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Your search for Flower Delivery Chennai,
Midnight Cake Delivery - Florist Chennai
 Florist Chennai  
 28 January 2020  

Imagine how amazing when your loved shows their love with mouthwatering cake and a bunch of delightful blossoming flowers at doorsteps while on your birthday or any special occasions. Even if they arrived at the right time at midnight of your birthday, what else can fulfill your day than this kind of surprise.If you are looking to give this surprise, look no further, we are here to do that for you by midnight birthday cake delivery in Chennai and all over the city.Why Florist Chennai Special for Midnight cake delivery in Chennai?Dedicated midnight transport group that reaches your doorstep before your clock strikes 12 am.It makes you be the first one to wish your beloved ones special occasion.Never miss your beloved one's birthday from now.Trusted and dedicated team for all kinds of online cake delivery in Chennai.Delivery on-time.A wide range of Cakes varieties is available.Reason prices.Send melt in mouth cakes and chocolate.Customization on cakes flavours and styles available.Sugar-Free cakes and Diet Cakes are also available.Easy to order, just in one tap away.Available Service:Also, search us for Flower delivery in Chennai.Bouquet delivery in Chennai.Cake delivery in Chennai.Same-day delivery within 3-4 hoursFinally, hereafter You don’t need to keep track of your order every single hour or a day. As promised by our florist in Chennai, they make sure to deliver your order at the right time and keeps you updated about processing, shipping, and delivering of flowers via texts or emails. Contact Florist Chennai for the big relief from the headache of tracking your order endlessly for days.For Visit Our Services at: https://www.floristchennai.com/online-cake-delivery-chennaihttps://www.floristchennai.com/Midnight-Delivery/midnight-cake-deliveryFollow us :Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/floristchennaionline/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/chennai_florist Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/floristchennai12/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/floristchennai7/ 

5 Most Romantic Flowers For Your Partner
 sharad namdev  
 4 February 2020  

5 Most Romantic Flowers For Your PartnerFlowers always play an important role, no matter the occasion. Whether you are planning to surprise your love on Valentine's Day. Flowers or maybe you want to surprise your husband or wife at the office with the bunch of roses, and then don’t worry with Flowera we’ve got you covered with the best online flowers delivery in Bhopal.If you bring flowers for your girlfriend, it'll make her extremely happy and romantic. Flowers do speak what words are unable to. Flowers are enough to make the special person in your life to understand your importance. An expensive gift falls short in front of a bunch of flowers. Flowers strengthen the bond between lovers and ensure a long time relationship. Flowers are always the best medium for expressing love and care.ROSERose is the most common and popular flower. The red rose is the symbol of beauty, passion, desire and romantic love. A dozen red roses boldly declare, "I Love You" while single red roses communicate devotion and loyalty. Red Roses are the most popular flowers on Valentine's Day.TULIPRed Tulip is perfect for expressing your emotion towards your partner or to anyone. Tulip is one of the best flowers to show your loyalty towards your partner and the sign of love and care.CARNATIONCarnation symbolizes love and affection. This flower comes in different colour and every colour has its own meaning as white symbolizes good luck and pure love, red light symbolizes admiration, while dark red represents deep love and affection.ORCHIDSOrchid is the most highly desired of ornamental plant. White Orchid represents innocence and purity, elegance and beauty. Purple orchid symbolizes perfection and admiration. While Yellow orchid represents friendship. If you want to surprise your beloved ones you can send online flowers to Bhopal if someone your loved ones lived in Bhopal.DAISY This flower symbolizes love and innocence. Freya is a goddess of love, beauty and fertility and such as the daisy came by symbolize childbirth. Sometimes daisies are given to congratulate new mother.

New and Beautiful Gifts for your loved ones
 china flowers  
 9 October 2019  

In the event that your friends and family birthday is showing up and you are particularly enthusiastic about astonishing them, at that point this article is for you. The freshest thing on earth is blossoms. Blossoms are viewed as the most and valuable thing with lovely, Aroma scent and positive vibes around their quality.These blossoms will be the ideal present for your adored one. In the event that you need to convey or request blossoms from china, here you can locate the best online botanical shop in china. So with no further due let us bounce legitimately into the article. Select the best One On the off chance that you have caused your psyche to show probably the most delightful blooms to your cherished one, at that point you to can locate the best online flower sites. These sites enable you to redo your request. When you found the customization request. You can redo your request dependent on your adored one's taste. These sites give cakes gems chocolates and numerous other charming gifting alternatives alongside roses. In the wake of putting in the request you can check for home conveyance choice. These sites convey client's structure on interest in 1 Business day here and there if the is nearer to them conveyed inside a similar business day of request. In the event that you are a vendor, you can likewise send flowers to china utilizing these sites. Various kinds of Flowers On the off chance that you need to some China flowers there are numerous sites which offer you the best blooms straightforwardly picked from the Gardens. These site likewise comprise of most excellent blossoms from various nations around the globe. The blooms additionally have a place with various animal categories. Before choosing the best site to request blossoms certain criteria ought to be considered. The seller ought to have the best quality blossoms the bloom ought to be naturally arranged and give and basic customization alternative to their client the home conveyance choice is an additional preferred position for every one of the sites on the off chance that every one of these criteria are fulfilled, at that point you can think about the specialist co-op. ConclusionOn the off chance that you are looking for a specialist organization, at that point you can discover one of them here. The specialist organization gives you the best and the newly picked blossoms from Garden for customization alternative the home conveyance procedure is very soon and doesn't takes more than 1 Business day. You can visit them here.

