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Happiness Factor

We are all in the need of where do find it?


Must Have Ingredients In Your Multivitamin Supplement

The present condition of the food industry is not very impressive. The food we consume today, lack in many vital nutrients.

Secrets of bodybuilding without lifting heavy weights

Constructing muscle mass without lifting weights is possible. There are numerous body-weight exercises that encourage muscle mass advances.

Everyday life hacks

Tricks style life calmer. Style your way to brighter living just by tuning little effects and attaining restored use of them

Difference between confidence and overconfidence

Confidence is being contented in your own membrane and stating yourself without ambience insecure or edgy.

High Time to Think About The Ancient Caste System of India & The Way of Its Eradication From Roots

We, as Indians all are acknowledged with the fact of toxic caste system of India. This blog I have written to only elevate the ways out of this grief.


Annual Day

Annual Day outlines an essential part of our school doings.

BMW upgraded it’s most powerful car BMW 5 series

Though there might be superior and more luxurious BMWs; it is confidently in the 5-series that the business takes most conceit.


In conversation with Prateek Shah of Humans Defynd

Osteonecrosis - Its Causes & Risk Factors

Find out the list of causes & risk factors leading to osteonecrosis in hip

How Can Data Science Help Grassroots Innovators?

Read on to understand how data science can help grassroots innovators in their mission towards building a sustainable future.

The entire world light-up in blue to support the Autism community

Amalgamated by the universal community, hundreds of thousands of breakthroughs, buildings, homes besides cities around the world, light blue in gratitude of individuals living with autism. Autism-friendly measures and educational activities take place all month to upsurge understanding and approval and foster worldwide sustenance.

YouTube is under the terror of massacre

When word blowout that the YouTube shooter was not a discontented man but a lady, the practically instantaneous postulation was dead wrong

MIT researcher Arnav Kapur discover life-changing AlterEgo

MIT researchers have advanced a computer edge that can transliterate words that the user expresses internally However does not really speak aloud.

Recent Modification of gold prices which are in favour of customers

Gold prices fell Rs 146 to Rs 31,470 per 10 grams at the gold market today on a drop in demand from local jewellers and stores amongst a weak trend ov

The portable decompression chamber for SCUBA-diving scientists

A diving chamber is a container for a human career, which may have an entrance that can be closed to grip an internal compression meaningfully higher

Clashes amid India and US on Oil issues

The US has questioned all republics, as well as India, to end all oil imports from Iran from November

Get Rid of the Veil

Women should not be compelled to attune, it's necessary they make independent decisions about their existence and their clothes including what to wear and what not to wear.

Book Review of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

We all have our own darkest secrets and always think about the outcome when these secrets go in wrong hand. Rhonda Byrne somehow revealed the darkest secrets of human life which enthralled the whole world on Christmas Eve

Book Review of the Thirteen Reasons by Jay Asher

Clay Jensen does not know why Hannah Baker devoted rashness, but he is round to find out. Beforehand she died, Hannah noted a set of cassette tapes, one sideways for each of the 13 reasons she picked to take her life. Each aim narrates to a person.

Powerful Miniature gadgets unveiled by top tech giants

Alphabet Inc’s Google is having a bet this combination proves desirable with the Tuesday unveiled of Google Clips

Super loud boombox speaker, LG G7 ThinQ

New LG G7 ThinQ challenging has been done, and we know more about when it'll be obtainable to purchase in the US.

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