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Your search for Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
Best Astrologer in Delhi, Online best astrologer in india, Astrologer Vedant Sharmaa
 Vedant Sharmaa  
 28 December 2020  

Significance of Astrology in Our Life | Best astrologer in delhi | best astrologer in delhi ncr | online best astrologer in india | astrologer vedant sharmaa |that genuinely predicts the future and suggests answers for your profession, love, marriage, achievement, and so forth It tends to be utilized to help you from different points of view. This encourages us to understand the issues that issues and the difficulty to come. Astrologer in Delhi believe that the development and improvement of the awesome bodies are explicitly on Earth, or connected to open doors for work on a human scale. The vast majority are not very much aware of the essential thoughts of Astrologey and its changed impact.Best Astrologer in DelhiWe offer best Astrology administrations over the world. Who is known to each edge of the world as they give the best and most precise outcomes. Our Astrologer is outstanding amongst other Astrologer in delhi and has 17 years of involvement with this celestial practice. The credible apotheosis concerns the relationship between the planets that the Sun and the Moon sign. The relationship between their correspondences deductively considers Jyotish learning. We have involved visionary as well as Shastra Jyotish perusers who are the best Astrologer in delhi.India positively comprehended the expression "Astrologey". Everybody mindful of its latent capacity and flighty outcomes accomplishes outs. This is the primary concern that separates and adds to an ideal way to deal with addressing each question that can happen in everybody's life. For the future arousing and its results, we have gained the best Astrologer in delhi to help and serve you.Astrologer Vedant SharmaaAstrologer in DelhiThis heavenly learning of Astrologey is satisfactorily fit for dismembering the past and the last destiny of a man. These days, extra reasonable wisdom has its own credit and people endure it and trust it. There are numerous crystal gazers who are accessible online to help their customers 24X7. There are various encounters, gifts, and qualified Astrologer who are making them be their Astrologer in delhi organizations or across India to make the lives of people prosperous and more fulfilled.In the Indian Astrologey, there lies a distinction and spot for best Astrology trained professional. So in the Astrology market, various Astrologers guarantee to take care of an issue yet the issue should be settled from its root. That is the motivation behind why pandit ji is checked among the best Astrologers. So to be the best Astrologer, full information is needed about Astrologey and planetary positions. Furthermore, with the assistance of planetary situation alongside birth graph, pandit ji predicts the fate of the customer. online best astrologer in indiaIn the present situation, the picture of being an ideal Astrologer has been considered by pandit ji. He can see customer's future in the mirror. He is an expert of Astrologey and ordinarily he has been compensated in the Astrology field for the best Astrologey trained professional. In the administrations delivered by pandit ji, the two blends are included. Indian Astrology and science are the reasons his techniques are more development from different Astrologer. His administrations are popular in India and everywhere on the world. Any sort of issue will be taken care of by him like a bit of cake.The information and the specific questions about Indian Astrology, it is the stage to address them out. Also, to make it more agreeable, pandit ji is the encapsulation of information in Astrology. In agreement to Indian Astrologey, the achievement of an individual is affected and reliant on certain planetary positions and their developments. You can get a caution of future occasions and their expectations in any structure like instant messages, call, free online Astrologey and so on Straightforward way with basic Astrologey is the target of the best crystal gazer pandit ji. So from his best administrations his character resembles a mirror.Mysterious GuidanceVocation HoroscopeProfession is vital in our life. A fruitful profession has numerous preferences. Vocation Astrology Predictions conveys significance in this point of view. We plan modified Career Report for you. Here you have choice to choose about number of long stretches of report you need. Profession Report is ready for 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 years. The report tells you about high points and low points if any in the relating year. Plausibility of progress, getting advanced, and climb in compensation is talked about in the report. In what capacity will be your relations with higher up and peers is likewise referenced in the report. You can design your exercises ahead of time with assistance of Career Horoscope based redid report. Astrology Umesh has medicinal answers for suit your necessity.Love and Marriage HoroscopeOther than vocation, Love and Marriage are vital throughout everyday life. Love can make or blemish life of the concerned individual. An upbeat enduring affection life is favoring from paradise. Also a fruitful, glad agreeable conjugal life is an aid from paradise. To help your motivation, Love and Marriage horoscope arrangement is set up by Best Astrologer in South Delhi. The report dependent on Horoscope tells you about reasonable planetary arrangement encouraging adoration and furthermore marriage. You can access about uprightness and responsibility level of concern individual you mean to have relationship. Love and Marriage Problem Solution horoscope tells you about attributes of individual you have plan to wed and furthermore about great opportunity to ring wedding chimes. Valuable cure is additionally proposed for a cheerful and enduring adoration life and furthermore for a lovely and charming conjugal life.Individual HoroscopeIssue in close to home life can't be talked about transparently. You need to trust your interests, emotions to somebody you can depend upon. AstrologerUmesh.com is the perfect spot to trust. In a Personal Horoscope, we notice about great upbeat occasions in close to home life. At a similar we likewise let you think about time when you are to be in uneasiness. Some valuable proposals are additionally given to have a fought and upbeat individual life. Toward the end we uncover to you about therapeutic measures to make your own life lovely and charming.Telephonic ConsultationOn the off chance that you are deprived to find snappy solution to your anxiety, you can have telephonic meeting with our Chief Astrologer in India Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant. This is useful for individual dwelling far away from us, in any side of world to get Call Astrology Number Delhi NCR us over phone. Other than noting question, valuable effectively pertinent solution for help your motivation is likewise uncovered. For brief consideration, call Best Astrologer in Delhi and get answer for your concern.Visionary Consultation in PersonIn the event that meeting Delhi for some reason or dwelling in Delhi, you can book a meeting with our Chief Astrologer Pt. Umesh ji and have an individual up close and personal gathering. Here you can meet our Chief Astrologer for Astrological interview. He will reply to your question dependent on his tremendous information on Vedic Astrology Guidance. He will likewise direct you about cure following which can help your motivation. We guarantee to keep your personality free from any and all harm not accessible to other people.Astrologey ProductsGemstones: Gem Stone is a particularly valuable solution for help your motivation. AstrologerUmesh.com takes into account ensured Gem Stone. This is chosen after properly pondering on situation of planets in your Birth Chart assumed name Kundli. This must be installed in Silver, Gold or Panch Dhatu as the need might be. The Gem stone must be previously sanitized of negative vibes and afterward stimulated by due custom. The Gem stone can be valuable at various levels, similar to adore life, vocation, Business, Money and so on South Delhi India Astrologer Phone Number for direction about wearing an appropriate Gem stone. Need to make your life joyful? Our Life Reading Report comprise of every imperative information and astro-direction to help you make your daily routine decidedly refined and worth-experiencing.RudrakshaOn the off chance that you are uneasy about wearing a Gem stone, Rudraksha is a decent alternative. This accompanies numerous aspects called Mukhi. We propose right Rudraksha after appropriately pondering on situation of planets in your Kundli. At AstrologerUmesh we oblige confirmed Rudraksha. This is then given silver