Top 5 Gorgeous Winter Blooms For Your Garden
 Priya Negi  
 29 November 2019  

Winter is the season of love and laughter, and thus it is hugely awaited. Bright sweaters, steaming tea or coffee, delicious sweets made with dry fruits and jaggery are some of the things that show winter is here. Another best feature of this season is the vivacious blooms that found in various parts of the country and enhance the natural beauty of the globe. These winter beauties are not only the fabulous gift for winter festivities but also add much charm to your home and garden. Placing bright flowers at the study table, at the dinner table, and at your office table would bring more focus, creativity, and positivity. Are you planning to brighten up your garden with winter blooms? If yes! Then you have made the right decision because these winter flowering plants will bring a touch of color to your garden and make the aura gorgeous. Garden not only enhances the beauty of the home but also cleans and purifies the surrounding air. The evergreen beauty and unique fragrance of flowers have the power to uplift the mood of a person just in a few seconds, calm your mind, and awaken your senses. There are many florists in Bhopal,Pune and other parts of the globe that provides you these winter beauties in a unique style.Here are some of the beautiful winter blooms that you must bring to your garden:Gerbera Daisies:Gerbera Daisies is another winter bloom that has roots in South Africa. These flowers are available in all colors except blue. So, brighten up your garden with these beauties. It is the symbol of a beautiful and happy life. Gerbera daisies are also the best floral gift for your loved ones. Each color of its has a different deep meaning like orange color means you are sunshine of my life, red symbolizes love, yellow means cheerfulness, etc. So surprise your loved one with these gorgeous blooms, who is residing in Charminar by sending it to their doorstep using online flower delivery in Bhopal of different flower portals. They will jump with joy on receiving these blooms from your side.Ranunculus:Ranunculus is a combination of two Latin words; first, Rana means frogs, and other unculus means little. It looks like roses, but its petals are thinner. These beauties grow along the streams where there are many little frogs. These flowering plants are also best to enhance the beauty of your garden. You can pluck this ranunculus from your garden and put in the bowl of water to keep them floating. It gives a different look to your home. These flowers also represent charm and attractiveness. If you want to send this flower to your special ones who lives in Bhopal, thenorder flower online in Bhopal and send it to their doorstep. This practice brings your loved ones closer to you and makes them feel that they are special for you.Poppies:Poppies are one of the winter wildflowers that are popular in the united states of America. These flowers come in a variety of colors like purple, red, white, orange, pink, yellow, etc. and enhances the beauty of aura. These flowers are easy to grow as they can bloom along roadside ditches and do not require much care. Poppy flowers have edible seeds that have many medicinal properties like enhance digestion, regulate blood pressure, boost energy, improves brain health, etc. It is also a symbol of beauty, success, messages received in dreams, restful sleep, and recovery. Poppy flowers always remains a great inspiration for poets. So bring these cute, small, and brighter flowers in your garden.  Winter Jasmine:Winter jasmine is one of the winter flowering plants that bloom in January. It is one of the easiest plants to grow in your garden. Winter jasmine does not have any characteristic scents, but they stay green in the winter that brings encouragement in your gorgeous garden. These flowering plants do not have any pest problems, nor it is prone to any plant diseases. It also tolerates any weather or soil type.Roses:Roses are the most widely recognized flower and also a star in the world of flowers. Winter roses are known for their ornamental diversity. These beauties look very fantastic in massed planting and become the excellent ground covers for your garden. So bring these beauties in your garden and brighten up it with a variety of roses. Above mentioned flowers are the gorgeous winter flowers for your garden. So, brighten up your garden with these winter blooms and also make the aura look beautiful and happy.  

Free Classifieds
 Charmi Patel  
 5 March 2019  

Free classifieds has converted me from miserable to satisfied.My father died 2 years back and left me with an old restaurant that my great grandfather started with my grandfather 60 years ago. The restaurant has stood the test of time and still has a very small but loyal customer base who had been eating there for generations, but it has remained pretty much the same since it was started, it gets an occasional paint and repair job once every decade and that's about it. I was a software engineer working with a corporate company, earning around 30 Grand a month, but I wasn't happy with the job, the job was pretty close to modern slavery, and the kind of work I did there wasn't satisfying for the soul.I wanted to take over my father's business, but I knew nothing about restaurants and to make matters worse the restaurant wasn't making enough dough for me to take care of my family's finances, as newer more efficient competitors had cropped up everywhere. I wanted to develop my business, all the banks I approached for a loan were sceptical to say the least as the property that I wanted to attest for the loan, was slowly crumbling into pieces.One fine day I was sitting at my restaurant and  going through all the feasible options available, when I noticed a strange trend, more and more people were starting to get parcels there, instead of walking into a restaurant to eat which made me realize that food is my commodity not the restaurant, so I decided to market my food specially and use the whole restaurant space to start a full-fledged delivery based cloud kitchen. We ran a Kerala cuisine restaurant in Chennai, which was highly in demand, I next wanted to market my product and service in a low but highly effective cost that made me turn toward free classifieds on the internet – Used by millions of people all over India. There are so many portals where one could place free classified ads such as Quikr, Olx, Izydaisy.com to name a few in the World. Within a few months of me placing those free classifieds websites and using the social media to create awareness about my business, orders came rushing into my roof. I previously was just making 20 Grand running the restaurant business but then just in a few months it turned into 70 Grand, later a profitable amount of 100 Grand a month, I had to quit my job, which I wanted to do for a very long time, hire more chefs and delivery men. Our business got so much traction that people even started asking for our franchise. It was my humble opinion that we were not ready for a franchise yet, but we did manage to start another branch on the other end of the city which is also working great with the help of classifieds, and now I have incorporated YouTube marketing to the mix. We now have our own dedicated food channel that drives more consumers to try our products. I have also started learning to cook, I help out in the kitchen occasionally, for the first time there is nothing much to complain about in my life,free classifieds has converted me from miserable to satisfied.

We are the most prominent Kolkata escort agency to take benefit
 15 July 2020  

We are entitled to provide genuineKolkata call girls and therefore we send the photographs of only genuine escorts to our escorts. All our process is quite genuine, authentic as well as transparent and you would be getting full value for the money that you would spend. In addition, you would find the same girl that you saw in the photograph having dazzling figure and sparkling hairs. We believe in trust and quality. We are quite sure that once you have opted for our service, you would be completely satisfied with our escorts in Kolkata.Why choose us?                  We provide a group of good looking, delightful, youthful and knowledgeable girls from throughout the country. You would get wide variety of escorts such us curved to thin, fair to dark, young to grown, outsider to local as per your convenience. We will serve you with best quality so that you remember us all your life. Our Kolkata escorts have a friendly nature that makes it quite easy to comminute to the men who are shy. We also provide you with a superfast service as we help you to engage a meeting with your desirable Kolkata Call girl in a very short span of time. We provide the in call as well as the out call service based on the choice of the customers. We also have pre-saved rooms in the hotel for our clients which would provide the much needed privacy.What we do?Our aim is to make availing of escorts services in Kolkata a rather fast, safe and easy way. Many a times we hear negative stories while people hire a escort service. We eliminate all these and provide a genuine service for all our customers. In addition, you would be getting exactly what you would pay for.Avail the services of top-notch Kolkata escortsDon’t stop yourself! Enjoy the service provided by our call girls. The services and the prices that are charged for it are quite affordable and hence give you the best value for money. The girl of your dream is just a phone call away.  The girls that we provide are quite punctual and well Kolkata organized. So, if you want to spend your time with a beautiful girl, and then get in touch with us and we would assist you for the same.  Hashtag : Kolkata Escorts | Escorts in Kolkata | Kolkata Call GirlsHashtag : Kolkata Escorts | Escorts in Kolkata | Kolkata Call GirlsOther Area Services Provider:- Goa Escorts | Escorts in Goa | Goa Call Girls | Independent Goa Escorts | Goa Escorts Agency | Goa Escorts Services | Escorts Services in Goa | High Class Goa Escorts | VIP Goa EscortsOther Area Services Provider:- Chennai Escorts | Escorts in Chennai | Chennai Call Girls | Independent Chennai Escorts | Chennai Escorts Agency | Chennai Escorts Services | Escorts Services in Chennai | High Class Chennai Escorts | VIP Chennai EscortsOther Area Services Provider:- Jaipur Escorts | Escorts in Jaipur | Jaipur Call Girls | Independent Jaipur Escorts | Jaipur Escorts Agency | Jaipur Escorts Services | Escorts Services in Jaipur | High Class Jaipur Escorts | VIP Jaipur EscortsOther Area Services Provider:- Indore Escorts | Escorts in Indore | Indore Call Girls | Independent Indore Escorts | Indore Escorts Agency | Indore Escorts Services | Escorts Services in Indore | High Class Indore Escorts | VIP Indore EscortsOther Area Services Provider:- Agra Escorts | Escorts in Agra | Agra Call Girls | Independent Agra Escorts | Agra Escorts Agency | Agra Escorts Services | Escorts Services in Agra | High Class Agra Escorts | VIP Agra Escorts

