to persevere through hours, days and possibly years of practice. Patience is a must while learning to set goals. The violin is an instrument that can teach patience, as it takes practice just to learn how to hold the bow and get the strings to make a sound.Boosts Self-EsteemLearning an instrument provides kids with an outlet to practice, listen to feedback, make adjustments and see positive changes. As they improve, they will build confidence and boost self-esteem. The piano makes a great example, as it's an instrument often used for performing.Improves Reading SkillsTo play an instrument, kids will improve their comprehension by learning to play sheet music, which requires identifying a note on the page and associating it with the pitch on their instrument. As their skills develop, they will start to read and play more fluidly. For a child playing the trumpet, which only has three pistons to control airflow and create notes, they will have to read music while also using hand combinations to create specific notes.Exposes New CulturesMusic is a reflection of history. When you expose children to music, you teach them about jazz, blues, baroque and even zydeco cultures. Through these cultures, kids can develop a greater appreciation for their instruments. For a music and culture combo lesson, consider the sitar, an instrument similar to a guitar though it only has three strings with origins that date back centuries ago to northern India.Encourages Self-ExpressionKids who learn to play an instrument they have clarity for creativity and making their own choices, something which fosters self-expression. Music is one of the ways children can easily express emotions they may feel too uncomfortable or unable to talk about. By learning to play an instrument, kids can convey their emotions healthily and productively.Corpus Christi Church is a band on a mission to advance the kingdom of God, by transforming both the natural and spiritual climates in their country. It can help you and your child to hear spiritual music.

StoryMirror in conversation with author Yashfeen Asif
 StoryMirror Feed  
 4 March 2019  

Please give details about your initial education and forming years of life.Got the privilege of being bought up in two different countries. I did my Honours in Linguistics and Masters in Business Administration.How did you get interested in literature? What inspired you to write?  Reading and listening to stories has always been a passionate hobby of mine.  It was out of mere curiosity of reading a story as per my taste, that I started my hand at writing.What difficulties did you have to face with respect to literary work? Getting a right platform to showcase my work and getting established as a writer in this competitive market.What is your view about the present day literary work? A lot has been done and a lot more needs to be done. Do you think that the emergence of digital and social media has given a new opportunity to creative writers? A very big YES! Along with opportunities social media has also provided courage to people like me to try their hand at writing.Please tell us something about your literary work. So far I have three books under my name and been published in four anthologies. What was your first literary work and how was it published?  I started my literary journey with a novel, but the work which was published in a book format was a self published poetry book "Bittersweet Lines". Later on my first novel "The Billionaire's Pursuit" was picked up by FicFun Inc to be published in an e-book format on their website. How many ways literature can contribute to society in future?The only answer to this question is INFINITE.Where do you see yourself after 5 years in the literary world?Hmm. I guess as a full time established writer.What ways would you suggest to build a community for poets?Conducting more and more engaging competitions starting right from the school levels.. What message would you like to give to aspiring new writers? If you are passionate about it, keep on writing without thinking about its outcome. Just write what you want from heart, pave your own path don't follow or copy others, create your own identity, rest shall follow.How was your experience of writing on StoryMirror?  Writing on Storymirror has always been a pleasure. With its ever engaging competitions, whenever you feel like giving up or you're stuck they'll pop up with something new, bringing out creativity to a whole new level.Would you like to say something about StoryMirror? Amazing platform for amateur writers to showcase their work along with endless opportunities.Here is a link to read my content https://storymirror.com/profile/6sjazbqi/y-a-indie-indie/stories

Trending Hobby Ideas
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Hobby ideas

Estonia Independence Day
 Abbott Adam  
 28 December 2020  

Independence Day is a major national holiday in Estonia marked on the year August 27th. It is widely celebrated with massive parades, concerts, and celebrations. It's thenational day of Estonia, where all the citizens observe a momentous event by burning an old stamp. The stamp is then put into a bonfire and later carried to different destinations throughout the country to be opened and display the new stamp.Estonia was one of the countries to gain independence from the Soviet Union. On this day, citizens of Estonia celebrate their Independence Day. There is a lot of excitement and fun in this period of the year when the people are eager to mark this historical event. Estonia is one of the smallest countries in Europe but still has a very developed sense of culture and traditions. On this Soviet Russia day, the nation and the people of Estonia celebrate their freedom and territorial integrity.Soviet Russia Day There is a lot of variety and creativity on this Soviet Russia day. The national flag is used as the main icon of the gathering. Here, the color orange is used for the colors of the nationalistic symbols and for the star that is used as the symbol of the state. Estonia was an independent country from Soviet Union after World War II. On the 24 February, the people of Estonia celebrate their freedom and territorial integrity. It marks the beginning of the communist rule in Estonia and hence, it is a major national holiday.The first thing that one notices about on this Soviet republic Independence Day is that the whole place is decorated in a great manner. The street names are properly displayed and so are the buildings and other symbols of the state. Restaurants and cafes are fully decorated and there is music, dances, and a massive fireworks display. Soviet Republic Independence Day During this Soviet republic Independence Day, the national flag of Estonia is presented to the people and the President of Estonia gives a speech in which he emphasises the ideals, values, and principles of the country. A concert is organised by well-known artists and musicians of Estonia. Fireworks are also arranged by the servicemen. This is followed by street races and sports competitions. The entire proceedings are watched by tens of thousands of people.On the morning of the Soviet republic's Independence Day, a huge parade is organised by the whole country. It passes through Tallinn and other important cities. After this huge parade, the international school in Tallinn is visited by many dignitaries and foreign students. On February 24th, Estonia celebrates its centennial year. Numerous international delegations, including British, French, and US, visit Estonia to participate in the celebrations.

