PMS Saves Woman! 

The woman was alleged of dragging three kids, one girl and two boys, into a well in August 1981. But she was let off the hook, from Rajasthan High court, in spite of being charged with killing a child. The rationale she gave for this atrocious wrongdoing will traumatise you!

The reason she gave for this outrageous act was that she was PMSing. Can you believe it? I can’t!

Chandra, the blamed actually pushed three kids into the well as Premenstrual Stress Syndrome made her awfully antipathetic. Two kids were saved. The girl and one of the boys were saved, by some surrounding people who observed the occurrence. Unfortunately, the other boy could not be saved. He drowned and lost his life.

A trial court in Ajmer had found Chandra guilty in January 1987 under sections 302 (punishment for murder), 307 (attempt to murder) and 374 (unlawful compulsory labor) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and commanded to suffer captivity under section 302 with a fine of Rs 100.

Her lawyer VR Bajwa fought that the trial court had wreaked a mistake in keeping that the culprit had abducted the children with the purpose to slay them. He implored, she was undergoing from a ‘mental disease’ known as premenstrual stress syndrome, which made her hazardously hostile few days former to the commencement of her menstrual cycle.

Bajwa adduced the reports of doctors who had medicated her. He explained that women do not stay usual in these days, prior their menstrual cycle. Chandra had such stringent signs of PMS that she had to be injected with her with sedatives.

PMS is a state that distresses a woman’s emotional and physical health, and her conduct during some days of the menstrual cycle, normally afore her periods.

Conferring to Mayo Clinic, there is an extensive variability of indications and symptoms, as in tender breasts, fatigue, mood swings, food cravings, depression and irritability. 

Even the trial court of Ajmer has pleaded that the lady is enduring a mental disease under the name of PMS which makes her aggressive often.

News 18’s declaration explains that a group of judges including Justice Mohammad Rafiq and Justice Goverdhan Bardhar surveyed the report, exploring more about the disease.

While removing the blame of all the accusations on the woman, the judges concluded that, although the adequate laws in India were not established on PMS being called as defence insanity, still the suspect had a right to protect herself and as the crime she did was an involuntary act on her behalf.