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Your search for Light
Bhagavad Gita Verse 9.12
 Dhwani Shah  
 22 April 2020  

Light Inside - In Gita Verse 9.12 Those who are thus bewildered are attracted by demonic and atheistic views. In that deluded condition, their hopes for liberation, their fruitive activities, and their culture of knowledge are all defeated.Krishna says a person who is in a hurry to achieve, focuses on his greed and goal. They are always bewildered.When we ourselves are in the grip of greed and adamant for the result, then in that moment how arrogant we are. Even we forget our own politeness. We become rude. Become aware of your arrogance after reading this verse. We need to understand our arrogance.One thingyou have to understand, for yourself: you cannot imagine silence; that is not in the nature of things. You can imagine all kinds of thoughts, but you cannot imagine thoughtlessness. Nobody has ever been able to do it, it is almost impossible. You cannot imagine blissfulness. You don’t have any idea, how can you imagine it? Imagination needs some kind of experience; then you can project it. But blissfulness you don’t know.You can imagine misery perfectly well. You are so deeply rooted in misery that there is no problem. You know it, you can imagine it, you can exaggerate it, you can magnify it a thousandfold; it is in your hands. But blissfulness you don’t know. Anything that you don’t know is not possible for you to imagine.So if you are feeling silence, peace, bliss; if you are feeling changes happening in you, in your consciousness, it is not imagination.Secondly, you are worried that it may be some kind of arrogance in disguise. One who is aware that his experiences may be some kind of arrogance, has really gone beyond arrogance, because arrogance never recognizes itself. The egoist never recognizes that he is egoistic; the arrogant cannot even think that he is arrogant.To be worried that perhaps it may be arrogance is part of humbleness. Only a humble person becomes concerned that he should not say anything, he should not do anything that may bring arrogance from the back door. He knows the misery of arrogance, he knows the pain and the anguish of arrogance. He does not want to get into that trap again. But if you are aware, arrogance cannot come close to you, just as when you have light in your house, darkness cannot come in.Gautam Buddha used to say, “You should be like a house which has light inside. When the house, its doors, its windows, are showing light, thieves don’t come close. But when the house is dark and there is no light, it is an opportunity for thieves.” And by thieves he means all that destroys your beauty, your grandeur, all that takes away your treasures. Arrogance, ego, aggressiveness, superiority, the idea of being special – all are destroying you and your peace; they are destroying your nobodiness.You cannot imagine nobodiness. It is almost like…a beggar can dream of being a king – in fact beggars always dream, and in their dreams they fulfill the desires which they cannot fulfill in their actual waking lives. But nobody has ever heard of a king dreaming about himself being a beggar; that is unknown. Why should one dream of being a beggar? The hungry person can dream that he has been invited to a royal party; he can dream about delicious food – he has to, just to hide his hunger. But the man who is living in the palace and eating delicious food is not going to dream that he is hungry; that is just illogical, un-psychological.We dream only of things which we don’t have; we imagine things only which we don’t have. But once you start having real experiences, those experiences start changing your lifestyle, your responses to situations; you can start feeling constantly within you a coolness, a grace, a gratitude toward existence, and out of this peacefulness, silence, beauty, all your actions arise…they also have something of it. Your words come out from the silences of your heart; they also have some music from their original source.TRUTH IS TRUTH. It is neither arrogant nor humble. IT HAS TO BE DECLARED AS IT IS. It can appear humble to you if you understand; it will appear arrogant to you if you don't understand.Let me give you an example of Jesus:It is a well-known fact: a man like Jesus was uneducated, but no rabbi in the whole history of Judaism, four thousand years – and Jewish rabbis are great scholars, unparalleled in any other religion – but no Jewish rabbi has spoken the way an uneducated carpenter’s son, Jesus, spoke. And he knew nothing of scripture, he knew nothing of the art of oratory. Even those who were not in agreement with him had to say, “One thing we cannot deny: nobody has ever spoken the way he speaks.”And he is using simple words, ordinary words used by common people, but on his lips those ordinary words have a changed quality. They are coming from a depth; they are bringing some fragrance with them, they are bringing some authority of his experience. The same words are available…all the Christian missionaries are repeating the same words every day. But you don’t feel any impact, you don’t see…Why the difference?The difference is that Jesus was speaking out of experience, and these people are speaking only out of their education. For Jesus, it was his life. For these missionaries, it is their salary; it is their livelihood, not their life. For Jesus, what he was saying was so important that he was ready to sacrifice his life, but not to compromise on any ground.Krishna says that One who is aware that his experiences may be some kind of arrogance, has really gone beyond arrogance, because arrogance never recognizes itself. Once he has gone beyond arrogance then immediately he will become silent and drop his hurriness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 10.8
 Dhwani Shah  
 21 May 2020  

One’s Own Light - In Gita Verse 10.8 I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from Me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.Who is wise according to Krishna. The person who is - light unto oneself.Let’s understand from this Hasidism story:You attend to your own growth - TO WALK WITH ONE’S OWN LIGHT:The young rabbi said: ’DURING THE HOURS WHEN I DEVOTE MYSELF TO MY STUDIES, I FEEL LIFE AND LIGHT, BUT THE MOMENT I STOP STUDYING, IT IS ALL GONE. WHAT SHALL I DO?’THE RABBI OF KIZHYN REPLIED: ’THAT IS JUST AS WHEN A MAN WALKS THROUGH THE WOODS ON A DARK NIGHT, AND FOR A TIME ANOTHER MAN ACCOMPANIES HIM WHO HAS A LAMP, BUT AT THE CROSSROADS THEY PART AND THE FIRST MUST GROPE HIS WAY ON ALONE. BUT IF A MAN CARRIES HIS OWN LIGHT WITH HIM, HE NEED NOT BE AFRAID OF ANY DARKNESS.’I meet you on the road; I have a lamp. Suddenly, you are no more in the dark. But the lamp is mine. Soon we will depart, because your way is your way and mine is mine. And each individual has an individual way to reach to his destiny. For a while you forget all about darkness. My light functions for me as well as for you. But soon the moment comes when we have to part. I follow my way; you go on your own. Now again you will have to grope in the darkness and the darkness will be darker than before.So don’t depend on another’s light. It is even better you grope in darkness – but let the darkness be yours! Somebody else’s light is not good; even one’s own darkness is better. At least it is one’s own, at least it is your reality. And if you live in your own darkness, even the darkness will become less and less dark. You will be able to grope. You will learn the art, you will not fall.Blind people don’t fall. Try walking with closed eyes; you will be in difficulty. Even a hundred feet you cannot walk but the blind man can walk the whole distance. The blindness is his. With closed eyes, you are borrowing blindness. It is not yours. Even darkness of one’s own;s good. One’s own errors are better than other people’s virtues, remember this – because the mind is always tempted to imitate, to borrow. But that which is significant cannot be borrowed. No, you cannot enter the kingdom of God with borrowed money; there is no way. You can't bribe the guards because thereare no guards and you can’t enter from a thief’s door because there are no doors.You have to walk and through walking create your path. Ready-made paths are not available. That’s what the false religion goes on teaching to people: ‘Come. Here is a super-highway. Be a Christian and you need not worry. Then we take all the burden, then WE are responsible.’Jesus says: ‘Be yourself.’ The Pope of the Vatican says: ‘Follow Christianity.’ All Christianity is against Christ, all churches are against religion. They are the citadels of anti-religion and anti-Christ, because those who have known have emphasized that you should be yourself. There is no other way of being. All else is false, dishonest, insincere, imitation, ugly. The only beauty possible is to be yourself, to be yourself in such purity and innocence that nothing foreign enters in you.Walk in your own darkness – because through walking, groping, by and by, you will find your own light also. When you have your darkness the light is not very far away. When the night is dark, the morning is close – just reaching.Once you become dependent on borrowed light, you are lost. Darkness is never so dangerous as borrowed light. Knowing is good, but knowledge is not good. Knowing is yours, knowledge is others.‘THAT IS JUST AS WHEN A MAN WALKS THROUGH THE WOODS ON A DARK NIGHT, AND FOR A TIME ANOTHER MAN ACCOMPANIES HIM WHO HAS A LAMP, BUT AT THE CROSSROADS THEY PART AND THE FIRST MUST GROPE HIS WAY ON ALONE.’Krishna says the person who knows himself is wise and the wise who perfectly know this engage in My devotional service and worship Me with all their hearts.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.12
 Dhwani Shah  
 4 July 2020  

