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Your search for facebook hacked how to fix
How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account?
 Sylvester Balchunas  
 1 July 2020  

Having a Facebook account hacked is a nightmare for almost all Facebook users. Although Facebook has worked a lot to keep its users secure there are still many ways a hacker can hack your Facebook account.Onceyou get your Facebook account hacked, the hacker can read all the private messages – the conversations you're made with your friends, those business talks with your colleagues, and those sweet and romantic conversations with your soulmate! The hacker can also view and download all your private photos and delete all your personal information and even your Facebook account. Basically, he will have full control of your Facebook account.And as scary as that gets they can also contact your Facebook friends and abuse them in many ways. Moreover, if you run a Facebook page then he can post any malicious links on your page and even delete your entire Page. So yeah, the damage is quite severe.But you can prevent yourself from getting your Facebook account hacked by following these 10 security measures to increase your Facebook security.However, if your Facebook account has already been hacked then there are still ways to retrieve it. But you must act fast.3 Different Case of Facebook Account HackedOnce the hacker hacks your Facebook account these are the 3 possible scenarios :CASE 1 – The hacker might secretly be accessing your account but without your knowledge. Maybe he has been reading your conversations all these times but didn’t post anything to stay hidden.If this is the case, then there’s a feature on Facebook that lets you see if someone else is accessing your Facebook account.1. Go to the Facebook Setting page and click on the Security Tab.2. Click on “Where You’re logged in” and there you can see active sessions (currently logged in) and previous section (where you logged in previously). If you see sessions from browsers or places you haven’t logged into then your account has been hacked.You can select individual Devices and end the activity by clicking on “End Activity” or you can click “End All Activity” to log out from all the devices.Once you know that your Facebook account is being used by someone else, you can simply change your password. But sometimes, that won’t be enough. Because the hacker might have your email password or say access to your mobile phone and will easily get your Facebook password even after you change it.Here are 10 security measures you can follow to prevent yourself from getting your Facebook account hacked again.CASE 2 – The hacker Changed your password.If the hacker has hacked your account and changed the password then you can still retrieve your Facebook account. If you have done your homework and already secured your account, then there’s no need to worry. And by homework I mean, if you have registered your mobile phone, activated the Trusted Friend Feature, Facebook Security Questions, etc.Reset Facebook Password with Mobile/Email address:You can reset your Facebook password through your email or mobile phone. Facebook will send you a code through which you can set a new password for your account. To do thata. Go to Facebook.com and click on “Forgot your password?”b. Now, you need to identify your Facebook account. Enter your email address or phone number (if you have registered your phone) and click Search.c. Once Facebook Identifies your account, choose the method by which you would like to reset your password (email/google account or phone) and click Continue.d. Now, Facebook will send you the 6 digit code either by email or phone as per your choice. Enter the code and click continue.After that, you’ll be able to set your new password.CASE 3 – The hacker not only changed your password but your email and phone number.This is the worst case of all. If the hacker has changed your email and mobile number then you won’t be able to reset the password. So what shall we do now?If you haven’t done your homework to secure your account then you may not be able to retrieve your account. However, if you have set up Trusted account previously or added a security question then don’t worry, there are still ways to gain your account back.a. Go to Facebook.com and click on “Forgot your password?”b. Now, you need to identify your Facebook account. Enter your email address or phone number (if you have registered your phone) and click Search.c. Unlike the above method, we cannot choose the email address to reset the password because the hacker has already changed the email address to his email. So, click on “No longer have access to these?”d. Enter your email address or a phone number and click on continue. You can enter any email or phone that you have access to.Now there are two different ways from this step.1. If you have set up a Trusted accountIf you have set up Trusted Contacts previously then your trusted friends will receive a code through which you can regain your hacked Facebook account.Tell your Trusted Contacts to visit https://www.facebook.com/recover. They’ll find a code there. Ask them for the code and enter the code. After that, you can set a new password for your account.2. If you haven’t set up Trusted Contacts:If you haven’t set up Trusted Contacts or maybe the hacker removed your trust Contacts then you’ll need to answer the security question to regain your hacked Facebook account.Just enter the correct security answer and click continue and then you’ll be able to set a new password for your Facebook account.If you don’t remember your security answer then no luck! All you can do is report facebook that your account has been hacked. You can report from here.ConclusionI hope at least one of the above steps helped you to retrieve your hacked Facebook account. Now you should inform your friends about what happened, just in case, the hacker has abused or currently is abusing your account.If you were unable to retrieve your account, contact your Facebook friends through other social networks, by email, or have a mutual friend inform them via Facebook.To keep your account secure and prevent yourself from getting hacked there are many features on Facebook that you can use. Find out howSometimes, it may not be a person to hack your account but an evil app. Maybe you have used an app that has full access to your profile.To find out any suspicious applications go to the Facebook Setting page and click on Security Tab. Choose the Apps tab and go through the list.If you find any suspicious apps click the “X” next to it to remove.Or alternately you can edit the setting and choose what information you provide to the app.Learn also why can't I log into Facebook on my phone

How to Reset Facebook Password
 jeorge belly  
 11 April 2020  

In today’s technological world where your privacy and security are almost at stake all the time, it is suggested to all the Facebook users that you can save yourself from such threats by changing your Facebook account password at regular intervals. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to change your Facebook Password. So, let’s also know how to change the Facebook passwordwhich is in a way very easy to do. First of all, what you need to do is go to the sign-in page of Facebook and login to your account by providing correct credentials.Then in the top right of your Facebook page, click to select ‘Settings & Privacy’.In that, you need to click on the ‘Security and Login’.There select the option ‘Edit’ which is just next to the option ‘Change password’.After that, all you need to do is enter your old/current password and type the new password.Lastly, click on ‘Save Changes’ to apply the changes. This way you can easily change your Facebook password from time to time.Now, in a situation where you forget your Facebook account password, what you can do is follow the below-mentioned steps as with the help of these below-given steps, you’ll get back your Facebook account access. Visit the “Facebook Homepage” and there in the Facebook login column, click on ‘Forget password’. There you’ll be provided with the option to provide an optional email account ID so that the Facebook team will send you a link to Reset Facebook Password.After that, go to that email and click on the link sent to your mail inbox. That’s it! Using that link you can create a new password for your Facebook account. Read More: Facebook Business Page

How do I fix ATT Email Login Issue Easily
 Sm Infotel  
 9 January 2020  

In these days forgetting a password or hacked account is the most prevalent issue for all email users. Without an active and secured account, it is impossible to perform daily office work. But it should be handled with efficiently by the users. To keep this flow, users need to contact the right person. ATT users experience ATT email login issues frequently. Some users forget the password. Some users face a hacking attack. Sometimes users failed to access their own ATT account in an android or windows device too. ATT experts are active for 24x7 hours. They provide an instant solution as they are familiar with the importance of the ATT email account to the people.Resetting password for windows users-Check how you can fix ATT email login issue in windows-You need to visit the authenticated ATT page.Then, you need to visit the ‘’Forgot password’’ section.After that, you need to select ‘’password’’.Then, you need to mention their full ATT email address and password and last name in given spaces.Next, you need to select the ‘’continue’’ option.After that, you need to choose answers from the questions which have displayed through drop-down menu.You need to put the answers which they have set for security questions at the time of creating this email account.Then, you will be instructed by the ATT techies to click on the ‘’continue’’ option. And ATT email login issue will be sorted.Resetting password for android users-Check how you can fix ATT email login issue in android-                         You need to make sure that they have the device they want to solve the ATT email login issue. You need to sign in to your AT&T account.You need to visit att.com/device troubleshoot section.If you don’t have the device while they are following ATT reset email password then you need to select ‘Change and choose the correct device’ option.After that, you need to follow some on-screen instructions.Resetting password to fix hacked account-If you are experiencing a hacking issue then you need to fix this type of ATT email login issue efficiently.At first, you need to visit the ATT website firstly.Then, you need to type a full email addressAfter that, you need to select the‘’ my profile’’ tab.Then, you will be instructed to set the personal password section.After that, you need to type an old password under the current password section.Next, you need to type a new password. You need to type it again to confirm it is correct or not. And your account becomes secured finally.ATT techies are active for 24x7 hours. Whenever you need any assistance regarding the ATT email login issue, feel free to contact them. If you have a limited budget or instant requirement, you can ask for the personalized service package. After recovering a password, you must follow some advice too. You need to check out account settings also.ATT experts never compromise with service quality. They always maintain the deadline.

