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Your search for Pizza Oven
Moklee: Provides best Essential items for your Bakery
 30 July 2019  

We have seen about the best bakery equipment's available in the market. To obtain these products you can visit here. This company provides you the best customer service with quality assured products. If needed the company also provides them customization of products. To get all these benefits for your bakery item, kindly visit here.Are you a person, who loves to bake and if you are interested to start your own bakery shop. Then you are at the right place. In this article we will see about all the essential things that should be present in a bakery. I can assure that, people who loves baking and the one who is running a bakery will surely find this article very useful.In this article, we will see about the best bakery equipment's that everyone should consider buying, if they are running a bakery. Dreams come true for all the bakery owners. This organization provides you with all the bakery essential starting from Baking Oven to bakery display showcases. So without any further due! Let us jump directly into the article.ModernEquipment'sOne of the toughest processes in baking is bread mold methods, but you can now feel relaxed and you don’t have to worry now. This company provides you the modernized bread molding machines, using which you can prepare breads within a short span of time. Important Electric Baking Oven in every baking industry is freezers and chillers, which are used to store baking products including milk, yeast, cake batter and many other things.Crepe machines are used to make many types of desserts, but we all know that crepe machines are really difficult to find. The perfect crepe machine is provided by our company to make tasty sweets and desserts. The main strategy of every business is to expose their product to the world, in baking industry also we need to showcase our bakery items like cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other desserts, for these purpose the bakery equipment supplier provides us the most attractive bakery displays.Other ProductsAlong with the basic products we also provide our customer with some essential products like divider & rounder, which is used to split the batter in equal sizes after kneading, Dough shelters and  rounder are also used to prepare sheets of dough, Bakery Oven, mixers, ovens, pasta machines to make tasty pastas, roofers, steaming cabinets, waffle machines and many other items.

Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Cheap Pizza Boxes
 23 October 2019  

Everyone would have observed the pizza box. Everything about your pizza boxes should be produced special as it also aids in the promotion of the merchandise and services that you are offering to them. Possessing good excellent pizza box is essential since the box not only brand your enterprise but in addition keep the eatables fresh and hot. As a result, if you're seeking the very best custom printed pizza boxes, after which it's possible to become so quickly. Customized pizza boxes are employed in a huge variety of industries. If you've got distinctive and exclusive custom corrugated boxes, they will allow you to have a distinctive identity among the competition. What you are able to do is create custom packaging boxes for your goods.A Secret Weapon for Pizza Boxes:Eating out in Melbourne can be costly, particularly if you're on a limited budget. Food is a helpful supply of learning the culture of the nation. Cheap Pizza Boxes are presently a food that has made a spot in everybody's stomach and people of all age groups like eating it by utmost pleasure. Your bakery should be located in a location that houses a whole lot of clients for your merchandise. If you have a bakery, you understand how important wholesale cupcake boxes can be. If you are getting ready to run a house pastry shop, you can approach several stores to provide your products to. Well, online grocery stores offer you amazing bargains on an everyday basis only since they have fast turnover, order huge quantities, have low overheads and extend suppliers fast payment. Online grocery shops mainly provide big-name brands that are trusted, known and popular in the regional supermarkets. Online shops have made life a whole lot simpler for every individual. There are many internet shops which likewise deliver top excellent poultry and fresh meat to your door. The Argument About Cheap Pizza Boxes:There are several unique suppliers of cupcake boxes when they're ordered wholesale. Based on the technology that the box company has, there can be a lot of different design possibilities for boxes. A wholesale box organization is often able to assist bakeries design unique cupcake boxes to entice customers. At this time you've got to make sure your product reaches the customers intact. There weren't any other clients and there weren't any people working the counter. Whenever your product is set in the plastic package, the general weight is not going to increase significantly. In addition, there are personal hygiene items like nappies, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics available at the on-line groceries stores. 