Evoking The Inner Light - In Gita Verse 11.12 If hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.To Arjuna Krishna has revealed his inner light. Which is equivalent to thousands of Suns.Many of our sages have seen their inner light which is equivalent to thousands of Suns.I will be sharing one of the techniques given in Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - Evoking the Inner Light:By encountering our darkness, paradoxically we come to find the inner light.Imagine you are in darkness…When the eyes are closed and your face is relaxed, look as if everything has become dark. A deep darkness is around you. Imagine you are amidst darkness, in a deep, velvety darkness, surrounded by it, in a deep, dark night. Go on feeling this darkness. That will help your eyes to stop their movements. With nothing to be seen, the eyes will stop. Be in darkness.You can do it in a dark room. Open your eyes, look at the darkness, then close them and feel the darkness. Again open your eyes, feel the darkness; close your eyes, feel it inside. Darkness is deeply relaxing. Darkness is outside and inside you; everything is dead – dark and dead. Both are related. That is why we paint death as black, dark. All over the world death is painted as black, and people fear darkness.Love the darkness and feel you are going to die:While doing this method, feel darkness, love darkness, and feel inside that you are going to die. Darkness is all around, and you are dying. The eyes will stop. You will feel that they cannot move: they will have stopped. In that stopping, suddenly the energy will go up and start hammering the third eye. When it starts hammering, you will hear it, you will feel it. A warmth will come, a fire will flow – a liquid fire trying to find a new path.Allow the fire; become the fireDo not be afraid. Help it, cooperate with it, let it move, become it. And when the third eye opens for the first time, the darkness will disappear and there will be light – light without a source. You have seen light, but always with a source. Either it comes from the sun or from the stars or from the moon or from the lamp, but some source is there.When your energy moves through the third eye, you will come to know a light without source. It is not coming from any source; it is simply there, not coming from anywhere. That is why the Upanishads say that God is not like the sun or like a flame. He is source-less light. There is no source anywhere, simply light is there, just as if it is morning.The sun has not arisen, but the night has disappeared. In between there is the dawn – the pre-dawn. Or in the evening, the sun has set and the night has not yet come. Just in between there is the margin. The same will happen inside, light will be there without a source. Wait for it; do not imagine it.The night is just ending, the dawn is entering. The night is taking itself away. We cannot do anything to disperse it; it comes and goes on its own. But we can do one thing: even when the morning is there, already there, and the sun has risen, we may not open our eyes; then inside us the night still continues. And just the reverse is also true: if you open your eyes, really open your eyes in the deepest dark, the darkness disappears. So all depends on whether you open your eyes or not. To remain with closed eyes is to remain in the night, to open your eyes and start seeing is the beginning of the day, the beginning of light, and the beginning of the divine. The word ‘day’ comes from divine.So the night depends on each person’s resistance to light, their fear of light. One feels cosy with closed eyes. To open your eyes needs courage because you may have to see things that you never wanted to see in yourself, outside yourself. Your dreams may be shattered; they are bound to be shattered because they can exist only with closed eyes, they can exist only in sleep. They may be beautiful, sweet dreams, and one wants to cling to those dreams. People have become so addicted to dreams that they don’t open their eyes, they don’t see the light of the day.Go inside of you and you will find - hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.

Perfectsight Clip On Blue Light Blocking Glasses
 Rob Davis  
 27 February 2020  

Your eye health also happens to be an indicator of all of your physique health and wellbeing. One of the biggest the things that cause the aging process could be the oxidative operation. Free radicals are made when encountered with unprotected sun rays, like bug sprays, auto pollutants, nicotine tobacco smoke, and household cleaners.Dr, according to the authors of Save Your Sight. Michael and Marc Increased, "the difference approximately free radicals created by oxidation side effects and antioxidants that counteract them has long been detected all through all huge eyes infections. It is among the widespread threads of cause and effect turning out to be interwoven, "and almost all the illnesses and disorders that go along with we years of age. "Primarily blue colored brightness can harm the retina. Blue light waves are wavelengths between 500 and 400 nanometers, supplying the skies a blue color or shade. Mobile monitor sunshine incorporates very high-energy level blue light of 400-470 nm, which often go directly on the yellow-colored spot at the end for the retina and purpose major focus ruin.Decline or reduction in plans. Eyes fatigue, dryness, other and tingling phenomena. Graphic exhaustion exacerbates macular lesions. The night display screen disturbs slumber.PERFECTSIGHT uses stealth radar soaking up materials and employs great vitality blocking premium subsequent to eye plating. Short-influx blue light is around 70Percent and minimizes the affect that violet lightweight does within your little blue eyes. Scale back a digital eyestrain, moistureless eyes, migraines and hard slumberPERFECTSIGHT needs AR visual skinny movie disturbance to maximize the evident lumination transmittance for the camera lens by 8Per cent, minimize the resembled mild on the surface area from 8% to under 1%, highly add to the sharpness and contrast for the camera lens , Contra--glare and reflection. High definition nylon camera lens, mild light brown (considerably less distortion), keep up first computer screen color choice, high intensity. best clip on computer glassesThe lens are produced from extremely high-superior aspheric High def nylon material contact lenses, in place of feather-fat Personal computer minimum-top quality lens, and tend to be additional transparent and aesthetically alternative in color. Tested by Valid Eyes Caution, 60Percent -70Percent Contra - Blue colored Lightweight, United states Solar energy Brightness. Anti-reflection cut glare And large transmittance. Retains excellent-quality nylon material zoom lens, lightweight brown, colour of source tv screen, large energy. Contra --fingerprint, vacuum deposition. Small and light-weight. FDA recorded manufacturers and distributors offer total satisfaction with program good quality. The lenses has passed the FDA decrease tennis ball experiment to be certain of effects resistance and safety. The practical coating covering promotions the main advantages of fog gas or antifouling, simple to fresh and clean, abrasion and damage resistance.Quality warrantee plus a wide customers 4 weeks of headache-freely available reimbursement, alternative regarding crevices, flaws for example. during 3 months. PERFECTSIGHT anti-blue light eye care glasses ideal for myopic people, institution enrollees, place of work workforce, social network addicts, from the internet gamers, vogue supporters, or anything else.If you want to know more about the blue light value of the blue light filter glass, it is highly recommended to test with another optics "spectrometer" or an agency such as AMERICAN SOLAR LIGHT.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.17
 Dhwani Shah  
 9 July 2020  

Not Impossible - In Gita Verse 11.17 Your form is difficult to see because of its glaring effulgence, spreading on all sides, like blazing fire or the immeasurable radiance of the sun. Yet I see this glowing form everywhere, adorned with various crowns, clubs and discs.Arjuna through his Divine Eyes saw in Krishna - its glaring effulgence, spreading on all sides, like blazing fire or the immeasurable radiance of the sun.In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.12, blog I wrote - Go inside of you and you will find - hundreds of thousands of suns were to rise at once into the sky, their radiance might resemble the effulgence of the Supreme Person in that universal form.Why we are not able to go inside?It is part of human nature that we go on looking to the outside. We watch everybody except ourselves. Hence we know more about others than about ourselves; we know nothing about ourselves. We are not witnesses to our own functioning of the mind, we are not watchful inside.You need a hundred-and-eighty-degree turn - that’s what meditation is all about. You have to close your eyes and start watching. In the beginning you will find only darkness and nothing else. And many people become frightened and rush out because outside there is light. Yes, there is light outside but that light is not going to enlighten you, that light is not going to help you at all. You need inner light, a light which has its source in your very being, a light which cannot be extinguished even by death, a light which is eternal. And you have it, the potential is there! You are born with it, but you are keeping it behind you; you never look at it.And because for centuries, for many lives, you have looked outside, it has become a mechanical habit. Even when you are asleep you are looking at dreams. Dreams mean reflections of the outside. When you close your eyes you again start daydreaming or thinking; that means again you become interested in others. This has become such a chronic habit that there are not even small intervals, small windows into your own being from where you can have a glimpse of who you are.In the beginning it is a hard struggle, it is arduous, it is difficult - but not impossible. If you are decisive, if you are committed to inner exploration, then sooner or later it happens. You just have to go on digging, you have to go on struggling with the darkness. Soon you will pass the darkness and you will enter into the realm of light. And that light is true light, far truer than the light of the sun or the moon, because all the lights that are outside are temporal; they are only for the time being.Even the sun is going to die one day. Not only do small lamps exhaust their resources and die in the morning, even the sun with such an immense resource is dying every day. Sooner or later it will become a black hole; it will die and no light will come from it.Howsoever long it lives it is not eternal. The inner light is eternal; it has no beginning, no end. It is synonymous with God.And Krishna is not interested in telling you to drop your faults, to make yourself good, to improve your character - no, not at all. Krishna is not interested in your character at all; Krishna is interested only in your consciousness.Become more alert, more conscious. Just go deeper and deeper into yourself till you find the center of your being. You are living on the periphery, and on the periphery there is always turmoil. The deeper you go, the deeper the silence that prevails. And in those experiences of silence, light, joy, your life starts moving into a different dimension. The errors, the mistakes start disappearing.So don’t be worried about the errors and the mistakes and the faults. Be concerned about one single thing, one single phenomenon; put your total energy into one goal, and that is how to be more conscious, how to be more awakened. If you put your total energy into it, it is going to happen, it is inevitable. It is your birthright.All our sages, Krishna, enlightened people will guide us to go in, to grow in consciousness.