Searching for the best digital marketing company in Kuwait?
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With the internet taking over the world, it becomes easy to reach a lot of people in a very small amount of time and it has helped a lot of businesses to grow. Now every business is registered to the internet which creates competition among the businesses. Today you have to do marketing over the internet to win this competition and if you are searching for a digital marketing Kuwaitthen this post is for you. Webonclicks is one of the best digital marketing companies in Kuwait which will help you to boost your business.Webonclicks is one of the best digital marketing companies as it has been working in Kuwait for 15 years and knows the complete needs of customers. Every business is different, it requires different customers, different locations, and using a single strategy to boost the business is not helpful but webonclick makes a customized strategy for your business after analyzing your needs. This makes the strategy, business-centric, and helps you to achieve success in less amount of time.  Webonclicks uses a new framework of internet marketing which can help you to achieve success only if you have a planned internet strategy.This framework starts with a goal in mind and then the plan is executed according to that plan. This digital marketing covers all aspects of social media as well. That is not all webonclicks do, it helps you to start your internet marketing from scratch and helps you with the tools and creativity to structure your marketing efforts. This strategic planning for your online marketing can help in accelerating the customer's interest in your product and services. These entire things make webonclicks one of the best digital marketing Kuwait for you.If you want to take your first step in internet marketing then click on this link and register and get free ads on with every domain name. Free email account and a lot more.It is just a part of internet marketing you have your custom application for your customer which is highly popular these days.Now everyone has a mobile device and they search the services or products they need through it, it helps you to reach them easily and create a huge impact on the mobile application.In Today's world, it is important to register the business on the internet because you can beat your competitors with the old technique of marketing which has a low amount of reach and requires a lot of time and money investing in marketing the products or services.Contact to Webonclicks -mobile - +965 9917 4002Add -  Office No. 605, Old Edu Ministry Bldg, Mirqab, Kuwait, 15000Follow us to our Social media pages-https://www.facebook.com/webonclickshttps://www.instagram.com/webonclicks/https://www.youtube.com/webonclicks

How To Select Your Portable Air Conditioner
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 1 September 2020  

When Air conditioners were not there people mocked at the thought that a device could cool the space. Lastly when they were created, the creativity became a truth. Now, lavishly individuals sit in houses and beat the scorching heat. The wings of demands broadened and individuals desire of having a cooling devices that can be easily brought from one place. Further, they desired something that lowers the wetness from air. It maybe appears a challenging job. However with the use of state of the art innovation, the things have changed and requirements are promptly taken care off by the well known makers of the air conditioning unit.There is typically a pipe from which the hot air is drawn out, and would normally extend out of a window. This is in some cases called the exhaust pipe. There may also be a container, or tray that fills with water needing elimination frequently. This would be essential to do this every 8 hours or two. With some units it might be possible to get away with doing this occasionally such as maybe as much as one or 2 weeks at a time. This water comes from the wetness being removed from the air.Another function that you require to think about is the double exhaust versus the single exhaust designs. The distinction is that with the single exhaust there is no clean air flowing through the space. The double exhaust will distribute fresh air through the space. In addition, a double exhaust air system will cool a room much faster than a single exhaust this portable ac actually helps.Lift your window and place the window set inside, it might enter horizontally or vertically, dependent upon how your window opens. Adjust the length of the window kit to fit your window. Close the window till the window package fits snuggly. Some models include screws to make certain your window set remains in place.It is affordable. Portable air conditions can already be acquired for less than $300. You need not fret about extra costs such as setup costs due to the fact that you do not need those. Portable units are very economical specifically if the location you live just has few extremely hot days. Portable cooling units have become more effective over the past 3 or 4 years. Innovation has actually adjusted the features in such a method that it implied improved cooling and lower operating expense.Some of the available portable a/c can cool down a space with a size between 150 and 200 square feet. These are generally of here the 7500-8000 BTU power.However if you are an individual who changes a great deal of houses or cities then is the very best option as it is small and avoids the excess cost of installing it every time you move.

Top Aristic Websites to Draw Inspiration
 Doris Hall  
 22 April 2020  

Inspiration comes from anywhere, at any time. It comes in the night while drifting to sleep, or it visits while standing in line for a cup of coffee. Wherever it comes from, and in whatever form it visits, artistic inspiration is a blessing that fuels creation. View these websites to help ignite a spark or two.Artists Inspire ArtistsAn entire website devoted to artists inspiring other artists, this site allows visitors to view the work of others, offers insight into how projects are completed and seek to boost the confidence of aspiring artists. The images are top quality and the webpage is very user friendly. Users may submit their own inspiration and ideas for type my essay for the rest of the creative community to draw upon.Inspirational QuotesSometimes an artist needs to be given a gentle nudge or a pat on the back. These words of inspiration are tailored specifically for the artist and come from the mouths of some of the best; Johannes Brahms, Eugene Delacroix, William Faulkner and Pablo Picasso are but a few of the voices that have uttered their views on the fickle and slippery idea of inspiration. Their words are preserved on this site to ignite creative minds.Deviant ArtDeviant Art is a website on which artists of all calibers come together to display their work. Much like a massive, worldwide art gallery, Deviant Art is one of the web's oldest and best inspirations for artists. Some of the art defies description, some is incredible, some is awful and some is disconcerting. The result, however, is a wonderful collection of images, songs and words that are sure to prime the artistic mind for creation.BehanceVery similar to Deviant Art, the Behance Network is an international collection of images, paintings, and drawings available for anyone to view. The difference, however, is that Behance prides itself on showcasing professional grade work. Amateurs are not allowed to post on the site, resulting in an assortment of great professional art and a wealth of inspiration.Ideas for PaintingSometimes the best inspiration comes not in the form of a visual image, but in the form of written words. This article, composed for the New Yorker by artist Jack Handy, offers a series of exercises to give painters a jumping off point when beginning a new piece. Handy suggests over a dozen titles for a painting and describes them in detail. He then leaves it to the artist to create the work he has envisioned. The ideas are quirky and the results are sure to be interesting.Artistic inspiration is like lightning: it rarely strikes the same place twice. Cast the net in a different place each time and hope to catch something that lights the mind with creativity. The results are always worth the effort of searching.