How to Solve “Facebook Images Not Loading” Problem?
 Celine williams  
 23 September 2019  

Are no images appearing on Facebook? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find out how to fix this issue. There are several reasons why images are not showing up on your Facebook account. This problem is noticed in the web browsers and even on the Android app. Facebook hasn’t released the solution for this issue officially. To solve the problem first, we should know what is causing the issue in your device. So what’s the wait? Let’s get started.Source:Quickbooks Technical Support , Solve “Facebook Images Not Loading” Problem'Factors that Cause no Image on Facebook The issues that can cause no images on the most popular social media are given below:DNS not working: Yes if your DNS server is not running as it usually does, then it can cause several issues such failures in loading images for some specific sites such as Facebook and others. DNS does a great job in troubleshooting hostnames of different platforms and requests.Poor internet connection: Check whether your internet speed is optimized or not. You can play YouTube to check whether the internet is capable of streaming videos or not. If you see that YouTube videos are not playing, then that means you need a better connection. Network cache: Network cache does an essential job in playing all applications that require the internet to work. If there is an error in the network cache, then it may affect Facebook images too. Hosts file: These files are meant to handle the hosts on your device locally. If the host file is missing proper entries for your Facebook, then it may block images to load. Now you know the basic causes of the “Facebook images not loading” error. Now you can troubleshoot this error with ease. Solution 1: Check Your Internet ConnectionIt should be the first choice to solve the images not loading problem on Facebook. Here ‘s how to check it:Connect other devices with the same internet connection and then open Facebook in the other device to check if the images are loading. If images don’t appear on the other device too, then the problem is your internet.Try to check the internet speed with a third party application or default feature if possible. If the speed seems to be very slow, then it can cause no images on Facebook. Try to play YouTube videos; if videos are playing just fine, then that means the problem is not your internet. Some settings are preventing images from loading on your device. That is how to check internet status. If your Wi-Fi is not working correctly, then restart your router to fix the connection issue. Solution 2: Checking the Browser Settings If you are using Facebook on your browser, then there is a possibility that a setting is preventing images. Here’s how to check and fix it:First of all, try to open another website on the same browser. If there are no images in the whole webpage, then it means the settings have disabled images.To enable images on your browser, go to the “Settings” and then restore all settings to defaults.By doing so, you can fix this issue. Solution 3: Setting Google’s DNS If nothing is working for you, then don’t panic and follow the instructions to get this done. However, the below process is a bit long, but it should fix the issue. See the steps given below:Navigate to the Control Panel in your computer.Once you reached there, go to the “Network and Internet” option. Head to “Network and Sharing Center.”Choose the network that you are connected to. Head to the “Properties” option located in the lower-left corner. Open the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” option by double-clicking on it. Tap the “Use the following DNS server Addresses:” and then edit the below boxes with the values that are given here.   8. Press the OK button to save your preferences. Now reboot your device to experience the changes. Celine Williams is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on quickbooks support and many other accounting software-related topics. She is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.

How to Recover Hacked AOL Email Account?
 Anjilika Walson  
 28 August 2019  

Found any suspicious activity in your AOL mail account? Possibly your AOL mail account has been hacked and your confidential details are in deep danger. Do not waste your time in thing what to do next. Call our AOL Mail Account Support Number: +1(866) 257-5356 and our best tech support team is available 24/7 for your help. Our highly skilled experts will guide you to there best, so that you can Recover Hacked AOL Email Account.You might get any unwanted entry in your AOL mail account, as your mail account has all access to your bank account details, debit or credit card details, and many personal details, which can be possibly misuse by the hackers. In many cases, the users find no way to get out of it and they do not get proper guide to recover there hacked AOL account.How to recognize Hacked Account?The users can come to know through various ways that your account is being hacked. Identifying a hacked account is really very important task. Following are the some important tips to recognize a hacked mail account:a) Logging Out Of Account Rapidly.b) Lots of Spam Mails In Your Inbox.c) Unknown Sent Mails.d) Spam emails market as Not Spam.e) Messages Not Going.If you find any of the above suspicious activity in your account, there is a chances that your account is being hacked. Hacked account can be a huge loss to you as it holds your all personal and professional details and it can be misused by the hacker. So you need to Recover Hacked AOL Email Account as soon as possible.Attackers are using some malicious scripts which are installed on the users PC or attached with the E-Mails. Our tech experts will solve all AOL account issues if it is getting hacked again and again. If your confidential details went to any wrong hand it might be dangerous to you so it is important to kick out all the malicious scripts installed by the attackers.How To Fix AOL Mail Account Hacked Problem?Once it is confirm to you that your AOL account is hacked, act immediately. Our customer support experts are all time available to help you. They will assist you with all the necessary steps to prevent your information from going into wrong hands. Even after resetting the AOL Mail Password, there are cases of getting account again hacked. Just contact our AOL Customer Support number on  +1(866) 257-5356 and let us resolve your issues.Connect With Technicians To Recover AOL Mail Hacked Account:We assure you to help at our best. Call Us now on  +1(866) 257-5356, and we’ll assist you with all issues related to your AOL Account. Your issues will be solved in no time and in a very cost-efficient way. AOL Tech Support is also available, and it’s another quick way to connect with our team.

How to Import Emails from Staff 365 to Outlook PST - MS Help
 richard rogers  
 20 September 2019  

Microsoft Outlook and Role 365 are the nonclassical email clients victimized by most of the grouping all over the humankind. Nonetheless, Due to the increase in popularity of otherwise darkening services, mortal are sensing to act their mail to the cloud construction. But, what if the mortal loses their whole mail from Staff Cloud file. All the Copernican information blest in your declare cloud be corrupted or hacked at any experience. So, instead of relying too overmuch on the cloud-based level. It's amended to book the mail at the cloud to your anesthetic computer or other desktop-based email clients to be at preventing back. These journal faculty pass you, how to export emails from Role 365 to Outlook PST. It module inform to you how to perform transaction manually using eDiscovery Too and Starring Reasons to Goods Express 365 Mutual box to PSTStraight tho' there could me method divergent reasons to propose email to Outlook PST from Office 365 Webmail. But, the most crucial is as followsSupportArchivingLet's See What are theseVoice: Office 365 is a renowned and accessible cloud document for storing invoice mail on file. Notwithstanding, it carries more disadvantages also. Cipher is safe On file, information can be hacked or debased of anyone at any clip. Chances of losing data are could be because of anything same hacking, taping & mesh boat deprivation, etc. But, there is a way to protect Office 365 declare information is by reinforcement up to the anesthetic machine or calculating get or at desktop-based email clients suchlike Outlook. Archiving: Archiving of account information is done due to storage volume. As, the cloud services also coms up with qualified store services, to process the store character, you impoverishment to buy a higher subscription program. If the human is any mail.Method to Import Emails from Duty 365 to Outlook Manually:There are many methods useable to Convert Staff 365 mail to PST manually. One of the top ones is by using the eDiscovery Agency. Tho' it is an aweigh means but there are several regulations of it over automated method. Allay, its independent method, so those who Outlooks for a released method to import power 365 distributed mailbox to PST, can canvas the beneath steps carefully:Login the Office 365 Admin AccountsFrom Admin property go to CommuteNow, Go to Permissions from Reverse Admin center>> Enactment Account for Admin >> Superior Exploit management.Now, go to Admin C file again and decide compliance direction & select eDiscoveryClink  + fix to Add new see ask >>NextIn-Place Postponement settings, user poorness to perform in-place curb of Search items.Now, depression on Agreeability direction and sound the mark to export part 365 email to Outlook PST. This testament downloads a PST export Tool.Go to the Tool and file Part 365 credentials to export Office 365 relationshipSteps to Import Office 365 mail to Outlook PST format with Office 365 Backup software for MacDownload & Staff Office 365 Backup software for Mac on Mac OS.Save the Office 365 declare credentials into the software.Select the mail of Items to MoveAllot separate choice for the chosen mailSuperior the Import Type and End activityExpress on the Goods fix to turn the transformationThe software is capable to convert all office 365 data in PST, MSG, MBOX, EML, EMLX, etc. the software supports all versions of Mac OS. and is easy runs and installs on Mac OS. The Office 365 Backup software for Mac to provide a free trial version. Remark: As you can see the automated method is far outstrip and cushy then tralatitious method. Also, there is now the chances of depravity using this method.HappeningIn this journal, we have proved to supply those Express 365 users who await for a method to export emails from Office 365 to Outlook. We strongly advocate using third-party means as it is a harmless and stress-free method. Straight a laymen Duty 365 can use this Tool. As you can export using Admin Invoice and Without Admin Invoice both.For more information: https://www.mailvita.com/office365-backup-for-mac/