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SMD Screen Display, The Best Way of Promotion
 John Peter  
 31 October 2019  

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Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.26
 Dhwani Shah  
 11 June 2019  

Self-Awareness Is Difficult - In Gita Verse 1.26 There Arjuna could see, within the midst of the armies of both parties, his fathers, grandfathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, and also his fathers-in-law and well-wishers.As soon as Arjuna saw both the parties he was shattered. As in the verse says that Arjuna could see, in the midst of the armies of both parties, his fathers, grandfathers, teachers, maternal uncles, brothers, sons, grandsons, friends, and also his fathers-in-law and well-wishers. This verse did not say he watched everyone and their positions. That indicates that he got into objective world and unable to turn towards himself in his subjectivity. Krishna had his own doubt how can Arjuna will be neutral when he will see whole Kuru family and their friends.To remain aware is difficult. To be unconscious is easy. If you are unconscious then you are part of the objective world and not as Individual, not settle in your subjectivity.In my blog Bhagavad Gita Verse 1.24, I have written that why Arjuna selected against the whole Narayani Sena Krishna, himself as charioteer on a condition, that he would neither fight nor hold any weapon, Arjuna knew that the whole purpose of this war is just not winning or losing or exhibition of their strength, but universe wants to deliver message to whole humanity that we can fight without enmity. Mahabharat war was not just an ordinary war it was war in which Pandava fought without enmity. Keeping this mindfulness of universe message he selected Krishna against whole Narayani sena. He gave priority to Universe and not his desire to win Indraprastha. Pandava did not want to win Hastinapur they wanted only their part of land and that is Indraprastha.The unconscious can be transformed only through awareness. It is difficult, but there is no other way. There are many methods for being aware, but awareness is necessary. You can use methods to be aware, but you will have to be aware.If someone asks whether there is any method to dispel darkness except by light, howsoever difficult it may be, that is the only way - because darkness is simply the absence of light. So you have to create the presence of light and then darkness is not there.Unconsciousness is nothing but an absence, the absence of consciousness. It is not something positive in itself, so you cannot do anything except be aware. If unconsciousness were something in its own right then it would be a different matter, but it is not. Unconsciousness doesn’t mean something; it only means not consciousness. It is just an absence. It has no existence in itself; in itself it is not. The word unconscious simply shows the absence of consciousness and nothing else. When we say ‘darkness’ the word is misleading, because the moment we say darkness, it appears that darkness is something that is there. It is not, so you cannot do anything with darkness directly - or can you?You may not have observed the fact, but with darkness you cannot do anything directly. Whatsoever you want to do with darkness you will have to do with light, not with darkness. If you want darkness, then put off light. If you don’t want darkness, then put on light. But you cannot do anything directly with darkness; you will have to go via light.Why? Why can you not go directly? You cannot go directly because there is nothing like darkness, so you cannot touch it directly. You have to do something with light, and then you have done something with darkness.If light is there, then darkness is not there. If light is not there, then darkness is there. You can bring light into this room, but you cannot bring darkness. You can take light out from this room, but you cannot take darkness out from this room. There exists no connection between you and darkness. Why? If darkness were there then man could be related somehow, but darkness is not there.By selecting Krishna, Arjuna brought light. Why in India there is lot of emphasize on living master/Guru?In the East, the blessing of a master is very very significant.A great receptivity is needed, a great feminine receptivity is needed to find the master. And if you are available and a living master is there, suddenly something clicks. There is nothing to do on your part – you simply be there. It is such a vital energy phenomenon that if you are available something simply clicks, you are caught. It is a love phenomenon. You cannot prove to anybody else, “I have found the master.” There is no proof. Don’t try that because anybody can bring proof against it. You have found it and you know it; you have tasted and you know it. This knowledge is of the heart, of the feeling.At the same time remember - Nobody can put you right except you yourself. The master simply teaches you to be a master of yourself — that is the true function of a master. He does not want you to depend on him. But the mind goes on playing these mischiefs. The mind wants you to depend. The mind is always in search of a father figure or a mother figure; you want somebody to hold your hand. You want somebody to guide, to lead. The master can only indicate. He is a finger pointing to the moon. But the mind plays a mischief: it clings to the finger — you may even start sucking the finger.Arjuna was well aware of his weaknesses. He also knew that only Krishna can help him to come out of his Unconsciousness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.25
 Dhwani Shah  
 22 July 2019  

Be Watcher - In Gita Verse 2.25 It is said that the soul is invisible, inconceivable and immutable. Knowing this, you should not grieve for the body.Now Krishna is saying about witnessing consciousness.Watching, witnessing, being aware seem to be small words to solve the whole complexity of mind. Millions of years of heritage, tradition, conditioning, prejudice – how will they disappear just by watching?But they do disappear, because as Gautam Buddha used to say, “If the lights of the house are on, thieves don’t come close to that house, knowing that the master is awake.” Because the light is showing from the windows, from the doors, you can see that the light is on and it is not the time to enter into the house. When the lights are off, thieves are attracted to the house. Darkness becomes an invitation. As Gautam Buddha used to say, the same is the situation about your thoughts, imaginations, dreams, anxieties, your whole mind.If the witness is there, the witness is almost like the light; these thieves start dispersing. And if these thieves find there is no witness, they start calling their brothers and cousins and everybody, “Come on.”It is as simple a phenomenon as the light. The moment you bring the light in, the darkness disappears. You don’t ask, “Is just light enough for darkness to disappear?” or, “When we have brought the light, will we have to do something more for the darkness to disappear?”No, just the presence of the light is the absence of the darkness, and the absence of the light is the presence of darkness. The presence of the witness is the absence of the mind, and the absence of the witness is the presence of the mind.So the moment you start watching, slowly, slowly as your watcher will become stronger your mind will become weaker. The moment it realizes that the watcher has come to maturity, the mind immediately submits as a beautiful servant. It is a mechanism. If the master has arrived, then the machine can be used. If the master is not there or is fast asleep, then the machine goes on working things, does whatsoever it can on its own. There is nobody to give orders, there is nobody to say, “No, stop. That should not to be done.”Then the mind becomes slowly convinced that it is the master itself. And for thousands of years it has remained your master, so when you try to be a witness it fights, because it has completely forgotten that it is only a servant. You have been so long absent that it does not recognize you. Hence the struggle between the witness and the thoughts.But final victory is going to be yours, because nature and existence both want you to be the master and the mind to be the servant. Then things are in harmony. Then the mind cannot go wrong. Then everything is existentially relaxed, silent, flowing towards its destiny.Remember, witnessing is not a technique, it is your nature. Watching is not a technique, because you are not imposing anything, so there is no possibility of creating an illusion; you are simply watching. Even if God comes in front of you, you are not supposed to fall on the ground and touch his feet: you have simply to watch. Watching is not a technique.A technique creates something; watching simply reveals that which is. It does not create anything; on the contrary, it may destroy a few illusions that were hanging around because you were not watchful enough, so you had never noticed that they were illusory phenomena.An illusion can be created so easily that mind always enjoys techniques. Who is going to use the technique? The mind will be the master of the technique.Watchfulness is beyond mind. Mind cannot watch. That is the only thing in existence that mind cannot do. That’s why mind cannot pollute it, mind cannot lead it astray.Krishna is not giving any information or technique, he is simply guiding Arjuna to Witness.

