How does Meditation Help to Boost Your Brain Power?

Meditation boosts and enhances the way one experiences their day. Not only does meditation enhance your perception, it helps you enhance the way you perceive your entire day, along with keeping you more alert about your surroundings in a positive way. Meditation is also known to enhance one’s sense of empathy. 

Meditation is a practice that has been prevalent from the beginning of civilization. In fact meditation is a practice that people perform in their daily lives every-time they gain control of their consciousness while doing activities that they love to do. Meditation in essence is the exercise in which one expands and contracts their consciousness while keeping their consciousness in their own control. 

Yoga practitioners will understand the clarity that meditation brings to their consciousness. Yoga teacher training in India have specialised focus on meditation as much as they have on other aspects on yoga. The world yoga hub provides 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, where a yoga enthusiast gets in depth knowledge of the processes of meditation.

Did You Know That Buddhists monks (Lamas) have to go through an intensive meditation session to achieve the title of a Rimpoche (head Lama)? The meditation session has to be done by themselves where they have to isolate themselves from the entire world and stay in a meditative state of being for more than 3-4 Years! During this phase, Lamas have to practice to gain peace and control their own consciousness for as long as they can and this practice goes on for years. This practice is called “GUFA BASNU” (to stay in a cave) to commemorate the meditative state of being that the Lord Buddha had to stay in order to achieve enlightenment.

But how does meditation boost one’s brain power?

  • It is an interesting fact that not all of one’s intellectual or creative potentials are trapped in their genetic makeup. Meaning that one can actually work on improving the performance of their brain functions and achieve new usage and a capability apart from what was passed down genetically.

  • Just like the parts of your body that you can exercise to increase the size and the strength, such as the muscles and physical strength, even the brain can be grown in size and strength. 

  • A study in the Havard University states that meditation practitioners experience an increase in gray matter (this is the part of the brain that is responsible to maintain short and long term memory functions, deep thinking, focus and attention span).

  • Meditation is known to work on the nervous systems of the brain and the nerves that are first-hand attached to the brain, this helps keep the fertile atmosphere in the brain for a long time and this triggers transformations to happen in the brain.

  • With regular meditation practice, your brain eventually learns to optimize and reorganizes the nervous system in order to reach progressive levels of neural pathways, by opening up the access between the left and the right brain for a better function of your brain.

Life transforming changes are experienced when one is able to reach this level of “full brain access” when the whole brain is in synchronization. Meditation helps this synchronization which leads to better IQ, intelligence, and creativity and productivity.

The two hemispheres of your brain are integrated with the practice of meditation. 

The traits of your left brain are as follows:

  • Mathematical skills
  • Reasoning
  • Logics
  • Analysis
  • Practicality
  • Language (spoken and written)
  • Objectivity
  • Pattern finding
  • Factuality

The traits of your right brain are as follows:

  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Artistic
  • Imagery
  • Imagination
  • Adventure
  • Symbolism
  • Finding potential, probabilities
  • Experiencing feelings
  • Philosophy
  • Musicality

With meditation, these two hemispheres of the brain and their traits learn to co-exist freely and function with co-ordination in a more amalgamated manner. 

The 21st century has given us humans enough reasons to experience chaos and undergo loss of focus and concentrate. Meditation is a practice to bring our controls back into our own hands. The focus of meditation is not to empty the mind but to find ways to be at peace with your own thoughts; and in the process evolving these thoughts.

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