Buy Short Sleeve Cross Front Top Online
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 23 March 2020  

A maxi skirt is a crucial portion to the women regular slip on. It is always sophisticated and it also can help you result in a exclusive trend fact. Regardless of your shape, color and size, this mode of typical attire can also add remarkable grace for ones persona.All said and done, ever thought about how does one sport a maxi skirt? Do not forget that an improper blouse and even a tank top more than a maxi skirt could make you browse just a shabbily-dressed school instructor. But with just a little attempt from a stop, and of course with my terrific techniques, it is possible to really make heads transform for the first time.In no way close to-do your maxi skirt. Keep it simplistic that has a low-page high or clothes. Dramatic tones are a strict no-no. If you play your bit with shades of heaven and earth and flowing prints, one will not mind, however. But comfort is a buzzword. Cropped sweatshirts work magic for your needs but thinking the shade and effect once again buy cropped open cardigan online.Opting for cropped chic tops would be sensible if you are wearing a high-waist skirt. You would possibly in addition use a strapped-up highest showing anyone good curvatures that you have desired to flaunt considering that ages. You may pair your outfits with a tank dress, a one-piece swimsuit or even a frilly skirt dressed as a top, if you want to show off your creative bent.If you have a full-volume skirt, it is not necessary that you would require teaming it up with a tank top, again. You can add that a lot more funk to your dress by matching it by getting a shed-physically fit t-shirt or blouse. Slimmer skirts look best when pair with a body-hugging tee, however. Quirky color combos do not really hurt you, but if you prefer to play it safe, you can opt for tops and skirts in the same color family.Who doesn't wish to buy the eyeballs? If you have the slightest intention to be the cynosure of the evening party, then you can pair your shimmering maxi skirt with that oh-so-delicious mini dress that you picked up for your beach vacation last year.Maxi skirts are more than mostly observed as a ample plethora and designs of colours.As an example skirts with color or shade stop varieties, or people that are fashioned with the mixture of silk and georgette, printed skirts, silk jersey maxi skirts and many others are the goal into the Élan creation device. The chiffon pleats together with voluminous waffling speak volumes of the advantage that these regular women of all ages clothing objects have been completely created by using a more significant measure of creativity geared to the needs and wants of cutting-edge women.

Interesting details of digital nail art
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 10 December 2020  

After you have given your nails a basic manicure, you can decorate it as you wish. First of all, cleaning the nail and removing the cuticle or dead skin is required. Then on the cleaned nail, you can give a layer of coat. You can choose a design you like either from the preloaded designs or from your own pictures. Then with the help of the nail artist, you can insert your palm inside the nail printing machine and the printing will start. If a good quality Nail printer Buckinghamshire is used for this purpose, your nail will look absolutely artistically stylish!How long does digital nail art printing take?The printing usually takes about 10 seconds or so per nail. Depending upon the design, it can even be quicker. The whole process that includes nail preparation and drying of coats in between can take 15 minutes.How long do the designs last?Digital nail art lasts as long as a normal nail varnishes treatment. First, you need to apply two thin coats of clear nail varnish. You must pay special attention to the nail tips. If you are careful with your nails, the designs can last up to weeks or longer.Safety factorYour hands are placed inside a special cradle which keeps the nail at a safe distance from the printer head. Nail printer machine actually sprays the design onto your nail so you don’t feel any sensation. Even if by mistake, there is some movement in your fingers while inserted in the machine, the sensitivity of the safety cut out will pause the printing instantly. So, it is completely safe and reliable.For French ManicureMore than the creativity of airbrushing, the printer can print the French manicure beautifully. Just use the white base coat and the machine will print an exquisite design that will greatly highlight your nail beauty.The digital nail printing software is easy to use. Just with a bit of practice you can develop the knack for it. With expert guidance and advice from a reputable company, you can utilize this splendid technology to expand your business. An in-depth knowledge and frequent application can bring colour into the lives of many customers.Word for the nail art loverIf you are a nail art fan and have been doing designs on your nail, you should try this innovative digital method to stylize your looks and personality. In the digital age where most people rely on digital services, this printing technique is adopted by the fashion world. Dynamic and enthusiastic nail art doers love this revolutionary progress that combines technology and photography.Not everyone understands the beauty of nail art. But with development in modern style, many are welcoming this orientation. The digital mode is to portray the possibility of this artistic design trend easily and quickly. On top of everything, if you use nail printer Buckinghamshire, your nails will appear pretty and charming. You can say hello to this digital practice without any hesitation and express your love for authentic nail designing.