Choosing A Good LED Light Supplier - Energy And Money Savings
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 21 July 2020  

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Led Grow Light Color Spectrum Boosts Growth Of Indoor Plants
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 2 August 2020  

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Bhagavad Gita Verse 9.6
 Dhwani Shah  
 16 April 2020  

Contrast - In Gita Verse 9.6 Understand that as the mighty wind, blowing everywhere, rests always in the sky, all created beings rest in Me.Krishna give example of wind so that we don’t get stuck into the words. He says that like wind is everywhere blowing but it rest in the space, in emptiness. Same with us we need to go into world but rest in our own emptiness.You will become afraid if you feel a nothingness within. You want to be something definable, definite. There is no one who is definite inside; the outer space is infinite and the inner space is also infinite. That is why Buddha insisted that there is no soul, no atman. You are just a vacant space – infinite.It is difficult to feel oneself as this infinite space unless you make an arduous effort. One becomes identified with the boundaries. It is easier to feel oneself that way – with the boundaries. Your name is just a boundary, your body is just a boundary, your thoughts are just a boundary. For outer utility, for your own convenience also, you become identified. Then, once you become identified, accumulation goes on and on and on, and with accumulation you feel a fulfillment of the ego. You are identified with your riches, then you go on accumulating. You have a feeling you are growing greater, bigger. You have a big house, then a bigger house, then a still bigger house, so you feel that you are getting bigger and bigger, and that is how greed is born.Greed is nothing but an expansion, an effort to expand the ego. But howsoever great you become in your ego, you can never become infinite, and you are infinite within. If you can look into the nothingness you are infinite within. That is why ego is never satisfied. Ultimately it is frustrating. It cannot become infinite; it will remain finite.This is how one always has a spiritual discontent. You are infinite. Nothing less will be helpful for you and nothing less will ever satisfy you. But every boundary is going to be finite. It is needed, it is necessary in a way, useful, but it is not true, it is not the truth. This inner mirror, this inner mind, is pure consciousness – just consciousness.Just look at the light. You say the room is filled with light, but how do you see the light? You have never seen light itself, you cannot see it; you always see something lighted. Light falls on the walls, light falls on the books, light falls on other persons. It is reflected on those objects. Because you can see objects, you say light is there. When you cannot see objects, you say there is darkness. You have never seen light pure in itself. It is always seen reflected on some object.Consciousness is even purer than light. It is the purest possibility in existence. If you become totally silent, all boundaries disappear and you will not be able to say who you are. You simply are, because there is no object you can feel yourself to be in contrast with. You cannot say that you are a subject, soul, or even a consciousness. Because of this purity of consciousness, you always know yourself through something else; you cannot know yourself directly. So when you create boundaries, you feel that you know yourself. With a name you feel you know yourself; with your riches you feel you know yourself. Something around you becomes the boundary and the pure consciousness is reflected back.It is like this: if you are born healthy and have never been ill, you will never be aware of your health. You cannot be, because awareness of health needs a background of disease and illness. You will have to fall ill to know that you were healthy or what health is. The other pole will be needed. Eastern esoteric science says this is why the world is, so that you can experience that you are divine. The world gives a contrast.Go into a school, and you will see that the teacher is writing on a blackboard with white chalk. He can write on a white board too, but then it will be meaningless because it will be invisible, it won’t be seen. Only on a blackboard can one write with white chalk so that it is seen. The blackboard is a necessity for the white writing to become visible.The world is just a blackboard, and you become visible because of it. This is an inherent polarity, and it is good. That is why in the East we have never said that the world is bad; we take it just as a school, a training. It is good because only in contrast will you be able to know your purity. When you come into the world you become identified. With identification you enter; the world starts. So you will have to fall ill to know your inner health.This has been a basic question all over the world: Why is this world there? Why is it at all? Many answers have been given, but those answers are just superfluous. Only this attitude seems to be very deep and meaningful – that the world is just a background; without it you cannot become aware of your inner consciousness.Krishna is saying that the world is created so that you can become aware of your consciousness. Unless you become relaxed in the world and live from your inner consciousness, your emptiness, then only you can rest in Me.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.5
 Dhwani Shah  
 11 September 2019  

Watchful - In Gita Verse 3.5 Everyone is forced to act helplessly according to the qualities he has acquired from the modes of material nature; therefore no one can refrain from doing something, not even for a moment.Krishna explains to Arjuna, you cannot run away from your act, it is impossible. Breathing is also action, sitting, getting up, anything done by body is action. You cannot run away from your action.Person who says that I will renounce my action he is saying something which is impossible. Family life is one kind of action, Karma, sanyas is another kind of Karma.Person who says that he has renounced the Karma is a hypocrite.Krishna is simply saying that don’t try to change or renounce the Karma but focus on transforming the person(self), from unconsciousness to consciousness. Bring your self-consciousness, your own light into your action. Live according to your own light. Find your own light within and live according to it without any fear.These were the last words of Gautam the Buddha, his parting message to his disciples:“Be a light unto yourself.” But when he says, “Be a light unto yourself,” he does not mean become a light unto yourself. There is a great difference between being and becoming.Becoming is a process, being is a discovery. The seed only appears to become the tree, that is an appearance. The seed already had the tree within itself; it was its very being. The seed does not become the flowers. The flowers were there unmanifest, now they are manifest. It is not a question of becoming; otherwise a pebble could become a flower. But that doesn’t happen. A rock cannot become a rose; that doesn’t happen because the rock has no potential for being a rose. The seed simply discovers itself through dying into the soil: dropping its outer shell, it becomes revealed in its inner reality.Man is a light in the seed. You are already Buddhas. It is not that you have to become Buddhas, it is not a question of learning, of achieving, it is only a question of recognition – it is a question of going within yourself and seeing what is there. It is self-discovery.You are already a light unto yourself, you are just not aware of it. You have forgotten about it – you have to discover it. And the how of discovery is simple, very simple: a simple process of watching your thoughts.To help this process you can start watching other things too, because the process of watching is the same. What you are watching is not significant. Watch anything and you are learning watchfulness.Listen to the birds, it is the same. One day you will be able to listen to your own thoughts. The birds are a little farther away; your thoughts are a little closer. In the fall watch the dry leaves falling from the trees. Anything will do that helps you to be watchful. Walking, watch your own walking. Buddha used to say to his disciples: Take each step watchfully. He used to say: Watch your breath.And that is one of the most significant practices for watching because the breath is there continuously available for twenty-four hours a day wherever you are. The birds may be singing one day, they may not be singing some other day, but breathing is always there. Sitting, walking, lying down, it is always there. Go on watching the breath coming in, the breath going out.Not that watching the breath is the point; the point is learning how to watch. Go to the river and watch the river. Sit in the marketplace and watch people passing by. Watch anything; just remember that you are a watcher. Don’t become judgmental, don’t be a judge. Once you start judging you have forgotten that you are a watcher, you have become involved, you have taken sides, you have chosen: “I am in favor of this thought and I am against that thought.” Once you choose, you become identified. Watchfulness is the method of destroying all identification.Once you destroy your identification suddenly the act which you are doing which will not be identified, it will be action of non-doer. You are allowing that act to happen through your body. It is like from pipe water is flowing, through our body action is happening. You will become hollow pipe, non-interfering, non-identified with action.Krishna simply says that don’t go on thinking which is not reality, impossible, living means body need to act. But as Buddha said Watchful about all your actions.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.37
 Dhwani Shah  
 15 October 2019  

Inner Sensitivity - In Gita Verse 3.37 The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: It is lust only, Arjuna, which is born of contact with the material mode of passion and later transformed into wrath, and which is the all-devouring sinful enemy of this world.Carefully read what Krishna says - what you are saying is lust, which is nothing but your unconsciousness. When you are self-unconscious at that time you are in anger, hatred etc.Krishna is giving direction to Arjuna that same war if it is fought with self-consciousness you will be able to Fight Without Enmity and with self-unconsciousness it will be from anger, hatred etc. You will enter into chain reactions with others, which is sinful. He is not talking about sin or virtue he is just whispering regarding his self-unconsciousness. Because of this he become lustful for the life, attached towards the life, forgot the eternity of life.Krishna’s this verse I will like you to practice by following small technique as follows:Feel the Presence of Existence:This technique is based on inner sensitivity. First grow in sensitivity. Just close your doors, make the room dark, and light a small candle. Sit near the candle with a very loving attitude – rather, with a prayerful attitude.... Take a bath, throw cold water on your eyes, then sit in a very prayerful mood before the candle. Look at it and forget everything else. Just look at the small candle – the flame and the candle. Go on looking at it. After five minutes you will feel that many things are changing in the candle. They are not changing in the candle, remember; your eyes are changing.With a loving attitude, with the whole world closed out, with total concentration, with a feeling heart, just go on looking at the candle and the flame. Then you will discover new colors around the flame, new shades which you were never aware were there. They are there; the whole rainbow is there. Wherever light is, the rainbow is there because light is all color. You need a subtle sensitivity. Just feel it and go on looking at it. Even if tears start flowing, go on looking at it. Those tears will help your eyes to be more fresh....Sensitivity must grow. Your every sense must become more alive. Then you can experiment with this technique.Feel the cosmos as a translucent ever-living presence.Everywhere light is – in many, many shapes, forms, light is happening everywhere.Look at it! And everywhere light is because the whole phenomenon is based on the foundation of light. Look at a leaf or a flower or a rock, and sooner or later you will feel rays coming out of it. Just wait patiently. Don't be in a hurry because nothing is revealed when you are in a hurry. In a hurry you are dull. Wait silently with anything, and you will discover a new phenomenon which was always there, but of which you were not alert – not aware of it.... Your mind will become completely silent as you feel the presence of the ever-living existence. You will be just a part in it, just a note in the great symphony. No burden, no tension...the drop has fallen into the ocean. But great imagination will be needed in the beginning, and the sensitivity training will be helpful....All these techniques also change your body chemistry. If you feel the whole world as filled with life, light, then you are changing your body chemistry. And this is a chain reaction. When your body chemistry changes, you can look at the world and it will look more alive. And if it looks more alive, your body chemistry will change again, and then it becomes a chain.Even science has proved that when you are angry your bio-chemistry is different then when you are silent. They also says that when you are angry focus on breath and you will be calm down. They know that as soon as you focus on the breath your bio-chemistry changes.By the above technique you will be able to see the difference in your approach towards similar circumstances. Once you have your own experience then it will be very easy for you to understand what Krishna says that the same war will be different if it is fought with self-consciousness and self-unconsciousness.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 4.27
 Dhwani Shah  
 20 November 2019  