Thrill your Italian Food Hobby around Iran- Pizza Ared brings all Italian Food culture to Iran
 27 March 2018  

Today people have become desperate to gain the confidence of Italian taste with Pasta and Pizza available without any desperation wit ease by the circulation of such unique food being brought to the global culture and present city cultures being Italian Food customs indeed.However, when it comes to bringing the same to the table of Iran culture, there is a place that will not disappoint you if you live in Iran and wish to reach out for Pasta in Iran and Italian Food in Iran by virtue of Pizza and other supplements available on the demand with ease. To make it possible, the famous Restaurant services of Pizza Ared comes to the front of the locals and help them provide all Italia food customs without any issues and by virtue of unique tastes that set them perfectly on the Iranian culture and assure the people's  Italian taste to continue without any bother or problem indeed. Italian Food culture in Iran blends the place Although in case of having Pasta in Tehran and Italian Food in Tehran, it is necessary to blend accordingly to people's need whether it's Pizza, pasta, and other dishes to make them high classified world food services. To make it become possible this platform known as Pizza Ared makes it sure that people do have the high quality and sizzling delicious tastes of such Italian food customs by virtue of their professional world class shaft and cooks that make things become ease and by thus virtual accommodation people have started to love such dishes across the Iranian capital indeed. The platform is virtually assisted by the Italian professionals traveling to the Iranian capital and helping out the locals by virtue of their experience that has made this restaurant a great virtual asset as a representative of the Italian Food customs to get the glory. Spreading Food culture beyond Boundaries However what is the major initiative of the Italian people to spread Pasta in Tehran and Italian Food in Tehran that they wish to make an impact of the spreading food culture beyond boundaries by their experience, taste leisure, and unique delicious cooking What they have basically focused around Tehran is to deliver the priority of the people and their virtual taste according to the experience of the locals that have helped the Restaurant like Pizza Ared to glow and help it's customer become attracted towards its fame due to the virtual local taste. Such effort has helped the Italian people to spread the food culture beyond Boundaries and by this virtue finally they have been able to convince the Iranian people and establish an Italian cultural possession by their food customs to help provide Pizza and other delicious potent dishes to their culture to make a global impact beyond boundaries with great success at large... 

Summertime Food Allergies
 11 November 2019  

Summer is a great time to go out and eat certain foods because that is when they are made and are at their peak. Unfortunately, summer food allergies pop up. Traditional treats become a threat when you least expect it, especially with children. Six percent of all children have a food allergy and most likely can be affected in the summer. Parents can't be too careful because of the severe symptoms they produce, which is harsh, like in the spring and fall. Here are some of those allergy-inducing foods.First off, there's the nut allergy which would be most likely to continue in adults. This allergy is triggered in the summer because of the number of nuts consumed in the summer as snacks and placed in recipes. For children, they can be put on ice cream and pie. They are part of some methods that, unless you are aware of having an allergy, people won't read the ingredients list, and the symptoms come out. Another typical summer allergy is milk, which affects 2.5 percent of all children under the age of 3.It should be noted that it differs from lactose intolerance. To avoid it, cut out any cheese in sandwiches and drinks where milk is used. A substitute would be soy products.The fruit is another favorite summer snack that unfortunately leads to allergies. Being around a farmer's market is a rough place for those with it, and it's one of those things where a child eats something that triggers their allergy. This is related to pollen because fruits have similar proteins, which don't go away even after cleaning them. This includes strawberries, apples, peaches, bananas, pears, and cherries are among those who are like pollen. This extends to citrus, which is more about intolerance to it, but the consumption of lemon, lime, and orange needs to be watched out for.How to counter it is something found at children's parties. Pizza is cheap and delicious food children holds that every person enjoys. The issue with regular pizza is another allergy: gluten. They have also become very common in children, and the awareness of it has become evident for every person recently. It goes in well with the rise of gluten-free foods, including the crust of a pizza. The alternative to a coat, as well as alternative toppings that keep them away from dangerous foods, is open to various mixes and parents can go online to see what will children like. Symptoms of gluten allergies include bloating, rashes, and headaches.Summer is a beautiful time because it's hot and sunny and the children are free from school. It is the period that yells to family to go out, take a vacation, and have fun. The children are at their most excited. Camping, swimming, boating; the activities are limitless. However, it does expose the possibility of a summer allergy, which can be a surprise. Be aware of what children can and can't eat to prevent the worst reactions so summer can always be fun.preschool playground equipment | outdoor playground equipment