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 31 December 2020  

BENEFITS OF USING SOCIAL MEDIA PRINTING STATION AT YOUR EVENTSocial Media Printing Station is a new technology where people can capture the content and share it quickly and securely over various social media platforms. These printing stations make your event not only memorable but also help you promote your brand. These photo booths create compelling and impressive images, incredible videos, and photos utilizing a green screen, which can be a treat for any eye. Using this new technology, your guests can click amazing photos to impress their friends and family members. It is a perfect platform to showcase creativity.  HOW DOES IT WORK?Many people find it very difficult to navigate their way to sit around computers and Smartphones. With this new technology, you can quickly shoot and share your content following the below easy steps:Making Pose: The first step to capture a perfect photo is an ideal pose till the final still image is captured.Accessibility of instant download: All your photos and captured videos are collected by this printing station into your private download folder and comes with passcode protection.Sharing in one click: With just one click, anybody can upload and share pictures and video on any social media platform very easily. At the touch of the screen, you can take a print instantly from this booth.BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOBOOTH:Social media photo booths are not only for fun but also a cost-effective way to promote your brands in the market. Nowadays, social media platforms are one of the best ways to ensure your business's success and likely is the key to help you reach out to your target customers. The benefits of photo sharing on social media captured via printing stations are:It helps you attract more customers. When people see the fantastic images of your products or your events pictures with trendy look shared by you, they try to associate with you promoting your brand and help grow traffic on your website.Promote Your Products: You can promote your products to new customers by allowing other people to share your uploaded picture and videos.Create Branding: As more and more peoples associates with you, buying your product and sharing your videos and images, it helps you create brand value. Utilizing these print stations, you can also place your company logo and create a dedicated product page.CONCLUSION:Photo Booth Atlanta is a well-established photo booth company that helps you promote your product, increase value to your event, and generate online buzz through your guests' photos with hashtag printers. These printers come in handy for sharing the enriched experience your guests have experienced at your private event. It is a good idea to introduce these hashtag printers at your next professional event to build your brand. Ref URL:https://photo-booth-rentals-atlanta.blogspot.com/2020/12/benefits-of-using-social-media-printing.html

What is a Patent and why individual or company needs one?
 Nadim Mia  
 2 November 2020  

What the heck is a patent and why every company/individual and specially engineer needs one. Engineering is allabout solving real-world problems whileproblem-solving you would be exercisingan enormous amount of creativity that is unique to you simply put a patent is government stamp that recognizes your creativity in solving a problem you may all have gone to the same engineering college where the same text books and learn the same techniques but there will be significant variations in everything from the way you view the problem to the way you solve it the solution when looked closely would be as unique as your fingerprint and like a painting each one would be beautiful in its own way a patent appreciates and reward you for the ingenuity in your solution quite literally a patent is to an engineer what a canvas is to an artist or a book to an author but how does patent help inventors like you think of a patent as a blog it's where you tell your story oaf problem and how you solved it and it’s for the entire world to read and learn from it the difference being while blog may earn you a few thousand bucks aspen can potentially our new millions if all this sounds impractical to you take one look at the one click pen that belongs to Amazon this patent is for the idea of letting online buyers to make purchase with just a single click of abut with this buyers don't need to enter credit card information or billing address every time they make a purchase previously entered information is used to automatically complete the purchase this idea is so cool that the king of cool Apple licensed the patent for use on iTunes so the patents can be very rewarding but what essentially is appetent a pen is a deal between the inventor and the government the government in this case represents the interest of public alarm the inventor is teaching the world a new solution to problem in return the government promises an exclusive right on the solution to the inventor in other words anyone who wants to use the solution described in a pen should pay royalties to the inventor for using patented technology just like apple pays royalties to Amazon for using the technology described in one click patenting iTunes so the inventor gets rewarded for the creative efforts while the public acquires new knowledge via the patent that is a really good deal awing-win for everyone in a way a patent is similar to a lease agreement for real estate property you get rights to use the property in return of paying money to the owner now you may want to say oh this sounds awesome but I’m just a student let's look at some common myths about patents you need tube a genius to come up with a patent where the idea you need a groundbreaking idea for a pen you need a lot of money to get a patent while it is true that some of the greatest inventions have come from extraordinarily brilliant minds it's the exception and not the norm according to one study less than 2%of the inventions may be considered breakthrough the majority 75% of inventions are actually improvements on existing techniques indeed over fifteen percent of inventions are solutions that one may consider a parent for example the amazon one click patent is apparent for almost everyone but amazon was the first one to think of the idea and patent it so yes you too can come up with a patent worthy idea you just may solve a real-life problem or improve existing solutions and if you thought inventing is a laborious process requiring you to spend endless hours in laboratory here's good news for you patenting is easy you can understand a lot with online law courses in india have tactually build anything to get a patents long as your solution appears workable based on known engineering principles you are good to go so you don’t even have to build prototypes to show how the invention works so much so there are billion-dollar companies whose sole business model is in conceiving and patenting ideas even if they don’t manufacture any products using those ideas IBM patents almost everything your engineers can think of it may look like that panting is something only companies with a lot of money to rock on battening is cheap governments provide huge discounts to individual inventors who wish to file for patents in many country individual inventors have to just pay quarter of the filing fee paid by big companies I have successfully done Patent registration in India and design patent registration can vouch for this - also patent professionals are patent agents. And to become a patent agent you need to clear exam only proper preparation can help you become one but its easier today then ever with patent agent exam online courses you can learn and clear exam easily. can hold your hand through the patent process patent professionals help inventors with drafting and filing the patent all rights the process of getting a patent doesn’t seem like a big deal but finally having a patent is a big deal for starters it's just umber cool to be known as an inventor the very word conjures up images of great minds like Thomas EdisonTesla Larry Page and Steve Jobs there’s no telling of the powerful impression that this one word creates with just this title you are already a league apart at the least a patent will add huge value toy our resume if you were going for a job interview a pen will immediately differentiate you from the crowd branding Assad having a pen or even having applied for one is a prerequisite if you were thinking of starting your own startup company have you heard of shark tank it's a TV show where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas and get a funding watching a couple of episodes would convince you beyond doubt that investors don't take your idea seriously unless you yourself do and that means respecting and protecting your idea by a pen but the greatest impact probably lies on how your pen can earn for you while you sleep patents are typically licensed to manufacturers at royalty rate that may vary from two percent to seven percent of retail sales that means every time someone buys the patented product costing say a hundred dollars your bank account is credited with seven dollars and you can enjoy this commission for as long as the patented product is selling in the market or until the patent expires thesis one of the smartest and most powerful passive income streams that can guarantee wealth creation like no other but is now really a good time to get appetent no now is the time the more you delay the lesser your chances of getting patent that's because it's very likely that someone else with a similar idea may file for a patent before you and the Patent Office follows the maxim the early bird gets the patent remember Larry Page filed a patent for his page ranking algorithm used by Google while still in college this algorithm is the bedrock on which the whole company Google was launched so if you have an idea pad now hope this video motivates you to innovate and file patents.