Ignorance - In Gita Verse 4.27 Others, who are interested in achieving self-realization through control of the mind and senses, offer the functions of all the senses, and of the life breath, as oblations into the fire of the controlled mind.Krishna says that self-realized person will offer to Universe, God, his mind, all the six senses out of their own realization and not for the rituals.The person who follows the words are ignorant according to Krishna. He is not person of knowing. For Krishna or in that case for any enlighten person, unless one who has realized his mind, functioning of mind, functioning of senses, only that person knows what can we offer to God. God is not interested in any of your collections of material world but he is interested from human being to offer his mind, and senses which is carried forward from animals. When human being is evolved from animal to human being they have brought seed of consciousness. Unless we become aware of that seed and nurture that seed, allow if to grow by transcending animal nature and senses we cannot know ourselves. We remain ignorant. Even if we know all the scriptures of the worlds by heart then also we cannot know ourselves. Only way is to transcend it.The state of ignorance is the cause of all delusions, of all unrealities, of all appearances, but to know more is not the state of knowledge. Ignorance is the cause, but knowledge – in the sense of knowledgeability – is not the remedy. You can know more and more and more, but you remain the same. Knowledge becomes an addiction. You go on adding to it, but the being to which you add it remains the same. You know more, but you are not more.The root cause of ignorance can only be dissolved when you are more, when your being is stronger, when your being is powerful, when your being has awakened. The root cause of all suffering is ignorance, but knowledge is not the remedy – awakening is the remedy.If you don’t understand this subtle distinction, firstly you will be lost in ignorance, and then you will be lost – and more so – in knowledge. In the Upanishads there is one of the most radical statements ever uttered. The statement is that in ignorance people are lost, but in knowledge they are lost in a deeper way. Ignorance misguides, knowledge misguides more.Ignorance is not absence of knowledge. If it was absence of knowledge then things would have been very, very easy – and cheap. You can borrow knowledge; you cannot borrow being. You can even steal knowledge but you cannot steal being; you have to grow into it. Remember this as a criterion: unless you grow in something it is never yours. When you grow, only then does something belong to you. You may possess something, but don’t be misguided by the possession. The possession remains separate – it can be taken away from you. Only your being cannot be taken away from you. So unless knowing happens in your being, ignorance cannot be dissolved.Ignorance is not absence of knowledge; ignorance is absence of awareness. Ignorance is a sort of sleepiness, a sort of slumber, a sort of hypnosis, as if you are walking in sleep, doing things in sleep. You are not aware what you are doing. You are not a light; your whole being is dark. You can know about light, but that knowledge about light will never become light. On the contrary, it will become a hindrance toward light, because when you know too much about light you forget that the light has not happened to you. You are deceived by your own knowledge.Krishna says to Arjuna that unless you will be self-realized you will not be able to fight the war as a vehicle of universe. If you follow the knowledge without any understanding then there is no possibility to transcend your senses and fight this war. Without your self-realization if you will fight this war you will not be able to sacrifice your mind, ego and senses to the universe. So come back to your subjectivity become self-realize, which is the only way to offer ourselves to God.

Video Wall Is An Ideal Way To Advertise
 John Peter  
 28 February 2020  

Lights, Camera, Start! There is a reason for this layout. If your lighting is poor, no matter how good the camera, your work will look bad. When the professional crew arrives at the shoot, they will have trucks with different lights to choose from.For you, light really means space and time. You should find a well-lit area with as much natural light as possible. Thus, an office with many windows, which is ideal for a bright day. As the light level decreases, you will see that the camera will try to compensate by increasing the brightness of the received image, making it grainy and "noisy". The more light you have, the less work the camera will take to keep the image bright and the better the final Video Wall aristavision.com.It is useful to use several table lamps to spread them as much as possible. It can be used to add extra lighting to an object or to add texture to the wall behind the object. To illuminate, make sure the light casts off light colored walls, ceilings or large volume. To add texture, simply highlight the wall to make the frame more interesting and to make the wall less flat. You can also use factories, posters, or industry-specific props to make the site more interesting - remember, you don't have to shoot a person with a shot.You can use a very simple camera and still get great results. If you have a digital movie camera, that's great - you can quickly capture a clip and download it to your computer to edit it with a FireWire cable. Most digital recording cameras now have the ability to choose movies, and they will also be good quality for your site. You will then need to download the cable that the camera uses with your computer - in this case, possibly USB. If your computer has a webcam, you can use it, but it starts to reach the minimum quality allowed. You will see that the lighting conditions must be very good and the lower frame rate may get stuck in the last video. There are several ways to get webcam video for PC editing, such as Windows Movie Maker that comes with Windows XP and Vista. Finally, you can use your mobile phone to capture the video. It's likely to suffer from similar quality issues with the webcam, but at least you'll be able to download the clip to some extent directly.How does it make sense to tell the world about your new composition when no one hears what you are saying? The professional will be able to choose between a standard walkie-talkie, boom or microphone. Your options are limited. If you use a camcorder, you can use the built-in microphone. As long as the camera is close enough to the subject and the room is nice and quiet, it should be fine. It would be better to purchase a microphone to connect the camera. This gives you more control over the sound quality and means that camera mode can be optimized for great images. If you are not using your camcorder, you can use the built-in microphone of your computer. The problem is, you need to be close to your computer and it takes a awkward screenshot unless you use your webcam. Regardless of how you camp, you need to make sure that when you are full of widgets, the volume is loud enough to hear its sound, but not so loud as to distort it. Is a.So you have a desk with bright light, flourishing ceiling light and another wall that illuminates the subject to add texture. You have a wall picture with a shiny widget and a comfortable chair to sit on while delivering a message. Our professional video producers will mount the camera on a tripod and "shutter". You should get a similar effect, but with a less unusual solution - a stack of books! You need to raise the camera to eye level - that is, higher, and it will appear as someone seeking help in heaven, that is, lower, and you will come across as the headmaster of a school talking to a child. You need to build a solid camera platform so you can find a stack of still chairs and encyclopedias or any other industrial area you can find in the office. If you want to get Video Wall services Click Here: https://aristavision.comUnless you are a very talented speaker and you are very confident about the camera, you will need to record what you want to say and practice before turning on the camera. Even you may need someone to carry a card with all your scripts. Just make sure they don't obscure any of your carefully painted lights.

How to owns a unique and perfects lighting system in a house
 16 December 2019  

A house needs a beautiful interior with shining and stylish environment. It is not good for visibility but also boos up our moods. Are you aware that brightness promotes vibrancy. It is better to look for durable light market in Delhito reduce down the dullness of a living place.Jainsons Lights is an idealist name in the market who deliver the best products to their customers as per their taste. A perfect lighting system gives a sense of relieve and vibrancy to the residents as they go to living room. Your interiors defines your taste and personality. Therefore, some people may like to use their living rooms for revelry, some think using the area as a place of rest. Normally, the living room can be designed to fit for different occasions. Sometimes, very simple yet fashionable lights become the centre of attraction as they provides cozy bend to your living place. Now-a-days , you will see comfortable options are also available in lighting options just like on and off are controlled by apps. Always prefer jainsons lights chandni chowk for contemporary look and for lending a completely enjoyable look to any space, either it be a corridor or a bedroom. They used LED light utensils and provides the option of a pretty blue light and a warm white light. One can also use both blue and white lights collectively to add dramatic touch to the space it is installed in.Large houses can waste huge amounts of money on energy simply keeping lights on when they aren’t required. Fully Integrated lighting systems allows you to easily see where lights are on and you can handle them as per your choices. Jainsons Lights makes the home a bright and quiet place to live in and even makes the rest place looks sharp and tidy for the majority of the people. The things that actually works on the major scale is that it makes the living room more organized and enhances the looks for the visitors.We not only works for the living area but for study room also so It is very important to consult us how to present a unique lighting system to your house. 