How to fix Verizon Email Login Issues?
 jack jons  
 28 December 2019  

Sending email is the most ideal approach to share documents, information, media files and much more with friends and family. Although there are various email service providers available in the email market, Verizon has made a spot among others because of its features and service that they offer to millions of users every day.Being the best in the market doesn’t guarantee that Verizon’s email users will never face any login issues. Users mostly experience the issues including forgotten user name, incorrect credentials, wrong POP/IMAP settings or hacked accounts. The reasons can be various; however, all these issues need consideration. Follow this guide to resolve all the issues permanently.1. Incorrect CredentialsOne of the most common reasons that keep a client from accessing Verizon email is entering incorrect user credentials. Ensure you are entering the right username and password combination with case consideration. Likewise, ensure that your internet browser isn't utilizing the old credentials for logging into your email account.2.  Hacked AccountIf your email is hacked or you are not able to recollect the email account password, resetting the secret password for your Verizon mail account is the most straightforward method to get access to your email. Go to the Verizon email sign-in page and click on the Sign In option. After that click on the Trouble signing-in to recollect forgotten user id. When you receive the user id, enter the same and adhere to the on-screen directions to reset the password.3.  Incorrect Email SettingsIf you are using your Verizon email account by means of 3rd party email clients, ensure you have provided correct IMAP/POP settings. Enter right Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server, Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server, and login credentials. This setting should resolve the issue which you may face while sending/receiving an email.4.  Browser UpdateRefreshing your browser can help you in investigating the issues which keep you from utilizing the Verizon email account. Mostly browser update can help you troubleshoot the problem or access the few features meant for a specific browser version.If the above-mentioned steps are not helping you to fix Verizon Email problems, dial Verizon email customer support immediately. The Verizon specialists will help you to resolve the Verizon problems by resetting the password or unlocking the account via remote access. You can get in touch with the expert any day anytime and get access to Verizon Support within minutes.Reference url:-  https://www.diigo.com/item/note/64wq0/7nk2?k=e07f97d9e26c39334d53aeb1541de376

Get Fix Solution For Bigpond Email Hacked Account Problem
 shankar ravi  
 3 August 2019  

Bigpond webmail is quite popular by the name of Telstra. It is considered as a significant webmail service which offers services like sending/receiving emails, composing emails, and high storage capacity for storing documents and files. But unfortunately, the user keeps on suffering due to various errors. This kind of vulnerabilities in the Bigpond account isn’t a good situation as it will create hindrance to the normal working of the Bigpond account. Among these vulnerabilities, Bigpond email hacked accountis one of them which are responsible for coming of user’s work to a halt situation.During the present days, hacking actions have increased from before and webmail accounts are the biggest victims of the issue. The hacker sitting at some corner of the world looking for a single mistake and they will be on their hike when they will hack it. Their actions not only stop at hacking but also they misuse personal details for their own ends. If you are unable to recover your account from hacking, then seek the assistance of Bigpond technical support experts for support. They will help you to overcome issues without delay.What is hacking and how it influences clients? Hacking is characterized as robbery of your information just as contact data from your particular Bigpond webmail account. This activity is executed by some programmer present on some side of the world sans the information of the client. A hacker is a cybercriminal who continues snooping around the customer's data to accept similarly as use it in an unapproved way. Bigpond email hacked account is seen as one of the ordinary web security issues with various Bigpond email customers. This transforms into a matter of worry to a huge bit of the customers. This happens as a result of various reasons like customers either neglects their Bigpond email account login accreditations or perhaps in light of some malicious messages in their inbox which takes every one of the information related with your Bigpond email account and device. The centrality of Bigpond tech specialists for hacking issue Whatever may be just the condition don't stress as on the grounds that Bigpond email support is accessible reliably neighbouring customers to guide you through techniques for Bigpond email hacked account recuperation adventures for objectives of the issue. We from our finishes attempt to give successful goals to our clients so they can beat the specialized glitches with productivity. Inside the procedure, they incorporate Bigpond password recuperation. In this procedure, our specialists will change/reset your password. They will lead you through the diverse troubleshooting ventures through which you can settle the Bigpond email hacked account issue. This is the procedure of Bigpond email hacked account recuperation.The final statementWhenever you feel that you need the assistance of the Bigpond support techies, call at the toll-free Bigpond email support number for resolution. This number will directly lead to the technical executives who will assist you with the solution procedures. The user can connect with the experts through live chat sessions, email support and phone call.

Get The ATT Server Settings Process From Technical Experts
 Ravi Shankar  
 11 October 2019  

Are you getting issues while setting up the ATT email server? Confronting problems with your ATT webmail account? At this time, you may need the assistance of the ATT professionals. With a view to making the right usage of the ATT webmail features, one requires to configure the ATT email server settingsin the correct possible way. Are you getting issues while configuring them? Then, dial the ATT toll-free helpline number for resolution.The ATT email support team is present to help you at all time. The AT&T email service team consists of proficient experts who are highly trained to administer resolution to users on time. They have the proper knowledge of the different technical hitches and can also solve them on time. Due to lack of knowledge, some users are unable to cope with the issues and thus, our technical experts help you to get rid of the issues quickly.How critical are ATT technical support specialists and their job? The specialized experts help you with the ATT email server settings so one can utilize the ATT email account. Attributable to the restrictive highlights of the ATT, clients from various pieces of the world use it for their expert just as close to home utilization. Issues can happen with ATT email whenever; our group consistently encourages clients to stay arranged to meet all circumstances. The ATT email server settings ought to be overseen by the specific masters. These will regulate you organize an ATT email addresses business/official purposes or for the particular field. Beginning from making a record to dealing with the password and security, the nerds will manage your specific assistance at wonderful for email settings. The help group has certain characteristics just as attributives are as per the following: The AT&T email service has a gathering of experts who serves clients with functioning goals consistently.One can without much of a stretch connect with the experts at the toll-free AT&T email service number. Complete client satisfaction is guaranteed. Instant and quality arrangements are given to clients.Obtain round the clock support from ATT professionalsATT users complain about the several problems that they encounter such as ATT email login problem, ATT hacked account and others. The existing users do not feel it difficult to solve but sometimes the amateurs encounter issues doing so. The specific division of the AT&T email service offers the best troubleshooting steps for different kind of issues. These problems may range between login issue, hacked account issue, notification error, account settings error and other settings issue.The final verdict after considering all sidesDo you have any other queries relating to the ATT email service? Do you have any questions associated with ATT email server settings? Connect with the customer support team for resolution. They will provide you with reliable solutions to fix the technical glitches that you are unable to resolve. The AT&T email service technical department consists of team techies who administer effective troubleshooting to all major and minor glitches.

Incredible gmail backup tool.
 grandhome colin  
 6 February 2020  

Today in this blog we will be talking about Gmail backup tool. Undeniably, numerous somebody uses Gmail to storing their digital lives. Numerous times, it becomes necessary to approving email from Gmail calculate because, if your Google Story is hacked or for anything, you are not healthy to get your mail then, there are fulgent chances of losing information permanently. Here, it is advisable that users abstain such disasters by blessing up their information. Now, the muse arises on how to duplicate Gmail emails with attachments? In this blog, we present to discuss various slipway a mortal can use for approving up Gmail mail.Download NowStarting with, how it can be finished using Google's service Google Takeaway, we will ply you a position receiver set also to download Google mail part to Screen Pendrive or additional international Adamantine Using Gmail Email Patronage. As we hump mentioned in the beginning piece that Gmail does not give any artifact by which mail approving could be arrogated automatically. Moreover deleted mails can be recovered only if the somebody is having an anaesthetic blessing of it. Because mails open in Bin gets deleted automatically after life.Principal features of Google email Blessing Software:This software helps us to Championship Gmail Emails with Attachments and let us stock that to a specialised activity and doesn't let it compromise its mail integrity. This Gmail Backup Tool takes a part of the full book of the email noesis. Its Key Lineament is to download Google mailbox to screen with attachments, along with Contacts, Documents, etc. Its program is user-friendly which makes it quite accessible for users. After logging in, Gmail Reason customizes the effect as per the requirement.Steady after the step of the files, the confidentiality of the mails doesn't get settled. Gmail Backup Tool supports threefold file Formats i.e. championship email from Gmail informing to PST, MBOX, EML or MSG. Straight too creating a duplicate of contacts in .vcf or .csv dissever, the human can expend events as easily in ICS change at any individual give be unsealed, which will better the Tool to hump attain to your mail if the 'Brook' fix is chosen. Using filters suchlike 'superior Folders' filter, folders can be choson for the Gmail archive activity. Along with that E-mail Strain is used to duplication emails after such time-interval and that too in desirable information.It provides the features Suchlike Take After Download. Its water serve is deleting messages from the server after Backup Gmail emails ground to screen or outer plosive Tool. This film is enabled if the box tagged as Remove After Download is chequered.One solon stimulating boast is, it comes with incremental voice. It provides the effortlessness to pick up the outlet for the championship from the coach where it was tract early. Here it is not required to exact uncastrated back up again.During the duplication touch, a finish living motion papers with apiece and every portion paternal to an investigation of the email, calendars, and contacts is shown. It will also hold an import report on the grouping which gives message almost Folder file, Failed Weigh, and Success Separate. It provides the benefits of resuming the duplicate again if the internet conveyance is obstructed in between. User-Friendly GUI comes with comfortable to control User Interface.