Copyright Infringement
 Nadim Mia  
 19 October 2020  

God gifted to a human being is observation and thinking power which lead humanto do huge amount of search physical and biological resources on the earth. With using this imagination and creativity, human has been producing many arts or products for changing needs of his andsociety’s interest, comfort and convenience which is important for economic development of country. Intellectual property includes Patents, Designs, Trademarks, copyrights, confidential information and Industrial. The Present study makes an attempt to discuss the Copyright Act, 1957 with reference to selected legal cases in India.OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY 1. To know the concept of copyright2. To understand overview of copyright and caseRESEARCH METHODOLOGYThe study is based on secondary data. This is collected through various publication, books, internet and articles etc.THEROTICAL BACKGROUND• What Is A Property?Properties are two types, corporal property and incorporeal property or tangible property and intangible property. Corporeal property contains the material and tangible things owned by the human being, organizations, associations etc. They have physical objects, so we see with eyes and touch it. Incorporeal property is intangible which subject matter of right is. Such property does not have physical characteristics and hence cannot be see and touch it.• What Is Intellectual Property?Intellectual property is an intangible creation of the human mind such as copyright, patent, industrial design, design patent india, trademark etc. Examples as in copyright, an author's protect it rights copyright on a book or article, musical work, literacy work, cinematography film, photography etc.• What Is Intellectual Property Rights?Intellectual Property Office [1] defined Intellectual property (IP) as “a term referring to a brand, invention, design or other kind of creation, which a person or business has legal rights over. Almost all businesses own some form of IP, which could be a business asset. It includes Copyright, Patents, Designs and Trademarks”.• What Is Copyright?Copyright means creation of things of authors in various fields such as literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematograph film, sound recordings and computer software. After certain time copyright work is public domain. The primary function of a copyright law is to protect the man’s original work and its rights.It also consists of the right to works derived from the original works; certain rights such as the right of public performance, the recording right and broadcasting right.• Object of CopyrightThe protecting, recognizing and encouraging the skill and capital of author is the object of a copyright.• Definition of CopyrightThe copyright act does not give specific definition of copyright, as per Sec.13, it includes works, that is to say, (a) Original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works;(b) Cinematograph films; and(c) Sound recordings;• Main Features of CopyrightMonopoly Right; the copyright registration restricts others from using the work that has been the creation of the author.Multiple right; copyright is not a single right. It consistsof bundle of different right. The multiple rightsinclude right of adaptation, right of reproduction, right of publication, right to make translation, communication to public etc.Negative Right; copyright is prohibitory in nature. It is a right to prevent others from copying or reproducing the work.• Copyright A Kind Of Intellectual Property Copyright is a kind of intellectual property. Importance of copyrightis increased due to the rapid technological development in the field of printing, music, communication, entertainment, and education and computer industries. Beside that copyright logo is common practice in businesses.RESULTS AND DISCUSSION • Original WorkCopyright exist only in original work. The word original which related to the expression of the thought but expression need not be in an original or novel form, but that the work must not be copied from another work- that it should originated from author.• International Copyright LawsAt international level the copyright are protected under conventions are as follows, as per the rule of WTO Agreement, the implementation of the TRIPS patent regime was the primary requirement in order to enable participation in multilateral trading system. Copyright of nationals countries who are members of the Berne Convention 1886, Universal Copyright Convention 1952 and the TRIPS Agreement 1994 are protect the Literary and Artistic Works at International level. Rome convention, 1999 this convention protects the rights of performers, producers of phonograms, and broadcasting organizations. WIPO Copyright Treaty, 1996 this treaty specifies that protection extends to expressions and not to ideas, procedures, and methods of operation or mathematical concepts. The treaty recognizes the computer programmers as literary work. WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, 1996 declares that the protection of the performers and producers of phonograms.• Copyright Law in India The Copyright Act of 1957came into force from January 1958. The Copyright Act has been amended in 1983, 1984, 1992, 1994 and 1999, 2012. The Copyright Act, 1957 consists of 79 sections fewer than 15 chapters while the Copyright Rules, 1958 consists of 28 rules under 9 chapters and 2 schedules.The landmark amendment in copyright act 1957, in 1994 which is related to computer software, according to section 14 of this Act, making and distribution of copyright software without proper or specific permission is illegal.