Book Review: The Blue Moon Day By Santhosh Sivaraj
 30 June 2018  

Book Title: The Blue Moon Day Author: Santhosh Sivaraj  Format: Paper Back  Total Number of Pages:   Language: English  Publisher: Invincible Publishers   Publishing Date: 4th June 2018  ISBN-10: 9387328767  ISBN-13: 978-9387328761"Are we really Living Our Lives, Or Are Stuck In A Rate Race? The Blue Moon Day Might Open Your Eyes To The Illusion." -Deccan ChronicleThings were never the same for five ordinary individuals who got struck at cross roads and there was no way they can run back. They had no other choice but to take a plunge into their deepest fear and leave the rest to destiny. Their characters was tested out of their comfort zone and it witnessed abstruse results; a PhD scholar fights to win a pizza making contest and a tennis prodigy running for his life in a war torn , bloodied Island. Extreme circumstances and their consequences made these ordinary individuals extraordinary . Was the test imposed on them by someone? Or did they invite it on themselves. The Blue Moon Day is that Once in a Blue Moon day story which questions an individual’s priorities, ridicules the worldly routines and finally redefines happiness.My TakeThe cover is attractive enough to catch attention. It’s one of the best I’ve come across in recent times. The Title of the book The Blue Moon Day is catchy and completely justifying the story. They complement each other well and also is according to the story, so it’s a perfect combination. It’s always great to read a book when it not only has an interesting cover and title but a great story as well.The story consist of 5 different stories have a different protagonist but there is a common connection among each of the five protagonists was old man in different name. Pizza Engineer, The Messenger, Not Today, The Story Teller, Heaven and last they all come together at The Blue Moon Day. Out of this five short stories The Storyteller is my favorite part. The plot is unique; the storyline is gripping as well as intriguing and the narrative takes the story forward flawlessly. The plot is strong and the author has been able to do full justice to it. Never felt my interest waning. The pace is perfect, neither slow nor too fast. It is steady and smooth. With every turning page the curiosity to read further keeps on increasing.The author’s mastery over the language is evident from the terms he has used and the vivid description of events that unfold in the pages of the book. He has portrayed each and every character with utmost significance of their own and every one of them has done justice to their respective roles throughout the story.Language of the book is lucid and written in a simple way to comprehend for any kind of reader. Narration and characterization is done well.To write is an art, to keep the reader spellbound and yearning for more is magic. An engrossing read that’s capable of keeping the reader on edge till the very end. The book has a very powerful message to deliver. Kudos to the author for penning down this book.Looking forward to read more books by the author.A wonderful read, one I’ll strongly recommend to all book lovers.Overall Ratings- 5/5 Stars.About The AuthorSanthosh Sivaraj believes in seeing with the mind , writing with the heart and living through others. This way he says one can live more life per life.Based out of Chennai , he started his career as a sailor and eventually ended up wearing many hats in life including that of a teacher, entrepreneur and a banker. He considers the journey of life to be the destination in itself and that pushes him to seek newer avenues in life every now and then. Absurd Economics interests him and he loves doing stand up comedy. He laughs at his own mistakes and loves life unconditionallyGrab the book here- Amazon.in Amazon.com 

At What Price should I sell Mobile Phone Cases?
 14 May 2019  

If you dedicate yourself to the personalized mobile back cover, the price is one of the key factors that will have a direct effect on your sales and the success of your business. When deciding the sale price of any product, it is advisable to conduct a small market study on the sales prices of your competition. It's as easy as visiting the online stores of similar products and even the nearby physical stores. After analyzing this information, you have the last word and you can even offer a lower price than the competition. You send in your business. However, the price war is not the right strategy to ensure a stable business. We have carried out a small market study, and in this post, we want to offer you our conclusions about the sale price of personalized covers and to come up with ideas on some strategies that can help you increase the sales of personalized covers.The custom phone cases is a very simple product, so the competition analysis does not require much time. We have visited the main online stores of personalized covers and although we have found small differences in price, we can conclude a sale price margin.At what price should you sell the carcasses?According to a study conducted by Zepper, the approximate price is INR199 to INR550. There are many shops selling these printed mobile covers in shopping centers with prices below INR199, but these are not personalized. Sure you find decorated cases even for INR149, but it is another business different from yours. You are offering the client the possibility of incorporating a special photograph, a phrase or personalized message and even his own design. For this reason, the value of your product is higher and this also translates into the price.Once you have decided on the individual sale price per personalized housing, you can make an additional offer: why not offer a second mobile cover with a discount? If the sale price of a case is INR299, you can offer a second case for INR249, and even a third case for INR199. Or you can offer a second housing with a 50% discount. With these offers, you will be encouraging your customers to think about giving away more than one case. It is a simple marketing strategy that can easily increase your sales.Surely you can come up with other commercial strategies. Why do not you share them with us?Other tipsAlthough the personalization of mobile back covers allows you to include your own photograph, more than half of the clients prefer to incorporate an original design and fun phrases. In this case, you must offer several design proposals to your clients. But be careful, do not offer too many options because the bigger the range you offer, the harder it is to choose!There are customizable housings composed of a structure that incorporates a customizable metal plate and 3D phone case that allow you to customize the entire surface of the casing including the edges. Although the phone case with the metallic plate is easier to personalize, more and more the 3D cases are preferred because of their better visual effect and maximum adaptability to the phone. 3D customization requires using a 3D oven, a specific mold for each phone model and cooling of the casing immediately after sublimation can become a delicate process, to prevent the casing from deforming and not adapting perfectly to the mobile. This small problem is being solved with improvements in the composition of the cases, the use of molds and a special cooling of the custom casing.The mobile covers offer more protection to the mobile phone by covering both the back and the front of the phone, being able to customize both sides of the case.Customers want a specific casing for their phone model and you should have covers for classic mobile models: iPhone, Samsung, etc. And you must also be aware of consumer trends in this sector. You can not neglect the new models of companies like Xiaomi or Honor, which have achieved very important sales figures.It is impossible to have such a complete offer and the universal cases are a great solution for those less popular models.If you are starting in the world of personalized covers, this information can be your starting point. And if you already dedicate yourself to this niche of personalization, your experience is very valuable. Write to us and share with us at what price you sell your custom cases and what type of design is most popular.