How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working Issue in Galaxy Note 8
 Celine williams  
 22 August 2019  

Unable to access the internet through mobile data on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device? Although, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is just as awesome as other Samsung’s high range Note Smartphones. But lastly, it’s a machine which can have a problem anytime. Several Note 8 users found that they are not able to use internet services with their mobile data. However, all other internet connectivity utilities are working perfectly, such as Wi-Fi and portable hotspot. Don’t worry if you’re also facing the same issue in your Note 8, here are some fixes that may possibly help you to overcome this issue.Source:Fix Mobile Data Not Working IssueSolutions to fix mobile data not working issue in Galaxy Note 8:· Restart your Galaxy Note 8· Check your internet speed· Reinsert the SIM card· Toggle Airplane mode· Switch network modeThese are very basic settings that are required to be done correctly to access the internet service on an Android device. You can check and correct these settings in your device to fix the issue you’re meeting.Restart your Galaxy Note 8It doesn’t look like an effective solution, but it really works many times. Most of the Smartphone problems can quickly be resolved with a simple restart. Restarting a device refreshes the device functions as well as stops the unnecessary background running programs. If there is anything like that which caused the trouble, then restarting will fix it.However, restarting isn’t so tricky. Users restart their device usually, and they know its process very well. There are different types of restart other than that simple one. To restart your Galaxy Note 8, press and hold the ‘Power’ + ‘Volume Down’ button simultaneously. Keep holding for at least 7-8 seconds and then wait for your Note 8 to restart. After your phone restarts, you can check if you’re able to use the internet with mobile data.Don’t forget to turn on mobile data and also make sure the right SIM card is selected for mobile data.Check your internet speedMany times, a slow internet speed seems like no internet connection. It also depends on the apps you’re running, some applications require a good internet speed to run smoothly. You can see the difference in the official Facebook app and Facebook Lite. If you’ve turned on mobile data and the data indicator in the top notification bar is showing the network lower than your selected one, then possibly the network isn’t so good at your location.There are a few other techniques to verify internet speed. You can check your network signal, as well as use speed tester tools or websites to know your download speed. The sites like speedtest.net or fast.com tell the download speed online for free.Reinsert the SIM cardIn some devices, SIM card ports are also responsible for the network. And reinserting the SIM card also troubleshoots several network-related issues. You can also try this fix in your Note 8. First, turn off your Note 8 as usual, and remove the SIM card from the port. Reinsert the SIM in the port you want and wait for at least one minute before restarting your device. After doing this all, turn on mobile data and try accessing the internet. You should be able to surf the net with your mobile data.Toggle Airplane modeToggling Airplane mode somewhat works as rebooting a device, but instead of the complete device, it only refreshes or clears the network bugs. Also, toggling Airplane mode is simple, and you can do this from the device settings as well as the top notification bar. Open your Note 8 Settings, and go to the ‘Connections’ settings, then select and enable ‘Airplane Mode.’ As you turn it on, all the connectivity functions will disable in your phone. Leave it enabled for at least one or two minutes, and then turn the Airplane mode off. Now, check whether you’re able to access the internet with mobile data.Switch network modeWhen you change the network modes (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE) in any Android device, the network settings for it will also be applied. Therefore, switching the network mode will force the network settings to change and apply the better. To do so, you need to open your Note 8 Settings and go to ‘Connections’ settings. After that, select ‘Mobile Networks’ and jump into ‘Network Mode.’These fixes will surely help you to fix mobile data not working issue in Galaxy Note 8. Unfortunately, if you’re also facing the same problem, check the APN settings.Celine Williamsis a technology buff, IT expert and works in a leading printer manufacturing company. She loves to read and write about the latest technology concerning major printer brands and researches on the solutions related to Dell printer support, brother, epson, canon etc.

Call @ +1(866) 257-5356 & Get Ways to Change AOL Email Password
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 23 September 2019  

AOL mail which is known for its invincible quality and secure web services provides advanced characteristics which tends to attract millions of users for many years. Although this mail provide great security features too but a lot of users faced issues of hacked AOL account, forgot AOL account, & many other issues. In case, if you face issues like this you have an option to Change AOL Email Password. So it is advisable to contact AOL Mail Technical Support Number +1(866) 257-5356 to get it fixed.This service is provided globally, so you can fell free to contact the best technicians any time you want.Reasons to Change AOL Email Password:It is is always suggested to have a regular check on AOL Mail password and on a regular interval Change AOL Email Password. It is done so to make your account secure as any virus or spam messages sent by hackers could affect your AOL mail account badly. Many users have complained about this issue so make one first attempt to change password on an interval and never share it with any one.Prevention to take AOL mail account being Hacked:An AOL mail account user may suspect that his/her account got hacked. This might be the biggest threat for any user as your mail account definitely consists of many confidential details. In order to prevent account being hacked, follow this simple prevention tips:1- Change password on a regular interval2- Never share your password with anyone, not even a friend or family.3- Try using alphanumeric password with special characters like, @,!,etc.4- The minimum length of password should be up to 12 characters5- Avoid login from different location and devices as wellFollowing are the services offered for AOL Mail Password:1- How to change my AOL Mail password?2- Support for steps to change user AOL password?3- Change Password AOL Mail on Desktop4- How to change password from AOL application?5- AOL Mail account change password on Laptop or smartphones, etc.AOL Mail Technical Support Number +1(866) 257-5356:There is a lot more that you need to get best service for your AOL mail account, so feel free to call at our AOL mail technical support number to get your issues resolved. Our team who are highly skilled and renders peer to peer resolutions, provides cost-efficient AOL mail service. Just give us ring at +1(866) 257-5356, that is accessible 24*7.Also Read:Forgot AOL Password

