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Your search for makeup
How to learn to do Makeup for Yourself
 Rachel Willy  
 14 May 2020  

Want to teach the perfect makeup for you, but there's nothing you can do? Makeup is easier than it looks! We learned from professional makeup artists how to properly use decorative cosmetics, how to draw perfect arrows every day, and whether it's worth attending a makeup class.How to do Face Makeup:Smooth and radiant skin is an important element of beautiful makeup. Here are some simple tips for using cosmetics to achieve this effect.What you need for Face Makeup:If you are new to makeup, the basic brushes come in handy - you can buy them as a group or individually. Choose it appropriately, depending on the method to be used.What brushes are needed for Face Makeup:For synthetic brush or foundationSuitable for large, fluffy powders with rounded edgesSoft makeupSynthetic concealer brush (for foundation, but smaller)Two brushes are useful for shading: flat for application and bucket for mixingOblique brush with fine eyebrows and stiff brushesBefore applying makeup, a professional makeup artist wipes the face with a cotton pad moistened with hydration to lubricate the facial skin and remove any excess skin cream. Once merged, you can request cosmetic products and for this reason you should learn makeup rules from the experts.First, apply foundation-foundation foundation. Generally, they have the consistency of a liquid cream, such products can be easily applied with a flat synthetic brush or a cosmetic mixer. Hard tones can be covered with fingers. The lightweight cushion has an excellent foam applicator.Types of Beauty Makeup Blenders:Triangular spongePear-shaped beauty instrumentAdvanced beauty mixerMini mixer for places that are difficult to reachClassic teardrop spongeBeauty mixes sculptureAfter smoothing out the skin tone, you can use a concealer to correct blemishes, such as bruising under the eyes, acne and after acne. Apply a small amount of product to the problem areas and mix well.Use a small amount of firming or loose powder in the T zone to correct makeup and avoid greasy shine during the day.If you do not like the feel of a lot of plaster on your face, you can use a light color to pass or not use tonic instruments at all. It is not necessary to use all the above tools and to perform a full facial every day.How to use Makeup Base?According to professional makeup artists, not everyone needs a foundation so makeup artists with good skin cannot use it.-The basic task of one or more foundations is to apply and maintain the foundations easily while adjusting the facial skin to color and texture. Sometimes the makeup artist only uses makeup products: if the skin is good, everything is easy to apply and maintain in good condition. The makeup artist believes that in daily makeup you can safely apply makeup for no reason.Makeup for Cheekbones, Forehead, Nose & Chin:It is assumed that correction (contour) of the bony, frontal and nasal forms is only suitable for evening makeup. However, today the boundary between day and night mode gradually disappears, so that the contour can not only be used as evening makeup or to take pictures, but also for day makeup.-The difference between day makeup and evening makeup is the girl's head. For someone, two layers of mascara are already make-up at night, for someone, smoking and going to work in the morning is normal. I never share professional or amateur makeup day or night: you can use any technique at any time, including the outlines. Any new makeup method must first be tested in front of the mirror in a calm and relaxed atmosphere before making a decision: is it necessary? Make-up artist Nastya Sigmund suggests you will never understand if you like this technique before trying multiple times (if possible) before using different products or modifications.

Essentials of Cosmetic Box Packaging for Colored Eye-Liners
 Matilda Max  
 28 February 2020  