Người trúng xổ số miền Trung quyên góp tiền cho các cựu chiến binh khuyết tật
 26 August 2021  

Một người chiến thắng Powerball ở Iowa tuần này đã quyên tặng 500.000 đô la giải thưởng của mình cho một nhóm ủng hộ các cựu chiến binh khuyết tật.➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦ Xem XSKT miền Trung hôm nay chuẩn xác nhất tại đây https://fundrazr.com/profiles/dudoanxsmt****************************  Giải độc đắc lớnLerynne West, thành viên của một nhóm chia sẻ giải độc đắc XSKT miền Trung hôm nay trị giá gần 700 triệu USD, đã tuyên bố quyên góp vào "Ellen DeGeneres Show" vào thứ Tư. West cho biết cô đang quyên góp tiền cho Quỹ Travis Mills, một nhóm có trụ sở tại Hallowell, Maine và ba anh em của cô phục vụ trong quân đội và cha cô là một cựu chiến binh chiến tranh Việt Nam. Bỏ 1 khoản tiền để giúp đỡ hội cựu chiến binh "Điều rất quan trọng với tôi là chúng tôi không bao giờ quên những hy sinh mà những người lính và gia đình của chúng tôi dành cho đất nước của mình", cô nói. Giải thưởng kết quả sổ xố miền Trung là chỉ dưới 343.900.000 $. Người phụ nữ 51 tuổi cho biết hồi đầu tháng này, cô quyết định mua vé trong khi dừng lại ở một cửa hàng tiện lợi để uống cà phê và ăn một lát pizza. Khi cô ấy tiến lên để nhận giải thưởng kết quả sổ xố miền Trung  tại một cuộc họp báo, cô ấy đã nói về việc muốn sử dụng một số tiền "để tác động đến người khác"."Tôi biết trách nhiệm rằng tôi phải làm tốt với số tiền XS miền Trung này", cô nói, theo NBC News. "Và cuộc sống của tôi đã thay đổi mãi mãi. Tôi dự định sẽ đưa ra quyết định chu đáo và có trách nhiệm trong việc trao cho bạn bè và gia đình tôi và thiết lập để tất cả các cháu của tôi đều có một nền giáo dục đại học." West cũng bắt đầu một nền tảng để tưởng nhớ cháu trai của cô, người đã chết sau khi sinh non.➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦ Xem XS miền Trung và tham khảo kết quả xổ số miền Trung ngày hôm nay tại đây Tịch số đề và cách đánh đề miền Trung hiệu quả****************************     Người trúng số phải tự nhận thưởng Người trúng số phải tự xuất hiện tại họp báo New York yêu cầu người trúng xổ số phải tự xác định và tham gia vào một cuộc họp báo. Bailey, người đeo kính râm tối cho thông báo, cho biết anh ước mình có thể giữ im lặng chiến thắng kết quả xổ số miền Trung ngày hôm nay của mình. "Đó là một thay đổi cuộc sống tốt," Bailey, người từ chối mô tả bản chất của công việc chính phủ của mình trước khi nghỉ hưu. "Tôi dự định làm điều đúng đắn với số tiền."Xem kết quả xổ số miền Trung, biết đâu phát hiện ra rằng bạn sẽ là người may mắn tiếp theo giành được giải thưởng trị giá lớn.➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦➦ Thống kê xem kết quả xổ số miền Trung chính xác nhất tại đây Kết quả xổ số 3 miền hôm nay    ***************************