Los Facebook Messenger niet reageert fout op
 Petter Belfor  
 2 December 2019  

Heb je ooit een bericht ontvangen met de melding "Messenger reageert niet" terwijl je je Facebook Messengergebruikt? Als dat zo is, wees dan niet onrustig want u bent niet de enige. Dit is eigenlijk een veel voorkomend probleem en je zou het op zowel mobiele telefoon als browsers tegenkomen.En het maakt niet uit of je het probleem op je mobiele telefoon of computer tegenkomt, je moet willen weten hoe je Facebook Messenger kunt oplossen, reageert niet, toch? Deze tutorial kan je helpen! Het zal u verschillende manieren tonen om het probleem in twee situaties op te lossen:Facebook Messenger reageert niet op Android / iPhoneHet Facebook Messenger-probleem reageert niet vaker op Android-telefoons of iPhone. Wanneer u Facebook Messenger op uw telefoon start, gebruikt of bijwerkt, zou de app plotseling vastlopen en blijven hangen.This might be caused by the Facebook Messenger error, phone problem or other setting issues on the device. And when you encounter such an issue, you can try the means below to fix the problem.1. Start uw mobiele telefoon opnieuw opNormaal gesproken zouden we, om verschillende doelen te bereiken, meerdere applicaties op onze telefoons uitvoeren. Maar als u gedurende lange tijd te veel software op één apparaat start, raakt dit overbelast en kunnen de actieve programma's soms tegenstrijdig zijn.En dit kan de reden zijn dat Facebook Messenger hier niet op reageert. Dus om het probleem op te lossen, kunt u proberen uw telefoon opnieuw op te starten, die niet alleen de achtergrondsoftware kan stoppen, maar ook het apparaat kan vernieuwen.Houd nu de aan / uit-knop op uw telefoon ingedrukt om uit te schakelen en vervolgens weer aan om de niet-reagerende Facebook Messenger te herstellen.2. Forceer stop Facebook Messenger en wis het cachegeheugenZoals we allemaal weten, veroorzaken caches soms wat app- of telefoonproblemen. Dus het verwijderen van het cachegeheugen van Facebook Messenger is ook een methode die u kunt proberen het probleem op te lossen.Als u een iPhone-gebruiker bent, hoeft u de gegevens in het cachegeheugen niet te wissen, omdat het systeem deze automatisch zal wissen. Maar als u een Android-telefoon gebruikt, moet u het verwijderingsproces handmatig uitvoeren.- Voer de app Instellingen op uw Android-telefoon in en tik vervolgens op de optie Applicatiebeheer.- Vervolgens wordt een lijst met applicaties op het scherm weergegeven. Je moet naar beneden scrollen om erachter te komen en op de optie Facebook Messenger klikken.- Nu bevindt u zich op de app-infopagina. Op deze pagina kunt u op Force Stop drukken en Cache wissen selecteren om het wisproces te starten.3. Installeer Facebook MessengerHet is mogelijk dat uw Facebook Messenger onjuist is geïnstalleerd of dat de versie verouderd is en dat er enkele bugs in voorkomen. En in dit geval kan dit probleem alleen worden opgelost door de toepassing opnieuw te installeren. Om dit te bereiken, moet u eerst de bestaande app verwijderen:- Ga naar je startscherm en ontdek het pictogram van Facebook Messenger.- Vervolgens kunt u lang op het pictogram drukken totdat een "X" -pictogram verschijnt. Vervolgens kunt u op het pictogram tikken om het van uw apparaat te verwijderen.- Na het verwijderen van de app, kunt u naar Google Play Store of App Store gaan om de nieuwste Facebook Messenger te downloaden en vervolgens de instructies volgen om deze correct te installeren.4. Gebruik de Messenger in de browserAls alle bovenstaande methoden mislukken, kunt u ook proberen in te loggen op uw Facebook Messenger in de browser. U kunt een hoogwaardige browser zoals Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. downloaden en installeren op uw mobiele telefoon en vervolgens inloggen op uw Facebook Messenger op de webpagina. Als het werkt, betekent dit dat uw telefoon mogelijk niet compatibel is met de Facebook Messenger-app.Facebook Messenger blijft vastlopen in browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)In plaats van een toepassing te installeren, gebruiken sommige gebruikers Facebook Messenger meestal in een browser. Maar toch zullen ze waarschijnlijk ook het een of ander probleem tegenkomen. Wat kunt u dan doen als Facebook Messenger blijft vastlopen in Windows 10/8/7 / XP? Hier zijn enkele suggesties voor u.1. Verwijder de browsercachesOok is het eerste middel dat u kunt proberen de caches van de browser leeg te maken. De methoden om caches in verschillende browsers te verwijderen, zijn echter anders, dus u moet zelf naar de details zoeken. Hier nemen we Chrome voor pc als voorbeeld.- Typ "chrome: // settings / clearBrowserData" in de adresbalk van de browser.- Vervolgens verschijnt een venster met verschillende opties en moet u de opties Browsegeschiedenis, Downloadgeschiedenis, Cookies en andere siter- en plug-ingegevens, afbeeldingen in de cache en bestanden één voor één selecteren.- Ten slotte kunt u tikken op browsegegevens wissen om het wissen te starten.Wanneer het verwijderingsproces is voltooid, kunt u alle browservensters op uw computer sluiten en de browser opnieuw openen om u aan te melden bij uw Facebook Messenger.2. Verwijder incompatibele add-onsSoms wordt het probleem veroorzaakt door de incompatibele add-ons, dus u kunt ook proberen ze te verwijderen om het probleem met Facebook Messenger vast te houden. We nemen Chrome hier ook als voorbeeld.- Voer het Chrome op uw computer in en tik vervolgens op het pictogram Google Chrome aanpassen en beheren, namelijk de drie verticaal geplaatste stippen in de rechterbovenhoek.- In het vervolgkeuzemenu kunt u op Nieuw incognitovenster tikken om te zien of Facebook Messenger normaal werkt in de incognitomodus. Als het goed werkt, moet u de incompatibele add-ons verwijderen.- Om de incompatibele add-ons te verwijderen, gaat u naar Aanpassen en beheren Google Chrome> Meer tools> Extensies om de incompatibele add-on te vinden en te verwijderen.3. Gebruik een andere browserEen andere mogelijke reden is dat de gebruikte browser niet compatibel is met Facebook Messenger en u kunt proberen andere browsers te gebruiken, zoals Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, enzovoort. Log gewoon in op uw Facebook Messenger op een van hen om te zien of het normaal werkt.Heb je nog steeds problemen, neem dan contact op met expert op Facebook telefoonnummer belgie

 5 April 2020  

1. SET REALISTIC GOALYour goal towards reading books should be realistic, you can't make goal of 1 book per day if you are beginner or you are busy person, and if you make that type of goal as far as you take reading as Burden. 2. FIND OUT FAVORITE GENRE It is important to find a genre you are interested s that you can read always without get bored. Usually your favorite movie genre will be your favorite book genre. 3. READ THROUGH DIFFERENT MEDIUMS As much as I love reading my paperbacks, it’s not exactly the best way to read when I’m travelling. Or when I’m going to meet my friends and they are super late as usual, and I need some way to pass the time. Which is why my various books come in various mediums. I have the paperback or hardback which I reserve for at home reading. Then I’ll have a book on my Kindle for any commutes or general travelling. Maybe an audio book for when I’m out for a walk and need something to listen to. 4. SET ASIDE AT LEAST 30 MINUTES A DAY For developing any habit, you have to practice daily so in your schedule give at least 30 minutes to book. You can increase time as your interest of reading a book. 5.BE INTENTIONAL WITH READING If you are thinking that reading is just your hobby, you probably can't read more books if you have this type of intention. The practice of planning one's reading carefully by choosing the number of, type of, or particular books one most wants to read within a given period of time. Your intention towards reading books should related to your goals so that you can read with a best purpose so that you can understand and focused more on book rather than skim through books. Never skim through books if you are beginner because you would not understand core concepts of the book and you might not have fun of real book reading. So, if you are a beginner start slowly develop reading habit, if your intention was not fulfilled, read that book again than switch to next book.6.READ FOR YOUR MOOD I think there are times when we tend to have a fixed idea about the books we’re going to read. Which is great – sometimes! Other times, it’s just good to go with the flow. If I start a book that I really want to read, and I feel myself running out of steam, I usually start a new one. It proves a good distraction for a short while until I’m ready to go back to the original book again. Just because we’re not in the mood for a book, doesn’t mean abandon ship ‘til who knows when. It can mean taking a short break. Or adding another list to your growing pile of ‘currently readings.’  7.HAVE A BOOK WITH YOU ALWAYS You will always have an opportunity to read. You'll read on your morning commute (. There is time when waiting at the doctor's office, or wasting a couple of minutes before a meeting or conference call, or while travelling. The only way you can take advantage of short minutes is if you have a book on hand. That's why I always carry a book with me. You can also listen audio books while cycling or exercise. And, thanks to gadgets like Kindle, this is even more convenient. 8.ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE WHO READ If your friend is doing something interesting you will have intention to do that the same thing also apply in books if your friend is reading some interesting book or telling you story or what is unique about that book it will make you to read that book. So, engage with more and more people who read. 9. MAKE THE LIST OF BOOKS TO READ Making the list of books to read is an effective way, you can prioritize books making the reading process more fluent. If you like the particular genre make list all books you wanted to read from that, make a list of all different kind of books like novella, novels and short stories. once you have a list then prioritize according to your convenience. 10. IT’S OKAY TO QUIT Sometimes the book you picked is boring or may not of your interest or book is very long to finish, at that time it is okay to quit that book otherwise you will be bored from reading books. 

Secret Tips for Using Facebook Ads for Ecommerce
 Promo Atlantic  
 7 May 2020  

As the biggest internet based life organizes, Facebook is a fantastic stage for promotions. Appropriately focused on Facebook marketing consultant, for internet business can be exceptionally useful for any shopping business. In case you're not running Facebook promotions now, the odds are acceptable that you're absent on a ton of chances to bring in cash. To get you out, we have recorded probably the best tips that you can utilize when concocting procedures for running Facebook advertisements.Demonstrated Tips in Using Facebook Ads for Ecommerce With over a billion clients, utilizing facebook ads for ecommerce for online business is a strict goldmine for organizations. Furthermore, with such countless clients, actually nearly everybody is utilizing it to further their potential benefit. So why not participate and receive similar rewards yourself? Here are a couple of thoughts that may help support your Facebook advertisement techniques. Utilize Multi-Product AdvertisementsFacebook Ads for eCommerceAs the name recommends, the multi-item promotions will permit you to exhibit a few items simultaneously on Facebook. Utilizing this sort of promotion can be exceptionally useful for a few reasons: All the more significantly, there are signs that multi-item promotions truly work. This sort of promotion is in reality progressively proficient when contrasted and different sorts. As per an examination, organizations experienced up to 300% expansion in their navigate rates after they utilized multi-item promotions. Run Retargeting Campaigns Facebook Retargeting AdsIn the event that you have been maintaining your web based business for quite a while, at that point you realize that most potential clients wind up leaving their truck without finishing their buy. It bodes well for you to utilize retargeting efforts. On the off chance that you invest energy and cash on new individuals to persuade them to purchase your item, at that point it ought to be justified, despite all the trouble to take a shot at the individuals who are now inspired by what you are selling. Make Sure You Use Conversion Tracking Pixel ecommerce facebook adsIf you're not mindful of what a Conversion Tracking Pixel is and what it can do, at that point you're passing up a lot. A Conversion Tracking Pixel is a code that is utilized for following the conduct of the individuals who visit your site. Use Video Advertisements Whenever Possible facebook for web based business If you are anticipating different methods for utilizing facebook marketing strategy promotions for Ecommerce, you should realize that Facebook organizes video content. That implies your advertisements would have more odds of winding up in the feed of the ideal individuals on the off chance that you use video. That ought to be a light second that focuses you another yet effectively natural way. Offer a DiscountThis is really an unquestionable requirement to do step paying little heed to the kind of stage you are utilizing for your promotions. In any case, it is likewise incredibly powerful as one of the approaches to utilize Facebook promotions for web based business. Individuals love limits and somebody who isn't effectively searching for the item you are selling may wind up buying it due to a rebate offer. Boost a Past Post It is reasonable on the off chance that you are reluctant with regards to making another publicizing effort. There is only no chance to get for you to be certain whether it will be fruitful. While working together includes facing challenges, it tends to be frightening. So in the event that you need to be somewhat more watchful or cautious than expected, at that point nobody is going to accuse you. Use Posts That Are Not About Selling Your objective with your web based business is to sell your items yet not every one of your promotions ought to be tied in with selling. Does that sound like an inconsistency? By what method would this be able to be remembered for a rundown of utilizing facebook advertising company for online business, at that point? There's really a valid justification for it.