covering. It is then purged and empowered with due customs. We play out these ceremonies particularly earnestly to help your motivation.Amazing YantraAs a choice to wearing a Gem stone or Rudraksha, Yantra comes convenient. The Yantra is recommended according to your necessity. The Yantra is cut on one or the other metal or a copper plate and gold plated if need be. On the off chance that a specific planet is powerless, distressed by malefic or badly positioned, relating Yantra revering is to function admirably. The Yantra is sanitized of negative vibes and afterward properly stimulated to help your motivation. Yantra to assuage a divinity and for striking thriving is additionally provided food by us.Parad ItemsParad thing is estimated as a lot of ground-breaking and viable. On being properly adored Parad thing can deliver positive wanted outcomes for you. It is viewed as an exceptionally devout thing. Contact AstrologerUmesh for your necessity of Parad things for good.Precious stone (Sfatik)Other than Parad, Crystals are likewise estimated as much devout thing. Utilizing Crystal mala (rosary) for supplication is to introduce a lot of empowering results. You can likewise wear the mala around your neck to keep off negative vibes. Shiva Ling in Crystal renders numerous advantages on appropriately revering. Contact Best Jyotish in Delhi – Astrologer Umesh for your necessity of explicit Crystal.Puja and AnushthanAstrologerUmesh.com likewise attempts to perform different sort of Puja and do Anushthanam for the particular need. Puja like Nav Chandi Yagna, Saptshati Yagna, and Rudra related Puja is likewise performed. We likewise perform Vishnu Puja, Yagna to conciliate Lord Vishnu and look for gift. Reach us for sort of Puja or Anushthanam to be performed with most extreme earnestness. Pick Strength Reading for Career that encourages you perceive your inward probability and pick a decent vocation appropriate for your character and loving.READ MORETop 10 best astrologers in indiabest astrologer in mumbai

ফাইল রহস‍্য
 Simanta Nandi  
 20 January 2021  

(নেতাজি সুভাষচন্দ্র বসুর অন্তর্ধানের তত্বকে উড়িয়ে দেশের শীর্ষ এক স্তর থেকে দিনের পর দিন চেষ্টা হয়েছে তাঁর মৃত‍্যু প্রমাণের। বিমান দুর্ঘটনা, চিতাভস্ম......এমন অনেক কিছুই খাড়া করার চেষ্টা চলেছে। যে ক'টি গোপন ফাইল এতদিন পর্যন্ত প্রকাশ করা হয়েছে, তাতে তেমন গোপন কিছু নেই। তা সত্বেও বিভিন্ন চিঠি চালাচালি এবং হাতে আসা তথ‍্য প্রমাণ করে, নেতাজি বেঁচে ছিলেন বিমান দুর্ঘটনার পরেও। ঝুলির মুখ ফাঁকা হচ্ছে........,বেড়াল বেরিয়ে পড়লে অনেকের সুনামে দাগ আসবে না তো ?)ঠিক তিন বছর আগের কথা প্রায় ৭৫ বছরের পুরনো আবেগ ভারতবাসীকে স্পর্শ করেছিলো। নেতাজি সুভাষচন্দ্র বসু সম্পর্কিত যাবতীয় গোপন ফাইল প্রকাশের প্রতিশ্রুতি দিয়েছিলেন প্রধানমন্ত্রী নরেন্দ্র মোদী। সেই মতো এক বছর আগে ফাইল প্রকাশের সূচনা করেছিলেন তিনি। পাবলিক ডোমেনে অর্থাৎ জাতীয় মহাফেজখানার ওয়েবসাইটে বিশ্বময় ছড়িয়ে গেলো প্রথম পর্যায়ের বেশকিছু নেতাজি-নথি। গনমাধ‍্যম সক্রিয় হলেও সেদিন জনমানস উত্তাল হলো না। কারন সঠিক মূল‍্যায়নের অভাব। বেশ কিছু জানা, অল্পজ্ঞাত তথ‍্য প্রথম দিককার ফাইলগুলোতে প্রকাশিত হয়। অবশ‍্য তার কয়েকমাস আগে সেপ্টেম্বর মাসে রাজ‍্যের মুখ‍্যমন্ত্রী মমতা ব‍্যানার্জী নেতাজি সংক্রান্ত ৬৪ টি ঝাড়াই-বাছাই করা ফাইল 'কলকাতা পুলিশ' মিউজিয়ামে প্রকাশ করেছিলেন। সে ক্ষেত্রেও অতি সক্রিয় কোনো  কোনও সংবাদমাধ‍্যম গভীরে প্রবেশ না করে স্রেফ 'অশ্বডিম্ব প্রসব' আখ‍্যা দিয়ে বিষয়ান্তরে যেতে দ্বিধা করেনি।এ পর্যন্ত কেন্দ্র মোট ৩০৩ টি ফাইল প্রকাশ করেছে। এখনো গোপনীয় বা অতি গোপনীয়  বহু ফাইল কিন্তু প্রকাশের আলো দেখেনি। রাজ‍্য ও কেন্দ্র প্রকাশিত নেতাজি ফাইলগুলোর মধ‍্যে প্রত‍্যাশামতোই নানবিকৃতকরনের পাশাপাশি পৃষ্ঠা সংখ‍্যার এদিক-ওদিক ও পাতা উধাও এর স্পষ্ট প্রমান ধরা পড়েছে। কার আমলে, কে, কেন--এইসব প্রশ্নের উত্তর লিপিবদ্ধকরন হয়নি। ইতিহাস রক্ষার প্রতি হয়েছে চরম অবিচার যা অন‍্য কোনো  জাতীয় নেতার ক্ষেত্রে ঘটেনি।*(নেতাজি কোনও মানচরিত্র ছিলেন না। তিনি আসলে একটি একক অস্তিত্ব)*গত তিন বছরে কেন্দ্র প্রকাশিত ফাইলগুলির হাজার হাজার পৃষ্ঠার নেপথ‍্যে রয়ে গিয়েছে অজস্র চাঞ্চল‍্যকর তথ‍্য ও তথ‍্যসূত্র--যা শুধু নেতাজীর জীবনগাথাকে আরও উজ্জ্বল করেছে তাই নয়, আজাদ হিন্দ আন্দোলনসহ ভারতের মুক্তি সংগ্রামের প্রকৃত ইতিহাস নতুন করে লেখার দাবী রাখে। ১৯৫৪ সালে রাজ‍্য ও কেন্দ্র প্রকাশিত এমিলি সংক্রান্ত ফাইলগুলি থেকে একটা সত‍্যসন্ধানী দৃষ্টি স্পষ্ট হয়ে যায় যে, ১৯৪৫ এর ১৬ আগস্ট তাইহোকু বিমান দুর্ঘটনার  সাজানো গল্প কে সত‍্য বলে ব্রিটিশ সরকার যেমন আদৌ মানেনি ঠিক তেমনি ভারতের শাসক সম্প্রদায় প্রকাশ‍্যে 'ছাইভস্ম' নিয়ে নানা উদ‍্যোগ নিলেও  গোপনে নেতাজি সত‍্য যাতে প্রকাশ‍্যে না আসে, তার জন‍্য কেউ কেউ, কোনও প্রভাবশালী গোষ্ঠী আজীবন চেষ্টা চালিয়ে গেছেন। কিন্তু 'সত‍্য যে কঠিন'। অনেক দেরীতে হলেও প্রকাশ‍্যে এসে গিয়েছে চীন ও রাশিয়াতে নেতাজীর অবস্থান ও সক্রিয় থাকার তথ‍্যসূত্র এবং অবশ‍্য তা 'বিমান দুর্ঘটানায় মৃত‍্যু'--র অনেক পরে।'মৃত ভূত' সুভাষের কন্ঠস্বর তিনবার আন্তর্জাতিক বেতারে ভেসে এসেছিলো এমন কথা 'অলীক' কল্পনাবলে একসময় উড়িয়ে দেওয়ার চেষ্টা হলেও রাজ‍্য ও কেন্দ্রের ফাইলে সে সবের স্বীকৃতি মিলেছে। নেতাজির মেজদা শরৎ বসু নিশ্চিত হয়েই তাঁর সংবাদপত্রের ব‍্যানার হেডলাইন করেছিলেন 'নেতাজি ইন রেড চায়না'। কিন্তু অন‍্যতম চাঞ্চল‍্যকর তথ‍্যটি মিলেছে বিদেশ মন্ত্রকের পশ্চিম এশিয়া দপ্তরের একটি ফাইলে। ফাইলটি ২০/৮/৬৯--এ লোকসভার প্রশ্ন-উত্তর সংক্রান্ত বিষয়বস্তুর অন্তর্গত। ঐতিহাসিক তাসখন্দ চুক্তির সময় মস্কো রেডিও থেকে নেতাজি সুভাষচন্দ্র বসুর ভাষন সংক্রান্ত প্রশ্ন উত্থাপন করেছিলেন সংসদ সদস‍্য সমর গুহ। ফাইলটির কভারে ১৯৮৩ সাল ও ১৮৯৬ সালের উল্লেখ থাকে এবং কয়েক বছর আগে তাঁকে আটকে রাখার নোট দেওয়া আছে। নেতাজি তদন্তে নিযুক্ত মুখার্জি কমিশন তাসখন্দ চুক্তির সময় মস্কো রেডিও থেকে সুভাষচন্দ্র বসুর ভাষন সংক্রান্ত ফাইলপত্তর বারবার দাবি করলেও সে সময় ভারত সরকার তা প্রত‍্যাখান করেছিলো। প্রকাশিত ফাইলে স্পষ্ট দেখা যাচ্ছে, মস্কো রেডিওর। হিন্দি বিভাগের গ‍্যালিনা একটি চিঠিতে স্পষ্টভাবে লিখেছে যে সুভাষচন্দ্রের অনুমতি ছাড়া তাঁর ঠিকানা কাউকে জানানো সম্ভব নয়। 'We are unable to farnish the address  of Subhas Chandra to any one without obtaining his permission kindly excuse.'*(দেশ ও বাংলার স্বার্থ সামান‍্যতম ক্ষুন্ন হবে এরকম কোনও ইস‍্যুতেই আপস করেননি সুভাষচন্দ্র)*উল্লেখ্য, ১৯৬৬ সালে ১০ জানুয়ারি রাশিয়ার তাসখন্দে রুশ রাষ্ট্রপ্রধান পেজিগিন, পাক প্রেসিডেন্ট আয়ুব খান, জুলফিকর আলি ভুট্টো ও ভারতের দ্বিতীয় প্রধানমন্ত্রী  লালবাহাদুর শাস্ত্রীর উপস্থিতিতে যে চুক্তি সম্পাদিত হয়েছিলো, সেদিন তার ভিডিও ফুটেজে রহস‍্যময় ব‍্যাক্তির ছবি দেখা গিয়েছে। ব্রিটেনের ফেসম‍্যাপিং বিশেষজ্ঞ জন মেরিল তাঁর ফরেনসিক রিপোর্টে জানিয়েছেন যে, ভারতীয় নেতা সুভাষচন্দ্র বসুর মুখবায়বের সঙ্গে প্রচুর মিল রয়েছে তাঁর। শাস্ত্রিজীও নাকি সেখানে ভারতের নিখোঁজ দেশপ্রেমিকের খোঁজ সেদিন পেয়েছিলেন এবং দেশে ফিরে যে ঘোষনা তিনি করবেন এমনটাই সাম্প্রতিককালে শাস্ত্রিজীর পরিবারের তরফে জানানো হয়েছে। চুক্তি স্বাক্ষরের রাতেই রহস‍্যময় পরিস্থতিতে হঠাৎ শাস্ত্রিজী প্রয়াত হন।আরও রহস‍্যময়, আজও তাঁর মৃত‍্যুর প্রকৃত কারন অজানা। ভারতের ফেরার আগেই তাঁকে সরিয়ে দিতে হল কেন ? তা অনুমান করা যায়। তাসখন্দম‍্যান নেতাজি রহস‍্যের এক অন‍্য অধ‍্যায়। কিন্তু যারা সাম্প্রতিককালেও রুশ কারাগারে কখনও ফাঁসিতে, কখনও গুলিতে, কখনও বা অত‍্যাচারে সুভাষচন্দ্রের নিহত হবার তত্ত্ব প্রতিষ্ঠার চেষ্টা করেছেন তাঁরা তাঁদের দাবির সপক্ষে একটি নথিও প্রকাশ করতে পারেননি আজ পর্যন্ত। উল্লেখ্য, এক সময় মস্কো রেডিও থেকে জনৈক সুভাষ নামধারী কোনও ভারতীয় ছাত্র হয়তো ভাষন দিয়েছে এমন কথাও বলা হয়। গোপন অনুসন্ধানে যা ফাইলে প্রকাশিত নথিতে দেখা গিয়েছে যে, তিনজন সুভাষ নামধারী ছাত্র সেসময় রাশিয়াতে পড়াশোনা করতে গেলেও তাঁদের কারওরই পদবি বসু ছিল না। সে সময়ের সোভিয়েত রাশিয়ায় কমিউনিস্ট কঠোরতার মধ‍্যে জনৈক সুভাষ নামধারী ছাত্র হঠাৎ মস্কো রেডিওতে ভাষন দেবেন তা শুধু অবাস্তবই নয়, স্রেফ হাস‍্যকর।*(নেতাজির চাপেই বন্দেমাতরম্--কে প্রদেশ সরকারগুলি বাধ‍্য হয়েছিল স্থায়ীভাবে গ্রহন করতে)*নেতাজী সম্পর্কে গড়ে তোলা নানা মিথ‍্যার ভিত তাসের ঘরের মতো ভেঙে পড়েছে সরকারী ফাইলগুলির দৌলতে। আজান্দ হিন্দ সরকারের কোটি কোটি টাকা, অর্থ, সম্পদ লুট হয়ে যায়। দেশের প্রথম ফ্রধানমন্ত্রী নিজের ব‍্যাক্তিগত অ‍্যাকাউন্টে ইন্ডিয়ান ওভারসিজ ব‍্যাংকে আজাদ হিন্দ ফান্ডের প্রচুর অর্থজমা করেন এমন নথির সন্ধান পাওয়া গিয়েছে মহাফেজখানার সংরক্ষিত ফাইলগুলিতে। দেশের প্রথম আর্থিক কেলেঙ্কারি শুধু নয়, নেতাজীর চরিত্র হননের সুগভীর চক্রান্তের হদিশ মিলেছে গত ৩০ সেপ্টেম্বর ২০১৬তাড়িখে 'নেতাজি পেপারস্ ডট গভ ডট ইন' (netajipapers.gov.in) এই ওয়েবসাইটে। নেহেরুজি একদা সুহৃদ সুভাষচন্দ্রকে 'যুদ্ধাপরাধী' তকমা দিয়েছিলেন। ব্রিটিশ প্রধানমন্ত্রী লিখেছেন যে, রাশিয়া সুভাষচন্দ্রকে আশ্রয় দিয়ে বিশ্বাসঘাতকতা করেছে। সেই নেহেরুজি শুধু বসু পরিবার নয়, নেতাজির সঙ্গে সংশ্লিষ্ট অনেকের উপর নজরদারী চালিয়েছিলেন। বাংলার মুখ‍্যমন্ত্রী বিধানচন্দ্র রায়ের সঙ্গে গোপন চিঠিপত্র চালাচালি করেছেন। কীভাবে 'চিতাভস্ম'  ভারতে আনা যায়,  অ‍্যানিটা ব্রিজেট  সেঙ্কেলকে দ্বৈত নাগরিকত্ব প্রদান করা এবং বসু পদবী কীভাবে দেওয়া যায় ইত‍্যাদি বিষয় নিয়ে চিঠিতে পরামর্শ করার নথি পাওয়া গিয়েছে। বিদেশে গিয়ে সুভাষের 'স্ত্রী' এমিলির সঙ্গে তিনি সাক্ষাৎ করেন এবং মাসে মাসে টাকা পাঠানোর ব‍্যাবস্থাও করেন। একটি দীর্ঘ হিসাবও পাওয়া গিয়েছে। একটি ফাইলে এমিলি সেঙ্কেলকে ৩২ হাজার টাকার উপর দেওয়া হয়েছে উল্লেখ রয়েছে। এত কান্ডের পরেও আসল বেড়াল ঝুলি থেকে বেরিয়ে পড়েছে। গোপনে সুভাষচন্দ্রের ভাইপো এমিলির ম‍্যারেজ সার্টিফিকেট ও অ‍্যানিটার বার্থ সার্টিফিকেটের সন্ধান করছেন এমন চিঠি পাওয়া মিলেছে। ১৯৮০ সাল বাংলার তৎকালীন রাজ‍্যপাল ত্রিভুবন নারায়ন সিং গোপনে স্বরাষ্ট্র মন্ত্রকের কাছে জানতে চেয়েছেন এমিলির পরিচয়। স্বরাষ্ট্রমন্ত্রক জানিয়েছে যে, তাঁদের দপ্তরে সুভাষচন্দ্র কোনও বিদেশিনীকে বিবাহ করেছেন বা কোনও কন‍্যা সন্তান আছে এমন কোনও তথ‍্য নেই। তাহলে কীসের ভিত্তিতে জওহারলাল নেহেরু ও পরবর্তীকালেও লক্ষাধিক টাকা এমিলিকে দেওয়া হতো ?  