Bà mẹ đơn thân trúng số lớn tới 688 triệu USD
 3 June 2021  

Mới đây, giới xổ số Mỹ xôn xao bởi thông tin đã tìm thấy 2 chủ nhân tấm vé số trị giá 688 triệu USD.Một trong hai người may mắn đó có người phụ nữ đơn thân có tên Lerynne West, sống tại Redfield, bang Lowa, Mỹ đã trở thành 1 trong hai chủ nhân của giải độc đắc lên tới 688 triệu USD của xổ số Powerball (một giải xổ số đa quốc gia).Ngày 5/11, bà West đã nhận giải thưởng Xổ số miền bắc hôm nay tại công ty xổ số bang Lowa trong sự vui mừng và bất ngờ của bà cùng người thân.Bà WestDù phải chia đôi giải thưởng, song công ty xổ số xác nhận đây là giải thưởng xổ số lớn nhất từ trước đến nay tại bang Iowa, nơi bà West sinh sống.Bà West cho biết ,sẽ chia đôi giải thưởng với một người khác cùng sở hữu tấm vé độc đắc tại thành phố New York. Bà cũng nhận luôn một lần số tiền thưởng 343,9 triệu USD và nhận thực tế hơn 198 triệu USD sau khi đã trừ thuế.Nghe được tin có một người thuộc bang của mình trúng độc đắc Kết quả xổ số miền bắc hôm nay bà West đã không tìm thấy chiếc vé của mình vừa mua hôm trước đâu. Có thể nói bà West là người cực kỳ may mắn bởi bà đã có nguy cơ đánh mất chiếc vé, sau đó lại tìm lại được. Cụ thể vào cuối tháng 10, bà West và em gái của mình dừng lại tại một cửa hàng tiện lợi để mua pizza và cà phê. Tiện đây bà West đã tự mua cho mình một tấm vé số, sau đó bà cất tấm vé số vào ví rồi để ở bên trong chiếc xe tải của cô em gái. Do quá trình di chuyển gặp nhiều xóc nảy mà tấm vé số đã rớt mất trên xe suốt một thời gian dài.Vận may trúng được giải thưởng lớn khiến bà rất bất ngờ và thậm chí bà đã sốc, bà còn phải thuyết phục những người khác trong gia đình mình tin rằng đó là sự thật. bà nói “ Thực sự không ai tin tôi cả… thậm chí họ đã nghĩ tôi bị điên”.Người phụ nữ 51 tuổi cũng cho hay bà từng ước mơ về một giải thưởng lớn như vậy nhưng bà cũng ý thức được trách nhiệm và những tác động mà mình sẽ tạo ra sau giải thưởng này.Khoảnh khắc biết mình trúng số độc đắc cũng là khoảnh khắc bà West biết rằng cuộc sống của mình sẽ bước sang một trang mới. “Tôi đã rất hạnh phúc. Với số tiền trúng số, tôi sẽ chia sẻ với người thân, gia đình và bạn bè”, bà West cho biết. Ngoài ra bà mẹ đơn thân này còn dự định sẽ mua một chiếc xe mới và không quên trích một phần để cả gia đình đi nghỉ mát dài ngày. Ngoài ra bà West còn lên kế hoạch từ thiện. Theo lời khuyên từ nhiều phía, họ quyết