Girl : A mystery unsolved

A boy and a girl were studying in a tution together . A boy liked that girl , they both were friends on Facebook and used to talk on Facebook in night .  Boy - " I like you " . Do you like me ? . Girl - " If I didn't liked you I won't be talking to you and there are so many types of liking . Boy got nervous and said " I want to become friend's with you and don't say we are friend's on Facebook and that's enough . Facebook friendship is not real friendship and I want to become your real friend " . Girl - " Ok you got it from now on we are real friends . Boy and girl continued talking regularly via Facebook messenger and girl used to ask flirt with him and ask him personal question's like " Do you have a girlfriend ? , Do you have a best friend ? , Do you like someone ? , What type of wife you want ? Boy - " The answer for first two is no , I want a girl who loves me more than anything in this world , maintain herself in good shape and love my parents like she loves her's . Girl - " That's so true girl's due to their overweight look double their age , I will gain maximum 2 kg weight till I die " . Boy - " See every girl is not able to maintain herself due to process child birth . Girl - " How dare you to say this in front of me ? I am very much offended ." Boy - "It is not a rocket science , you will also go by this process , it is the purest process and I don't think I said anything wrong but if I offended you in anyway then I am sorry " . Girl - " I don't want to talk to you , go to hell ." Boy kept on saying sorry to her but she didn't replied to his message , so boy mentioned this incident to other girls same and asked them - " Are you offended ? " Other girls said - " We are not offended , it is a natural process and talked deeply about this topic . They said we will definitely try to remain in shape after child birth and said every girl will speak about this topic freely because their is nothing to feel shy about " . Girl after few weeks - " I am giving you last chance don't say anything wrong now . Girl asked him how many kids you want ? " . Boy - " I  promise I won't say anything wrong " . Boy felt uncomfortable answering this question but after girl insisted so much Boy said - " I have lived in a big family from childhood so I want a big family from her . " Girl - " How dare you to say this in front of me ? I am offended . I don't want to talk to you , go to hell . Boy - " I am sorry if you got offended  , I promise I will be careful now . " Girl stopped replying to his messages and boy started becoming sad everyday . When other girls noticed this they asked him happened and he told them everything that happened . After hearing that other girls said - " That girl is crazy and is a selfish person  . She is not right for you and you should break all ties with her because if person who makes you sad and make you feel less of yourself that person will destroy your life ". They continued by saying - " This topic is not bad topic and any girl will not feel awkward talking about it because we girl's plan this thing in advance ". They talked deeply about this topic and said how many kids they wanted . They said this girl has forgotten that after her mother died you were there for her on every step , that's so unfortunate. Girl after few weeks messaged boy saying - " I am giving you last chance don't say anything wrong now ." Boy took the advice of other girls and stopped talking to her thus ending all ties with her .

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