Baking is one of the oldest professions in the world.It is a innovative culinary technique requiring an oven to cook food through dry heat.It needs thorough understanding of cooking techniques and following recipes to a tee.Baking as a profession is becoming very popular as people love eating cakes and an assortment of bakery products.The profession is a combination of both art and science.This career requires creativity,passion and commitment.People with an interest in cooking,artistic skill and are social in nature can pursue this profession.But being a baker is a tough job which involves the following chores-

Checking the production schedule

Determining the variety and quantity of products to be baked on the particular day

Ensuring food,safety guidelines and checking the freshness and quality

Preparing recipes according to ingredients

Rolling and shaping the dough into the final product

Observing the products as they bake for colour and shape,selecting the icings etc

Education Required:

No formal education is required but a little training in baking,icing and decorating is required

One can enrol in bakery and confectionery courses offered by hotel management institutes

They offer certificate,diploma and degree courses

Admission to 3 year hotel management course is through joint entrance exam(IHM)

There are vocational training institutes too

One can apply after 10th / 12th.

Skills required:

Good numeric skills for measuring ingredients,ordering supplies

Awareness of safety and hygiene regulations

Excellent physical strength and stamina to stand for long hours

Good teamwork,excellent organizational and communication skills


Job Prospects:

Lot of demand for good bakers overseas

Work as apprentices or on-the-job trainee at commercial bakeries

Bakers can specialize in

Bread chef

Cake stylist

Dessert specialist

Confectionary baker

Artisan bread specialist etc

Pay Scale:

Starting is 10,000 -13,000/month

Experienced 35,000-50,000/month

Home bakers-8000-15000/month

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