• Case of copyrightIn a case,1. R.G Anand v. M/S. Delux Films & Ors on,1978SC given meaning of copyrights, what constitute the infringement of copyright. [2].2. In Garware Plastics and Polyster Ltd and Bomby and Others v. M/sTelelink and Others, 1989 in this cases the court held that showing the film over the cable TV was constitute video piracy. [3].3. In M/s Mishra BandhuKaryalaya& Others v. ShivaratanlalKoshal AIR 1970 MP 261, it has been held that the laws of copyright do not protect ideas, but they deal with the particular expression of ideas. [4]. 4. In Raj Video Vision v. K Mohan Krishnan the Court held that the producer of a cinematograph film could be regarded as an author of the film for the purpose of Copyright Act.[5].5. Super Cassetts Industries Ltd vs Music Broadcast Pvt. Ltd on 3 May, 2012 In this case court held that grant of a licence shall be given on payment of reasonable charges to the copyright owner.[6].6. In a case “CCH Canadian Ltd. v. Law Society of Upper Canada, 2004 (1) SCR 339 (Canada) [7]. The Canadian Supreme Court is of the held that to claim copyright in a compilation the author’s original work should be the product of an exercise of skill and judgment and it is a workable yet fair standard. Means the author must produce a material with exercise of his skill and judgment which may not be creativity in the sense that it is not novel or non- obvious, but at the same time it is not the product of merely labour and capital”.7. Chancellor, Mastersand Scholars of the University of Oxford v. blushing Publishing House and Ors, 2008 [8]. In this case court held that, there is a no infringement for guide prepared from copying text from text book for the assisting, solution of student in solving the problem.8. As per amendment in copyright act 2012, section 52 (zb) provisions for facilitating access of copyrighted works to the disabled, including blind persons, considered as fair dealing. [9].9. In a case of Hawkins Cookers Ltd. v. Magicook Appliances Co., 100(2002)In this case court held that, the defendant using a label for pressure cookers, which was similar to the trademark registration in india ‘HAWKINS’ of the plaintiff which is protected under sec. 55 of copyright act 1957.Hence permanent injunction was granted. [10].• Copyright BoardSection 11 of the Copyright Act 1957 is relates to the establishment of Copyright Board. The Copyright Board consists of Chairman and not less than two, but not more than fourteen members. Chairman of the Board should be a sitting or retired judge of the High Court or a person qualified to be appointed as judge of the High Court. The Registrar of Copyright to act as Secretary of the Copyright Board. [11].• Assignment of CopyrightIn Copyright Act, 1957 Sec.18 deals with assignment of copyright. The author of the original copyright workassigns the whole or any part of his rights to others to exploit economically for a lump sum consideration. In the alternative he may license some or all of his rights to others usually on the basis of a royalty payment. An assignment may be general, i.e. without limitations, or subject to limitations. Assignment of a copyright is possible only if it is in writing and signed by the assignor or by his duly authorized agent. The registration of assignment is not compulsory.• Relinquishment of Copyright (Sec.21)The author of an original work may relinquish all or any of the rights comprised in the copyright in the work by giving notice to the Register of copyright in the prescribed form. The Register will be publishing the notice in the Official Gazette and in other ways of the any person come out on the date of the notice.• LicensesChapter VI containing Sections 30-32B deal with licenses. A license can transfer the interest in a copyright. In a license the right granted are limited. The ownership in the rights remains with the author. In case of assignment, the ownership in the right is transferred to the assignee. “Copyright License is granted by the owner of the copyright in any existing work or the prospective owner of the copyright in any future work in writing signed by him or by his duly authorized agent. In the case of a licenses relating to copyright in any future work, the licenses will take effect only when the work comes into existence. Where a person to whom a licenses relating to copyright in any future work is granted dies before the work comes into existence, his legal representatives, in the absence of any provision to the contrary in the licenses, will be entitled to the benefit of the licenses”.[12].• Term of CopyrightThe period of copyright for a photograph, cinematograph films and sound recording shall subsist until 60 years from the beginning of calendar year.(Sec.25 to 26). In the case of literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works where the author is a natural person the term is lifetime plus sixty years.• Registration of Copyright (Sec.44)The act describe the in Copyright office a register is kept which is in the prescribed form to be called the Register of Copyrights in which may be entered the names or titles of the works and the names and addresses of authors, publishers and owners of copyright.• Copyright InfringementsAs per section 51 some of the commonly known acts involving infringement of copyright:1) Making infringing copies for sale or hire or selling or letting them for hire;2) Permitting any place for the performance of works in public where such performance constitutes infringement of copyright;3) Distributing infringing copies for the purpose of trade new trademark registration or to such an extent so as to affect prejudicially the interest of the owner of copyright;4) Public exhibition of infringing copies by way of trade; and5) Importation of infringing copies into India.