এ প্রশ্নের সরাসরি উত্তর না মিললেও বিস্ফোরক তথ‍্যের সন্ধান মিলেছে নেতাজি ফাইল প্রকাশের ধারাবাহিকতার সূত্রে। ভিয়েনায় নেতাজি কন‍্যা বলে কথিত অ‍্যানিটার জন্মের শংসাপত্রের ইংরেজি অনুবাদ পাওয়া গিয়েছে। ভিয়েনার রেজিস্টার অফিস ৪ ডিসেম্বর ১৯৪২ সালে দেওয়া অ‍্যানিটার বার্থ সার্টিফিকেটে কন‍্যার নাম অ‍্যানিটা  ব্রিজেট সেঙ্কেল (Anita Brigitte Schenkl)--এর জন্মের তাড়িখ ২৯ নভেম্বর, ১৯৪২। মায়ের নাম এমিলি ক‍্যারোলিন সেঙ্কেল (Emilie Karoline Schenkl)। পোস্ট অফিস কর্মী বলে লেখা হয়েছে। ওই ইংরেজি অনুবাদ করা শংসাপত্রে 'চেঞ্জ অব এন্ট্রি' স্থানটি ফাঁকা রাখা হয়েছে। কন‍্যার বাবার নাম নেই। অ‍্যানিটার পদবীতে 'সেঙ্কেল'--এর সঙ্গে রহস‍্যময়ভাবে 'ব্রিজিট' পদবীটি এসেছে। উল্লেখ্য, অতি গোপনীয় ওই ফাইলে রাজ‍্যপাল ত্রিভুবন নারায়ন সিং--এর কাছে তৎকালীন স্বাধীনতা সংগ্রামী সংগঠনের প্রধান অরুন ঘোষ অ‍্যানিটার বাবার নাম কর্নেল পি ব্রিজিট বলে উল্লেখ করেছেন বলে জানা যাচ্ছে। আরও একটি ভিয়েনার ভাইস কনস‍্যুলেটে একটি আবেদনপত্র লিখেছেন যে, অ‍্যানিটাকে 'বোস' পদবী দেওয়া হোক ও সুভাষ বোসকে তার বাবা হিসাবে নথিভুক্ত (রেজিস্টার) করা হোক। তার দাবীর সপক্ষে তিনি পিতৃপরিচয় অনুল্লেখ করা অ‍্যানিটার বার্থ সার্টিফিকেটের  ইংরেজি কপিটিও বাংলা ভাষায় মেজদা শরৎচন্দ্র বসুকে সুভাষচন্দ্রের লেখা বলে কথিত সন্দেহজনক চিঠির প্রতিলিপি পেশ করেন, সুভাষচন্দ্র জীবনে কখনো মেজদা শরৎচন্দ্র বসুকে বাংলা ভাষায় চিঠি লেখননি, এমনকি ওই চিঠিটির বয়ানেও কোথাও স্ত্রী এমিলি বা কন‍্যা অ‍্যানিটার নাম উল্লেখ নেই। যে কোনও মহিলায় ওই চিঠিটি নিজের স্বার্থে ব‍্যবহার করতে পারতেন। আইনি ভিত্তিহীন ওই দু'টি সূত্রকেই চিঠিতে জুড়ে দিয়েছিলেন। বিস্ময়কর ভাবে ওই আবেদন পড়ে এমিলি শুধুমাত্র ইনিশিয়াল করেছেন। পরিচিত এমিলির স্বাক্ষর নেই।১৯৬৮ সালের ১৯ এপ্রিল তৎকালীন প্রধানমন্ত্রী ইন্দিরা গান্ধিকে একটি গোপন চিঠি লিখেছেন নেতাজির ভাইপো ও তৎকালীন নেতাজি রিসার্চ ব‍্যুরো প্রধান শিশিরকুমার বসু। জানতে চেয়েছেন কলকাতা থেকে তাঁর কাকা সুভাষচন্দ্র কীভাবে ইউরোপে গেলেন। ফাইলে ইন্দিরা গান্ধীর উত্তর পাওয়া না গেলেও ১৯৭০ সাল থেকে তিনি বলেন এবং'মহানিস্ক্রমন' বই লিখে বলেন তিনিই ১৯৪১ সালের ১৬ জানুয়ারি মধ‍্যরাতে ছদ্মবেশী সুভাষচন্দ্রকে বাড়ি থেকে গাড়ি চালিয়ে নিয়ে যান। প্রশ্ন উঠবেই--এতদিন উনি চুপ ছিলেন কেন ?  এমনকি রাজ‍্য সরকার প্রকাশিত কোনও ফাইলে শিশিরকুমারের মহান স্বার্থের ব‍্যাপারে কোনও ভূমিকার ইঙ্গিত মাত্র নেই। অথচ ব্রিটিশ গোয়ান্দারা সেই সময় এলগিন রোডের বাড়িতে আসা- যাওয়া করা প্রতিটি গাড়ির খুঁটিনাটি লিপিবদ্ধ করে রাখতো তার প্রমাণ পাওয়া গিয়েছে। এছাড়াও কেন্দ্র প্রকাশিত ফাইলগুলিতে তথাকথিত নেতাজির চিতাভস্ম সংরক্ষণ এবং কীভাবে ভারতে নিয়ে আসা যায় সে সংক্রান্ত অজস্র চিঠিচাপাটির সন্ধান মিলেছে। সরকারি ফাইলে সুভাষচন্দ্রের সংগ্রামী জীবনের নানা দিক উঠে এসেছে। ফৈজাবাদে চলে আসা সাধুর ওপর ১৯৭৪ সালে গোয়েন্দা নজরদারির উল্লেখ পাওয়া গিয়েছে, যা এই স্বল্প পরিসরে উল্লেখ সম্ভব নয়।আজ নেতাজির প্রতি ফাইল প্রকাশের পর একটি কথায় মনে আসে---"ক্ষমা করো নেতাজি !"বন্দেমাতরম্জয় হিন্দ !সত‍্যমেব জয়তে....তথ‍্যসূত্র--1) Internet link১) http://nationalarchives.nic.in/content/netaji-papers#:~:text=Netaji%20Papers-,Netaji%20Papers,make%20them%20accessible%20to%20public.&text=The%20first%20lot%20of%2033,India%20on%204%20December%202015=======================২) http://www.netajipapers.gov.in/=======================৩) https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2020/02/06/history-will-change-if-netaji-files-are-declassified.html=======================৪) https://www.ndtv.com/topic/netaji-files=======================৫) https://www.firstpost.com/tag/netaji-files=======================৬) http://www.netajipapers.gov.in/content/prime-ministers-office-pmo26478-pm=======================৭) http://www.netajipapers.gov.in/all-papers=======================2) উদ‍্যত খড়্গ-অচিন্তকুমার সেনগুপ্ত3) আমি সুভাষ বলছি ( প্রথম, দ্বিতীয় ও তৃতীয় খন্ড)--শৈলেশ দে4) মহানিষ্ক্রমন--শিশির কুমার বসু5) বীর বিপ্লবী নেতাজী সুভাষচন্দ্রবসু--অলোককুমার সেন6) বর্তমান সংবাদপত্র7) আনন্দবাজার পত্রিকা সংবাদপত্র

River Rafting in Himachal Pradesh
 Indian Travel Store  
 20 January 2021  

Before discussing the scope of river rafting in Himachal, first of all we will need to understand certain terms as used in this sport before going into the details of what white water river rafting is. As the glacial or rain fed rivers flow from their point of origin down the slopes of the mountains, they transgress varying depths all along their route. These Mountain Rivers invariably have hidden rocks that obstruct their flow causing rapids and foamy waters which are referred to as white water also the famous places of Himachal, and the process of navigating through these rough waters is called white water river rafting.Sprint: Conducted in the head to head or the individual format, in this the contestants are required to complete the course adopting the best possible route.Slalom:A set course that has to be followed by the contestants, that leads them through a set of pre determined obstacles, around which they are expected to navigate while completing the course.The one and only objective of this high adrenaline sport is to navigate downstream over extreme rapids using an inflatable or an inflated raft. A challenging and a risky sport it requires an immense amount of dedicated team effort, and is very popular around the world as an outdoor recreational sport. These races are held essentially on the natural river courses that pass through rapids or other under water crest and troughs. In all these races the numbers of participants vary between 2 to 8 per raft, regardless of the type of the race. The set objective of the race is the successful completion of the course in the least possible time.The popularization of river rafting, as early as in 1950’s, if not earlier, lead to the formation of an International Rafting Federation. This apex organization was later responsible for stipulating all the rules and regulations that govern this sport all over the world. World River Rafting Championships are conducted under the aegis of this federation under the various categories, as stipulated, both, for men and women.Next, let’s try and understand the difficulty levels, as determined, for river rafting. The difficulty levels are determined on the basis of the presence of rapids, evolved, owing to sudden troughs and crests and also because of the rocks, small or large, lurking in the waters.Grading system for rapidsGrading or the levels of difficulty and danger are determined as per the international scale from I to VI on a progressive basis. The factors according to which the levels are decided are remoteness, size and type of waves, nature of river (whether there exist continuous rapids or there are calms between successive rapids)and water temperature, geographical terrain etc. while the overall grading is dependent on the hardest or the toughest rapid on the concerned river.Class I: Comprising of small waves/ripples, and fast flowing water.Class II: ComfortableClass III: Marginally difficult/uncomfortableClass IV: Very difficultClass V: This class is considered to be extremely difficult and will need to be carried out by an experienced team and under experienced guidance, as it could result in the loss of limb or lifeClass VI: Not negotiable and life threatening or suicidal.Classes I to III require you to poses basic to mediocre swimming skills, whereas reasonably to very good white water rafting skills are required for classes IV to VI.Although being risky, and at times leading to fatalities, this sport can also be an extremely enjoyable, safe and an exciting soft adventure sport under proper professional guidance and your adherence to the safety tips, as advised by your instructor.The right training and use of the appropriate equipment while following the laid down international safety norms, also result in ensuring this sport to be an outdoor pleasure sport. More over the popularity of this sport can also be attributed to the fact that even non swimmers, without any prior experience, can go river rafting, not only that but also the fact that just a 15 minute instruction can enable you to enjoy this amazing and challenging sport.Rafting — Indian scenarioThe rivers emanating from the mighty Himalayas, be they the glacial or the rain fed rivers, their compatibility for rafting is determined after making the descents along their course of flow. With this in view river exploration came of age in India, after the local river runners had logged optimum experience qualifying them to join river rafting expeditions, coupled with the first descents of the Sutlej from the Rampur to Tattapani section, Teesta in Sikkim and West Bengal, and the Sarda in the Kumaon Himalayas in 1985, 1986 and 1987 respectively. Although many things in India are yet to be explored, the ones already chartered are basically just the proverbial “tip of the ice berg”. According to Peter Knowles, Chairman of the British Canoe Union Expeditions committee, the scope for first descents of