Two pair of tired eyes focused on the second’s hand of the clock with utmost concentration and silence, as if in meditation. The eyes strained as the second’s hand crossed the 10 mark and you would hear their voice in chorus, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, its 8o’clock!”  The suddenly tired eyes, stressed out by continuous studying were  alive and enthusiastic with sparkles!


And then the ultimate fight begins. The two heads raced towards the living room darting for a black coloured ordinary looking device with buttons of varied colours, yes that’s the T.V remote!


The older one gets hold on it, “You had it yesterday it’s my turn today!” says the elder one switching on the T.V, holding the remote in the way so as to tease the younger sibling.


The small one, noticing the loose grip of the hand of the bigger sibling would snatch it in mid air.


“Nah! Its with  me now.” He would say.


And then they would run after each other. The younger one would be running on the sofa, standing on the table, knocking down the flower vase, disorienting the painting on the wall and  laughing  while the older one would be running in coordination to making the table cover straight, saving the flower vase, orienting the painting back to normal and wearing a strange frown.


“What is happening there?”  a voice will be heard  in synchronization with  authorative footsteps of a mother.


And suddenly the wrestling between the two will convert into a hug seeing which the mother would be statisfied.


And once again the fight would start. This time the smaller kid would hide the remote stealthily and the bigger one would pretend to roam in the room trying to find the whereabouts of the remote and in the end would notice that the younger kid is himself sitting on it.


In order to get the remote the elder one would smartly displace the young one and have his hands on it but the younger one would notice the trick and grab the remote from the other end. Now will start a world class tug of war along with words of warning from both the competitors to each other.


And in the middle of all this suddenly the sound of the television disappear as the mother switches of the television making the kids blame each other for being the reason of the T.V closure.


And finally the remote sighs in peace!