4 Warning Signs Your Google Ads Campaign Needs a Tune-Up
 William Roy  
 20 March 2020  

Home/4 Warning Signs Your Google Ads Campaign Needs a Tune-UpConsider Google Ads like owning a vehicle.What might occur in the event that you disregarded all the admonition Digital Marketing Company in Dallas lights and skirted your planned assistance check ups?Inevitably your vehicle would stall. Something would quit working and you would almost certainly be compelled to go through a ton of cash to fix an issue that could have been stayed away from by and large on the off chance that you had followed the prescribed assistance plan. As such, it costs more cash to overlook the notice signs and be compelled to fix a wrecked vehicle than it does to have your vehicle consistently adjusted.The equivalent is valid with publicizing on Google Ads.4 Warning Signs Your Google Ads Campaign Needs a Tune-UpBe that as it may, there is one immense distinction…Google Ads Has No "Blockhead Lights"We underestimate it now, yet vehicles were not constantly outfitted with self-indicative devices and "bonehead lights" to let us know there was an issue. Would you be able to envision if there was no "check motor" or "brake liquid" light? How might you ever know whether your vehicle required a speedy check up?In all likelihood you would not realize you required assistance until it was past the point of no return and your vehicle was slowed down in the breakdown path. Fortunately all vehicles currently accompany a lot of caution lights so you don't need to be an engine head to keep up your vehicle.Read Also:- Web design trends should be following in 2020In any case, this is positively not the situation with Google Ads.There are no "imbecile lights" that enlighten red when your crusades are failing to meet expectations to demonstrate you need a check up. Rather, you'll have to do a manual review. Right now, set up an agenda that features some potential issues in your crusades. Utilize this rundown to check whether you have any blazing "red lights" showing your crusade needs a check up.Keep in mind, it's less expensive to constantly adjust your advertisements than it is to overlook them and later need to fix a totally separated crusade.The "Check Keywords" LightThe primary admonition sign is your catchphrase list in a Google Ads Search battle. The "check watchwords" light will enlighten red showing an issue if any of the accompanying conditions are valid:You're utilizing all Broad match catchphrases rather than Phrase and Exact match. This prompts poor Google Ads Quality Scores, low advertisement rank, higher CPCs and inefficient taps on insignificant search queries.You're utilizing some Broad match catchphrases with no Negative watchwords. Once more, this prompts low quality Scores, low advertisement rank, higher CPCs and inefficient taps on immaterial search queries.All or a large portion of your watchwords are in a solitary Ad Group. This prompts low quality Scores and low promotion navigate rates in light of the fact that the advertisements are not 100% important for all catchphrases in the Ad Group.On the off chance that your "check catchphrases" light is on, at that point make a move quickly to change your watchword coordinate sorts, include negative catchphrases and rebuild your promotion gatherings. Until you fix this issue your advertisement battle will battle to escape the breakdown path.Next, we should proceed onward to your advertisements…The "Check Ads" LightThe subsequent admonition sign is your advertisement duplicate. The "check promotions" light will enlighten red showing an issue if any of the accompanying conditions are valid:There is just a single advertisement in any Ad Group. This implies you're passing up on a chance to part test to discover better performing advertisement duplicate. By testing various advertisements simultaneously you'll find which promotions get a higher active visitor clicking percentage and a higher change rate, which eventually prompts better Scores.You're missing Ad Extensions. Each Ad Extension accessible ought to be utilized at whatever point fitting to expand your reaction rates. Besides, missing Ad Extensions can prompt low quality Scores now that Google Ads utilizes Ad Extension execution to compute your Quality Scores.The promotion duplicate doesn't coordinate all catchphrases in the Ad Group. This prompts low quality Scores and low promotion navigate rates in light of the fact that the advertisements are not 100% significant for all catchphrases in the Ad Group.On the off chance that your "check advertisements" light is on, at that point make a move quickly to add promotions to your advertisement gatherings, set up all fitting promotion augmentations and rebuild your advertisement gatherings with the goal that your promotions are 100% applicable to all watchwords in the promotion gathering. By fixing your watchwords and your promotions you'll guarantee you're focusing on your optimal clients and driving whatever number possibilities to your site as could be expected under the circumstances.Next, we have to survey what happens when your possibility "lands" on your site…The "Check Landing Pages" LightThe third admonition sign is your point of arrival duplicate and format. The "check points of arrival" light will enlighten red showing an issue if any of the accompanying conditions are valid:Your point of arrival is your landing page. This prompts low change rates since site landing pages are excessively expansive in scope. For instance, landing pages talk about each item and administration offered and bid to each extraordinary sort of client. Interestingly, high-changing over greeting pages are laser-centered around one item or administration and claim to the subset of your possibilities that would be looking through the watchword you're promoting on.You're utilizing one greeting page for more than one item or administration. Once more, this prompts low transformation rates in light of the fact that your possibility can get occupied or think your offer isn't as important as your rivals' offers that are more laser centered.Your point of arrival isn't 100% harmonious with your advertisements. This prompts low transformation rates in light of the fact that your possibility doesn't locate a similar offer and a similar item or administration guaranteed in the promotion duplicate.In the event that your "check greeting pages" light is on, at that point make a move quickly to make a one of a kind presentation page for every item or administration you're promoting, and ensure your point of arrival duplicate is 100% compatible with your advertisements.Now, you know your catchphrases, advertisements, and points of arrival are good to go up appropriately to boost your promoting venture. Be that as it may, we're not done at this point. The best way to ceaselessly improve your battle is to follow your key execution pointers.This carries us to the last notice sign…The "Check Tracking" LightThe fourth and last admonition sign is your change following. The "check following" light will enlighten red demonstrating an issue if any of the accompanying conditions are valid:Transformation following isn't set up for webforms. This implies you don't have the foggiest idea when possibilities click on your advertisements and afterward complete a webform. In this way, it is extremely unlikely to upgrade your offers to build leads and dispose of squandered promotion spend on failing to meet expectations watchwords.Transformation income following isn't set in the mood for shopping baskets. On the off chance that you have a web based business site, at that point it's conceivable to consequently send income information back to Google Ads so you can ascertain your arrival on venture for every catchphrase. On the off chance that this isn't set up, of course you can not enhance your offers to expand deals and dispense with squandered advertisement spend.Site Call Tracking isn't set up. This implies you don't have the foggiest idea what number of possibilities are calling your business subsequent to tapping on one of your promotions. Along these lines, you can't streamline your offers to drive more calls.Call Extension Tracking isn't set up. This implies you don't have the foggiest idea what number of possibilities are calling your business utilizing the telephone number recorded on the advertisement. Hence, you can't improve your offers to drive a greater amount of these calls.Disconnected Sales Import Conversion following isn't set up. This implies you're not following deals and income from possibilities that click on a promotion, complete a webform and afterward convert to clients by means of telephone or in-person deals. In this way, you can't advance your offers to drive more disconnected deals.In the event that your "check following" light is on, at that point make a move quickly to set up webform change following (and income following on the off chance that you have an internet business site), site call following, call expansion following and disconnected Digital Marketing Company in Atlanta deals import transformation following.Does Your Campaign Need a Tune-Up?Since you've finished the 4 stages above, does your Google Ads crusade need a check up?