rivers in India is immense, when compared to any other Himalayan country. The rivers in the northeastern and the southern states of India too have a tremendous scope for river exploration.India is fast emerging as the next river — running destination in the world. More over the fact that most or in fact all the rivers in India being easily accessible and no permits required for river running except on the “inner line” or the areas close to international borders, river rafting is well on its way to becoming the most popular adventure sport in the country. Owing to the commercialization this sport in India we see that there, currently, are more than 50 commercial outfitters in India, who organize such rafting trips that range from 2 hour trips to conducting various multiple day expeditions.Presently this sport has mainly been concentrated along the Ganges in the Rishikesh — Devprayag section. The other rivers of the area, like the Alaknanda, Mandakini and the Bhagirathi too are on the tourist map and are being considered for such adventure sport activities including Kayaking. Various other rivers in Uttarakhand like the Ramganga, Bhilangna, Yamina etc. have all been surveyed and found appropriate for conduction of rafting and other related water sports. River network in Jammu & Kashmir, and Ladakh region too have tremendous potential for this sport. Talking of adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh, this state happens to be a year round river — running destination. Although most of the river down south are yet to be explored regarding the possibility for the conduction of river — running, a few sections of the river Kaveri have been found compatible for this sport.White Water Rafting in Himachal PradeshThe melting snows, blooming flora and fauna signal the coming of spring in the Hiamalayas, a sign of ushering in of the season for river rafting in Himachal Pradesh. Therivers emanating from the upper Himalayan Ranges, being untamed as they are, are considered to be among the top White River Rafting circuits in the world and are known to offer a thrilling experience in this sport. The Chennab, Ravi, Sutlej and the mighty Beas, in Lahaul, Chamba, Shimla and Kullu respectively, constitute the four river rafting circuits and the best places for river rafting in Himachal Pradesh. The downstream flow of these rovers is entirely different as compared to other rivers, as stretches along these rivers become most fearsome as they foam up, lashing heavily against the underwater rocks, enroute, while swirling up along the banks as they rise and fall.The Sutlej (Shimla)White Water rafting circuit:Image source — Ramon BucardThe Sutlej, flowing through here, is considered to be one among the most challenging river rafting routes, when considering river raftng in Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. The stretches along which river rafting is possible covers the Tattapani stretch, it gets its name owing to the presence of hot water Sulphur springs and lies at a motorable distance of about 50 Kms from Shimla.In all there are three different stretches, along the Sutlej, demarcated according to the difficulty levels. The first one being a 3 Kms stretch at a small village Sunni, on the banks of this river. Incidentally this also happens to be the easiest one of all and also entertaining the non- swimmers.The next stretch goes up to Chabba, about 12 Kms offering medium difficulty level, while being more exciting than the previous one at Sunni. The rapids flowing through this stretch are Grade II and it takes roughly one and a half hours to reach Tattapani.The starting point for the most popular rafting expedition begins at Pandowa. The first stretch in this area extends up to Pandowa from Luhri, making it a total stretch of about 20 Kms. However the untrained or the beginners are asked to stop short at Patakhra, as it is from this point onwards that the rapids turn rather rough and scaling up to grade VI rapids here on for the remaining stretch of the course.Pandowa to Tattapani, accounts for another stretch along the Sutlej circuit, stretching up to a length of 25 Kms, constituting of grade III and Iv rapids along its course, while the final stretch downstream measures 30 Kms from Pandowa to Kadhai Ka Fer.White Water rafting circuit — Ravi and Saal, in ChambaImage source — Brad PearsonThe Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, too, is now, increasingly, being developed and considered for the introduction of river rafting in Chamba, along the mighty Ravi and Saal that flow through it.Generally the monsoon months are considered to be the ideal period for river rafting in Chamba, making the period from June to October most favourable for all kinds of water sports including river rafting.The state government and the tourism department are preparing to popularize this sport in the region by holding a river rafting carnival along the identified stretches in the Ravi flowing through the region. This carnival is intended to be split up into three categories, those of Sprint, Salalom, and marathon rafting.White Water rafting circuit — Chandrabhaga (Chenab), in Lahaul & SpitiImage source — Angga indratamaThe September of 2011 is the landmark date in Lahaul and Spiti, as this is when this district was opened for water sports in the region. Gateway to Lahaul and Spiti, Koksar, is the point of initiation of river rafting in this region. A stretch of 90 Kms. from here up to Tandi, the point of confluence of the rivers Chandra and Bhaga, forming the Chandrabhaga (Chenab), entering through the Pattan Valley, is the one identified for river rafting in Lahaul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh.An alternative route for river rafting in Lahaul and Spiti is from Darcha to Udaipur, roughly a 70 Kms stretch along the Keylong — Leh route.White Water rafting circuit — Beas, in KulluImage source — gettyimagesAnother, most popular, river rafting circuit offering unlimited fun is the Beas river circuit in Kullu. Also termed as river rafting in Manali, the season here starts in the month of April and goes on till the end of June, just before the onset of the monsoons in this region.The starting point on this circuit is Pirdi which is just 4 Kms ahead of Kullu. From Pirdi starts the 14 Kms stretch comprising of grade II and III rapids which are suitable enough even for the novices. Since Pirdi is roughly 45 Kms from Manali it is advised that a night halt be made at Kullu before proceeding further downstream.The river Beas, being largely popular among the Kayaking community, with its grade V rapids upstream off Manali grade IV through Manali and grade III downstream off Manali town, it offers immense scope for river rafting, too, in the region.Before you book Himachal tour packages with a rafting tripor an expedition river rafting in Himachal Pradesh, please ensure that you go through all the safety procedure as per the safety guide provided for with every company. Wish you a happy and an enjoyable rafting experience.This article is originally published in tikkustravelthon

Soul Relaxing Places To Visit On A Kullu Manali Tour
 Indian Travel Store  
 2 February 2021  

Any hill station has an ambiance, unique to it, which is soothing and relaxing while being rejuvenating, the reason why one likes to visit the destination repeatedly. Kullu Manali is one such hill station that beckons you, all year round, to come and spend quality time in the serene surroundings of the place. Kullu Manali as a hill station offers you various activities you can indulge in, from just chilling to trekking, river rafting, mountain climbing, paragliding etc.The places one can chill out are, essentially the camping sites where you can, both, chill out and have an exclusive experience in adventure, other than the other places that you can visit for a chill out when on a Kullu Manali tour package.Quick Navigation•Places To Visit In Kullu And Manali1. Country Side2. Hidimba Temple3. Listen to the Beas sing4. Waterfalls: Listen to The Music5. Museum of Himachal Culture & Folk Art: Explore the Past6. Temples: Pay a Visit to The Almighty7. Shri Hari Yoga Ashram: Practice Some Yoga8. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary: Ride a Yak9. Arjun Gufa: Meditate and Relax10. Beas Kund: Trek To The Top11. Tibetan Monastery: Pay A Visit For Peace and Pleasure12. Riverside Camping: For Utmost Fun13.  