Food cravings are sudden urges to eat a particular type of food. They are a real phenomenon and affect many women during pregnancy.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone with your weird and wonderful food cravings.  Food craving is completely normal throughout pregnancy. A surprisingly large percentage of mums-to-be crave one foodstuff or another during pregnancy.

Food desire could be a reason for concern, be it a pizza pie or a doughnut or the other food you'll be able to think about. Some cravings can be dangerous and a sign that you need to see a doctor. 

What causes pregnancy cravings?

It’s common during pregnancy to crave odd combinations of food or things you’ve never wanted to eat before.

Doctors don’t know exactly why pregnant women get the urge for specific tastes, textures, or flavor combinations but rapidly changing hormones might be to blame. Cravings might also happen because of the extra work your body does to quickly produce a lot more blood or it might be as simple as the comfort certain foods bring as your body changes.

From the terrible onset of your maternity to delivery, you and your baby are undergoing constant changes. Major ones of them are Food cravings, Your weight, Blood pressure fluctuation, Blood sugar levels, Mood swings.

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Do’s & Dont’s

The following are the Do's and Dont's to make sure that your food cravings are healthy and benefit you and the young one!

Absence of Whole Grain:
Fibre could be a nutrient essential for energy and additionally helps in sleek bowel movements. The doughnut or pizza base doesn't have whole fibre though they claim to, thus there are additional probabilities of you having bouts of constipation.
Eat fibre-rich diet like whole cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation.

Salt from mayonnaise and Sauces:
Without an additional blob of dressing that Sub sandwich won't taste nearly as good and furthermore it's high quantity of salt, that is simply not friendly to fluctuating blood pressure, it's going to also cause swollen feet because of water retention in your body.

Limited Nutrient Quotient:
Junk food has terribly limited meat or vegetables. the main portion of any junk food is that the fattening, less nutrient cheese. this may surely have an effect on the nutrient intake of the expecting mother and her baby.

Sugars and Fats:
Several expecting mothers have a craving for nibbling chocolates at unearthly hours. Foods high in sugar are known to cause mood swings and irritations. this might increase your blood pressure or maybe embrace gestational diabetes as a chain reaction.

Expecting Mother to Baby:
By feeding all the sustenance that is totally loaded with sugar, salt, and fat; rest assured it goes on to the baby. Babies born obese and with alternative health disorders, tend to develop associated health disorders in their growing years or in a while in life.

Have frequent and small portions in meals. Make sure your small meals are filled with ample nutrients that consume extra protein and calcium-rich foods like dairy products, legumes, egg, sweet potato etc. Also, drink plenty of water to wash away the toxins and prevent urinary tract infections.

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Tips to prevent food Cravings

'You are what you eat' then is your unborn baby. to make certain each of you get the rightly balanced, healthy, good nutrition, it's vital that you just utterly avoid fast food throughout pregnancy. 

Some tips to tackle food cravings:

Clean your kitchen Stock:
Get eliminate all food within the house and stock it up with healthy snacks – ideally organic. you'll be able to choose baked options, instead of deep-fried. shopping for an oven is a superb plan, in order that you'll be able to make and eat tasty, healthy and wholesome snacks at home without preservatives and additives.

Snack on Fruits and Nuts:
These are such a lot better than artificially ready munch bites you get from the local supermarkets. Have fruits and always keep dry fruits handy to fulfil the desire in you. always eat fruits as soon as you chop them, as they lose their nutrients before long when they're cut.

Photograph Therapy:
Place up a pleasant, huge photograph of a curvy you, before pregnancy. The more you eat currently, the more durable you'll struggle to induce back to form when delivery hence; this may surely make you strong enough to flee the lure of junk food.

It is necessary for you to continuously keep a watch on your pregnancy diet what you eat and wish to eat. If you cannot, do take the assistance of a family member or a friend to stay you off from junk food.