Too Curious Flower
 Dhwani Shah  
 28 February 2019  

Too curious flowerwatching us pass,met death . . .Our hungry donkeyLike flower when our being blooms, we becomes watcher, ego dies and we live in this world without losing individuality.Individuality means your uniqueness — not compared with anybody else. Your incomparable uniqueness: that is individuality. Individuality is beautiful; that's how God has made you — as an individual.Ego is comparison. Ego is your invention. God has not given you any ego; he has certainly given you an individuality.Ego is comparison: you think yourself more intelligent than the other, you think yourself more superior than the other — or inferior. You think yourself more beautiful than the other. Then you are bringing ego in: the moment you compare yourself with somebody, the conclusion that comes out of the comparison is ego.If you stop comparing then you are there — tremendously beautiful and unique. All superiority or inferiority, all anxiety of where I am, where I stand, who is above me and who is below me, are ego problems. The superior person suffers, the inferior suffers; both suffer — because even the superior most cannot have a state where he can be satisfied.Don't compare, there is no need. Comparison is one of the greatest calamities that has fallen on humanity. You are perfect as you are. Love yourself, respect yourself. If you are not going to respect yourself, who is going to respect you. If you are not going to love yourself, who is going to love you? Love yourself, respect yourself — and a person who respects himself never compares. Comparison is a disrespect.To be an egoist is to be very disrespectful towards yourself. To be an individual is perfectly good, but to be egoistic is disrespectful.

Looking to advance your career by learning German language?
 Foreign Classes  
 1 February 2020  

Do you want to learn German for travelling and for further advancement in career? When people from such diverse backgrounds work on a single platform, communication can be a problem. Our German classes in Chennai Program will help employees to easily communicate with people in the office and outside making their life easier. We currently undertake,German Language Training at the cheaper price.Making yourself aware about German language is very beneficial for an individual. Around the globe, there is a demand of people who know German language. Getting to know German from a less reputed institute would be hard but when you join German classes in Chennai offered by Foreign Classes, then you would be able to write, speak, and understand German easily. We have a unique way of teaching methodology, which makes the learning fun and collaborative, which would help the students immensely at wider scale and help them learn the language with ease irrespective of their age and profession.If you want to learn and write Germanlanguage then, it would help you to get a job in many German companies or other foreign companies. The German institute in Chennai would add a value to your resume. The German tourists are thehighest spenders while on a trip to foreign countries. There is a good opportunity in the tourism industry as knowing German would help to guide German tourists.If you are planning to travel to German speaking countries, then learning and speaking German is a good idea. This would be beneficial for the travelling purposes.A student looking to study in German institute in Chennai, should learning German from Foreign classes that is a very good idea to communicate easily in Germany.The best way to get a fluency in German you need to engage more with the German country’s people to earn confident about the German language.Before you visit a German country, you should learn German Language Classes in Chennai. Apart from this, our classrooms are well equipped with audio-video facilities. Practical training with importance on Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing. It is a mandatory skill set to communicate with the native German speaker in country; even if you need to talk with store employees, hotel, and street vendors. Taking a trip to the other countries is incomplete without having experience in German language.

Free Classifieds In Chennai Will Help You In Finding Top Performing Arts Courses
 ravina patel  
 19 December 2019  

I can say this because I have experienced this personally. I had a fear of stage. Yes, I can't perform in front of so many people. If I remember correctly, once I have participated in a drama event in class 7, I think. I don't remember exactly which class I took participation. But, yes before going to stage, I was very threatened and as time passed, I got very nervous. It doesn't matter how nervous I was, I had made up my mind, and went to the stage. You know what, as the performance got over, we got a standing ovation. I was like, really? From that time, I am very thankful to my teacher as she has forced me to take part in the drama.And as time grew, my self-confidence also got increased. After seeing changes in my attitude, my parents also became carefree, and they have decided to put me in some art classes while doing studies. So, I was searching on the internet, and in one forum, someone talked about free classifieds in Chennai portal and told me that it has helped him in finding the best art classes at Anna Nagar in Chennai.I didn't take it seriously, as I haven't heard about it ever. I left that forum, and scroll down to the next page. But didn't feel like yes, I should go with this. Then I thought why not believe that boy? At least search the site, and then decide. Also, that boy stated that it is a free website so there is nothing wrong if at one place it provides me all schools or classes. I gave it a try and found out many ideas which have confused me in which field I needed to go.Seriously, free classifieds in Chennai portal has come up with the list of all performing arts classes. Like, they have listed acting school, dance academy, music classes, drama classes, theater school, and various art academy. Then I got confused that in which field I should try. I have taken advice from my parents and friends. They all have reminded me about the function in which I have participated in drama and suggested me to go for the same.After that, I have considered their advice and compared all the drama classes by browsing the site named – free classifieds in Chennai.Thus, I have found the best drama classes in Teynampet. And that was just a hobby but as time passed, I was enjoying myself and decided to pursue a degree in acting. My mentors and parents have also encouraged me but my parents were not supposed to send me outside Chennai. I tried to convince them, even my friends have also tried. But did not receive a positive response.Then I told my mentor that I won't go out of town to pursue a degree. He has decided to talk with my parents that's why he has called my parents to the academy but did not succeed in it. So, I have browsed the free classifieds in Chennai portal again to find the best acting school in chennai which provides a degree. And touch wood, I have found that and now enjoying acting while living with my parents!!

Best Web Design in Chennai – SEO Freelancer Chennai – FruNext
 Fru Next  
 29 July 2020  

Are you looking for the bestWeb design in chennai, Kumbakonam and  Trichy? Your  search comes to end FruNext is a Web Design and Development Company in India and also offers all types of Website development services across the globe.Our team developed a Fast and reliable Web App for your B2B and B2C. Who we are and what we had done :Frunext will get you to the next Stage in the Modern world. Objective of Frunext to provide complete satisfaction of clients requirements. We are working in various sectors that helps clients to get complete setup for their business. The Frunext carrier started in 2018 still our success is showcase by trusted, On-time delivering Project, 24/7 support, with dedicated teams with expertise in every IT Sectors. The Passion at work are make Frunext to next phase and provide affordable services to all clients.Frunext are having a wide range of creative and technical skills in Website Design and Web Development, Mobile App Development, IOS Application, Web Hosting etc. "Once before Started with a cup of Coffee and see the end of results with happy Weekly based updation are helps to avoid extra consumption of time and avoid redirect path in the wrong Direction. "Trust us and get What did you Expect from Us" App development : We are specialists in creating and structuring both native and hybrid mobile applications. We understand that UI/UX is a major part of user navigations and user experience.Our main goal is to provide a best mobile application that brings good user engagement for your business and retain that users for a long time. We develop Android apps for various devices using programming languages such as Java, Kotlin and many more by Google’s own development tools and guidelines. Frunext brings mobile app with top performance and builds smooth, fast mobile apps optimized for low resource consumption. your mobile app will be able to handle 100,000+ simultaneous users with ease. Digital Marketing:Internet-based life alludes to utilizing at least one of the numerous online stages as of now accessible that were exclusively made to bring like individuals together so as to share normal interests. Web-based life Optimization alludes to the capacity to utilize an assortment of Social Media Sites with a reason to deliver loads of attention about a specific organization/mark/item/occasion that you need to tell individuals about. This incorporates using online networking/video/blogging destinations, social news, just as RSS channels. The reason for utilizing SMO is equivalent to for utilizing SEO – to produce more traffic to your specific site. Our various services such as Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, App Development, SEO Freelancing.Now it's a good time to build your website and get top Google rankings with grow your business by getting more leads.Call Us for Free consultation: +91 8438138137Website: http://www.frunext.com