Why is creating a flashcard important?
 Liza Smith  
 31 March 2020  

How do you feel when you work on your strategy plan to prepare for the exam? Confident, right? When you think of customizing your plan to study for the upcoming exam, you need a sorted structure of all the subjects you need to cover and how much time, you will dedicate to each subject.Create your own flashcard is one such strategy, where students get a chance to explore the whole syllabus and understand their weak and strong areas.Benefits of creating your flashcards: Tocreate your own flashcards is essential for understanding the topics you would learn and revise.Separating the various topics as per the level of difficulty will certainly give you an idea of your weaknesses and strengths.Organizing all the syllabus in a simple and much easier way to revise will reduce the burden of covering the entire syllabus in a go.Also, creating your own flashcards will trigger your deep thinking. While organizing the cards, you will go through with the content, which is no less than a serious study.The process to create your own flashcards through the app:The process of creating a flashcard is quite simple and has been demonstrated through the videos. Students can take an insight into creating their flashcards and then practice it. Let’s have a few simple steps required to create your own flashcards through the app.Go through the entire syllabus and separate the topics as per their difficulty level. As we know, the difficulty level required to place the cards from level 0 (Toughest) to level 5 (Easiest). One should understand the entire syllabus then and adequately categorize the topics.Students can decide the type of content they want to put over the flashcards like object type questions or some summary notes.Create the flashcards after putting the content in the form of a short and precise summary. Usually, the app allows the speech to a text editor. So, if you are not comfortable in typing English, then the student can speak in their native language, and the editor will translate it to English and prepare the card.Ones the dashboard is ready, the student can start learning through the flashcards. If at any stage, it feels that the cards are not moving to another level even after giving the right answer. Then there might be some mistakes. Operations like edit the cards or delete the cards can be performed for smooth working.Creating your flashcard gives a significant push to self-study and engage the students for long.

How to Migrate Zimbra Database to Exchange?
 Peter Smith  
 11 February 2020  

If you are looking to get the answer to the query that is how to migrate Zimbra database to Exchange Server account then this article will help you to perform this technical migration process through some simple steps. To perform the exact procedure you have to utilize the Zimbra to Exchange Migration tool. You can move Zimbra TGZ files into Exchange Server without any uploading process through the utilization of this software.For this process, you need to have Zimbra data on your computer system in the TGZ file format which is the primary format of the Zimbra application. So, that through the use of this software you can perform direct migration.Migrate Zimbra Database on Hard Drive         Open the Zimbra application and then move towards the Preference option, by clicking on this option you can reach toward the next section which includes Import/Export option.Hit on the Import/Export option and then select those items which you want to view in your Exchange account. You can select Mail Database, Briefcase, Address Book, Calendars, and Tasks. Now, hit on the Export option and then browse that path where all selected data will be saved.After this process you will get the Zimbra database into a Zip folder, you can extract it or process it directly through the help of this software. If you want to save complete Zimbra data on your desktop then you can select all types of data from the Import/Export section. Now to know to understand the procedure to migrate Zimbra TGZ database to Exchange understands the procedure of the automated software that is Zimbra to Exchange Migration tool.Automated Software to Know How to Migrate Zimbra Database to ExchangeStep 1. Download the Zimbra to Exchange Migration tool on your Windows OS based computer system.Step 2. After the installation process, open the software and then click on the Select Files option which is located at the top menu bar. After that, this tool will show you a window where you can select TGZ files or that folder which contains many TGZ files. Here you can also select that zip folder directly.Step 3. Now, this will start the Zimbra TGZ file loading process and then provides the Preview section where the user can view the files so that the tool can transfer only required files and folder.Step 4. After that, you have select that application in which you want to view all those loaded items that is Exchange Server. Enter all required log in details so that the software can perform the direct migration process.Step 5. Now, wait for the completion of the migration process and after that, you can view Zimbra data into your Exchange Server.Through these simple steps, you can easily understand how to migrate Zimbra database to Exchange Server. You can utilize this software on any Windows OS as it can work with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and all other Windows OS.ConclusionAfter this discussion, it is now easier for all users to understand the process to migrate Zimbra data to Exchange Server. If you want to try this software then you can use its free edition through which you can get an overview of its working process with the first 20 TGZ files. The complete Zimbra database can be transferred through the help of the licensed edition of Zimbra to Exchange Migration tool.Zimbra Database into MS Outlook PST FormatIf you are searching the right way to convert Zimbra data to Outlook PST file format then you can utilize the Zimbra to Outlook tool which allows you to manage Zimbra data into MS Outlook PST file format and after the conversion process, you can also upload the converted file on any editions of MS Outlook application.

How to Convert MBOX Files to PDF Format?
 Make Duen  
 17 March 2020  

SummaryIf you want to know the exact solution to the major query that is how to convert MBOX files to PDF format then this article may help you to perform this process without any data loss. Through the utilization of the MBOX to PDF Convertertool any user can process MBOX data and save it into PDF file format. This tool can transfer complete data through a single time processing way. There is no need to have the technical knowledge or professional assistance to operate this advanced software.Reasons to Convert MBOX Format Files as PDFThere are many reasons behind the conversion of files such as the PDF file is a portable format of files that can be saved on the hard drive of the computer system. It can be transferred from one device to other various external devices. It can be open on any device which contains installed Acrobat Reader. This is the simplest way to secure any type of written data as the PDF format files can be secured by a password so that only the required person can view the saved items.Procedure to Know How to Convert MBOX Files to PDF FormatStep 1. Download the MBOX to PDF Converter tool on any Windows OS and follow the exact procedure to install the tool.Step 2. Now, click on the Select Files option from the first window of the software if you want to convert MBOX files. Or you can go with the Select Folder option through which you can easily select that folder that contains bulk MBOX files.Step 3. After that, click on the checkbox which has the message that is Convert Attachments as PDF, if you want to save all attachments of selected files into PDF file format.Step 4. Select the required file naming option so that you can easily find your converted files from the hard drive of your computer system.Step 5. Hit on the Start tab which allows you to select that path from the computer system where all converted items will be stored.After the completion of this procedure, you can view your all converted file at that path which you have selected as your destination path. Through this process, you can easily understand how to convert MBOX files to PDF format along with all data including attachments. This software maintains the structure of all files so that the user can understand all converted files without any change in the view of files.ConclusionAfter this discussion, it becomes easier for all users to understand how to convert MBOX files to PDF format. This tool contains all options and features which are necessary for this process so that every user can change the format of files without any issues. You can get the benefits of the demo edition of this tool through which you can understand the working ability of this tool with the first 25 MBOX files along with all data like attachments, images, hyperlinks, and other text and non-text details of all selected files. You can transfer the complete MBOX database through the utilization of its licensed edition.Transfer MBOX Files into Various File FormatsIf you are looking for that utility through which you can transfer your MBOX files and saved into any other files format such as PST, MSG, EML, HTML, and other technical formats of files then download the MBOX Converter tool. With the utilization of this software, you can easily save your MBOX files into the required file format. This tool can perform this process without any change in the structural elements of selected MBOX files. It can maintain the data elements like the header of email files and all other text and non-text items of selected files.