Colored eye-liners are among the trendy cosmetic items. These liners are available in basic and funky colors to cater to the makeup needs of all kinds of customers. If you have the most terrific colored liners range that you intend to promote and sell, signature packaging can assist you with the effort. Beguiling boxes for cosmetics will make the makeup items noticeable with the onlookers. Appealing packaging would get your eye-makeup product desired attention. Differentiating boxes for cosmetic merchandise will go a long way in boosting your brand’s image and standing.Pleasing packaging for colored liners will persuade the shoppers into asking for the testers of packaged items. Catchy custom cosmetic boxes would add glam to your makeup collection. If you have dazzling colored eye-liners, marvy packaging can make them worth buying for the makeup addicts. Boxes that are intriguing and give customers an insight about the cosmetics you are showcasing will expedite the buying process and would support you with increasing sales. Packaging can add that must have tag to a product, you need to utilize it sagaciously for creating hype for the cosmetics. Boxes for merchandise printed with your branding essentials will make your business name worth recalling for the customers. Packaging for cosmetic items ought to be customized considering the preferential taste and liking of the prospective buyers. You can get prolific results out of the boxes that appeal to the senses and emotions of the target audience. Do check out industry’s packaging trends before getting the boxes designed and printed. Following are the vitals that must be part of your packaging for colored eye-liners!Head Turning Artwork for the Boxes Packaging design should be mesmeric enough to leave an instant and lasting impression on the lookers. When deciding the artwork details for the boxes, you should make use of colorful and lively imagery and themes. High resolution images of the models’ eyes wearing different colored eye-liners can be used on the packaging. If you have unique names for each of the liners, have them printed prominently on the boxes. Use more pictorial details and less text. The graphics should support the product concept and make it easier for the customers to comprehend what the eye cosmetic is about. Packaging that gives Overview of the Product Boxes for eye-liners should have all the details about formulation, net weight, how to apply the product along with the kind of brush included inside for consumer assistance. Use every bit of info about the liners on packaging so that a shopper doesn’t have to look for the details elsewhere or ask the counter staff. Cosmetic boxes should be informative so that buyers don’t feel reluctant to shop from you. When finalizing the content for packaging, make sure to not miss out on any of the important details.Boxes that Expedite Product Usage If you want the makeup junkies to store the packaging for eye-liners along with the items and remember your business, provide them worth stocking boxes. Choose a printing material that adds robustness to the packaging so that it protects the liners from getting runny or dried up. If you are new to printing, ask the printer to send you a stock book and few samples to get an idea about the features of different materials. You should select reliable stock like cardboard or kraft paper for cosmetic Box packaging so that it lasts for a considerable time period. Packaging that is Handy Boxes for colored eye-liners should be sleek and easy to adjust within the handbags and cosmetic pouches. You should brief the printer about the exact size specifications of the liners to have the packaging printed in accurate size which perfectly fits the cosmetic items. Large boxes would be hassle to store for the users so make sure that you don’t get oversized packaging printed for the makeup products. Consumer comfort and convenience should be your prime concern when personalizing the boxes. Boxes that make you a Likable Cosmetic Brand Packaging that proves to the potential customers that your brand and cosmetics are worth relying upon will work wonders for your business. You don’t necessarily have to use canny marketing tactics and tricks to lure shoppers into trusting you. Impressionville offers result-driven custom packaging solutions to cosmetic, apparel, CBD and all other retailers. The print studio is accredited with providing minimal turnaround and free shipping. If your cosmetic items have been a part of some popular fashion event, mention it on the boxes. Similarly, you can highlight something distinguishing about your brand through packaging. The details should be factual, don’t make up stories for the sake of impressing consumers. They are quite smart to verify the information shared with them. If you intend to use a die-cut box shape for the colored eye-liners, discuss the probability with the printer and make certain that the style doesn’t meddle with the handling of the cosmetic item. 

Art At Its Best : Lip Art!
 Poorvi Uprit  
 13 March 2018  

Works of art have evolved so much that you just can’t help but awe at every single creation! And no, we are not specifically talking about paintings and hand art but a special lip art- a trend that has involved into various styles. Not only it’s gaining the ground in the fashion world, but it is also breaking the internet, is a phenomenon amidst the Instagrammers and almost all social media savvy people. So, when you think of a statement, do think of lip art too!The previous year had been a mix of some very predictable and unique trends, and now to add five more stars to the mix here’s the lip art trend. In the London Fashion Week SS’17, you could have seen the pressed flowers as a form of the lip art. Nowadays artists are inspired by everything that you can ever visualize! There’s sushi, sunset, metal textures, flowers, crystals, nature, animal, food and what not!Sushi lip inspired from the Japanese dish became a huge trend on social media, you can also refer to it as ‘Salmon Nigiri’, which was done by the makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, who painted her lips exactly like a Sushi. If you are a fan of all metal makeup than you’ll highly admire the mirror lips trend in which a cut-out of silver reflective papers in the shape of your lips is used, as per the artist Jazmina Daniel. You will be surprised to know that even our beloved Blake Lively was praising this extraordinary art of Jazmina.The world is so vivid and so is the inspiration for art! An artist, Heather took inspiration from Birds and painted her lips in a crazy raven look, all with the help of black, white paint and eyeshadow. Where on one hand, a photographer, Jil brought an entire color scheme of sunrise in the lip art, a self-taught makeup artist Grinand Dagger was deeply enlivened by the idea of the Disney Princess Pocahontas, and thus her art was based on this theme.