Arts and Humanities- Prospects and Best Colleges
 Rageshree Sengupta  
 23 May 2019  

India is the country that has given birth to a variety of arts and cultures. The prospects of studying humanities have been increasing by the day. I can confidently say that studying the following streams, even though looked down upon by the Indian society, is a blissful experience. These are the sciences that deal with human beings, society and culture. If you planning a career in social science (any field), you have come to the right place. Let’s unleash the plethora of opportunities and build a dream career for you!1. Architecture:Even though it is often debated if B.Arch is art or a science degree, it is safe to say that it has traits of both. Architecture is the art and science of designing and planning buildings. It requires mathematical proficiency and creative thinking. Planning and architecture have been the very foundation of urban life.Career Prospects:Technical Architect: Information Technology based specifications, models and managementDesign Architect: Creative drawing and planning of the basic structure of the buildingInterior Designing: construction documents, furniture layouts, power and communications, designs, materials and finishes.Top Colleges:Department of Planning and Architecture (Delhi)Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur)Sir JJ College of Architecture (Mumbai)Manipal Institute of Technology (Manipal)Chandigarh College of Architecture (Chandigarh)BIT- Birla Institute of Technology (Mesra)2. Classics:The course on classics is an interdisciplinary study of literature, society and culture of Greeks and Romans (both ancient and modern). It is a popular course in humanities in foreign countries, especially Europe. Study of classics in India can help us understand the dynamics of various ancient civilisations, literature, linguistics, history, archaeology, epics, philosophy, religious studies and so on.Career prospects:Museum and gallery curatorSharing expertise through teaching and research in universitiesSharing subject knowledge in legal firmsJournalism, editorial assistant and content writingTop Colleges:Nalanda University (Rajgir)Serampore University (Kolkata)University of Mumbai (Mumbai)Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh)Madras Christian College (Chennai)3. English Literature:English literature examines various literary works such as prose, poetry, drama etc. It was initially restricted to Britain but today it is one of the most popular choices of social science graduates all over the world. It analyses the growth of literature, Indian, British and American, novels, authors, writing styles and impact of literature in the modern world.Career prospects:Web content writing, digital copywriting, editing, publishing, translating and authorshipJournalism, Social media manager, newspaper and magazine journalistLecturer, education consultant, information officer and tutorTop Colleges:University of Delhi (Delhi)Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)Jamia Millia Islamia University (Delhi)English and Foreign Languages University (Hyderabad)Loyola College (Chennai)4. Fashion & Designing:This course needs no introduction! Many of us aspire to be even half as creative as designers. With multiple career options after a degree, fashion and designing have become one of the most sought after course in India as well as abroad. It mainly focuses on beauty, fashion, costume designing, graphic designing and so on.Career prospects:Fashion designing: costumes, accessories, fabrics, designs, textures and style outfits.Retail buyer: business and management, working in the fashion marketStylist: Picking out the best from a wardrobe/designer’s collection, makeup and hairstylist- magazines, weddings, photographers, models etc.Top Colleges:NIFT – National Institute of Fashion Technology (Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata...)Pearl Academy (Delhi)Symbiosis Institute of Design (Pune)Vogue Institute of Art and Design (Bangalore)5. Fine arts and Performing arts: If your passion is to build a creative career then this is the choice for you. Every moment will be joyous but the rising competition in this field is also a matter of concern. This course needs hard work and perseverance to make it big. Fine arts/Visual arts include drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, film studies, photography, music, poetry, conceptual art etc. Performing arts include theatre, music and dance (western and classical).Career prospects:Broadcasting, film and mediaMusic, dance and theatreScreenwriter, actor, producer etcArts administratorExhibition and graphic designerCommercial art gallery managerTop Colleges:Annamalai University (Tamil Nadu)IPS- Indore Professional Studies Academy (Indore)Savithri Phule Pune UniversityRoyal Global University (Guwahati)Parul Institute of Fine Arts (Vadodara)5. Geography:Human geography mainly covers the study of people, communities, cultures and their interaction with the environment. It is a much sought after course for nature-lovers and graduates who are keen on making a difference in the environment.Career prospects:Cartographer and map illustratorEnvironment consultant, town planner, landscape architect etcRecycling/Conservation officerLecturer or ProfessorTop Colleges:Fergusson College (Pune)Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce (Pune)Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi)University of Delhi (Delhi)6. History & Archaeology:One of the most wondrous branches of social science is the study of the human past, ancient and modern civilisations. While history uses written sources, archaeology focuses on the remains to decipher the events that have occurred in the past. This course helps us understand the implications of history and how it has shaped our unique cultures. This is perhaps the most popular course in social science in foreign countries.Career prospects:Civil service administrator, solicitor and archivistAcademic librarian, journalist and heritage managerLecturing and tutoringTop Colleges:Loyola College (Chennai)Lady Shri Ram College (Delhi)Miranda House College (Delhi)Presidency College (Chennai)Institute of Archaeology (Noida)7. Language and Linguistics:Does your passion tell you to challenge the monotony of your tongue? If yes, this is the best course for you. There are nearly 1,652 languages in India and several others in the world. Ancient languages such as Greek, Latin, Arabic, Sanskrit etc have great prospects in modern society.Career prospects:Teaching English as a foreign languageLexicographerPublishing, copywriting, editing and proofreadingSpeech and language therapistTop Colleges:Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (Hyderabad)Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)University of Calcutta (Kolkata)Aligarh Muslim University (Aligarh)University of Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram)8. Law & Legal Studies:Are you interested in the legal/judicial system of our country? It is time for you to save this world from criminals and law-breaking persons. Let’s discuss LLB and LLM. These courses mainly give you an overview of the laws in the constitution, rights and duties, quantitative analysis and problem solving, judicial system of not only but also other countries and international relations.Career prospects:Paralegal, Arbitrator, Jury consultant, attorney, case managerCivil services administratorLegal analyst and assistant, social activist, legal services director etcA judge or advocateTop Colleges:National Law School of India University (Bangalore)National Law University (Delhi)NALSAR University of Law (Hyderabad)The West Bengal University of Juridical Sciences (Kolkata)The National Law Institute University (Bhopal)ILS- Indian Law Society’s Law College (Pune)9. Philosophy:It consists of classical and contemporary philosophical writings, the nature of truth, knowledge, mindfulness of the soul and body, the difference between right and wrong, the existence of God etc. It represents the poetic form of one’s life.Career prospects:Business, finance, marketing and salesProviding subject knowledge at legal firmsJournalism- newspapers and magazinesTop colleges:Lady Shri Ram College (Delhi)Loyola College (Chennai)Christ University (Bangalore)Miranda House (Delhi)Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)10. Politics and International Relations:India, being one of the largest growing nations in the world, seeks graduates who are willing to take studies relating to the position of India with respect to other countries. This course requires extensive knowledge of current affairs, the political and legal system, different national and international organisations, economic development, and trade relations with other countries and so on.Career prospects:Legal consultant and policy analystLegislative assistantPublic relations specialist and social researcherMarket research analystCivil service fast streamerTop Colleges:Jawaharlal Nehru University (Delhi)Jadavpur University (Kolkata)Christ University (Bangalore)South Asian University (Delhi)Madras Christian College (Chennai)11. Psychology:The human mind often baffles us. In this modern world, it is very important to know what goes on in that little device of ours. Psychology helps us learn and examine the various clinical, behavioural and emotional aspects of the human brain. It is a highly recommended career choice for most social science graduates.Career prospects:Psychiatrist, career counsellor, probation and parole officerAdvertising agent and market researcherHuman resources professionalLaboratory AssistantTop Colleges:Lady Shri Ram College (Delhi)Jesus and Mary College (Delhi)St. Xavier's College (Mumbai)Presidency College (Chennai)Christ University (Bangalore)Mithibai College of Arts (Mumbai)Gargi College (Delhi)12. Social work:Is caring for humanity your most cherished skill? If helping and assisting others in need gives you pleasure then this is the perfect course for you. It gives you an opportunity to learn the technical aspects of social work. It includes cultural diversity, social institutions, underprivileged groups, human behaviour and education.Career prospects:Nursing in hospitals and clinics, medical and psychiatric social work- mental health counsellor, family/marriage therapist, speech pathologist etcChild welfare services and health educatorSocial/Community Service ManagerTop Colleges:Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai)University of Delhi (Delhi)Rajagiri College for Social Sciences (Kochi)Loyola College (Chennai)Christ University (Bangalore)13. Sociology & Anthropology:A course in sociology/anthropology will give you the ultimate guide to the knowledge of human society.  It comprises family, education, religion, social institutions and associations, culture and traditions of the society etc. It is highly sought after course in India and other countries.Career prospects:Guidance counsellor and journalismHuman Resources Representative, lawyer, policy analyst, social activism etcManagement consultant, public policy analyst, market research analyst and media plannerHuman services administration, social work, education and law enforcementTop Colleges:Loyola College (Chennai)Miranda College (Delhi)Christ University (Bangalore)Hindu College (Delhi)Hansraj College (Delhi)Punjab University (Chandigarh)Ashoka University (Sonipat)