Laser Based Technique for Wheel Alignment
 Aaslick tyres  
 13 July 2020  

We always look out for our cars being sturdy and reliable whereas wheels are still sensitive and at risks to potholes and kerbs. When the car hits a kerb, the driver may notice that pulling of the car slightly in one direction or the misappropriate position of the steering wheel which is away from the centralized position. It indicates the front wheels are not properly aligned. This is the right to check them and if necessary can be corrected using laser wheel alignment.What is Laser Wheel Alignment?Laser wheel alignment is an easy process though the name sounds intricate. This method makes sure that the wheels of the vehicle are rested to the optimum position with the help of beams of light to confirm that your car’s wheels are properly aligned. This alignment helps in protecting the vehicle from uneven tyre wear by ensuring that the tyres have more surface area to make contact with the road and improving safety and handling. A technician fixes brackets to the car’s wheels and shines a light from one to others or using an overhead projector to all four wheels. The technician watches whether the wheels are in or out of alignment based on the beams of light fall on a scale. Thus, wheel alignment Kidderminster is checked. To get better accuracy, a computer is used to ensure the position of the light related to the scales. Soon after establishing the degree of misalignment, the suspension is adjusted so that the wheels are set up perfectly once more. How to know a Car Needs a Wheel Alignment?Driving on poor quality roads, excessive wear to steering components, driving over potholes, and hitting the kerb are the major reasons for Wheel Alignment Kidderminster issues. You should always keep your wheel alignment checked periodically that will help you to extend the life of the tyres, promote the safety of the vehicle and increase fuel efficiency. The obvious symptoms of misaligned wheels are:Uneven tyre wearShuddering through the steering wheelWhen the steering wheel is straight still the car pulls to one directionThough the driving is straight, the steering wheel is off-centre (It sometimes happen due to improperly installed steering wheel)The laser wheel alignment checks:A beam of light is used to check if the wheels are set as they should be. It means the wheels are configured to point at exact angles to make sure that the car rolls smoothly. The following angles are checked:Camber: It measures how a vertical tyre is. Once setting it, if it leans slightly towards the wheel arch, then it is known to have negative camber. Another direction indicates positive camber. Caster: The degree of the vehicle steering axis is slanted forward or backward from vertical from the side view. Toe: The direction of the two front wheels point relative to each other.Set back: One wheel on the identical axle is set to further back than the other. Visit more info for other service s like Tyres Kidderminster.

The smart Trick of Pittsburgh Floatation Tank That Nobody is Discussing
 Nadim Mia  
 22 July 2020  

One hour of zero gravity and zero interruptions will minimize the manufacture of cortisol, a worry hormone, leaving us emotion refreshed and serene once the float.Floating helps to promote the body’s own purely natural energy of healing and regeneration. Healthcare disorders which have been demonstrated to reap the benefits of floatation therapy include the subsequent:They final twenty five occasions extended than incandescent bulbs and they’re not fragile, nor prone to split. LEDs have revolutionized lighting in the last twenty years, and created it doable for individuals to harness Risk-free, helpful light therapy in their own individual residences at an inexpensive selling price.I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I wasn't disappointed as well as the owner, Chris is just superb. The area is cleanse, lovely and they’ve considered anything to.Read through himalayan salt room , it’s was mine and my girlfriend’s birthday whenever we went they usually gave use both a gift basket with signed joyful birthday cards after our float. Fantastic individuals� Examine LessSynergy Float Middle is a brand new addition to Old Towne. I've been to other float spas, but This is actually the initial that impressed me from begin to complete. Every little thing from.I have been going through a really really hard time not long ago (in the midst of heartbreaking grief from getting rid of my father) and are trying to focus on self treatment. I've done... Read through MoreI've been going through a extremely tough time a short while ago (inside the midst of heartbreaking grief from dropping my father) and are trying to target self treatment. I've carried out the shut tranquility pod three moments and it's awesome.Extra notes: Synergy is often a veteran owned company which is associated with Pathways for Veterans by furnishing an setting for veterans to operate via their psychological and Bodily wounds. Go through Considerably lessThere was no element missed. It truly is cleanse, the staff are welcoming. It is really peaceful and deeply therapeutic. I'd like to get everybody We all know on board as I have confidence in the many benefits of floating. We experienced a terrific chat While using the proprietor who continued to present us worthwhile information on the many benefits of floating, ingesting structured water as well as the functions guiding the magic. We will not wait around to return subsequent thirty day period. Browse Much lessCrimson light therapy feels so rejuvenating because it stimulates the manufacture of collagen, which gives skin its elasticity, hair its energy, and connective tissue its capacity to hold all the things together. [3] You may go through more details on crimson light therapy escalating all-natural collagen below.A Cochrane (organisation) assessment performed in 2019 states the evidence foundation for light therapy like a cure for avoidance of seasonal affective disorder is restricted.Perspiring in an infrared sauna is a powerful Software for therapeutic and avoidance simply because infrared safely and securely induces short-expression hyperthermia and raises your core temperature enough to eliminate most cancers-resulting in cells, detoxify your body of doubtless carcinogenic heavy metals and toxins, and boost your immune method.It may audio too good to generally be accurate, but substantial proof exhibits that crimson light therapy actually enhances everything the body does.The energy within the infrared ray lights go deep beneath the pores and skin to ensure that it could be absorbed via the further tissue levels.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 9.8
 Dhwani Shah  
 18 April 2020  

Mind Divides - In Gita Verse 9.8 The whole cosmic order is under Me. Under My will it is automatically manifested again and again, and under My will it is annihilated at the end.Krishna is in this verse clearly says that I am process. So do not create dichotomies.Our minds always think in terms of dichotomies. They cannot think without dividing. Whenever we go to think about something, we dissect it, we divide it into two. That is the methodology of the mind. Mind cannot think in terms of Unity, in terms of synthesis. Mind thinks in terms of analysis so everything passing through the prism of the mind becomes divided.Just like the light is one but through a prism it is divided into seven rays, so, too, the prism of the mind divides everything. That is why if you want to know and realize that which is undivided, you have to go beyond mind.Do not use your mind as the instrument. It cannot lead you beyond duality. If you use The mind, there will be a creator and that which has been created. This division is false and because of this false division you create false problems and false theologies. You create problems and then you think about the solutions. Because the problems are false, the solutions are bound to be false.In reality, there are no problems so there is no need of any answer. When you think, there are problems. When you do not think but you realize, there are no problems.So religion is a process to go beyond thinking: to achieve a point in your mind where there is no thinking at all. You are, but without thoughts. You are in a state of mind which can be said to be a state of no-mind, a state of no mental processes.A mind that is not thinking is a mind that is in meditation. That is the meaning of meditation.To meditate means to go beyond your thinking process. The moment you transcend the thinking process, you come to a realization, you come to feel that which is Philosophy cannot exist without thinking and religion cannot exist with thinking. Philosophy thinks. Religion knows.Thinking means a mind that does not know. A blind man can think about the light and go on thinking about it. But he cannot come to any conclusion because he cannot really Think about it. You can only think about something you have known, but when you have known it, there is nothing to think about. That is the dilemma, the predicament.That is the basic puzzle. A person who knows never thinks because there is no need to think. What you know, you know. There is no need to think about it. Only a person who does not know who is ignorant, thinks. But how can you think about what you don't know?A blind man goes on thinking about light, but he cannot really think about it. He cannot imagine it, he cannot dream about it, because he has not known it. Light is foreign to him. A blind man cannot even think about the darkness because, even to know darkness, eyes are needed. Without eyes you cannot know the darkness: a blind man knows neither the darkness nor the light.Ordinarily we think that a blind man lives in darkness. No, their is no darkness for a blind man.Darkness is as much a perception of the eyes as the light. You cannot say to a blind man that light is opposite to darkness because that, too, will be unintelligible to him. A blind man can know light only by becoming able to see. Thinking cannot become seeing.In reference to this, one thing must be said. In India we have called philosophy darshan. Darshan means seeing. We have not called philosophy 'thinking'; we have called it 'seeing'. In Europe the term ‘philosophy’ carries another connotation. ‘Philosophy’ means love of knowing, love of thinking.There is no parallel term in western languages for darshan.We cannot translate the word ‘philosophy’ into any Indian language. Our term is darshan. It means seeing. Not thinking, but seeing.Seeing comes not through the mind but at the moment the mind is annihilated, the moment the mind is not, the moment the mind ceases. Every type of seeing - either of science or of philosophy or of religion - is an outcome of the state of no-mind.We have known the example of Archimedes. He was thinking and thinking, and came to no conclusion. Then he was lying in his bathtub. Suddenly something was seen. He ran out of his house naked. He had seen something and he ran into the street crying, “Eureka, eureka! I've found it, I’ve found it! I’ve achieved!”If you ask an Einstein or a Picasso or a Hesse, they too will say that something has been seen.Whether in poetry or in painting or in scientific discovery, something is seen. And the moment of seeing is not the moment of brooding, the moment of seeing is not the moment of logical thinking.Logical thinking is held in abeyance. The logical mind is not working and suddenly something overpowers you. Something comes to you, or you go somewhere - somewhere beyond the human limits. Then you know; knowing is there.Krishna says - So do not create dichotomies. First you create dichotomies, then you create problems, then you go on solving them. And then of course, as a logical consequence, theologies are created and there are theologians, teachers, professors, gurus, and the whole nonsense, the whole nuisance. So to Krishna, there is no problem. The problem itself is false.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 4.16
 Dhwani Shah  
 9 November 2019  