[13].The Bombay High Court in Hindustan Lever Ltd., v. Nirma Private Limited, Ahmedabad, AIR 1991the court held that the dissimilarities were totally inadequate to wipe out general impression of the unwary purchaser. Thus, there was prima facie infringement of copyright. The case dealt with the infringement of the copyright in the label when there were only few changes made in the colorable imitation of label.[14].• Remedies for Copyright InfringementLaw is a liable for social challenges and alsoresponsible for answers the challenges and in the process of develops itself. Copyright is best example of the relationship between law and developedscience and technology. Section 54 to 62 of the Copyright Act provide for civil remedies under the Act. A copyright creator can take legal action against any person who infringes the copyright in the work. The copyright owner is entitled to remedies by way of injunctions, damages and accounts.(Sec.54)In Criminal Offence any person who knowingly infringes or abets the infringement of the copyright any original work, he/ she is liable forcriminal offence under Section 63 of the Copyright Act.The punishment forinfringement of copyright is imprisonmentfor a period of six months and fine which may be Rs. 50,000/- or may be extends.COPYRIGHT RELATED TO LIBRARY SERVIESLibrary is a source and way to access of knowledge. In any educational institute libraries plays a key role in many spheres, including copyright. The role of library and physical existence to the digital form should be increased for the development in science and technology. Libraries will continue to grow, when it has created challenges regarding implications and accessing of Intellectual Property in Library services. Libraries being the major source of informationneed to be more careful in controlling the copyright issues of authors andpublication. Section 52(1), Indian Copyright Act, 1957 declares that a fair dealing (fair use) for the following purposes does not mean infringement such as,1. Private or personal use, including research2. Criticism or review, whether of that work or of any other work3. Reporting of current events and current affairs including the reporting of a lecture delivered in public. With the growing need of society, the library professional’s have aware about the knowledge on Intellectual Property Rights which provide the users to access information without infringement copyright.CHALLENGES AND ISSUES FOR COPYRIGHT1. India ratifies the trips agreement, as per guidelines of TRIPS. India had made amendment in there copyright act for protection of software industry and enacted laws as a concern in subject such as Information technology act 2000, Industrial Design Act 2000, The Trade Mark Act 1999 etc.2. Information and technology have its own invention of inventor or creator, it further leads into business. So, if infringement cause financial loss or reputation of inventor, assignee or licence nor.3. Growing software industry, and Protection of software technology, then however, they involves in complex and interrelated issues that encompass a mix of copyright and trade secrets law.4. The infringement is so widely spread and so it damaging legitimate businesses, so these businessesis in danger to collapse. It is most challenges towards inventor and government to protect harm caused by infringement. In case of copyright is concern issues of piracy in music, sound, photography and film is still questionable. Copying remains a huge problem, causing harm for inventor in lots of economic, status of brand and harming consumers get dangerous goods.5. While in infringement of copyright most issues that arise: Privacy of search and seizure orders of substance during the investigation of infringement, misappropriation of confidential information, wrongful appropriation of a person’s ‘publicity’ – the photographs of celebrities, for instance for private gain.CONCLUSIONThe socio-economic development of a countryalways depends on the creativity and invention of a people and it can’t possible effective without the proper implementation of administration and enforcement of copyright laws. Creativity and innovation are the new path of the world finance development. Copyright is a serious issue for protecting IPR. There is a big market of piracy literature today, which effect on the author of the original copyright work. So today there is need to create public awareness about the economic, social and cultural importance of copyright among all sections of society. Also today there is demand of society to make and enforce thestrong and effective Copyright laws, which balance the interests of rights owners with larger public interest.Now a daythere is also important things related to library services such as, for all the librarians in India to give copyright education in order to understand the basic principles and concept of copyright laws in India which is helpful for the author for his creation. In India numbers of people making copying original work of author, because they have manyreasons such as weak economic background, unknown about knowledge etc. Due to rarepunishment and improper implementation of law, the illegal act of copyright is increases in such field. So it is need to understand and the study of consumer behaviours in depth and solves the problem effectively. So todayit is important and need of time, to aware knowledge about intellectual property right for development of country and protection of right of original author work is must for a common man.