Bhagavad Gita Verse 8.4
 Dhwani Shah  
 17 March 2020  

It Is Eternal - In Gita Verse 8.4 O best of the embodied beings, the physical nature, which is constantly changing, is called adhibhūta [the material manifestation]. The universal form of the Lord, which includes all the demigods, like those of the sun and moon, is called adhidaiva. And I, the Supreme Lord, represented as the Supersoul in the heart of every embodied being, am called adhiyajña [the Lord of sacrifice].Try to understand what Krishna is saying. He says that whatever comes and goes are form, including sun, moon or what we call demigod. They all are form but the existence which is always there is formless. This formless is present in every form.It will be easy to understand this verse by LaO Tzu’s this sutra:NEITHER BY ITS RISING IS THERE LIGHT, NOR BY ITS SINKING IS THERE DARKNESS.UNCEASING, CONTINUOUS, IT CANNOT BE DEFINED.IT REVERTS AGAIN TO THE REALM OF NOTHINGNESS.THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED THE FORM OF THE FORMLESS; THE IMAGE OF NOTHINGNESS. THAT IS WHY IT IS CALLED ELUSIVE.MEET IT AND YOU DO NOT SEE ITS FACE.FOLLOW IT AND YOU DO NOT SEE ITS BACK.HE WHO HOLDS FAST TO THE TAO OF OLD, IN ORDER TO MANAGE THE AFFAIRS OF NOW, IS ABLE TO KNOW THE PRIMEVAL BEGINNINGS, WHICH ARE THE CONTINUITY (TRADITION) OF TAO.The flowers bloom in the morning and wither in the evening. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. There is birth and it ends in death. Each happening has a beginning and an end.But existence always is. There is no morning, nor evening for existence, neither birth nor death. In this sutra, Lao Tzu tells us about the beginningless, infinite continuity of the nature of existence, that is beyond both birth and death.Whatever we know, we can encircle within a limit. On one end of this boundary there lies its beginning, and on the other, its end. All that can be confined within boundaries can be defined.Definition can only mean that which we can encircle within our thoughts. But it is impossible to define that which has no beginning and no end, for the simple reason that we cannot confine it within the circumference of our thoughts. From where should we draw the line and where should we end it? Therefore, existence can never be defined. Existential objects can be defined, but not existence itself.Let us understand it in this way. This sutra is rather difficult, so we shall have to unfold its secret from many sides. We see a flower and we say it is beautiful. The moon comes out in the sky and we say it is beautiful; we like a face and we say it is beautiful; some music touches the chord of our heart and we say it is beautiful. But have you ever seen beauty? Some song is beautiful, some flower is beautiful, some star in the sky. You have seen things that are beautiful, but have you seen beauty itself? Then, a difficulty arises. If you have never seen beauty, how can you say a certain thing is beautiful? You see beauty in a flower, but you have never seen beauty itself. The beauty of a flower blooms in the morning and withers by dusk. A face appears beautiful today, but tomorrow the beauty vanishes. That which is here today is lost tomorrow: that which you saw in the morning is gone by the evening. Have you seen 'that' apart from the objects? Have you ever seen pure beauty? You have seen beautiful things but not beauty.The flower can be defined - it has its own form, its own shape, its own marks of recognition. But beauty itself cannot be defined. It has no boundaries, it has no form, no marks of recognition. And yet we recognise it, or else how can we say the flower is beautiful? But if the flower alone is beautiful, the moon at night cannot also be beautiful, because what is there in common between the flower and the moon? This means that beauty is that which is in a flower, in the moon, in the eyes and yet apart - it is something different from all these. The eyes that looked beautiful a moment ago look hard and ugly with anger a moment later. The same eyes that looked beautiful, now are ugly - something has been lost. This proves that beauty is not a flower or the moon or the eyes; beauty is something else. Have you met it face to face? Never.We have never seen beauty, never known it, therefore beauty cannot be defined. And yet, we recognise beauty. When the mystery of beauty enters the flower, when its smoothness and tenderness permeates within it, we say the flower is lovely. When this same mystery enters into the eyes of someone, the eyes appear beautiful. When the same mystery manifests within the notes of a melody, it sounds sweet to the ears. But what is this beauty, this loveliness? The flower can be defined, so can the moon and the eyes, but what is beauty? It is indefinable. Why? Why can we not define beauty?We know what beauty is. We come across it on some unknown path. It enters our heart in some unknown way and it thrills our soul in some unknown manner. And yet, we do not know what it is. Whenever the intellect tries to grasp it we find it is lost. It is somewhat like this. Darkness fills a room. We take a lamp to see where darkness is - and it is lost! Wherever the boundless is, if we approach it with our intellect, it disappears. The intellect can only recognise things within its boundaries. The intellect can only know that which is bounded. A thing can come within the grasp of our understanding only when the intellect can decide its limits - only when it can form its periphery and divide it in parts. It is, therefore, that the intellect goes on dividing things into smaller and smaller sections. The smaller the fraction, the deeper is the understanding.The intellect is keen to divide even these further; because the smaller the thing, the better it can be examined and defined. The bigger the expanse, the less possible it is for the eyes to Find its ends; and when the intellect cannot measure, it falls into difficulties and goes astray.Says Lao Tzu, “Nothing is illumined when it appears, and nothing is darkened when it disappears.”Krishna says - Such is the imperishable, uninterrupted mystery which defies all definitions. It always is; it is eternal.