How to Convert Zimbra TGZ to PST?
 Siri william  
 21 December 2019  

SummaryIn this session of discussion, we will study about the complete procedure to perform Zimbra TGZ to Outlook PST conversion process. With the utilization of the expert software that is Zimbra to Outlook PST Converter software which can be utilized by both professionals and non-professionals. You can easily understand how to convert Zimbra TGZ to PST along with all attachments of files through the utilization of this software as it can process all attachments of selected files along with other details of every opted item.Automated Tool to Know How to Convert Zimbra TGZ to PST FormatThis software contains many advanced sections through which user can easily convert all TGZ items into PST format without any change in the data structure so that the user can easily understand all converted files. This allows you to select TGZ files through the utilization of select files option or you can select that folder which contains many TGZ files through the help of the select folder option. Through this software you can easily understand how to convert Zimbra TGZ to PST files as it provides search option which can be utilized to search all saved TGZ files so that you can easily find all TGZ files for the conversion process.The software provides a section to view the relevancy of the loaded files through its preview section, through this section you can check all files or folder and deselect those folder which are not necessary for the further process. This makes the Zimbra TGZ to the PST conversion process with only the required files. It can maintain the header details which include to, from, cc, bcc, subject, etc.Procedure to Understand How to Convert Zimbra TGZ to PST FileDownload and install Zimbra to Outlook ConverterTool.            Open it and go for the Select Files section which provides the options to select files or folders.Now, this software will load all TGZ items and then allows you to Preview them all.After that, hit on the Export option and then select destination option as PST.Hit on the Export option to start the process and then wait for the completion of conversion.ConclusionAfter all this discussion, it is now easy to understand how to convert Zimbra TGZ to PST file through the help of third-party software which has the ability to transfer all TGZ data into PST format without any data loss issues. You can download this software for free to understand the processing of the software. You can utilize this software on any Windows OS as it can be downloaded on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and all other Windows OS.

Avail Bigpond Webmail Technical Support From Professionals
 Ravi Shankar  
 17 July 2019  

Bigpond is quite popular by the name Telstra which is an Australian service provider. A number of services are proffered by the Bigpond webmail for users. The users make effective usage of Bigpond account for their official purpose and personal communication. As a result of its user-friendly interface and high storage capacity, a lot of works can be done with it. Nowadays, email services have become the easiest and simplest form of digital communication. Such technology is quite useful in global pro-industry.But due to the occurrence of a number of technical glitches, users get worried about the problems that they encounter. People come across Bigpond email login problem, Bigpond hacked account issue, password recovery and others. Sometimes, there stand various reasons responsible for the Bigpond login issue. Due to the poor internet connection, server problem, outdated web browser and forget/lost password problem, the user can confront sign in problem. Though the issue can be solved easily, however, new users can get it difficult to resolve it. In these circumstances, one can connect with the Bigpond technical support professionals for resolution. They will guide you with the relevant steps that you need to adopt for getting rid of the technical error. Role of the technical support expertsThe Bigpond technical support professionals are always ready to render instant tech support at their disposal. The team is present as well as available round the clock to offer you a complete solution for all your problems. The team consist of experienced and smart technicians who have years of expertise in solving all range of technical hitches with proficiency. Our team provides assistance and solutions for problems such as:•    Bigpond email sign in error•    Bigpond email hacked account issue•    Password recovery solutions •    Account recovery steps and othersDelineating the qualities and attributives of Bigpond webmailIn circumstances of a technical problem, the Bigpond webmail support professionals serve beneficial as they help users to get rid of the problems even at midnight or midday.Listed below are the different qualities and attributives of the Bigpond support team are as follows:•    One can get paramount quality assistance from the technical team•    The techies provide a quick and instant solution after you get in touch with them•    Complete satisfaction is ensured from the part of users•    The Bigpond support executives are present 24 hours of 365 days to offer you a solution on time•    This Bigpond team provides a toll-free helpline number calling which you can directly talk to experts regarding solutions.The final verdictOur help service framework suppliers proffer exact and moderate remote access technical support administrations for all Bigpond email clients for the individuals who are needing prompt help on schedule. You can call unreservedly any time of time as we are accessible 24*7 in 365 days for taking care of all related Bigpond webmail issues. Various issues or issues can be available in Bigpond email beginning from Bigpond email login issues, how to recoup a compromised account, issue of a blocked account, hacked account, and numerous others.

Tips & Tricks for How to Import Multiple EML Files into Outlook 2010/2013/2013/2019
 Elysian Graur  
 21 March 2020  

Summary- In this write up we will discuss about the complete solution of how to import multiple EML files into Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & on any other edition. We will also go through with the basic knowledge about EML & Outlook. So, without waste any time let’s go to start the discussion that can solve your EML to PST Outlook conversion issue completely.What is EML?An EML is a email file format of the email messages. This format includes the content of the message, sender, time, recipients, and date etc. The EML file format comprises the plain ASCII text for headers and its message body alongwith attachments and hyperlinks. EML file format is highly supportable for many email applications as like- Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, eM Client, Foxmail, Zoho Mail and so on.What is Outlook?The Outlook is the popular email application designed by Microsoft. This email program saves their database in PST file format. It can stores complete mailbox items as like- emails, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, and many more. The Outlook application is updated time-to-time with new edition that includes many added features for its users. This application facilitates many features which attracts so many EML users to shift their database into Outlook. These features are properly mentioned below:It provides amazing safety and security feature for their database.This application is easily affordable by any user at the reasonable price.It includes familiar interface that means anyone can opt it for their personal and professional use.The MS Outlook is very popular because its multi-tasking feature.How to Import EML Files in Outlook 2010 using Manual Solution?Under the manual solution, we have two ways to perform the solution of how to import EML files in Outlook 2010 which is as mentioned below:By using Windows Live Mail Email ApplicationBy Using Microsoft Outlook Email Client Here we will discuss both ways to perform the EML to PST Outlook conversion so that you can make your choice easily. But these both manual guides comes with some critical issues that we will discuss after the process. So, let’s go through with both the manual ways one by one.With the help of WLM ApplicationOpen your Windows Live Mail application on your local PC.Go to follow the tabs: File>>export option>>email messages.Choose MS exchange as an export option and then, hit on the “Next”.Now, the dialog box displays with all emails that will be moved to MS Outlook / MS Exchange. Press “OK”.After that, choose a suitable option. Either the performer can select “export all your email folders” or choose only necessary folders that you want to export the files. Then, press “OK”.Thus, a dialog box shows in a window screen alongwith the export complete wizard. Go to “Finish” button.With the help of MS Outlook ApplicationStart and open your MS Outlook email client on your machineAnd, move your cursor to the destination where the EML files are stored and then choose the all EML files which you need to export.At last, drag the all selected EML files and then, drop it into MS Outlook application.Why Manual Procedure is not Safe Choice?The manual guide introduced with so many limitations that can affect your complete original EML data files. So, before to make any decision to opt the manual solution first you should know about the limitations of manual guide that are mentioned below:Too lengthy procedure includes many steps to perform EML to Outlook conversion process.It contains very technical steps that cannot understand by a non-technical user.It does not support multiple EML file conversion into PST at once. A performer needs to convert the multiple EML files one by one.Needs 100% attention while performing the conversion procedure from its performer.This solution is not safe for all because sometimes it can damage your complete data.Best EML to Outlook Converter – Professional Suggested SolutionFrom the above points, you can see the manual method is not safe for you to solve your problem. So, its better to go with the professional suggested solution i.e. EML Converter. It is one of the best utility available for all type of users that can easily perform the solution of how to import multiple EML files into Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and on any other edition. With this program, any user can import and export bulk EML email messages to PST Outlook application alongwith attachments. Also, user does not require for transferring the files one by one. It’s a time saving utility that can export your complete EML data to PST in a few clicks. This EML to PST Converter supports all EML email clients files for conversion as like- Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, eM Client, Foxmail, and so on. Moreover, the software can be easily operate on any MS Outlook and Windows editions without any problem.Conclusion Overall, we can say that EML to PST Converter is the only safe technique to solute the issue of how to import multiple EML files into Outlook 2010. For testing this converter, you can free to download EML Converter demo edition that helps you to export 25 emails from EML to PST format without any cost.