định sẽ thành lập quỹ từ thiện có tên gọi Callum Foundation”.Vé số trúng thưởngBà west nói rằng mình sẽ tặng một phần giải thưởng cho con gái bà và người thân của họ, chi trả học phí đại học cho 6 người cháu của mình và thành lập quỹ Callum nhằm giúp đỡ những người gặp khó khăn về kinh tế.Khẽ lau giọt nước mắt xúc động, bà West nói thêm, Tên gọi của quỹ từ thiện Callum chính là tên gọi của đứa cháu trai của bà đã qua đời vì sinh non hồi tháng 4 vừa qua. Trong ngày nhận giải, bà West vô cùng xúc động, dù trước nhiều người xong bản thân bà không cầm được nước mắt, có lẽ niềm vui đến đột ngột và chính bản thân bà vẫn chưa thể hoàn toàn tiếp nhận được sự thực này.Bà West trải lòng rằng bản thân lớn lên trong một gia đình nghèo khó, tất thảy bà có đến 7 anh chị em. Bởi con cái đông đúc và thu nhập từ bố mẹ không cao nên tuổi thơ bà không tránh được việc phải lao động sớm để kiếm thêm thu nhập. Từ khi còn nhỏ, bà và các anh chị trong nhà đã phải ra đồng trồng đậu tương, trồng ngô và làm nhiều công việc nhà nông khác.Bản thân bà West còn không được học hết cấp 3 bởi điều kiện gia đình không cho phép, bản thân bà dù không mong muốn nhưng buộc phải sớm nghỉ học để không tạo gánh nặng cho bố mẹ. Mãi sau đó bà mới lấy bằng chứng nhận phổ cập giáo dục và bởi sự ham học nên West quyết định tham gia các lớp học buổi tối để lấy được tấm bằng cao đẳng về quản lý nhân lực.Có bằng, bà West bắt đầu lao vào công cuộc kiếm tiền. Bà xin vào làm việc tại một tổ chức bảo hiểm y tế và kiên trì công việc ấy cho đến tận khi trúng số độc đắc. “Hiện nay tôi đã nghỉ hưu” và cũng dự định sẽ mua nhà và đổi một chiếc xe mới cho mình bằng số tiền may mắn này, bà West cho hay. Khi được hỏi về thói quen chơi xổ số, bà West tiết lộ rằng mình chơi xổ số 2 lần một tuần khi mình có tiền.Theo quy định xổ số Mỹ, người trúng số độc đắc có hai lựa chọn, hoặc là nhận tiền một lúc, hoặc là nhận dần qua các năm. Bà West chọn nhận tiền ngay một lượt, sau khi trừ thuế các loại, số tiền thực lĩnh của bà West là 198,1 triệu USD. Dù bị trừ thuế nặng song số tiền bà nhận được vẫn là một khoản tiền thưởng tuyệt vời. Đặc biệt là đối với trường hợp của người phụ nữ 51 tuổi này, rõ ràng đã đánh mất tờ vé sốhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/xsmb-kqxsmb-xstd-xshn-sxmb-ket-qua-xo-so-mien-bac-truc-tiep-hom-nay-nhanh-nhat/ triệu đô hưng sau đó vẫn may mắn tìm lại được nó.