Van Vihar Park: For The Lush Greenery14. The Wrong Address Camp & Resort15. Hermits Camp and Café16. Footloose Camps17. Shivaura Eco Camp & Homestay – Pulga• Best Time To Visit Manali• How To Reach Manali• Routes To ManaliPlaces To Visit In Kullu And Manali1. Country SideRent/ charter a bike and explore the countryside ride through the picturesque township and the views that the serene valley has to offer you in front of you while you ride. Mountains, waterfalls, riversides, forests, hot water springs, lush green meadows, and temples, there is so much Manali has to offer. You can choose to ride into the countryside and spend some quality time among pines and nature.2. Hidimba Devi TempleHidimba Devi Temple, also known as the Dhungiri Temple, is one of the most famous and religious temples in Manali. This wooden temple is situated in the middle of the Dhungiri Van Vihar forest and is dedicated to Devi Hidimba, a character from the Mahabharata. It is visited by a large number of tourists, on their trip to Kullu Manali the year-round. It is also a very peaceful and enchanting place ideal for a picnic. One can chill out in the surrounding pine forest.Also Read: Hidimba Temple - The Tribute to Devi Hidimba3. Listen To The Beas SingThe river Beas flows right through Manali. There are places on the banks of the river where one can relax and enjoy your morning tea or your beverage perched prettily on the lawns over this river as the gushing river makes music with birdsong. Enjoy this blissful time with your family, your partner, or just by yourself. Open a book and be lost in it as the mountains lose themselves in the clouds. Or pack your bags and head down to the river for some rafting action, so be sure to include this in your Kullu Manali tour package itinerary.4. Waterfalls: Listen To The MusicOne of the best ways to chill out is to enjoy nature. With the most serene cascades that greet you with aromatic air, dense silver birch trees and pristine views, rediscover yourself while you indulge in sweet nothings at Jogini Falls, or Zana Falls. A trip to Manali is considered to be incomplete without a picnic at Rahala Falls. This romantic water fall is located at a distance of about 17 km from Manali and should be ideally included in the Kullu Manali Honeymoon tour package itineraryFamous waterfalls to visit in Manali: Jogini Waterfalls, Jana Waterfalls, Rahala Falls, and Rozy Waterfalls.5. Museum Of Himachal Culture & Folk Art: Explore The PastWalkthrough time as you explore the unique and extraordinary collection of unknown and rare antiques such as religious relics, household objects, instruments, weapons, architectural wood carvings, scale models, and more at the Museum of Himachal Culture & Folk art. You’ll find that spending some time amid Manali’s history and heritage is definitely on the most relaxing and fun thing to do in Manali.Timings: 08:00 am to 08:00 pm6. Temples: Pay A Visit To The AlmightyAnother place to chill out, while at the same time, seek divine blessings, and inner peace, is to plan out a visit to the magnificent monasteries and ancient temples beholding legendary stories. Not only are they sacred but they are popular attractions amongst tourists. While here, paying a visit to the  Manu Temple and mystic monasteries gives a sense of divine blessings and relaxes your mind, make sure to visit this place when on your trip to Kullu Manali.Best temples to visit in Manali: Gauri Shankar Temple, Hidimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, Vashist Hot Water Spring and Temple, and Raghunath Temple.Suggested Read: Secret Places in Himachal Pradesh7. Shri Hari Yoga Ashram: Practice Some YogaAdd a new skill to your life whilst on a trip to Manali! Register for yoga at the Shri Hari Yoga Ashram. Yoga classes at the ashram are very popular amongst the tourists visiting here, in fact, yoga is among the best ways to relax for those who are visiting the hills in search of rejuvenation and peace. This is also one of the most serene places to visit on a Kullu Manali honeymoon tour package for those couples who seek solitude after the busy wedding events. Location: Village of Vashisht, Manali, H.P8. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary: Ride A YakDo not miss out on a Yak, ride as a side, when visiting the admirable Manali wild life sanctuary. This terrain hugs lush green forests and snow-capped mountains. It greets you with the most pleasing and refreshing sights and sounds of colourful birds and exotic flora and fauna – snow leopards, brown bears, musk deer, ibex herds, kokla and kingfisher. One willingly wishes to spend some extra time in such refreshing surroundings.Timings: 09:00 am to 06:00 pmSuggested Read: Chandra Tal Lake - The Lake of Heavenly Crescent9. Arjun Gufa: Meditate And RelaxIn order to rejuvenate your energy what better way to visit the historic cave where once the Pandava king Arjun meditated. Embrace the silence of this beautiful place as you explore the exotic view of this region. And the best part – you won’t find this place crowded with throngs of tourists since not many know about, making a visit to this cave is one of the most offbeat things to do when, on a Kullu Manali Holiday Package, in Manali.10. Beas Kund: Trek To The TopAn Amazing Site Mainly Famous As The Point Of Origin Of The Mighty Beas River The Beas Kund Is An Amazing Place Near Manali For People Who Love To Trek. Hiking And Trekking In Manali Always Ensure That Adventure Enthusiasts Indulge In The Beas Kund Trek To Get Closer To Nature And Be Entertained With Magnificent Views Of The Pir Panjal Ranges From The Top.And once at the top, the magical view one gets of a melting glacial lake that happens to be the originating point of the Beas Lake, is in fact a blessing in disguise. In order to undertake this trek you do not need to be a hardcore trekker, as this is one of the shortest and easiest treks in Himachal, which one must have on his itinerary when on a Kullu Manali trip package.Suggested Read: Nako Lake - The Realm of Fairies11. Tibetan Monastery: Pay A Visit For Peace And PleasureThere are two famous monasteries in Manali which attract tourists in large number. These Tibetan monasteries truly define the Buddhist culture and gives immense peace and pleasure to the visitors. Local people sell various colorful handicrafts and other artistic items right outside these monasteries at very reasonable prices, which one must check out when on a Kullu Manali tour package.12. Riverside Camping: For Utmost FunOne of the most exciting activities that one can try out when in Manali is camping. It is one of those places where you can try out riverside camping and conquer your fears. Imagine sleeping next to a roaring river! The thrill and the adventure of it is exciting and scary at once which makes it even more worth it, when on a Kullu Manali trip package.Suggested Read: Pin Valley13. Van Vihar Park: For The Lush GreeneryManali offers so much, that you might tire yourself out, when on your Kullu Manali tour package, but, you won’t ever run out of the exciting places in Manali. Visiting the Van Vihar Park is another one of those interesting things that you must try. With sky-high Deodar trees and offering a boating experience, this park offers a fun experience. Located on the Mall Road, this park is situated on the banks of River Beas and offers views that will leave you spellbound.In fact Manali being a haven for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts, it is also most suited, and a must, for people on a lookout for a peaceful and a rejuvenating retreat, when on their Kullu Manali tour package, the facility of open-air camping enables them to become one with nature, mentioned below are some such sites that offer you this opportunity.14. The Wrong Address Camp & ResortLocated close to Hidimba Devi Temple and Tibetan Monastery, The Wrong Address Camp & Café offers accommodation in a tent with one double bed and two futon beds. When staying here you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a campfire, and evening entertainment at the same time along with amenities like car rental, LCD TV, buffet or continental breakfast at the restaurant, kids’ playground, bar, CCTV surveillance, and daily housekeeping.Suggested Read: Narkanda – The Town of Apple Orchards15. Hermits Camp And CaféHermit’s Camp is placed away from the jam-packed areas of the touristy regions. You can make the most of your time with nature and in harmony at this camp, while on a Kullu Manali trip package. There are many hiking options close by with the destination that you can investigate the valley and simultaneously have some time of your own. Night bonfire cooking classes by local ladies on demand for the guests who need to get a more intensive look at the local culture and nearby delicacies are available.16. Footloose CampsEverything here has a touch of Spiti and Lahaul tradition, a place where you can masquerade as Himachalis and feel like one. Set in Sethan, a Buddhist town, 15 km away from Manali, Footloose camps will honour you with the most pleasing views of Kullu valley. Besides adventures like rappelling and jumaring, you can be your boss and explore the area at your own will. Along with meals and unlimited drinks, campers have access to a bonfire, common to all, where you can interact with like-minded people.Suggested Read: Best Places to Visit Himachal Pradesh17. Shivaura