Who provides high standard full body massage services in Chennai
 Charmi Patel  
 15 November 2019  

Body massage is a general term that describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reduces stress, increases blood and lymph circulation, and work on a specific problem such as a frozen shoulder. If you are also feeling tired, trust me, body massage services in Chennai is working as a pain killer.Are you excited to know the name of the massage center that helped me get to relax and energized? It is Herbal Massage Center located in Valmiki Nagar. They greeted me with a warm welcome and with a refreshing lemon juice, which was quite a relief for my stomach that seemed to be stirring acid that day.I then spent some time with the menu and after some back and forth, we decided on a high-pressure body massage services in Chennai that includes a scrub and wrap. My designated masseuse is a pretty lady Nancy from the North-East and she embodies everything that the leading massage center stands for. She helped me release rigid tissues, relax my mind and restores and rejuvenate my energy, bombing all the stress and releasing my chakras, allowing them to breathe again.They are offering different kind of treatments for mothers to be and new mothers, and even massages that will help combat jet lag. The massage used her strong fingers to ease the knots out of my back, paying special attention to my lower back and shoulders as I had requested. She was aware of my needs and made sure I felt like a princess, pampered and spoilt, and wanting nothing but to be buried in a soft bathrobe. She finished a round of strenuous massaging and then graduated to a rigorous body scrub. That grainy feel against my skin was refreshing and made me feel like I had been cleansed right from within my pores. My skin was coated up with a soft, creamy lotion and I was left alone, wrapped in a soft cocoon.The lady then tiptoed into my room and let me out of there into the shower, and the water washed over me like a ritual leaving my skin fresh, and supple. You can indulge in the luxury of body massage services in Chennai inspired by Ayurveda, Thai therapies, Western Therapies, and Holistic traditions.The spa incorporates techniques from Indian, Asian, and Western practice to offer large body massage services in Chennai at competitive prices. The services are categorized as Spa Packages, Spa Massages, Spa Facials, Body Wraps, and Body Scrubs with Pedicure and Manicure. You can take your pick from the verities of soothing massages, such as the exotic Total Reincarnation Program, a four and half hour treatments that include full body scrub, body wrap, a signature facial, and an advanced body therapeutic massage with a break for special spa snacks in between. So, as you have seen my experience was mind-blowing and I am definitely going to visit this spa once again. But hey, who has referred me to this spa? Well, it’s not who, it’s where? Where I have found this thrilling massage center? As soon as I got thought of getting a massage, I searched on google best body massage providers and it showed, one classified portal called izydaisy, I clicked on it and guess what I found the whole list of massage centers, all at one place. I was impressed and shortlisted 2-3 spas from which I decided to go with this one and not regret choosing it.

Explore the beauty of the hill station in Tamil Nadu this Holiday
 Chandrika Prasad  
 2 July 2019  

Tamil Nadu is the capital of Chennai and is one of the largest states in Chennai and the eleventh largest state in India. It is geographically located in the southernmost part of the Indian peninsula surrounded by the union territory of Debauchery and some of the south Indian states. The state has a number of historic buildings which makes it a suitable tourist destination. The beauty of the hill stations here is adorable. It is even a home for the various world heritage sites as well as is a multi-religious pilgrimage site. Moreover, it is a perfect tourist destination where you can experience the true essence of your holidays and explore the rich cultural heritage in terms of dance, music, literature, theater as well as other art forms.Do you want to have a wonderful holiday and a great experience? If your answer to this question is yes and you want to explore the beauty and the cultural heritage of the eleventh largest state (in terms of area) then here you go. You can opt for the Tamilnadu Tour Packages in which you are provided with all your necessity. The tour packages available for you provide you with all the facilities which include the food, lodging along with a representative who can guide you to your destination. The tour packages provide you with all the necessary arrangements which are vital to spend a quality time in Tamil Nadu and have a wonderful experience.Temples in Tamil NaduBesides, being a famous tourist destination Tamil Nadu is also famous for it being a multi-religious pilgrim site. The beauty of the different monastery and temples in Tamil Nadu is adorable. However, if you are visiting any such pilgrim site then the Arupadai Veedu Temple Tour Package from Chennaiis just perfect for you. The temple tour packages make it easy for you to spend your leisure time in the temples. Opting for such packages ensures that you are stress free as it avoids worrying about the food, lodging, transport and other facilities. Moreover, if you visit Tamil Nadu with the only motive of going to the temples then you must visit the Thirumanancheri temple which is the most beautiful temple in the world. In such a case the Navagraha Temple Tour Package Chennai will be more effective for you.If you are busy finding a suitable destination to spend your holidays you must prefer to visit Tamil Nadu and explore the dynamic beauty of the place. It is the most suitable tourist destination especially when you opt for any travel tour packages. The travel tour makes your visit even more effective.

Trending Flower Jewellery Styles For Haldi
 kk sharma  
 5 May 2020  

Floral jewellery is the hottest trend right now. It not only looks beautiful but it’s very lightweight hence easy to carry as well.Talking about which, check out this list of trending flower jewellery for haldi.Chunky Floral Earrings: This is the trendiest style of jewellery for Haldi that any bride can invest in. Chunky floral earrings give an extravagant feel to your look without making you uncomfortable. Check out this bride for instance. Isn’t she looking absolutely gorgeous yet comfortable in those chunky floral earrings?Floral Hathphool:Floral hathphool will make your “Mehendi wale hath” look even more gorgeous. The best part is floral hathphool are available in a plethora of flattering designs. The kind of variety available will leave you spoilt for choice. You can choose anything from a subtle design with just one finger ring to a heavier one that comes with multiple finger rings. Whatever style you choose, it will only make you look gorgeous. So go on, carry it with confidence and you’re all set to slay!Floral Nath: Next on our list is Floral naths. This style of jewellery for haldi is gaining major attention these days. It, in fact, has become the new crush of every bride to be. So, go on and wear it on your Haldi and garner tons of compliments. Floral Tiara:Tiaras are one of the hottest styles of floral jewellery for haldi these days so much so that almost every bride can be seen wearing it in at least one of her wedding ceremonies. Take gorgeous Bipasha Basu for example! She wore a beautiful pink floral tiara on her Mehandi ceremony. So, go on and add this style to your wedding jewellery list if you haven’t already.Floral Passa and Matha PattiMatha patti or Passa? If you’re confused then pick both... Not at a time of course!You can wear each style on different occasions at your wedding. For example, you can wear the floral passa on your Mehandi function and the matha patti on your Haldi ceremony. Floral Choker Necklace:Floral chokers look super glam!And there are literally hundreds of designs available in this style of floral jewellery for Haldi which means that you can choose anything from a heavy floral choker with multiple floral strands and tassels to a minimal choker necklace with a subtle design.Have a look at the bride in this picture for instance. She is wearing a heavy choker necklace studded with beautiful work and strings of pearls and flowers. You too can create such a look with a heavy floral choker necklace. So, ladies, these were some of the most gorgeous floral jewellery styles for Haldi that you can invest in. Which of these floral jewellery styles did you like the most?Tell us in the comments below!