Billig parfume Makeup chanel
 Rob Davis  
 7 February 2020  

Buying perfume is a very not easy judgement, particularly if you get this scent for the colleague or enthusiast. Different people may have completely different selections of aromas. Just about every odor might also create a a variety of scent on many different skin types. Therefore, when buying perfume, we need to do some good research and try it out before we make the final decision.There are certainly plenty of types of perfumes and thousands of parfume chanel you can buy lately. If you have never purchased a perfume before and are unsure which perfume will suit you or your friend, you should check the Perfume Review website online like or ask your friend to see which perfume is popular. that most people use it. Following that, you can navigate to the shopping area to test it on your skin.You will find 2 strategies to look at the odor exclusively onto the skin or by spraying on the scent blotters. If you only use one method, now these two test methods have both disadvantages and advantages.By testing on your skin, you will be able to know exactly how it smells on your skin, but you cannot try too many different types of perfume simply because all the perfume that you try after the first will mix with the first and you will not will not get the correct smell from these perfumes.By testing the perfume blotters, you can spray on different cards and write the name of this perfume on the back of these cards. But this check out way also won't present you with the easiest way it seems on your skin.The easiest way is to try to first try the scent blotters, then decide on the scent you enjoy and attempt it on the skin, that method for you to get the fragrance you enjoy and also best aroma with regards to your complexion .You have 4 significant kinds of perfumes. Eau de Cologne, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Parfum and Fragrance. They start from fewer concentrated to alot more focused therefore at various values.The fragrance is packaged in different different sizes. In European countries and the usa, the fragrance mostly methods by Ounce, around australia or possibly in other cities, we measure by ml. 1Oz is the same as 30 ml (1Oz ~ 30 ml). The most common size is usually 50ml, 75ml or 100ml. If you are buying the fragrance for the first time, you must purchase the small bottle to try it first. If you already wear this perfume before and you really like it, then go ahead and buy the big bottle as they are usually the best value for money.There is also a smallish small sample known as the unit card or micro package, these bottles are generally designed for testing. It is a good idea for you to buy these trials first to test them before you go ahead to buy a large bottle.Now you no doubt know which type, size and brand of perfume you enjoy and which is perfect for you. It's time and energy to store from the finest fee available. Nowadays, online perfume stores generally sell parfume at a better price than most department stores or retail outlets, because they don't need to employ a lot of staff and pay the big rent. from the mall. On the internet fragrance vendors can also offer a lot more styles of designs and continue perfume hard to find. You can match up the price tag on numerous discount cologne vendors onBuying a good perfume can be a very difficult decision, but if you do enough homework, I'm sure you will find the best perfume for yourself. Next article, we will share with you how to wear and store the perfume.

8 Must-Haves for a Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe
 Kevin Faber  
 19 April 2020  

Everyone’s wardrobe should start with the basics. These basics, in particular, are minimalist clothes and accessories. While simple in appearance and color, they're bold in their execution. They are the foundation of any wardrobe with their neutral colors that one can wear with anything. Here are some minimalist staples to include in a minimalist capsule wardrobe.1. JewelryMinimalist jewelry is optimal for everyday wear, and a delicate trinket can contribute plenty to an outfit without adding too much. When searching for minimalist jewels to include in your collection, look for simple designs and hues. Gold and silver are the typical go-to colors for jewelry, but black and white are also excellent options.2. ShoesOne can never have too many shoes. But if your goal is to have several shoes for every occasion, designate a few pairs for this purpose. One way to achieve this is to buy one to two pairs each of athletic shoes, heels, flats or sandals, boots, and versatile footwear such as leather sneakers. For the aspiring minimalist, it’s important to aim for everyday footwear to dress up for a dinner date or dress down for a grocery store trip.3. OuterwearWhen building a minimalist wardrobe, it’s OK to have over one of each item of clothing. With outerwear, two coats and two jackets are all one needs to stay warm in the chilly days. When torrential downpours threaten the meticulous outfits you put together, one raincoat will be enough to keep you dry. Include a few sweaters in your capsule wardrobe to throw on whenever it gets cold and keep yourself warm without sacrificing your coordinated fits.4. BottomsNote that as a rule of thumb, the minimum color requirements for bottoms are black and neutral. Black bottoms are universal in both color and style. Neutral colors such as tan add a pop of color to your outfit without taking attention away from the rest of it. Pants, shorts, skirts, and jeans in these colors can work for any outfit you want to pull off.5. TopsFor the top half of your outfits, simple is always best. Plain colored T-shirts are a perfect staple for the wardrobe because you can dress them up, down, or any which way one likes. For women, a few unique blouses in neutral colors can carry the wardrobe far. Button-up shirts are honored for their adaptability, so opt for several to choose from whenever the moment strikes.6. FormalwearNo wardrobe is complete without some basic formalwear. Suits are easy to assemble with the minimum requirements being a blazer, buttoned shirt, and pants. Neckties and bowties are optional but can add a pleasant touch for any occasion that requires dressing up. Likewise, dresses are fun to wear and can be paired with any accessories such as a belt or scarf. Little black dresses are staples that come in all kinds of designs for every woman’s personal style, so don’t forget to add one to your capsule.7. AccessoriesAccessories are like the cherry on top of a sundae—they add that small but necessary final touch to anyone’s outfit. Accessorizing with things like belts, gloves, sunglasses, and even socks can enhance your outfit by a longshot. But don’t overdo it—one or two statement accessories will be enough to emphasize what you’re wearing.8. MakeupFor women, putting on makeup can be a daunting mission because of the process itself. Aspiring minimalists need not fret, for they only need several tools in their makeup collection. This varies from woman to woman, but mascara, lipstick, and moisturizer are great starting points. And just like with clothing and accessories, neutral nude lip colors and black eye makeup are your best bet.Less is more with minimalism. Once you learn the principle of KISS, which is “Keep It Simple, Silly”, building a minimalist wardrobe will be an easier task than usual.