Eco Camp & Homestay – PulgaLocated in the small village of Pulga near Kasol, this campsite gives the guests a beautiful view of the mountains that surround the space. Guests can visit the Apple Orchards, take a short walk to the waterfalls nearby or even hike to the mysterious Fairy Forest. Apart from the cosy tents, guests have access to the common facilities here like the cafe, gardens and multiple swings, and a hammock!Best Time To Visit ManaliOctober to June is the best time to visit Manali. With bright, colorful flowers in full bloom and a pleasant climate with temperatures ranging between 10 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.If you want to see snowfall, December to February is the best time. With temperatures that hover around subzero, Manali becomes a paradise on earth with its snow-clad surroundings.While tourists visit Manali throughout the year, the monsoon season (July to August) is a bit low, due to landslides and land-blockages.How To Reach ManaliManali is a hill station in the princely state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is well connected with most of the neighboring cities like Delhi, Shimla, Kullu, Dehradun, and Mussorie by road.By AirManali does not have an airport. The nearest airport to Manali is Bhuntar in Kullu which is about 50 km away. This airport operates domestic flights connecting to Delhi and Chandigarh. Taxi/cab and bus services are available to Manali. This is the least popular way to reach Manali, owing to adverse weather conditions and high altitudeBy BusTo reach Manali by bus, Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) provides regular services, including Volvo and regular buses connecting all major cities like Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Ambala and Jaipur. There are private bus operators as well to make the services more convenient and accessible.By RoadReaching Manali by road is a preferred option for tourists since it lets them enjoy picturesque views and pleasant weather. Most visitors prefer self-drive cars since it offers the privacy and flexibility to stop anywhere for quick selfie or grab some snacks.By Cab/TaxiIf you are not comfortable driving on mountain roads, it is better to hire a taxi to Manali and enjoy sightseeing on the way. Cabs are easily available through travel agents in Delhi, Chandigarh, Ambala and Dharamshala at reasonable fares.Suggested Read: Kufri - Go Karting at the World's Highest Go-Kart TrackRoutes To ManaliRoute From DelhiThe distance between Manali and Delhi is about 536 km. The route goes through Chandigarh, Bilaspur, and Mandi, and the time required to travel is about 10 to 12 hours. New Delhi to Manali roads run on NH-1 and NH-21 highways. Roads are good in shape and pure bliss to drive.Route From ChandigarhFrom Chandigarh, Manali is at a distance of 300 km and it could take anywhere between 6 to 8 hours to reach Manali. The route from Chandigarh to Manaligoes through NH-21, from Ropar, Bilaspur, and Mandi. There is another route called as NH-21A, which goes via Nalagarh, Swarghat, and Bilaspur. This route should be avoided because of bad road conditionsEnjoy and have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience on your Kullu Manali tour package.This article is originally published in Indian Travel Store

Best tourist places to visit in Himachal Pradesh
 Indian Travel Store  
 11 January 2021  

If you are someone who loves cold climate, tranquility, a little adventure and a whole lot of fun, then a visit to the hill stations in North India is a must. Make a list of places to visit in Himachal Pradesh where overwhelming landscapes and peaceful views greet you. The place is surely a nature lover’s delight! There is no better way to explore the majestic mountains, evergreen forests, remote villages, and mesmerizing lakes at its best than taking a trip to “The Land of Snow” which is what Himachal means.So Let’s Take You Through Some Of The Best Tourist Destinations Of Himachal.• Manali•   Shimla•   Dalhousie•   Dharamshala•   Tirthan Valley•   Sangla•   Chitkul 1. ManaliLocated in Kullu district, at an altitude of 2,050 meters, Manali captivates you with its snow-capped mountains and impressive views, on your Himachal Holiday package. Bring out your adventurous side by indulging in the sports activities as you give yourselves a visual treat. The visually pleasant atmosphere makes it one of the top tourist places in Himachal Pradesh.There Are A Number Of Places To Visit On Your Sightseeing Trip In Manali, To Name Some:•   The ancient Hadimba Devi Temple•   The Solang Valley•   Rohtang Pass•   The great Himalayan Nature Park•   Manu Temple•   Old Manali•   Van Vihar Manali•   Nehru Kund•   The Gayatri Temple•   Siyali Mahadev Temple•   Manali Sanctuary and so on,One doesn’t even realize how the time flies by while visiting all these awesome sites and takes back memories that last a lifetime.When we talk of things to do in Manali, there is so much for everyone that to have a heart full of fun.•   Paragliding in the Solang Valley•   Treks, there are a number of designated trekking routes that you can choose from:(i)   The Chandratal Baralacha Trek(ii)   Hampta Pass Trek(iii)   Bara Bhangal Trek etc.•   River Rafting on the Beas•   Skiing•   Hot water Bathing at Vashisht or ManikaranHow To ReachBy AirThe nearest airport serving this beautiful hill station is situated at Bhuntar. Known as Kullu Manali Airport, it is at a distance of approximately 50 km and 10 km from Manali and Kullu, respectively. Once you reach the airport, you can hire prepaid taxis to reach Manali.By RoadIf you truly like to enjoy the views as you travel, opt for the road since there are some spellbinding picturesque views en route to be enjoyed. The destination has a good connectivity by road with cities like Delhi, Ambala, Chandigarh and Shimla serving as pivotal points. A number of bus services including private services like the very comfortable Volvo ply frequently from Delhi to Manali. Besides, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) also offers services from New Delhi to Manali.By TrainThe closest railway station is Chandigarh (315 km) or Pathankot (290 km). You can make your travel bookings till either of these two cities and then take a prepaid bus or a cab till Manali. Both the railway stations are well connected with major Indian cities via extensive rail network.Best Time To VisitOctober to FebruaryAlso Read: The India Institute of Advanced Study (IIAS) - An Architect Marvel2. ShimlaCome for a holiday and get an opportunity to spend quality time close to Mother Nature and make your trip most relaxing, on your Himachal honeymoon tour package. What more you can expect from your holiday trip. Shimla is such a trip, especially for those who have a passion of exploring natural beauty and serene environment, nothing can be compared with such amazing places and environs. If you are also one of them, then truly a visit to Shimla would make your dream come true, when you are on your Himachal travel package. Talking about Shimla, the Queen of Hills is situated at an altitude of 2215 meter above the sesa level. Being one of the largest hill stations/cities in India, Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, where honeymooners, couples, nature tour lovers and those who look for serenity and tranquility come to enjoy their holidaysSome Of The Most Popular And Famous Places To Visit On Your Shimla Trip• The Jakhu Temple• The Mall• Indian Institute of Advanced Studies•  Viceregal Lodge•  The Ridge•  The Scandal Point• Jakhoo Hill• The Kali Bari Temple• Tara Devi Temple• Annandale Ground• Green Valley• Kufri• Tattapani• Mashobra• Naldehra• Bantony Castle• Gaiety Heritage Cultural Hall• Himalayan Bird Park, etc.For the enthusiasts wanting to indulge in the activities that can be done in Shimla, here is a brief list•   Revisit the British era with Viceregal Lodge•   Horse Riding•   Enjoy a ride on the Shimla- Kalka Toy train•   Skiing in Kufri•   Explore the Annandale Museum•   Watch the Sun Set at the Scandal Point•   River Rafting at Tattapani•   Golfing in Naldehra•   A  walk through the Pine Forest•   A trek up to the Jakhu Temple•   Bird Watching at Shimla Water catchment Sanctuary•   Ice-Skating in Asia’s only open-air ice-skating rink•   Trekking at Shailey Peak•   Bathe in Chadwick waterfall•   Camping at Camp ChrysalidHow To ReachBy AirThere is one airport Jubbor Hatti in Shimla which is around 23KM from Shimla city.By RailThe nearest broad gauge head is at Kalka - a four-hour journey from Delhi. After that, take the mountain train from Kalka to Shimla. This railway track has recently been granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The view is stunning, with the line passing through an amazing 103 tunnels.By RoadYou can drive up to Shimla in your own vehicle or take a private taxi after arrival at Chandigarh and from there you