How to Fix Android Camera Issues
 emily watson  
 5 August 2019  

A camera error in an Android device is one of the most usual problems a smartphone user runs into. There can be a variety of reasons as to why your camera is not working correctly. Here are some of the most common reasons:It could be because of the low device storage.Camera application incompatibility can be one of the reasons.Low RAM can cause the camera to malfunction.Even third-party apps mess up with the device software.The damage could also be physical.So here are some fixes that you can apply to work your phone camera properly.’Fix 1 – Restart the Android DeviceThe first and the most straightforward process that can fix the camera is restarting your device. It is listed below: Press the power button of the device for two to three seconds.A pop-up bar will appear on your screen.Tap on the Reboot/Restart option.After the device restarts, check whether the camera is fixed or not. If not, then move to the next step.Fix 2 – Remove the BatteryIf your device has a detachable battery, then you can try to remove it from the back and clear up the lens. It works as a pseudo reset and does not result in any data loss. It will close any running app in the background, and if there is a smudge on the lens, then you can clean it.Fix 3- Force Stop the App To force stop the application:Go to the settings section.Go to the applications or manage applications.Tap on the camera app icon.Press Force Stop and then disable the App.Restart your device afterward without opening the app to check whether the camera is fixed or not, otherwise, go to next step.Fix – 4 Clear Cache and App PreferencesClearing the temporary cache and app data can fix the camera. Do the following:Open Settings and find app section.Locate the camera app you are using.Tap clear cache and app preferences.After that, reboot the device without opening the app and see if the camera issue has been resolved. If not, then go to the next step.Fix – 5 Uninstall third-party camera appsBe it any camera app you have installed, remove it. Either long-press on the app or go to the settings section to remove it from the device. Again reboot the device to check whether the app is working or not. If not, then try the next step.Fix – 6 Boot into Safe ModeSafe mode allows your device to run on factory settings and disables all third-party apps. Do not worry; they will start working afterward. To boot into safe mode.Long press the power button.Then on the pop-up bar long-press, the shutdown button.The device will ask whether you want to boot into safe mode or not. Tap yes.After the device boots, check the App.If not working, then clear the app data while in safe mode and reboot the device.This will most likely fix the app. If not, then try the next step.Fix – 7 Reset Factory Settings                                                                                                            This option will remove all the data from your device, so make sure you make a back up of it.Go to the Settings section.Locate personal and find Backup and Reset option.Tap Factory reset and select confirmYou can also shut down your device. Here’s how: Long press Power button with Volume up/down button.Navigate through Volume buttons and locate factory reset.Tap and confirm.If this does not fix the problem, then the malfunction is most likely physical.Source:How to Fix Android Camera Issues, Hp printer Support 

A Guide on How to Add Zimbra Files to Outlook Format
 Daniel Jones  
 30 August 2019  

Zimbra is an email client application that offers a wide range of services including sending attachments, files, folders, notes, calendar appointments, emails, manages tasks, and etc. There is no doubt that Zimbra is used by many people across the globe but most people still prefer to opt for Outlook as their default email client application. In this blog, we will discuss the steps on how to add Zimbra to Outlook without losing even a single file.Add Zimbra Files to Outlook Format via KDETools Zimbra to Outlook Converter KDETools Zimbra to Outlook Converter is the ideal choice if you wish to add Zimbra files to Outlook safely without damaging or corrupting the files. The tool enables the user to import Zimbra files directly to Exchange Server and Office 365 account. The user can add Zimbra files including the email elements without altering the original form of the structure to Outlook format.  The advanced Zimbra converter is compatible with all the versions of Outlook and Windows such as 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2018, and all the latest versions. The tool has an advanced option, ‘Selective Zimbra Files’ that allows the user to select the file they want to move instead of selecting the entire data.How to Add Zimbra Files to Outlook Format by Using KDETools Zimbra to Outlook Converter?  Start KDETools Zimbra to Outlook Converter on your computer.Click on the 'Preference' tab from the ‘Menu’ button.Go to the 'Open' tab.Click on the ‘Single Mailbox’ or ‘Multiple Mailbox’ option.Select the Zimbra files that you want to add to Outlook format.Click on the file type that you wish to add to.Store the Zimbra files on the operating system.Click on the 'Save File' option.Go to the ‘OK’ option.Make certain that you opt for KDETools Zimbra to Outlook converter instead of using the manual approach to move Zimbra files to Outlook. It is a safer option that will give the flexibility to the users to perform a safe conversion of files. The user cannot choose specific files to convert by using the manual approach.

How to Export Emails from Zimbra to Outlook PST File?
 Peter Smith  
 6 February 2020  

If you are looking for the exact solution for your query that is how to export emails from Zimbra to Outlook PST file then this discussion will definitely help you. We will discuss about the process for storing data on the hard drive of the computer system in the TGZ file format. Then export all files into Outlook PST file format through the help of advanced software that is Zimbra to Outlook Converter tool.Export Emails from Zimbra into Hard DriveOpen the Zimbra application on your computer system.Click on the Preference option which is given on the top menu bar.Now, hit on the Import/Export option.After that, select items which will be saved on the hard drive of your computer system.It allows users to select Mail Data, Briefcase, Address Book, Calendars, and Tasks.Now, go with the Export button and then opt that path where all files will be saved.After this simple process, you can view your saved items into a zip folder at the selected path of the computer’s hard drive. You can easily extract that zip folder or you can process that Zip file through the utilization of Zimbra to Outlook Converter tool. With the help of this software, you can convert all files into PST file format.Steps to Know How to Export Emails from Zimbra to Outlook PST FileStep 1. Download the Zimbra to Outlook Converter tool on your computer system and then follow the installation process.Step 2. Open the software and then click on the Select Files option. After that, this allows you to Select TGZ Files or Select Folder which has many TGZ files.Step 3. Now, this tool allows you to Preview all loaded items you can check the relevancy of all selected files. Through the help of this feature, the user can transfer only required Zimbra TGZ files.Step 4. After that, through the help of the Select Export Type section where you have to choose Outlook PST file format as your output option.Step 5. Then, select that Destination Path where all converted files will be saved after the conversion process.Step 6. Hit on the Export button to start the TGZ file conversion process and then wait till the process is completed.After following this complete process now you get the answer to your query that is how to export emails from Zimbra to Outlook PST file. This software can maintain the structural and formatting elements of selected files as it is. You can use this software without any technical knowledge as it contains all required sections and options with simple usability.ConclusionIn this article, we have discussed about the common query that is how to export emails from Zimbra to Outlook PST file along with each and every detail of Zimbra TGZ files. If you want to try this procedure then you can utilize the free edition of this tool. Through this edition of Zimbra to Outlook Converter tool you can check the working steps of this software with the first 20 TGZ files. The complete conversion process can be followed through the help of a licensed edition of the software.Export Zimbra Data into Office 365If you want to perform the process through which you can transfer Zimbra data into Office 365 account then you can utilize the Zimbra to Office 365 Migration tool. This tool has the ability to transfer complete data through a single way of processing. You just need to have login details for the selected application that is Office 365 application.

How to Backup Files from Zimbra?
 Peter Smith  
 13 March 2020  

There are many users of various email applications like Zimbra application who want to know the exact process to backup files from Zimbra account. So, in this article, we will understand the complete procedure through which any user can save Zimbra data on the hard drive of the computer system. We will also discuss the Zimbra Converter tool through which you can save data into various file formats like PDF, PST, MBOX, EML, HTML, etc. Through this software, both professional and non-professional users can perform this process.Procedure to Know How to Backup Files from Zimbra to Hard DriveStep 1. Launch the Zimbra application on your desktop and then click on the Preference option. This option lets you to choose the Import/Export option.Step 2. Through the help of the Export section, you need to choose those items which you want to store in your hard drive. Through this section, you can select Mail data, Address Book, Tasks, and Briefcase.Step 3. At last click on the Export tab and select the path of the computer system where your data will be saved.Through the help of these simple steps of working you can save your data on your hard drive of the computer system. After completion of the process, you can find all data into a Zip folder which can easily be extracted.Save Zimbra Database into Various File Format#1. Download the Zimbra Converter tool and then follow the further steps to install the software on the computer system.#2. Now open the software and through the help of the Select Files option user can select TGZ files or folder which has many TGZ files. With the same section, you can choose that Zip folder which is saved on your computer system.#3. After that, the tool shows you a Preview section where you can view all files and selected folders. Through this section of the software, you can also deselect the files so that only required files or data can be transferred.#4. Now, from the Select Export Type option, you can choose the desired file format such as PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, EML, HTML, and other technical output options.#5. Hit on the Export option and then select the destination path of your hard drive where converted files will be transferred.After the completion of the procedure, the tool will show you a completion message. You can utilize this software on Windows OS 10, 8, 7, 8.1, XP, Vista, etc. as it can be downloaded and installed on any Windows OS based computer system. The tool contains all required options to maintain the structure of files so that every converted file will be easily viewed by the user.Backup Files from Zimbra to Cloud AppsThrough the help of this perfect utility tool, you can also process Zimbra data and save them on various other email clients. It can perform the process to transfer Zimbra to Exchange, Office 365, IMAP, and other various cloud-based email applications directly. To perform this kind of Zimbra migration you need to have complete login details of your desired application.ConclusionThrough the help of this discussion, you can easily understand how to backup files from Zimbra application into other various output options. You can try this utility through its free demo edition which allows you to convert or migrate the first 20 TGZ files into the desired output option along with all attachments, images, hyperlinks and header parts of the selected TGZ files. With this edition of the tool, you can analyze the features of this software and check the relevancy of the tool. For the complete transfer procedure, you need to download its licensed edition which allows you to perform this process with unlimited Zimbra TGZ files.