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Here are some pro tips and tricks of becoming an expert in candid wedding photography.

1. Use proper equipment: Since candid photography differs from traditional photography, the equipment also differs.

  • Camera- Any digital camera is suitable, but it should have high ISO (film speed) so that you can take great photos even in low light locations and scenes.
  • Bounce Flash- Use of flash is not recommended in the candid wedding as it startles the subject, it is best to use a bounce flash which diverts the flash to surrounding walls and ceilings to create a natural light effect.
  • Diffuser- It is used to disperse the flash and make it less harsh and noticeable.
  • Memory cards- In candid wedding photography, you will be taking a lot of photos in order to get the best shots. Memory cards will prevent a space crunch and will make sorting of photos easier. Always keep more than 3 memory cards with you.
  • Tripod- For better stability of photos always makes sure to include a Tripod in your auxiliaries. It is also beneficial in low light conditions.
  • Back up batteries- Lots of photos means lots of power consumption. You might miss the moments if your camera does not have power. Always keep 4 sets of spare batteries.
  • Long Lens- Lets you capture great photos, even from a far distance. We recommend 50 mm, 24-70 mm and 70-200 mm.

2. Use the long-focus lens and no flash

The further away you are from your subject, the less aware and more natural they will be. Candid wedding photography is all about capturing natural and true smiles and occasional tears.

A flash surprises or awakes the subject in focus making them aware of the camera around them and thus natural reactions don’t get captured. Use flash only when absolutely necessary. Also, long focal lenses are your best buddy if your subject is at a distance. The camera lens has a focal length that is more than the diagonal measure of the sensor that receives the image. This magnifies the subject at a distance, creating beautiful pictures. The long-focus lens is a must-have auxiliary for all candid wedding photography services it helps you capture the subject even from a distance.

3. Switch your angles to make the most of every moment

The key to capturing good candid pictures at a wedding function is to know which angles to use. There are going to be a number of picture-worthy moments at the event. Some might happen at the stage while some may just happen to have the cocktails or snacks. A candid photographer has to make sure to capture the best of these. Switch your angles to make the most of these moments and try to find angles that can add depth to your wedding pictures. 

4. Using the burst mode

Burst mode is used for continuous shooting or high-speed shooting when the photographer wants to shoot multiple clicks without missing any and is hence ideal for candid photography. In this mode, you can click several times in a second. It is a well-proven fact that multiple clicks give you better results as compared to unilateral.