could further go by bus or take a private taxi. There is regular connectivity from Delhi to Shimla by bus, both by the HRTC as well as the Himachal Tourism buses, which run the luxury coaches. It is about 378 kms. from Delhi and 115 Km from Chandigarh. All types of private transportation are available between Delhi and Shimla.Best Time To VisitDepending on your preferred timing and choice, you can visit Shimla in any season as every season has its own importance and pleasure. However, during the winter season, you should go with woolen clothes. On the other hand, spring and summer time is the best time to explore Shimla.Moreover, walking at Shimla Mall Road in autumn season is memorable experience. In Monsoon season, you should avoid visiting it because it rains heavily and sometimes for several days. Temperature also downs to extreme chill level.In addition, humidity also increases to some great level. If you want to see the real picture of Shimla tourism, then exploring it during the months of March to June is the best time when weather conditions are extremely pleasant and keep one spellbound for more time.Also Read: Hidimba Temple - The Tribute to Devi Hidimba3. DalhousieTrue to its name, Dalhousie exudes a colonial feeling and is renowned for its heritage buildings that go way back to the early 19th century. The colonial feel is good for a walk down memory lane and hence is one of the best tourist places, to visit on your Himachal trip package, in Himachal Pradesh. This hill station is spread across five hills and is a sanctuary for wildlife lovers and landscape photographers as it holds some of the most intriguing flora and fauna.Some Of The Most Alluring Places To Visit In And Around Dalhousie•   Khajjiar – The Mini Switzerland Of India•   Dainkund Peak – The Tale Of Three Rivers•   Kalatop Wildlife Reserve – Home Of The Wild•   St. Francis Catholic Church – A Paradigm Of Art And Architecture•   Panchpula – The Lifeline Of Dalhousie•   Ganji Pahari – The Stunning Panoramas•   Satdhara Falls – The Water That Heals•   Rang Mahal – The Fusion Of Mughal & British Influences•   Chamera Lake – Scenic Beauty Plus Water Conservation•   Mall Road – Glorious Vistas Of The Pir Panjal•   Sach Pass – The Trekker’s Paradise•   Tibetan Market – Handicrafts And Souvenirs•   Bakrota Hills – Sightseeing•   Subhash Baoli – Picnic•   St.John’s Church – Religious place•   Chamunda Devi Temple – Idol of Chamunda Devi•   Rock Garden – Ideal place for nature lovers•   Garam Sadak – Take A Stroll•   Dalhousie Community Garden – Take A Walk•   Norwood Paramdham – Watch The SunsetFor the activity enthusiasts below are some of the activities that you can indulge in and have a lifetime experience•   Boating in the glistening Chamera Lake•   Go for a picnic to Khajjiar•   Trekking at the Dainkund Hill•   Paragliding•   Horse Riding in Dalhousie•   Upper Bakrota Loop Walk•   Site camping in DalhousieHow To Reach:By AirThe airport closest to Dalhousie is Gaggal Airport, which is around 130 km away. Carriers including Air India Regional, Jagson Airlines and SpiceJet provide regular flights rom Delhi and Chandigarh for Gaggal. From outside the airport, travellers can hire a private taxi or cab or take a bus to reach Dalhousie.By RoadRoads leading to Dalhousie might be long but are worth travelling on. Several private and state buses of Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) and Haryana Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) provide their services from nearby cities. From New Delhi, it takes around 11 hours via NH 1 to reach Dalhousie, covering a distance of about 565 km. Besides, the destination is also well connected with other major places of the region like Chamba (45 km), Amritsar (200 km) and Shimla (365 km).By TrainAbout 80 km away, Pathankot railway station is the nearest railhead to Dalhousie. It is directly connected to prime cities of the country, including Delhi, Jammu, Bhatinda, Jaipur, etc. via superfast express and mail trains. You can either hire a private taxi or take a shared cab from outside the railway station to reach Dalhousie, a journey of about 3 hours.Best Time To Visit March to MayAlso Read: Chitkul- The Last Village of Himachal4. DharamshalaNot long after arriving in Mcleodganj, a suburb in Dharamsala, you realize that the comparisons drawn between it and Little Lhasa are hardly exaggerated. It is only to be expected though, as it is the abode of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.Dharamshala is blessed with the same beauty as other parts of the state, but what sets it apart is its strong Tibetan character. You see fluttering Tibetan prayer flags, monasteries at regular intervals and monks attired in bright saffron robes.It is also characterized by having the highest cricket field in the world, the beauty of which is to be seen to be belived on your complete Himachal tour package.  There are tourist spots in plenty, but mostly, Dharamsala is about unwinding and enjoying the serenity that is found here in abundancePlaces To Visit In And Around Dharamshala•   MacleodGanj•   Bhagsunag waterfalls and Temple•   Namgyal Monastery•   Sherling Monastry•   Gyuto Monastery•   St. John’s Church in Wilderness•   Triund•   War Memorial•   Dharamkot•   Kunal Pathri Temple•   Jwalamukhi Temple•   Chamunda Devi Temple•   Maa Bajreshwari Temple, etc.For the activity enthusiasts to Dharamshala has a lot they can dwell in•    Experience Peace at Namgyal Monastery•    Take a Memorable Trek to Kareri Lake •    Visit the Norbulingka Institute•    Admire the Beauty of Masrur •    Kangra Fort •    A Trip to Naddi Village •    Shop for Souvenirs •    Enjoy a Quiet Afternoon at Dharamkot village           •    Stroll Through Tea Plantations •    Explore St. John’s Church•    Trek to Triund•    Paragliding•    Camping•    Tibetan Cuisine•    Gyuto Monastery•   Yoga Lessons•    Dal Lake•    Bhagsu FallsHow To Reach:By AirThe nearest airport is at Gaggal, about 13 kilometers away from Dharamshala. Gaggal airport connects Dharamshala to Delhi via Air India and Spice Jet flights. Tourists from other parts of India would find it easier to take a flight till Chandigarh and book a taxi for their onward journey to Dharamshala, which is about 275 kilometers away.By BusDharamshala is well-connected to Delhi and other parts of North India via a network of state-operated buses as well as private tour operators. The journey is almost 520 kilometers from Delhi.Most buses stop at the main bus terminal in Lower Dharamshala, but there are also some public Haryana Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) buses that go all the way to the main square of McLeod Ganj. An overnight journey from Delhi takes about 13 hours. You can book HRTC tickets online.By TrainAn overnight train journey is a good option to reach Dharamshala. The nearest major railway station is at Pathankot, 85 kilometers away. There are numerous trains that go to Jammu and Kashmir that stop by in Pathankot. You can take a taxi or bus from Pathankot to reach Dharamshala.Best Time To VisitMarch to June; December to FebruaryAlso Read: Chandra Tal Lake5. Tirthan Valley“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”Ralph EmersonCalled 'Himachal's Best Kept Secret', Tirthan Valley perched at an altitude of 1600 metres above sea level is the perfect getaway destination blessed with a wealth of nature's treasure, to be cherished, and the only ease way out for you to do this is to go on a Himachal adventure tour package.  It is the perfect placed to be if you are tired from the hustle & bustle of the everyday metro life full of noise and pollution.Named after the pristine Tirthan river, the valley opens the doors to the newly recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site - The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), spread over an area of 1100 sq kilometers. It is a paradise for trekkers, offering one of the finest trekking opportunities in the world. Not to forget for bird lovers as well who spend days camping in the heart of this park. For not only an escape from the overcrowded city life, but also an escape from the more-crowded Himachali getaways, it doesn’t get much better than Tirthan.As already made known that this is a very offbeat destination, least frequented ad ideal for the solitude seekers, hardcore adventurers, and those who just want to do nothing and just be around. Not a very talked-about destination so the only way to express the charms of the nature here is through images that will tempt you to just go for it.Things To DoRiver CrossingRiver crossing in the Tirthan Valley is an adventure sport for people who are looking for some adrenaline rush in the quiet valley. A person is tied to a safety harness and slides from one point to the other, with the turbulent River Tirthan gushing underneath. The icy cold spray of the river while taking on the sport, sure is a