Just yesterday I saw a woman covering up her pretty face with a false layer of makeup. I couldn't help but compliment her for the way she did it..What I mean is that; in a 15 min train journey she at least used 6-7 items.(which normally would be impossible for me.)

She smiled and replied, "I am dark,so I have the habit of applying makeup really fast." At the first instance I thought what a weird answer ;but when i pondered over it, I understood the answer she gave me was full of insecurities due to racism.
Racism is an ideology which preaches that dark skinned are inferior to the fair skinned. To all the people out there supporting this ideology, do you have any logical reason of doing so? Or it's just that you want to follow the masses and be part of a particular community be it wrong or right?? There have been heartbreaking incidents of mental torture, severe arguments and trechery due to racism.

It's essential to understand that each and every person should feel proud of their skin and acknowledge the fact that it's their inner beauty which matters the most. Many people may try to bring  you down because of their own conceited reasons, but never doubt your self worth by mere words of another.

This society we live in, is a fake bubble which cannot handle the pressures of purity. It is a society where a dark skinned person is treated differently but a pitch black dress is considered to be the trend.
At the same time, as this idea has almost taken roots, there are individuals who uplift their friends and treat them no different from the rest, which proves that there are for racism to be completely eradicated making the world a better place for every dark skinned.

We should all be a strong support to our dark skinned friends/family to fight this indifference and watch them shine like a diamond they were always supposed to be.