House plants are important feng shui tools to activate positive energy in the house and office along with purifying the air.People only think that the Lucky Bamboo is the only feng shui plant but there are several other plants which  activate positive energy in the house. Living plants are best to create positive energy ,sometimes silk plants can be used.

There are 4 main ways to use plants in feng shui, they are--

Counteract negative energy- a plant should be placed three feet away from the computer to counter electromagnetic radiation

Connect with outside world--plants soften the straight lines and angles in homes and offices so  plants with round leaves should be used for this.

Raise a low ceiling--place tall plants in corners of rooms with sloped ceilings or heavy exposed beams to offset symbolic heaviness

Balance the water element--use plants in bathrooms and laundry areas to dry up excess water and balance the energy


Lucky Bamboo plant used in --kitchens and bathrooms 

Philodendron-grows well in natural and artificial light,it has heart shaped leaves and represents the fire element and adds emotion to a cold and dark room.

Peace-Lily-grows in artificial light,has white flowers and is good for office and home

Ficus-it helps to remove formaldehyde,benzene and ammonia from the air.

Palm-act as dividers for a room and remove xylene and formaldehyde from carpets

Rubber Plant-they are auspicious as they have round leaves and should be put in the wealth area of the house

English Ivy--softens poison-arrows and removes benzene and formaldehyde from the house

Boston Fern--it should be used at the entrance as a greeter and can be used as a welcoming plant

Spider Plant-filters carbon -monoxide,xylene and formaldehyde when placed near a fire stove

African Violet-the rounded leaves symbolize wealth and should be put in wealth area