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.28
 Dhwani Shah  
 19 July 2020  

Real Teaching - In Gita Verse 11.28 As the many waves of the rivers flow into the ocean, so do all these great warriors enter blazing into Your mouths.Now Arjuna started looking as the river flows into the ocean, meaning meeting to its original source the same way all the warriors enter Krishna’s mouth, which means going into its original source.Arjuna’s heart has become silent. It is whispering something when he saw through the divine eyes. He started understanding which Krishna through his words couldn’t make him understand.The real teaching cannot be taught, but still it is called a teaching. It cannot be taught, but it can be shown, indicated. There is no way to say it directly, but there are millions of ways to indicate it indirectly.When the heart is silent, it says something; when the mind is silent, it says nothing. Words are the vehicle of the mind. No words, silence, is the vehicle of the heart. Silence is a language without words, but one has to learn it. Just as one has to learn the languages of the mind, one has to learn the language of the heart: how to be silent, how to be wordless, how to be without a mind, how to be a no-mind. When the mind stops functioning, immediately the whole energy moves towards the heart. When the mind is not functioning the heart functions; when the heart functions, only then can something be taught to you. The real teaching can be taught through the heart. You MUST be near the heart. The nearer you are, the more capable you become of understanding the silence. Remember, silence is not emptiness. To the reason, it may appear that silence is emptiness – it is not. Silence is the most fulfilled moment possible. It is not only fulfilled, it is overflowing. But it is of a felt significance. The heart is not empty; it is the only thing which is full. The mind is just empty because the mind has nothing but words. And what are words? – Ripples in emptiness. And what is silence? – Silence is the Total. When you think, you are separate from Existence. When you don’t think, you are one. In a non-thinking moment you lose all boundaries; suddenly you disappear, and still you are. And this felt moment of non-ego, of no-mind, of no-thought is the situation in which it becomes possible for the Truth to descend into you. When you are empty of yourself, you will be filled by Truth. So all that a Master has to do is to kill you utterly and completely; is to destroy your ego utterly and completely; is to cut your head so that you can become the heart. And then the whole energy moves into the heart. Can you be headless? If you can be, only then can you be a disciple. If you cling to the head, then you cannot be a disciple. Can you live without the head? If you cannot live without the head, then you are closed to the Truth. Head is the barrier, and the heart is the opening.So how can the real teaching be taught? It cannot be taught, it is not a learning. You cannot learn it from somebody; it is an inner discipline. You have to become a receptive vehicle, a medium. It is not something which you can learn remaining as you are. It cannot be an accumulation. You have to go through a transformation, you have to be different. You have to bring a different quality to your being. Only then does communication become possible – not exactly communication but rather, communion.Through the head there is a communication; through the heart there is a communion – it is not a dialogue. In fact, it is a meeting of the Master with the disciple. It is less a dialogue, more a merging, a melting, where the Master and the disciple merge into each other just as lovers merge. But lovers merge in the body, at the most lovers can merge in the mind, but a disciple and a Master is the greatest love affair in the world. They merge in the spirit – they become one. Only when they are one can the Truth be shown; it cannot be taught, it cannot be learned, nobody can teach you. You can get it from nobody. The whole effort of getting it from somebody, alive or dead, from scriptures or from teachings, is futile. And the sooner you understand it the better, because the time wasted will simply be wasted. Nothing can be achieved by it. You have to pass through a transformation. You have to die and be reborn. You have to be completely new, totally new. With that ’new’ – when the old has gone, when you have disappeared and a new being has taken place – then there is communion.To teach Arjuna that I am source of everything. Krishna gave him divine eyes. To teach Mahakashyap the truth that everything ultimately merges into its source, Buddha remained silent.Buddha said many things, but he never said a single word about Truth. He talked his whole life; for forty years after his Enlightenment he talked every day continually, but he never said a single word about Truth. Whenever somebody would ask: What is Truth? he would remain silent. Then one day it happened. He sat under a tree; many people had gathered. All his disciples were present and they were waiting for him to say something. But he would not say anything, he simply sat there. He had a flower in his hand, a lotus flower. It is very significant, because in the East the lotus flower is the symbol of ultimate flowering. In the East, the highest. peak of your being is thought to be like a lotus – it is. When your final peak comes, inside your being a flower starts opening. And then it goes on opening and opening and opening, from perfection to more perfection and still more perfection; there is no end to it. This lotus is called SAHASRAR, the one-thousand-petalled lotus. Buddha came with a lotus; he sat under a tree and he looked at the lotus as if he had forgotten about the ten thousand people who had gathered there – who were there. And they were waiting impatiently. Moments passed, then hours started passing and people became very uneasy. Buddha had forgotten completely about them. He is there, the flower is there and he is so attentive to the flower that it seems that even the boundaries between Buddha and the flower are lost. Then suddenly one disciple, his name is Mahakashyap, starts laughing loudly.  It is unbelievable because this Mahakashyap is such a silent one, nobody has ever seen him laughing; and such a belly laugh, as if he has gone mad. Everybody looks at him. Buddha calls him near, Mahakashyap comes. Buddha gives the flower to Mahakashyap and tells the assembly: Whatsoever can be said I have told you, and whatsoever cannot be said I have given to Mahakashyap – and this is the real teaching.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 8.9
 Dhwani Shah  
 22 March 2020  