How Often Do We Say - Thank You!
 14 August 2018  

How often do we say thank you and really mean it?To God, to people who serve us or to mother nature...How often do we thank God for the eyes we open in the morning? For there are many who couldn't see the brightness of the sun today.How often do we thank God for the air we breathe? For there are many, who are putting a lot of efforts to breathe and there are many again, who just took their last breath.How often do we thank God for the people around us? For there are many who are alone and fighting depression.How often do we thank God for the home we live in? For there are many who have no roof.How often do we thank God for our job? For there are many educated unemployed.How often do we thank our maids, our help and other service providers? For there are many who are in dire need of help but have to manage all by themselves.We are busy complaining and comparing and forgoing happiness ourselves.Today it has been scientifically proven that expressing gratitude makes you a happier person.With this follows my third story "Faith" which was published in Dreamz Anthology last year. Although a fiction, it has been inspired by real life events.FaithAfter collecting their bags, Rishabh and Daman went to hire a taxi while Tania and Disha waited near the exit with luggage by their side. When the boys were approaching their girls, Rishabh could effortlessly notice the contrasting personalities of the two females standing a few steps away.Rishabh and Tania had been together since their first year while Disha and Daman, already in a relationship, had met the duo during their internship. Their night duties and a zest for clubs and night life had brought them together.Tania was soft, plump and fair skinned with hazel eyes, almost like the furry overcoat in her hands. With her chubby cheeks, dimply smile and a compassionate heart she had been the spirit of the hospital. Disha, on the other hand had a vivid sex appeal. She too, wore jegging with nude peep toes; her white translucent shirt with a tiny golden heart shaped pendant hanging just above the cleavage made her look sensual.Within an hour they were in their pre-booked private beach resort in Phuket. Tania had booked it after an intensive search for a quite beach resort within their budget for their weeklong holiday.The resort was truly a paradise for the couples. With their cottage doors and windows opening to the sea on one side and pool on the other, the couples were already thrilled.“The lunch is ready so please freshen up and join at the restaurant,” said the manager handing over the keys to their porter.“I really want to take out my clothes and swim,” said Disha, gaping at the Europeans enjoying in the pool bar.“Me too Honey! But let’s have our lunch first,” said Daman putting his arms around her waist while Disha’s eyes were on Rishabh who was looking around with Tania just a few steps ahead.The moment they stepped into the room, Tania kissed Rishabh, who was still brooding over Disha’s changing behavior. Rishabh also kissed her in reciprocation and then rushed to washroom.Tania took out her diary and started scribbling, with a gentle smile on her face.“What are you doing now? I guess we are on a vacation, right!” asked Rishabh, the moment he came out.“Ofcourse! We certainly are! You know, how much I have yearned for these holidays,” said Tania with a beam and got up with her diary folded in her right hand to kiss her beau.“This is my gratitude journal and before I forget, I want to write all those things, I am grateful for. I am just trying to remember the magic of the day till now”.“Magic!” Rishabh wondered.“Daddy’s permission for a trip with friends, riding an airplane which is a wonder in itself, a power nap refreshing me for the day, safe landing, a sunny day after cold foggy days of Delhi, a pre-nuptial honeymoon with the most handsome doc, a beautiful silent beach resort within our budget, an awesome cottage by the sea, all four of us together….in Phuket. I have already counted ten blessings, which are no less than magic for me,” said Tania with a smile and coiled to the writing desk behind to put down her diary.“Hmm! U know your attitude is what pulls me like a magnet to you. But everyone today, wants to have fun and so work on their goals to go for vacations,” said Rishabh.“Wrong! Not every girl is getting a permission from her parents, planes can crash any time, many can’t even see or experience the sun, there are many who can’t sleep properly where as I managed a great sleep in the plane, many love stories end up before they are born, many can’t afford even a budget resort forget the sea view or pool view,” said Tania asserting herself. “I am more grateful when I talk about it and you are also one of the manifestations for me.”Rishabh came from a small town of Uttarakhand and was living in a hostel.His extremely fair complexion behind the black beard and an athlete built up with ever shining inquisitive eyes had always made him stand out in the college group.Tania, on the other hand, had been a day-scholar. Her mom was very fond of Rishabh ever since Rishabh had saved Tania from an accident. Rishabh’s family was also under the magical spell of Tania although they met on rare occasions.Suddenly the phone bell rang.“Are you both ready?” asked Daman.“Oh yes! We will be out in a few more minutes,” replied Rishabh and kept the phone.While Tania changed, Rishabh found himself sandwiching between a nymph and a desirable seductress.Soon four of them were in the restaurant. They occupied a table near the portico with floral climbers till the square open roof tops. It was a breath taking view. The pool had umpteen Europeans swimming in it to tan their bodies. They were all basking under the sun and happy escaping the severe winters of their respective countries.  