Liberation From Karma - In Gita Verse 4.16 Even the intelligent are bewildered in determining what is action and what is inaction. Now I shall explain to you what action is, knowing which you shall be liberated from all misfortune.Krishna tells now Arjuna even the person who are intelligent means person of wisdom, who has experience the vastness of the self, by not getting stuck into the objective or subjective world are also find themselves bewildered - means when they become flow and not got stuck in either objective or subjective world they become empty of both outer and inner. Many times when they pass through this phase they get bewildered.Krishna tells Arjuna so I will explain to you why right now you are bewildered.In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.22, I have explained Action, Inaction and Non-Action.In this verse I will write how one can act without any expectation of fruits. As this kind of action can be acted only when we respond to the present moment. Like for Arjuna in that moment it was war in the objective world to respond to that moment and take action from subjective world without getting stuck to either of the world is Inaction.This can be acted - only if you can be silent, and if you can transcend mind and your consciousness can grow, it does not matter what you are doing; your actions are not counted at all, only your consciousness. As you become silent, as you become conscious, your actions start changing - but not vice versa. You can change your actions, but that will not make you more conscious. You become more conscious, and your actions will change - that's absolutely simple and scientific.It is not a question of reward or punishment. It is simply your consciousness, your silence, your peace, which makes you look so far away and so deep into everything that you do. You cannot do harm to anybody; you cannot be violent, you cannot be angry, you cannot be greedy, you cannot be ambitious. Your consciousness has given you so much blissfulness ... what can greed give you accept anxieties? What can ambition give you? Just a continuous struggle to reach higher on some ladder.As your consciousness becomes more settled, all your life patterns change. What religions have called sin will disappear from your life, and what they have called virtue will automatically flow from your being, from your action. But they have been doing just vice versa: first change the acts. It is as if you are in a dark house and you are stumbling over furniture and things, and you are told that unless you stop stumbling, light is not possible. What I am saying is, bring light in and stumbling will disappear, because when there is light why should you stumble over things? Every time you stumble, every time you hit your head on the wall, it hurts. It is a punishment in itself - a wrong act is a punishment in itself; there is nobody recording your acts. And every beautiful action is a reward unto itself.But first bring this light in your life. Meditation is an effort to bring this light and to bring this joy and to bring silence and to bring blissfulness.Krishna asked Arjuna to become fluide. Be fluid be in objective world but turn into your subjective world, again turn into your objective world and turn into subjective world. Be constant flow, immediately you will calm down you will be silent, without any ripples of doing and non-doing you will be able to act. This action will liberate you from all your misfortune or your Karma.

Build You Secure In Night Hours With Led Bicycle Lights
 Nadim Mia  
 2 August 2020  

It is Christmas time - the time of event and presents, the time of terrific lights. Many people on the planet use LED lights as their choice of ornamental lights. I do hope that you too follow fit- they are the very best option for you. I will tell you why.It has got some great Features like- FM Radio, FM Recording, Voice Recording, View Video, Play Game, Adjustable Play Speed, Album Art, Lyric Display, Wallpaper, Text to Speech (EmoDio - Available Language: Korean, English).Watch your lighting. Have you heard the stating "The actor is merely a routine person with simply better lighting". Lighting can make a major distinction with your web quality. Attempt to keep away from direct, overhead lighting as this will cast a show over your face. The majority of electronic cameras do well in decent lighting conditions. Likewise, an area light originating from behind can affect the shot and can blind you and the lens. I find natural light coming from a neighboring window works best. If you require indoor lighting, there are many low-cost wholesale led downlight your can acquire for twenty dollars or two that you can prop up on a neighboring table or tripod that can do incredible lighting under darker conditions.EasyBloom allows you to stick a light, humidity, soil wetness adn temperature sensing unit into the ground where you leave it for 24 hr so that a complete day can be recorded for patterns. Later on, eliminate EasyBoom from the soil - and I believe it would be an excellent idea to wipe it tidy prior to connecting the USB port to your computer. Data synchronizes with the database offered by EasyBoom where 5,000 plant species are represented together with their requirements so the device can help you assist plants grow. Just $60, it runs on AAA batteries and is suitable with most PCs - and soon Macs will be supported as well. It can be used limitless times and would make a terrific present for a techno-gardener friend.People frequently make the mistake of thinking that brand-new underfloor, glowing heating or main vacuuming system alone can sell a residential or commercial property. Meanwhile, they haven't remembered to repair shutters or to paint any old surfaces. Potential buyers are sure to discover these issues and will leave your house thinking it is a handyman's special. Keep in mind, that people do get initially impressions and they stick to your house.Also the bigger the screen the less portable the monitor is. Lots of moms and dads prefer to have a portable moms and dad system that they can tote around easily within their hand or put on a table-top. If you're constantly on the transfer then you need to check out a display that has a read more belt clip so that you can connect it to your pocket, waistband or belt. Numerous have kick out stands to assist you quickly stand it on an other or table-top surface.Hanging cute Christmas stockings make great decors too for your Christmas design. You can eliminate papers or materials fits of stockings or candy walking canes, have them colored by the kids and stick them all around the space to include that joyful discuss Christmas.You can even get an LED plant light in various styles to fulfill any visual needs you may have. Some included added features too. Some lights feature stands so that you can point them to the instructions you desire. You can even set the intensity of light and the temperature produced by the lights. With a little bit of searching you'll have the ability to find the ideal Led plant lights for your gardening needs.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 3.27
 Dhwani Shah  
 3 October 2019  

Self-Realization - In Gita Verse 3.27 The spirit soul bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three modes of material nature.Krishna when says to Arjuna that how our Ego makes us unconscious. As conscious person like you also can become unconscious within no time.Everyone needs to be self-alert, self-conscious even in the sleep also. In my Bhagavad Gita Verse 2.69, I have wrote regarding Yoga Nidra.This question arises in our mind - What can we do from our side to surrender the ego, when this wanting to surrender it is, in itself, an intrinsic part?This question arises because we think that we are doer, karta.The ego is a puzzle. It is something like darkness – which you can see, which you can feel, which can obstruct your way but which does not exist. It has no positivity. It is simply an absence, an absence of light. The ego does not exist – how can you surrender it? The ego is only an absence of awareness.The room is full of darkness; you want the darkness to leave the room. You can do everything in your power – push it out, beat it out – but you are not going to succeed. Strangely enough, you will be defeated by something which does not exist. Exhausted, your mind will say the darkness is so powerful that it is not within your capacity to dispel it, to expel it. But that conclusion is not right. Just a small candle has to be brought in. You don’t have to expel the darkness. You don’t have to fight with it – that is sheer stupidity. Just bring in a small candle, and the darkness is not found anymore. Not that it goes out – it cannot go out, because in the first place it does not exist. Neither was it in, nor does it go out.To bring the candle we need our intelligence, we have to drop all our ideology, interpretations, judgements, then only we can become aware to bring the candle. Otherwise with our intellect and logic mind we will just go on fighting with darkness.The light comes in, the light goes out; it has positive existence. You can light a candle and there is no darkness; you can blow out the candle and there is darkness. To do anything with darkness, you will have to do something with light – very strange, very illogical, but what can you do? Such is the nature of things. You cannot surrender ego, because it does not exist. You can bring a little awareness, a little consciousness, a little light. Forget completely about the ego; concentrate totally on bringing alertness into your being. And the moment your consciousness has become a flame, concentrated, you will not be able to find the ego.So you cannot surrender when you are unaware and you cannot surrender when you are aware. The ignorant cannot surrender. And the wise man cannot even think of surrendering it, because it does not exist.Ego is a mirage – it only appears to be. And when you are fast asleep spiritually, it is tremendously strong; naturally it creates problems for you. Your whole misery is created by it, your tensions, your anxieties. Your ego brings the whole hell into your life. Naturally you want to surrender it. And there are religious priests, teachers all over the world telling you how to surrender it.Anybody who tells you how to surrender the ego is an idiot. He does not know anything about the nature of the ego, but he will look rational to you; he will be convincing. He will be appealing because he is speaking your own thinking aloud. He is your spokesman – this is what your mind says. He is more articulate than you are, and he brings all kinds of supportive arguments and proofs and quotations from scriptures, and they all say, “Unless you drop the ego you cannot attain to self-realization.” Naturally, nobody objects to such people. But the reality is just vice versa: it is not that you surrender the ego and the self-realization happens, no. The self-realization happens first, and then you cannot find the ego. That is its surrender.Krishna says it is very easy to fall and prey of ego, as many people will give you approval but to be self-alert you will be alone. Nobody can approve it. Only from your trust in yourself you can act through self-consciousness. Once from your realization if you act you will realize that you are not Karta but part of the whole. In your aloneness, and trust in yourself you will realize as you are past of you. As soon as this realization come all the misery which is result of unconsciousness will disappear.