Accept It - In Gita Verse 8.9 One should meditate upon the Supreme Person as the one who knows everything, as He who is the oldest, who is the controller, who is smaller than the smallest, who is the maintainer of everything, who is beyond all material conception, who is inconceivable, and who is always a person. He is luminous like the sun, and He is transcendental, beyond this material nature.Krishna is saying not only in meditation but in routine life also, one who constantly feel a oneness with the existence, egolessness, timelessness. Yet one feel ordinary. To such person is transcendental, beyond this material nature.This is the goal. One should not create a problem out of it. One should relax and be ordinary.When we feel that we are ordinary? Somewhere there must be the desire to be extraordinary, to be not ordinary. Only in contrast to that can make us feel ordinary, and then a certain sadness will follow. But why not be ordinary? What do Krishna mean when Krishna says, “Be ordinary?” Krishna mean that whatsoever the case is – be.Krishna says, “Be whatsoever you are,” so that that desire would be cut and the ego couldn’t move. Don’t fight the ego – accept it, it is there. It is part of you, it is how you are. Don’t fight with it, and don’t think in terms of the contrary, how to be egoless, because that is the way of the ego. Accept it. Acceptance is the death.Whenever you feel yourself to be ordinary you try to be extraordinary in some way. But everyone is ordinary: to be ordinary is to be real. It may be that to you someone looks extraordinary because you compare him with yourself, but a genius in himself is as ordinary as anybody, and he feels himself ordinary. A rose flower is ordinary, a lotus flower is ordinary, but if the rose starts comparing and starts thinking about how to be a lotus flower then problems arise. And if the lotus starts thinking about the beautiful perfume that comes from the rose flower, then the rose flower becomes extraordinary.When you compare, in comparison extraordinariness happens – otherwise everything is ordinary. In itself everything is as it is. Don’t compare and don’t hanker after it. If you hanker then meditation will disappoint you, because meditation will bring you to a point where you feel your total ordinariness. Be receptive to it, welcome it. It is good. It shows that meditation is progressing, deepening. But somewhere the desire for the extraordinary is still there and that is creating the barrier.If that desire disappears, you will not feel yourself as ordinary. You will simply be. How can you feel that you are ordinary? You will simply be, and to be, to be so simple that you don’t feel whether you are ordinary or extraordinary, is to attain.It is good, don’t be disappointed by it. If you are disappointed then remember that you are carrying a desire, and that desire is creating poison. Why is there this madness? Why does it come and happen to everyone? This whole world is mad because of this: everyone is trying to be something special, somebody.Life happens to you only when you are nobody. When you are so empty that there is no one, then the whole of life flows through you without any barrier, without any obstacle, without any hindrance. Then the flow is total and complete.When you are somebody, you become a rock, you disturb the flow – life cannot move through you. There is a struggle, a resistance, and of course you create much noise. And you may think that because you are creating so much noise that you are something extraordinary.Be an empty vessel, passage, with no resistance, so that life can flow through it, flow through it easily. Then no noise will be created. You may not be able to feel that you are, because you only feel that you are when you fight. The more you fight, the more you feel.Life flows so smoothly through you that you may even completely forget that you exist. There is no barrier, no resistance, no rejection, no negation. And you are so welcoming that you even forget that you are.It was heard about one Zen master that he would call his own name many times during the day. In the morning he would call, “Bokuju?” and then he would say, “Yes sir, I am here.” Bokuju was his name. And his disciples would ask why he did this. He would say, “I go on forgetting. I have become so smooth that I have to remind myself – ‘Bokuju?’ And then I say, ‘Yes sir, I am here.’”Krishan says that life can become such a smooth flow, such a silent river, that no noise is created. But if you are bent upon being something, somebody, extraordinary, special, then life cannot flow through you. Then there is a constant struggle between life and you, between your small ego and the cosmos.A buddha is a nobody. All his doors are open. The wind comes and blows, the rains come and blow, the sun-rays enter and pass, the life flows, but he is not there. This is what Krishna mean when Krishna say meditation has happened to you. And this is very ordinary, natural, real.

Bhagavad Gita Verse 11.14
 Dhwani Shah  
 6 July 2020  

Being Is Unaddressed - In Gita Verse 11.14 Then, bewildered and astonished, his hair standing on end, Arjuna bowed his head to offer obeisances and with folded hands began to pray to the Supreme Lord.When we receive even small gift we always show our gratitude towards the person who gave us a gift. Arjuna had received something which cannot be said in the words he expressed his gratitude by praying Krishna.Once you understand the feeling of gratitude and allow it to sink deeply within you, you will start feeling grateful for everything. And the more grateful you are, the less complaining, grumbling.Once complaining disappears, misery disappears.So grow more and more in gratitude and thankfulness — not only towards any particular person or God; let it become your very style. Be grateful to everybody.If one understands gratitude then one is grateful for things that have been done positively. And one even feels grateful for things which could have been done negatively. You feel grateful that somebody helped you; this is just the beginning. Then you start feeling grateful that somebody has not harmed you — he could have; it was so kind of him.Once you understand the feeling of gratitude and allow it to sink deeply within you, you will start feeling grateful for everything. And the more grateful you are, the less complaining, grumbling.Once complaining disappears, misery disappears. It exists with complaints. It is hooked with complaints and with the complaining mind. Misery is impossible with gratefulness.So that is one of the most important secrets to learn.Meditation is a flowering. And for us, the perfume of the flower is gratitude.Meditation, compassion and gratitude. Whenever you are meditative, you feel blissful; whenever you are in compassion, you feel ecstatic. And then gratitude arises – not towards anyone in particular, gratitude just arises. It is not towards Krishna or towards Jesus, or Zarathustra or Buddha, it is simply gratitude. You feel so grateful just for being here, just for being alive, just for being able to be meditative, just for being able to be in compassion. You feel simply grateful. That gratefulness is not towards anybody, it is towards the whole.If you feel grateful towards Krishna it is a gratitude of the mind. If you meditate and if you flower in compassion you will feel simply grateful, not grateful towards Krishna. Then there is no “towards” – you feel simply grateful towards all. And when you feel grateful towards all – that is really gratefulness towards Krishna, never before it. When it is a choice you choose Krishna; then Krishna becomes a point, not the whole.That’s what is happening everywhere. Disciples get fixed with the master and masters help them to be fixed. That’s not good, it is ugly. When you really flower then your perfume is not addressed to anybody; when you really flower the perfume goes in all directions. It simply moves in all directions, and whosoever passes near you is filled with your fragrance, he carries your fragrance. And if nobody passes you then on that silent, lonely path your fragrance goes on spreading – but it is not addressed.Remember, the mind is always addressed; being is never addressed. The mind is always moving towards something; being is simply moving towards all. It is a movement without any goal. A goal exists because of motive: you move towards something because there is desire. When there is no desire how can you move? Movement is there but no motivation. Then you move in all directions, then you overflow. Then your master is everywhere; then Krishna is everywhere. And only when this point comes are you free from the master also. Then you are freed of all relationships, you are freed of all presence, of all bondage. And if a master cannot free you from himself he is not a master at all.So you need not do anything for your master; you do something for you. Meditation, compassion. Then the presence will come, and not thought by the mind. Right now you think and you feel: What shall we do? Then it is the mind. How to pay the master? He has done so much for you, what should you do? This is the mind thinking in terms of giving and taking. No, this mind won’t help. One thing you can do for master: drop this mind, allow your being to flower; then you will be fragrant. Then in all dimensions and directions the whole will be happy. You will be a bliss and your gratitude will not be narrow. It will not be towards a point, it will be moving all over, everywhere. Only then do you achieve prayer. This gratitude is prayer.When you go in a temple and do a prayer, it is not prayer; but when, after compassion, gratitude arises, the whole existence becomes the temple. Whatsoever you touch, it becomes a prayer; whatsoever you do, it becomes prayerful. You cannot be otherwise. Deeply rooted, anchored in meditation, deeply flowing into compassion, you cannot be otherwise. You become prayer, you become gratitude.But remember, the mind is always addressed. It has a goal, a desire to achieve. Being is unaddressed; it has no goal, it has nothing to achieve. The kingdom of being is already achieved, the emperor is already there on the throne. You move because movement is life, but don’t move towards any goal, because when there is no goal, there is no tension. Then movement is beautiful, graceful.

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