It is the summer vacation and you cannot wait to explore this time of peace which you’ve longed for the entire year. But there is one thing between you and your perfect summer- The Summer Heat!

With temperatures averaging 40 degrees, it is quite easy to imagine yourself in a cosmic stove waiting to be cooked up in the summer heat. There are many downsides of this climate. It can cause a lot of skin problems and irritation. 

Here are 5 ways to stay uber cool this summer: 

1. Your Body’s Best Cooling Points

The most ignored point out of the entire lot in this list is the human body’s cooling points. This is due to no knowledge of this concept in the first place. The body has some cooling point which relieve heat from the body more effectively from others when subjected to a cold object. 

If you’re stuck in the heat and can’t get to a cooler place apply ice cubes wrapped in a towel (or any other cold object) to these pulse points, you’ll cool down more quickly and effectively. The parts marked in the image are some cooling points you may use to cool down.

2. Open Your Vents

Ventilation is a key factor in daily housing. Proper ventilation can reduce the temperature of your room by over 5 degrees. During the night face your fan out instead of in. The room will stay cooler and you might be able to sleep more comfortably. Air movement can also be achieved by use of a ceiling fan. While not considered cross-ventilation, circulating the air with a ceiling fan, especially with the door and single window open, can improve airflow and lower the perceived temperature in the room. Day or night, you can use a temperature controller (or build one yourself) to automatically turn the fan on or off based on the temperature and save your energy—literally. Leave the windows open during the day for optimum cooling. Closed windows trap heat inside. Open the door in the room to create cross-ventilation with the single window, as well as other doors and windows throughout the house. This allows an airflow similar to that of two windows open in the same room. The fresh air can force stale air out of the room.

3. Exercise Comfortably, Even in the Heat

Stand up to the summer heat and get your fitness in check. Curb down your workouts as the body heats up more during the routine exercises. 

Make the choice to switch to water sports like swimming and water polo.  Moisture-wicking apparel will help you stay cool and dry, and lighter coloured clothes help reflect heat better than darker clothes. Precooling techniques can also prevent you from overheating when you work out in hot weather. Stay hydrated to avoid cramps at all times. 

It is advisable to have buttermilk and other products over chicken and other meat products as they help in cooling your system. While meat products add to the body heat. 

Use sunscreen at all times for outdoor activities. Don’t exercise at midday, because that’s when temperatures are at their highest and the sun’s hot rays are at their peak. You’ll stay much cooler during your workout if you either set your alarm a bit earlier or wait until after dinner to be active.

4. Stay hydrated

It is necessary to have 4-5 litres of water every day.

While it's always important to stay hydrated, your water intake needs special attention in the summer. Getting plenty to drink when you're in the sun won't just make you feel cooler. It is also important for your heart and muscles. Try keeping a bottle of water with a few ice cubes in it with you whenever you go out in the summer so that you'll always have something to drink. 

You can switch to green or fruit juices. Natural juices made of kale are highly nutritious and helps regulate body temperature. Though when it comes to hydration, plain old water is usually the best choice. If you're exercising extra hard in the summer heat for longer than about an hour, a sports drink can give you a boost of carbohydrates and electrolytes. However, these drinks tend to contain lots of sugar, so balance your consumption with your daily nutrition needs. Buttermilk is one of the best products to stay cool throughout the day to balance the heat in the body.

5. Reduce Your Power Consumption

Turn off the lights from time to time when the room is not in use. The lights give out a lot of heat. Use LED lights over ordinary CFLs. Try to avoid using the oven this summer. Experiment with your cooking abilities using the stove top, the microwave. You can even switch to the oxy fryer for baking your favorite cupcakes.

We often find people complaining about their exorbitant electricity bills during the summer. This way you can stick to being eco-friendlier and save some money too along the way to a cooler earth.  

Enjoy your favorite book or host a family barbecue without stressing about the sunburns. Be your own captain cool and don’t miss out on the outdoor fun and use these 5 steps to stay cooler and healthier this summer.

So, sit back and enjoy the Kool aid and don’t let the heat get in your way of the Perfect Summer!