How to Choose Terrace Garden Designers in Delhi?
 Amandeep Singh  
 5 June 2019  

Just like any other design project, terrace garden designs require a lot of creativity, mainly because of the challenges that come with working with live plants. Terrance designers should be considered as they are experienced and talented at working in this area.The advantages of hiring a terrace garden designer are that they have a deep understanding of the materials and tools needed for effective landscaping. Terrace designers also understand how spaces work together to create harmony and the risks associated with landforms. Another benefit of using their services is that they suggest things to be considered when designing terrace gardens. The things to be considered when choosing terrace garden designers are; • Recognized Qualification When choosing a garden designer, it is always important to look for professional designers with a recognized qualification. Colleges offer courses in garden design that provide skills and knowledge related to soils, drainage, paving, and landform manipulation. The training enables the garden designer to approach your project in a systematic and ordered way. Extra-curricular qualifications enable the garden designer to analyze the site, client requirements and assess the risks associated with client requirements. Choosing a qualified garden designer ensures that the client requirements are met as he can understand what the client needs and can suggest improvements in a professional manner. Read Here: 10 Ways a Gazebo Makes Summer Better• Have a Clear Idea of Your Budget Having explicit knowledge of the budget you have allocated for your terrace garden design is essential in choosing a designer. The reason is that some of the garden design services offered are professional. On the other hand, some garden designers may charge less and still complete the project, but with little or no professionalism. Identifying the budget allocated for your terrace garden design services is crucial in that it enables you to choose a terrace garden designer in Delhi you can afford. Getting value for your money is guaranteed when you pay for the service. • Consider Maintenance Services Another important thing is to consider the work required after the terrace garden is all set up, and there is extra work needed to maintain the landform. When hiring a garden designer, it is essential to consider if they offer garden maintenance services. It is necessary to ask if the maintenance services are paid for or free. It is advisable to choose a service that has garden maintenance services to reduce the hustle that comes with maintenance. • Visit other Gardens Another factor to consider when choosing a terrace designer is to visit other gardens and ask for recommendations. Recommendations are preferable because you have already witnessed the quality of work delivered by the garden designer. Visiting other gardens also provides an opportunity to advance the plan of the garden you need. Most terrace garden designers Delhi offer various services in landscaping. But when choosing a terrace garden designer, it is important to consider professionalism, your budget, and recommendations. Garden design is all about client requirements and recommendations from a professional designer. Also Read: How to Choose a Pergola for your Home

Top Reasons For Choosing Contact Lenses Over Glasses
 Nitish Sharma  
 22 October 2019  

Most people often tend to get a lot confused when they have to choose between contact lenses and glasses for sure. While there are some people who might suggest that glasses are better than contact lenses, there are also some others who would tell you that having contact lenses is one of the best things for sure. There are so many different opinions but there are most people who tend to opt for contact lenses. If you are having some kind of doubt on whether to buy glasses or an amazing blue contact lens, then we are here to help you out with your confusion.Some Reasons To Opt For Contact LensesHere we have some reasons why you need to opt for contact lenses if you want to make sure that you have all the benefits. These reasons are enough to convince you to go to the store and get the right contact lenses for yourself.These Can Be Great For People Who Are ActiveIf you are an athlete or you have an active lifestyle, you need to have some brown contact lenses for sure because these are extremely efficient. These won’t really move around when you are doing some sort of physical activity as well. Also, when your head moves, these won’t be moving as your glasses do. Doesn’t that seem to be enough of a reason to get contact lenses right now? You will be able to enjoy all the amazing benefits of having contact lenses in the best way for sure.You Have A Clear VisionThis is one of the most important reasons why you need to make sure that you have some amazing contact lenses in the best way. These contact lenses are the ones that sit pretty comfortable and you have a whole wide view of the things that you are trying to see. This is something you don’t get when you are wearing glasses as the area is limited. So, don’t you want to go ahead and give these amazing contact lenses a try so that you can know whether you like them or not?Creativity Is An OptionAre you interested in changing the color of your eye? Why not have some amazing colored contact lenses and you don’t have to worry about anything else. There are so many different colors that you can choose from. There is simply not a single speck of doubt about the fact that you are going to have a lot of fun choosing the new shades of color for your amazing contact lenses.ComfortWhen you are wearing contact lenses, you also don’t have to worry about comfort as well. Even if you have a very specific prescription, there is no doubt that people will be able to provide you with the best lenses for sure. This is one of the main reasons why people tend to choose contact lenses in the first place.So, these are some of the main reasons why you need to choose contact lenses right now. Go ahead and make your pick.

Choose the Right Software Houses to Achieve Your Business Goals
 Jenny Devin  
 6 January 2021  

Many big firms are confused as to whether they need software house services for their work. But the fact is that product development can only be done with the help of technology. And for that one of the most important tools that these big companies need is business management software or any application which is site-compatible. So, one of the most important things is that you should not get confused when choosing software housesfor the development of your firm. There are a number of factors which should be taken into consideration like business goals. You should be able to elucidate the goals of the project in detail along with what is required.Business Needs Should Have ClarityAnd these requirements can range from anywhere like internal organizational needs, commercial needs, needs of investors, etc. And only if you define your project goals properly, then only the software house will be able to offer you a completely flawless and professional solution. Plus, you should choose a software house that has a specialization like developing and building software and application which is useful for your business. Software houses mostly specialize in the development of cloud management software, trading sites, internal organizational application, etc. It is suggested that you look for more information about the software houses before switching to any of them.Check the ReviewsIt will be good for you to broaden your horizons by checking into the reviews of various software houses and know about their past performance and the projects which are still active and how much importance has been given to those projects. Plus, check out with the old customers and get their opinion on the work of the software houses. A good software development house will give you a quotation that is appealing or flexible for both parties. Look into the quality of service the development house is providing like the hours it will make itself available for your company, schedules, degree of flexibility, etc.About IQ DeskOne of the most recommended development houses in the Israel technical market is IQ Desk Development House. It has many good professional qualities and advantages. This company has erudite experts and it has been working for two decades on various types of projects. It mainly works on software development, cloud business management software, development of customized Android and iPhone applications with native and hybrid technologies, development of trading and image sites with Magento and WordPress. The company has advanced consulting skills for different types of needs.Use of Right TechnologyAnd they choose the right kind of technology for each project. They have a unique design. Also, each project of the company goes through special QA testing. Innovation, Efficiency, Creativity, Flexibility are the key ingredients that contributed to this company becoming successful. The data is provided in a short time period. Plus, along with flexibility, they can make changes in the future needs of the customers. They provide a constant availability for customers and also a response to their problems quickly. IQ desk is one of the leading software house services company.