motivating factor for enthusiastsTrekking In The Great Himalayan National ParkThe Great Himalayan National Park is a blessing in disguise for nature lovers. From lush green forests to blooming flowers and meandering streams, this place also houses various well laid out trek paths.Depending on the difficulty level, one has an option to choose from half day, full day, overnight or multiple day camping. Whatever you may opt for, this place does promise a wonderful experience and equally amazing trip.Serloskar LakeSerloskar Lake, another major attraction of the village is located about 5 km from Jalori Pass. The lake has clear water which remains so despite of several leaves falling in to it.The place is better known for its temple devoted to Goddess Budhi Nagin. It is believed that the Goddess has hundred sons and acts as a guardian of the place. The walk to the lake is equally enchanting from Jalori pass, with thick cover of oak trees.Jalori PassNestled in the peaks of northern Himalayas lies the Jalori mountain pass, an undiscovered beauty located between the prominent towns of Kullu and Shimla. Perhaps one would recognise it better as the snow-covered summit in the Bollywood film "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani", where actors Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are seen trekking through the mountainside. With scenic views of the snow-capped Himalayan landscape and the fresh mountain air to surround you, the hike through Jalori Pass has much to offer with exquisite flowers, birds and the environment for a surreal experience.At a height of 10,800 feet above sea level, the trail through this mountain pass is relatively untouched as a tourist attraction, possibly due to the hype surrounding the roads to reach this pass. And it is completely justified.Great Himalayan National ParkGreat Himalayan National Park is one of India's national parks, located in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. Surrounded on all the three sides by the Himalayan Mountains, the park is home to diverse wildlife species, is a must on your Himachal tour package itinerary.The Great Himalayan National Park received the status of a national park in 1999. At present, it is home to more than 375 species of fauna, 31 species of mammals, and 181 species of birds. This beautiful location of the national park becomes all the more attractive due to the Deodar and Oak trees.The secluded location of the park has made sure that the villages inside the park have a culture of their own. Every village inside has a deity of its own. There are also some fairs organized here during April, May, August, and September. The Great Himalayan National Park is an amazing place to relax and unwind away from the fast life of the city. It is a must-visit for all the nature lovers out there.Trout FishingThere couldn't be a more ideal place for fishing than the crystal clear Tirthan River, a tributary of Beas. Filled with brown and rainbow trouts, this river has over the year become a favorite place among the tourists as an angler spot.Rock ClimbingRock climbing is another adventure sport that is undertaken by a lot of travelers while visiting the valley. Many operators have specialized staff who train and assist adventure enthusiasts who are interested in partaking of the sport.How To ReachBy AirThe nearest airport to reach Tirthan Valley is the Kullu-Manali airport which is the hub for most Himachal destinations. From the airport, you can hire a private vehicle to reach Tirthan Valley. It will take close to 90 minutes.By RoadTirthan is located near Kullu. To reach Tirthan by road, you need to take the Chandigarh-Manali highway and turn off at Aut. Tirthan Valley is at a distance of 513 km from New Delhi.Also Read: Narkanda – The Town of Apple Orchards6. SanglaOne of the most charming valleys in the whole Kinnaur District, Sangla Valley is a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of the swarming cities. It is named after a beautiful village by the same name.Bounded by strapping mountain slopes, sprawling evergreen forests, and snow-covered peaks, the valley is set apart from others by its red apple orchard and luscious cherry trees, which you can experience firsthand when visiting on your Himachal adventure tour package. Baspa River also makes its way through the place, meandering and gurgling, famous for trout fishing. The place is dotted with several attractions from the temple and fort to nearby villages making it an amazing holiday destination.Why Sangla•    Sangla is a riverside valley overlooking stunning Himalayan views.•    Sangla is best visited for a nature centric experience, walks, trekking, trout fishing etc.•    Guests to Sangla can stay riverside and explore the area on foot.•    Chitkul village is few kilometers away from Sangla is where the views get even bigger and better and is the last point before Tibetan border.•    Sangla area is full of apple orchards and April-Sept is best time to arrive here and explore.•    Overnight trekking options around the area are good and the hills around are much more unexplored and pristine as compared to other known and explored trekking routes.•    Sangla is also where you can pick up famous Kinnauri shawls, woolen socks, tweeds and silver jewelry studded with Tibetan pearls•    Sangla is recommended for Glacier trekking in March and AprilSangla MeadowLush green meadows spotted with mud patches and a magnificent backdrop of snow-covered Himalayan Mountains. What else could you ask for, to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.Also referred to as Sangla Kanda, it is one of the most favored attractions in the area. This place should not be missed at any cost.Bering Nag TempleAn architectural wonder, this place is a must-visit. It is considered as one of the most important temples for Hindus. This temple is devoted to Lord Jagas.If you are traveling between the months of August and September, do not miss the famous Fulaich fair celebrated every year.Also Read: Spiti - The Land of Lamas7. ChitkulChitkul is said to be the last inhabited village within the Indian boundaries on the old Indo-Tibetan Road. Situated at the height of 3450 meters, the village is located at a distance of 28 km from Sangla, about 600 kilometers from Delhi in the Kinnaur Valley. It is like a doorway that opens into an exquisite landscape of breathtaking beauty and a serene environment.There are orchids, mountains, meadows, huge rocks, rivers, jungle, and grasslands in the village with the help of which it has made a unique identity for itself. A drive to the Chitkul village is pleasant. One can go for trekking in the forest as well and a wildlife sanctuary for all the wildlife as well as nature lovers out there.The journey to Chitkul is an altogether different experience in itself. It is sparsely populated with as many as 600 locals who are warm, loving and extremely hospitable towards the tourists. While traveling to the valley, you will see River Baspa on your right and on the way you will also pass through the Rakcham village which is commonly known as the model village of the region. Numerous campsites are situated within the apple gardens by the side of the Baspa River. This little village is a must-visit place, and one should stay for at least a day here as the landscape keeps you magnetized all the time. It is a perfect place to spend some time off from the busy lives and the monotonous routines in the realm of natural beauty.Tibetan Wood Carving CenterA paradise for shopaholics, this place is famous for its Tibetan products made of wood carvings. Once again famous among tourists, the Tibetan Wood carving center has good both on display as well as sale.How To ReachBy AirNearest airport to Sangla is Jubbarhatti Airport at Shimla at a distance of about 238 km. Taxis and cabs for Sangla are easily available outside the airport at reasonable price. Bhuntar Airport is the second nearest with a drive of nearly three and half hours to Sangla. This air base is widely connected to many major cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Dharamshala, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and Shimla.By RoadIf you are planning to travel by road, the HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) runs regular buses from Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. Private as well as state buses from Chandigarh for Sangla are also easily available.By TrainThere is no railway station at Sangla. The closest railway station is Kalka Railway Station in Shimla. You can travel by train up to there and then shift to a bus or taxi to reach Sangla.Best Time To Visit March to June, September to DecemberThe above are some of the getaways for an awesome holiday in Himachal which are essentially a must-visit on your Himachal tour packages no matter what category.This article is originally published in Indian Travel Store