At the brim of the pool were the sculptures of mermaids, painted in pink, blue and golden, pouring water into the pool from the pitchers in their hands. Just behind the pool, they could only see the huge serene and clear blue and green sea. The beach in between was not visible from the partly open restaurant. Tania and Daman were enjoying every bit of the picturesque scenery while Disha creeped her chair just opposite to Rishabh.Rishabh, now felt trapped almost like a monkey with its fist in the trap which can’t come out unless he releases the bananas or the nuts inside. Disha’s oomph factor, quite visible in her red strappy dress with blood red lipstick and penetrating eyes were, no doubt pulling him.Suddenly, Daman clenched his hand onto the table with his eyes still stuck to the vast sea and said, “Guys I am going to buy some vodka and wine and enjoy the evening here inside the pool. What say? No sightseeing, no clubbing. Let’s celebrate here for tonight.” All the three immediately agreed with a “wow” and so after the lunch, Daman went out for some liquor shopping while Tania ran and jumped into the hammock on the beach.“I don’t want to tan my body. I am going to my room guys!” said Disha while Rishabh’s eyes silently chased Disha although he chose to relax on the wooden recliners at close quarters with Tania.Tania was basking under the sun and enjoying the gentle touch of sea breeze. She was thankful for her dream of the sea on one side and Rishabh on the other. Soon, she was asleep. Rishabh was waiting for this; he suddenly got up and sneaked to Disha’s room.Disha was relaxing right there on the bay window. Her smooth, saucy legs turned Rishabh on. He didn’t want to waste the time. He jumped right from the window.“I was waiting for you,” she said in a husky voice into her ears while Rishabh hushed her and kissed. The moment he was to open the zip of her dress, the door bell rang. Rishabh stealthily jumped out of the window.Can’t believe it! You were waiting for me….curtains closed, much wavy locks, sensuous foot rub? What a beautiful kick! Incredible Phuket!” shouted Daman throwing his bag.“Oh you and your gratitude journal! Looks like we’re on your gratitude trip!” said Rishabh irritatingly, the moment he entered the room.“Look who is talking! I looked out for you on the beach and when I didn’t find you, I came back,” said Tania with a shock in her eyes. “By the way, I was thanking God for our beautiful future!”“Which has not even set in!” Rishabh said spitefully.“Why?” Tania gets surprised. “We are already in our honeymoon. What else do you need to start? Come here and sit,” she flipped her pages without enquiring further.“See just six months back, I had thanked God for my dream trip to Thailand and to a private beach resort in Phuket. Isn’t it a dream come true?” she showed her diary to Rishabh with date.Rishabh read her journal and couldn’t believe his eyes. Tania was right and then she showed her a few of her dreams manifested in the past one year, her mother’s health, her brother’s dream job and her results.“Believe me! God has abundance for all of us. You just need to have faith,” said Tania with a smile.Rishabh gazed at her in awe. He was certainly learning more about Tania, huddled over her dairy, in her denim shorts, red puff sleeved top and long straight tresses, she was definitely a fusion. Her thoughts on couple’s compatibility before marriage appeared strange in front of her deep faith like a good old granny.“Her aura always touches my soul. How can I ignore such a beautiful personality, inside out?” said Rishabh to himself.In the evening four of them sat together in the pool bar and enjoyed the cocktails, mock tails, pizza and swimming too. Rishabh tried to ignore the seductress in the string bikini, revealing her petite body.“Daman my back is burning. Can you please check?” said Disha with her eyes again on Rishabh.“There’s nothing honey. Let me rub some ice,” replied Daman and picked an ice cube to rub at her smooth dripping bony back. “You are tantalizing me!” he said in a low voice.“Let me enjoy the weather,” said Tania and swam towards the other end of the pool which meandered till the corner of the vast resort. Rishabh followed Tania.After the Christmas and New Year bash filled with music, dance, drum, wine, beer, fun, food and frolic they were all ready to leave Phuket. Rishabh still ….a pendulum.Their return tickets were booked from Bangkok. The taxi was booked and they happily bid Phuket a goodbye. As they drove their way, the darkness slowly covered the blue and orange sky and the stars slowly took over their positions, the four travelers were enjoying the music.Onthe Phuket- Bangkok Highway near Suratthani, the driver requested them to put some holy chants in his broken english.“Why?” asked Tania.“Madaame, this is accident zone and pirits….you know gosts…. stop caar causing accidents. I am Buddhist, I want to put …chanting,” replied the cab driver.“Are you mad!” giggled Rishabh“Don’t make fun!” said Tania pinching his arm.“Let the music run. We are doctors and don’t believe in ghosts,” said Rishabh reproachfully.“I don’t understand why do you like this metal?” saidTania in a teasing tone. “Let him put chanting for some time.”The moment Rishabh turned to reply; the taxi took a blind turn in order to save a creature crossing over and toppled upside down.Unable to open the doors and windows, they all shouted but in vain. The breathlessness suddenly increased. The three doctors tried their best while Tania prayed for help and imagined that help had arrived, thanking God for the same, repeatedly deep inside her heart.Driver and Disha had already fainted. Daman and Rishabh had also started losing hope when two men on a bike crossed the overturned car. They stopped and drooped to peep inside.Tania gesticulated forrescue.None of them could believe that they had survived a fatal accident. They thanked the good Samaritans who left almost like a bubble. While Tania and Rishabh brought Disha and driver back to their senses, Daman checked the car. The magic was still in the air or the angelic touch, the car turned on.Daman drove the car now with driver by his side; Rishabh took his window seat with Tania by her side. But this time, holding each other’s hand firmly with faith multiplied. The near death experience had turned everyone grateful for their magical retrieval.“Thank You Tania!” Rishabh mumbled in the ears of his lady of faith and felt fleshed out with love and faith.